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RESCUE and ANIMAL CARE 29th June - 29th July 2021 - Issue 166

New series of ‘The Petcast’ follows TV Actress Emma Barton and her canine co-host Poppy Dog

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FREE TO READ Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare

A second chance for blind dog Barnaby

A first-of-its-kind pet insurance for older cats and dogs

Finalists announced in Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards 2021

Read how Galahad a 100Kg mastiff made news around the world!

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Ti p s f o r k e e p i n g y o u r d o g cool with

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Dogs for Good services were more vital during the pandemic than ever before and demand has increased A recent report by the BBC highlights the fact that thousands of disabled people say their mental health had got worse as a result of the pandemic and their disability had deteriorated.


he findings paint, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of a hidden fallout of Covid-19.

Photo credit: Dogs for Good instagram

The main findings of the report were: 2,604 disabled people said their mental health had got worse l 2,427 said their disability had deteriorated l 683 had seen all their medical appointments cancelled/unable to attend l 241 disabled people had not left the house at all l

Nearly 100 more disabled people also contacted the BBC wanting to share their stories. Many of them had experienced huge physical and mental decline since March 2020. There were young people with autism who had attempted suicide because they could no longer cope with drastic changes, others were isolated and alone, their support networks gone or hours of care cut. In response to this news Dogs for Good’s Chief Executive Peter Gorbing, said: “We have been acutely aware that during the past year many of our clients have needed our help more than ever before. So many clients have faced intense periods of social isolation and challenges with their disability. “We responded quickly and found new ways to deliver safe and effective support during a very challenging time. “Our teams provided training over Zoom video calls to help our clients teach their dogs new skills and tasks to help them maintain their independence. We continued to provide animal assisted intervention to a number of people with conditions such as autism and dementia and who had been identified to be at risk of social isolation. Online ‘visits’ provided vital and joyful interaction to these people on the day. “This helped people’s mental wellbeing when some of our clients were shielding and faced long periods of social isolation. “Many of our clients with assistance dogs have repeatedly told us they don’t know how they would have made it through the pandemic without their dog. Not only have they carried out every day practical tasks for 2


them they’ve also helped them to maintain and build their confidence. “Our clients feel safer with an assistance dog at their side because they know their dog will help them if they face a problem and they will alert other people if there’s an emergency. “Our dogs have also provided invaluable companionship, unquestioning love and loyalty throughout a challenging time. Time and time again they’ve shown their true worth through the past year. “Sadly, during the lockdowns, we were unable to place as many of our incredible dogs as we would do normally. The result is that we now have a large number of people still waiting to be matched with one of our life-changing assistance dogs. “We know that for some of our clients and people on our waiting list the prolonged periods of isolation and inability to go out has meant that they have lost confidence in going out and also impacted on their mobility as they've been doing less. “Some need additional support from us to feel confident to go out with their dog into public spaces again. Some of our dogs may also have become less used to going out and may need extra training and inputs from our instructors to help regain their confidence.” n Visit

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Oh dear I think I need a new ball!

Mistress says that I look much younger and could be mistaken for a pup! Dear Friends,

It’s already July, how quickly time goes! I will be 10 years old any minute! Mistress says that I look much younger and could be mistaken for a pup! Personally I think she is fibbing because I heard her on the phone making an appointment to have her eyes tested. That was when she couldn’t find her phone because she had forgotten where she had put it and had to get little Mistress to phone it so she could locate it. What it was doing inside the larder baffles me! I often Inspect my doggy figure in

the new huge mirror in the bathroom where I can see myself top to tail. It was a shock when I first saw my furry form as I had never seen all of my body before in one go. I had to stand on my hind legs though and I couldn’t stay in that position for long. I was a bit wobbly and very lucky I escaped falling headfirst into the toilet! I didn’t run from the room in horror and quickly cover myself with a towel (like I saw Mistress do) and apart from a few grey hairs I think I do look good for my age. As I get older I have to admit, getting up from my bed in the mornings can be a bit difficult because my legs feel stiff and now

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bounding up and down the stairs is done at a slower pace. I try to exercise every day usually with my heavier toys like Piglet and eat good nutritious food. Mistress is trying to get fitter too but I caught her the other night eating one ice lolly pop after the other (counted five) whilst watching a movie and she didn’t as she usually does, break off one bit for me. This is why I am going public with this information ☺ Next month I will report back on all the lovely treats I had for my birthday.

Follow us on twitter Troublesome Treacle

Please contact us or visit our website for more information. Heathway, Colton, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 3LY Tel: 01889 577058 Reg Charity No1053585



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Dear Readers I think we have had our fair share of rain so far so bring back the sun! Peering out of my office window I see some rather dark clouds and it is forecast to thunder later. Time to When Jack my friend’s get my Pet Remedy® out in Treacle insisted on a dog jumps on my lap preparation to calm my dog in Selfie too! when I’m trying to work! readiness. I shouldn’t complain though as last month we had some lovely sunshine and so hot at times. I ensured I tested the pavement temperature before walking Treacle to save her burning her paws. As we head into summer it is important to ensure that we look after our four legged friend and that they don’t suffer from any potentially dangerous conditions such as heatstroke. We also want to make sure they are comfortable and that they can enjoy the sunshine responsibly. look at some top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer. Take a look at their ClimaCOOL Cooling Mats and Jackets. Perfect to keep your pet chilled and I am rather wondering if one will fit me ☺ If you are thinking about taking on board a new pet, it is important to select the right species and breed. All pets are not the same! Some are good with children and others are not. Some need lots of exercise or grooming so you need to consider the time that you have to give them and of course, the associated costs Mary Lloyd tells us more … Read about a second chance for blind dog Barnaby. A first-of-its-kind pet insurance for older cats and dogs and many more articles in your latest issue! See you next month

Love Jennifer x

RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE MAGAZINE Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare


In this issue ...

8 Rescue dogs

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comes cued Pony be Redwings Res arm e Humble’s F TV Star on Kat


Wilko's 2 in 1 water and treat bottle is the perfect travel accessory for long walks with your pooch. Visit

Contact us

George Barclay


22 A first-of-its-kind pet insurance for older cats and dog

PHONE: 07885 305188 EMAIL: TWITTER: Troublesome Treacle


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ClimaCOOL Cooling Mats and Jackets

Tips for keeping your Dog Cool As we head into summer it is important to ensure that we look after our four-legged friend and that they don’t suffer from any potentially dangerous conditions such as heatstroke. We also want to make sure they are comfortable and that they can enjoy the sunshine responsibly. We take a look at some top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer. Plenty of Shade During those hot sunny days when you may take to the garden to enjoy the weather, it is important that your dog has shady spots to shelter. Some dogs love to lie in the sun but they will soon feel themselves getting hot 6


and move to the shade. Dogs are pretty good at knowing when they are too hot and will soon move. Just make there are shady spots for them and if there aren’t make your own with parasols, blankets or gazebos.

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Cool jacket

ClimaCOOL Cooling Mats and Jackets Our self-cooling dog mats and jackets don’t need to be refrigerated and are one of our top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer. The ClimaCOOL technology means that they are self-cooling. Just pop the jacket on your dog on a hot day if you are going out, or let them lie on one of our cooling mats in the shade. Available in sizes to suit all breeds, you can have the coolest pooch in town.

Walking at Cooler Times of the Day The pavements can get too hot for paws outside and walking at peak times of the day can cause blisters to the paw pads. In addition to this, chasing about in the heat can cause your dog to overheat. Bloat and other

conditions can arise as a result. If taking your dogs out on hot sunny days, be sure to do so before the temperature gets to hot early in the morning or later on the day. This way, they can run around and have fun without suffering. Limit the amount of exercise they do as well. If you have a dog that loves to chase around, perhaps keep them on a lead or limit the amount of time they are allowed to run around.

Frozen Treats There are a whole raft of frozen treats that you can give your dog. We see lots of paw treats on Instagram where goats kefir is mixed with blueberries, strawberries and other healthy fruits and veg and then frozen in paw print trays. The alternative is to give them an ice cube but be careful not to give too much and to supervise your dog.

Supply Fresh, Clean Water Always keep fresh, cool water accessible for your dog. Make sure they don’t drink too much though after their walk as this can lead to something called bloat. If you are going out in the car for a walk, take a bowl and a bottle of clean water with you so you know they have access to their own clean water. Avoid letting them drink from dirty ponds, reens and puddles. While you need to take extra care with your dogs in summer, it's still important for you to enjoy the great outdoors. We hope the ClimaCOOL range can help you do that.

Cooling mat Note - For the Summer of 2021, we have a deal on our grade B ClimaCOOL mats which have a slight discolouration on one side due to storage. Either get a mat at a deal that’s too good to miss or get one free with the purchase of a dog cooling jacket!

n For more information about our products, or if you have a general query about our ClimaCOOL range, we are happy to help. Simply call us on 01722 712203 or visit



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Kate Humble and Sarah Stephens with Gilbert

Redwings Rescued Pony becomes TV Star on Kate Humble’s Farm A rescued horse from Redwings Horse Sanctuary has found a loving new home at the farm of wildlife television presenter Kate Humble.


he moment Gilbert, a handsome six-year-old cob, arrived at his new home was filmed for the latest episode of Escape to the Farm, which aired last week on Channel 5. The series follows life on Kate’s farm, ‘Humble by Nature’, in Monmouthshire, Wales, and this episode captured Gilbert being led from the Redwings horsebox and meeting his new Guardian Sarah Stephens. Sarah had been searching for a companion for horse Rags, who lives at Kate’s farm and who had sadly lost his stablemate. After enquiring with Redwings, the charity’s Rehoming team in Norfolk set about finding a perfect new friend for Rags. Gilbert's mother Florence was rescued from horrific conditions as part of a large-scale rescue operation. However, as he was born following the rescue, he has never known anything other than love and care and was chosen specifically by the team for the important job of being a friend to Rags because of his calm and friendly nature. Having arrived at his new home in



