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29th October - 29th November 2020 - Issue 159

Hide and Peek –

young tabby seeks shelter with strangers in order to give birth safely

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Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare


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Black proves lucky for monochrome moggies Fireworks advice for dog owners, as private garden displays set to rise because of Covid-19 Cover Image

Neglected Shetland Pony Rescued

Prevention of Allergic Skin Diseases in Cats & Dogs Bio-Life International

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Dear Lovely Readers, Jennifer Prowse Director and Publisher

On this Month’s Cover

Bio-Life International


Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare PUBLISHER: Jennifer Prowse FEAtURE CoNtRIBUtoRS: Dean Hart, Animal Behaviourist Mary Lloyd, Bio-Life International Juliet Abrahamson

I hope you are all keeping safe. I am so glad I have my rescue dog Treacle. She is most entertaining and a delight to be with. Walking her through lockdown and then finishing up at the end of the day curled up on the settee is keeping me more or less sane. Inside this bumper issue with the cutest cover ever we have another magazine from Redwings for you to read! We have included a lot of features from animal charities with some heart-warming happy ending articles. These marvellous hard working centres need your support more than ever so even if you just order some of their Christmas gift merchandise you will be really helping them. Dog’s Trust give Firework advice to dog owners as private garden displays set to rise because of Covid-19. And did you know that The Blue Cross has been helping pets during critical times since the Balkan War and then the First World War when the charity set up animal hospitals on the front lines and provided essential veterinary kits to soldiers for their horses? Learn more from their fascinating story inside. As we head into another lockdown, your dog might start to miss training classes – so make time for more fun! Carolyn Menteith, Training and Behaviour Specialist at Agria Pet Insurance has some ideas to share … Read these and many other very interesting and informative features in your latest Free issue!

DESIGN: Vicki Barnes WEBSItE: Crosland Digital


Thank you for reading.

Love Jennifer


Ancol Sprout-O-Claus Plush Dog Toy

Contact us

Perfect for a game of fetch, this cute plus dog toy will be a winner with your dog. Visit www.petcetera.co.uk

(01787) 228027 Jennifer@jspmedia.co.uk RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE MAGAZINE: JENNIFER PROWSE MEDIA, 21 THE MALTINGS, BURES, SUFFOLK CO8 5EJ Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care www.facebook.com/rescueandanimalcare Troublesome Treacle


Read Redwing’s Christmas Gift Guide online (see centre pages)

www.rescueandanimalcare.com 2



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When Mistress wears a Mask her Glasses Steam Up! Dear Furry and Feathered Friends, We are very lucky creatures since we My Own Settee – So very Comfortable! See more like this on www.georgebarclay.co.uk don’t need to wear the masks that humans have to during this awful virus. When Mistress has one on, her glasses all steam up but she says on a more positive note, that at least as she will be stuck at home I am planning to party with her and there’s no need to wear make-up or shave her beard :) have a sleep over in her bedroom. She likes drinking Cocktails at Since I last wrote my column our Humans are back the moment so she says she will mix one up for me but quite in Lockdown. When it was announced by the honestly I don’t know what one of those is! A cockatoo? If it is I government Mistress drank a whole bottle of wine will be spitting feathers! that evening while talking to friends on her mobile. Dancing the ‘Paw tango’ with Little Mistress may be challengThey were bolstering each other up to face yet ing on two paws but I will have ago. Usually she sends me out of another challenge. her room so I will be honoured to join her. I hope she doesn’t Like many small businesses Mistress has continued want to make me up! to work all the way through this pandemic and is Thank you for reading my column! In the next issue I will be exhausted! I am trying to help her as much as sharing my Christmas letter to ‘Santa Paws’ possible by just being there for a cuddle and licking her foggy spectacles. Take good care. With the help of her, Vicki our fabulous magazine designer and me around to boost morale plus our amazing advertisers, our very small team is able to keep publishing our free to read magazine. It is obvious we love animals here and their welfare is of the upmost importance. There are some heart-warming animal charity features which you will Follow us on facebook enjoy as you flip over the pages. Rescue and Animal Care We laugh a lot in our home. A sense of humour www.facebook.com/rescueandanimalcare through these strange times is a must! We walk a lot too and it really does help Mistress’s frame of mind. Troublesome Treacle Little Mistress has her 21st Birthday in a few days and

Please contact us or visit our website for more information. Heathway, Colton, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 3LY Tel: 01889 577058 www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk Reg Charity No1053585




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MuttMOP Magic

George Barclay’s MuttMOP dog drying mat, is the perfect resting place for your dog, after those wet & soggy winter walks. These superabsorbent mats will quickly soak up moisture from your dog’s coat. The mats are machine washable, for easy cleaning, and are available in a good choice of colours and sizes. Sizes: Medium & Large MSRP: £13.99 - £24.99.

Deluxe Pet Blanket

MuttMOP dog drying mat Cuddly Christmas!

What better way to show your dog how much you love them this Christmas, than with an Aran Knit – Deluxe Pet Blanket. Lined with an opulent faux fur, these blankets are oozing snuggle appeal. Available in a choice of 4 colours, in either a size large or x-large. MSRP: £19.99 - £35.99. n For more information call 01722 712203, email sales@georgebarclay.com or visit www.georgebarclay.com




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New Solutions for the Prevention of Allergic Skin Diseases in Cats & Dogs According to a recent review by Professor Richard Halliwell, the leading pet dermatologist, persistent, recurring skin conditions in cats and dogs are estimated to account for between 15% and 24% of ALL the cases that are seen in the veterinary surgery. The causes are many and varied but the research suggests that dustmites and dustmite allergens play a major role in 80% of cases of feline eczema and 70% of similar cases in the dog. Mary Lloyd tells us more


he new Bio-Life products, HomeCleanse™ and FabriCleanse™, are designed to remove this irritation at source.

The Patient

The typical patient is a much loved pet that spends a substantial part of its life in the house. It is carefully fed, regularly treated for fleas and worms and does not suffer from any other obvious disease --- mange, ringworm, diabetes, kidney or liver failure. The symptoms first appear between 6 months and 3 years of age and, in spite of the veterinary surgeon’s best efforts, they recur at intervals throughout the animal’s life. In this instance, they are not seasonal and indeed, are often worse in the winter than Spring or Autumn. 6

Table 1: Symptoms of Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis in Cats Clinical Signs



Itching leading to scratching, biting & licking

Miliary dermatitis

Small, crusty papules on the back, face & neck Inflammation Erosions &/or ulceration

Eosinophilic plaques

Firm, raised lesions on the abdomen, thighs & peri-anal region

Eosinophilic granuloma Pododermatitis

Plaques & nodules on the thighs & ears Ulcerations, reddening & oedema of toe pads

Oedema &/or firm nodules & ulcers

Lower lip, chin, tongue &/or pallet

Chronic indolent ulcers,

Ulceration of the upper lip


Hair loss



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Table 2: Symptoms of Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs Clinical Signs

In the cat, the symptoms are typical of the inflammation caused by the proliferation of white blood cells in the subcutaneous tissues when the pet inhales or absorbs through the skin, the allergens that come from dustmite faeces and dead bodies. In the dog, the signs are more often due to self-trauma and secondary infections, the result of acute irritation of the skin, the ears, paws and the tummy. Malessezia and secondary bacterial infections proliferate and excarcebate the misery.

The Solutions

Dustmites live in dog beds, mattresses, carpets, sofas and other soft furnishing. Their definition of heaven is a minimum temperature of 20◦C, a humidity of at least 45% and an ample supply of their favourite food --- pet or human skin cells i.e the modern centrally heated home! The Bio-Life solutions are based on essential oils that are natural acaricides and appropriately charged surfactants that encapsulate the remains that



Itching leading to scratching, biting & licking especially of the face, paws, lower legs, groin, ears, eyes and tummy


Reddening of the skin caused by self-trauma


Hair loss


Chronic ear infections

Secondary bacterial infections

Papules, pustules, crusts and erosions caused


Yeast infections treatments which can be detrimental to their health in the medium term. Although allergic reactions in pets are predominantly skin conditions, the allergens are often inhaled so using the AirCleanse spray at least once per week is also recommended. Incidentally, if it is you who suffers from asthma or eczema, these products will protect you too!!

harbour the allergens. FabriCleanse™ is a laundry and carpet cleaning additive to get rid of dustmites in dog bedding and the rugs and carpets that they lie on. It is recommended that the dog’s bed is washed at least 1 per month. Carpets should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months depending on the pet’s sensitivity. HomeCleanse™ is spray that should be applied to matresses, sofas and any other unwashable soft furnishings once per month. This will maintain for your pet, a dustmite free environment and thus minimise the risk of an outbreak and the need for steroid

n For further information, call the Bio-Life Allergy Helpline on 01608 686626. (Open 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days per week). Visit www.biolife-international.co.uk


Spray the room at the rate of 1 squirt per 5 cubic meters twice per week during the winter; twice daily if you or your pet are allergic to pollen during the spring & summer.


Add 1 capful to your washing powder and wash bedding once per month, every month


Spray pet bedding at the rate of 4 sprays per treatment, once per week, every week www.rescueandanimalcare.com



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Chloe Mackintosh

Blue Cross awards top vet nurse of the year Chloe Mackintosh has been named 'Vet Nurse of the Year 2020' by Blue Cross pet charity. Chloe is a veterinary nurse at RSPCA in Harmsworth, North London and was nominated for her passion and commitment to animal welfare. n addition to her full-time job she also finds time to write a blog, 'The Charity Vet Nurse', which she uses to highlight many clinical and ethical issues of working for a charity, to raise awareness of the profession and encourage other vet nurses to consider a career in charity. She also helps with fundraising activities including an appeal for funds for waterproof bedding and a new oxygen tent for the hospital . She also ran an appeal for donations and funds to help the animal victims of the Australian Bush Fires, and sent 40 boxes of donations to Australia, as well as raising over 1000 Australian dollars. David Catlow, Director of Veterinary


Clinical Services at Blue Cross said: “We are delighted to recognise the dedication and hard work Chloe puts into both her job and wider animal welfare. The Vet Nurse of the Year Award is to showcase those vet nurses who go above and beyond and Chloe certainly meets this criteria. In what has been a really challenging year for all vet nurses across the UK, we congratulate Chloe on her much deserved award.” Chloe was presented with her award during the British Veterinary Nurse Association (BVNA) online ‘This Is Us’ event on Saturday 10 October during a virtual awards ceremony in the evening. Chloe said: “I was shocked to find out

I had been nominated, and absolutely taken aback to find out in the same phone call I had won! It’s such an honour to win something of this stature as the Blue Cross is a charity I admire immensely. My passion and niche is charity work and I really mean it when I say this has made my year.” Blue Cross does not receive any government funding and relies on donations to continue its valuable work. To make a donation, find out more about the charity and pets needing new homes visit www.bluecross.org.uk. Watch Blue Cross vet teams in action on Inside Animal A&E on ITV1 at 8pm every Monday.

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330 8


www.dogmatic.org.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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Fireworks advice for dog owners, as private garden displays set to rise because of Covid-19 With many public firework displays set to be cancelled this year due to Covid-19, and the likelihood that more people will host private displays in their back gardens, Dogs Trust is issuing top tips to owners to help their dogs cope with these potentially distressing events. ogs Trust is urging all dog owners to take preventative measures to prepare their dogs for fireworks and has advice and support to dog owners to help keep their dog as stress-free as possible.


Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust says: “For many dogs and their owners, firework season is always one they dread. But this year, dog owners are faced with the added worry that more fireworks will be set off in the local neighbourhood due to large scale gatherings being cancelled. “Dogs have approximately four times more sensitive hearing than humans, so the loud cracks and bangs of fireworks can often be a terrifying experience for them. Fireworks also tend to be sudden, unpredictable and bright. This combination can be distressing and have a lasting impact on dogs. “There are lots of things dog owners can do to help make fireworks less stressful for their dogs. Simple steps such as providing safe spaces for them to hide or settling them before the fireworks start can make a big difference. 10

“We would also urge anyone thinking of putting on their own fireworks display to consider the welfare of their four-legged friends and others in the neighbourhood by following our Firework Dog Code.”

Advice for dog owners:

• Walk your dog before dark – make sure your dog is well-exercised and has had a toilet break before the fireworks begin. • Feed your dog before the fireworks begin as they may become unsettled and not want to eat during the fireworks. • Make sure your house and garden are secure during the fireworks as fear may make your dog try to escape. • Try to settle your dog before the fireworks start – if your dog is in familiar safe surroundings it will help them cope with the noise. • Provide a safe hiding place – make sure your dog has somewhere safe in their favourite room, perhaps under a table. Close curtains, turn lights on, and turn up the volume on your TV or radio to drown out firework noises and flashing lights.


The charity has long been supportive of the Provide a safe hiding place for Government your dog during Fireworks introducing further restrictions around the sale of fireworks, limiting them to licensed, public occasions at certain times of the year, and organised events only. But with many public displays being cancelled this year due to social distancing measures, the charity also has some advice for people holding private garden displays and how they can be considerate of the four-legged residents in their neighbourhoods.

Advice for people wishing to host a private display

• Let your neighbours know well in advance, so they can prepare their dogs. • Limit your display to 30 minutes or less. • Opt for quieter, lower decibel fireworks. n For further advice about preventing and dealing with fear of loud noises such as fireworks, please visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/fireworks


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Alfie the Pug Alfie isn’t your average pug. He’s a therapy pet - and it’s his job to help make people feel better. Alfie’s incredible work, and the outstanding positive impact he makes on people’s lives, has been recognised by card company, Tache, who has designed Alfie’s very own greetings card.


uzy Emsden, Alfie’s owner and a consultant at North West & North Wales Paediatric Transport Service, takes Alfie to visit children at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in her spare time. “We got Alfie when my daughter was very ill and he came to some appointments with us, we smuggled him into an appointment as a very tiny puppy and he was so well-behaved that they let him stay. When my daughter was better, seeing the difference Alfie had made to her, we wondered if could help other people and that’s how we got involved in Pets As Therapy. “Alfie passed his Pets As Therapy training when he was 18 months old, and from then on he has visited children in various hospitals and wards, from intensive care to physiotherapy. He even visited children who were hospitalised because of the Manchester Arena attack, and he is still in touch with some of them now. “Alfie is such a hard-working pup who’s made such a difference to so many children’s lives, and we are so proud of him – and were absolutely delighted when the team at Tache got in touch to say they wanted to make a special Alfie card in his honour. Frank and Pennie, the animal-loving Founders of the handmade greeting card company, have always been big

fans of Alfie, as Pennie explains: “Alfie and Suzy are incredible, the work they do is inspirational and seeing the difference Alfie makes to children’s lives is so special. We really wanted to show our appreciation and support by creating an ‘Alfie Card’ that would also help the children he cares about.” Suzy continues: “We’ve loved working with Tache’s designers on this special Alfie card and we love that 100% of the profits from Alfie’s card sales will be split 50/50 between Pets as Therapy and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.” Becky Griffiths, Corporate Fundraising Executive for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “The colourful, quirky designs sum up Alfie’s personality so well. He’s always a big hit on the wards and a bit of a celebrity whenever he is out and about in the hospital. “We’re so happy Alfie, Suzy and Tache have decided to fundraise in this way. I’m sure they will sell very well considering what a popular visitor Alfie is!”

