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RESCUE and ANIMAL CARE 28th October - 28th November 2018 - Issue 139

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My puppy has started to mouth me


My puppy has started to mouth me whenever I offer her a treat, it hurts! What can I do?


Dean Hart answers your questions Dean Hart is a Clinical Behaviourist and Tutor at the Canine Studies College and specialises in helping mature students set up and develop their own business within the canine industry. Visit www.thedoghut.biz

Using a clicker for training My husband and I have just taken on a rescued Cockerpoo for our family. I have three children from age 7 upward. We were recommended to use a ‘clicker’ to train her, but we are not sure where to start?


Using a clicker for the family to train is brilliant because the clicker sound stays consistent whoever is training and incidentally, whatever mood you are in! To start your training, you need to do something called ‘charging her’ to the clicker. This applies classical conditioning, in other words you must teach her that the clicker sound has a value to her. Like the lead predicts a walk, the clicker predicts a reward is coming. Later in her training the clicker will be a ‘marker’ to tell her she has carried out a correct response. For the second part of her training see the next edition of Rescue Magazine. There are different viewpoints on how to do this, but I apply a simple exercise, I am not worried what the dog is doing at the time, but it is easier sometimes if you ask your dog to sit in front or to the side of you. Have several pea size treats (large breeds need bigger offerings) but they need to be kept somewhere away from you, like in a treat bag. Have the clicker in your left hand if you are right handed or vice versus if left handed. In most cases the clicker should start by being behind your back or in your pocket so that it has a softer sound. If you have a ‘sound sensitive’ dog the sound of the clicker can make a dog fear training and if they startle sufficiently, you will have lost the opportunity. Carry out this exercise for at least 10 times and then have a break. You should have a ‘start’ training command and a ‘finish’ training command in place, so your dog knows when it needs to concentrate and work and when it can relax and switch off. When you have carried out several short exercise at pairing the clicker with a treat then you need to ‘test her learning’. When you have finished training allow her to wander off or take part in another activity, with the clicker hidden, press the clicker and she how she responds. If she has learned about it, she should look at you or come to you. If not start again the next day and build your training slowly. Training the use of a Flicker is similar if you have a deaf dog.




Good question, it is surprising how puppy teeth can hurt whatever breed size, and mouthing does need to be stopped. Puppies should learn not to snatch! A good method is to teach your puppy a ‘leave it’ command, in a way that they learn not to bother trying and recognise that the ‘leave it’ means the ‘take it’ command is coming! This method uses operant conditioning, where the puppy learns a new behaviour from the outcome of its own, if the puppy does it right they get rewarded if they don’t they have nothing! Ask your puppy to sit facing you. Present a pea sized treat in a closed fist, thumb facing upward, about 9 inches from your puppy’s mouth at a height that they can stay sitting. Allow your puppy to try to take the treat and ‘at the same time’ keep your hand still and ask your puppy to leave it. Use a soft voice and don’t say anything else – at all! Try not to let your puppy use their feet or jump up and hopefully they will not mouth you for too long either – if needed you can wear protective gloves! As your puppy stops or looks away or toward you, then open your hand and at the same time, say the command ‘take it’. Watch your puppy’s behaviour very carefully you must open your hand the moment they have stopped trying to get the treat. If you are carrying this out correctly then most dogs learn this exercise within 10 to 12 exercises or less. The outcome is they no longer try to push you for a treat but wait for the ‘take it’ command. You can build this exercise to a sit and recall too, by gradually teaching your puppy that they stay in one place and ‘leave it’, when you open your hand you do so when it is by your side, and then when you take a step away, then a bit further. Like all training do not try to rush your exercises, you will most likely set yourself up to fail!


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Troublesome Treacle 'Mistress said the Clocks have Gone Back! - Back Where?' Hello My Friends! My goodness it is only late afternoon and it is dark while I write my column. I don’t understand it! Mistress said the clocks had gone back. Gone back where! What has that got to do with the fact I am having to turn the light on in my office so I can see what I am doing so early in the day? Have you considered how difficult it is to reach a light switch if one is a dog. Not so easy as I have had to get up on the desk and reach it with my nose!! If Mistress had seen me she would have been furious with me for risking such a dangerous thing. If that’s not all, I heard a firework going off yesterday and I nearly jumped out of my pyjamas with fear. I got under the table in the kitchen and wouldn’t come out for ages. I’m going to be better Troublesome Treacle


prepared for Bonfire Night because thanks to Pet Remedy (see them on the cover) they are giving away Free Calming Wipes to every reader so I’m clicking this link right now ... http://petremedy.co.uk /free-wipes/ If you are a human with a pet then I recommend you do the same. Personally I believe fireworks should be banned but even if they are only allowed on just a couple of events in the year at least us dogs and our owners wouldn’t have fireworks going off at random. And now guess what! The light bulb has now suddenly gone out and mytiping is alovEr THE plase. Hello, sorry about that. Thanks to Mistress who put in another bulb and gave me a biscuit to cheer me up I’m back on my laptop typing merrily away.

I’ve been reading some of the lovely articles inside this issue and I have to say just how very proud of my fellow canines I am. We have a feature about Working with Dogs and Dogs who Work. Guide Dogs for the Blind, Medical Detection Dogs, Scent-sational Wagtail Dogs - don’t think I’d be very good at tracking things unless it was for tennis balls! Because Mistress has been so very busy in her office getting this issue out I have been trying to get her to play with me more than usual. Normally Mistress will laugh when I put the ball under her desk or in the wastepaper bin for her to retrieve when she’s on the phone to her customers. But she just kept saying ‘Go and lie down there’s a good girl. I have so much work to do.’

So like a naughty puppy wanting to gain her attention I started yapping and doing ‘dog talk’ so she couldn’t hear a word on the phone. Mistress put me in the other room but later after giving me a ‘Pup talk’ she explained that she had to work and couldn’t play with me all of the time in order to keep the wolf from the door. I didn’t really understand what that meant but now I keep looking out for a wild beast to arrive at the house and try and eat us, as I remember Mistress reading’ Little Red Riding Hood’ to Little Mistress and me when we were little. I can hear the rain beating at the window and have started yawning with a desire to cosy up in front of the log fire so I am going to say goodbye for now my furry ones and keep safe and warm.

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In this issue ...




Dear Readers, Jennifer Prowse-Director and Publisher and Multi-Tasker

Treacle – Doggie Journalist

Glen Jackson Ad Sales Manager

John Crosland – Website, Social Media and Lead Generation Manager

Vicki Barnes – Designer

Boston – Dog’s Body

I hope this issue finds you and your pets well and cosy! Winter is definitely here! We thought you might like to meet our hard working team. Small but ‘Pawfectly’ formed! We’re just celebrating our 14th year of publishing Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine. A big thank you from us all here to you and our advertisers! We have some great articles in this issue, Pet Theft, Puppy Smuggling, Fireworks, Pet News, Happy Ending Rescue stories, Products and much more including Working With Dogs and Dogs Who Work. What amazing animals! Medical Detection, Guide Dogs for the Blind and The Scent-sational Wagtail Dogs’. Let us also remember the loss of so many brave people during the First World War on this 100th Anniversary when the guns fell silent at 11am on 11th November 1918 but also the many animals who lost their lives in service. We are all wearing two poppies. One for our amazing human heroes and a purple poppy from www.purplepoppycampaign.org for animals who also helped to keep us safe. Thank you for reading your copy and hope you enjoy!

Jennifer x On this Month’s Cover Simon Bailey MRCVS Pet Health Care

Blue Cross

Dean Hart Canine Clinical Behaviourist


The trovan® microchip-ID is recommended worldwide, for its outstanding technology, quality & reliability. Used by rescues and professionals all over the world. Now we also have All-in-Ones! in both sizes

www.pet-detect.com www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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MICROCHIP TRAINING AVAILABLE Tel: 01962 813554 email: info@pet-detect.com RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 28 OCTOBER – 28 NOVEMBER 2018


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k a e r B Chain the

HorseWorld are running a campaign to end the cruel practice of tethering a horse for long periods of time. Members of the public are often shocked, surprised and angered to see horses tethered by their necks using chains connected to metal stakes in the ground and left in unsuitable and dangerous locations. It is estimated that as many as 3,500 horses are tethered across the UK at any one time. orses are often left tethered on grass verges next to busy roads or roundabouts where they pose a danger to themselves, motorists and members of the public. As tethering is currently legal, charities are powerless to help the poor animals left in these conditions. These horses can be seen out in all weather conditions with no shade or shelter. If tethered to or near a tree, the horse can become entangled and injure itself. If tethered in open ground, it has no way of avoiding the heat from the sun, wind, rain or flies. Any grazing a tethered horse has access to will quickly become churned up and contaminated with droppings. Many are left with no water and if they do have a bucket, the chain they are tethered with quickly gets caught around it and pulls it over leaving them with nothing. As horses are herd animals, they need social interaction with other horses, there is no way for a tethered horse to




safely have this interaction. Whilst chained to the ground, a frightened horse is also denied the ability to run, the most basic instinct of a prey animal. The long-term psychological effect of being restrained and isolated in this way day after day can be torture. #BreakTheChain campaign was launched by HorseWorld to change the law so it restricts the legal amount of time a horse, pony or donkey can be tethered to, at most, 24-hours. The campaign would also see a complete ban on tethering animals in unsafe locations such as roadsides, roundabouts and other public land that may pose a risk to both animal and the public and also enforce a policy which states: ‘if your only recourse for keeping a horse is tethering, you should not be permitted to own that animal’. At www.BreakTheChain.org.uk you can make your voice heard by sending a pre-written email to your MP in just a few clicks.


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Alabama Rot - the importance of clean paws With the ground steadily becoming wetter, it’s a good time to remember the importance of washing the mud from your dog’s paws as soon as possible after a walk. In recent years, this has been the consistent advice given in relation to the very rare, but serious disease, Alabama Rot. Alabama Rot, or ‘Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy’ (CRGV), causes tiny clots in the blood vessels in the skin and kidneys. The first symptoms are usually lesions or swellings on the skin, particularly found on the paws, legs and mouth, which often look like bites, sores, wounds or stings. In the most severe of cases,

the onset of life-threatening kidney failure can follow within a few days. A recent study published in the Veterinary Record shows that there appears to be a seasonal pattern to Alabama Rot, with higher instances from November to May. This would suggest that now is the time to ensure you’re minimising the risk of your dog picking

up this disease. The main advice is to thoroughly wash mud off your dog’s paws, especially after walking in wooded areas following spells of rain. Additionally, try to prevent dogs from picking up or chewing on items found in woodland areas. Do remember that Alabama Rot is very rare, so, while it’s advised to

take these recommended precautions, and remain vigilant of any symptoms, there is no cause for alarm. Should you be concerned however, about any symptoms your dog is showing, contact your vet immediately.

For a quote for lifetime insurance for your dog, cat or rabbit, and your first two months cover half price, visit www.agriapet.co.uk or call 03330 30 83 68 Agria Pet Insurance supports local rescues around the UK with 5 weeks free pet insurance policies for animals of any age rehomed through their partners. Find out more at: www.agriapet.co.uk/rehoming Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register Number 496160. Agria Pet Insurance is registered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4258783. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW.




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Protect Your Pet Against Theft According to the Missing Pets Bureau, 38% of all dogs reported lost have been stolen and sadly 60% are never recovered. What is more, cat thefts have increased by 40% since 2014 with thieves focusing on valuable breed targets such as Bengals, Russian Blues and Siamese which can be sold on for hundreds of pounds. For most pet owners, it is not the monetary loss that is important but the heartbreak of not knowing what has happened to their beloved companion.

Protection for Your Dog Whilst pedigree dogs are most at risk, even non-pedigree may be stolen as thieves wait for a reward to be offered. Advice from the Blue Cross is quite clear: • Think carefully before leaving your dog tied up outside a shop • Do not leave your dog in a parked car even for a few minutes • Vary the times of your dog walks and vary the routes that you take • Make sure your dog is microchipped from 8 weeks old onwards and remember, this is now a requirement by law • Make sure the contact details are up to date • Never put your dog’s name on the nameplate because it makes it easier for the thief to “befriend” it. Instead, just put on your telephone number

• Take regular photographs of your dog so that you can circulate if anything happens to them • Train your dog to come back when called and if you are not certain that they will, walk on an extending lead rather than let them loose • Take extra care if you are taking the dog away from home • If you are using a dog walker, check their credentials carefully beforehand • Do not leave your pet unsupervised in the garden • Make sure your garden is secure If you are unfortunate enough to have your dog stolen, act quickly and report the loss to the local council’s dog warden and also report to the police and get a crime number Let your veterinary surgeon know because the dog may be returned to them if the microchip is scanned elsewhere and the person in charge cannot account

for them. Let local pet rescue centres know in case the dog turns up there. Warn other dog owners in the area so that they can take additiona precautions if there are thieves in the area. This will also alert them to helping you find your own. Local newspapers are usually more than happy to publish a pet photograph and local shops will willingly put up posters so that the public can report any sightings. n Article written by Mary Lloyd who was Young scientist of the year in 1980 before appointment as a Lecturer & Consultant in Animal Production at Edinburgh University for 8 years. Boots Company Marketing, product development and corporate planning for 6 years. Set up own company in 2000 based on own formulations that prevent allergic reactions to pets, pollen, dustmite and mould. Currently have 5 dogs, 1 cat and a small flock of Hebridean sheep.