April, Gilbert is settling well into his new surroundings. Kate said: “Finding the perfect companion for a horse who has lost his stablemate of many years was not something I expected to be easy. But the knowledge and experience of the staff at Redwings helped us find Gilbert. He and our Rags struck up an instant rapport and Gilbert has become well and truly part of the farm family. “We are so grateful for the careful consideration that Redwings gave to allow us to rehome this lovely horse and, in so doing, support the work of this excellent charity.” Redwings has been rehoming rescued horses since 2005. Due to Covid safety measures, the charity is currently rehoming just non-ridden companion ponies and unbacked project horses - the latter receive basic training but are suitable to be trained to be ridden by experienced Guardians once in their new home. Despite the changes, Redwings experienced its most successful rehoming year ever in 2020 and recently rehomed its 100th pony since the

onset of the pandemic. Rachel Angell, Redwings’ Head of Norfolk Equine Operations and Rehoming, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that Gilbert is enjoying his new home – and has become a television star to boot! Thank you to Kate and Sarah for highlighting the sheer joy of rehoming a rescued horse and the importance of companion ponies. “Companions not only provide invaluable friendship for another horse, but they can also act as calming travel buddies or can simply be wonderful pets in their own right. When you rehome from a registered charity like Redwings, you’re not only giving a second start in life to a rescued horse but you’re also providing space at the Sanctuary for another horse in need to be brought to safety. “We wish Gilbert, Rags, Sarah and Kate many happy years together!” Episodes of Escape to the Farm are available to watch on My5 at n To find out more about Redwings’ rehoming scheme, visit

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Naylor Agility Equipment Naylor Agility are pleased to introduce their new range of dog agility equipment to complement their popular range of Dog Agility Tunnels. Naylor Agility Equipment is manufactured using high quality materials in the UK. The new range of dog agility equipment is ideal for agility training at home and at club level. The new range comprises:

• Wobble Board – a 60cm diameter board with paw print design and a secure wobble dome in the centre. Fantastic for building confidence on unstable surfaces, promotes balance and co-ordination and is great for rehabilitation exercises. The wobble board is also fully rubberised for safety. • 4ft Contact Trainer – for training stop and 2 on 2 off contacts at home. Fully resin bound rubberised surface with contrast colour contact area. The contact trainer is 4ft in length and 1ft wide with the contact end angled to sit closer to the ground when in use. • Stacking Blocks – ideal for posture and form training. The stacking

blocks are fully reversible with wider and narrow sides for big and little paws, both sides are rubberised. Suitable for creating a still position for standing pose and can also be used to grow confidence and teach paw awareness. • TanGo Mat – a 180cm x 90cm resin bound rubber surface on rubber backing with durable plastic buckles to fix to Marker Poles. Rolls up for transportation. • 4ft Rocker Board – a 4ft long x 1ft wide fully resin bound rubberised surface with angled ends to sit

Full Agility 600 5M Red Tunnel 10


600mm-diameter-rainb ow-dog-tunnel

closer to the ground when in use. Each end of the rocker board has contrasting colour contact sections. The rocker board is ideal for building confidence in movement under foot for young and nervous dogs and is a perfect introduction to seesaw movement. • Competition Standard Jump Wings – supplied with 2 pairs of removable jump cups and weighted pole. Made using high quality treated timber with removable feet for easy transportation and storage. All 4 KC standard heights, with 200mm available on request for UKA select height the specification allows use in KC and UKA competitions. Can be ordered directly via the webshop or phone our sales team on 01226 444378 to discuss your exact requirements. Please note all agility equipment is made to order with a 6 week lead time.

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4ft Rocker Board

Competition Standard Jump Wings

TanGo Mat

Stacking Blocks

Wobble Board

4ft Contact Trainer



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Bruno the cat with his owners Caroline and Damon. Photo credit: Richard Walker/PA Wire

Connor Raven aged 6 and his cat Minty. Photo credit: Fabio De Paola

Finalists announced in Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards 2021 A line-up of fabulous felines has been announced as finalists in this year’s National Cat Awards, the UK’s celebration of everything we love about cats.


rom fun-loving felines who help children face major challenges, to caring cats who provide comfort in times of need, the marvellous moggies are all in the running to be named Cats Protection’s National Cat of the Year 2021. This year’s top cat will follow in the pawprints of previous winner Jeffree, a life-changing moggy from Coventry who helped teenager Finn Hackeson, who has Asperger syndrome, cope with the death of his father.

The finalists in this year’s Awards include: l Paddy, the ginger puss who spends his days comforting mourners at a burial ground before returning each evening to his owners. l Minty, a three-legged cat who is a best friend to a six-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties and a range of medical conditions. l Bruno, who was found abandoned in a cardboard box by a grieving couple and helped them cope with pain of losing their new-born daughter. Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards, organised by the UK’s largest cat charity and sponsored by Purina, is normally an annual celebration of cats. With last year’s event postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this 12


Paddy the cat and owners Christina Jones and Stuart Hague Photo credit: Fabio De Paola/PA Wire

year’s awards will be hosted online. Winners in three categories will be selected by celebrity judges - comedian Bob Mortimer, funnyman Russell Kane and actress Tuppence Middleton, while the fourth category will be announced by entrepreneur Deborah Meaden following a public vote. After category winners are announced online on Thursday 5 August, an overall winner will be selected as National Cat of the Year by a celebrity panel and announced on Thursday 12 August. Awards organiser Kate Bunting said: “Now more than ever, the nation’s pet cats play a hugely important role in the lives of their owners – whether it’s providing a soothing presence in worrying times, companionship for

people living or working alone, or a fun and caring playmate for children. We are absolutely delighted to be returning with the National Cat Awards this year so we can share some of these inspirational, heart-warming and amazing stories from the cat world.” Winners in four categories - Most Caring Cat, Furr-ever Friends, Outstanding Rescue Cat and Purina Better Together - will receive a trophy, a £100 pet store voucher, a year’s subscription to Cats Protection’s The Cat magazine and a three months’ supply of Purina cat food. Calum Macrae, Regional Director UK & Ireland at Purina, said: "The National Cat Awards is a wonderful celebration of everything we love about cats, in particular shining a spotlight on the incredible bond that can exist between pets and owners. At Purina, we’re passionate about enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them, so we're thrilled to support the National Cat Awards once again this year. “All the finalists are truly inspiring and go to show the hugely positive impact cats can have on people's lives, for all sorts of reasons. It's no wonder that cats have earned a special place in our hearts and homes.” n For further information visit

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Galahad adopted by family with heart as big as he is 100kg mastiff made news around the world A 100kg mastiff called Galahad - who made news around the world after a Dogs Trust appeal to find his forever home - has been adopted.


alahad is the biggest-ever dog cared for at Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre and the same weight as a baby elephant. The friendly four-year-old boy has had a lot of change in his life, so it was very important to find him the perfect match. He’s been living with his new family, Colin, Lindy and 15-year-old Matthew Dimmock (pictured) and their other dog Odie for three weeks. Colin said: “It was me who was missing having a big dog - and the slobber and the hair after we lost our dog, Eli, last year. Galahad is actually about three-inches bigger than he was. “He’s the fourth really big dog we’ve had, they’re so loveable and loyal. “He’s fantastic - he sits, gives you his paw, he comes up and gives you a kiss, he’s met cyclists, tractors, cars, other dogs, and is brilliant with our son Matthew, who is autistic. He likes everything about Galahad apart from the slobber. “He’s just starting to play tug. He’ll chase a football down the garden and once he’s punctured it he’ll bring it back! We haven’t found a toy he can’t destroy yet, typically they last about a day! “He loves the hosepipe and has been really enjoying that while the weather has been nice. “He has the three-seater sofa in the living room as his bed at night. He snores so loudly we can hear him from our bedroom! “One thing he does that’s really funny is he walks alongside the sofa, lifts his bum onto it and sits there with his front feet on the floor. “He’s got a brilliant character, he’s absolutely great.” Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre Manager, Harriet Blaskett said: “Galahad was by far the biggest ever dog we’ve had at Canterbury. “He’s had several previous homes, so it was really important that we got this right for him. “We had a huge response to our



Galahad and his new family, Colin, Lindy and Matthew appeal, and we could not be more thrilled with how well he’s settled in with his big-hearted new owners, they’re a match made in big dog heaven.” n If you think you could give a dog the forever home they are looking for, please go to to start the virtual adoption process. If you are struggling to cope with looking after your dog, for whatever reason, contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 2188. Alternatively, please give what you can to help Dogs Trust change the tale

for dogs like Galahad who haven’t yet found their forever home, by visiting Colin added: “Dogs Trust were a pleasure to deal with from the first moment we got in contact and all throughout the rehoming process. The staff there clearly had a fantastic bond with Galahad and were sad to see him go but pleased that he had found his forever home. I would urge anyone who is passionate about dog welfare to support this wonderful charity.”

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Safewater Alarms Limited Family Protection Products since 2005 We offer “Tried and Tested” products used around the World to safe guard children and Pets

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330

SAFETY TURTLE Personal Immersion Alarm for Pets It's an alarm system that alerts you when your pet falls into the water. Pets wear the lightweight, turtleshaped sensor on their collars, which registers a really loud ring at a base station when submerged.

