Rescue & Animal Care Product Guide - Christmas 2022

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A Winter Wonderland of Products for your pets
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Travel in safety, comfort and style

Sherpa crash-tested car har ness

Keep your dog secure in the car with this harness. Works with existing seat belts - no extra straps or connectors required. Can also be used with a lead as a harness for walking. Sizes available small, medium, large and extra large. Prices from £28 95 to £46 95

Car boot liners

Ideal for keeping your car boot clean after a muddy dog walks. Low sided liners and high sided liners available. Prices starting from £29.95 https://www roofbox co uk/car boot liners mats/

Dog Bag pop up fabric kennel

A super-strong 'pop up' fabric kennel, the ideal pet carrier in the car. Available in four sizes it comes with a handy rucksack. Dog Bag uses integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure and stability, it packs into a small rucksack. From £44.95

Keep muddy paws off your car seats

The hammock includes an ample storage pocket. Keep your car free from dirt and spills with the Animal Basics velvet seat covers. Available in rear seat and hammock sizes. From £44.95 https://www travellingwithpets co u ges/car seat covers hammocks

Worried about driving on snow and ice?

AutoSock tyre snow socks are hardwearing high-tech textile ‘snow socks’ that you pull over the driving wheels of vehicles that need extra grip in snow and ice. fitting them is easy. If you can pull a sock over your foot you can push a fabric cover over a wheel. Prices start at only £49.95


Shoe snow chains are a simple yet obvious solution to the problem of 'how to stay on your feet on ice and snow'. htt

RUD 'i Sock' shoe socks
RUD's Quick Step shoe chain https://www roofbox co uk/car snow socks/

Ca lm ing Pet Products

Pet Remedy Leave in Conditioner

First Aid For Stress Tin

Even the calmest pets can suffer from stress from time to time. Stress can be triggered when we least expect it, so keep this handy tin in a safe place, ready to help any pet when stressed. £12.00

A perfect finishing touch to leave your pet with a soft, shiny coat. A tiny inclusion of pet remedy helps to maintain the calming effect. Enhanced with Rosehip, Bramble and Moss extracts plus pro-vitamin B5 to help condition and nourish the skin and coat, leaving a soft and delicate fragrance 300 ml £12 00

Party Season Survival kit

All you need to help keep your pet calm & relaxed during party season! £28 00

Luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming


Pet Remedy Pre Wash

• Fast acting pet remedy calming ingredients will help settle your pet.

Cat Luxury Grooming & Massage Kit

The perfect way to give your cat a calming and relaxing massage whilst removing loose hair from the coat.

Kit contains: Soft massage brush with 20 Pet Remedy Calming Wipes. £16 00

Pet Calming Spray

Ideal for pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents and birds. Easy to use with trigger spray. Can be used in conjunction with plug-in diffuser.

200 ml £20.00

• Effective coconut derived ingredients help de-tangle and lift dirt and oils to start the cleansing process.

300 ml £12 00

Rinse Free Foam Shampoo

Naturally derived cleansing and detangling agents in all the right proportions, create a luxurious foam that can simply be brushed through a dry coat to lift dirt and oils without the need for water.

200 ml £12.00

In stressful situations, simply spray Pet Remedy a couple of times on bandana. The calming effect will start to help instantly. Lasts up to 4 hours.

Sizes available: XS, S, M or large. £12.00

Calming Wipes

Use the eco friendly wipe in the same way as you would with the calming spray by gently rubbing under chin and top of chest of your pet (including horses). Pack of 12 £7.50


Yellow Raincoat for Anxious Dogs

Lightweight, waterproof yellow raincoat that will keep your anxious dog dry and visible during wet weather adventures plus let others know that they need space. £19.99 £34.99 Visit www myanxiousdog co uk