Protecting Your Cat Believe it or not, it is thought that up to 360,000 adults may have had their cat stolen during the past year even though reported losses are numbered only in the hundreds. Protecting your cat is not an easy job because cats naturally roam within their territories. If your cat is missing, before you panic, check your own shed and garage in case they have got accidentally shut inside and ask your neighbours to do the same. Cats are so quick at slipping in behind you, it can happen very easily. Even though cats do not need to be microchipped by law, it is still recommended not only to help protect them against thieves but also in case they have an accident. Again make sure your contact details are up to date preferably the telephone number rather than their name. Put up a “Missing Cat” sign with a photograph on the gate so that other people can help you with the search. Let your Veterinary Surgeon and local rescue centres know so that they can contact you if the cat turns up there. Put up missing posters in local shops with your cat’s photograph. Other pet owners are always anxious to help in these situations because they know how distressed they would be if their opet was missing. 10


You can also spread the word by Social Media whether it is a cat or a dog. GPS tracking devices such as collars are often discussed for prevention but alas, these are all too easily removed. With your cat, try and stay positive. Cats are remarkably adept at finding food and water and looking after themselves. In contrast, dogs are not quite so clever and are more likely to suffer deprivation if they are left to their own devices. Whatever you do, try and stay positive and never give up looking for them. Pets have been known to turn up months later when you have just about given up hope. Lastly, with fireworks season coming upon us soon, do try and keep your cats and dogs indoors. Your pets are exceptionally vulnerable when they are frightened and can easily get lost without the help of any third party. Two years ago, our little Bichon Fries crashed through the cat flap and ran for 3 miles down the road. We searched all night and could not find him. Eventually, someone told the newsagent that they had a little white dog at home. He had wondered into wedding reception at the Golf Club covered in brambles! Fortunately, it was a happy ending. www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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Tel: 01787 476400 www.rescueandanimalcare.com



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Charities join forces to change the lives of homeless people and their pets at Christmas Mayhew, leading animal welfare charity for dogs, cats and communities, and Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, have today launched a joint Christmas gift campaign that will help homeless people and their dogs access vital services, health and wellbeing checks, and warming food and supplies. ayhew and Crisis both understand that a dog can be the only companion for someone who doesn’t have a place to call home, and have been working together for 11 years to bring warmth and support to homeless people and their dogs. This year, the two charities have collaborated on an extra special initiative – a range of four virtual gifts designed to make a real difference to vulnerable owners and their pets.


Supporters can choose to donate £5, £10, £15 or £20 and, with proceeds split equally between Mayhew and Crisis, can help both charities fund much needed items and services for homeless people and their dogs. A few examples range from providing a cup of tea and a canine health check to a warm coat and help accessing a practical skills course. The partnership launched today on both charities’ websites. During the Christmas period,

it can feel especially isolating to not have a place to call home. This is why the critical work both charities do to help the homeless needs extra support from the public during the festive season. Funds raised could make a real difference to projects like Mayhew’s Pet Refuge programme, which provides shelter and care for the pets of people going through a crisis period. This is a lifeline for owners and enables them to access vital services, many of which are proffered through charities like Crisis who provide comprehensive support with housing, employment and health. Mayhew works year round to keep animals and their owners together by providing non-judgemental veterinary care, pet supplies and microchipping. Through this new joint initiative, Mayhew and Crisis hope to help even more vulnerable owners and animals this Christmas, and make a real difference to the ongoing lives of homeless people and their dogs. Mayhew CEO Caroline Yates

said - “Homelessness is devastating, and for many in such a situation, a dog is their best friend and the only source of comfort they have. The expense of food and vet care puts an extra burden on someone already in a vulnerable situation, so we are thrilled to have teamed up with Crisis to give people a way to help us both provide necessary items and services to those in need. Helping people and helping animals come hand in hand, especially at Christmas.” Richard Lee, director of fundraising at Crisis, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Mayhew this Christmas to ensure our homeless guests and their dogs receive the support they need. Homelessness can be a devastating experience at any time of year, but it can be particularly hard at this time of year. That’s why Crisis at Christmas is so important – as well as food, warmth and vital services like those provided by Mayhew, our guests will be introduced to our year-round services that help thousands leave homelessness behind for good each year.”

n To find out more about the work Mayhew and Crisis do to help the homeless year round, visit their websites https://themayhew.org/community-support/ and https://www.crisis.org.uk/ending-homelessness/ 12



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Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Services About the PET BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT SERVICE Grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death or enforced separation, can be a very sad and difficult experience. Life, once filled with the love and friendship of a pet, may suddenly seem very empty. The Pet Bereavement Support Service is run by Blue Cross and for over 20 years our experienced team have helped thousands of pet owners come to terms with the grief, despair and sadness that comes with saying goodbye to a beloved pet. From emotional support, practical FREE literature, specific bereavement talks, webinars and our award-winning training course, our team have unrivalled experience of helping animal lovers at their time of need. “As front of house, it is good to know how to deal with difficult situations, so the Pet Bereavement Support course helps me know how to act appropriately.”

The Helpline telephone and email support

Whether through old age, illness or enforced separation, losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience. The trained volunteers on our confidential telephone and email support line offer a sympathetic ear and practical advice. We take around 8,000 support calls and emails a year. Raising much needed awareness of our free support line is crucial in being able to help more people.

Training for helping bereaved Pet Owners In addition to our support services, we also offer a number of training courses aimed at anyone working within the animal industry who may need the vital and specialised skills in dealing with bereaved pet owners. Our awardwinning, eight-week CPD accredited e-learning course covers a range of topics in depth. The course helps provide key skills, ensures appropriate and considerate end-of life conversations

and combats against compassion fatigue. We also offer a short course and one-hour webinars that act as an introduction to pet bereavement issues. For more information or to book a place visit bluecross.org.uk/courses-professionals-andvolunteers

Volunteering and helping others Working from home, providing a flexible minimum of one shift a week our volunteers provide emotional support and practical information by telephone or email to help pet owners (and others in contact with pet owners) to overcome feelings of grief and loss. We are always in need of more volunteers to help so if you have the right skills to show genuine empathy and warmth in conversations and emails, you could help provide valuable “Working as a and unforgettable support support volunteer is to our clients. These roles so rewarding. Losing come with an eight-week a pet can be distance learning training heartbreaking and it’s course and you will good to be part of a become part of and be team that can fully supported by the offer support.” highly trained and experienced PBSS team. To find out more contact pbssteam@bluecross.org.uk or 01993 867216 or visit bluecross.org.uk/volunteer-our-petbereavement-support-service

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Blue Cross CPD courses for professionals Blue Cross’s Pet Bereavement Support Service has been supporting grieving pet owners for nearly 25 years. It is now a requirement of the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme to have a fully trained pet bereavement expert in your practice. Our courses are recognised by the RCVS as one of the courses that meet the Client Experience Award point as part of their accreditation scheme. For more specific needs, we can also work with you to provide bespoke face to face training across the UK.

Accredited Pet Bereavement Support CPD Course – Eight week accredited award-winning CPD e-learning course £280 The importance of supportive and professional end-of-life care is increasingly vital for businesses in terms of client retention, relationships and crucial team wellbeing. Enhance the care you can offer to bereaved pet owners with this accredited certificate in pet bereavement support. Taking place over eight weeks, our distance e-learning course is perfect for anyone wishing to gain more knowledge and experience in supporting bereaved pet owners. It is particularly helpful for veterinary teams and those working with owners whose pets are facing rehoming, euthanasia or have died. Giving you the skills to support owners and yourself during the difficult bereavement stages, the course covers the following topics in depth: • Pet loss experience • Self care • Emotional support skills

• Stages of grief • Pet euthanasia • Remembrance and rituals

• Grief in surviving pets • The loss of assistance animals

Awarded by NCFE, the course requires a minimum of three to four hours of study per week and counts towards 32 hours Continual Professional Development. Please be aware that this is not a counselling qualification.

Introduction to Pet Bereavement Support Skills – Two hour CPD e-learning course £35 This short course is an excellent introduction for front of house and customer facing teams who have contact with bereaved owners but do not require an in depth knowledge. The two hour course covers the following key areas: • Empathy vs sympathy • Communicating with active listening skills • Open questions

• Face to face emotional support, telephone support, email support and other written communication • How to support yourself, importance of self care and useful contacts

This course can be booked at any time throughout the year.

CPD Webinar – Tools for supporting bereaved clients £20 This one hour webinar is aimed at veterinary nurses, receptionists, vets and practice managers who regularly have direct contact with bereaved pet owners. It also offers an open forum in which to discuss topics and share experiences. The webinar provides one hours CPD and all attendees receive a certificate of attendance. The topics covered are: • Explanation of the five stages of grief and how humans grieve following pet loss • Pet loss case study • Emotional overload signs

• Helpful things to say and do when supporting a grieving client • Unhelpful things not to say or do • How to get it right and help retain your clients

The webinars run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm a number of times within the year.

Find out more Contact the Pet Bereavement Support Service Team or visit our webpage for more information, dates and booking for all courses or bespoke training, or to request free Pet Bereavement literature: bluecross.org.uk/pbss-course Tel: 01993 867216 Email: pbsstraining@bluecross.org.uk Blue Cross is a charity registered in England and Wales (224392) and in Scotland (SC040154) The Pet Bereavement Support Service is a member of The Helplines Standard and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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The only Dog Foods to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DOG ID TAGS Probably the most beautiful in the world, very attractive and cute. FULL FAT LINSEED





Salters uses the best meat from the complete cooked chicken, then its ground up ... Chicken being so digestible and collectively the No1 INGREDIENT, in our Maintenance,Puppy and Energy Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unique to Salters.

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FRIDGE MAGNETS AND METAL PLAQUES Beautiful dog portraits, Quirky breed descriptons. Over 100 available.

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Undercover Investigation reveals magnitude of Horrifying Puppy Smuggling Trade DOGS TRUST urges Government to end the CRUELTY as BREXIT approaches


ondon, 16th October 2018 – The UK’s largest dog welfare charity is calling on the government to take urgent action to stop the illegal importation of puppies into the UK as Brexit approaches. This follows an undercover investigation, which exposes the magnitude and ease of trade routes into the UK for European smugglers. Dogs Trust’s fourth report into this illegal trade is released with less than six months until the UK’s exit from the EU in order to highlight the significant opportunity the government has to redraw the UK’s pet travel rules [currently regulated by EU legislation] and end this cruel trade. The findings continue to expose gaping loopholes in the existing Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), the rules of which changed in 2012 to allow puppies to enter the UK at a much younger age. Unscrupulous dealers have exploited this opportunity, and the demand for popular breeds such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, Dachshunds and English Bulldogs has led to an influx of puppies smuggled into the UK often in appalling conditions, from Central and Eastern Europe (see infographic). Dogs Trust has uncovered a network of corrupt breeders, dealers, and vets, who openly admit to breaking the law to deceitfully export puppies. The report also reveals the horrific ways in which puppies are smuggled into the UK. Findings include: n Puppies sedated in cramped conditions and forced into 30 hour journeys over 1,000 miles with little water and no toilet breaks, found hidden amongst their own faeces. n Heavily pregnant bitches caged in sickening conditions and forced to travel gruelling journeys to allow for the puppies to be born in the UK – young, ‘UK born’ puppies amount to quicker sales


passed off as EU-bred animals for easier entry into EU countries.

Eight week old French Bulldog puppies at a breeding facility in Hungary. The breeder works with a vet who would alter birth dates on passports to allow puppies to travel to the UK immediately. Dogs Trust undercover investigators bought and collected two falsified passports on the same day.

n Dealers claiming to evade border controls across Europe and describing the scale of illegal exportation; with one Hungarian dealer explaining around 400 puppies are exported each week from his hometown. This equates to 20,000 puppies a year providing an annual turnover of £28million based on the average sale price of £1,400 per puppy* – from just one town alone. These particular puppies were destined for Spain but are an example of the extent criminals are going to, to put profit over puppy welfare. n One dealer highlighted 300 bitches producing ‘designer’ puppies including French Bulldogs, some of which are then advertised and sold in the UK n Corrupt vets falsify passports and provide fake vaccination stamps to enable puppies to travel while they are younger than legally allowed, and therefore more desirable, but unprotected against diseases, such as rabies. Some vets were willing to supply sedatives to bring puppies across the UK border without detection with no passport at all. n New trade routes from Serbia, a non-EU country where more stringent rules of entry into the EU apply – we found evidence of underage puppies being sold with EU microchips and pre-filled European passports and

Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director of Dogs Trust, says: “Our investigations have revealed shocking welfare conditions. There is no regard for the lives of these vulnerable puppies, who are subjected to gruelling journeys of more than 30 hours in hot, cramped and filthy conditions with no toilet breaks and very little water. Some don’t survive the journey, and those who do may have physical health and behavioural issues due to their poor start in life. “Puppy smugglers are only concerned with making a profit, and the UK provides an attractive market because the high demand for fashionable breeds converts into fast internet sales. Importers are exploiting the lack of visual checks being made at the borders, and insufficient penalties for illegally importing puppies mean there is no real deterrent for these abhorrent crimes. “With Brexit around the corner this is an opportunity of a lifetime to put robust measures in place that protect dogs and the public. We urge the government to take forward our clear recommendations to overhaul our pet travel legislation and increase the penalties for those caught fuelling this despicable trade.” n Dogs Trust is asking members of the public to contact their MP via the Dogs Trust website to help put an end to the cruel puppy smuggling trade. To find out more and contact your MP, visit www.puppysmuggling.org.uk Undercover footage obtained in Hungary and Serbia demonstrating the scale of the puppy smuggling problem, the new trade routes and the use of pregnant bitches to bring underage puppies to the UK for sale to unsuspecting buyers: https://youtu.be/52hDzKWbEW4



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Photo credit James Lincoln.