Matthew Robinson, National Volunteer & Events Manager at Pets As Therapy, commented: “We were delighted when we found out that Alfie was having his own greetings card made, he's such a wonderful dog, and the work he and Suzy do is invaluable. Pets As Therapy work hard to improve the health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of people and dogs like Suzy and Alfie. We organise a visiting service in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other venues all across the UK, and all donations go toward ensuring our service reaches as many people as possible.” n The ‘Alfie Cards’ are available for £3.99 online via www.tache.co.uk and www.notonthehighstreet.com with 100% of profits from the sale will be equally split between Pets as Therapy and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

The trovan® microchip-ID is recommended worldwide, for its outstanding technology, quality & reliability. Used by rescues and professionals all over the world. Now we also have All-in-Ones! in both sizes

www.pet-detect.com 12


UNIVERSAL SCANNER Detects ALL microchips

MICROCHIP TRAINING AVAILABLE Tel: 01962 813554 email: info@pet-detect.com www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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We provide High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet

Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey

Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors

A High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet.


Pigs trotters

l l



www.naturalhealthypets.co.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

Natural Treats Natural Healthcare Products

Whole sardines

Whole prime quail

Bone broth

Tel: 07590 621636/01763 243533 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 OCTOBER – 29 NOVEMBER 2020


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Horses eating hay in winter

Caring for a horse in winter A British winter can present a wide variety of weather conditions, from gales and driving rain to hard frosts and snow, presenting a particularly tough challenge for horse owners.


edwings Horse Sanctuary cares for over 1,500 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, so they know a thing or two about how to make sure these beautiful gentle giants enjoy a happy and healthy winter. Here the charity shares its knowledge and top tips on how to care for your horse at this time of the year.

Natural hardiness

Horses, ponies, and donkeys have been found in some of the most extreme climates in the world, from Northern Siberia to African deserts. While different breeds are suited to different climates, a horse’s ability to adapt to its environment is extraordinary. Every animal has something called a Thermal Neutral Zone (TNZ), which refers to its ability to regulate its internal temperature without assistance. A human’s TNZ is generally between 18 and 30 degrees 14

centigrade, but a horse’s TNZ is between 5 and 25 degrees. For humans, when the temperature drops into single digits it’s very chilly, but for horses and ponies anything over five degrees can still be balmy! Like people, horses are individuals with individual needs. At Redwings, we only rug our horses that really need it – usually the horses that are very young, very old, or tend to lose a lot of weight over winter get an extra layer. The rest of our horses use their natural resources to stay warm – whether that’s the forage and feeds they’re given


Horse in rug


p14.qxp_Layout 1 02/11/2020 10:04 Page 15

over winter, or through their own physiological resources like generating heat through digestion, or their thick, fluffy coats! It’s vital during winter that owners check their horses regularly, to make sure that they are healthy and coping well in cold or wet weather. If a horse wears a rug, the owner should check under it regularly to make sure the horse isn’t too hot or too cold. It's also important to check that the rug isn't rubbing and that the horse is maintaining a good body weight underneath. There’s also no need to keep a rug on all winter – on warmer, sunny days, we like to take rugs off to let our ponies have a bit of time in the sun!

Horses in snow

Signs that a horse isn’t coping in cold or wet weather can include: • Distinctive and rapid weight loss • Painful sores across the shoulders, back and rump – this could be rainscald, which needs careful treatment • Decline in demeanour, becoming dull and withdrawn • Persistent shivering, lasting for minutes at a time

Pasture management

It is important to ensure that you have sufficient grazing all year round, but unfortunately, horses are heavy animals with feet that quickly churn up soft ground. There are various ways you can try to manage your land to minimise the damage, which include: • Resting an area of pasture over winter to ensure good grazing for spring. Either reserve a separate field or use electric tape to cordon off an area that your horse can enjoy once the ground has dried out and the grass is growing again in the spring. • Putting drainage in the most used areas of the field. Straw can provide a temporary reprieve from deep mud, but hardcore, if laid well, will provide a more long-term solution. • Putting down a straw pad which can provide a dry area for eating hay or even snoozing. This will need completely removing in the spring and will kill the grass underneath so needs to be thought through first. • Creating an all-weather turnout area. This is an expensive option, but can be well worth the initial www.rescueandanimalcare.com

cost. Woodchip, shredded rubber or even concrete, if properly laid and fenced, can provide a safe, dry area that can be useful on many occasions, not just in winter.

Supplementary feeding

Many horses and ponies may not need additional hard feeds through the winter. In fact, around 80% of horses at Redwings are on a grazing and forage only (hay or haylege) diets and therefore do not receive any additional hard feeds. Calculating the amount of feed and forage is done as a percentage of the horse’s overall body weight. It is either 2%, 2.5% or 1.5% of the horse’s body weight depending on whether it needs to maintain, gain or lose weight respectively. This is called the daily ration and it should be split between the forage and hard feed depending on the horse’s energy requirements and body condition.


Whereas humans tend to drink more water on warm summer days, horses can actually drink more in the winter if

they are eating dry food like hay and concentrates, rather than grass which is around 80% water. Meanwhile frosty nights can freeze water and leave horses without water for several hours leaving the horse at risk of dehydration and less able to cope with the winter weather. The first job any owner should do every morning is to check and break ice on water troughs and buckets.


A man-made shelter should be provided and erected by a professional to ensure that it is safe and able to withstand strong winds. It is worth checking your shelter annually, before the winter season – when your horse is likely to be spending more time there – for any maintenance it might need. It’s important to remember that shelters should be cleared of droppings every day, just like a stable, as part of management against worms and ensuring all-round good health. n For more information visit www.redwings.org.uk



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Christmas & New Year breaks available

The Official Treat of Dogs


High quality foods and treats with a range of products to suit most dogs be they young or old, active or sporting or simply a beloved pet.

Unit 1 ABC, Whitestone Business Park, Whitestone, Hereford HR1 3SE




Tel: 01432 345388 www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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The Labrador Lifeline Trust www.labrador-lifeline.com

CLASSIC BOMBER FLEECE LINED JACKET REGATTA Classic Bomber Fleece Lined Jacket. Available in different colours and sizes. £33.99.

SOPHIE ALLPORT – FAB LAB MUGS This white fine bone china mug features the Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Fox Red Lab and Chocolate Lab. £14.00.



If you buy one of these you are supporting many rescues, not just LLT. It will make you smile each time you see it. £3.00.

Pack of 5 individual Christmas cards, with message inside ‘Merry Christmas’. Please note this card does not have our logo and details. £4.50.

KONG OCTOPUS TOY Kong Octopus Toy. Hours of fun for the dog and Bramley the office dog absolutely loves his. £10.00.

LABRADOIR CHOIR CARD Exclusive to Labrador Lifeline Trust the latest in the series by Alison Lingley of Alison’s’ Animals, Pack of 10 cards with envelopes. Greeting inside ‘Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year’.

SOPHIE ALLPORT WOOF TEA TOWEL The Sophie Allport Woof Tea Towel. Matches the aprons, oven gloves and would look really smart in any kitchen. Would make an excellent present for the dog lover and light to post too. £8.50.

LLT XMAS CARD This delightful card is 14.5cm square and comes in pack of 10 with envelopes. £5.50.

LED POCKET TORCH These little torches emit a very bright led light.£3.50.

OILCLOTH BOOT BAG Keep your cupboards and car mud free by simply popping your wellies in this practical oilcloth zipped bag. £36.00.

SILICON COLLAR LIGHT The nights will be drawing in soon and you need to be safe and be seen with your dog. These tags are ideal and give a bright light which can be seen for up to half a mile. £3.75.

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Calming Wipes pack of 12 Use the eco-friendly wipe in the same way as you would with the calming spray by gentle rubbing around muzzle, under chin and top of chest of your pet (including horses!). £6.50. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk

Battery operated atomiser Suitable for all mammals showing signs of stress including cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and horses. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk

SuperDog Joints & Bones Provides maximum strength support for strong bones, flexible joints and glossy coat to help keep your favourite furry companion, fit, active and healthy. Contains 22 nutrients: that supports your dog’s joint mobility as they age and keep the joints supple and active. The formula provides zinc and selenium to support your dog’s immune system. Visit www.vitabiotics.com

A Winter Wonderland of Products for You and Your Pets COLLOIDAL SILVER POWERSPRAY This potent, all natural 20ppm Colloidal Silver trigger spray covers large areas quickly and easily. Its 20ppm premium colloidal silver content will assist in treating a wide range of bacterial, fungal and microbial issues with your favourite friends. Visit www.naturesgreatestsecret.co.uk

d d

Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress and Calming Plug-In Diffuser Plug-in and let the de-stressing properties slow release into the surrounding area. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk


Pet Calming Spray A new and natural way of tackling dog anxiety and stress in all pets and animals. £18.50. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk

SuperDog Health & Vitality For happy, healthy dogs, SuperDog Health & Vitality gives you 25 essential nutrients to complement a balanced diet. Visit www.vitabiotics.com

Bone Broth – Beef or Lamb Bone broth is a liquid gel which is extracted from selected bone and connective tissue and contains natural proteins and minerals that are not always associated with your pets diet. £6.95. Visit https://naturalhealthypets.co.uk/product/bone-broth/

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Border Collie Trust GB www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk

BRIGHT BALL Approx 9cm with double squeak. £3.49.

BORDER COLLIE CALENDAR 2021 Border Collie Square Calendar. £9.99.


DATE FOR YOUR DIARY For all your important dates the 2021 Slimline Diary. £5.49.

Designed by Leslie Gerry fine bone china & gift Boxed.

KEEP WARM Sandstone Fleece Lined Dog Coat Large. £7.99.

Hang on the tree Wooden Christmas Decoration. £3.99.

COASTER Each Coaster Measures 4.2” x 4.2” (10.5cm x 10.5cm). £2.99.


PACK 1. 6 pack of cards. She Had Her Decorations Up Already. (£3.60). 2. 6 pack of cards. When I Grow Up. (£3.60).




3. 6 pack of cards. Red Nose Reindog . (£3.60).

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Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothbrush


Motionless and vibrationless. Give your dog a ‘dentist like’ clean stress free from the comfort of your home! Save not only money but also the risk of anaesthetic by avoiding Veterinary dentals. https://bentleysdogfood.co.uk/product/ultrasonic-toothbrush-for-d ogs-emmi-pet-dentalcare/

Ear infections in dogs are common and most dogs suffer from this condition at some stage. Rubbing and scratching at the ears and shaking the head are common signs of this. There may also be swelling, redness or an odour or discharge from the ear. Most ear infections are caused by yeast and bacteria and can be treated with a potent antibacterial remedy. Visit www.naturesgreatestsecret.co.uk

A Winter Wonderland of Products for You and Your Pets Ancol Sprout-O-Claus Plush Dog Toy Perfect for a game of fetch, this cute plus dog toy will be a winner with your dog. Visit www.petcetera.co.uk

YAKI SNACK Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury… The ingenious design in a Barking Bag allow you to carry everything you and your dog need without compromising on style. The new range has extra secure internal pockets and reflective strips for added safety in the dark and the luxury leather bags are handmade in India, making them an extra special gift. Visit www.barkingbags.co.uk

Enjoyed for centuries by the people of the Himalayas, this 100% natural, smoked cheese chew is now available as a tasty, and mostly long lasting dog chew. Visit www.finerbynature.co.uk

4-Legger Dog Shampoo Artificial grass Ideal for lawns, patios, garden sports, child and pet friendly. Self fit putting greens. Self draining.Visit www.astroman.co.uk or call 01480 496028.

The US Brand 4-Legger have developed a range of dog grooming products with carefully selected, all-natural, organic ingredients who can verify no pesticides, herbicides, artificial colors, or artificial fragrance. https://www.healthfulpets.co.uk/brands/4-legger

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Greyhounds in Need

https://greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/eshop/ FACE COVERS

Pack of 2 premier washable 2-Ply Black face covers with a printed greyhound design in grey.95% cotton/5% elastane. Reusable 2-ply mask. Ear loops for a secure fit. Sold in packs of 2. £12.00 plus p&p.

CHRISTMAS MUG A lovely Christmas design porcelain mug that comes in its own gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe Size approx. 10 x 7 cms. £8 plus p&p.

LIGHTWEIGHT LINED WATERPROOF JACKET In Navy embroidered with the GIN logo. Waterproof with taped seams, windproof and breathable. Concealed adjustable hood, back and front vents. Two front zip pockets, elasticated cuffs, drawcord hem. Folds away into pocket. Size: S, M, L and XL. £25 plus p&p.

2" WIDE MARTINGALE COLLAR Made from Jacquard ribbon in Regal Plume design in Gold and Silver. Adjusts to fit 13" to 18" neck size. £10 plus p&p.


GIN CHRISTMAS CARDS Greyhounds in Need Christmas cards designed by Alison Lingley. Published exclusively for GIN. Each pack contains 8 cards with envelopes. Size approx 8" x 5". The greeting inside each card reads: “With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year”. £5 plus p&p.

Ideal for many uses such as your dog's bath time or those rainy walks. Colour Bottle Green. Size approx. 70 x 120 cms. Material 90% microfibre polyester and 10% polymide. £12 plus p&p.

GIN CALENDAR 2021 GIN Calendar 2021 Lovely calendar with each month featuring one of our rescued galgos - Kofi, Rosa, Bella, Cati, Jake, Mateo, Flossie, Pam, Purdy, Winnie, Kesa and Valentine. Size approx. 12" x 8½". £7.50 plus p&p.

FLEECE COAT Christmas design fleece coat, complete with a snood collar and Velcro fastening. Available in size 26", 28" and 30". £15 plus p&p.

SUPRAFLEECE SCARF 3D NOTEBOOK Handy size 3D Note book Featuring a lovely Brindle greyhound, Wiro-bound 50 ruled leaves Size approx. 6" x 4". £2.95 plus p&p.

Suprafleece scarf to keep the chill out with our lovely scarf embroidered with a lovely galgo head design. Ultra thermal fabric - warmth without weight. Pill resistant with a contemporary tassel design. Size approx. 150 x 25 cms. Available in Red or Charcoal. £14 plus p&p

LUXURY WHITE HAND TOWEL embroidered with a lovely Christmas galgo design.Luxurious thick pile, herringbone style double border and hanging loop 100% cotton towelling Size approx. 50 x 90 cms. £12 plus p&p.

p22.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2020 17:20 Page 22

Turmeric cookies A great holistic option as a powerful Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Wound healing and Anticancer supplement. https://bentleysdogfood.co.uk/product/hi gh-content-turmeric-treats-for-dogs/

 Can achieve a soft and silky finish.