Puppy Hot water bottle

This friendly pup will soothe, warm and comfort on cold nights. £15 99

Visit www dogstrustgifts com

Pass the Parcel Sprout

A fun version of pass the parcel, ideal for the Christmas dinner table. £6.99

Visit www bluecross org uk

lil wabbit x StreetVet Christmas collection

In support of StreetVet, the “lil wabbit x StreetVet Christmas collection” returns for the second year with a new glorious range of 8 Christmas cards featuring nine portrait paintings and heart-warming stories of StreetVet’s most beloved patients. From every sale, 50% of the profit goes directly to StreetVet to cover pet’s vaccinations and treatments. lilwabbit co uk, Etsy https://lilwabbit co uk/collections/streetvet and on notonthehighstreet https://www notonthehighstreet com/lilwabbit A pack of 8 cards costs £18

Photo credit: lil wabbit

Peanut Butter and Apple

This original dog bakery biscuits are still very popular with our four legged friends. £3.95 Visit www arrandogbakery co uk

Birds Top Trumps

Ever wondered why the toucan has two pairs of toes? Think you know why flamingos are pink? Can you tell the difference between a macaw and a tanager?

Birds of the World explores a colourful and fascinating variety of birds from every nation RRP £6 Available on Amazon www amazon co uk


Customisable Whelping boxes. Any colour, Lightweight, Robust, Come pre-assembled, Easy to clean and maintain. Visit www thedaleskennelcompany co uk/whelpingbox

Border Collie Trust GB Border Collie 2023 Square Calendar Get ready for 2023 with this calendar to plan all your adventures! £10.99 Mark Charles Hand Drawn Border Collie Mounted Print Overall Size 10" x 8" Print size 8" x 6" - Printed on embossed paper with backing card. £9 99 Collie Print You Want My Chair print. £15 00 Dogs At Christmas Wrap 5 sheets and 5 tags - 50cm x 70cm. £3.99 Baby Honk Pig 17x7x7cm Stretchy Tough Latex. Available in Pink or Black. £5 79 Soft Gor Wild Cow Toy Added scream and squeak make it great fun for your dog. £7 49 She Wanted To Be The Tree Fairy Pack of 6 Christmas Cards. £3.60 Just Call Me RudolphPack of 6 Christmas Cards. £3.60 She Had Her Decorations Up Already Pack of 6 Christmas Cards. £3.60 Red Nose Reindog Pack of 6 Christmas Cards. £3.60 Cards are 15cm x 15cm Printed with Sold in Aid of Border Collie Trust on inside and back of card contains all our details Message - With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. £3.99 A Christmas Visitor Christmas card Keeping Warm Christmas Cards Wooden Collie Head Christmas Tree Decoration 7 cm Diameter Wooden Christmas tree Decoration. £3 99 Border Collie Bauble £4 15 Pa ck of 6 ca rds https://click email vimeo com/core/?qs=ed921df87c1c45137fd5656eb3 b897c302ba0f1a108b1d07705e33dcdd0d5a57c5c3ab3be9efa97c9b0d64 8588ce071a5f3facd731539466df3745048b096e91 Border Collie Trust GB Collie Christmas Collection Appeal CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE VIDEO u

Edible Christmas Puzzle Tree

A tasty edible wood and alfalfa tree basket with edible wood and alfalfa baubles insidewhat a tasty treat! £5 18 Visit www thehayexperts co uk

Christmas Preparations

From the artist Julian Williams, this lovely festive mouse card will delight anyone with a love of animals! £1.99


Naturals Advent Treat Tree

Inside the grass-based paper box you'll find 24 deluxe veg, hay and herb mini sticks topped with either coconut, cornflowers, rose petals or carrot. £7.49


Christmas Wreath

Made from natural corn leaf, loofa and slices of wood, on a metal frame. Fun and safe to nibble for rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and degus. £6 29 Visit www thehayexperts co uk

Harry Hamster Christmas Hearts

Perfect for when you want to give your hamster and other small pets an extra special treat. With tasty cranberry and apricot, these Christmas Hearts are packed with festive flavour. £2 89 Visit www thehayexperts co uk