Walkies! Ready to explore

Holidaymaker Donations Top £1Million for Dogs Trust cottages.com and Hoseasons are ‘pawsing’ to celebrate raising £1 million for Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, raised from donations from holidaymakers across the country. The milestone donation has been generated via bookings made at dogstrustholidays.co.uk, with the charity receiving a donation equal to 10% of each accommodation booking value. Delivered in partnership with cottages.com and Hoseasons, more than 48,000 properties including cottages, lodges and boats are available to choose from at dogstrustholidays.co.uk, with options to suit pet owners and those travelling without pets alike. The partnership has been nurtured over the past 15 years to support the ongoing care for the thousands of dogs in the charity’s rehoming centres across the country. Expert teams look after dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages whilst they wait to meet their special someone and start the next chapter of their lives. Dogs Trust CEO Adrian Burder said: “We’ve worked with cottages.com and Hoseasons for over 15 years through Dogs Trust Holidays because we believe that holidays are for the whole family, including those of the four-legged variety! The vital funds raised from customer’s bookings help us to keep tails wagging at our 21 Rehoming Centres across the UK and Ireland and on their behalf we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped us reach this phenomenal total!” Sally Henry at cottages.com and Hoseasons said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Dogs Trust and to have helped connect members of the public who would like to support the charity with amazing holiday experiences. Together we have been able to generate fantastic awareness and very worthwhile funds.” n For more information visit www.dogstrustholidays.co.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

Dogmatic are very proud to announce that they have been voted 'Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018' by the Global Health & Pharma 2018 Animal and Wellness Awards. This is a wonderful achievement for Dogmatic. We are always delighted to hear how much the Dogmatic Headcollar has helped owners and their dogs and it is their ‘must have’ product. It is wonderful to have such a loyal, growing Customer base who continue to ‘spread the word’ about Dogmatic. Telephone: 01952 245330 visit www.dogmatic.org.uk

TICKS – A SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEM FOR PETS AND THEIR OWNERS Johnson’s Tick Remover is suitable for use with dogs, cats, horses and other animals and has been specially designed and manufactured in the UK. The easy to clean plastic remover has 2 sizes of hooked twisters, one at each end, the appropriate size of hook to be used depending on the size of tick. n Visit www.johnsons-vet.com



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Professional & Affordable Dog Training PROTECTION DOG TRAINING

Naturally Healthy Dogs

Specialist in Personal Protection Dog training at all levels from family protection dog training to executive protection dog training. If you require Personal Protection Dog training services in the UK, look no further, contact us.

PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION DOG TRAINING When it comes to professional Personal Protection Dog training services in the UK, we are second to ‘NONE’. Our very experienced and qualified dog handler and trainer can provide all levels of training required. We ensure that our training is not only supplied to a very high standard, it is also affordable. If you/your dog require any type of residential training give us a call. Your dog will undergo a training program for a minimum of 2 weeks depending on the full range of skills needed. Each training session is recorded by the trainer in a training logbook and progress is noted and any issues highlighted too. The entries in this training logbook help us determine how to deal with any behavioural issues and how best to build on previous training sessions. For more information about us or about our obedience training services let’s talk!

ONE TO ONE OBEDIENCE TRAINING Personal Protection Dogs offer 1-2-1 obedience training for all breeds of dogs starting from 12-week old puppies. We will teach your dog to not pull on its lead, not to chase cars, to come back when called and train them with other aspects of obedience. Lifetime Support, Dog Training for the disabled 1-2-1 Obedience and Residential Training. Or we can come to you!

www.personalprotectiondogs.info Head Office: 01777 800 265

24 Hour Support: 07904 836 184

We Provide: High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet. Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet. High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet. l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey

Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors l l

Natural Treats Natural Healthcare Products

Giving pets a natural diet and naturally/holistic healthcare for them to live a long, healthy and happy lives as possible! We deliver to the whole of East Anglia

Tel: 07590 621636

01763 243533

www.naturallyhealthydogs.co.uk @NHDLtd

Prepare, Perform, Recover Help keep your dog warm and cosy this winter with the added wellbeing benefits of Back on Track’s New BOB DOG LOOP. The Bob Dog Loop is designed with an anatomical shaped neckline in a soft fleece fabric, ensuring your dog stays warm and cosy while allowing freedom of movement. Incorporating the Welltex® technology, the fabric is infused with ceramic particles to help promote mobility and wellbeing through increased circulation. The Bob Dog Loop is available in the following sizes: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 cm. RRP £26.00 (Inc. VAT) Visit our NEW website for all your Back on Track requirements, call Georgia on 07766 463099 or email georgia.keegan@backontrack.com to find your nearest stockist.





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Border Collie Trust GB

www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk 2












1. Dog Shampoo Bar. (£5.50). 2. Slim Line Border Collie 2019 Diary (£5.49). 3. Fusion Dog Bowl (£5.75). Available in Pink/Grey and Lime/Grey. 4. Waggy Tails Border Collie Doormat (£12.99). 5. Zac The Collie Badge (£4.95). 6. Christmas Cards. 10 Christmas Cards 'Christmas Cottage' (£3.99). 10 Christmas Cards 'Christmas Wishes' (£3.99). 7. Collie Bauble Christmas Decoration (£3.99). 8. Waggy Tails Border Collie Mug. (£5.99). 9. Border Collie Waggy Wiper (£9.99). Waggy Wiper. The Border Collie sticker is fitted to the car rear window and the tail is fitted to the wiper. 10. Sandstone Fleece Lined Dog Coat Large. (£7.99). 11. Super Soccer Ball (£6.49).

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Simon answers your questions Simon Bailey

THE OLDER PET s with all of us, as we get older certain aspects of our lifestyle need to change to allow ongoing good health. This is no different for our pets. There will be some changes necessary due to health problems and certain age related diseases, but it is sensible to start thinking and being aware of changes which can be early indicators of disease, or simply need minor alterations to routine to give the best quality of life that can be achieved. Firstly, how do you know if your pet is old? This is very subjective. Do they seem to be slowing up, getting a bit stiff, changing behaviour, changes in coat, poor teeth etc. The list is endless and is unique to that individual, but as owners we know our pets best and are therefore best placed to observe these changes.


The changes commonly seen are often involved with a variety of body systems, for example: • Eyes – Do they seem to struggle to see or find things like toys? Are there any signs of the eyes running or soreness? Does they eye appear cloudy on its surface or within it. Such changes may reflect ulcerations or even cataracts. • Ears – Check the ears for signs of pain, swelling and shaking the head. Do they still respond to noises or locate you when whistling etc. If not they may be losing or have impaired hearing. • Teeth – Dental disease can occur at any age but it is more common to see dental disease in older animals for obvious reasons. Does your pet struggle to eat or chew like they used to do. Does their mouth seem smelly or sore, do they dribble a lot. Try to get into the habit of checking by lifting the lip and seeing if the gums look red, is there any yellow/brown

pet food which will be recommend switching to from about the age of 7 or 8 (depending on the diet range). Senior animals are less active, with a slower metabolism and so require less energy. The protein component will be high quality and easily digestible, and it will contain a balanced vitamin/mineral and fats content formulated for older pets requirements. • Drinking – are they drinking more frequently, or a larger amount? Do they need to go to the toilet more often? Or have they started to urinate inside or in odd places. • Mental Alertness – Cognitive dysfunction is defined as ‘an inappropriate loss of mental function, usually with no underlying other condition’. It is similar to dementia in humans; they will lose recognition of familiar people, places and situations. They forget things they normally do i.e. toilet training, recalls etc, and will become more vocal and anxious. It is often best to try to keep to regular consistent routine to try to reduce anxiety • Mobility – Do they seem less keen to go for a walk, stiff to get out of bed, may be limping, licking at legs, not so keen to jump into the car etc? These can all be a sign of joint pain or osteoarthritis. It should be said these changes may simply be normal, but if it is significant the sooner it is addressed or investigated the better the chances to deal with them and aid in a graceful ageing process If you are concerned about any changes.

It would be worth speaking with your vet and getting a ‘senior pet health check’. This will physically check them over, discuss your concerns and may then use blood and urine tests to screen them for any signs of diseases. There are many medicines, supplements and behavioural techniques which can help with many of these changes.

material or blood on gums or teeth? Are there any broken or missing teeth or do the teeth have holes in. Behavioural changes you may see are being overly fussy with food and rubbing at the face, or rubbing their face on other things. • Body – Run your hands over their body and legs, are there any lumps that have appeared or do lumps that were there before have they changed shape, size or colour. Do they seem sore to touch? • Feet – Are the nails the correct length, not growing into the toes, no lumps or swelling on the feet. Do they seem sore when their feet are touched? Or are they limping? • Breathing - Do they breathe comfortably, no coughing or do they seem to be out of breath more quickly than usual when taken out for a walk. Or do they seem lethargic and not keen to walk at all. • Coat - Is it looking dryer, more dandruff, itchier than normal, losing excess hair or balding areas? • Diet – The key question here is, ‘What is their weight’, and are they losing/gaining weight? Are they producing the normal volume and consistency of faeces or has that changed? Generally most commercial pet foods will have a ‘life stage range’ which has a senior or older

If you would like to ask Simon for some pet advice then log onto their interesting site www.ardmorevets.co.uk

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3 100% natural 3 No artificial additives 3 Hypoallergenic 3 Deliver Direct MADE IN ENGLAND

Grain Free Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry

Grain Free Puppy Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots & Peas

Super Premium Small Bite Salmon & Potato

Super Premium Senior/Lite

Super Premium Fish & Potato with Itch-Eeze®

Grain Free Light Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry

Grain Free Adult Working Dog Salmon & Trout

From £1 per bag All dog treats are: 1% fat or less. No artificial additives or preservatives


www.bobthedoguk.com RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 28 OCTOBER – 28 NOVEMBER 2018


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Mekuti Body Wraps Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Range

Help your cat feel at ease anywhere. Pheromones are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance in cats, and are instantly recognisable to them. NEW Beaphar CatComfort® uses a synthetic replica of these pheromones, making it ideal for reducing problem behaviour and use during the firework season. Visit www.beaphar.com



Help reduce anxiety in dogs in stressful times such as during firework season or trips to the vet. The sense of security given by the wrap also brings confidence, allowing them to release habitual responses and behavioural patterns, allowing them to observe the world around them and respond rather than react to stimuli. Visit www.mekuti.co.uk


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FREE PET REMEDY CALMING WIPES FOR EVERY READER http://petremedy.co.uk/free-wipes/

Party Season Traditionally, bonfire night in November has been recognised as a stressful time for pets. But pet owners should remember that fireworks are now common from Halloween in October right through to Chinese New Year in February. Occasions such as Diwali, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all add to the stress. In addition to fireworks, other triggers for stress include parties, lots of house visitors, loud music, changes to routine, even Christmas decorations and excited children with new toys!” Advice for all pet owners during party season: • Give your pet somewhere to hide that they can access at all times. Eg. Under furniture • Walk your dog during daylight and keep pets indoors after dark when fireworks are likely to go off. • Close windows and curtains at nightfall and play music to help mask the sound of fireworks. • Comfort your pet if it helps them relax, or leave them alone to hide unless you think they may harm themselves. • Never punish your pets when they are scared. • Make sure your pet can’t escape if they are startled by sudden noise.

For Dogs: • Close all window and create a play area where they can’t see flashing lights. • Before firework start, settle your dog in the play area with some toys. • When fireworks start, ignore them yourself. See if your dog wants to play, but don’t force them. • If your frightened dog has a companion that isn’t scared of fireworks, keep them together.


Small Animals and Birds • For pets living outside, cover part of the pen, cage or aviary with blankets to create a sound-proof area,

but make sure your pet is still able to look out. • Provide plenty of extra bedding to give your pet something to burrow in. If your pet shows extreme signs of stress, always consult your vet for advice. n Pet remedy is available from your vet and all leading pet shops or from www.petremedy.co.uk

For Cats: • Keep you can indoors and remember to secure the cap flap. • Microchip your cat in


DESTRESS AND CALMING ATOMISER The special Pet Remedy blend of essentials oils works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk

case it does escape when frightened. • Make sure your cat has a safe place to hide. • If your cat is hiding, don’t try and tempt them out as this will make them more stressed.

PET CALMING SPRAY Pet Calming Spray for all mammals and birds. A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety. Visit www.petremedy.co.uk RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 28 OCTOBER – 28 NOVEMBER 2018


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FINER BY NATURE Legacy Ocean 80|20 Grain Free £49.95. 81.5% Animal ingredients lots of freshly prepared meat and vegetables including Lentils, chick peas, pumpkin and lots of yummyness. Suitable for all life stages. Available in 2kg and 12kg bags. Visit www.FinerByNature.co.uk



Visit www.thedaleskennelcompany.co.uk/whelpingbox

Made from a 100% natural ingredients and free from grain. Visit www.bobthedoguk.com


Great Pro du cts for yo u an d yo ur Pets

Naturediet produces high quality natural pet food that is both healthy and nutritious. Visit www.naturallyhealthydogs.co.uk

HOLISTIC DOG & CAT FOOD Celtic Connection Holistic Dog & Cat Food. Grain-free, natural dry foods for dogs and cats. A wide range of novel flavours containing high levels of fresh meat and beneficial botanicals. A healthy option that is also suitable for pets with allergies and sensitivities. Visit www.thoughtfulpets.co.uk



Scandi wooden Christmas Tree light up box. Visit https://shop.sueryder.org

This white fine bone china mug features the Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Fox Red Lab and Chocolate Lab. Visit www.labrador-lifeline.com

KITTENHOOD CALENDAR Get your paws on 12 months worth of adorable kittens with International Cat Care’s new 2019 'Kittenhood' calendar. Sold to raise funds for the charity's welfare work the calendar is A4 landscape (opens to A3 portrait size) and features the winning images from iCatCare's 2018 'Kittenhood' photography competition. Visit www.icatcare.org

DOG ID TAG Up to 3 lines engraved FREE, Probably the most beautiful Dog ID Tags in the World. £12.99. Post Free. Visit www.doggietags.co.uk

BULLY STICKS A long lasting, easily digestible chew for sensitive tummies. Visit www.cifood.co.uk

SOFT PERSONALISED BLANKET Machine washable and available in three sizes and 18 colour schemes there’s sure to be one to suit every pet’s colour choice ! Each blanket is embroidered in big, bold, block embroidery and can include up to 12 letters. Prices start at £16 for a small up to £25 for a large. To see the range visit www.mrmoleblankets.co.uk or call 01482 440221.