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors

7” 40 Herringbone Tooth Blending Scissor. This beautiful rainbow effect scissor is lightweight and comfortable. Visit www.abbgroomingscissors.com

Puppy Mix Biscuits Perfect for puppies and small mouthed dogs. Visit www.finerbynature.co.uk

A Winter Wonderland of Products for You and Your Pets Super Body Wash- Soapless A refreshing and stimulating body wash, ideal for use after strenuous exercise. The gentle astringent, containing tea tree and peppermint oils, invigorates and aids the recovery of tired limbs and aching muscles. It is also formulated to remove event grease. Visit www.animalhealth.co.uk


Westcotts Dog Food with HyperCoat Prime A Premium dog food containing the Animal Health Company's popular supplement HyperCoat Prime as a source of Omega Oils to help support a healthy skin and coat. Visit www.animal-health.co.uk

This Amber Colloidal Silver Gel product is Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal. Use this on your pets skin conditions as it adheres to the skin, fur more readily. Can be used for a wide variety of issues. Very versatile and highly successful. Visit www.naturesgreatestsecret.co.uk

MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel, removes dirt and water easily from your dog’s coat. It’s the ideal accessory for drying your dog after a woodland walk, forest trail or coastal stroll. Availabe in grey, olive and plum. £13.99. Visit www.georgebarclay.co.uk

Adored Beast The Canadian Brand Adored Beast is a superb range of pre & probiotic products for Gut and Digestive Health as well as sprays to soothe itchy skin and promote healthy skin. https://www.healthfulpets.co.uk/brands/adoredbeast

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TRIBUTE HEART KEEPSAKE is the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand. It is designed to discreetly hold a tiny quantity of a pet’s ashes, along with photos and other small mementos. Visit www.petributes.co.uk

DOG AGILITY TUNNEL Available in 600mm diameter with ten standard colours, five different lengths and three weights (Light, Medium and Heavy Duty). The lightweight sewn tunnels are available in a camouflage bag cloth option with the additional option of having a mesh panel. Contact us on 01709 872574 or info@naylor.co.uk to discuss your dog tunnel requirements. Visit www.nayloragility.co.uk

A Winter Wonderland of Products for You and Your Pets


ETERNITY CANDLE KEEPSAKE Light your Eternity pet memorial candle on their birthday, “gotcha day”, or any time you would like to especially remember your beloved pet. Visit www.petributes.co.uk

GIFT MIX TREAT TIN Packed full of a variety of treats for all shapes and sizes of dogs including puppies. Visit www.finerbynature.co.uk

Salmon Oil for dogs

d d Four Leaf Rover The US Brand Four Leaf Rover is a range of high quality, functional foods to strengthen and support the immune system; including soil-based probiotics and high-quality mushrooms. https://www.healthfulpets.co.uk/brands/fourleaf-rover

Suitable for both dogs and cats. Ideal supplement for dogs with itchy skin and helps aid coat condition. Visit www.bentleysdogfood.co.uk

Grooming Spray A easy to use spray to help make grooming easier. Will leave the coat conditioned with out being greasy or static. RRP £9.20. Visit animal-health.co.uk

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AGATE MEMORY STONE KEEPSAKE Highly polished black Agate pet memorial stone that can hold a keepsake amount of ashes. You can have your pet’s own pawprint engraved onto this product by choosing an optional Inkless Print Set. Visit www.petributes.co.uk

Pet Teezer De-Tangling Brush A brush for detangling your dog’s coat quickly gently without any tugging or pulling – even on the finest of hair. Visit www.petcetera.co.uk



A liquid echinacea supplement for dogs and horses Echinacea has been used for centeries to help boost the immune system, especially the respiratory system. Ideal for the winter months. RRP £6.85. Visit animal-health.co.uk


Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury… The ingenious design in a Barking Bag allow you to carry everything you and your dog need without compromising on style. The new range has extra secure internal pockets and reflective strips for added safety in the dark and the luxury leather bags are handmade in India, making them an extra special gift. Visit www.barkingbags.co.uk

Wash & Show A handy non-rinse shampoo. Removes mud and dirt from your pet without needing a full bath. just spray and rub the dirt away. Perfect for those muddy winter walks. Prices start at RRP £8.65. Visit animal-health.co.uk


TRIPE AND RICE CRUNCHY STICKS These Dog Treats are gluten-free dog treats great for sensitive dogs plus low in fat. Suitable for most dogs including puppies that are tasty, and crunchy. Visit www.finerbynature.co.uk

will hold the whole of your pet’s ashes



It comes complete with our Memory Capsule to safely store a photo and small mementos such as a collar tag or lock of hair. This urn has a hollow interior that will hold the whole of your pet’s ashes. Visit www.petributes.co.uk

TO SUIT ALL YOUR DOGS’ NEEDS Customisable Whelping boxes. Any colour, Lightweight, Robust, Come pre-assembled, Easy to clean and maintain. Visit www.thedaleskennelcompany.co.uk/whelpingbox

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Christmas Gift Collection 2020 Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

Nordic Ponies See page 7

pag e


Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

Welcome to the

Redwings 2020 Christmas Collection

As December approaches, we will all be reflecting on the events of a very strange and difficult year, and who knows, perhaps still be in the middle of our restrictive new reality, so I sincerely hope our festive Christmas catalogue will bring some extra cheer to you. Inside you’ll find a fantastic array of Christmas cards, calendars and diaries, as well as stylish new additions to our gift range including the stunning new stationery from Cherith Harrison featuring Shire horse Holly Blue (page 4), and some gorgeous tea towels and kitchen accessories that are already on my shopping list. In a million years, I never thought we’d have a reason to be selling face masks here at Redwings but this is the world we live in now and our Retail Manager Gareth has managed to source the most stylish ones I’ve seen yet! See page 13. There is also a lovely selection of delicious Christmas food on page 14 and we’ve got your Christmas entertainment covered too,

with a great range of jigsaws (look out for the Sue Podbery Redwings print) and toys (we love Tractor Ted!). Whatever form your celebrations take this year I wish you all a very safe, happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year, with a huge thank you for your wonderful support from every horse, donkey, mule and human here at Redwings!

With warmest wishes, Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive and Secretary

Top Picks See page


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Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

pa ge


This lovely image has stolen our hearts here at the Sanctuary, and seemingly everyone at home too! Clydesdale cross Boo is a very special Redwings resident. Despite having lost his sight, friendly Boo enjoys a happy and healthy life at Redwings thanks to the love of his carers and best friend, guide horse Flynn. With their help, Boo has the confidence to explore his surroundings and even enjoy a trot around his paddock, especially when there is the chance of a cuddle over the fence. Boo & Friends Christmas Card 10 Christmas cards with envelopes, made using FSC card stock. The greeting in the cards reads ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 17 x 14cm. A4311 £4.50

Boo & Friends Tea Towel This soft-handle tea towel is made from polyester and is machine washable at 40oC. A4963 £6.00

Boo & Friends Apron Produced in the same fabric as our tea towel this beautiful apron is also washable at 40oC. A5485 £12.00

Boo & Friends Mounted Print An A5 mounted print featuring our special boy Boo. A5486 £6.00

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!


A stunning winter scene featuring our very own Adoption Star Lady and her companion Holly Blue at our beautiful Oxhill centre in Warwickshire.

Lady & Holly Blue In The Snow Tea Towel This soft-handle tea towel is made from polyester and is machine washable at 40oC. A5487 £6.00

Lady & Holly in the Snow 10 Christmas cards with envelopes, made using FSC card stock. The greeting in the cards reads ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. Size: 14 x 17cm A5349 £4.50

Lady & Holly Blue In The Snow Mounted Print An A5 mounted print featuring our beautiful pair of Shire horses. A5489 £6.00

Lady & Holly Blue In The Snow Mug This stunning image printed onto a mug! The mug is dishwasher safe, however we would suggest hand washing to prolong the life of the image. A5488 £6.00

We are delighted to reveal our new stationery range exclusively designed by our friend Cherith Harrison using images of some of our sanctuary residents and produced for us here in the UK. Holly Blue Writing Set 10 A5 sheets of writing paper with our images on the front and reverse! The pack also includes 10 cream envelopes. A5493 £9.00

Holly Blue Weekly Planner This A5 pad has 50 sheets to plan the week ahead. A5490 £6.00

Holly Blue Tree Decoration Our stunning Holly Blue wooden decoration measures 8cm and comes with a rustic twine hanger. A5491 £7.00

Redwings Greetings Cards Each pack contains six 15 x 15cm square cards, two each of three designs and include six kraft envelopes. A5492 £7.00

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

Christmas Friends Christmas Cards Our top selling donkey design of 2019, it was too beautiful not to be brought back this year! A gorgeous snowy watercolour image of our donkeys Minnie, Petra and Annie at the hay manger with their friend the border collie puppy and a robin. Size: 14 x 17cm A4306 £4.50

pa ge



Christmas Friends Tea Towel This soft-handle tea towel is made from polyester and is machine washable at 40oC. A5030 £6.00

A Donkey’s Christmas Donkeys love to play and explore, so Santa has left them some special toys under the Christmas tree. Size: 14 x 17cm A5351 £4.50

A Donkey’s Christmas Tea Towel This soft-handle tea towel is made from polyester and is machine washable at 40oC . A5494 £6.00

Running The Horses A gorgeous snowy scene showing horses running together as a herd, just as they do at Redwings. Size: 14 x 17cm A5350 £4.50

Friends At The Manger Big or small, old or young, this adorable group shows that Christmas is a time to celebrate together. Size: 14 x 17cm A5354 £4.50

Christmas Sunset This truly stunning card depicts a beautiful wintry scene as the ponies gather to enjoy a Christmas sunset together, just as they do at the Sanctuary. Size: 14 x 17cm A5352 £4.50

Christmas Morning Breakfast Join this adorable group of four-legged friends as they enjoy a special Christmas morning breakfast together. Size: 14 x 17cm A5353 £4.50

The greeting in each card reads

‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!


Woodland Santa A gorgeous scene with Santa taking a few minutes with the reindeer before getting underway on his worldwide task. Size: 15 x 15cm A5337 £4.00 Golden Bauble This card is on textured board for a luxurious feel and does feature foil but is still fully recyclable. Size: 15 x 15cm A5331 £4.00

All s on the card made re a e g a this p d board re tu x using a te el, however ury fe fully for a lux s are still all design and made le recyclab rd ly FSC ca using on stock!

10 cards a n envelo d pe per pac s k.

Sleigh for Santa You better not pout, you better not cry, as Santa and his reindeer are on their way in this colourful festive card. Size: 15 x 15cm A5332 £4.00

Robin on Wreath A beautiful watercolour style robin sitting on a delightful natural wreath containing all of our favourite winter foliage. The textured card really adds depth to the image. Size: 15 x 15cm A5334 £4.00

Path to the Cottage You can imagine cosying up by the fire in this beautiful country cottage, eagerly waiting for Christmas to be here. Size: 15 x 15cm A5333 £4.00

Cat’s Christmas Who doesn’t love a cat in a Santa hat? This card is sure to make any cat lover smile. Size: 15 x 15cm A5336 £4.00

Nine Jumpers A fun Christmas card featuring nine festive jumpers, how many have you got in your wardrobe? Size: 15 x 15cm A5338 £4.00

Dog’s Christmas A little bit of fun for the dog lover this Christmas. Size: 15 x 15cm A5335 £4.00

The greeting in each card reads

‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000

and pes k.


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

Winter Wreath This lovely card features a wreath of holly, pine and hellebore on a pastel aqua background. Size: 15 x 15cm A5339 £4.00

Robins & Red Wellies One of our favourite symbols of the festive season takes centre-stage in this lovely festive card – perfect for keen gardeners and birdwatchers! Size: 15 x 15cm A5346 £4.00

Colourful Bauble This stylish card of rich festive colours would look perfect on the mantelpiece in any home. Size: 15 x 15cm A5340 £4.00

All the card fully designs are d an le ab cl cy re only made using FSC card stock!

Forest Tree All your favourite forest animals converge on a beautiful star lit Christmas tree in this card, even the forest trees have been decorated! This card does feature foil but is still fully recyclable. Size: 15 x 15cm A5343 £4.00

Colourful Trees This cheerful card, alive with all the colours of the rainbow, provides a modern take on the traditional Christmas tree image. Size: 15 x 15cm A5345 £4.00

pa ge


Highland Cow Trio This gorgeous group of Highland cows wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas in this wintry scene. Size: 15 x 15cm A5344 £4.00

Winter Robin Help your loved ones feel truly festive with this stunning card of a beautiful robin. Size: 15 x 15cm A5342 £4.00

Nordic Ponies Designed exclusively for Redwings, this stunning Nordic themed scene has everything! Size: 15 x 15cm A5347 £4.00

Brimstone in the Snow For our 2020 photographic Christmas card there really was only one contender, our very own handsome Brimstone! Size: 15 x 15cm A5348 £4.00

Sheep Family A family of sheep in their festive knitwear and a group of robins are the stars of this pretty farm inspired card featuring teal and aqua tones. Size: 15 x 15cm A5341 £4.00

Showing The Way So popular in 2019 we brought it back for a second year! A stunning rural image, featuring a field of donkeys and a sign to make sure you always find your way to your favourite Redwings visitor centre! Size: 15 x 15cm A4321 £4.00

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!


Dogs & Jumpers Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A5426 £3.00

Festive Cats Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A5427 £3.00

Christmas Robins Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A4863 £3.00

Donkey Wonderland Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A4864 £3.00

Winter Wonderland Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A4865 £3.00

Birds & Berries Gift Wrap 5 sheets, with tags. Each sheet measures 50 x 70cm. FSC Paper. A5428 £3.00

Christmas Unicorn Gift Wrap 2 sheets of wrap, made from FSC paper stock, folded in cellophane. Each sheet is 50 x 70cm. Does not include tags. A3723 £4.00

Christmas Woodland Gift Wrap 2 sheets of wrap, made from FSC paper stock, folded in cellophane. Each sheet is 50 x 70cm. Does not include tags. A4861 £4.00

Christmas Frolics Gift Wrap 2 sheets of wrap, made from FSC paper stock, folded in cellophane. Each sheet is 50 x 70cm. Does not include tags. A3722 £4.00

Christmas Sugar & Spice Gift Wrap 2 sheets of wrap, made from FSC paper stock, folded in cellophane. Each sheet is 50 x 70cm. Does not include tags. A4860 £4.00

Note: circular insets are to highlight pattern.

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

pa ge


Redwings 2021 Desk Diary French navy coloured with silver embossed logo. White paper. Week to view. Size: 31 x 15cm A5329 £6.00

Redwings 2021 Postcard Calendar The image for each month is also a detachable postcard to keep and share! The calendar has spaces beside each date for your notes and is spiral bound at the top with a hook for hanging. Complete with envelope. Size: 33 x 17cm A5328 £7.00

Redwings 2021 A4 Calendar Our classic A4 calendar featuring images of our beautiful residents. The calendar has boxes for each day, perfect for adding notes. Complete with envelope. A5327 £6.00

Redwings 2021 Pocket Diary Dark navy coloured with silver embossed logo. White paper. Week to view. Size: 17.3 x 8.5cm A5330 £4.00

Bamboo Travel Cup Made using bamboo to create a lovely eco-friendly solution for your hot drink on the go! Available in two designs. Small Bubbles A5271 Random Bubbles A5272 £10.00 each.