Tree Snuffle Forage mat

Play hide and seek with your pet's favourite dry food or treats. Ideal for most dogs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets and even cats (ideally with a bit of catnip added!) £11 29

Visit www thehayexperts co uk

Christmas cubes dog toy set

Festive plush toys for your dog with hidden squeakers. £6.99 Visit

Ronnie reindeer dog comforter

Soft plush with a crinkled blanket body and squeaker. £7.99


Christmas capers wrap and tags

Luxury gift wrap featuring festive canines. Five sheets and five coordinating tags. Sheet size: 700 x 500 mm. Ribbon not included. £3.99

Visit We provide High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet A High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet. l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors l Natural Treats l Natural Healthcare Products Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS Advent calendar Treat variety box Christmas treat jars Christmas felt stockings Christmas pudding toy Rope Penguin Toy Team Rudolph jumper Treat box bundles Pom Pom Bear jumper Naughty or Nice Elves Three bird feast dinner Tel: 07590 621636/01763 247929 SHOP ONLINE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR

padded, cushioned webbing eliminates pulling and lunging with complete but gentle control. New clasp fastening, fully adjustable, easy to fit, safe & secure.

Leather Dogmatic Headcollar

The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. Our unique Registered Design means it will not ride up, under or into the eyes which causes distress to your pet and as it is much more comfortably and securely fitted, it avoids any potential dangers for you or your dog. £39.99

Leather Gripper Collars

Now available top quality, buckle collars in a combination of rein web with rubber insert and quality leather. These collars are beautifully made and also have the bonus of matching our Gripper Training Leads. Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. £15.99 to £17.99

Leather Gripper Training Leads

Our design gives added security and confidence, offering multiple uses - ideal for walking/training or wet weather conditions. Can also be used with gloves. Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. £31.99

Soft Leather Show slip Lead Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. Size: ¼ ” x 66” £22.99 Padded, Cushioned, Webbing Dogmatic Headcollar
Size: Nose/Neck PCW Adjustable Clasp: Inches ½ Nose 7.5-8.5” ½ Neck 11-12” 1
Padded Cushioned Webbing Sizes NO MORE PULLING! NO MORE RIDING UP! NO MORE PULLING! NO MORE RIDING UP! Collars & Leads All these products are available from
Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching range of adjustable Collar The soft padded lined webbing is fully wipe-able, therefore, easy to clean. Adjustable with strong clasp fastening. Small: 15 mm x 260-400 mm £15.99 Medium: 20 mm x 350-500 mm £16.99 Large: 25 mm x 480-700 mm £17.99 Available in: Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Purple/Silver, Blue/Silver, Gold/Silver PCW Trigger Hook Leads The soft padded lined cushioned webbing is fully wipeable and, therefore, easy to clean. Available in: Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Purple/Silver, Blue/Silver, Gold/Silver Medium: 20 mm x 1200 mm £20.99 Large: 25 mm x 1200 mm £21.99 Padded Cushioned webbing Headcollar From £28.99 easy to clean
in 5 colours: Red/Silver, Black/Silver, Gold/ Silver, Purple/Silver, Blue/Silver.
Nose 8-9”
Neck 14-17”
Nose 9-10”
Neck 14-17”
Nose 10-11”
Neck 15-18”
Nose 11-12”
Neck 18-23”
Nose 13-15”
Neck 19-24.5”
Nose N/A
Neck N/A
Nose 15-17”
Neck 19-25”
Nose N/A
Neck N/A
Nose 16-18”
Neck 21-26”
Nose 17-19”
Neck 26-33.5”
Nose 18-19”
Leather Dogmatic Headcollar

Labradors and Whippets

Written by Jane Eastoe, illustrated by Meredith Jensen ISBN 9781849947930 | 9781849947923 RRP £12.99

Beautifully illustrated and tailored guides to dog breeds, forming part of a brand-new series packed with tips and tricks to keep them happy. These playful and informative books take a fresh look at the world of dogs and explains everything you need to know about these lovable breeds while celebrating their spirited personalities and their most adorable charms. There are many things to consider when you become a dog owner. How often do they need walking? How much training will they need? What is an ideal and healthy diet? Am I overfeeding them? Reasons to own them; based on their characters and all their likes and dislikes, are covered along with information on training, grooming, diet and health all endearingly narrated from the point of view of the dogs themselves.