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Dedicated to Improving Pet’s Lives’ CUSTOMISABLE THERMAL CABINS To suit you and your dogs’ needs

VetzLife pro duces 100% All-Natural pro ducts Oral Care Sprays & Gels in Peppermint and Salmon for Dogs & Cats



Completely removable lid allowing easy access to the bed area for bedding down and cleaning. The divide from door to bed is also removable allowing for an easy clean. The whole cabin comes apart allowing it all to be flat packed for delivery and if ever out of use. Very easy to put together. Different colours available.

Call 01969 666063 info@thedaleskennelcompany.co.uk




Contact us today for further information jay@petzlife.co.uk 0208 424 2701



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Transporting Pets in Comfort and Safety Hi! I'm Tim Dunton and I started UK Dog Transport in 2014 to help pet owners to move their dogs and cats safely around mainland UK. I am fully licensed and insured with ample dog handling experience, as well as being fully dog first-aid trained. My services are available 7 days a week, giving you complete flexibility. I am fully licensed and insured with ample dog handling experience, and dog first-aid trained. I ensure that your pets reach their destinations in comfort and safety – they have roomy, air-conditioned pods in the van and we take regular hydration and comfort stops. UK Dog Transport still works closely with many pet rescue partners and Anne Lewis at the Lost Souls Sanctuary explains: "Lost Souls Sanctuary use Tim because he is consistently reliable, very reasonably priced and above all he is wonderful with the dogs he transports and they always arrive in a calm state. We take in some of the most difficult dogs, many of which have been very problematic during the journey to the UK. It is a testimonial to Tim's skills as a handler that he is able to calm them down." Lizzie White from Last Hope Rescue continues: "Last Hope Rescue regularly use UK Dog Transport to carry our dogs and we have always found Tim to be reliable, efficient and friendly. Tim has, on more than one occasion, undertaken late night/early morning transport runs for us when needed in an emergency and no task has ever been too big or too small for him. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Tim for dog transports – a very reliable and safe pair of hands." www.rescueandanimalcare.com

Pets to Vets (and back again) It can be really stressful for both you and your pet when a visit to the vet is necessary – doubly so if that appointment is some distance away and you have no transport! That's where UK Dog Transport comes in, with my Vet Transport Run service. If your dog or cat needs taking to or from an appointment but you can't make it, UK Dog Transport can take your pet there and back for you – even if the vet is at the other end of the country! I transported Delilah from Fernlea Vets in Bristol down to Taunton recently, when a big motorway snarl-up meant that her owner couldn't get there in time. This lovely lady is now safely home, and recovering well. Another popular service is one that I personally love; transporting rescues to their new homes and families, who are so excited to meet them. This is Wilson, a handsome Mastiff Cross boy from Last Hope Rescue, arriving at his new home in West Wales. If you have a pet that needs transporting to or from a vet appointment or a new home, give me a call. I'm ready to help!

Pets to Vets Delilah

Pets to Vets Wilson

Overseas Pet Transport UK Dog Transport also escorts pets to and from overseas destinations, either via air, or road via Eurotunnel. It's best to ring for a quote, on 07581 004473 – I can also give advice on the paperwork that you will need. n How to Contact UK Dog Transport, 7 Days a Week UK Dog Transport 07581 004473 tim@ukdogtransport.co.uk www.ukdogtransport.co.uk www.facebook.com/UKDogTransport/



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Katie and Archie’s story


n her 25 years, Katie Purcell has broken every bone in her body, including her spine, at least once and has even fractured her skull. Swimmer Katie, who competes at a national level, suffers from a catalogue of conditions, including dysautonomia and Addison’s disease, which cause her to pass out and fall. She also has hypermobility disorder, making her bones prone to dislocation. But Archie the Labrador has changed her life – he has warned of a collapse more than 200 times since they were paired in January 2016, and Katie has even qualified for the European Masters Competition at London’s Olympic park. Katie has experienced “one or two” blackouts a year for as long as she can remember and suffered painful dislocations on a regular basis. And as time went on, her condition deteriorated. “I was blacking out five or six times a day. Every time I sat up or stood up, I would pass out. Her health problems brought a temporary end to her swimming career, but she refused to let her health put her out of the game for long. Her family were worried, but Katie, who competes long distance, was determined and found the frequent fainting episodes did not occur while she was swimming. “I didn’t want to be that disabled girl who lived at home. I did not want my illness to own me.” Her parents were constantly getting phone calls to say she had injured herself, and her swimming and work colleagues were forever picking her up off the floor. Life was taking its toll on Katie. “At the start, I would cry every time it happened, but after what felt like the 1,000th time, I was frustrated and angry,” she said. “I just thought: this is not a life.” Her mum found out about the charity Medical Detection Dogs and took Katie to an open day.


Medical Detection Dogs

The team at Medical Detection Dogs could see how desperate Katie’s situation was and pledged to do anything they could to help. “I said if they could stop me ending up in A&E just once I would be happy,” Katie added. Six months to the day later, Katie went to the charity’s Milton Keynes HQ to meet Archie and take him for a walk around town. “I sat down because I felt unwell and Archie become really agitated. “Then I passed out. When I came round, I burst into tears. I just couldn’t believe it.” The couple took him home for two days and Archie alerted Katie seven times. Following an intensive programme of scent training by Medical Detection Dogs Archie was placed with Katie permanently and gained accreditation to become a medical alert assistance dog in April 2016 To alert, Archie will sit and stare at


Katie, while wagging his tail. Katie will then put out her hand and Archie will knock it with his paw “in congratulations”, as Katie explains it. He also goes to training and swim meets where the two of them have their own changing area. This gives Archie the chance to check her before she goes into the pool and, crucially, afterwards, when her blood pressure and heart rate recovery period makes her vulnerable. “It’s amazing to know I can go out and not end up in A&E. He has alerted me more than 200 times and that’s more than 200 times I could have ended up in hospital,” said Katie. “It’s such a relief to people who I have worked with for years and to my family. “My partner James has said it’s the closest I could get to being cured.”

n For further information on Medical Detection Dogs visit www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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Do you own or work in Dog Kennels, Boarding Cattery, Dog Day Care or Dog Boarding? The new Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) regulations came into effect on 1 October 2018. With this brings a number of changes, including the requirement to have clear evidence of knowledge and experience or a minimum of an OFQUAL regulated level 2 qualification in a relevant subject. he new regulations will replace a number of different pieces of animal establishment regulations, namely: Boarding Establishments Act 1963, Pet Animals Act 1951, Riding Establishments Act 1968, Dog Breeding Act 1991, Performing Animals Act 1925. From that date any businesses in England commercially trading live animals or boarding cats or dogs either during the day or overnight will need a licence issued under the new regulations, although existing licences issued under the Pet Animals Act 1951 or the Boarding Establishments Act 1963 will remain valid until they expire. The new regulations take effect on renewal or if your business is being brought into the scope of licensing for the first time. Activities such as Commercial Dog Boarding Kennels, Commercial Cat Boarding - Catteries, Commercial Home Boarding, Commercial Dog Daycare, Commercial Dog Breeding are covered by the new legislation. Under the new regulations, staff working for Dog Kennels, Boarding Catteries, Dog Day Care or Dog Boarding must have clear evidence of knowledge and experience or a minimum of an OFQUAL regulated level 2 qualification in a relevant subject. Or, to meet the newly introduced ‘’Higher Standard’’, a member of staff with a relevant OFQUAL



regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day. And here’s where Animal Jobs Direct can help. Established in 2005, Animal Jobs Direct offers a comprehensive selection of accredited and affordable animal care qualifications. The team a Animal Jobs Direct are passionate about animal welfare and understand how important it is to raise standards in the animal care sector through education. We believe that employees can make a huge difference to the animals in their care and to animal welfare if they are empowered with the right skills. Animal Jobs Direct courses have been designed in consultation with employers to give students the best chance of gaining meaningful employment working with animals. All Animal Jobs Direct qualifications and courses place a strong emphasis on ethics and welfare in animal care.

These OFQUAL regulated qualifications meet the new Animal Activities Licensing requirements. The AIM Awards Level 2 Award in Canine Health, Welfare and Behaviour Qualification meets the new Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements for the basic standard requirements. The AIM Awards Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification meets the Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements for Dog Kennels, Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding Businesses. The AIM Awards Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification meets the Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements for Boarding Catteries. This qualification will be available shortly for enrolments, please contact us to register your interest. The City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Animal Management within a Pet Store Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements. This qualification will soon be offered by Animal Jobs Direct. Please contact us to register your interest. n For further information and to register interest, please contact us on: www.animal-job.co.uk



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Wagtail Dogs

ith his head lowered and tail wagging, Ted, a black Labrador cross, gives his handler a glance to indicate a find. Ted has discovered a concealment of illegal tobacco hidden behind a fireplace at the back of a shop. Ted is one of over 100 detection dogs (also known as sniffer dogs) working at Wagtail UK. Wagtail are a multi-award winning company, established in 2003 and provide detection dogs and related services for government agencies such as UK Border Force, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Trading Standards and Armed Forces. From their headquarters in North Wales, Wagtail dogs set the standard in the detection of firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco and products of animal origin including ivory, pangolin scale, bush meat, leopard skin ‘live’ animals, bats and great crested newt. Before joining the team at Wagtail, Ted was living in a rescue centre in North Wales. Ted is now trained to detect tobacco and cash. He’s part of a team of tobacco and cash detection dogs who, with their 32

handlers, work with Trading Standards and HM Revenue & Customs on operations across England and Wales in the crackdown on the sale of illegal tobacco and illicit cigarettes. Collin Singer, Managing Director at Wagtail UK Ltd commented, ‘Wagtail dogs are top crime fighters and have detected millions of illegal cigarettes and tonnes of tobacco between them.’ Over 25% of Wagtail dogs are unwanted pets or are from rescue centres. Wagtail ensure they are given a good life and an opportunity to reach their full potential. A dog’s welfare is paramount at Wagtail. Outside work, Wagtail dogs have ample spare time for woodland walks, beachcombing and adventures in the hills. When it comes to retirement, a loving home is carefully chosen by their dedicated rehoming centre, Redpaw Rehoming. Wagtail sniffer dogs are often described as high energy, eager, excited dogs that often aren't good as pets because of their high energy. The Company commonly uses Labradors, Springer Spaniels and any


Ted (on right) after a very successful search.

working dog breed, who have a willingness to work, along with the intelligence, drive and determination that is needed from a working dog. They are resilient, passionate and thoroughly enjoy the challenge. Dogs come to Wagtail between the ages of 8 months and 3 years of age. During training the dogs are exposed to as many different environments as possible, ensuring the dog is adaptable and flexible to new situations. Wagtail is Home Office approved to hold real explosive and drug training samples and has a full suite of training aids, believing that training on real substance is best practice and a superior option to pseudo scent samples. All Wagtail staff members are qualified and fully trained to handle difficult dogs and are happy to rehome dogs with some behavioural problems.

Concealment of illegal tobacco hidden behind a fireplace.

Experienced Wagtail staff use a variety of modern, rewardbased training methods to ensure all their new recruits thrive and enjoy their day. Recent recruit, Alfie was loved by his owners, but was just too much for them. He was an extremely high energy dog, struggling in the boundaries of a domestic home. Alfie completed all his training at Wagtail with flying colours and is now working as a drug and cash sniffer dog for a Government Agency. Alfie’s Wagtail Trainer said of him, ‘He’s probably one of the best natural search dogs I’ve had the fortune to train. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his company.’ Rehoming Alfie was a difficult decision for his owners, but Alfie’s done so well and found something he’s really good at and his original owners are incredibly proud of him. Wagtail’s sister company, Conservation Dogs, is an www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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international centre for the training of wildlife detection dogs to assist with conservation needs and ecological surveys. The Company’s trained dogs

Oscar at Stadium search

have also been used in international work at airports, border crossings, train stations and road blocks. Ex-rescue centre dog Flash, the Cocker

Spaniel, is trained in bat carcass detection. Every species of bat is protected under EU law. Their protection is not only a necessity but a requirement. Conducting surveys in to their mortality rates is common place around wind turbines, new roads and building construction. Flash is one of multiple dog teams who, with their handlers, are able to cover large areas searching for bat carcasses; locating, collecting, storing and recording all relevant information. In March 2018, Wagtail UK Ltd launched Event Detection Dogs, a new company specialising in the provision of explosive and drug detection dogs at arenas and stadiums. Event Detection Dogs (EDD) handlers and dogs are specialists in explosive, pyrotechnic, firearms and drug detection, providing safety, assurance and security in an uncertain world. Labradors Oscar and Dennis work as part of the EDD team. Both dogs were due to be put sleep as they

had shown signs of aggression towards their owners. Fortunately for Oscar and Dennis, the trainers at Wagtail were able to work with the dogs and train them to become amazing explosive detection dogs, providing safety, assurance & security at stadiums and arenas around the country. n Wagtail UK Ltd are looking for new canine recruits to join their highly successful team. For further details please call Wagtail UK on 01745 561166 or email info@wagtailuk.com More information on Wagtail UK can be found on their website: www.wagtailuk.com

“It is possible to achieve a life-long dream and be rewarded for it! There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes along with the success but when it’s doing a job you love, all that hard work is invigorating and instills more drive” Emma Millis, DogKnows Greenwich.