Wheat Straw Pen This eco-friendly pen is created using wheat straw, available in three pastel colours, each featuring our logo. (White logo on mint and pink, black on the beige). Mint A5264 Pink A5265 Beige A5266 £3.00 Redwings Wooden Pen Blue ink, wooden ballpoint pen. A3679 £3.00

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

1 0

Cats & Kittens Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm. A5146 £5.00

Country Wildlife Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm A5147 £5.00

Adorable Dogs Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm A5503 £5.00

Birds Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm A5145 £5.00

< Horses Pocket Diary Includes a ribbon marker. Week to view. Size: 17.6 x 8.6cm A5172 £3.00

Horses Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm A5150 £5.00

Steam Trains Square Calendar Calendar features a square per day for your notes. Size: 30 x 30cm A5154 £5.00

Horses Slim Calendar Calendar features a space per day for your notes. Size: 42 x 14.5cm A5159 £4.00

Horses A5 Diary Features a padded cover and includes a ribbon marker. Week to view. Size: 21.7 x 15.3cm A5166 £4.00 Redwings Skinny Touch Ball Pen Our colourful slim, black ink, ballpoint pens come with a soft-touch rubber top designed for use as a stylus on any touchscreen device. The pen sports the Redwings logo and is available in a choice of eight colours. Blue A4167, Red A4172, Green A4168, Black A4166, Orange A4170, Lime A4169, Pink A4171, Yellow A4173 £3.00

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

pa ge

1 1

Twinkle Little Star 1000-Piece puzzle Collector’s edition number 15! Santa and his elves make their final preparations for Christmas, including placing the allimportant star on the top of their tree, in this magical festive jigsaw. A5480 £13.00

Jingle Bells 1000-Piece puzzle Complete this festive jigsaw and you’ll be wishing you too were dashing through the snow on a one horse open sleigh! A5479 £12.00

Catching The Tram 1000-Piece puzzle Find the differences number 19. Jump on board this vintage tram and take a journey back to Christmases of the past with this nostalgic scene. A5481 £12.00

Jigsaw Puzzles

Mindy, Muffin & Mo BIG500 puzzle These curious donkeys wonder if they can join in a fun game of fetch in this colourful spring scene. A5482 £12.00

Snow Coach BIG500 puzzle This festive Victorian image could be straight from the pages of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol! A5483 £12.00

Redwings ‘Sanctuary’ 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle This lovely jigsaw features our exclusive ‘Sanctuary’ image painted by Sue Podbery. Inspiration was drawn from all our sites. Which parts do you recognise? A3030 £12.00

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

1 2

Recycled Wool Rug – Standard These stunning 100% wool rugs are made exclusively from recycled fibres, and are each unique in tone. Ideal as a throw on the sofa or as a blanket for those cooler autumnal evenings. Can be washed on a cool cycle. Size: 120 x 150cm. A4245 £20.00

Recycled Wool Rug – Large This larger rug is made in the same way as the standard one, but is large enough for two to cuddle under! Can be washed on a cool cycle. Size: 150 x 183cm. A4257 £26.00

Reed Diffusers £20.00 A Merry Morning A zesty fusion of citrus, jasmine and fresh pine. A5473 Jingle Bells Cassis, redcurrant, a touch of cinnamon, with a hint of strawberry, spearmint, almond and citrus. A5474 Shimmering Spruce & Peppermint Festive pine aroma with a blend of eucalyptus, juniper and hints of peppermint. A5475 Handwash & Hand Cream Set Introductory price of just £25.00 All of the home fragrance and ha nd care products on th is page are handm ade by our friends at for us Norfolk Aromas, using the highest quality vegan in gredients to provide you with a luxury yet guilt -free product.

Frankincense & Myrrh The warm aromatics of frankincense, warm amber, rock rose and myrrh. A5476 Cassis & Fig Fruity and floral notes with hints of pine. A5477 Peony & Brushed Suede Featuring peonies in bloom with the bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensuality of soft, brushed suede. A5478

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

pa ge

1 3

Cotton Tea Towels These beautiful tea towels are made from 100% cotton here in the UK. Measure approx. 48cm x 76cm. £7.00

Christmas Birdies A5465

Winter Penguins A5466

Christmas Puffins A5467

Cotton Face Masks These are handmade in the UK! They contain three lightweight layers; printed layer is 100% cotton. Adjustable ear loops. Washable and reusable. £9.00

Christmas Bauble Hand-painted glass bauble, comes boxed. Christmas Birdies A5470 Christmas Puffin A5471 £12.00

Stitched Birdies A5464

Christmas Cards These fun Christmas card packs measure 5” x 5” and contain six cards and envelopes. Please note that they are not ‘Redwings’ branded, but they are delightful! £3.00

Penguin A3663

Wreath Stitch A3658

Woolly Puffins A5462

Sheep In Sweaters A5463

Christmas Puffin A5472

Pudding Stitch A3659

Holly & Fig A3666

Santa’s New Sleigh A3660

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

1 4

Fudge and Toffee Tins This beautifully designed tin contains a 500g mixture of handmade Vanilla Fudge and Butter Toffees. After enjoying the sweets you have a very pretty and useful storage tin too! Reindeer Tin A5456 £10.00


Santa Tin A5457 £10.00

‘Proudly Norfolk’ Christmas food selection

Crush Dressings Gift Pack The perfect gift. A mini gift box of three of Crush’s best-selling dressings. You will find in your box 200ml each of Honey & mustard dressing, Lemon dressing & Soy, ginger and chilli dressing. A5501 £12.50 Crush Oils Gift Pack A mini gift box of three of Crush’s best-selling flavoured oils. You will find in your box 200ml Garlic Infused rapeseed oil, Chilli Infused rapeseed oil and Lemongrass, Ginger & Chilli infused rapeseed oil. A5500 £12.00

Redwings ‘Around the World in a Cup’ Coffee 125g This blend from local coffee company Give It Some Beans uses the finest Brazilian, Ethiopian and Vietnamese coffees. This coffee is ground for convenience and is perfect for your cafetiere or filter machine. A4965 £4.15

Nelson & Norfolk Christmas Tea A wintery looseleaf blend of black tea, spices and zesty orange. A5497 £5.00

Christmas Star Tin This novel shaped tin contains a 350g assortment of handmade Clotted Cream and Chocolate Fudge. A perfect edible gift for that special someone at Christmas. A4984 £10.00

Nelson & Norfolk Mulled Wine Tea Just add water and heat this beautiful spice mix for a Mulled Wine style tea. A5499 £5.00

Pear & Perry Chutney Candi’s signature Christmas chutney! A5498 £4.00

Christmas Pudding Cookies Six Christmas pudding flavoured cookies. A5496 £5.00

Gingerbread Cookies Six gingerbread flavoured cookies. A5495 £5.00

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

furry friend

These treats for your are lovingly hand-made in Norfolk using only the highest quality ingredients by our friends at Pooch’s.

Turkey & Cranberry Bones A Christmas dinner-flavoured treat for your most loyal friend. A4088 £3.75

The dog treats are baked in such a way that they not only taste and smell amazing; they also have great dental benefits! They are certain to go down a storm and offer something for the fussiest of pets.

Katz Crispy Prawns New to Redwings for the Christmas catalogue are these dried prawn treats, sure to tempt even the most discerning feline palette! A4997 £3.75

Venison Stix Made using venison from the Sandringham Estate, venison being naturally low fat makes these a perfect option for the slimming pooch! This pack contains 12 stix. A4642 £3.75

Chicken & Rice Stix Made with chicken breast and home-made chicken stock, this is an ideal gluten and dairy free option, perfect for sensitive tummies! A4090 £3.75

pa ge

Fish Fingers The canine version of a childhood favourite, high in omega 3, which is helpful for healthy skin and a healthy coat! This pack contains 10 Fish Fingers. A4089 £3.75

Duck Crunch A crunchy flat treat made using duck, always tempting and an alternative to turkey this Christmas. A4944 £3.75

Bag of Sprats 60g 100% dried sprats, great for healthy skin and coat - perfect as a treat for your feline friend! Each pack contains approx. 13 fish. A5097 £3.75

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

1 5

pag e

Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

1 6

Wristipals 24cm Carry your favourite plush pal with you on your wrist with this fun snap bracelet. £6.00

Pony Silicone Watch This lovely snap bracelet style watch features a pony shape face. Size: 25 x 5.5 x 1.7cm A2863 £10.00

A5387 Unicorn

A5388 Donkey

A5389 Horse

Soft Toy Handbag These fun plush handbags contain a 25cm soft toy. £10.00

A5392 Unicorn

Donkey Beanie Beautiful grey donkey beanie toy, 14cm approx. Age - safe from birth. A3124 £4.00

A5393 Horse

Hannah Horse Clip Pal 15cm Ideal to clip on to a handbag or school bag. Safe from 12 months. A3584 £4.00

Unicorn Beanie Colour will vary, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific colour. Age - safe from birth. A3698 £4.00

Horse Beanie Beautiful horse beanie toy, 14cm approx. Colour will vary, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific colour. Age - safe from birth. A3123 £4.00

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000


Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

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1 7

Tractor Ted Colouring Book 28 pages of colouring fun with Tractor Ted and his big machine and farm animal friends! The perfect gift for your little one or his/her friends as it will keep them busy for hours! A5369 £6.00

Tractor Ted Farm Pairs Enjoy this colourful set of 40 playing cards featuring Tractor Ted and his real-life farm friends from tractor to chick and baler to Midge the dog! There are 20 different pairs to match and collect in this classic game. All the cards are boxed as a pack of cards - perfect for taking out and about for quick, easy, and fun entertainment on the go! Suitable for 2-4 players. Ages: 3yrs+. A5367 £5.00

A3589 21cm Tractor & Trailer £3.00 Toy Tractors The perfect gift for those budding farmers!

A3588 10cm Tractor £2.50 Tractor Ted Farm Lotto Game Including four sturdy farm playing boards and 36 picture cards, this fun family game features Tractor Ted and his real-life farm friends including Farmer Tom, Les and Midge the dog! A5366 £7.50

Tractor Ted Farm Sticker Book Join all your favourite Tractor Ted characters in this must-have sticker book. With over 150 stickers and seasonal farm scenes, this Farm Sticker Book is perfectly sized to fit in a handbag or backpack making it the perfect 'out and about' activity for young children. A5461 £5.00

Tractor Ted Colouring Pencils Luxury Tractor Ted Colouring Tin including 12 top quality colouring pencils - perfect for when you are out and about as they can be perfectly stored in your handbag or your child's backpack! Perfect 'quick to access' entertainment whether in a cafe, on the train or just spending an afternoon at home! A2867 £7.00

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

pag e

Merry Christmas from all of us at Redwings!

1 8

Exclusive to


Lily Cushion Polyester outer, washable at 40oC. This comes with a synthetic filler. A4792 £15.00

Lily Mug Dishwasher safe, however to prolong the colour we would recommend hand washing. A4723 £6.00

Lily Mounted Print A5 mounted print of our pretty pony Lily. A4815 £6.00

Lily Keyring A4838 £2.00

Lily Ceramic Magnet A4746 £2.50

Lily Apron Soft-feel polyester apron, this is adult size. Machine washable at 40oC. A5460 £12.00

Lily Tea Towel Made from soft-feel polyester, machine washable at 40oC. A5459 £6.00

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Order before 13th December for Christmas delivery

pa ge

1 9

Adopt a horse for Christmas Give the gift of care this Christmas by adopting a rescued horse or donkey at Redwings! Lovely Adoption Star Lily arrived at the Sanctuary from another organisation with her two companions after they’d struggled to rehome them. Lily spent some time at our Rehoming Centre in the hope of finding a new home as a ridden pony, but sadly some on-going problems with her hooves meant she could not continue her training. However, her super-friendly personality made her the perfect pony to join our Adoption Scheme.

Lily You can sponsor Lily for a friend or loved one from just £15 a year. We will send them an adoption pack which includes a certificate and their new horse’s rescue story and photo, as well as a special friendship card and access to their online diary. The lucky recipient will also receive regular updates from their new friend. Every penny of your adoption will go towards the care of Lily and her friends at the Sanctuary, so it really is the gift that keeps giving.

Visit www.redwings.org.uk/adopt to find out more and adopt today!

Visit us online today at www.redwings.org.uk/shop

Order form To prevent delays in processing your order, please ensure that you complete this form fully.

Name Address

Order by post: Send us your completed form, with payment, in a stamped addressed envelope. Please make cheques payable to Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Postcode Telephone Supporter number Code

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What if my order is out of stock?

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Postage and packing

Contact me to discuss next steps * Post and packaging is £3.50 for all UK orders. For overseas orders please call us on +44 (0) 1508 481000 for a quotation.



Donation Grand total payable to Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Debit or credit card payment Please enter your card number in the boxes below:

Card expiry M



Security code Y

If you don’t already receive our catalogue and would like to, please indicate below. Please send me: Latest news, appeals and gift shop offers by email Newsletters by post (twice a year)* Appeals by post to help horses and donkeys in need* Prize draw tickets by post for the chance to win up to £10,000** *Our newsletters and appeals also contain our gift catalogues, so you can shop with a difference for Redwings **You must be over 16 and a UK resident You can change your mind at any time: call 01508 481000 or email info@redwings.co.uk to update your preferences. All data is held in accordance with data protection legislation and we promise not to sell your details to third party organisations. Read our full privacy notice at www.redwings.org.uk/privacy-notice or contact us for a copy.

Fill in the order form and return it in the post or call today on 01508 481000

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Little Bean safely rescued after finding herself in a bit of a pickle! When a heavily pregnant stray cat came across a seemingly abandoned property, she thought she’d found the perfect place in which to give birth and bring up her young kitten. However, unbeknownst to her, the property was in fact in the midst of being renovated and one day, the sudden shrill sounds and loud noises all became too much. life. We made sure we kept her happy, healthy and well-entertained, and she slowly began to get used to our presence and play with us and the toys we gave to her. Although she was born a stray, we rescued her whilst she was young enough to be domesticated, so will eventually be looking to rehome her with a purrfect family as soon as she is ready*. In the meantime, we have neutered her and got her up to date with vaccinations and flea and worming treatment. She has had a few mild tummy troubles since arriving with us, which our vets have put down to her spending time amongst the rubbish they have no long term concerns and have prescribed medication to help settle her digestive system. Our Animal Welfare Officers have also advised Little Bean's finder to keep an eye out for the mother cat in their local area, and get in touch with us if they spot her. n If you spot an animal in distress out in the wild, please don’t hesitate to call us or your local animal rescue shelter for aid and advice. Our AWOs can be reached on 020 8962 8000, or awo@mayhewanimalhome.org.

Little Bean ● The mother cat was so frightened by the building work going on around her that she ran away, and left her newborn daughter behind to fend for herself. ● Luckily, a member of the public spotted the tiny black and white bundle curled up on a pile of rubbish, where it was using an old washing machine as shelter. ● After waiting a full 24 hours to see if the mother returned, the member of public called Mayhew for help. We went straight out to investigate and rescue the little kitten, who we named 26

Little Bean because of how small she was. She was only a few weeks old when we found her, so our Animal Welfare Officers made sure they were extra careful as they transported her back to our vet clinic for a general health check, which thankfully showed her to be in good spirits (if rather hungry!) We settled Little Bean down in a warm and cosy cabin in our Kitten Block to rest and recover, and gave her plenty of one-on-one TLC. She soon showed herself to be an energetic and hungry little kitten, if a bit quiet, which is unsurprising given her unusual start in


*Please note, it is not possible to reserve any animals in advance and as such, we are not able to take any enquiries about Little Bean in advance. Please keep checking our Rehoming pages www.themayhew.org which get updated with new animals regularly.


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From Doncaster to Denmark – microchip details solve international missing moggy mystery A missing moggy found in Doncaster will be jetting off to be reunited with his owner after volunteers from Cats Protection used his microchip details to trace his owner in Denmark. inger puss Zygfryd was taken in by Cats Protection’s Doncaster Branch after being found living as a stray at a car storage facility in Belton. After scanning him for a microchip, volunteers managed to make contact with Zygfryd’s owner and were stunned to find them living in Denmark. Volunteer Skye May explained: “It turns out Zygfryd was a much-loved pet, and his owner had obtained a pet passport for him in readiness for moving to Denmark in June. Sadly, two weeks before the move he had gone missing, and the owner was forced to move without him.