Safety Turtle

SKAMPER-RAMP is the only true pet water safety ramp Protects pets from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own. For further information please Email: or call 08007720663




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Chart-topping Pet Podcast is back for a third series – starring Penny Lancaster, Anton du Beke, JB Gill, Hollie Arnold, Nicola McLean & James Bowen New series of ‘The Petcast’ follows TV actress Emma Barton and her canine co-host Poppy Dog as they explore the common myths and facts surrounding our favourite four-legged friends, along with leading pet charity Blue Cross & celebrity guests


ack by paw-pular demand, TV actress, Emma Barton, and her Parson Russell Terrier co-host, Poppy Dog, have teamed up with leading UK pet charity, Blue Cross, once again to launch a third series of The Petcast! It launched on Tuesday 29th June on Apple Podcast, iTunes, Acast and Spotify, in this new series Emma and Poppy Dog will be joined by a variety of celebrity guests, expert vets, and animal behaviourists, to discuss a wide range of topics related to pet welfare and pet ownership. Star guests include model and presenter, Penny Lancaster, Strictly Come Dancing star, Anton Du Beke, British Paralympian, Hollie Arnold MBE, JLS band member, JB Gill, TV personality Nicola McLean, and best-selling author, James Bowen each delving into their own unique experiences of being pet owners and sharing personal stories about life with their furry friends. This past year has seen a surge in the number of British households welcoming a new pet into their family, with over 3.2 million households in the UK having acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic - but sadly not all pet pairings go as planned; leading to many pets being given up for rehoming or abandoned each year. Touching upon the whole pet kingdom, The Petcast aims to empower both new and long-standing pet owners with the information, tips and advice they need, in order for everyone on two legs and four to live their paw-fect lives together! 14


The new series, made up of six 20–30-minute full episodes, will explore Pet Summer Safety, Socialising Your Pets, Social Media, Kids & Your Pets, Pets & Mental Health, The Love Languages of Pets and Pet Scams & Theft. And for the fur-st time ever, The Petcast will be launching a new mini ‘Ask the Vet’ series, which will be released in conjunction with the full episodes – where Emma and expert Blue Cross vet, Caroline Reay, answer listeners questions, such as; Should I brush my pet’s teeth?, Why

does my dog eat poo?, How do I know if my pet is overweight?, Does my pet get allergies?, Could my pet get dementia? and Should I bath my pet? Emma comments: “I am beyond thrilled to be working with the Blue Cross team again, to bring our animal-loving listeners another series of The Petcast! Fellow pet owners will know that having a furry companion offers so much love, comfort, and support, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, which not everyone is always completely prepared for.

p16.qxp_Layout 1 02/07/2021 13:52 Page 17

“The landscape has also changed so much over this past year for pet owners, so in this new series we have shared lots of knowledge, tips, and advice, which will hopefully support them (and their furry friends) as we ease out of lockdown. We have some fabulous guests joining us on this new series – including my dance-partner-in-crime Anton and another friend and cooking partner of mine JB – so I have no doubt that our listeners will enjoy what we have to offer!” Julia McKechnie-Burke, Director of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications at Blue Cross, comments: “We are delighted to be launching another series of The Petcast this summer, along with the wonderful Emma Barton and her co-host Poppy Dog. “With some fresh famous faces on board, and the introduction of a brand new ‘Ask The Vet’ mini episode series, we believe this is going to be the most informative and fascinating series yet. Penny Lancaster comments: “As many people may already know, in our household we have lots of different pets, including dogs, hamsters, chickens, and even three pygmy goats! It’s fantastic being surrounded by so many amazing animals, but I also have young children, so ensuring that they all live together harmoniously is really important. It was fascinating talking to Emma and Blue Cross about social media, and how this has such

a big impact on our role as pet owners. I would encourage all pet owners, especially those with children, to tune in and listen!” Anton Du Beke’s comments: “I live at home with my family and two handsome dachshunds, Antoninus and Branston. The dogs love getting out and about, but it’s quite common for them to get a little shaky when bigger dogs come over to say hello! It has been great to get some sensible socialising tips from Blue Cross experts on The Petcast – and to catch up with my dear dance partner Emma too, of course!” JB Gill comments: “I live on a farm with dogs, cats, pigs, turkeys and more, so animals are such a big part of my life. It was great to spend time with my good friend Emma and Blue Cross on The Petcast, chatting about how we as pet owners can better understand our pets love languages, to help build an even better bond with them. If you’re looking for more love, then definitely tune in and listen!” Hollie Arnold MBE comments: “Being a bit of an animal fanatic, naturally I was ecstatic when Blue Cross asked me to be involved in The Petcast. I have a beautiful Birman cat called Milo, and my family own a Cocker Spaniel called Honey, so learning all about how I can make them feel safer and more comfortable throughout the hot summer months was really insightful. It’s so important for pet owners to understand the dangers

that can come with summertime, so I encourage everyone with a furry friend to tune in when the episode launches!” Nicola McLean comments: “My Chihuahua Jasper is a constant joy in my life. Just having him nearby always helps to lift my mood and, at times, can even help to manage my bouts of anxiety. I really don’t know what I would do without him! I loved talking about my experiences with Jasper on The Petcast, hopefully demonstrating to listeners just how much pets can enrich our lives - just as much as we enrich theirs.” James Bowen comments: “I was first introduced to the unconditional love of pets when I met my dear cat, Bob. In some of my darkest days, Bob really was my strength and stay – which is why ensuring that pets all over the UK receive the same level of love and support, as I did from Bob, is a real passion of mine. Last year, my fiancée and I were scammed when trying to buy a new puppy online, having seen what seemed to be a credible ad posted on a website. It was a really difficult time for us, and something we weren’t prepared for, so I’m eager to share my story to ensure that other people don’t have the same experience.” The first series of The Petcast, hosted by TV actress Gemma Atkinson, launched in March 2020 and was a barking success – gaining a firm place at the top of ‘Pets & Animals’ Apple podcast chart for several weeks, and gathering thousands of listeners. Blue Cross supporter and animal enthusiast, Emma Barton took up the role of host for series 2 of The Petcast in October 2020, helping The Petcast to attract thousands more pet-loving listeners and maintain a firm place in the podcast charts. n Episode one of The Petcast: Series 3 aired on Tuesday 29th June on Apple Podcast and all other podcast platforms. Listen here:



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nels Barnaby in ken Barnaby with staff

A second chance for blind dog Barnaby 13-year-old Shih Tzu Barnaby came into Mayhew’s care towards the end of last year, when serious illness sadly meant Barnaby’s owner could no longer care for his beloved dog.


arnaby was blind from birth and had both eyes removed, but he had a secure and happy life with his owner and they were inseparable. When his owner had to give him up, we stepped in to help. Barnaby was understandably disorientated, confused and sad when he arrived, but our experienced Kennels team did their utmost to help him feel comfortable and quickly set about making his kennel feel a safe space where he could relax and rest. Being blind, scent is especially important to Barnaby, so we used an anti-stress spray on his blankets and cushions and added a specially scented calming plug-in in his cabin. To make it easier for him to climb on to his bed, we made sure Barnaby’s blankets were soft and flat and we placed his food and water bowls in

the same place throughout his stay with us, so he always knew where to find them. At Mayhew, we have an onsite veterinary clinic where we treat our inhouse animals and also provide preventative care for pets in the local community. On Barnaby’s first examination our vets spotted signs of early Cushing’s Disease, which was then confirmed by blood and urine tests. It felt like another blow for Barnaby as it means he’ll likely be vulnerable to skin and urinary tract infections and may need medication if his condition worsens. However, with lots of hands on care, Barnaby began to relax – and blossom. Everyone was careful not to startle him and would always speak to him before touching him. We made sure he had lots of company and he would often spend time with

We need your support! Mayhew receives no government funding for our vital work helping dogs, cats and people in our communities. Head to to find out how you can support our work. 18


Barnaby with new best friend Tess the team in our offices. He also really enjoyed playing games in the garden, and he loved his squeaky ball! Gradually, Barnaby became more assured and confident and when we thought he was ready, we started the search for a new family. We were delighted that he was soon on the way to his new home to live with new best friend, German shepherd Tess, also from Mayhew, where he is now blissfully settled.

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Brigadier Monty Bojangles

Jessica Fox and Oliver

Age matters as OAP cats lose out in the race for loving homes Unwanted feline OAPs are sitting unloved on the shelf while the bright young kittens are quickly snapped up, according to adoption figures from a national cat charity.


ats Protection reveals that older cats aged 11+ take an average of one month to find a new home - over three times as long as kittens who take just eight days. Eager to give the oldies a boost, the charity has created Mature Moggies Day to remind people of the enormous benefits of adopting a senior kitizen, to share inspirational stories and provide information and advice. In order to understand why older cats are being overlooked in favour of fresher-faced felines, Cats Protection commissioned a survey which showed that 23% of respondents would consider any cat aged over five years as ‘older’. Whereas in fact, a five-year-old cat is only 36 in human years and a cat generally isn’t classed as a senior until it reaches 11 years of age. Under a quarter of survey respondents said they would be likely to consider an older cat, compared to 68% of respondents who would be likely to consider getting a kitten. The top reasons given for not considering an older cat were that it might not live long (72%), it would be more likely to get ill (56%) and it would cost money if unwell (40%). Almost a fifth (19%) of people who were unlikely to consider an older cat said that one of the reasons was that older cats are not very playful. Becky Piggott, Cats Protection Senior Cat Care Assistant and long-standing mature moggy devotee, says: “I am absolutely passionate about older cats and



have adopted 14 of them over the years. I'm currently the proud owner of Brigadier Monty Bojangles who is a very young-at-heart 15-year-old! “Offering a loving retirement home to an older cat is incredibly rewarding. Older cats have just as much to offer as kittens – they tend to stay closer to home, are very affectionate and provide amazing companionship. With improvements in cat care, the quality of life for older moggies has greatly increased so people definitely shouldn’t be put off adopting one.” Hollyoaks actress Jessica Fox - owner of a 15-year-old cat called Oliver – agrees, saying: “My Oliver may be 15 but you wouldn’t know it - he certainly doesn’t! He rules the roost, gives the best cuddles and makes me laugh every single day. The fact older cats take three times longer to get rehomed than younger ones is such a shame as they have so much to offer a home.” “All cats adopted from Cats Protection have been fully health-checked and come with a full medical history and four weeks’ free pet insurance which will cover any new conditions that arise after adoption.” n To get involved, visit Cats Protection’s social media channels on 16 June 2021 or For more information visit:

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A first-of-its-kind pet insurance for older cats and dog Pets are a fundamental part of the family, whatever their age. But finding a comprehensive pet insurance policy at the right price can become more difficult as a pet gets older, meaning some dog and cat owners may decide not to take out cover.


