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Hope you and your pets are keeping warm.

Welcome to our double month winter issue!

As usual there are lots of interesting articles to read. From pet news, products and gift ideas to case studies from some of the amazing animal charities who work tirelessly to rescue and care for pets that come into their care.

We would like to thank our advertisers and our thousands of readers who make this free magazine possible.

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Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and the best ever New Year! We will be back in January 2023.

With the help of his side kick Bobbee he goes on an epic adventure to save his family’s favourite woodland

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Rory Green Secret Agent to the Queen
Puppy Hot water bottle Visit 43

Rescued donkeys supporting Manchester community

Three neglected donkeys who were rescued by animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary, will soon be supporting vulnerable members of the community in the Manchester area.

Donkeys Laura, Snowy and Big Ears will soon be delivering Donkey Assisted Activities to local people, while they themselves are also prepared to join the charity’s Rehoming Scheme.

Their story began back in May 2020 when they were found living in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. All three had overgrown hooves and were in desperate need of veterinary attention.

The neglected donkeys had no shelter or access to water and were confined to an open field which contained ragwort, a toxic plant that can be fatal to equines and other livestock if eaten.

It was discovered the owner had many animals in her care, and due to the differing needs of all the species and the time and resources each one required, the basic needs of Laura, Big Ears and Snowy were not being met, so a decision had to be made about the future care of the donkeys.

After working with the owner and a local vet, the owner agreed to relinquish the donkeys into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary where they could receive expert care and veterinary attention.

After spending some time at one of the charity’s holding bases, Laura, Snowy and Big Ears’ journey next took them to The Donkey Sanctuary’s Axnoller Farm in southwest Dorset.

Here grooms spent many months building up their trust and confidence until they were ready for their next steps.

Last week, the three donkeys made the journey to The Donkey Sanctuary’s regional sanctuary in Abbey Hey, Manchester, where, over the coming weeks, they will join the resident herd offering Donkey Assisted Activities to people in the local community.

These ground-based activities support the development of people's life skills and wellbeing, helping individuals to better deal with challenges in everyday

life, while also promoting positive attitudes towards donkeys.

Laura, Snowy and Big Ears will now spend the next couple of years at the sanctuary in Manchester as they are trained in preparation for the next stage of their lives.

Thanks to the collaboration of staff at The Donkey Sanctuary, the trio have been transformed into friendly confident donkeys who will be able to make a valuable contribution to the local community, before finding their forever home with a Donkey Guardian.

n Donkey Guardians are essential to The Donkey Sanctuar y, providing safe loving homes for hundreds of donkeys. The Rehoming Scheme helps to free up vital space in their sanctuaries for donkeys who require more specialist care.

Laura, Big Ears and Snowy have arrived at The Donkey Sanctuary Manchester

Ho Ho Ho Dear Friends,

As you can see I’m nearly ready for Christmas as not only did I get a good groom from local Bures Pups and Pals Dog Groomer and a beautiful bow attached to my collar, Emma also took my photo in her Santa Paws Grotto!

When I got home there was another surprise waiting for me. This tasty treat Advent Calendar from and by the time you read this I will have eaten quite a few!

I expect like us in our home you will be cutting use of your electric and gas to avoid huge bills the size of a mortgage!

Mistress is walking around with a hot water bottle under her three jumpers and wearing her bobble hat.

Feeling I should make a contribution to help save energy, I’ve offered to lick all the dirty plates and saucepans (covered in yummy Turkey gravy on Christmas Day) to save Mistress using the dishwasher but she declined my offer.

It’s a good job I’ve been having carrots for my snacks (my vet said I was a bit overweight) because these tasty vegetables according to Mistress will help me see in the dark. Just as well I’m munching on these as Mistress has only one light turned on at a time which makes it quite hazardous navigating from one room to another. And of course, even though I’m a clever Collie I cannot carry a torch to show me where I’m going! Plus the vet said my eyes aren’t so good.