Microchipping is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, and is already compulsory for dogs.

“When we got in touch, they were absolutely thrilled to find he was alive and well, and quickly made arrangements for a friend to collect him from us. Because he already has a pet passport, he’ll now soon be on his way to Denmark for what we expect will be a very emotional reunion. “It may be a bit of an unusual case, but it goes to show why microchips are so important – there’s no way we would have been able to find Zygfryd’s owner so easily had he not been microchipped.” The happy reunion comes as Cats Protection renews calls for a change in the law to ensure that all owned cats, like dogs, are microchipped. Microchipping is a safe, permanent and cost-effective method of identification which ensures cats can be reunited with their owner should they go missing. It means lost cats are not 28

mistaken as strays and taken in by rehoming charities. Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy & Government Relations said: “It’s always lovely to hear of stories where cats have been reunited with their owners, but most of these happy endings are only possible if a cat has been microchipped. “Microchipping is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, and is already compulsory for dogs. This


should now be extended to ensure all owned cats are microchipped, giving the same level of protection to keep them safe.” Cats Protection is the UK’s largest cat charity, helping around 200,000 cats every year through a network of around 230 volunteer-run branches and 37 centres. n To find out more about the charity, please visit www.cats.org.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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Black proves lucky for monochrome moggies Cat lovers across the UK had a lot to celebrate on Black Cat Day (27 October) as Cats Protection announces that black and black-and-white cats are no longer as overlooked as they once were.

Rick Wakeman


decade after the awareness day was started by the charity as a response to the discovery that black cats took longer to rehome than other cats, they now spend 11 days less on average in care before being rehomed. Around 65,000 black or black-andwhite cats have been homed through Cats Protection’s adoption centres since the campaign started in 2010, which is 44% of all the cats homed through the charity’s centres. Cats Protection supporter and musician Rick Wakeman is a big fan of black cats and says he always needs to have one in his life. “We lost our first black cat Scrabble in a road accident many years ago and were heartbroken,” he said. “We then got a black cat from Cats Protection called George who we adored. At age 11, we lost George to kidney failure and once again were totally heartbroken. Then a friend of ours turned up with a little black kitten who, when he first came, shot up the false chimney breast and came down covered in cobwebs, so he sort of named himself Cobweb. Everyone adores him, he’s a little 30

sweetheart. My wife and I will always have a black cat. There is just something magical about them and once you have a black cat, you will never be without one.” Over the course of the campaign, Cats Protection has explored reasons why black cats were less popular and worked to change adopter perceptions and buck the rehoming trend. Among the ideas challenged have been that black cats have been seen as unlucky, associated with the supernatural or are not photogenic in selfies. “It’s brilliant news that our campaigning has paid off and we’ve made a real difference,” said Cats Protection’s Head of Operations Susannah Pritchard. “Black and black-and-white cats now spend less time in our care than when we started promoting the issue and, each year, we get thousands of cat lovers celebrating the day and engaging with our #BlackCatDay hashtag on social media.” n To find out more about Black Cat Day visit www.cats.org.uk/black-cats and those interested in adopting a cat can visit http://cats.org.uk/find-a-cat

Lucky black cat case studies Susie Taylor (48) from Dorset credits her black cat Rosie for helping her through a difficult time during lockdown when she contracted COVID-19 while working as a healthcare assistant: “I was feeling very low and isolated as I had to leave my home where I lived with my elderly mum. I thought a cat would help so I took in one-year-old Rosie from a local shelter who’d already been rejected from four different homes. She was so scared at first and spent her first week under my bed but she gradually started to trust me. Just having a cat with me made me feel better and I really feel she helped me get better faster and got me out of a very low place.”


Chris Jurczak (57) from Sutton Coldfield had two strokes in the space of a week four years ago and was in hospital for over two months. It hugely impacted his speech and he had to relearn how to read and write. Once he started to recover, his daughter Ellen was worried about him being on his own so found him a black rescue cat called Shadow. “He was a bit apprehensive about the idea of caring for a cat by himself but was quickly won over by this gorgeous, easy going black cat,” said Ellen Jurczak (29). “I’d been worried about leaving him but, as I went out the door, he had Shadow in his arms and was absolutely beaming. Since then, the two have been inseparable. Dad had been really struggling to sleep but, once Shadow moved in and started sleeping on the bed with him, he was much better. It was also good for him to have the structure and routine of caring for a cat and helped him remember the things he needed to do each day - like taking his medicine. Shadow is great company for dad and he can talk to him without feeling anxious about people judging him for getting his words wrong. His journey to recovery has been long and challenging but Shadow has been there with him throughout. I really do believe he has made a huge difference.” Susie Taylor and Rosie


p30.qxp_Layout 1 30/10/2020 16:26 Page 31

intense for the whole country and I’ve recently been off work with stress. Cleo has provided company, warmth and love over this time, as well as participating in my afternoon video meetings when I am working! I may well have gone mad without her.”

Chris Jurczak and Shadow

Jacqueline Wilkinson (35) from Croydon credits her black cat Cleo with supporting her through a difficult few years: “My ex-husband and I adopted Cleo three years ago. Since then she has supported me through various illnesses and ailments. She never left my side when I broke my arm – as well as a divorce and moving house. The last eight months have been particularly

Liz Parsley (38) from Billericay, Essex, said her black cat Buster saved her from loneliness during the pandemic: “I live on my own and normally work long hours in London. When lockdown started I was incredibly grateful to be able to work from home but within a few days the working day had become my whole day – and much of my night as well. After a few weeks the lack of human interaction really started to hit me and my motivation and productivity felt like it was dropping off a cliff. But my black cat Buster wasn’t having any of it. He wanted to eat and his meowing became my new alarm clock! When I was feeling super stressed at work, or generally anxious about the pandemic, I’d hunt him out for a stroke and belly rub. His snuggles and purring became my daily meditation routine, where I could take a breath and clear my mind. I

know that my lockdown experience has been easy compared to so many people, but the isolation and loneliness really got to me. I honestly don’t think I would have survived being on my own for such a long period of time without him. He kept me in check and reminds me to be grateful every day, no matter how hard things get.” Gavin Harvey (28) from Glasgow adopted Shadow from Cats Protection after he moved into his own house: “I was sad as I suffer from anxiety and depression and it was my first time living alone. I’d always had pets and it was hard not having something to love. I was very lonely until I met my beautiful girl she changed me and helped me get over the loneliness. She was sad and I was sad and now we’re happy together. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m also a crazy cat daddy and I have her face tattooed on my hand!” n www.cats.org.uk/black-cats

Supplier to the best breeders, rescuers and catteries for 20 years Our cat cages offer safe, comfortable, hygienic accommodation and we pride ourselves on an enviable reputation throughout the UK, Europe, USA and even Australia for excellent service and superior product design.

We can also custom build cat cages to your own measurements.



Visit our website or call: 01780 410313

www.penthouseproducts.com www.rescueandanimalcare.com



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Registered charity 1163829

French Bulldog Saviours We at French Bulldog Saviours are here to help educate people on the French bulldog breed as well as rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. We are a self-funded charity and raise funds through fund raising and events throughout the UK. We rely on volunteers helping and supporting French Bulldog Saviours as without you we couldn’t do what we do. We believe that if a dog can live a good quality of life it should be allowed to regardless of cost. It doesn’t matter to us is there is an ocean between us, if we can help… we will.


www.frenchbulldogsaviours.com #BREEDFORHEALTHNOTWEALTH

Registered charity 1163829

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REDWINGS WISHES A HAPPY RETIREMENT TO DOLLY! One of Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s most beloved rescued residents – Dolly – is taking a bow from the charity’s popular Adoption Scheme after serving as a member for 15 years. Dolly arrived at Ada Cole Memorial Stables (now Redwings Ada Cole), near Harlow in Essex, in 1998 having been tragically stuck in a ditch for three days and suffering serious injuries in a frantic bid to free herself. When her owner was unable to pay for her treatment, the vet approached the charity for help. They ensured she received the help she needed and a new secure home for life. Following a merger with Redwings in 2005, beautiful Dolly became one of their latest Adoption Stars. The Adoption Scheme allows Redwings’ supporters to sponsor one or more of the charity’s Adoption Star horses, ponies, donkeys and mules with all the money going towards the care of their four-legged friend and other rescued residents. Now it has been decided that this stunning chestnut cob, having recently celebrated her 25th birthday and in


need of some ongoing veterinary attention for lameness issues, should take a step back from the limelight and retire from the scheme. This means Dolly will no longer be available for adoption, although she will continue to keep in touch with her existing sponsors and her fans can still continue to visit her at Redwings Ada Cole. The visitor centre is currently trialling a phased reopening, with reduced opening hours and pre-booked ticketed entry, having had to temporarily close during the Covid-19 lockdown. Further details and tickets are available at www.redwings.org.uk/visit Debbie Scott, Redwings’ Head of Fundraising, said: “Dolly is one of the longest serving members of our Adoption Scheme and we know of families who have sponsored her for generations. “She’s delighted countless visitors

with her friendly nature, but in her role as an Adoption Star, Dolly has also helped to raise money which has not just supported her but hundreds of other horses, ponies, donkeys and mules who have been brought into the safety of the Sanctuary, just like she was once. Now at the grand age of 25, we feel she deserves to put her hooves up! “We’d like to say a big thank you to Dolly for being such a wonderful ambassador for Redwings and to all her fantastic adopters for supporting her throughout the years.” Sponsoring a Redwings Adoption Star costs from just £15 per year. Adopters receive photographs and updates from their four-legged friend about their adventures at the Sanctuary, as well as access to their online diary. n To sponsor an Adoption Star, call 01508 481000 or visit www.redwings.org.uk/adopt



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Pet Health Hazards in the Home As a loving pet owner, you want to keep your pet safe from harm. Unfortunately, many of the products we use in the home are potentially toxic to pets from foods to chemicals! Mary Lloyd tells us more Cleaning Products

We all believe that a clean pet bed is essential but bleach is extremely toxic to dogs, cats and small pets. If you use bleach, make sure the solution is properly diluted and when you have finished, the bed needs to be thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue. Never leave a bleach solution in a bucket or a bowl in case the pet drinks it by mistake. If you suspect that your pet has ingested bleach, contact your vet immediately for advice. Carpet fresheners are not generally toxic but if they come into contact with their paws, they can cause skin irritation. All too often the pet will try to lick it off and this in turn can cause a stomach upset and minor respiratory irritation. Carpet shampoos are similar in their effects and it is always best to ensure that the carpet is dry before you let your pet back into the room. Cats are especially sensitive to essential oils and if they come into contact with their skin for a prolonged period, absorption leads to kidney and liver disorders. Essential oil based products can be very effective in the control of dustmites but they should always be allowed to disperse into the air before the cat is allowed onto the treated surface. Pet shampoos that contain fragrances are also potential irritants so fragrance free is always preferable. Shampoos that contain essential oils are fine for dogs but potentially toxic to cats.

Fertilisers, Pesticides & Insecticides

Rat or mouse bait is extremely dangerous and should not really be used around pets. Fly sprays and weed killers are similarly toxic. If you use a paraquat based herbicide, keep the pet indoors until the solution reached the soil and is deactivated. Fertilisers that can contain bone or blood meal are very tempting for pets and can cause pancreatitis, intestine and stomach damage. Other fertilisers can also be damaging to their health so keep the pet indoors until they dissipate into the soil. 34

Some flowers are toxic to pets

Toxic Plants

If you have a pet, choose your garden flowers carefully. Cats are particularly keen on munching greenery and sometimes dogs do to. The following plants are best avoided if you want a pet friendly garden: Autumn Crocus Cyclamen l Daffodils l Hyacinth l Lilies l Oleander l Sago palm l Tulips l l

If your pet ingests plant material, seek advice from your vet. They may not exhibit any symptoms but can still suffer from organ damage.


Advice on foods can often be very confusing. In the past garlic tablets were often recommended for tick prevention in dogs but today, veterinary surgeons advise against it. Other foods that should be avoided include chocolate, xylitol (artificial sweetener), macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, alcohol, caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, coke) raw yeast dough and raw or undercooked meat.


Other Precautions

Pets are very curious. Drugs dropped on the floor and dishwasher tablets are all potentially hazardous and should be kept safely locked away. Paint, glue and even cleaning products do not always taste bad as far as the pet is concerned but they are dangerous. Needless to say, the most common problem occurs if your pet decides they want to drink from the loo or the sink!! In short, when you think pet, think baby. The items that are dangerous to children are equally dangerous for your beloved companions. Keep them safe and in the midst of this awful pandemic, keep yourselves safe too and thank your lucky stars that if you are on lockdown, at least you have a beloved companion to keep you chirpy. n For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Bio-Life Helpline on 01608 686626 (Open 8am to 8 pm, 7 days per week) or ask for advice from your veterinary surgeon. Visit www.biolife-international.co.uk Photo credit: ŠAdobe stock


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Environment registered and Safe contractor member.

Commercial Pet Waste Removal

We provide a professional pet waste removal for businesses of all sizes and can arrange the collections of dog bins from Rescue centres Kennels and Catteries Dog day centres Breeders

Email: info@petwastesolutions.co.uk Contact 07907136300

140 litre wheelie bins ... with a sealed lid

Fully insured. Proud winners of 1066 Environmental Awards.