etwise Insurance is the UK’s first pet insurance provider to focus solely on cover for senior pets. Its exclusive policy applies to dogs and cats aged seven years and over and includes benefits that are tailormade for more seasoned furry friends. At point of claim many pet insurance providers charge a fixed excess which is deducted from your claim settlement amount as well as an additional charge, usually referred to as ‘co-payment’ or ‘coinsurance’, of between 10% to 30% of the vet bill. This can be very expensive, but Petwise Insurance require only the fixed excess agreed at the time of purchasing the policy, rather than a percentage of the bill. Petwise Insurance also offers a contribution towards senior pet food costs, dental cover as standard (for accident and illness) and farewell



cover offering customers both financial and emotional support at a difficult time. It’s common for cats and dogs to suffer from certain conditions when they are young that they may grow out of. If any symptoms relating to these conditions reappear in later life, many pet insurance providers would class these as pre-existing. Petwise Insurance does not class an illness as pre-existing unless a pet has shown signs or symptoms in the past 24 months, meaning Petwise Insurance may be able to offer cover where other providers cannot. Ross Hallifax of Petwise Insurance said: “Our pets really are a central part of family life, and whether they’ve been with you since they were young or you’ve given an older rescue cat or dog their forever home, it’s important that owners feel that they have the right

protection in place for their beloved companion. “At Petwise, we aim to give that reassurance and financial protection with seven cover levels to choose from, we are confident owners will find a policy that’s right for them that will keep their old dog learning new tricks or support their cat’s curiosity for many years to come.” n For more information visit

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Dumped cat sees fate intervene when her finders fall in love with her! The last thing a couple out on a morning walk expected to find was an abandoned cat in the entrance to their local park, but when Otto and her husband came across a young feline trapped inside a litter box they immediately fell in love with the two year old tabby. ● The couple immediately freed the cat, later named Queen after the area she was discovered in, and noticed that she was covered in urine and faeces with large amounts of both also filling the litter tray itself. ● Little Queen was also freezing cold, leading Otto to believe that she’d been alone in the park all night before they stumbled across her. ● Although Queen was understandably timid and scared after her ordeal, she allowed her finders to free her from the litter tray and take her back to their home a couple of minutes walk away. Whilst her husband helped to clean the urine and faeces from Queen’s fur, Otto rang Mayhew to ask for advice and we immediately agreed to go out and assess the situation. When our Animal Welfare Officer Jake Holliday arrived at the house, Queen was already looking much happier and 24


had been given some food and water to tide her over until we got there. Jake said that she was very sweet and easy to handle, and it was clear that Otto and her husband already cared for her very much. They mentioned that they’d actually been considering adopting a cat, and that it felt like a blessing for them to find Queen that morning. They expressed their interest in welcoming her into their family permanently, and so in the meantime we took Queen back to Mayhew so our vets could do a thorough health check. Thankfully, Queen was in good health and her night outside didn’t appear to have had any lasting effects or concerns. Whilst we completed a home check to make sure Otto and her husband’s home environment matched Queen’s needs, we neutered Queen and admitted her to our Cattery where our team also fell in love with her. She was quite shy at first but soon found her courage, and it quickly became apparent she was a

confident and cheeky cat who enjoyed lots of attention once she got used to you! After a couple of weeks, we were delighted to be able to reunite Queen with Otto and her husband, who had passed all the necessary checks and were over the moon about being able to give Queen her well-deserved forever family. Otto said “It’s almost fate - we had been talking about getting a pet cat and then she just turned up almost on our doorstep! She’s settled in really well and we both adore her.” We are absolutely thrilled about Queen’s good fortune, and we’d love to find a forever home for all of the animals in our care and ensure they all enjoy a happy ending. n To see who we have available to adopt and to find out more about rehoming a cat or dog, please visit our website here:

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Chickadee climbing

Not Purrfect but worth it: Blind one-eyed rescue cat starts a new life in Sussex As a renowned animal rescue charity, Battersea has always believed that every animal is wonderfully unique. However sometimes a dog or cat comes along that is more unusual than most. Meet Chickadee, the blind rescue cat with only one eye and a huge zest for life.


hree-year-old Chickadee arrived at Battersea’s London centre in March when a change in circumstances meant her previous owner could no longer care for her. The sweet ginger cat had been born with feline herpes and lost her sight and one of her eyes at a very young age but quickly adapted to her blindness. Battersea’s Cattery Team Leader, Bonita Brincat said: “Chickadee is such a remarkable cat. She isn’t the least bit fazed by her blindness and enjoys doing everything that other cats do, from curling up in laps to chasing toys and exploring her mini kingdom. When she first arrived at the cattery, we noticed her walking round in circles a lot which can often be a sign of stress. I took her home with me to see how she would cope in a home environment and as hoped, she quickly relaxed and her



incredibly affectionate and playful nature shone through.” After several weeks in the charity’s care, Chickadee was ready to find a new home. It wasn’t long before a couple in Horsham, Sussex were matched with her and they immediately knew she was the right cat for them. The pair of animal lovers had recently lost their blind rescue cat Reggie and had also previously owned a Staffie from Battersea. Chickadee’s new owner Nikki Soane said: “Chickadee is amazing and already part of the family – she is absolutely loving life and you would think she’d always been here. After losing Reggie, it was really hard on us and the house just felt empty. Our home is now full of love and happiness again because Chickadee is in our lives - it’s amazing how much love an animal can give. We’ve always had rescue pets, it’s so

rewarding to offer a rescue animal a chance to have a loving forever home. Regardless of disability all animals deserve to feel loved and wanted.” Bonita added: “I’m so happy that Chickadee has found such a wonderful new home where I know she will thrive, but I’m certainly going to miss her - even her fondness for waking me up by dribbling on my face or nibbling my ears. She is such a fantastic example of why rescue animals make such great pets – though she might not look like your average cat, her resilience, affection and high spirits will melt the heart of anyone who crosses her path.” n To find out why rescue animals make the best pets, visit the Battersea website or join the rescue movement by using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

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Ginger and the Vet team

3 legged Ginger

Stray cat Ginger loses a leg but finds a new lease of life thanks to Mayhew vets When seven-year-old stray Ginger came to us with a fractured hind leg, our vets had a tough decision on their hands in terms of potential treatment. They considered surgery to attempt to fix and set the bone and amputation, and although the latter may appear to be more risky and dramatic, it was eventually agreed that in Ginger’s case the removal of the full limb was the best and safest course of action. ● It was unclear how Ginger came to injure his leg or indeed when exactly it had happened, but upon x-ray the fracture was revealed to be incredibly complex and delicate, and had clearly caused him a lot of pain whilst he was out on the streets. ● Unlike amputation, which cats can actually adapt to fairly quickly, surgical intervention to try and mend the leg would have invited a lengthy recovery period and required multiple additional procedures such as frequent x-rays and tests to check it was healing properly. ● There was also no guarantee that an attempt to mend the fracture would be successful, and because Ginger is FIV positive, there was also a concern over how well his body would have tolerated surgical implants and possible repeat procedures over the years. Ginger was therefore admitted to our Vet 28


Clinic for a full hind leg amputation, which our vets and vet nurses handled expertly with no complications. As we are still running at a limited capacity because of the pandemic, we then transferred Ginger to the closest RSPCA branch overnight so that he could receive around the clock aftercare and additional pain relief. Once he’d come round and it was clear that Ginger would make a full and straightforward recovery, he came back to Mayhew to get used to life on three legs. Apart from some localised bruising around his stump, he adapted extremely well straight away and proved himself to be an energetic and friendly addition to our Cattery. Justin Ainsworth, our Head Vet, said shortly after checking up on Ginger the following day that “He really was super bright, and the happiest I’d seen him since he was admitted. He was moving around with ease and seemed very comfortable.”

Although he’d arrived as a stray and had clearly been out on his own for some time, Ginger had a microchip through which we were able to trace his original owner. Sadly, they were not able to take Ginger back into their care, and so signed him over to us so we could find him a new forever family. After just a few short weeks, we were thrilled to see that Ginger was almost healed and was making the most of his fresh start. As soon as he was ready we placed him up for adoption, and it wasn’t long before someone fell in love with his cheeky face and met all of his needs – proving that an amputation and a positive FIV status doesn’t necessarily make a cat any harder to rehome! n To find out more about our Vet Clinic and see which animals we currently have available for adoption, please visit our website at

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Visit our website or call: 01780 410313

Supplier to the best breeders, rescuers and catteries for 20 years


Our cat cages offer safe, comfortable, hygienic accommodation and we pride ourselves on an enviable reputation throughout the UK, Europe, USA and even Australia for excellent service and superior product design.


The Domain

We can also custom build cat cages to your own measurements.