Find out more about the Dogknows Dog Care & Training Franchise at www.dogknows.biz




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All about…

Guide Dogs! Guide dog puppies are born at a volunteer’s home, and stay with their mum until they’re six weeks old. From there, the pups spend a week at our National Breeding Centre in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, where their health and temperament are assessed. Guide dog puppies then go to live with another type of volunteer called a puppy walker, where they’ll spend the next 12 to 14 months. Puppy walkers teach our pups some basic obedience, and get them used to all

Founded in 1934, the charity Guide Dogs provides life­changing services for people with sight loss in the UK. Our iconic guide dogs are at the heart of what we do and we’re the largest breeder and trainer of working dogs in the world, breeding around 1,450 puppies every year.

the sights, sounds and smells of the big, wide world by taking them into shops, restaurants and on public transport. After their puppy walker, our puppies start their formal guide dog training at one of our 24 sites across the UK. They’ll spend around 16 weeks with a guide dog trainer, learning the foundations of what they need to do. After that, our young dogs spend about 10 weeks with a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor (GDMI) for more advanced training, and they’ll also be matched to

someone with sight loss. Every person and dog is unique, so matching is a carefully managed process. GDMIs take into account things like a person’s walking speed, height and lifestyle – and look for a dog that will suite their needs. Once a match is made, our GDMIs spend around three to four weeks training the guide dog owner and dog together. Of course we’re bestknown for our worldfamous guide dogs, but our work now encompasses so much more. In recent years, we’ve expanded

what we do beyond our dogs. With our My Guide service, we train volunteers to become sighted guides to people with vision impairments in their local area. We also offer a range of services for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted, to help them fulfil their potential. n Find out more at www.guidedogs.org.uk

CASE STUDY – Louise Jenkins and Trinity Fifteen years ago, Louise Jenkins was a busy mum with teenage daughters. Then, aged 40, her world was turned upside down after a spinal cord infection permanently damaged her sight, causing blindness in one eye and tunnel vision in the other. Louise, from Llandysul in Wales, spent the following year feeling as though her world had ended: “Our family life completely changed. Suddenly I couldn’t do anything on my own.” Louise rarely left home, before deciding that life couldn’t go on like that. She says: “I realised no one else was going to change anything, it was up to me.” Getting a guide dog was as life changing for Louise as her sight


loss. She quickly returned to her independent and confident self, and was able to take back control of her life. She retrained at university and now manages a drop-in centre for people with mental health needs. As well as working full-time she also provides home care for her husband and looks after her parents who also have complex health needs, travelling the 160-mile journey to their home by train. When Louise’s second guide dog Quinta retired in early 2016 after an accident, it was a huge set back. For six months Louise returned to the period after she had lost her sight and felt helpless again. When partnered with Trinity


in June that year, she was even more determined to live life to the full. She now pushes herself to be bold and brave. Louise has since completed Europe’s biggest zip wire in North Wales, has been swimming in the icy sea on Boxing Day with Trinity, and has done three half marathons in aid of Guide Dogs. “I do things now because I can”, she says, “I don’t want sight loss to limit what I can do.”


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DOES YOUR DOG HAVE Behavioural Issues? By Paul Coleman Dog Behaviourist covering East Anglia and Brittany. www.le-comportementaliste.com

What are behavioural issues? Basically, if you’re not happy with a behaviour, it’s probably an issue! Some people are quite content with behaviour that others would find irritating, disgusting or scary… It is easy to spot a change in behaviour of a pet that we have had for a while, and perhaps we can spot the trigger for that change; bereavement, moving house or a new baby or pet. It is also possible that as your dog reaches old age, diminished hearing or sight may reduce their confidence, leading them to behave differently, barking for example. Ageing can also cause ailments such as arthritis which may lead to different behaviours where the root cause is discomfort. Having done voluntary work for refuges in the UK and France over many years, I know that everyone involved does their very best, and I admire those people that week in and week out, rain or shine, turn up for these deserving animals, working with them to give them a better quality of life, and the chance of a future home.

Some issues are usually identified by refuges, such as the ability to mix with other pets or children. The refuge will also be aware of the dogs character and should be able to give advice on this. In the majority of cases, the rescue dog goes onto its new home, settles in, and all’s well. However the possibility of ‘The New Job’ scenario also exists. You know what it’s like; you have just started a new job, keeping your head down and your nose clean. Learning who’s who and what’s what. Then, when you have your paws - sorry FEET! I meant feet - under the table you start to feel that you can exert your personality a bit and make your mark. We all love our dogs and want to be loved by them. We have to provide a home where they feel safe, secure and their physical and mental needs are met. If needs are met, generally, dogs are balanced, well behaved members of the family and we are all happy. Sometimes habits start off as endearing or are endured but then grow out of proportion. Barking or pulling on walks individually can be a nuisance, but when the two are combined and directed at other animals or people they can be embarrassing or downright scary. It’s easier to nip unwanted behaviour in the bud but usually we wait too long trying solutions from Google, You Tube, Facebook

and that nice old chap from down the road who’s owned well behaved dogs since humankind first decided that putting something between our feet and the rocks would stop our legs from wearing out! When we eventually do decide that we need specialist help, the behaviour often has become entrenched.

So what does a Behaviourist do? We do not arrive with a sack of magic dust and instantly fix all problems. Instead we come to your home and by following a structured process, as below, find the reasons for and therefore a solution to the problems. 1. Assessment, usually including a walk without the owners. 2. Analysis and Diagnosis. 3. Plan of Action. 4. Ongoing Support On arrival I like everything to be normal, I want to see the www.rescueandanimalcare.com

real home and not just the dog. The surroundings and interactions and daily schedule are clues to behavioural issues. I want the dogs story from the owners, so as to better understand their views. When I walk the dog it’s possible to see how the dog reacts to things, and when, also its state of mind if it reacts. I also learn how responsive the dog is to commands and corrections. During Analysis and Diagnosis I consider everything that has been identified and, in my opinion,

the causes of the behaviours that are problematic. I can then formulate a realistic plan to change the behaviours. The Plan of Action will vary depending on the issues and lifestyle of the household, but will normally involve everyone. Certain issues can be resolved by a behaviourist, but to maintain that and improve on it everyone needs to be involved with the plan and possibly changes to routine. Consistency is the key to success. On-going support is crucial, in reviewing progress the

plan can be adjusted where necessary. It’s taken a long time and a lot of dogs for a behaviourist to learn their trade, for an owner to get there in just a few hours is a big ask! So some plans deal with the ‘low hanging fruit’ first and then evolve in order to succeed. In the end, the aim is to create a real change in your dogs behaviour, removing bad habits and creating a stable environment that provides for your dogs needs with minimum impact on your lifestyle.



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Charity No. CI0/1174351

We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos). We work with many shelters in Spain who carry out the primary rescue work and the homing groups and individuals in Europe who promote adoption in their own countries. This work is successful but expensive. Please help us by sponsoring one of our rescues, donating to our work, purchasing GIN merchandise or leaving us a legacy, please contact us: Greyhounds in Need 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey TW20 9HE Tel: 01784 483206, Fax: 01784 482501 Email: greyhoundsinneed.uk@gmail.com

Please visit our website: www.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk





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Tri, Tri and Tri again!

Daisy and Moose

Incredible fundraiser runs 11 triathlons in one year to raise funds for the Animal Health Trust's research into cancer in dogs Daisy Ledger, a 24 year-old from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, has gone Triathlon-mad in order to raise much-needed funds for cancer research in dogs. Daisy took on the challenge in memory of Moose, her loveable childhood pet Labrador and an important part of the family. The Ledger family sadly lost Moose in April last year after a short and sudden battle with cancer. Moose was 11 years old and died just two weeks after the diagnosis. With one in four dogs getting cancer, and the disease being the biggest killer of dogs over the age of ten, Daisy and her family are not alone in their loss. After losing Moose, Daisy found out more about the disease and was surprised to learn how many other people had also lost dogs to cancer, and that cancer research in dogs is poorly funded. Daisy also found that she was not alone in wanting to do something to help. Inspired by a Facebook group called Zoe’s Journey UK, where www.rescueandanimalcare.com

hundreds of dog owners are raising money for the AHT’s canine cancer research, Daisy set herself the target of completing 11 triathlons in 2018 – one for every year of Moose’s life – to help raise awareness and funds – and completed the challenge raising a wonderful £2,500 for the charity. Daisy said: “I never used to be a fitness fanatic! This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do – mentally and physically – but it’s not as hard as finding out your dog only has two weeks to live and there’s nothing the vet can do. This is why we need to support more research into cancer in dogs.” n Daisy – we think you’re amazing!! Please find out more about the AHT’s cancer research at www.aht.org.uk and show your support for Daisy by donating on her JustGiving page: bit.ly/Dledger



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Mr Pets


YuMOVE Tablets – especially formulated to support and improve the health and joints in all dogs, particularly the older dog. YuMOVE has been clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks.

Protexin Denamarin is a highquality Liver Supplement for your pet, containing SAM-e and Silybin. Much research has been carried out to prove its effectiveness in aiding and supporting liver function and repairing liver tissue.

Help maintain a healthy skin and coat with the aid of S.O.S salmon oil. The presents of natural Omega 3 and other fatty acids, help take care of skin, coat, keep joints supple and soothes itchy skin. AATU is a bespoke and unique 80/20 diet. The duck version comprises of 80% duck while the remaining 20% comes from a ‘Super 8’ combination of 8 vegetables, 8 fruits, 8 herbs, spices and botanicals. Grain, white potato and gluten free to minimise allergic reactions.



The pragmatic Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat has been inspired by professional outdoor pursuits clothing. Designed to keep your dog comfortable in any and all weathers. It has a cosy fleecy lining to insulate your dog from the cold, an enduring water-proof surface to help keep them dry and a chest protector strap to keep your dog's chest clean and dry if they run through a muddy puddle.


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NEWS AND PRODUCTS Vitalin’s new luxury product range to include Tetra eco-friendly packaging Vitalin adds four new exciting additions to their dog food range Recently unveiled at PATs in Telford, Vitalin Super Premium Pet Food have introduced four new products to their dog food range, including: • Luxury Dog Treats with 60% fresh British duck • Adult Fresh Meat with 60% British chicken • Adult Small Breed with 26% British chicken • 85% Fresh Chicken Pate and 80% Fresh Tuna Pate To complement their range of hypoallergenic, super premium dry dog foods, they have also developed freshly prepared and complete pate recipes, Fresh Chicken Pate and Fresh Tuna Pate. These only use the finest British sourced ingredients and are gently steam cooked to create a meal of the highest quality. Due to Vitalin’s continuous commitment to the environment, the new Pate range has been packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which are not just easy to open and quick to reseal for storage in your fridge, they are also sourced from sustainable forestry and are 100% recyclable. n To keep up to date with all Vitalin products, please visit www.vitalinpetfood.co.uk

INTRODUCING THE NEW BOB DOG LOOP FROM BACK ON TRACK® Help keep your dog warm and cosy this winter with the added wellbeing benefits of Back on Track’s New BOB DOG LOOP. The Bob Dog Loop is designed with an anatomical shaped neckline in a soft fleece fabric, ensuring your dog stays warm and cosy while allowing freedom of movement. Incorporating the Welltex® technology, the fabric is infused with ceramic particles to help promote mobility and wellbeing through increased circulation. The Bob Dog Loop can assist during physical activity and help aid recovery and stiffness in the neck area, helping your dog stay supple and mobile. The loop has been developed in consideration to long necked dogs, but thanks to the elastic bands at the front as well as around the top, it will fit dogs of different shapes and breeds. An opening at the back also makes it easy to secure the lead. Back on Track mineral infused Welltex fabric reflects infra-red rays emitted by the body to provide the wearer with the maximum benefit to the circulatory system. Maintaining good blood flow supports recovery after exercise and can help to avoid injury. The Bob Dog Loop is just one of the many Back on Track products available in the dog range. The full range extends from horse rugs to boots and human base layers to joint braces. The canine range includes everything from dog beds to leg braces. Each item is beautifully made and lined throughout with the revolutionary Welltex® fabric. The Bob Dog Loop is available in the following sizes: 35, 40,45,50, 55 cm. RRP £26.00 (Inc. VAT) n For more information and a list of UK stockists, visit. www.backontrack.com/uk