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Blue Cross – helping pets in crisis for over 100 years • Blue Cross treated more than 50,000 horses during WWI • Treated 18,000 dogs and provided quarantine and reunited dogs befriended by soldiers during WWII • Paid dog licence fees for poor war widows and soldiers during WWII • Helping pets and their owners now more than ever


lue Cross has been helping pets during critical times since the Balkan War and then the First World War when the charity set up animal hospitals on the front lines and provided essential veterinary kits to soldiers for their horses. Today, the charity continues to support pet owners in need and helps thousands of sick, injured and homeless pets and horses every year. Originally named ‘Our Dumb Friends League’, the charity formed in 1897 and has been crucial to the lives of millions of animals since it’s early work helping the working horses of London. Special fundraising efforts provided water troughs placed all over the capital and ‘trace’ horses to assist weaker horses carrying a heavy load up steep hills. The Blue Cross animal


hospital in Victoria, London opened in 1907 to help both working animals and pets of owners on a low income and is thought to be the first of its kind in the world. ‘The Blue Cross Fund’, led by Mr Arthur Coke, worked tirelessly to raise cash towards helping animals at home and overseas in wartime. In World War One animal hospitals were set up across France and Italy and animal ambulances, marked with a blue cross to distinguish them from the ambulances for injured soldiers, were funded to collect animals on front lines needing urgent treatment. Eventually, the charity changed its name to Blue Cross in the 1950s. By the end of World War One more than 50,000 horses were treated in Blue Cross hospitals in France alone


Wounded horse


p36.qxp_Layout 1 02/11/2020 11:15 Page 37

Above picture: Wounded Horse awaiting a Blue Cross Ambulance Left pictures: Blue Cross Fund Please Help Horses in Wartime.

and veterinary supplies were gratefully received by more than 3,500 units of the British Army – many letters of thanks were received from the front. Blue Cross funds also cared for the dogs who were trained to seek out the wounded, pull injured men on carts through trenches to first aid stations and lead men who were blinded to safety. From 1917 the charity also took sole responsibility of caring for 18,000 war dogs used by the French army. Many soldiers befriended war dogs and were devastated to be forced to leave them behind if they couldn’t afford the quarantine fees. Blue Cross stepped in to offer kennels for dogs needing quarantine and reunited them with soldiers after the six months was

up. Many were so grateful for the charity’s help they wrote moving letters of thanks to Blue Cross relaying their joy at seeing their beloved four-legged friends again. In World War Two the charity’s help was needed again and staff regularly worked long and exhausting hours risking their lives to rescue pets from dangerous bombed buildings and rubble during the Blitz, bringing them back to the animal hospital for emergency treatment by candlelight during blackouts. The final year of war in 1945 saw a record number of over 200,000 animals helped by the charity nationwide. Pets whose owners were in active service were also cared for in Horse receiving treatment

the kennels, with their owners visiting them when on leave. Quarantine kennels were again provided for pets from overseas, including those of refugees who could not bear to leave their pets behind. Owners made homeless due to bombing could also place their pet in care with many volunteer foster carers stepping to help pets without a home – much as they continue to do today. Soldiers in service and grieving war widows on a low income were supported by the charity who paid their dog licence fees to help them stay together, even then Blue Cross knew the support and comfort pets give to their owners is invaluable. Blue Cross cares for more than 40,000 pets every year across 11 rehoming centres, four rehoming and advice units and four animal hospitals. As a charity it receives no government funding and relies on donations from animal lovers to continue its vital work. n For more information about Blue Cross helping the animals of war, to see pets needing a new home or to make a donation towards their care visit www.bluecross.org.uk




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Pet care expert gives tips on relieving Seasonal Affective Disorder With one in three Brits experiencing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), experts at leading pet food brand Webbox are warning that the change of seasons could also affect canines. easonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as the ‘winter depression’ is a well-known phenomenon across humans during the darker and colder months. As daylight decreases, the human brain produces more melatonin and less serotonin, creating a chemical imbalance which ultimately can have a substantial impact on mood, sleep, appetite, and activity. A study by the UK’s leading vet charity, People’s Dispensary of Sick Animals (PDSA), revealed that a third of dog owners noticed a downward turn in their pet’s mood during the colder months. Half of the owners studied also reported that their pets slept for longer periods of time, while 20 percent noted that their pets were significantly less active. In a response to the upcoming darker months, the experts at Webbox are hoping to educate pet owners on identifying and relieving the symptoms of SAD within dogs. Camille Ashforth, Senior Brand Manager at Webbox, said: “Studies have shown that humans share a lot of the same brain chemistry with dogs, so it’s no surprise that our pets may also experience the chemical imbalance that causes SAD. “Just as we can feel our moods drop when the seasons change, our pets



can too. With the Autumn Equinox having just fallen, it’s important to keep an eye on pooches for the tell-tale signs of SAD.”

Common symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in dogs: • Grumpiness and irritability • General fatigue • Changes in appetite • Reduced energy

Tips for reducing the effects of SAD in dogs:

1. Keep up your summer routine through the winter months Camille Ashforth says: “Try to keep their daily routine up throughout the winter months. Whilst we do appreciate that windy walks in the rain may not be as inviting as those lovely warm summer strolls, it’s important to keep your dog stimulated by new sights and smells. “With less sunshine throughout the winter months, a daily walk may also be the only chance your dog gets to experience some natural sunlight, so try to get out during the day if you can.” 2. Encourage indoor activity “It’s important to ensure that dogs frequently have opportunities for stimulation and entertainment, so


make time to interact with your dog throughout the day. “You could also invest in some sensory pet toys that will give your pooch something to play with, even if you’re not at home.” 3. Improve your internal lighting “You could even purchase special light boxes that are designed to replicate natural sunlight to help alleviate the effects of SAD. While these products are designed by humans, it’s something that could also have a positive effect on your pooch. “If you’d rather not disturb your current lighting situation, simply moving your dog’s bed nearer a sunny-side window could help them soak up the natural rays better.” 4. Look after yourself “Many people agree that pets will often react to and reflect their owner’s moods, so it’s important that you look after your own mental health – especially if you’re worried about your pets’. “Focus on your stress levels, and make sure that you’re not outwardly projecting any negative characteristics around your pet that they could pick up on.” n For further information, visit www.webbox.co.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching Range of Adjustable Collars Adjustable with strong clasp fastening Small: 15 mm x 260-400 mm Medium: 20 mm x 350-500 mm Large: 25 mm x 480-700 mm. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d13_Page_13.html

Dogmatic Headcollar All the comfort and control of the original renowned leather Dogmatic Headcollar with the soft, gentle touch of slimline, luxurious, padded cushioned webbing. Available in 5 colours. From ÂŁ24.99. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d4_Padded,_Cushioned_Webbing.html

Take the Lead with Dogmatic


Visit www.dogmatic.org.uk

Dogmatic Headcollar The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. ÂŁ37.99. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d6_Original_Leather.html


PCW Training Leads Ideal for training, obedience and general walking. The Training Leads can be used at different lengths, for general walking, lengthened for use in Training (practising recalls etc...), for giving your dog more room to stretch out on a walk, for tethering your dog to a bench etc... or for walking two dogs together. A quality Lead offering multiple uses. Can be wiped clean and very comfortable to hold. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/en-uk/d14_Page_14.html

Leather full Non-slip Lead Full vegetable tanned leather lead with rubber rein grip encasing the leather from hand loop to trigger hook and reinforced with leather at point of stitching. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/en-uk/d12_Page_12.html

Soft Leather Show slip Lead Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/c ontents/enuk/d12_Page_12.html


Matching Range of Trigger Hook Leads The soft padded lined webbing is fully wipe-able, therefore, easy to clean. Ideal for walking and training. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d15_Page_15.html

Leather Gripper Training Leads Our design gives added security and confidence, offering multiple uses - ideal for walking/training or wet weather conditions. Can also be used with gloves. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d12_Page_12.html

Leather Gripper Collars Now available top quality, buckle collars in a combination of rein web with rubber insert and quality leather. These collars are beautifully made and also have the bonus of matching our Gripper Training Leads. Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. http://www.dogmatic.org.uk/contents/enuk/d12_Page_12.html

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PETRIBUTES for memories to cherish We will all, sadly, face the loss of our best friends and, when that time comes, want to find special ways to remember them. Petributes has a long history of designing creative pet memorials and is committed to giving bereaved pet owners the tools and inspiration to make their pets’ tributes as unique and special as they were.


n 1994 Richard Bush found himself in a predicament. With a new baby and a new house to accommodate his growing family, he suddenly found himself without a job! A suggestion from his father-in-law prompted him to investigate the emerging trend in pet funerals. Knowing how he felt when he lost his own best friend and tennis partner, Border Collie Ben, he put his creative talents to use finding special ways to commemorate people’s pets. He began making caskets and urns from his garage workshop and Petributes’ first order is still proudly displayed at their Sussex offices. Over the following 25 years Petributes became the leading supplier of creative and innovative pet urns and memorials in the UK and Europe, and their range is now available around the world. It is still a family business with Richard creating new products and, with wife Ness, planning the company’s international development. The atmosphere is very much “one big family”; the Bush’s three daughters have all worked for the company at various times, and daughter Tori now works in the Customer Care team. Many children of employees have done “work experience” or holiday jobs at Petributes. “We have an amazingly talented and creative team at Petributes, with artists, musicians, singers, craftspeople and sportspeople. We also have people involved in fund-raising, community groups and animal rescue and are enormously proud of all their efforts and achievements”, says Managing Director Adam Masters. Petributes is also a family of pet lovers and appreciate the trauma and sadness of losing beloved pets. Some photos featured on their website and brochures are the much-loved pets of Petributes staff members. As well as dogs, cats


and “small furries” the extended Petributes pet family has included ponies, tortoises, lizards, chickens – even a goat! “Many of us have rescue pets and feel very passionately about giving animals a second chance for a permanent loving home” says Petributes Marketing Director Susan Macmillan “We love to feature pet charities and rescues on our website and social media. We created a special “Charities” trade account, giving animal welfare organisations a discount, so they can offer our urns to their supporters to raise funds.” Petributes website features a space for visitors to create free online pet memorials, a directory of animal charities and advice on pet bereavement, as well as an interactive map to help visitors find their local pet crematorium. “We see our site as a resource for people who have suffered a pet bereavement” continues Susan Macmillan “We know what a difficult time it can be, and our aim is to provide support and help however we can.” People’s pets are members of their families and they wish to remember them in very individual ways. Petributes urns and keepsakes can be personalised to be as unique and special as the pets they commemorate. Website visitors can design their engravings with names, messages, motifs and even their pet’s own pawprint. The range features figurine urns for cats, small animals and many breeds of dogs cast from sculptures commissioned by Petributes from local Sussex artists. There are discreet photo urns, metal, wood, stone and ceramic urns and keepsakes, and even teddy bear urns. Their Highdown Urn is designed to be buried, but easily relocated if moving home. Petributes design their own products


and manufacture in many places around the world, including a successful factory in Romania which Petributes helped fund in the 1990s. “We emphasise fair trade and environmental sustainability in all our product sourcing”, says Products Director Gavin Wood. Some products are made in the UK; crafted, using FSC materials, in Petributes’ Sussex workshop. Petributes’ latest achievement is the purchase of a plot of land to build new, environmentally friendly premises. With many exciting eco-friendly plans incorporated into the development, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint and expand its commitment to sustainability.

n For more information, help and advice, visit Petributes website www.petributes.co.uk or speak to their friendly Customer Care team.


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Compassion and Care, especially at the end of life Cloud 9 Vets have worked all the way through lockdown and continues to do so. We get so many years of undivided loyalty and love from our pets, we never want that to end but unfortunately it always does and usually much sooner than we would wish, regardless of the age of our pet. his is the part of pet companionship we usually try to avoid thinking about, it is rare in the Western World that we openly face up to or talk about our own mortality, so not wanting to consider your own pet’s end of life is an understandable state of mind. When our pets do become terminally ill or maybe old age ailments just mean that their quality of life is not as they or we would want, the time has arrived to consider what is best for our pet’s welfare. Changes in behaviour are often accompanied with end of life issues, cats often hide away not wanting to show us they’re ill, dogs usually just stare us in the eye and say “I am getting tired of this!” Reading these signs, combined with expert veterinary advice will help you to save your pet from pain or distress as they reach the autumn of their life. Whilst difficult, it is important to plan and consider the most caring and compassionate way to say a peaceful goodbye to your much-loved and loyal companions. There can be no more loving environment than your own home, the familiarity and security of your home reduces the likelihood of any stress or distress that you or your pet may experience. When starting to plan such an emotional event, even making the first phone call to discuss end of life is just so hard. You need to speak to someone who will treat your call with compassion, with understanding and someone who will give you the time to discuss the issues that are causing you concern. Talking to someone who is experienced in end of life issues makes such a difference. We are currently living through deadly pandemic with the UK being one of the worst hit counties in the world. The lockdown regulations have meant major changes to the way we live and work and the way we receive and access healthcare. It is no different for our pets, many veterinary practices have been



forced to limit hours, the government regulations have even restricted the range of services offered. In the case of euthanasia, it is often extremely difficult to be with your pet when they are put to sleep, which, whilst understandable is absolutely heart-breaking. Finding ways to ensure your pet’s end of life is caring and compassionate, even during the covid19 crisis, whilst ensuring safety and security is a demanding task. An at home euthanasia is always a more personal way to say a loving goodbye, somehow it is far more comforting that your pet leaves you rather that you leaving your pet in an environment they may not have been happy with even when they were reasonably healthy. Using safety measures, such as being outdoors and restricting the number of people that attend the euthanasia as well as maintaining safe distancing, can significantly reduce any contagion. The objective being to strive toward proving a caring and compassionate goodbye but so essentially providing protection and protecting safety. We often have discussions with pet owners who compare their own impermanence with that of their pet, when we consider where we would like our own life to end, it is often in the safety and comfort of our home, possibly with friend or relatives saying an emotional but tender “bon voyage”, is it not logical and loving that we would want the same for our treasured pet

companions? Many pet owners are not even aware that this is possible, that a skilled and compassionate vet can make an unhurried home visit, taking away our pets suffering, tenderly and peacefully. We will grieve for our pet and we will miss them terribly, but there is great comfort in knowing we gave them that final act of love, in their own home. What’s more, it is more comforting to release our own grief when we are at home. When our pets come to the end of their life the sadness is hard to contain, we need to remember all the happiness they have given us, the loyalty, love and companionship. The happy times should be celebrated, remembering that we always did our best for them, even at the very end, when they passed away in a dignified and respectful manner, this is also part of that celebration of life and a peaceful goodbye following a caring companionship is incalculable. n For more information on home visit euthanasia and the service provided by Cloud 9 Vets, you can visit their website at cloud9vets.co.uk or call the Care Coordinators on 08000 354 999.



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British Garden Birds Providing food for your garden birds is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. Knowing what food to feed which bird will increase the variety and number of birds that visit your garden. In the UK, we now have in excess of 600 bird species, according to the very latest data from the BOU. While many birds enjoy foods like sunflower hearts, only a few will nibble on niger seed, so it’s important to know what to feed them. Have a browse through some of our helpful bird feeding guides on www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk: • How to feed your garden birds • What to feed your garden birds • When to feed your garden birds • Create a wildlife friendly hub in your garden • Keeping your garden birds healthy all year • The best ways to store food • How to keep your bird feeder clean and hygienic

How to feed your garden birds

From using bird feeders and tables to scattering on the ground and making your own homemade devices, Kennedy has a bunch of different ways you can feed your garden birds.

What to feed your garden birds

If you’d like a greater diversity of species visiting your garden, you will need different types of bird food and bird seed. While most gardens attract about 30 different species each year, it’s a job well done when you manage to see over 40 different species flock to your garden. Fly on over to this page to find out what to feed your garden birds https://www.kennedywildbirdfood.co. uk/news/82619718-what-to-feedyour-garden-birds/

When to feed your garden birds

Feeding birds all year round is the best way to keep them coming back for more. However, in Autumn and Winter, birds will need more support as natural food sources and scarce. Discover what bird seed you need for each season and why in this handy guide.

Create a wildlife friendly hub in your garden

Is there anything better than looking outside and seeing a whole host of 42

different creatures of all shapes and sizes? From the shelter, types of bird food and creating an easy access, discover how some simple tweaks will make your garden a wildlife haven.

Keeping your garden birds healthy all year

Birds provide us with hours of enjoyment every single day, so it’s only fair we do our bit to give them a helping hand, especially as certain months can be treacherous. Find how you can do your bit to help the birds this year.