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Hertfordshire puppy becomes 5000th pup on dog welfare study Crossbreed Jack takes landmark project to halfway point Tails are wagging at Dogs Trust as the charity celebrates welcoming the 5,000th puppy onto its landmark ‘Generation Pup’ study of four-legged friends.


aking the accolade is 14-weekold male crossbreed, Jack (pictured), whose owner Ruth Lewis found out about the study when she enrolled on puppy training classes with Dogs Trust Dog School Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. The Generation Pup study, which launched in 2016, tracks puppies through to adulthood, to learn how their early experiences, environment, diet and exercise affects their health and behaviour later in life. It is the first study of its kind, enabling researchers to gain ground-breaking new insights about our canine companions to improve dog welfare for future generations. The charity is hoping to recruit 10,000 puppies onto the study so is calling on owners to sign up at

Ruth, who lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, said: “Jack is a cross breed; he is 1/8 Springer, 3/8 Cocker, 3/8 Staffy and 1/8 Jack Russell so half terrier, half spaniel. “I wanted a puppy, rather than an older dog, as I’ve never had a puppy before and wanted to know what experiences he’d had when I got him. “I heard about Jack being available and saw lots of photos of him before we got him at 8 weeks and visited him when he was 3 weeks old. I chose him because he looked like the middlesized puppy in the litter and had lovely black patches over his eyes. “Jack is settling in really well. He loves exploring our garden and playing with footballs. He’s confident with other dogs but knows to back off when a dog is not so friendly. He played a lot with his siblings and his dad, who was very bouncy, and I think this has helped a lot. “We started to take him outside the garden for walks on the ground a couple of weeks ago and he thinks 30


Jack pictured above and left relaxing with his owner Ruth Lewis everyone wants to make friends with him. It’s safe to say walks are a little slow! “We went to our first Dog School session at the weekend, and it went really well. “I think Jack is a totally normal puppy, which is exactly what I was hoping for.” Dr Jane Murray, Research Manager for Generation Pup, at Dogs Trust, said: “It is wonderful that we’ve recruited 5,000 dogs and we’re so grateful to all the owners who give up their time to help with the study. “We would love to reach 10,000 doggy recruits so, if you have a puppy, please sign up online. The more puppies we have signed up to the

study, the greater potential we have to understand more about our dogs and how to help them in the future.” Generation Pup is open to all breeds and crossbreeds of puppies from anywhere in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Puppies need to be registered onto the project before they are 16 weeks old. Puppies that have gone through quarantine can be registered up to 21 weeks of age. n To find out more about Generation Pup or to sign up your new four-legged friend, visit For more information on Dogs Trust’s Dog School, please visit

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Durable - Easy clean Kennel and Cattery systems

Dog cabin

Chicken House

n Perfect for any size of dog n Door can be pinned back with a hook and and eye n Flooring made from phenolic coated board which is non-stick and scratch resistant

Rabbit Hutches n Fully insulated panels n Removable roof


n Easily removable side panel for fast cleaning and access

n Removable raised dog bed - 1m deep

n Secure turn button latch on door

n Chew-proof edging

n Vents on both sides allowing good air circulation for your hens

n Box profile metal roof over thermally insulated roof n Sliding guillotine hatch

Walk-in Kennels n Have a plastic outer layer with polystyrene insulation n Chew proof edging

Quality and durability


Fully thermally insulated



Greyhound kennel

Thermal Dog cabin n Easy clean and hygienic n Removable roof

Bespoke design service Easy cleaning and hygenic

Plastic thermal insulated dog kennels and catteries that are durable andboarding and commercial use, can be difficult to find. Chicubes offers a wide range of products designed and built in the UK. Chicubes animal housing for dogs and cats and other small animals brings the full package, quality and durability, value for money and helpful customer service. With a standard and bespoke design service, finding the right system for you and cutting through the difficulties when setting up or renewing your establishment couldn’t be easier. Built to last and meet current regulations for home use as well as breeding.

01782 499915

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Selecting the Right Pet for You and Your Family If you are thinking about taking on board a new pet, it is important to select the right species and breed. All pets are not the same! Some are good with children and others are not. Some need lots of exercise or grooming so you need to consider the time that you have to give them and of course, the associated costs Mary Lloyd tells us more TYPE OF PET Every pet has its own personality and some have very strong traits. Jack Russells or Springer Spaniels need loads of exercise otherwise they become extremely naughty!! Larger dogs such as Labradors and retrievers are often make better family pets than smaller breeds. Cats are more independent and easier to take care of if you are working all day but some do not take kindly to constant attention. Furthermore cats are less easy to control so can easily get run over if you live 32


near a road. Many smaller pets are nocturnal which means they are asleep when you and your children are awake. These include hamsters and chinchillas. Rabbits do not always enjoy being handled frequently and pets like gerbils and mice are highly agile and rather like being left to their own toys and devices. Contrary to popular opinion, rats actually make great pets for children and enjoy being played with and cuddled. The best thing to do is to research size, temperament, exercise requirements, lifespan and health predisposition when you are considering your

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options. Some pedigree breeds are more prone to inherited weaknesses than others e.g the adorable King Charles Spaniel is well known as the vets dog because of their predisposition to heart disease and cranial problems.. It is also important to remember that the pet may be with you for the next 20 years long after your children have left home. Very importantly, do your sums and take account of feeding, grooming and veterinary care.

WHERE TO GET YOUR PET FROM? Please, please consider a rescue pet. Every year, 130,000 dogs and 29,000 cats are abandoned, neglected or cruelly treated in the UK! Rescue pets may need a great deal of care and attention initially to overcome their traumas but once you gain their trust, they become extremely affectionate and loyal. Even if you have a specific breed in mind, you can still contact specific breed rescue organisations via the Kennel Club. Rescue pet have the additional advantages that they will already be neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. If you decide to go to a breeder, make sure they are reputable. If you are in doubt, ask your vet or the breed club and they can recommend properly bred pets. You should always visit the breeder and see the conditions in which they have been reared as well as meet the parents. The parents will give you a good guide to temperament and degree of socialisation. Bear in

Please, please consider a rescue pet. Every year, 130,000 dogs and 29,000 cats are abandoned, neglected or cruelly treated in the UK!

mind that kennel reared puppies and kittens will need house training so make sure you have the time and the patience. Whatever you do, do not purchase online from dealers offering a range of species and breeds. You do not want to encourage puppy mills which breed their animals to death and purely for profit with no regard for the welfare of the animals in their care. Organisations such as the RSPCA, Cats Protection, Blue Cross and Battersea will always help potential owners to select the most appropriate pet and give you all the information that you need on their care and welfare needs. The right selection will ensure that you gain a loving member of the family and offer your chosen pet the forever home that they dream of! n For further help or advice, please do not hesitate to call the Bio-Life Helpline on01608 686626 or visit the website Photo images: ©Adobe Stock RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 JUNE – 29 JULY 2021


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Prickly debate planned in Parliament! Having successfully gathered over 100,000 signatures on a petition asking for greater legal protection for hedgehogs, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society has secured a date in parliament for a debate on how changes in the law might help the UK’s dwindling hedgehog population. On 5th July between 4:30pm and 6pm, MP’s will discuss this, and the Charity is asking its supporters to contact their MP to request that they attend and be a voice for the prickly creatures. Fay Vass, Chief Executive of the Charity said “We would love everyone to send an email to their MP before 5th July asking them to attend the debate and support the petition. To get you started, you can find some suggested wording for your email on our website” Hedgehog numbers have fallen by

half in rural areas and a third in urban areas since the year 2000.

The debate will be streamed live on Parliament Live TV.

Markerstudy Broking’s pet brands celebrate 100,000 customers and counting Markerstudy’s Pet insurance brands, including award-winning Purely Pets and Petwise, have celebrated reaching the milestone of 100,000 customers. There was more good news for 5* Defaqto rated Purely Pets recently, having been shortlisted in the ‘Personal Lines Broker of the Year’ category at The British Insurance Awards 2021. Provider of cover for senior pets, Petwise, also became the first British insurance company in the UK to offer new insurance policies exclusively for cats and dogs that are seven years of age and older. Ross Hallifax, Affinity Director,

Markerstudy Broking, said: “We’re delighted to see that our own pet insurance brands have celebrated 100,000 customers and counting. “All our staff are working incredibly hard to find the right cover for customers and reaching this milestone is testament to their efforts. We are also extremely proud of Petwise offering the kind of protection to senior pets that you won’t find elsewhere.” Visit

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330 34


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Who Rescued Who? Fridge Magnet £2.99.

Border Collie Glass Clock £14.99 Diameter 20cm.

Border Collie Mounted Print

Border Collie Trust GB

£9.99 Overall Size 10”x 8” – Print Size 8” x 6”.

Border Collie Wooden Placemat Size 190mm x 230mm x 3mm. £9.99.

Border Collie Wooden Coaster Matching coaster. £2.99.

The Worlds Greatest Border Collie Dad & Mum Mugs Identical print on both sides 00053 – Dad or 00052 – Mom £11.99.

Totally & Utterly Pawsome Border Collie Mugs These mugs are seconds there is no damage to the mug itself just very minor imperfections to the writing on the mug. Dad mug £5.99. Mum mug £5.99.

SPE CIA O L F B uy F E one R of f or £ e 9.9 ach 9.

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COULD YOU ADOPT ME? Can you give any of these lovely pets a place in your home and your heart? Availabe to adopt from RSPCA The Danaher Animal Home







She is looking for a special retirement home to relax in. She loves to play ball, adores lots of attention and cuddles. She is a sweet girl.

Saxon has a very long, playful and kind character, and loves to laze around in her comfy bed.

Reggie is a very affectionate loving boy. He loves doing zoomies, and loves the company of other dogs.

Rita needs a gentle, understanding home with a patient owner.

Holly is a lovely Staffordshire bull terrier x beagle under assessment. Please Please fill out an interest form on our website.

Thomas is a big softy and adores fuss and affection.

National Animal Welfare Trust

Availabe to adopt from Dogs Trust

Bruno M3

Tizzy F5

Lottie F5

Millie F10

Arnold M2-5

Kia F5-7

I'm a cheeky, happy chap with lots of energy and a fun loving nature. As you can imagine having collie and spaniel in me means I'm very high energy.

My friends here describe me as energetic, excitable, fun and affectionate they say I'd suit new owners with a fairly active lifestyle.

She knows all of her basic commands. She loves food which helps with her training.

She loves to play! Soft toys, rope toys, tennis balls you name it she will chase it.

He's also very playful and likes to play tug and fetch! He is a very sociable boy.

Kia is a delightful little dog who just loves to sit with (or on!) people. She's very interactive and likes you to play fetch with her.

Commercial Pet Waste Removal Passionate about Animal Welfare We are pleased to help sponsor Animal Rescue Centres in this Magazine We provide a professional pet waste removal for businesses of all sizes and can arrange the collections of dog bins from Rescue centres, Kennels and Catteries, Dog day centres and Breeders.