Illustrated by Meredith Jensen and featuring adorable photographs and profiles of real Instagram pets, dog lovers will adore this playful celebration of our furry friends. Meredith Jensen is an illustrator and surface designer. She studied at Haverford College and the University of the Arts, and now lives in Philadelphia with her husband, kids, and cat.

Working dog coat

Keep your dog warm between drives/jobs or dry them off and keep them cosy at the end of the day. From £34.00

Visit www annreees co uk

Comes with a handy carry bag, so yo u can deflate yo u r pugs and pack them a way

GIANT Pass the Pugs

Black Cat Ears Umbrella

A fun umbrella, the purrfect accessory for a rainy day. Looped handle. Width: 930mm. £14.99 Visit

Multi-functional bag

You can carry everything you need without compromising on style - mesh pockets for water and soggy toys, poo bag dispenser, a safe place for keys and mobile and much more. You’ll wonder how you’ve ever walked without one. Visit www barkingbags co uk

The classic dice game Pass the Pigs gets a pupgrade, perfect for pug lovers everywhere! And now there's a giant inflatable version! Throw the pugs and see how they land — will you be the first to score 100 points? RRP £19.99

Available on Amazon

World of Animals Top Trumps


Test your knowledge on all Animals with 500 questions on lots of different animals from around the world. RRP £12 99

Available on Amazon www amazon co uk

Carrot Cake cookies

This healthy dog treat contains nothing but carrots, oats, flour, cinnamon and coconut oil. Natural goodness. Visit

Orthopaedic walled Dog bed

Inspired by classic country fashion elements. A tweed corduroy pillow and inner sidewalls. Removable outer cover. Olive Green. Visit www georgebarclay co uk


Walk-in Chalet

The standard unit you will need for your licenced cattery, also used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK.

The fully lined and insulated walk-in sleeping quarter measures 4ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high and has a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two removable UPVC shelves, a fully adjustable air vent, lockable cat flap and a fully opening window leading to a sunning shelf and ladder, make this a firm favourite with customers and cats alike!

A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore and relax. A second sunning shelf provides another area to watch the world go by as it is near the front of the pen.

Champion Penthouse

With a fully lined and insulated raised sleeping area, our Penthouses have extra run space underneath. There is a large viewing window in the front door of the sleeping compartment, a white, removable uPVC internal shelf and a fully adjustable air vent. A cat flap leads to sunning shelf one which has a detachable ladder leading down to the exercise run and a second sunning shelf is at the safety porch end.

Lift out shutters are fitted to the top half of all exterior walls which, when removed leave just the galvanised mesh allowing your cats to enjoy a truly outdoor experience.

If you are having more than one pen, full height sneeze barriers will be fitted between each pen and you will have the choice of solid white or clear acrylic for these. Our Champion range of cat pens come in standard 3ft and 4ft widths

Premier Champion Penthouse

Our Premier Champion range of cat pens come in a 3ft or 4ft width and, to the naked eye, look exactly like our standard Champion range. These though, are fitted with a seamless fibreglass module, exclusive to Lindee Lu, in the sleeping compartment offering ultimate hygiene and durability.

These pens are perfect for breeders, private cat owners and charity fostering pens, being an absolute necessity if you have elderly or unwell cats or kittens who cannot manage a ladder.

The Premier range is also available with an additional downstairs module, so each pen has two sleeping areas, both of which are able to accommodate a panel heater.