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A Gentle way to say Goodbye Ask a pet owner to identify the hardest part about having a pet and the majority will answer ‘saying goodbye’. s owners, we all dread the day that we may have to face this situation and I have lost count of the number of times that I have heard owners say that they wish that their cat or dog would just peacefully fall asleep at home and not wake up. The real but sad truth is that this rarely happens. Animals will often continue to live through severe and debilitating diseases, experiencing a poor quality of life and maybe even suffering. It is all too often up to us as their owners and their vets to prevent this and sometimes euthanasia (or a ‘good death’ as it literally means) is the fairest option. Those of you that have been through the process will know better than anyone – we remember what happens on those days and our experiences have a huge effect on the way that we are able to deal with our loss. Knowing what your options will be and having a think about what you prefer before the event will make it easier at the time. I’ve been through this with owners hundreds of times and I



genuinely believe that those who are even a little bit prepared, will find things easier. As much as I like to feel that my pets know and understand everything that I say to them (and occasionally ready my mind!) there are times when it’s good to accept that this isn’t true. Thinking about or talking about this is ok. Animals don’t understand death in the same way that we do and they certainly can’t process the concept of euthanasia, so try to keep this in mind. They don’t know what we’re talking about, but by talking we might make things easier for them when the time comes. Very often, once the decision has been made that euthanasia is the kindest option, we must then decide how or where this is to be done. There may be circumstances in an emergency where this isn’t possible, but often there is time to make some plans and decide whether to perform the euthanasia in the clinic or at home. This is a decision to be made with our pet as a priority, but also have a think about how you feel as their owner too. What is ‘normal’ to a cat and a dog is very different. Dogs love to go out – for walks, in the car, to new places and some even like visiting the vets although sadly, not all of them feel comfortable in the surgery. On the whole, cats don’t like leaving their home environment at all and taking them anywhere can be stressful for all involved. For you as an owner, taking your cat or dog on their ‘last’ journey can be extremely tough – both practically and emotionally


and it’s perfectly ok to admit that it’s too much, especially when being at home is an option. Dianne Cardwell remembers making the decision to have her dog put to sleep at home: ‘I had to let my much-loved Irish Setter, Rupert, go in February. I arranged for the vet to come to our house rather than dragging him to the surgery. This was definitely the best decision as he was so relaxed and calm. He ate rare roast beef while he slowly went to sleep. It couldn’t have been better for Rupert – he was in his own safe place and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.’ Being in a loving and familiar environment of your own home can make things slightly easier. Loved ones can be present, or in the next room to offer support and the degree of privacy that a home euthanasia gives you often means that you can express your grief and sadness far more openly than if you know that there is a waiting www.rescueandanimalcare.com

p40.qxp_Layout 1 31/10/2018 12:32 Page 41

room full of people outside that you may then have to walk through. From a vet’s point of view, I like home visits. I feel that they give me the opportunity to be completely focussed on the patient and the people involved and to do my absolute best for them. It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s home at the time like this and to be able to contribute to making the experience as positive as it can be. It might sound strange, but it is incredibly rewarding. When Anne Whelan’s cat became poorly with untreatable cancer, she elected to have a home visit: ‘Our beautiful cat hated going in the carrier whether it was to the vets or otherwise. I also had a partner who could not travel to the vets and needed to feel, and be part of it too. The vet was wonderful, nothing was rushed; it was calm and dignified. I have had both experiences in


my life as a pet owner euthanasia at the practice and at home. This is by far the nicest, most dignified, less stressful for all of us and most fitting end for our beautiful cat.’ In terms of arranging home visits for euthanasia, veterinary practices will always do their best to accommodate you when you need them, but we are now fortunate that there are services available who are specifically provide gentle home euthanasia visits. Cloud 9 Vets aims to give all UK pet owners access to home visits for euthanasia, 7 days a week. A highly skilled and compassionate veterinary surgeon will visit the pet in their home, providing a gentle and unrushed euthanasia and then if necessary, cremation can be arranged via a private crematorium. The company’s founder, Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen

said: ‘In vet practices, the focus is on health and getting an animal better, but when that time comes when there is no getting better, we can be there to help.’ I am very proud to be one of Cloud 9’s Vets. I will always do my best for my patients and their human families and visiting them in their own home gives the best opportunity to do this. n For more information on home visit euthanasia and the service provided by Cloud 9 Vets, you can visit their website at cloud9vets.co.uk or call the Care Coordinators on 08000 354 999.



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MagnuM’s happy ending

Mayhew’s longest staying cat finally finds a home with Eastenders actor Harry Reid We are thrilled to announce that after a record two and a half year wait, four year old Magnum has finally found his forever home with actor Harry Reid, who adopted Mayhew’s longest staying cat earlier this month. • Magnum arrived in their care in March 2016 as a stray, after being found in the local area by a concerned member of the public. • He was suffering from an abscess on his front paw, cat flu and a urinary tract infection, and he also had a benign lump on his neck. • Mayhew’s expert vets treated Magnum’s wounds, removed the lump, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped him, and gave him a thorough health and dental examination. • Blood test results found Magnum had Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), an incurable condition that attacks the immune system. Cats with FIV can lead a normal healthy life with proper care in the right environment, but are advised to stay indoors and only venture out very rarely – if at all - within an escape-proof garden, to prevent the risk of picking up infections and diseases from other animals. Sadly, this can make it more difficult to match them to a suitable home. After a short recovery period for his initial wounds and illnesses, gorgeous Magnum was ready to meet his forever family, and waited patiently for adoption. Sadly, the days turned into weeks, then months, and then years. We began to worry Magnum would be waiting forever to start his new life, and arranged for him to be fostered by one of our experienced carers whilst the perfect owner was found. Magnum adjusted extremely well to an indoor home environment, and we kept all our paws crossed he’d eventually find his happy ever after. Luckily for him, it seems the best things really do come to those who wait. Almost two and a half years after 42

Harry Reid told us “I have been interested in rehoming ever since I first met Mayhew, and I’m so happy to officially be a part of their family. I knew straight away that Magnum was the one for me – since bringing him home, he’s become my shadow and I love it! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt and rescue this beautiful little boy. Mum – here’s your Grandson!”

Magnum came to us, Eastenders star and theatre actor Harry Reid visited Mayhew, and fell in love with the ginger and white tomcat. Harry quickly decided to adopt Magnum, and thankfully could offer him the perfect home, with plenty of space for Magnum to explore and play indoors. Magnum moved in with Harry a few weeks ago, and since then, the pair have become the best of friends. Harry regularly shares Magnum’s adventures with over 94,000 fans on his Instagram page, adding the heart-warming hashtag #harryandthemag. Kayleigh Kilcommons, Head of Cattery at Mayhew, said “Seeing Magnum finally settled into a new home has brought so much happiness to


everyone who works and volunteers in the cattery. Magnum is a truly special cat who waited far too long to find a family – so we are utterly thrilled that Harry chose to give this sweet boy a dream home to call his own. Good luck Harry and the Mag!’’ As much as we all miss Magnum, we are delighted that he has found such a purr-fect home with Harry! n If you are interested in meeting any of their other cats still waiting to find their forever family, please visit our website https://themayhew.org/cats. You can also find out more about fostering or sponsoring a cat or dog by clicking these links, or donate to help us care for hundreds of animals in need. www.rescueandanimalcare.com

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National Animal Welfare Trust

Parsnip F9 wks


Misty F2

I love playing with my I am a sweet, friendly toys; they are all girl, but I am shy in amazing so I could new environments. I not pick a favourite. really enjoy lots of love and fuss.

PACT Animal Sanctuary

Barney M5 He is a naughty boy and will need owners to encourage him to be good.

Jenny F7

Crosby M15

Bernie M7

Marcus M6

Lucy F11

Toffee F3

I am a very friendly girl, who loves all the fuss and attention I can get. I love to have a cuddle.

Ideally I am seeking a quiet home with no other pets or small children. I have a lovely temperant.

I am really affectionate lap cat so would be really good company for someone.

I am a very loving boy and I enjoy a good fuss so I'd be really good company for someone.

I am a super friendly and affectionate girl that loves to have a head scratch.

I like to be nosey and enjoy watching what people are getting up to. I have a real cheeky side too!


Mr Black & White M5 Can you offer this bold and affectionate lad a forever home?

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Theresa F2

Kitkat M6

Aggie F16

Babe F5-6

Domino F3

Bonnie F1

Teresa does need a patient owner without any other pets or children.

He doesn’t like sharing his home or human affection with other cats.

Looking for a home where she can be a lap cat and while away her golden years.

A confident friendly girl, who is used to living with an older person.

Once settled she will be a chatty affectionate young lady.

A gentle girl who is timid but she soon relaxes and shows her affectionate side.


Tagliatelle F1-2

Matilda F2

Rosey F1-2

Summer F3-4

Pumpkin F6

Bubbles M10-11

Kashmere F1-2

Macey F2

She loves a good pamper session especially if it means she gets lots of head and chin rubs and some tasty treats.

She is a calm cat and affectionate who would be an ideal companion for someone who is out at work all day.

A sweet and gentle lady looking for a home where she will be given the space and time she needs to find her feet.

Her favourite activity is playing with her string toy, which she loves to chase and catch in her paws!

Pumpkin will need outside access in her new home, with a cat flap if owners work full time.

He is also loves to play with his string toy and he will bound around with it and carry it in his mouth.

Kashmere will require a cat proof garden with plenty of enrichment to keep her occupied.

Macey is a complete sweetheart, so much so, she even has a tabby heart marking on her side.

Blue Cross

Wood Green



Polly & Nancy F2

Matilda F2

Bennie M3

Tetley M12-13

Amber F14

Leo M5

Storm M2

We are like two little peas in a pod. We are both quite petite cats, but we have big hearts with a lot of love to give. May we have a second chance please?

She needs an owner that can be patient with her and let her character blossom.

I may be able to share my home with another cat but not with a dog.

We are looking for a home in a very rural setting with a low cat population.

A placid girl who is looking for a home where she can be showered with love.

Give him the occasionally sip of tea, his heart will be yours.

He is quite timid at the moment so is looking for a patient family.

Ivy F5-6

Margo F7

Ivy has the potential I love to play with to be matched to a rolled up bits of paper home with older and tin foil. school aged children.

Cuddles F2

Glenn M7

Enjoys chasing leaves. Her cheeky personality will keep you smiling.

The perfect companion, loves a snooze but also loves to play and explore.

Shyan F8

Denzel M4

Bobbi F9

Junior M2

I am a very stunning girl, don't you think? I'm very sweet and a gentle girl.

He enjoys getting fuss and attention. My favorite thing to do is to explore

She will be looking to live with older children and as the only cat in the home.

Any stranger that brings him catnip is a friend for life; he looooooves cat nip toys!



Luna F2-3

Tyson M3 mths

Coco F11

Johnny M5-6

Needs someone who can be patient with her and let her settle in at her own pace.

He is not a macho boy but a sweet and gentle little cat who likes his chin tickled.

She likes to go outside for a quick explore of the garden and then come in.

Needs a home where this lovely cat can be happy and have the freedom he needs?

Poppet M2

Choupette F4

Clover F8-9

Jack Black M10

This gorgeous lad is a real poppet. He is friendly and relaxed and simply adorable.

This sensitive kitty is slowly but surely coming out of her shell.

She loves to wake up and have a fuss from you and will happily keep you company.

He is a very loving boy who loves to lap up all the attention you give him.


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Lindee Lu is the UK's Premier Cattery and Kennel Builder Lindee Lu have been designing and manufacturing Catteries and Kennels for licensed boarding, rescue groups and private individuals for over 40 years.


S u pp l y i n g C at te r ie s a n d K e n n e l s fo r o ve r 40 ye a rs

Manufacturing Catteries is what we do We don’t build sheds, or garden furniture, we design and build premium bespoke living accommodation for cats. This is a new era for animal housing. Expectations have risen dramatically over the last 5 years meaning customers want larger, lighter, luxurious living spaces for their beloved animals and what better way to ease the wave of guilt you might feel when leaving home watched by two large, sad eyes, than to know your furry friend will be enjoying five star luxury in your absence. Each individual cat house or run is made from scratch by the team of expert joiners in our factory near Bristol. Some weeks we are busy manufacturing enormous 30 pen catteries ready to be delivered and installed in Scotland, other days we will be putting together a bespoke garden run for a cat lover a couple of miles away. Whatever we are doing, we are doing it with the love, care and attention to detail that people have come to know and expect from a Lindee Lu building.

Whether you foster, breed or have been thinking about running a little business from home with a boarding cattery, we are here to help you make your dreams a reality. Why not give us a call for a chat? We don’t hard sell, we don’t insist you buy a minimum number of pens and it doesn’t matter how large or small your project is. Email: sales@lindee-lu.co.uk or call 01275 853800 Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LindeeLuLtd/

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Supplier to the best breeders, rescuers and catteries for 20 years Penthouse Products has been designing, manufacturing and supplying cat cages to breeders, catteries, rescue centres, vets and domestic cat owners for 20 years. Our cat cages offer safe, comfortable, hygienic accommodation and we pride ourselves on an enviable reputation throughout the UK, Europe, USA and even Australia for excellent service and superior product design.

www.penthouseproducts.com We can also custombuild cat cages to your own measurements. Call: 01780 410313




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Brysons Animal Shelter

Simba M5

Sully M2

He is a big cat but he is very friendly and will make a loving companion.

Sully would like an adult home where he has access to go outside.


Jess F3

Saffy F1-2

She would like to be She will need a quiet, adult home where the only cat in the she can relax and household so she gain confidence. doesn’t have to share the attention.

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

Bonnie F3 & Clyde M3

Mildred F7

Mushroom M3

Bonnie and Clyde are brothers and they do need to be re-homed together. They love to be outside and have previously been in a rural home, so they are not used to traffic.

Mildred was a stray, we are now spending time getting to know her, further details to follow..

Mushroom is very friendly with people and she is currently living with Trevor, our long-term resident.


Mr Yellow M5

Lara F4

Li’l Puss F3

Mittens M2

Mimi F3

Sylvester M3

Lixie F21 mths

Grace F1

Mr yellow would suit a quiet environment or somebody who works all day.