Tel: 07907136300 36


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The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors They are now in their Twenty first year of helping Labradors in need of new homes and their main priority is placing the right dog in the right home. They cover the areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex and Surrey

Registered charity number 1076061

Tel: 01256 884027 / 07860 691251 / Email:



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Val at Wildlife March

Val and dog Riley

MBE for animal welfare efforts during Covid Val Green, a civil servant from Nottinghamshire, has been awarded the MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours for services to charity particularly during Covid-19.


hen the first lockdown struck Val saw her local animal rescue's pleas on social media the small organisations had lost their volunteers and their fundraising ability overnight. With no income to pay for food and vets bills, things were getting desperate very quickly. Val wanted to help, and thought all those little voices calling out for help would be better as one voice. She gathered a small team of volunteers and the group launched One Voice for Animals UK on 24th April 2020. The group set up, a directory that has quickly grown to encompass over 300 animal organisations across the UK, caring for approx 22,000 animals between them. The website's aim is to enable the public to easily find and support rescues near them, be that a financial donation, items such as newspapers to line cages, or help running social media pages. Along with twice-yearly fundraising auctions, the group

has set up donation pages which have collectively raised over £65,000. Val’s dedication to the cause led to her partially retiring from her job at HMRC this year so she had more time to focus on new initiatives for the group. Val said: “I am so moved and overwhelmed by this award. Though it isn’t due just to my efforts, it’s the hard work that the volunteer team puts in, the efforts of the people running the rescues themselves who are often one-man bands, and the generous donations of lots for our auctions. It’s about all the people who care about animals, and I’d like to recognise that and thank them.” n Val and the One Voice for Animals UK team are currently preparing for the next auction which runs on Facebook ( from 27 June - 3 July.

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330 38


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Henry Wag Car Boot & Bumper Protector This high-quality protector fits easily into the back of your car and provides comfort for your dog and helps to keep your boot clean and tidy, protecting the interior from the wettest, muddiest and sandiest of dogs.

Staycation Preparation with Petcetera

Pure Paws Forte Travel Kit Ideal for travelling – a complete care pack from Pure Paws containing a strengthening cleansing shampoo, treatment shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray, all in a handy carry bag!

R EE t your F s e u q e ! R ue, now catalog

Hurtta Action Belt Beautifully designed for active dog owners to carry dog treats, keys, phones and poop bags whilst allowing you to go hands free when exercising your dog.

Hi Travel Dog Back Pack A comfortable and convenient way for your pet to carry their own gear when walking, camping, travelling or just on the go. Large storage pockets. Strong durable nylon, easy access to contents.

Promotes relief from fear of travel Visually induced motion sickness and other stressful situations for pets, including travelling.

Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl Bunty Safety Travel Seatbelt Restraint These wonderful inventions help secure your pet to any conventional seat belt attachment. Complies with UK Law, by ensuring that your pet is ‘suitably restrained’ while travelling.

A must have for ensuring your pet is well watered when out and about! Small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, big enough for a drink or a snack! Available in three different colours & 2 sizes.

Henry Wag Dog Travel Harness From car to walkies, this versatile harness offers safety when traveling and comfort when walking.

Henry Wag Folding Fabric Crate Provides your dog with its own space to relax and feel safe. Constructed using premium quality materials and is ideal for use while at home and when travelling.

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We provide High Quality, well priced food supplies for RAW and BARF diet A High Quality Range of Natural Supplements, Health Aids, Remedies and Natural Healthy Treats which Enhance Your Pets’ Diet.

Support and Help in changing animals over to a Natural Raw Diet l Raw Meats/Fish/ Bones/Offal/Whole Prey

Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles and Raptors l l

Natural Treats Natural Healthcare Products


Chicken wing tips

All I need is Cats! mug

Candace Carrot Toy

Beef Meals


Glossy wash bar

Training Dumbell

Squeaky toy

100% Pork Spaghetti

Feathered Quail

Mackerel Mince

Paw + Nose Balm

Tel: 07590 621636/01763 247929

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Veterinary dermatological company drives sustainable change from pet shampoo bottles to bars The ‘green’ director of Veterinary Dermatological is helping to drive the change to more sustainable pet care products by advocating natural, vegan, biodegradeable shampoo soap bars, to help pet owners reduce their own and their pet’s carbon footprint “Dog owners are environmentally conscious and recognise that in addition to their own carbon footprint their furry family member also has an important part to play when it comes to sustainability,” said Sue Paterson, who is the Director of Veterinary Dermatological and Virtual Vet Derms. Paterson recognised, through her work with her telemedicine company, that there was a real need to provide dog owners with the opportunity to purchase skin care products that are sustainable, natural and plastic free. To fill the gap in the market she developed the new PetDerm shampoo soap bars. Designed specifically for owners who want a sustainable choice, they contain no harmful preservatives or foaming agents and are SLS and parabens free. All the ingredients in the soaps have been carefully selected, not only to minimise their environmental impact but also to ensure they can help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Zurich’s Institute of Environmental Engineering has

shown liquid soap has ten times the carbon footprint of bar soap: Bottles need more energy and water to produce them, they are less efficient to transport, and many contain synthetic chemicals which can cause damage to the ecosystem if they get into water sources. “We need to make the same sustainable choices for our pets as we make for ourselves,” said Paterson. “One shampoo soap bar is the equivalent of two bottles of shampoo so they are not only good for the planet they are great for your pocket as well. It makes it easy for pet owners to make the right choice and reduce their pet’s carbon footprint without compromising on their care.” n For further information on PetDerm shampoo soap bars visit: or



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Bio-Plus capsules for horses TO SUIT ALL YOUR DOGS’ NEEDS Customisable Whelping boxes. Any colour, Lightweight, Robust, Come pre-assembled, Easy to clean and maintain. Visit

Pet Power!

These improve general health, reduced stress, stronger immune systems and resistance to disease. Visit

Great products for you and your Pets

Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress and Calming Plug-In Diffuser Plug-in and let the de-stressing properties slow release into the surrounding area. £21.00. Visit

Vitabiotics SuperDog Health & Vitality contains a complex blend of 25 essential nutrients to promote the overall health and wellbeing of your dog, whatever their size or breed. Available in delicious, braised beef flavour that your dog will love. RRP £12.95. Visit

Dogmatic Headcollar The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. £39.99. Visit

Colloidal Silver for Pets 20ppm Pocket Spray 20 ml. Keep it in your pocket for those unplanned doggie emergencies. Visit

Pixi Meet the Smart Fountain and Feeder. One app lets you control all smart features. PIXI will feed your cat according to schedule. Visit

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Wilko's 2 in 1 water and treat bottle Since the UK weather is getting hotter and hotter, we're always looking for new products to keep our pets cool. Wilko's 2 in 1 water and treat bottle is the perfect travel accessory for long walks with your pooch. With it's built in collapsible bowl and dual compartments, it's made to make sure that pets stay hydrated all day long and have snacks available on the go. Visit

Safety Turtle 2.0 is the new version of the original Safety Turtle. The perfect way to know if your pet is in the pool! Even if pets can swim, they often have trouble finding the steps to get out. Visit

Padded Leather Buckle Collars Our Modern Groove collection of handmade leather dog collars offers a range of stylish colour combos. Each collar is handmade to order. Visit

P&L Country Dog Waterproof Dog Bed Rectangular Available in a selection of colours and in medium, large and jumbo sizes. Price: £64.95. Visit

Travel Essentials Kit

RAISED BED This raised trampoline bed is perfect for ‘lounging on’, in a kennel run, garden or house. Great for Dogs that like to be raised off the ground. Visit

All you need to help keep your pet calm & relaxed while traveling. 1 x 15ml Calming Spray. 5 Individual Calming Wipes. £8.50. Visit

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Ashurst Orthopaedic Pillow Pet Bed Lightweight Raincoats

The large plump sleep area helps dogs to settle in the centre of the bed, making them feel comfortable and secure. £34.99. Visit

Our lightweight dog raincoats are 100% waterproof and are made to order. Machine washable. Visit

Odor-Kill The ultimate deodoriser for you home, kennels, patios, astro turf, litter trays etc. Mix 20ml in a litre of water and spray or mop away. Prices start at £6.00. Visit

Bully Combat Collars

Super strong Bully dog collars. Hand-crafted Combat collars where the buckle has been specially crafted for quick release, whilst holding up to a staggering 1 tonne of weight / 2,200 pounds of pressure. Available in Sm/M/Lge in 2.5cm, 4cm, or 5cm. £22.99 – £29.99. Visit

Bells & Whistles (Chicken Dinner) Dogmatic Headcollar The luxurious padded webbing Dogmatic Headcollar. New clasp fastening, easy to fit. £28.99. Visit

A favourite with active, sporting dogs involved in agility & canix. Suitable for puppies through to active seniors. 100% natural. Visit

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Jute shopper bag Lovely Jute shopper bag printed with 2 galgos and a heart on one side and designed by Judy Zatonski. Premium quality and perfect for shopping trips. £10.00. Visit

Embroidered Paw Print Cap Lovely adjustable cap featuring a paw print design and embroidered greyhound head. £12.00. Visit

Reusable Water Bottle Support our Education programme and buy one of our lovely reusable water bottles exclusive to GIN. £4.00. Visit

Toadstool Martingale Collar Lovely canvas fabric Martingale Collar with a cute toadstool design. £10.00. Visit

Labrador Mug – standard size This wonderful Labrador ‘Sit!’ mug will brighten up every cup of tea or coffee and would make a lovely gift for any Labrador owner or dog lover. £11.00. Visit

Kong Shaker The ultimate dog toy for shakers and movers! Squeaks and rattles to satisfy natural instincts. £10.00. Visit

Kong Wild Knots Bird Hours of fun with this toy which has rope inside to make it tougher. • Internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts • Soft and durable • Minimal stuffing £10.00. Visit

Dog Bowl – Small Feed your dogs in style with this lovely Labrador Dog Food Bowl. A perfect gift for any Labrador owner or for your own cherished pet. £12.00. Visit

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Catit Play Treat Spinner The Catit Treat Spinner is an interactive slow feeder with dynamic treat spaces that provides your cat with hours of fun while encouraging physical activity reducing the chance of obesity. Visit

Divine Shreds Premium cat food topper/mixer. 4 delicious chicken varieties with tender shreds in flavourful moisture. Visit

Catit Litter Scoop, Pink The Catit Litter Scoop is specially designed for use with Silica Litter Beads. The scoop's large bowl design allows the consumer to scoop up greater quantities of litter at a time. Visit

Groovy Fish Cute and cuddly fish toy. Motionactivated dancing fish. Grooves and moves in 3 movement modes. Visit

Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter High-performing and sustainable cat litter. The granules absorb up to 3 times their weight in liquid. Visit

Catit Cat Double Diner The multi-purpose Catit Double Diner for cats can be used for either food, water or a combination of each. Visit

Catit Fish Dinner High in protein with added vitamins and minerals. Available in six delicious varieties. Visit

Catit Hooded Cat Pan, Pink The Catit Hooded Cat Pan provides privacy while retaining the litter inside the pan. The large hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning, while the built-in bag anchor helps keep the bag open and frees hand for scooping. Visit

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Great Products from The Hay Experts

Ice Pod Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs and others, this Ice Pod is a great way of keeping cool this summer .... and the pods are very huggable by humans too, if you find yourselves a bit hot under the collar when the heatwave comes! Why not get two, so there’s always one cooling down whilst the other is in use?