4ft Classic House

Our Classic House has a full-height walk in sleeping quarter – much the same as our standard 4ft Chalets but these are manufactured for those wanting a single pen which will be installed up against a fence, hedge or boundary wall.

The Classic benefits from a full, solid insulated roof and a solid timber back wall providing ultimate protection and ‘classic’ good looks!

The sleeping area of the Classic House has an additional opening window to the 4ft Chalet, for added ventilation, which is secured using galvanised mesh when open. Two sunning shelves in the exercise area and two, removable uPVC shelves in the sleeping area give your cat plenty of choice on where to hang out.

Our Classic House also benefits from a raised floor throughout, fully covered with vinyl which not only looks very smart but it’s warm underfoot and very easy to clean.

01275 853800
HOUSE CAT PENS FOR BREEDERS Our hand made Catteries are manufactured in the UK

Contemporary Black Cat Bauble

A stylish black cat bauble for your tree. Shatterproof. Gift boxed. £4 50 Visit

A wish at Christmas cards

10 cards supplied with white envelopes and packed in a recyclable bag. £3 50


Ceramic cat bowl for feline feeding time. Diameter: 148mm.. £8.99

Visit www catsprotectionshop co uk

Catit PIXI Spinner

A paw-activated cat toy and treat dispenser in one! Provides your feline friend with some whimsical fun even when you aren’t at home. Available in a choice of two colours; silver and blue. £20.00

Visit www catit co uk

your cat’s favourite lickable cat treats last longer. £4.99 Visit

Let's Go Fishing Cat Puzzle

Fun, interactive, treat-seeking game for cats. Helps satisfy their natural instincts to hunt and slows down eating. £9.99

Visit www catsprotectionshop co uk

Zoo Scratcher – Large Giraffe

Animal-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher. Perfect for your cat to claw at and lounge on. Helps protect your furniture from claw damage. £45 00


Vesper Minou

High-Quality Bench Scratcher and Hideout Cosy hideout with two entrances, so your cat won’t feel cornered. £55 00


Catit PIXI Drinking Fountain

Ergonomic drinking options to help cats drink more comfortably.Available in pink, green, blue and white. £35.00

Visit www catit co uk

Personalised Wooden Sign

This personalised plaque will help people to find your precise location easily using your unique What3Words combination. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. £35 Visit https://www marfcreative co uk

Warm Winter coat

Put on your big coat and continue with your adventures! 100% waterproof. From £25 00 Visit www annreees co uk

PADi Pillows

A stable, lightweight, hands-free stand for supporting iPads, phones, books etc. Filled with polystyrene beads. Can double up as a travel pillow. Fully washable. Dog or cat design. £15.99 each.


Colloidal Silver Eyedrops for Pets. Natural hydrating, antibacterial eyedrop for your pet. Colloidal Silver Tick and Flea Repellent. A powerful natural repellent to fleas and ticks. Colloidal Silver toothpaste appropriate for dogs of all sizes. Visit

Dog’s Pyjamas (80% fish)

These little training treats niftily solve the problem of providing your dog with something suitably yummy enough for them to prefer the treat to continuing the unwanted behaviour. £2 99 Visit www cifood co uk

Luxury Deli Advent Calendar

Countdown to the big day with your canine chum with this advent containing 100g of assorted dog treats. £6 50


Personalised Nicron pet tag

These tags are available in a variety of shapes and styles. £8.25

Visit https://www pettags co uk

Bio Plus capsules for horses

These improve general health, reduced stress, stronger immune systems and resistance to disease.