The best ways to store food

Keeping your bird food stored properly will give you peace of mind providing the freshest and healthiest seed to keep your feathered friends happy. It will also help you stay organised when placing out different bird seeds for your various bird feeders. Click the link to read our bird feed storage guide


https://www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.u k/news/what-are-the-best-ways-tostore-bird-feed

How to keep your bird feeder clean and hygienic

Your bird feeder will see many different breeds every day and be put through all different kinds of weather, from torrential rain to blazing sun. These kinds of conditions can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it’s so important to clean your feeder regularly. Take a look at our guide on how to keep your bird feeder clean and make sure your garden birds can enjoy a delicious hygienic snack. https://www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk/news/how-to-keepyour-bird-feeder-clean/ n For further information visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk


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Supplying the UK with high-quality wild bird food and bird seed We are a family run wild bird food and wild bird seed supplier based in rural Lincolnshire. We supply only the finest quality products. SUITABLE FOR ALL YEAR ROUN D FEEDING FROM BIRD TABLES

Ground feed mix Our orginal ground feed mixture that's so adored by Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and all other ground feeding birds. Suitable for all year round feeding. Either scattetered on the floor or placed on a table or ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £32.20/25kg


Split Peanuts

Economy wild bird mix

Small blanched, split peanuts (skins removed). Extra rich in both protein and oils, thus making an excellent and essential food for all year feeding. Peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds, and have long been the most popular of wild bird feeds. All our peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. £42.99/25kg


With our specialised blending of a number of nutritional seeds, this mix is suitable for a large variety of birds. High in black sunflower thus providing oil and protein and meeting all essential feeding requirements. Suitable for all year round feeding. £24.95/25kg

Superior high energy mix An extremely high energy mixture blended with the highest quality seeds. Suitable for all small birds and ideal for all year round feeding. Best fed from a seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains nowheat. £35.65/25kg


Dried mealworms Dried mealworms are a tasty treat for garden birds with all the nutrition of live mealworms without the 'worm factor'. Attractive to robins, blackbirds, thrushes and all other insect eating birds. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg. £33.50/3kg


Sunflower hearts Bakery grade premium sunflower hearts. No unsightly husk. A food that is loved by most species of birds being high in both protein and oils. Makes a most desirable all year round food. £35.99/25kg


Suet special blend mix

Small fatballs The best, fattiest fat balls on the internet. Small Fat balls (no nets) offer a wide range of wild birds a nutritious and important source of energy specifically during winter and nesting season. Each fatball at approx 95g available in either boxes of 150 or 2 boxes of 150. £37.60/300.

This blended suet mixture is packed full of highIy calorific ingredients, it is ideal for all year round feeding and will attract a great variety of both small and medium sized birds to your garden. No re-growth under feeding station. Contains no wheat. £43.20/25kg

5% DISCOUNT on all orders OVER £50 Tel: 01778 342665



Won’t grow mix Blended with 60% bakery grade sunflowerhearts, this energy rich mixture has been blended to ensure no re-growth under your feeding station. Suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeder, scattered on bird table or from ground feeder. Contains no wheat.£38.25/25kg

Superior finch mix This classic mixture was blended specifically with finches in mind. Contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains no wheat. £36.65/25kg

10% off first order for new customers use promo code NEW10 at checkout

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Hedgehog Mixture Our specially blended hedgehog mixture will attract this wonderful native animal to your garden. Visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk

Hedgehog Nest box Our completely redesigned hedgehog nest box incorporates all the best features of previous nests. It is far safer for the hedgehog. Visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk

Robin Bird Feeder Robins are natural ground feeders, so feeding trays are ideal. Visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk


A Winter Wonderland of Products for You and Your Pets


Bamboo cat bowl Ideal for the eco-conscious cat owner, these recycled bamboo bowls come in a choice of two fab Feline Fine designs. Visit www.themayhew.org


Grumpy Cat door dangler Dangle Grumpy Cat from a door handle and watch his extra long tail tease your pampered puss. Visit www.themayhew.org


Festive Cat Hot water bottle Give the gift of kitty cuddles this Christmas with a super-soft hot water bottle. Visit www.themayhew.org

Bird Feeder Guardian Feeder must be purchased separately. Protects your feeder against squirrels and large birds. Visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk

Deep Dish Feeder For positioning on a post, fence or wall. Visit www.kennedywildbirdfood.co.uk

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Hide and Peek - young tabby seeks shelter with strangers in order to give birth safely It can be scary enough navigating the streets as a young stray cat, but when you’re also heavily pregnant and about to give birth, the great outdoors certainly lacks the shelter and security you need to feel safe. ne-year-old Peeky recently came up with a rather cheeky solution to this dilemma, and visited a strangers house multiple times over the course of a few days – scouting it out as a potential ‘maternity ward’.


● Peeky must have liked what she found, as shortly after giving birth to three kittens on a nearby roof, she carefully carried them inside the house she’d discovered. ● The homeowner was shocked to discover a newborn litter in their kitchen, and even more surprised when Peeky returned again with an older kitten from a previous litter. ● Recognising Peeky as the cat who had been skulking around their property, the owner called Mayhew for help and explained the situation. We quickly headed out to collect the young family and bring them back to our shelter, where we settled Peeky and her three newborns into a cosy www.rescueandanimalcare.com

kitten cabin to rest and recover. We immediately noticed Peaky’s son from a previous litter was semi-feral, so we admitted him to our main Cattery to await neutering. Peeky herself was incredibly shy and nervous on intake, and so we allowed her to acclimatise and bond with her new kittens before we conducted a health check. Luckily, she soon calmed down after a few days in our care, and we were then able to fully assess her and her kittens. Thankfully mum and babies were all in excellent health, and had not suffered from any adverse effects from being born on a roof. We also successfully neutered Peeky’s semi-feral son under our Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) programme, and as soon as he had recovered from the procedure we released him back into the area we found him, where a feeder keeps an eye on him. Peeky and her kittens are now being looked after by one of our dedicated foster carers, who will provide them with

a safe home until they are ready to find their forever families. If you are interested in adopting Peeky or her kittens when the time is right, please keep an eye on our Rehoming pages, where we will upload the relevant information as soon as they are available. Please note, we are not able to take any adoption enquiries about any animals in advance of them being listed online, and we cannot reserve an animal for anyone before the animal appears on the website. n If you notice a stray cat who looks to have recently given birth, or if you come across any newborn kittens that do not look to have a home of their own, please get in touch with us or your local animal welfare organisation – you can reach our Animal Welfare Officers on 020 8962 8000 or by emailing awo@mayhewanimalhome.org or visit www.themayhew.org



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Blue Cross offers lifeline for horses during pandemic winter National pet charity Blue Cross is offering a lifeline for vulnerable horses and ponies via its Home Direct scheme, ahead of a predicted tough winter, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause difficulties for horse owners. elfare charities predict that that this winter may be catastrophic for horse carers, as job losses continue, and finances are squeezed. While most equine charities are full and unable to help public with their horses Blue Cross is offering its innovative Home Direct service as a welfare solution to help avert a winter equine welfare crisis. Home Direct literally provides horses with new homes straight from their current home. It also helps take the pressure off struggling charities, so that they can focus on welfare emergencies. “Home Direct is a practical and efficient rehoming scheme to help us support even more horses during this unprecedently difficult time,” said Vicki Alford, Horse Rehoming Centre Manager at Blue Cross, Burford. “We understand the struggles that many horse owners may be going through as the pandemic continues. We encourage them approach us whilst their horses are still healthy rather than risk them being passed form pillar to post, potentially ending up in a welfare compromised situation. We are here to listen and help, not to judge, and


with Home Direct we a can help people as much as we are helping horses.” Blue Cross Home Direct has proved to be highly effective, with 87 horses helped since it was launched back in 2015. Every horse is assessed thoroughly by a member of the Blue Cross horse unit team and then advertised on the charity’s website. Once a potential new owner has been found Blue Cross will arrange and oversee initial visits. If it’s a good match, the horse will then be rehomed directly from the old home to the new one. All the home visits and checks will be completed as if the horse was from a Blue Cross centre. Blue Cross also offers their Home Direct service to other equine welfare charities that don’t specialise in rehoming. Any horse can be considered for Home Direct, as long as they pass a health check and are not on any long-term medication. If you need support, advice or guidance about giving up your horse please email helpmyhorse@bluecross.org.uk n For details of Blue Cross horses looking for homes please visit https://www.bluecross.org.uk/rehome/horse. If you are not in a position to rehome, but still wish to help, please consider supporting Blue Cross www.bluecross.org.uk

Tea Tree Oil Spray

A superior, high quality coat and skin conditioner. With added skin conditioners, for use on all minor cuts, abrasions, bites, stings, etc. Ideal for horses and ponies who are prone to sweet-itch, mud fever, rain scald etc. Effective insect repellent for yourself and your horse. Visit www.animal-health.co.uk 46



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Neglected Shetland Pony Rescued A Shetland pony with horrifically overgrown hooves has been rescued and is now looking forward to a much brighter future. quine rescue charity, HorseWorld were contacted by the RSPCA about a Shetland pony called Charlie that they had removed from a neglectful home near Yatton. Charlie was not on the correct grazing for his breed and size which had resulted in him developing Laminitis, a condition that causes inflammation in the body. This inflammation results in excruciatingly painful damage to the delicate structures inside the hoof. To make matters worse, he also hadn’t had his feet trimmed for a very long time. They had grown and twisted into a distorted shape resembling Aladdin’s slippers. The sweet-natured Shetland pony is being kept on a soft surface and managed very carefully under veterinary advice as he was in a lot of pain. His diet has had to be specially tailored towards his rehabilitation. “Depending on his recovery, we hope that Charlie may eventually be able to take part in our Discovery Courses" Said HorseWorld’s Welfare Yard Manager, Sarah Hollister. "Rescued horses work alongside vulnerable children and those who are outside of mainstream schooling to build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. Charlie has the perfect temperament for it. "He’s still in the process of rehabilitation at the moment. It is essential that we are able to provide him with the comfortable, safe environment he needs to give him the best possible chance of making a full recovery.” HorseWorld are currently running an appeal to raise the funds to replace the worn-out, damaged rubber flooring in


Charlie's overgrown hooves www.rescueandanimalcare.com

Charlie on arrival at HorseWorld's Isolation hospital unit

the stables which will make an enormous difference to the rehabilitation of rescued horses like Charlie for many years to come. “We ran an appeal earlier in the year to fund the replacement of the rubber flooring in the Isolation hospital unit and we were very grateful indeed that our generous supporters responded.” Said Fundraising Officer, Amy Williams. “Now we are trying to bring the rest of the stable yard up to the same standard so that horses with long-term problems can have the same level of safety and comfort once they have completed their quarantine period and are able to leave the Isolation unit. “Very sick horses or those with painful feet like Charlie need to be able to lie down comfortably without scraping through to a cold, hard floor. Weak horses who need soft flooring under their straw or shavings bedding so that if they fall, they are less likely to hurt themselves. Horses with respiratory problems who need a dust-free environment. Lame animals who need a supportive surface to stand on to help relieve their discomfort whilst they recover, the list

Charlie-shetland-big-hair of benefits to rescued horses goes on and on. “If you would like to be a part of this big project that will literally benefit hundreds, even thousands of rescued horses for years to come, please go to www.horseworld.org.uk/safe”



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ACME ADDS ANTIMICROBIALS TO ITS ENTIRE PLASTIC WHISTLE RANGE A ‘whistle’ stop tour of antimicrobials for dog lovers


he world’s leading whistle manufacturer, ACME Whistles, has this week announced the addition of antimicrobial additives to its plastic whistles designed to give scientifically proven protection from potentially harmful bacteria across its range. Antimicrobial plastic technologies are used in a range of products from healthcare to food offering user’s protection against potentially harmful bacteria. The new plastics which will be included as standard in all of ACME’s plastic whistles from this week, designed for everything from sports dog owners to sports referees – and will come ACME’s wide range of signature colours. Ben McFarlane, marketing director at ACME Whistles, said; “Having invented many of the significant developments in whistle technology over our 150-year history, we are always looking for the best solutions. We are proud to make this step to update our plastic specification, whilst working with our dedicated team designing the next generation of whistle.” “As we continue to live in an everconnected tactile world, hygiene and in particular, effective measures to counter the spread of harmful viruses, have never been more important, said Chris Bird, sales manager at Broadway Colours, ACME’s partner in developing the antimicrobial solution. “The antimicrobial active agent has been

Photo Credit: Bianca Henderson

specially formulated to control the build-up of bacteria on the surface of plastic products.” The antimicrobial plastic used in ACME Whistles is safe, non-toxic, fully compliant and can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, often eliminating dangerous bacteria throughout a product’s lifespan. Based research the new performance enhancing additive in ACME’s whistles can achieve a 99.9% reduction in the spread of surface bacteria minimising the risk of staining, bad odours and material degradation. ACME’s Ben McFarlane added; “This

new addition to our plastics will help to give the canine community the confidence that their whistle is as clean as possible throughout its lifetime. We always recommend maintaining your whistle and have cleaning instructions on hand, yet the addition of our antimicrobial plastic range will add another level of confidence and safety.” n To find out more about the new antimicrobial range at ACME, visit https://www.acmewhistles.co.uk/stories/the-sound-of-safety-our-new-rangeof-antimicrobial-whistles



Dogs are for life not just for Christmas and cleaning up after them and your other pets may seem like it takes a lifetime. However cleaning and laundry experts Dr. Beckmann have just made the impossible task of cleaning up after your muckypets so much easier with this new product Pet Stain and Odour remover. It effectively removes stains and odours from 48


carpets and soft furnishings in the home and the car. The Pet Stain and Odour remover is now available in Aldi at a special price of £2.99. Visit www.aldi.co.uk


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No dog training? New lockdown, new games! As we head into another lockdown, your dog might start to miss training classes – so make time for more fun! Carolyn Menteith, Training and Behaviour Specialist at Agria Pet Insurance has some ideas to share… he games that dogs really enjoy tap into their natural instincts and give them a chance to do the things they often don’t get to do, but that make them far happier, healthier and content. This improves our relationship and can help deal with a whole host of behaviour problems that so often come from boredom and frustration.


Why food games are important

Virtually every waking minute would have been spent roaming around, scavenging and sniffing out food – in fact for a dog, it was practically a fulltime job occupying them both physically and mentally for a major part of their day. To transform your dog’s day, there are a large selection of games and activities you can add in to your daily routine that can enhance your dog’s meal times and make them last far longer - and better still, make you a key part of one of the best bits of your dog’s day.

Interactive toys

There are plenty of interactive feeding toys on the market to provide great problem-solving tasks for dogs to work out. Start simple until your dog has got the hang of it - and then you can build up to the more fiendish if you find you’ve got a canine Einstein!

Homemade toys

You don’t have to spend a fortune though, or even leave the house to shop. Putting some food into an old toilet roll or kitchen towel roll and folding down the ends will give your dog a cheap interactive dog toy as they work out how to get the food out. Put a few pieces of food into an old plastic drinks bottle and see if they can work out how to get them out. Hide pieces of food under a towel or a plastic plant pot and let them work out how to get them.

Garden fun

Even simpler, and if you are not too www.rescueandanimalcare.com

garden-proud, you could just scatter your dog’s kibble around the garden and let them sniff it out. This exercises a much-neglected canine sense, their fantastic nose, and for some breeds and types of dogs this can be a total transformative experience as they finally get to do what they were designed for! Make sure all games are supervised and that everything you use is safe. Give your dog plenty of encouragement and work alongside them so it’s something you do together.

Longer enjoyment from enrichment toys

Alongside these interactive games, there are some enrichment toys that are more just for your dog. One of the best is the good old stuffed Kong toy - a strange-shaped, rubber chew-resistant toy that can be stuffed with food. Make sure the Kong you use is an original one and not a copy, is the right size for your dog, and start off making it easy for them to get the food out of so they understand how it works. Once they have got the hang of it, you can make it far harder by packing the food in really tightly so they have to work hard to get it out - or you could put it in the freezer and freeze it – or add a bit of cheese and microwave it so the melted cheese holds it all together. Just make sure you let it cool for at least 30 mins before you give it to your dog.