Order online at Herby Hearts

With herbs such as Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Marjoram, Dill, Rosemary, as well as spinach, kale, dandelion, camomile and carrot, these baked treats are packed with natural goodness, and a treat your little ones will love. Made especially for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Little Bunny Baby Blanket

Dandelion Roots (The Hay Experts)

It's never too early to introduce the little human ones to the world of bunny, and this baby blanket, suitable for newborns and beyond, is a gorgeous way to start! Perfect as a gift too.

These dandelion roots are a firm favourite - they may look like unappetising woody bits to us humans, but if you’re a bunny, these are like the ultimate canapés when out fine-dining (really - it’s a bunny thing!). If you’ve not bought them for your bunny yet, give them a try - your little ones will thank you!

The Peg n Snack Line

Green Oat Forage Hay (The Hay Experts)

This is a fun way to serve veg (and keep them clean at the same time ... you know how the little ones can be, bumbling around...!). In two sizes; one ideal for guinea pigs and the other ideal for rabbits. Treats can be hung from the jute line or stuffed in the pillars for a bit of an extra challenge!

Our Green Oat Forage Hay is extremely yum according to Billy, our chief hay tester! Rapid dried to lock in the fresh aroma and taste, this is a mix of leaf, stem and seed-head to appeal to even the fussiest and to give those teeth that all-important workout! Great for rabbits and guinea pigs too.

Willow Nest This is the ideal willow toy for when a teeny ball or fun thing just won’t do! And it's perfect for the larger bunny needing more of a challenge, or for those with ‘bunitude’, or those with a liking for chewing the furniture! Around the size of a football, this Willow Nest can be used as a hay-holder, a treat holder, a hay and treat fun challenge thing, or a simple willow ‘I’ve got to destroy this and turn it into a million pieces’ gnaw type thing!

Versele-Laga Complete Cuni Sensitive Rabbit This tasty all-in-one pellets avoids selective feeding and so ensures consumption of all the essential nutrients for optimal health. Grain-free with naturally long fibres helps prevent hairballs and obesity. The optimal calcium content and cranberry extract helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract too. Developed by veterinarians.

Feast of Forage for Guinea Pigs (The Hay Experts) This has been specially blended for piggies - but don’t worry, we have a special forage blend for rabbits as well as chinchillas too! Filled with piggie favourites such as plantain and dandelion, as well as strawberry leaf, coneflower, flat leaf parsley, beetroot and jerusalem artichoke amongst lots of other tasty leaves and nibbles, this really is a natural delight!

Hesper Hare Greetings Card Designed by Jane Crowther, of Binky Bunny fame, these Hesper Hare cards are gold foil embossed and blank for your own message. They really are beautiful; an ideal card for anyone ‘bunny’, or those enjoying animal themed cards, or a fun, quirky design.

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Great Tit


Blue Tit


Birdspotter’s top 10 birds of Britain Come rain or shine bird spotting can be enjoyed any time of the year. With one of the hottest UK summers on record there’s no better time to explore the great outdoors, or the comfort of your garden and spot some of the best birds of England. To give you a helping hand in identifying which bird species you may have seen, here are 10 of the most common British birds that have been spotted according to our BirdSpotter tool. 1. Barn Owl This much-loved countryside bird, with its heart-shaped face, buff back and wings and pure white underparts are widely distributed across the UK. Although barn owls are nocturnal you may be able to spot one in the open countryside, along with field edges, riverbanks and roadside verges. 2. Great Tit The great tit is one of the most common urban birds and is the largest of the UK tit family. It has a green and yellow body, a glossy black head and white cheeks. If you’re not sure whether it’s a great tit that you’re looking at, the distinctive two-syllable song is your give away. Great tits can be seen in woodlands, parks, and gardens across the UK. 3. Blue Tit The blue tit is a colourful mix of striking blues, yellows, and greens and is one of the UK’s most attractive and recognisable garden visitors. They are commonly seen in woodland, hedgerows, parks, and gardens. During the winter they tend to flock in groups as they search for food with other tits. 4. Woodpecker Of the three species of woodpecker found in Britain, the great spotted woodpecker is the most common. Great spotted woodpeckers can also be seen in woodland, parks and large gardens, especially where there are peanut feeders and bird tables. During February you’ll be able to hear them with their beaks making a repetitive “rat-a-tat-tat” sound on a dead branch or tree trunk. 48


5. Blackbird Blackbirds are found everywhere in gardens, the countryside and from the coast to the hills of the UK. Their name may be a giveaway to their looks, however, it is in fact only the males which are black and are easily recognisable with their orange-yellow beak. The female blackbirds are actually mainly brown in colour with spots and other patterns on their breasts. 6. Goldfinch The goldfinch is a colourful British garden bird, with its vibrant red face and yellow wings. An increase in sightings of goldfinches in gardens highlights the importance of well-stocked Niger seed feeders. Don’t worry if you don’t have any goldfinch visitors in the winter as they generally migrate to warmer climates as far as Spain. 7. Jay The jay is the most colourful of the crow family but it is in fact quite difficult to spot. They are shy woodland birds and rarely move far from cover. Its screaming call usually lets you know that a jay is nearby and can usually be heard when it is on the move. The jay is renowned for feeding on mainly acorns, especially in autumn where it can be seen burying them in preparation for winter.

common wild birds in the UK and one of the easiest to spot. Its bright red chest is familiar throughout the year especially at Christmas, where even if you don’t see one outside you’re sure to find one on a Christmas card. Robins sing nearly all year round and at night they will sing next to street lights. 10. Avocet The emblem of the RSPB, the avocet is an elegant and distinctively-patterned black and white wader, with a long up-curved beak and strikingly long blue legs. With its return to the UK from near extinction in the 1940s, the avocet is one of the country’s most successful conservation and protection projects. The avocet can be seen in coastal lagoons on the east coast in summer and the Exe estuary in winter. n Whether you’re a bird watching beginner or a seasoned twitcher, make sure to check out our BirdSpotter tool below which is a great way to record your sightings and contribute to conservation. Got a question for us? call us today on 01778 342 665 or visit

8. Chaffinch A good starting point for your chaffinch search is near a bird feeder. Although they won’t likely openly feed on the bird feeder, you’ll see them hopping down it while looking for food in the hedges and on the ground. Its patterned feathers help it to blend in when feeding on the ground, but its loud song will usually mean you hear it before you see it. 9. Robin The robin is arguably one of the most

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Supplying the UK with high-quality wild bird food and bird seed We are a family run wild bird food and wild bird seed supplier based in rural Lincolnshire. We supply only the finest quality products. SUITABLE FOR ALL YEAR ROUN D FEEDING FROM BIRD TABLES

Ground feed mix Our orginal ground feed mixture that's so adored by Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and all other ground feeding birds. Suitable for all year round feeding. Either scattetered on the floor or placed on a table or ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £35.90/25kg


Split Peanuts

Economy wild bird mix

Small blanched, split peanuts (skins removed). Extra rich in both protein and oils, thus making an excellent and essential food for all year feeding. Peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds, and have long been the most popular of wild bird feeds. All our peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. £42.99/25kg


With our specialised blending of a number of nutritional seeds, this mix is suitable for a large variety of birds. High in black sunflower thus providing oil and protein and meeting all essential feeding requirements. Suitable for all year round feeding. £26.25/25kg

Superior high energy mix An extremely high energy mixture blended with the highest quality seeds. Suitable for all small birds and ideal for all year round feeding. Best fed from a seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains nowheat. £38.25/25kg


Dried mealworms Dried mealworms are a tasty treat for garden birds with all the nutrition of live mealworms without the 'worm factor'. Attractive to robins, blackbirds, thrushes and all other insect eating birds. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg. £33.50/3kg


Sunflower hearts Bakery grade premium sunflower hearts. No unsightly husk. A food that is loved by most species of birds being high in both protein and oils. Makes a most desirable all year round food. £39.99/25kg


Suet special blend mix

Small fatballs The best, fattiest fat balls on the internet. Small Fat balls (no nets) offer a wide range of wild birds a nutritious and important source of energy specifically during winter and nesting season. Each fatball at approx 95g available in either boxes of 150 or 2 boxes of 150. £45.80/ 2 x 150.

This blended suet mixture is packed full of highIy calorific ingredients, it is ideal for all year round feeding and will attract a great variety of both small and medium sized birds to your garden. No re-growth under feeding station. Contains no wheat. £47.70/25kg

5% DISCOUNT on all orders OVER £50 Tel: 01778 342665


Won’t grow mix Blended with 60% bakery grade sunflowerhearts, this energy rich mixture has been blended to ensure no re-growth under your feeding station. Suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeder, scattered on bird table or from ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £42.75/25kg

Superior finch mix This classic mixture was blended specifically with finches in mind. Contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains no wheat. £40.75/25kg

10% off first order for new customers use promo code NEW10 at checkout

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The same P Boett Blank

Neglected Pony before using the Boett Blanket

Neglected Pony, rescued from field and twelve month on- with the use of a Boett Blanket just look at the difference! What is Sweet itch? Approximately five per cent of equines in the UK suffer from sweet itch. It results from hypersensitivity against salivary antigens from biting midges (Culicoides) and, to a lesser extent, the larger Simulium equinum, a member of the black fly family. It is a common and well-described seasonal allergic dermatitis between March and October, reflecting the presence of insects and may affect all equine species. Intervention should begin as early as possible in the season – the climate appears to be playing havoc with our seasons, and our milder and damper winters are allowing the midge breeding season to start earlier (midges were seen in January this year).