She needs to be the only cat and needs access to a secure garden.

Looking for a forever home where she can do her own thing but still be pampered.

Used to living in a multi-cat household, and happy to do so in his forever home.

She is very shy and will need lots of patience to help her gain confidence.

Would be best for him if he were the only pet in a quiet adult only home.

She adores other cats and would love to be part of a cat household.

High energy so needs an active home with people who have time to play with her.

Scottish SSPCA


Cody F4

Cher F6

She is a playful young lady who likes attention but on her own terms.

Needs an owner who can give her some one-onone attention.

Iris F2

Paddy M2-3

Iris is a very out going Quiet vocal to let you girl who does crave know he is there so attention and very that you don't forget curious to everything. about him!

Peter M5 mths

Ross M5 mths

Toots M5-8

Whinnie F1-2

Needs an adult only home with someone who is confident to handle him daily.

Looking for a home where he can have constant outdoor access once settled.

He will require access to the outdoors, best suited to an adult only home.

Due to previously showing symptoms of cat flu, she needs to be the only cat.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk

Jasper M5

Sparkle F2

Daisy F3

Andy M8

I am a cheeky chap who enjoys having a play. I like to be made a fuss of.

I would like to be the only pet but I should be fine to live with older children.

I am looking to find a home where I will be given all the love and affection.

I am looking for a forever home as my previous owner passed away.

Pickle M5

Stevie F7

Nikita F5

Bam Bam M1

I should be fine to live with a cat friendly dog.

I am a friendly girl and love to meet and greet people as soon as the door is open!

I am an affectionate girl but I do also like my own space.

I am a bit of a hunter so my forever home will need to be ok with presents.

Bob M4 mths & Patrick M4 mths

Puddie F11

Franz M10

Hello my name is Bob and I am looking for a forever home along with my brother Patrick. We are happy to be rehomed either separately or together. We are a little nervous when we first meet you but soon become very affectionate. We should be fine to live with a dog and older children.

I am a sweet girl and I like to chat with people. I will need a quiet home with no other pets.

I should be fine to live with older children but I think I would prefer to be the only pet.




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Bath Cats & Dogs Home


Bandit M16

Bruce M2

Clive M2

Felix M10

Jeff M13

Keta F2

Kim M4 mths

Oliver M10

Would happily live as an indoor only cat, or with a secure garden for pottering around.

He can live with older teens and adults, potentially with another cat.

Clive is a nervous chap, looking for a rural home with lots of space.

He would love a farm or rural home so he can enjoy his freedom.

He will be head bopping you for cuddles - his favourite is to head bop your nose!

She would like a small garden to explore as she was previously an indoor cat.

He needs a quiet new home and an experienced owner.

Oliver has shown an interest in some fishing rod toys and loves to play.

Last Chance Animal Rescue


Pippin F6

Lola F12

Bumble F11

Bindi F11

Leto M14 mths

Cleo F5

Snowy M3-4 mths

Tabitha F13

Pippin is a very shy but sweet girl who will need a kind, gentle and patient owner.

She would suit a single person or a quiet couple and wants to be the only pet in an adult home.

She will be a lovely family pet, or a very sweet companion for a person who is not out of the house all day.

Does not like dogs, and can be scared of loud noises. We are suggesting gentle children 10 years+

He can be a little timid to begin with but soon comes round given time and patience.

She is worth the wait for a patient person, she will always be nervous, but is a funny, playful, chatty and affectionate girl.

Snowy will need a home where he won't be left for more than 6 hours in the day as he is anxious.

he is a real lap cat and would make a great companion for someone, she is an indoor cat.

Leicester Animal Aid


Binks M4

Boo and Fangs F12 wks

Walter M13

Monkey F13

Tattiana F6 mths

Selina F2

Nelly F8 mths

He loves attention and cuddles, he may enjoy a home with children over the age of 6 years.

Being as young as they are, they have bags of energy and will need a young, active home that can keep them busy, preferably with someone around for most of the day to keep an eye on their mischievous antics.

He will make any house a home and has so much love to give. Walter does like to talk to you, especially if he is hungry!

Has a very good appetite, never turning away food or treats, making it very easy to gain a special bond with her upon first meeting.

She loves chin scratches and head rubs, and would surely make a fantastic companion once she is settled in her new home.

Once she trusts you and the environment she is in, she becomes a little bundle of joy.

She is a very active, lively little girl who loves nothing more than lots of play time as well as lots of fuss in between.

The Sheffield Cats Shelter


Hettie F14 wks

Figaro M5

Sooty M15

Enzo M10

Sandi F1 & Noel M4 mths

Jerry & Sweep M1

Hettie is a very timid little girl who is looking for her perfect forever home, where she can grow in both size and hopefully confidence!

He also likes to have all attention to himself, so does not get on with other cats.

Sooty is a lovely boy who would make a great companion. He has always lived as an indoor cat.

He is a lovely laid back older boy who we think would make a great companion for someone.

They are a mother and son pair who have a very close bond, and are looking for their forever home together. Sandi is a gorgeous girl who is quick to come for love and fusses. Noel is a playful little boy, but can sometimes be a bit unsure. We are sure that with time he will grow more in confidence.

These brothers are a little timid and will need a special home with someone experienced with timid cats. They may never be lap cats or fussy cats, but they do deserve a great, happy and safe life nonetheless. They would need to be re-homed together as they play and spend most of their time with each other.

The Moggery Cat & Kitten Rehoming Centre


Mouse M1-2

Snickers M7-8

Scully F2-3

Sianaye F1

Snowdrop F1

Poppy & Willow F4

Dottie F1-2

He also is very inquisitive and cheeky. He’s a real monkey of a boy! He would be fine with older children just not toddlers.

He can be a bit nervous when he first meets people but soon warms up and wants to sit on your lap.

Lovely Scully loves head rubs and sitting on your lap. He has bags of personality and loves toys.

is a very friendly cat that follows you around. She loves attention and other cats.

She is a lovely lap cat who adores company and cuddles, a real cutie.

These lovely sisters are Poppy is black with a ginger tinge while Willow is a soft grey colour. They are very gentle and affectionate cats who spend their time indoors or in the garden. They also love human company and to play and interact, for example chasing balls.

She needs to be in a home without dogs. She is a very affectionate but independent girl. She loves to play and is very inquisitive.




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Danaher Animal Home


Albert M13

Opal F18 mths

Walter M1-2

Jack M3

Maisie F4

Marmaduke M2

Reeta F3 & Diget M3

He needs a nice calm home where he can be treated like the king he is.

If you think you can offer Opal a loving forever home.

Looking for a family who are experienced with dogs of his size as he needs a bit of training.

What he really longs for is a comfy bed, his favourite toys and bundles of love and attention.

She is a fabulous dog and will make a great companion, cannot live with other dogs.

A fantastic dog would love someone to give him the love and attention he craves.

We would really like it if we could find a home together as they are really close (brother & sister) They absolutely love cuddles and are the perfect lap dog. They enjoy making new doggie friends and going on long walks.

Animals in Need Northamptonshire


Buster M13

Buzz M

Elsie F

Glen M7

Gizmo M12

Hoochey F3

Muffin M

Shilo M

This senior chap has lots of life left to enjoy and would love a new home as soon as possible.

It would be good if someone is home a lot of the time as he does have issues with being left.

Elsie is a lovely girl but is a bit timid, She takes a bit of time to trust new people.

He needs a new family to show him that life can be good.

Gizmo loves to play ball, walks nicely on the lead, knows commands and keeps his kennel clean overnight.

She would be happier in a childfree home with no other animals. She travels well, does know some basic commands and is housetrained.

He is still a young boy and is good with other dogs. He would be happier in a family with older children. Looking for stability in his life.

He will need a patient, adult only home as he can food guard. This boy deserves some love and happiness.

Ashbourne Animal Welfare


Buddy M3

Jack M8

Milo M5

Minnie F10

Toby M5 mths

Rocky M1

Phoenix M5-6

Scoobie M11

Buddy is very friendly and a real cuddle monster! He'll do anything for a fuss, and would be a lap dog if you will let him!

Jack would be better in a home with people who have lots of time to keep him company.

he has a lot of energy and loves to run and play. He does have a very sweet side, and loves a cuddle.

Minnie would be better suited to a quiet home, with people who are around a fair bit... preferably without other dogs.

He's a fun loving lad, who enjoys playing and generally having a great time!

Loves to play and can be a real clown, he loves bouncing around after toys, and naturally loves to run... being a lurcher!

Phoenix isn't used to sharing his home with other dogs, so may be better as the only dog in the home.

He's generally a steady lad, and enjoys snoozing between his walks. He will make a great companion in the right home.

Border Collie Trust GB


Beauty F8

Nessie F1

Silver F9 mths

Oscar M3

Ted M2

Toffee M2

Tufty M1

Spot M1

She is a confident friendly girl and should be suitable to live with children over 8 years old.

She is house trained, is good when left alone for 4 hours, knows basic commands and travels ok in a car but does salivate.

Silver is shy when meeting new people so would be better with children over 8 years old.

He is housetrained, is good when left alone odd hours, knows basic commands, travels well, and interacts well with other dogs.

He is housetrained, is good when left alone for a few hours but has been crated, travels well, is good around livestock and has lived with other dogs, will chase cats.

He is housetrained, is good when left alone for several hours, travels ok in the car and is good around other dogs.

He is a friendly boy and we are told he is housetrained, is good when left alone in a crate, is good with children and loves to play ball.

Will only require short walks in quiet areas to begin with as he still isn't yet used to walking on a lead.

Emily F4

Lady P F10 mths

Hank M7

Charley M4

She is being socialised with the dogs here and she loves to play and be groomed.

Hank is house trained, loves food, gets a little restless in the car and can jump so will need a minimum 6’ fence.

Charley is a very happy dog who can be mischievous, jumps up, will chew and needs a patient owner who can train her in all aspects.

PACT Animal Sanctuary


Ben M

Tugs M8

Patch M10 mths

Ben needs a patient, understanding owner who will take the time to get the best out of this lovely boy.

He requires a minimum 6’ fence, is house trained, is not destructive but can open doors. He travels well in a car.

To see him is to fall hopelessly in love with him, he needs sensible owners who will understand the needs of a deprived puppy.


Bully M2

This lovely girl needs He has lived with lots of love and another dog in the attention but long past but he is very distance walks and full of himself and play with young playful so will need a children are patient companion not advisable. that likes to play.



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Wood Green


Buddy M4-5

Paul M1

Leo M1-2

Joop M1-2

Whitefield F2-3

Julie F1-2

Seb M6

Cody M10 mths

His ideal place to be would be cuddled up to you on the sofa after a long walk in the countryside.

Paul loves nothing more than leaning against you for a fuss and a cuddle.

He is a very active boy who loves his walks and playing with other dogs.

This one of a kind man is Joop! He is an active boy who has lots of love to give.

Getting to know Whitefield’s cute and quirky ways is the key to loving her.

Will need to live with a confident doggy companion to help show her the world isn’t so scary.

He absolutely loves being around people and will make someone a great best friend.

He loves to explore the world, looking for an active family who have time to give him his daily exercise.

Bath Cats & Dogs Home


Archie M6

Bert M10

Billy M3

Dappers M6

Buddy M2

Jorgie M5

Henry M3

Taffy M2

He would benefit from a secure garden or paddock for off-lead play times. He can live with adults only.

Bert would love a secure garden to endlessly chase his tennis balls.

He enjoys playing fetch, and already knows a few commands and would enjoy learning more.

Likes plenty of company, and would be happy with time spent with you in the garden rather than a walk every day.

Out and about Buddy walks nicely and enjoys being in the great outdoors on walks with plenty of space.

He would like a garden to wander around and even knows how to use a cat flap to let himself out.

Ideally he'd love a secure garden thats big enough for him to run around chasing his tennis balls.

Taffy is a sweet boy who adores human company. He will make a wonderful pet in his new home.

Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association & Cheltenham Animal Shelter


Abi F4

Albie M5

Bailey M6

Leah F20 mths

Sully M3

Shadow F2

Tyke M8

Polo M5

Abi is looking for a nice relaxed family home where any children are older and sensible.

He is looking for a home where his new owners are super active and someone that enjoys taking daily hikes.

Bailey would like an adult only home, ideally experienced with terriers, and where he can be the only pet.

Leah is a smart girl and enjoys positive training, she is currently being clicker trained to help her learn new skills!

Sully enjoys his walks, walking nicely on his harness, taking in the sights and smells of the outside world.

Shadow will need a medium to large sized secure garden to enjoy off lead time in as she really loves practising her zoomies!!.

Due to his love of people Tyke would like a home where someone is around for most of the day, as he loves his company so much.

Suffers from separation distress he doesn’t like to be on his own, so he will need a home with someone around for most of the day.

Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home


Gary M4

Bruce M2

Goalie M1

Baa Baa M8

Billy M2

Raven F2

Wolfie M5

Superdog M4

I am a happy guy with a bouncy character who likes spending time with people as I can be very affectionate.

I love playing with toys and I am a lot of fun to have around. I have a big personality and a great zest for life; nothing gets me down …

I’m a clever boy and I would love to learn some really cool tricks in my new home.

My tennis ball is my prized possession in the whole world, I love playing fetch, I also enjoy that game where I let you think you can pick up the ball!

I’m hoping I’ll be taken to training classes once I am in my new home to help me learn new things.

I’m a sweet and active lady who would make a great running companion. If not running, I love long walks.

I adore playing fetch with the tennis ball and I would really love to go to agility or flyball classes, perfect for physical and mental stimulation.

