Rescue & Animal Care - September/October- Issue 178

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Hello my lovely friends, Since my last column I’ve been a bit poorly and have had three visits to the vets! I had a horrid tummy ache and very runny bum with blood in it. Mistress was super worried and tried me on nil by mouth, then small portions of boring chicken and rice. I hadn’t stopped being hungry even though I felt ill and I was very fed up. However, despite a sensitive food diet I wasn’t getting any better so off to the vets we went. I HATE going to them so much and even when I was sitting in the car before Mistress took me into the surgery I could not stop shaking and clung onto my bed with my claws refusing to get out! Mistress had to carry me out and tried to calm me but until I got called in I was in a right sorry old state! When the Vet checked me out ( including thermometer up my bottom!!!- I had a low grade temperature) and was given an injection for pain and pills to take away. However I continued to still have a tum upset so we went back again. And again! On the third visit I was given antibiotics and hey ho I started to feel better. And today, apart from a bit of arthritis in my back legs I feel as right as rain. Mistress treated me to a Pups and Pals Dog Groom by a lovely lady called Emma in our village and although I say so myself I looked amazing. See my photo above.


The groomer even put a couple of bows on my collar! I still haven’t taken them off. The other day a man from or village came round to pull up some decking and he brought Morris with him. A very handsome Border Collie who made my heart flutter.

Morris waited at the top of our steps while the work was being done so I stared out the window trying to get him to notice me ☺ I’m sure he gave me a wink! I can hear my name being called so I think we are off for a walk. Better fetch my ball!

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