Symptoms Typically, sufferers can be observed excessively rubbing and scratching the mane, tail, withers, head, back and belly, or, in severe cases, the whole body. This persistent, self50


inflicted trauma can cause damage, such as scaling, excoriation, hair breakage, alopecia, hives and ulcerations. The skin will become thickened and ridged if this pattern is repeated yearly and the risk of secondary infection is high. Other signs include lethargy or agitation, lack of concentration and head shaking. Weight loss is another possible clinical sign in severe cases. It is thought signs will worsen with age.

Prevention It is widely documented there is no cure for sweet itch; the only true prevention is to completely eliminate the insects’ contact with the horse. Culicoides have a short flying distance of 100 metres and their breeding sites are wet soil, moist, decaying vegetation, clay soil and marsh land, so where possible, sufferers should be kept away from muck heaps, old hay, rotting leaves, streams and wet ground. Windy hillsides, chalk-based grassland or coastal areas are unsuitable environments for Culicoides, making them useful turnout environments for sweet itch cases.

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The same Pony after using the Boett Blanket

Boett Blanket Stabling at dawn and dusk is often advised but horses can do themselves more damage whilst stabled, as the environment lends itself to areas they can rub on. A good sweet- itch rug (Boett) with good protection and leaving the horse out in a suitable environment is preferable. Antihistamines may bring some relief, but increasing high doses are required and the effects are variable. They can make the horse drowsy and, therefore, are not ideal for long-term use. A highly successful form of prevention is the Boett Blanket (available from The National Sweet Itch Centre, which offers maximum body coverage. Recommended by many Vets and even covered by many insurance companies on the alternative therapy part of their policy. BioPlus capsules have been available for several years based on bacterial protein that are designed to re-educate the immune response (immunotherapy), good results are being reported. (available from The National Sweet Itch Centre, The development and science behind this product and the work of Professor Stanford (BioEos) can be seen on this link:



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Solar - one day old. Photo by Sally Burton Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Surprise arrival of Solar the foal at sanctuary Staff at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary had a welcome surprise upon their arrival to work this week when rescue pony Sandy unexpectedly gave birth to a healthy colt foal. Named Solar, he’s the first foal to be born during 2021 at the equine welfare charity based in Newton Abbot.


andy was rescued just two weeks earlier by the charity when the owner lost their grazing at short notice. The moorland pony was pregnant, so an emergency intervention was taken by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary – bringing her to its veterinary and welfare centre where the team specialise in the care of mares in foal, as well as orphaned or abandoned foals. The charity had no history of when Sandy was with the stallion so had no due date to work with for Solar’s expected arrival. A veterinary examination showed she might foal in approximately four weeks as there were no visual signs of an imminent birth. Sandy was given access to an outdoor shelter and paddock to mimic the home she’d just come from in order to minimise stress. Staff were checking on her regularly, but they hadn’t yet moved into what they call ‘foal watch’, whereby a member of staff sleeps onsite and monitors the mare every two hours. In the early hours of Wednesday 16 June, Sandy decided to bring Solar into the world by herself in her paddock. By the time staff arrived for the early shift, little Solar was up and about, and



suckling well from his dam. Sally Burton, Head of Sanctuary Care, said: “Sandy is an excellent dam and her colt is healthy and strong. We had been fully geared up for our foal watch, but Sandy had other plans! “This does happen from time to time and particularly in the wild horses and ponies will move away from the main herd to give birth in a quiet place where they feel safe. Usually, a pregnant mare’s visual signs that she’s going to foal include filling of the udders, relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic area, waxing and restlessness, but Sandy was keeping all of these to herself and now Solar is here.” Solar has inherited some of his mother’s sand-like colourings and has four white socks and a white flash on his head. All the staff at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary are delighted with the news of his safe arrival, although now the hard work begins as lifelong care must now be provided to both Sandy and Solar. The news comes as the charity also launches its Help to Home scheme this week, helping owners to privately rehome their horses and ponies in Devon. The charity has a successful rehoming

initiative which enables over 450 rescued horses and ponies to be loaned out to knowledgeable carers. It now wishes to extend the principles of this scheme to support private rehoming. Syra Bowden, the charity’s senior director of equine says: “We really want to help to home horses in a way that supports horse owners and looks out for the best interests of their horse, and ultimately prevents the need for a welfare intervention longer term. “We’re drawing on all our skills and experience of rehoming our own rescued horses into good homes to ensure people trying to privately rehome have the same successes as we do. “Our biggest strength is helping owners to rehome horses with more complex needs such as a horse with an ongoing health condition or behavioural issue. We can support the owner in preparing their horse to be rehomed and help find a suitable home, because this is what we do every day with rescued horses through our own rehoming scheme.” n For more information or to support the work of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary please visit

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Blue Cross shares cool summer tips for horses Blue Cross cobs Harriet, Edna, Mavis, Agnes and Barbara delivered a modelling masterclass in how to keep cool, earlier this week (see picture attached), inspiring the national pet charity to share some simple top tips on how to keep your horse comfortable in the summer heat. • Make sure your horse has access to a shady area or shelter so they can keep out of the sun’s rays and the flies on hot summer days. • Try not to ride your horse at the hottest times of the day - choose the cool of early morning or evening instead. • Your horse will be grateful if you wash off sweaty areas which may attract the flies and become sore. • As Mavis demonstrates, some horses may enjoy a cool, shallow water tray designed to safely take the weight of a horse. Alternatively, a gentle cold hosing may meet with approval but introduce the hose to your horse gradually to start with, until they are comfortable with the water. • A constant supply of clean, fresh drinking water is essential to prevent dehydration and prevent heatstroke in horses. • A salt lick will help replace vital nutrients that horses lose easily through sweating. • You may also want to buy a fly rug, a UV protective

face mask and a good quality fly repellent. • Horses can suffer from sunburn. Protect exposed, unpigmented, white and pink areas of the skin, like the muzzle, with a suitable hypoallergenic waterproof sunblock cream. • Horses’ feet can dry out in warmer weather so keep them well hydrated – your farrier can advise which products to use. Harriet, Edna, Mavis, Agnes and Barbara are currently being assessed at the Blue Cross and should be ready for their perfect new homes soon. If you would like to find out more about giving a Blue Cross horse a home please visit If you are not in a position to rehome, but still wish to help, please consider supporting Blue Cross here. n If you need support, advice or guidance about caring for your horse visit RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 JUNE – 29 JULY 2021


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Rosie and Gypsy

Rescue dogs let loose to review sofas To celebrate the launch of a new partnership between Blue Cross pet charity and Sofology, rescue dogs Diddy and Gypsy along with their dog pal Rosie were let off the leash in the Cheltenham branch of the furniture chain to give their ‘fur-dict’ on pet friendly sofa fabrics.


ith Sofology’s dog friendly stores and existing range of dog sofas, the retailer’s mission is to help customers feel at home on a sofa they love and know that often includes a four legged friend. Blue Cross, who will benefit from a £5 donation from any order that includes an item from the pet friendly fabric range, are expected to raise £15,000 in the first year of the partnership. The Sofology pet fabric is available on the Finchley, Bakerloo, Islington and Marcie ranges and is designed to be more resistant to pet claws than traditional fabrics with the innovative fabric helping to prevent snagging. The surface is also easy to wipe pet hair off and spills can just be cleaned with water making it perfect for the whole family to relax on. 54


Natalie Paweleck, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Blue Cross said: “We are delighted to team up with Sofology and are grateful for their support. The three dogs had a great day out and it was a paws up from all of them for the sofa with the special pet friendly fabric.” Diddy, a 14 year-old lurcher, 10 year-old saluki cross breed Gypsy and chocolate Labrador Rosie, also 10 years-old, put several sofas to the test before settling on a teal one with pet friendly fabric which they found to be their paw-fect match. To see the dogs in the store making their decision and to find out more about the partnership visit Karen Grindrod, Editorial and Communications Manager at Sofology said: “We are excited to be committing to support Blue Cross through this new partnership. The

team at the Cheltenham store loved having the come along to check out our sofas and were on hand to show them around al the ranges in the shop. Pets help us to relax, with stroking them proven to lower blood pressure, so our pet friendly fabric will offer that additional peace of mind and let you truly feel at home on the sofa with your pet by your side.” n Blue Cross is a charity and relies on the support of corporate partners and animal lovers to help the many thousands of homeless, unwanted, sick and injured pets in its care every year. To find out more and see pets looking for homes, or to make a donation, visit

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If you would like to place an advertisement call our animal friendly team on 01787 228027

Designer Kennels Ltd

To place an advert please call 01787 228027


No. 1 for service, quality and prices. Our kennels are constructed from tough polypropolene and edged with aluminium to make them virtually indestructable and with so many designs and sizes to choose from its no wonder so many top breeders and boarding kennels now have Designer Kennels. With 1000s of kennels and catteries installed throughout the UK that is why we are No. 1 14b Swordfish Way, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire LS25 6NG Tel/Fax: 01977 685500


Tel: 01889 577058

Reg Charity No:1053585

To place an advert please call 01787 228027

We are an English registered charity concerned with the plight of greyhounds, especially the Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds (galgos)

Please visit our website: Charity No. CI0/1174351

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330

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Transport cages Your pets can travel in comfort, safety and style

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customer’s needs and requirements. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required.

01969 666063

Profile for Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine

Rescue & Animal Care - June/July 2021 - Issue 166  

Rescue & Animal Care - June/July 2021 - Issue 166  

Profile for jspmedia

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