Visit www itchyhorse co uk

Birdies Wooden Pull Along Toy

For very little explorers, this pastel bird wooden-pull along is the perfect addition to their toy box. Made with sustainable FSC®certified wood and in fully recyclable packaging, this is a fun and eco-friendly option for this Christmas season. £20 00


9 TIMES WINNER OF ‘Product I can’t live without’

1 White Hand Towel Luxury White hand towel embroidered with a lovely Christmas galgo design. Luxurious thick pile, herringbone style double border and hanging loop 100% cotton towelling. Size approx. 50 x 90 cms. £12.00 plus p&p. 2. Christmas Design House Collar. 1″ wide Jaquard ribbon house collar in a lovely Gambit design in green. Adjusts to fit 13″ to 19″ neck size with a curved side release Acetal Buckle for easy fitting. Available in red or green. £8 00 plus p&p 3 Cartoon Christmas Card Christmas Card featuring our cartoon galgos. Greeting inside card reads ” Merry Christmas” Size approx. 8″ x 6″ £1.00 plus p&p. 4. Santa Christmas Collar. Christmas Martingale collar with a cute Santa design in Beige made from canvas fabric. 2″ wide collar, fully adjustable to fit greyhounds with neck sizes 13″ to 18″ £12.00 plus p&p. 5. Christmas Design Mug. A lovely Christmas design mug that comes in its own gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Size approx. 10 x 7 cms. £9.00 plus p&p. 6. Have you got my present yet? Individual Christmas Cards £2.50 plus p&p. 7. Is it Christmas yet? Individual Christmas Cards £2 50 plus p&p 8 One more sleep Individual Christmas Cards £2 50 plus p&p

u nds
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2
Grey ho
in Need
9 Zonked Individual Christmas Cards £2.50.
A long weekend stay (Friday to Monday) at the fabulous dog friendly 5 star Lost Lobster Cottage near Embleton Bay, Northumberland to help raise funds for Greyhounds in Need Tickets £5 each or 5 for £20 holidaycottage For full details please go to page 41 in Rescue and Animal Care Magazine Issue 179 please click link here

Kong cozie

Another fabulous toy from the Kong Range. Strong toy with rope inside and a squeaker. Your dog will love this. £10.00

LLT Hoodie by Sarah Cee

Sarah Cee Beanie hats with lights!

Wow! these are just what you need for the cold winter nights and early mornings walking the dog, or feeding the horse or just looking good It comes in one colour and you can have a mink coloured pom pom to finish it off as per the picture. £20 0

The ultimate dog toy for shakers and movers!

Squeaks and rattles to satisfy natural instincts. Ideal plush toy for indoor play. £10.00

Silicon Collar Light

You need to be safe and be seen with your dog. Are ideal and give a bright light which can be seen for up to half a mile. £3.75


All dogs are LLT rescue dogs. Cost includes postage and packing. Limited number available. £7.50
dog Christmas stickers
of assorted Christmas Stickers Just
thing to finish that gift off and
make it special. £2.00
Christmas Stockings Xmas Card
of 10 cards with envelopes.
Xmas Card – ‘Tradition’Pack of 10 Christmas Cards. £6.50 First Flush Xmas Card Pack of 10 Christmas Cards. £6.50 These little torches emit a very bright led light. Vet nurses/ vets love these for looking into dog’s ears! £3 50
are all handmade by local crafter Verity Nash.Comes in Black Yellow and Chocolate.
00 Pa ck of 10 ca rds Labrador Choir Xmas card Exclusive to Labrador Lifeline Trust the latest in the series by Alison Lingley of Alison’s’ Animals, Pack of 10 cards with envelopes. £6 50 Winter XCompanions mas Card Pack of 10 Christmas Cards. £6.50 LLT Xmas card Pack of 10 Christmas Cards. £5.50 Pa ck of 10 ca rds LED pocket torch
Greeting inside ‘Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year’. £6.50
Our very popular Hoodie embroidered individually by Sarah Cee and exclusive to Labrador Lifeline. These represent extremely good value and are hard wearing. They come postage free. Sizes: S37”, M 40”, L 42”, XL 44”, 2XL 47”, 3XL 49”, 4XL 51”, 5XL 53” Colours: See colour chart on website. £35.00
The Labra dor Lifel in e Trust