While Kongs doesn’t stimulate your dog’s hunting or scavenging behaviour, they do stimulate their gnawing and chewing behaviour. For dogs the act of chewing and gnawing is a great stress buster too, so you are getting two benefits in one by giving them part of their daily food this way.

Hide and seek

You could of course hide the Kongs in various places to be hunted down! Start by leaving them in plain sight, then hide them half under something – and then make it harder as your dog gets good at it. You may want to limit the rooms you do this in otherwise you will have a dog who endlessly hunts under everything and excavates rooms in the hope of finding a stuffed Kong! The secret to successful dog games is to be inventive – as long as it is safe, anything goes! The other secret is to have as much fun as your dog does. Introduce some fun, interactive games into your routine and you'll soon see the benefits to your relationship with your dog. Visit www.agriapet.co.uk Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register Number 496160. Agria Pet Insurance is registered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4258783. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW.



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Central Heating Switch-on

sees Homes invaded by breeding bonkers fleas

Hotter summers and warmer, wetter winters have created ideal breeding grounds for pesky parasites Flea influx is caused by rising seasonal temperatures - ideal for breeding Central heating switch-on means they can now infest homes throughout the year l Just one critter can lay up to 50 eggs daily, meaning a single flea can quickly infest a home l Experts advise pet owners to be on the lookout for your pet itching and treat pets and homes before a full-blown infestation l l


illions of fleas are set to hibernate in our centrallyheated homes over the winter, experts have warned. Warmer and wetter seasons have created ideal breeding grounds and resulted in a glut of the critters, which can easily infest our homes, and experts predict fleas are set to outstay their welcome over the coming winter months. Bob Martin, one of the UK’s oldest pet-care brands, is reporting a series of mild winters in recent years has resulted in the swelling of the flea population, meaning infestations of the parasites are becoming increasingly common. Fleas thrive in damp and humid conditions, but can’t develop below 12°C, meaning winter usually breaks their life-cycle. However, with our central heating being cranked up this month, experts are warning of a ‘perfect storm’ of infestations, which could prove problematic for both us and our pets throughout the year. With one flea able to lay up to 50 eggs a day, Bob Martin is warning homes most at risk are those with pets which haven’t been treated with flea and tick products. And although a thorough treatment programme is necessary to kill the flea’s life-cycle, Aurelie Gayraud, Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin, highlights the importance of remedying the problem in Autumn, before the fleas develop into rock-hard armoured pupae and hibernate over winter. She comments: “All pet owners should be aware that fleas can develop into armoured pupae over winter, which can be a real pain to solve. The optimal temperature for fleas is between 21°C


and 29°C, which also happens to be the optimum temperature for humans too! “Once in the home, the critters love to hop around on furniture, carpets and soft furnishings. Just one female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, which takes just days to hatch, so a home infestation can quickly grow exponentially, easily spreading into the tens of thousands. “The increasingly mild winters we’re having have resulted in the problem being a constant one throughout the year. After hatching, a flea will build a cocoon and develop into its pupae stage, which acts as a shield, which they can lie dormant in for months. “Although winter would naturally kill them off, our central heating will keep them cosy until they’re ready to re-emerge in Spring. While vacuuming can help remove some of them, it’s not 100% effective - just a few fleas left behind could turn into a full-blown infestation in days. “They’re easier to kill off when in the adult stage, but a holistic approach to eradicating fleas at every stage of its life cycle is really important. Effective flea prevention and treatment products for your pet and home are key when it comes to totally eradicating an infestation.” Aurelie recommends pet owners should pay close attention to their pet’s itching and their fur, closely checking


them for signs of ‘flea dirt’ - little brown or black spots. She recommends combing the animal over a sheet of white paper - when water is added, specks of red marks will identify that your pet has fleas. Aurelie adds: “Prevention is certainly the first course of action. Make


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sure you’re regularly making use of spot-ons or flea collars for your animals. You should also check your pet’s fur regularly. Run your fingers through their coat and check primarily behind their ears, paws and around their neck. “If you’ve identified that your pet is suffering from fleas, treatment is necessary to avoid complications and even dangerous diseases. As a first port of call, treat them with Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets which start killing fleas within 15 minutes, available for both cats and dogs. Follow this with a Bob Martin Clear Plus Spot On treatment, which will kill both fleas and ticks and also flea eggs to break the flea life cycle.” She concludes: “Once your dog or cat has been treated, wash your pet’s bedding over 40 degrees and spray any soft furnishings with a home Flea Spray. Our sprays at Bob Martin have a lasting effect, so they keep working for longer. Make sure to re-spray the home after a few days too in order to ensure you eradicate the problem for good!”


l Give instant relief with Bob Martin Clear

Flea tablets (available for dogs and cats) that starts killing fleas within 15 minutes and kills 100% fleas within 24-hours

l Follow up with Bob Martin Clear Home

Spray Plus: kills fleas and their eggs in the home and prevents re-infestation for up to 12 months


A flea will lay approximately 500 eggs in her lifetime


They can bite us or our pets up to 400 times a day


They can carry diseases including the bubonic plague!


They can survive over two months without a blood meal


A single flea could hypothetically create billions of descendants over its lifetime


Fleas can jump 160 times their own length, the same as us leaping over the Eiffel tower.


There are over 2,000 different species of flea

l In the meantime, wash your pets’ bedding

over 40°c, vacuum wherever you can (as well as your car), paying attention to warm, dark, protected areas - a flea's idea of a perfect home!

l Use Bob Martin Clear Plus Spot On: kills

fleas and their eggs on the pet and in the immediate surroundings and prevents re-infestation

l Guard against flea-borne worm

infestation with Bob Martin Clear wormers for dogs and cats, as fleas are the main transmitters of worms

l Re-spray the home, if you wish, after a

few days, try steaming hard floors and tiles, and don’t forget to move and clean under your furniture

l And if you’re ever worried about your pet’s

health or welfare, ensure you take them to see a vet.

Effective flea prevention and treatment products for your pet and home are key when it comes to totally eradicating an infestation.


n For more information on Bob Martin as well as tips and advice on managing fleas, ticks and worms, please visit www.bobmartin.co.uk Images credit: Adobe Stock



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COULD YOU ADOPT ME? Can you give any of these lovely pets a place in your home and your heart?

Mavis 15813 I am a sweet girl who needs to stay indoors, and have an owner who is willing to let me enjoy cuddles when I want them. Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk


Fenton Fenton 15818

Snowy 15421

I am full of life and energy. I love nothing more than zooming around off lead, long walks and playing. I require an energetic family.

I am a 2 year old lurcher who requires a quiet home. I am an energetic boy who loves to run and play ball, but adores cuddles too. I have been at Danaher too long.

Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk

Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk

Mavis Duster 15774 I am quieter then my mate, but give me time and patience and I will become more confident like Dustin, who I have to be rehomed with. Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk


Dustin Dustin 15775

Benji 15808

I am a confident chap, and like to come out for cuddles. I need to be rehomed with Duster.

I can be an affectionate boy when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not forced upon me. I need a patient, kind owner who will let me come to them.

Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk

Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk

Duster 52



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Thin Blue Paw Foundation and Animal Friends Pet Insurance Partnership Animal Friends Pet Insurance and the Thin Blue Paw Foundation launch an exclusive new partnership that will see vital financial and medical support provided to the UK’s serving and retired police dogs. Partnership video Although many understand the crucial role dogs play in assisting police forces with finding missing people, preventing crime, and protecting our communities, what is not commonly known is after retirement the cost of supporting and caring for an ex-police dog falls solely to their handler or new owner. With approximately 1,400 dogs working on average 40 hours a week in the UK’s police forces today – many of which will suffer attacks or sustain serious injury – these brave canines could be faced with an uncertain and difficult future when they retire due to pre-existing conditions or long term effects of injuries sustained during their service. After years of dedicated service, training and selfless devotion, retired police dogs can experience a distressing and painful separation from their handlers if they are unable to meet the cost of providing adequate care and treatment for these hardworking animals. Due to their specialist training and working experience, these incredible animals often have difficulty finding the right pet insurance for their needs and with the average cost per condition for a retired police dog reaching up to £2,000, their carers can sometimes suffer significant financial strain or be faced with a heart-wrenching decision. One retiree that knows all too well the health risks of working in the Force is ex-police dog Finn, a Britain’s Got Talent finalist and official ambassador for the Thin Blue Paw Foundation. Brutally stabbed whilst protecting his handler in the line of duty, Finn now requires ongoing rehabilitation treatment, regular consultations with the vet and physiotherapy just to keep him healthy at a cost of over £2,000 a year for his handler, Dave. To help combat the issue, Animal Friends has donated £50,000 to the Foundation to help cover the cost of medication, treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Furthermore, they are providing owners of retired police dogs with access to convenient veterinary care via www.rescueandanimalcare.com

the online platform, Joii, allowing UK pet owners to access vets 24/7, 365 days a year. The pet insurance provider has also pledged to work with the Thin Blue Paw Foundation to explore the development of a new product that could offer vital cover for these brave dogs in their retirement. The partnership announcement comes on the eve of Finn’s Law Part 2 returning to Parliament, which seeks to increase the maximum sentence for animal welfare offences from six months’ imprisonment up to five years. Westley Pearson, Managing Director, Animal Friends commented: “These extraordinary animals dedicate their lives to serving our communities, protecting our loved ones, and keeping our police officers safe whilst on duty. “We are honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside the Thin Blue Paw Foundation team and help these highly trained, and often decorated, animals in their retirement. After years of dedicating their lives to ensuring our safety, they deserve to receive the best possible care and treatment. “Our hope is that through our partnership, these courageous creatures can receive the medical treatment they rightly deserve and benefit from easier access to vets, preventative care, and rehabilitative treatment, such as physio, through the Joii app. “We urge others to get involved, give what they can, and not only support this amazing charity but also the passing of Finn’s Law Part Two.” Dave Wardell, Thin Blue Paw Trustee said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Animal Friends Insurance which will provide these unsung canine heroes with an even greater level of support. “The £50,000 donation makes an incredible difference to the help we are able to provide and has already covered life-changing surgery for one ex-police dog whose owners were

struggling to pay for this crucial treatment. “We currently have 85 dogs registered with us which are in need of funding for life-saving operations, therapy, treatment and medication - and the number keeps growing. “These dogs give everything they have to ensuring our safety, often picking up physical and emotional injuries along the way due to the stresses and strains of policing. “It is only with the support of organisations like Animal Friends and the generosity of the public, that these dogs can look forward to a dignified, healthy and carefree future through the Foundation.” The Thin Blue Paw Foundation and Animal Friends hope that by working together they can enable a healthier and happier future for the UK’s courageous frontline canines. n To learn more about Animal Friends Insurance, visit: www.animalfriends.co.uk/ Thin Blue Paw Foundation or to donate, visit: www.thinbluepaw.org.uk



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Battersea welcomes progress of Westminster Bill to introduce five-year sentences for Animal Cruelty Offences Battersea has welcomed the progress of crucial new legislation to increase sentences for animal cruelty offences as it finally took one step closer to becoming law. he leading animal welfare charity has campaigned for many years to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years – a call supported by tens of thousands of members of the public. After suffering many delays and setbacks in which the previous Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in England and Wales was subsequently dropped, the increase to maximum sentences was reintroduced as a Private Member’s Bill by Chris Loder MP in February this year. The Second Reading of the Bill took place in the House of Commons earlier today, and saw the Bill pass to its next stage with wholehearted support from MPs. The Government has previously indicated that they intend to support the Bill during passage through


Parliament and into law, and animal welfare charities like Battersea look forward to its moving forward as a matter of priority. Claire Horton CBE, Battersea Chief Executive, said: “We’re encouraged to finally see this Bill making progress in Westminster. “We’ve already seen the Scottish Government fulfilling their promise and changed the law in July this year - we now need the same to happen in England and Wales as a priority. The public has been clear on their support for this issue and we urge the Government to make this happen with no more delays. “Stronger sentences will better protect innocent animals in the future, acting as a deterrent and ensuring the punishment fits the crime. Our research

shows six months is the lowest sentence for animal cruelty in Europe and out of step with sentences for other offences. It’s simply not enough.” More than 100 MPs showed their support for stronger sentences at a reception Battersea held in Parliament in February with Chris Loder MP and long-standing animal welfare campaigner, Sir Oliver Heald MP. The Bill will now proceed to Committee stage to continue its parliamentary scrutiny, and is expected to become law early next year. n For more information visit https://notfunny.battersea.org.uk/ Battersea’s report, Sentencing for Animal Cruelty in England and Wales, can be found here.

PASS THE PUGS The infamous game ‘Pass the Pigs’ launches PUGS! Who will be first to 100 points? With a pair of pugs in your hand, what are you going to do? Roll them like Doggy Dice, of course! How the hairy hounds land will determine if you are a top dog or the runt of the litter. The aim of the game (like Pass the Pigs) is to be the first to get to 100 points and become top dog. The positions the pugs land in, determine how many points you get, but become a greedy dog and you could find yourself back to zero.

Pugs the Pugs, comes with all new positions! Pass the Pigs, which is famous for it’s positions like ‘leaning jowler’ and ‘razorback’, have been replaced with positions such as ‘pooped out’, ‘puppy love’ and ‘faceplant’. The game is great for all ages, and with more people staying in, it is fun for the whole family at home! n Available on www.amazon.co.uk Age 8+, RRP £9.99.

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330 54


www.dogmatic.org.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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If you would like to place an advertisement call our animal friendly team on 01787 228027



Designer Kennels Ltd

Prices from £5.oo per sq.mtr.


No. 1 for service, quality and prices. Our kennels are constructed from tough polypropolene and edged with aluminium to make them virtually indestructable and with so many designs and sizes to choose from its no wonder so many top breeders and boarding kennels now have Designer Kennels. With 1000s of kennels and catteries installed throughout the UK that is why we are No. 1

www.designer-kennels.com 14b Swordfish Way, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire LS25 6NG Tel/Fax: 01977 685500

Ideal for lawns, patios, garden sports, child and pet friendly. Self fit putting greens. Self draining. Visit us at www.astroman.co.uk or Call 01480 496028 or 07836 325 901

Email: astroman.ray@tiscali.co.uk


Tel: 01889 577058


Reg Charity No:1053585

To place an advert please call 01787 228027

Leicester Animal Aid Association We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos) Please visit our website: www.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk Charity No. CI0/1174351

The Huncote Pet Rescue Centre Elmwood Farm Leicester LE9 6LE Tel: 01455 888257 www.leicesteranimalaid.org.uk Email: info@leicesteranimalaid.org.uk

Forest Dog Rescue

Green Gap Kennels, Far Forest Worcestershire DY14 9DX Tel: 01299 269181 www.forest-dog-rescue.org.uk Email: info@forest‐dog‐ rescue.org.uk

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Transport cages Your pets can travel in comfort, safety and style

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs and requirements. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required. info@thedaleskennelcompany.co.uk

01969 666063


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RESCUE and ANIMAL Care Magazine 29th October 29th November 2020 Issue 159  

INSIDE > Hide and Peek –young tabby seeks shelter with strangers in order to give birth safely > See Redwing’s Christmas Gift Guide > Pet He...

RESCUE and ANIMAL Care Magazine 29th October 29th November 2020 Issue 159  

INSIDE > Hide and Peek –young tabby seeks shelter with strangers in order to give birth safely > See Redwing’s Christmas Gift Guide > Pet He...

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