I’m looking for a SUPER home with SUPER owners who have experience with sharpeis. Could you be my Wonder Woman!

Linbee Dog Rehoming


Balou M5

Bonnie F6

Alfred M

Mr Snuffles M4

Ruby F4

Suki F

Zack M4

Moushky M

This stunning boy needs a large breed experienced home. A lovely boy who just needs some lead work.

All I want now is a home of my own, I am not getting any younger and I just like you humans I would love to just put my feet up and watch the world go by.

I dont like small people so no kids for me please. I love a belly tickle and I have so much to give if anyone can give me a second chance please get in touch... love Alfred xx

I am a big softy at heart and love a cuddle and some treats and would just love the chance of a home to call my own.

All I need now is a loving family to offer me a sofa to relax on and spend the rest of my life as a family member.

Suki is a very loving girl. She is full of fun, loves to play fetch with her ball and really enjoys a good back scratch!

If your looking for a fun guy who still has a spring in his step, then come along and meet me.... I wont let you down!!

Hello everyone! I'm Moushky. I am only a young boy so still have giddy moments I love to run around and have fun.




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Blue Cross


Tolly F9

Betsy F4

Nike M7

Emmy F6

Pepe M5

Milo M10 mths

Lady F6

Yan M2

Once he has made a bond with you he is your loving companion for life! Loves cuddles!!!

I don't ask for much just someone to love me and keep me safe, with a nice warm bed.

I would need a home without other pets as I find cats too tempting to chase!

Emmy is a gorgeous, happy girl who loves being part of the family. She really enjoys her walks.

Needs active owners who can keep up with him and are committed to providing lots of play.

Milo is still learning the basics through fun training sessions and when being out exploring.

I would love a home to call my own again, I love to have a run round in the garden then a snooze!

He is true to his breed, we are looking for a home with people who know all about Terriers!

Dogs Trust


Bill M5-7

George M5 & Peppa F5

Rory M1

Alan M1-2

Boss M5-7

Bruno M10

Zak M5-7

He likes to be out exploring, mooching about the place in a very terrier fashion. Bill enjoys his treats and is taking kennel life in his stride.

George and Peppa are siblings. Peppa is toy mad and is rarely seen without one of her many toys in her mouth. Both dogs are extremely foodie (well they are labs after all !!) and should be fine with older children. Should be fine for short periods on their own with each other for company once settled in.

He is an incredible boy with a zest for life so is looking for a family who can keep up with him!

He is looking for a home with another small and very friendly dog to help him acclimatise to life in his new home, he is very shy.

Boss is such a lovely boy, he wants to make friends and has a wag for everyone. He is such a gentle giant.

His favourite game is to play with toys, especially tennis balls, he likes to destroy these! He will enjoy a slightly quieter lifestyle.

A sweet boy who likes people and gentle fuss. He really likes company and does not want to be left alone for too long!

Walker M5-6

Snowy F1 Fearless and brave Snowy here! A true side kick in search of my Tin Tin! I am loyal, loving and as active as they come; give me an adventure and I’m raring to go!

Betsie Boop F11 mths

Flower F1

I am constantly smiling and ball obsessed!.. Football, tennis ball; you name it and I’ll be playing it! Just try and find them once I’m finished though!

Buttercup F5-6 mths

Leicester Animal Aid


Bella Lasagne F2

Mars Bar M3

Don’t be fooled by my floppy ear, I am one very smart and clever young lady, full of ambition and drive ensuring I get what I want!

I can melt a heart by just looking at you and once you’ve had a special Mars cuddle where I rub my face on to yours, that’s it we will be best friends for life!

National Animal Welfare Trust

Galaxy Chocolate F4 I just need a settled home with lots of time and patience and most of all toys!!

Forget about Betty Boop, I ‘Betsie Boop’ am just as cute and adorable with a child like personality, face to die for and a mature canine.

If I hear a squeak I get very excited and you will see my joyful, giddy side.

Hey, ‘Beautiful Buttercup’ here. A bouncy little bean and as you can imagine raring to go just as any puppy is.


Perdy F3

Midge M5

Poppy F5

Bonnie F13

Jazz F9 & Indie F9

Yoshi M4

Smith M6

I am a very sweet and gentle natured girl. I walk really well on a lead and I thoroughly enjoy my strolls.

I am a friendly and affectionate boy that wants a fuss from everyone I come across.

My favourite thing in the world is playing with my toys; I can find the fun in anything...even a chewed up old tennis ball!

Don't be fooled by my grey face, I am lively little lady who enjoys nothing more than a good walk.

Both of us have endless amounts of energy and are incredibly affectionate. We are very social pair and enjoy greeting dogs we meet on a walk. A home with no cats is a must as we do get rather excited and have been known to chase them.

I'm a cheeky, mischievous chap with bags of character and a lot of love to give - once we've bonded I'll love you forever!

I love my soft squeaky toys, learning new tricks and BIG zoomies (running as fast as my little legs can go)!

Margaret Green Animal Rescue


Moose M5

Eddie M4

Wesley M6

Wanda F4

William M3

Bill & Ben M7

Tilly F1

I am often told that I have a great personality, everyone I meet falls in love with my quirky charm.

I am handsome chap who is happiest when playing with my toys, especially the squeaky ones!

I can live with older children but I'd prefer to be in a home without cats.

One of my favourite things are toys, especially bouncy ones because I can throw them around and catch them. I enjoy activity toys.

I enjoy meeting dogs out and about, and also love playing with my doggie friends.

We are very close and do everything together so we are looking to find a quiet home together as the only pets in the household, where we can enjoy our daily walks and have a nice warm lap to sit on in the evening! Better than sitting in a flowerpot!

I am looking for an active but experienced adult home, where my new family can help me gain more confidence.




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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home


Sami F6-7

Boomerang M2-3

Billy M4-5

River M9 mths

Bongo M1

Nelly F6

Heidi F6

Ella F7-8

This stunning collie mix loves the outdoor life, playing with tennis balls and giving high five's!

If you're looking for a dog that will give you a laugh a minute, and is great company, then look no further.

Looking for a home where he can rest his bambi like long legs. He enjoys sleeping.

This bright dog is eager to learn and is sure to pick up a few commands if you are willing to teach him.

A fun character, with a cheeky and playful manner. However he does have a sensitive side.

Needs calm owners who can offer her a calm environment so that she can settle in at her own pace.

She has clearly had a rough start in life & is in desperate need of some TLC.

She really enjoys her food and running around outside in the company of her human friends.

Last Chance Animal Rescue


Frankie M19 mths & Doris F3

Candy F9-10

Gucci F12

Spidey M2

Cobweb M3-4

Sunshine F3-4

Wes M6 mths

Frankie and Doris are a lovely homely pair of miniature dachshunds who are very nervous. They are very sweet and loving at home, love to snuggle and really enjoy quiet walks. Doris is the more confident and Frankie likes to play. They are very attached to each other.

Candy is a very scared but very sweet girl. She has had a hard life so needs a special loving home.

A sweet older lady who is looking for a loving retirement home, where she will be able to sleep to her hearts content.

A lively boy who will need an active home and owner. He would like to be rehomed with his best friend Cobweb.

A sweet gentle boy who loves to run, needs an active owner. He would like to be homed with his best mate Spidey.

Sunshine is a Very, very happy girl! She absolutely loves attention and cuddles and will need an active home.

Wes is a very lively, playful boy who can be strong on the lead. He needs further training and lots of exercise.

Jet F2

Prince M4



Sookie F2

Bella F3

Joe M8 mths

Sookie needs a home with a garden she can play in, fetch is her favourite game and she even enjoys agility fun!

Once Bella decides she likes people then she is great fun to be with, she is affectionate, playful, mischievous and manageable,

Once physically mature he would enjoy agility, fly-ball and scent work type activities for extra physical and mental stimulation.

Scottish SSPCA

Would be better Hello I am a fun loving suited to older terrier that enjoys children in the home. getting up to mischief Fine left for short and nice long walks in periods, house the countryside. trained but not used to travelling.

Ollie M2

Proki M3

Pepsi F10 mths

Ollie is an active, fun dog. He loves to be made a fuss of though can be boisterous with his affection.

I enjoy my walks but mostly like to be horizontal on a big comfy bed! Proki is a sweet gentleman.

Pepsi could live with another dog if personalities match. Could live with a confident cat that is used to dogs.


Keira F1-2

Daisy F1-2

Larry M1-2

Scout M8-9

Tucker M1

Tia F1-2

Riley F2

Roxi F6

Would be suited to a quiet home without children where she is the only dog in the household.

Daisy loves being out for a good run around and adores her walks so we feel a home that is active would suit her best.

This friendly guy loves to be out and about, playing with his toys and stretching his long legs.

He will never fail to put a smile on your face and will be a friend for life. Scout is looking for a nice balanced home.

He adores company so any time being left alone will need to be built up gradually. He loves toys and puzzles which would help keep his mind busy.

She will need a new owner who can be with her for most of the day as she is not used to being left alone.

Riley will require a home big enough to accommodate her size and also a large enclosed garden.

Nothing helps Roxi relax like digging into her toy box and playing with her favourite toys so would like lots of these!

SESAW Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare www.sesaw.co.uk

Autumn and Winter breaks available


Barney M9

Flo F5

Marlow M5

Jack M10

Barney is a 9 year old Cairn cross, in need of a new home since his owner went into care. Not suitable with young children.

He’s an energetic lady who loves a fuss, playtime and walks. She will need some basic training but is eager to learn.

He needs to live with someone home most of the time as he doesn’t cope with long spells alone.

He loves his walks, but will need an experienced home, maybe a single owner who will give him his space. He needs to be the only pet.



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If you would like to place an advertisement call our animal friendly team on 01787 228027


Want to Work with Animals? Animal Jobs Direct offers over 150 accredited animal care courses designed in consultation with employers to increase career and employment prospects. Please contact us for free careers and training advice. Tel: 0208 626 9646 For more information about our Training Courses, please visit our website

www.animal-job.co.uk ASTROTURF

Prices from ÂŁ5.oo per sq.mtr.

Ideal for lawns, patios, garden sports, child and pet friendly. Self fit putting greens. Self draining. Visit us at www.astroman.co.uk or Call 01480 493900 or 07836 325 901

Designer Kennels Ltd


No. 1 for service, quality and prices. Our kennels are constructed from tough polypropolene and edged with aluminium to make them virtually indestructable and with so many designs and sizes to choose from its no wonder so many top breeders and boarding kennels now have Designer Kennels. With 1000s of kennels and catteries installed throughout the UK that is why we are No. 1

www.designer-kennels.com 14b Swordfish Way, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire LS25 6NG Tel/Fax: 01977 685500


Email: astroman.ray@tiscali.co.uk

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We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos)


Please visit our website: www.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk Charity No. CI0/1174351

For holiday lets. Sleeps 2 – double bed in double bedroom. Comfortable lounge and modern kitchen. Separate bathroom with shower. In a small complex. Satellite TV and DVD player. Sunny decking at front with lawned garden to back. Takes 2 dogs, 3 with approval. Dogs stay for free. Smoking permitted. Many woodland walks, restaurant nearby with excellent food. Newquay and sandy beaches 9 miles. Weekly hire, Sat-Sat £240 Low Season, £300 Mid, £360 High. £50 refundable damage deposit. First £15 electricity free per week. Towels and bed linen provided and included in price. A quiet rural retreat 7 minutes drive from Aberaeron and the sea. Tel: 01544 340474 Email: KAYATSTORES@btinternet.com


The Society for Abandoned Animals

Happy Landings Animal Shelter


Zoe F

Blake M18 mths

Fire M

Azkaban M

Can be a bossy little madam.

Particularly partial to a good chew!

My favourite thing is to jump and chew!

I am an energetic livewire.

Prince M

Bunty & Hattie F2

Thumper M

I can be quite nervous at first.

We really don’t like being handled so would not be happy living with small children.

I love playing in the outdoor runs.


Pixie F2-3

Bertie M

Vic M8

Sammie M3

Harley F4

Coco M15 mths

Ava F8

Pumpkin F4

She is a fun loving, affectionate fantastic character who loves people and loves to spend time with you.

Bertie will need a big house and garden and an adult only home is a must, certainly only older teenage children.

Being a gentleman, he always remembers to greet with all four feet on the floor, however excited he is to see you.

An active boy by nature, he loves his walks (provided it is not raining!) and will need owners who enjoy getting out.

She is a dream to train and already has most of the basics you would want in any dog. She is good both on and off lead.

Coco is a lovely, friendly, sociable boy. He is happy to meet new people, welcome in guests.

Ava is a surprisingly confident girl, very happy to socialise with new people and in new places.

Pumpkin would love a super active home doing something like agility to keep her active brain working.

Animals in Distress


Sasha M12

Thomasine F12 & Benjamin M12

Baby Boy M8

Bertie M6-7

Rexi M3-4

Marley M1 & Millie F2

I’m a friendly chap who likes interacting with people on my terms.

I have come in with my Brother Benjamin; we’re inseparable and love to cuddle up so we must find a new home together. We love a lap but need to sit on together!

I am a very friendly cat but also fairly i ndependent and enjoy my own space.

I would be best suited to a rural home, farm or stables.

I can be affectionate and playful, but I can also be aloof and hate too much fuss.

Meow, my name is Marley and I am looking for a home with my friend Millie, and as you can see we are a very beautiful pair. We do enjoy fuss and I especially enjoy food.

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Profile for Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine

Rescue & Animal Care Magazine 28th October - 28th November 2018 - Issue 139  

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