Supplying the UK with high-quality wild bird food and bird seed

Ground feed mix

Our orginal ground feed mixture that's so adored by Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and all other ground feeding birds. Suitable for all year round feeding. Either scattetered on the floor or placed on a table or ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £39.90/25kg

Dried mealworms

Dried mealworms are a tasty treat for garden birds with all the nutrition of live mealworms without the 'worm factor'. Attractive to robins, blackbirds, thrushes and all other insect eating birds. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg. £33.50/3kg

Split Peanuts

Small blanched, split peanuts (skins removed). Extra rich in both protein and oils, thus making an excellent and essential food for all year feeding. Peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds, and have long been the most popular of wild bird feeds. All our peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. £46.50/25kg

Economy wild bird mix

With our specialised blending of a number of nutritional seeds, this mix is suitable for a large variety of birds. High in black sunflower thus providing oil and protein and meeting all essential feeding requirements. Suitable for all year round feeding. £29.50/25kg

Superior high energy mix Sunflower hearts

An extremely high energy mixture blended with the highest quality seeds. Suitable for all small birds and ideal for all year round feeding. Best fed from a seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains nowheat. £41.25/25kg

Bakery grade premium sunflower hearts. No unsightly husk. A food that is loved by most species of birds being high in both protein and oils. Makes a most desirable all year round food. £49.75/25kg

Small fatballs Suet special blend mix Won’t grow mix

The best, fattiest fat balls on the internet. Small Fat balls (no nets) offer a wide range of wild birds a nutritious and important source of energy specifically during winter and nesting season. Each fatball at approx 95g available in a box of 150. £27.90

This blended suet mixture is packed full of highIy calorific ingredients, it is ideal for all year round feeding and will attract a great variety of both small and medium sized birds to your garden. No re-growth under feeding station. Contains no wheat. £52.70/25kg

Superior finch mix


Blended with
bakery grade sunflowerhearts, this energy rich mixture has been blended
ensure no re-growth under
feeding station. Suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeder, scattered on bird table or from ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £46.75/25kg
We are a family run wild bird food and wild bird seed supplier based in rural Lincolnshire. We supply only the finest quality products. SUITABLE FOR ALL YEAR ROUND FEEDING FROM BIRD TABLES SUITABLE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF WILD BIRDS SUITABLE FOR ALL SMALL BIRDS ALL YEAR ROUND FEEDING ATTRACTIVE TO ROBINS, BLACKBIRDS AND THRUSHES ADORED BY ROBINS, BLACKBIRDS AND SONG THRUSHES Tel: 01778 342665 10% off first order for new customers use promo code NEW10 at checkout 5% DISCOUNT on all orders OVER £50 FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY
classic mixture was blended specifically with finches in mind. Contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains no wheat. £44.75/25kg

Puffin Jr Children’s Binoculars

If your child is a twitcher in the making, a pair of child-friendly binoculars can provide them with hours of fun over the holidays. They are also lightweight, making them perfect for smaller hands. £27.00

Visit https://shopping rspb org uk

Dewdrop Bee Biome with Wildflower Seeds

The wildflowers attract bees to your garden whilst the biome, filled with nesting tubes, provides them with a home. £23 99


RSPB Singing Soft Toy Blue Tit

Bring the wonder of bird song into your little one’s toy box with the RSPB’s range of singing bird toys. These cute and cuddly plush toys are a hit for their colourful design and soft touch, plus their showstopper ability to sing! Simply squeeze the toy for an authentic bird call unique to each type of bird toy. £9.00 Visit https://shopping rspb org uk

Build Your Own Ladybird Model Kit

For the craft or building lover, a build-yourown ladybird model kit is the perfect easyto-use kit to bring your very own piece of wildlife to life – it even has its own rotating wings! Made using sustainable cardboard and paper. £10 00


Nest box standard

This nest box was designed with all the right features. The box has a 25 mm front aperture, a screwed-down lid, treated exterior grade ply and a drained floor. This box is suitable for most small garden birds. £25 60 Price includes Next Day Delivery

Visit www kennedywildbirdfood co uk

The combined container and microscope make this a perfect gift for beginners and younger children under supervision. It is very simple to handle and clean, meaning that older children can easily take charge. £3.99

Visit https://shopping rspb org uk


Ideal for dispensing whole peanuts or split peanuts. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Choose from small or large. From £19.45


RSPB Woodland Animals Top Trumps

What is more fun than games? RSPB’s Woodland Animal’s Trumps combine the wonder of woodland animal facts with the fun of card games. Playable by 2-6 people, it is an easy group activity and perfect for rainy days. £5 99

Visit https://shopping rspb org uk

Squirrel proof seed feeder

The Secret Garden seed feeder with its decorative leaf design, helps to deter squirrels and larger birds from accessing the seeds. Ensuring that food is available for the smaller garden birds. From £23.50


Pull Click Peanut Feeder RSPB Minibeast Viewer

T h e A n i ma l H ea lth C o m pa ny

Odor Kill


Use this steriliser to clean all areas indoors and out, floors, surfaces, patios, door handles and even wild bird feeders. Makes light work of even ground in dirt. From £12 46

Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar

The Dirty Dog bar contains tomato extract which makes this bar ideal for neutralising odours and helping clean stinky pets. Great for dogs who like to roll in fox or badger poop! £8 95

This product is safe to use with: Sofas, Patio and stone areas, Artificial lawns, Beds, Carpets (Either in a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner) and Washing machines. Even a small amount in the hoover bag will do away with stale dusty vacuum smells! From £6 00


The Stable Zone Bedding Powder is a natural anti-bacterial bedding powder for stables and horse boxes. It eliminates ammonia. reduces viral and bacterial contamination and kills odours, whilst reducing dampness in bedding. £25.00

Vit 21

Vit 21 is a vitamin supplement for all dogs. New vitamin supplement with hemp seed powder in tasty liver flavour! £15.00


24 days of a selection of Fabulously Festive natural tasty treats. A tasty treat behind every door! £9.99

Prozyme Powder

One of our top canine sellers. Every dog owners essential product for the cupboard. Puts good bacteria back into the gut flora. Available in 100g, 500g and 3kg resealable buckets. From £6.85

Probiotic Shampoo

This Probiotic Pet shampoo for itchy skin helps alleviate skin problems whilst keeping your pet clean. It restores healthy microbial balance to your dog's skin and fur. It also eliminates odours and keeps your dog smelling fresher for longer. £14 40

Sensitive Shampoo Bar

The Sensitive bar is pH balanced to your pet’s skin, and is scent free for as kind and gentle wash as possible. £8 95

Treat Advent Calendar 2022

Adoption Star Mug

Have your favourite adoption star on your mug. £7.00


Birds Suetball

This suet ball feeder with giant 500g suet ball is packed in a cardboard container with a cord so that it is quite easily suspended anywhere in the garden. Different designs to choose from £3.00


Sleigh Ride Xmas Card

This card is fully recyclable, including the cellophane wrapping! £4.00


Redwings Desk Diary

Red coloured diary with silver embossed logo. White paper. Week to view (starting Monday). Size 31 x 15cm. £6.00


Redwings A4 Calendar 2023

The calendar has boxes for each day, perfect for adding notes. Visit

Sophie Allport Unicorn oilcloth backpack

A splendid children’s backpack, with unique shimmering unicorn horn, ear and eye details. £14.00


Adoption Star Cushion

These cushions feature our exclusive designs. Cushions come with removable filler. Assorted designs to choose from. £15.00 Visit

Riding in the snow card

Horses parade around Buckingham Palace as the first snowflakes of winter falls around them. £2.50


Playing cards

Each card is printed with the World Horse Welfare logo and galloping horses. £2.00


Front cover image: ©Adobe Stock

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customer’s needs and requirements.

We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required.

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