Mistress sat me down the other day and said she had something to tell me. She had looked at her pet insurance paper work and discovered that I was 12 last June NOT 10! I was mortified because that means I’ve been unknowingly fibbing on the dog dating site I joined!!!

Mistress puts her error down to her age!

Anyway it’s not so bad because she got me some new toys and I’m getting extra attention because she feels guilty. I expect I will get extra Christmas gift too. But to be honest I’m just happy living here with my two humans and all I really want for Christmas are hugs

On that note

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

4 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care Follow us on twitter Troublesome Treacle Please contact us or visit our website for more information. Heathway, Colton, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 3LY Tel: 01889 577058 Reg Charity No1053585
Ho! Love Treacle x

Animal-loving celebrities including Holly Willoughby,

back to support homeless cats

Pop duo and YouTube stars Max & Harvey were filmed at their local Cats Protection adoption centre in Harrow to demonstrate how to make the beds using their own donated t-shirts and a cardboard box.

“We all know cats need a cosy hiding spot, so I love how easy it is to make one for them out of items we all have at home,” said TV presenter Holly Willoughby who donated a boho top.

Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden agreed saying: “I love to recycle and find new uses for items, so to know it’s easy to make our cats cosy using things we already have is great.”

Comedian Jo Brand donated the red ‘Jo’ t-shirt she wore to take to the stage as one of the Cheeky Girls alongside Ruby Wax to support Comic Relief in 2002.

While Great British Bake Off star KimJoy donated the oversized food-themed tees that she uses to cover her clothes when she gets messy in the kitchen.

Pop group McFly donated some band t-shirts and Bob Mortimer included signed postcards in his donation of two t-shirts worn to promote his recent autobiography.

The celebrity cat beds will be featured on the charity’s social media channels, with followers getting the chance to win a celebrity t-shirt for their own cat bed DIY endeavours.

The remaining T-shirts will be used to create cat beds in some of Cats Protection adoption centres across the UK.

n Those interested in finding out more about Cats Protection’s winter campaign can visit the website and those who’d like to know how to create their own feline DIY projects can see it here on YouTube.

Deborah Meaden, Jo Brand and Bob Mortimer have given the clothes off their
this winter
Leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, is using their donated t-shirts to create DIY cat beds and illustrate how simple it is to create a safe, warm space for cats as part of its ‘Feels like home’ campaign
Holly & Bluebell Deborah Meaden. Photo credit: Harry Richards Max & Harvey making their cat bed Bob Mortimer. Photo credit: McCrickard Photography
Camera Smart Moouse Yfli’ Check in on your cat, and even talk an Your feline’s n bfid d listen to new best friend k capture those moments you may nor Don’t miss a moment, pop in a Micro them while you are away from home. mally miss. SD card and and take pictures Watch live, record, motion detectio Selective audio Two-way night vision Automatic n n. d resolution HD Full control app ree remote F free Catit PIXI™ app. compatible with the Mouse Camera is The Catit PIXI™ Smart WI-FI* *2.4GHz only BUILT-IN 360° horizontally and tilted to look up or down The camera can be stood up on its feet, rotate Posable in all directions

Winter Dog Care


It may be cosy indoors, but your dog needs regular walks regardless of the weather. When out on walks it’s important to make sure your four-legged friends are wrapped up warm. Put a dog coat on them when you go out, especially if you have a fine-coated dog, such as a Greyhound or Staffie.


Check your dog’s paws and dr y them thoroughly after they've been outside. This is especially important with longhaired dogs as they are prone to snow compacting between their toes and turning into ice balls which can prove very painful. If they are agreeable, you could trim the long hair between your dog’s toes to help prevent this.


Clean their paws at the end of your walk as salt and grit from roads and pavements can also get lodged between their toes.


Dry off wet and muddy dogs after walks and make sure they have a cosy bed to return to which is away from any cold draughts.



Some dogs can be very reluctant to venture out into the cold. If this is the case, do not force them out but make sure you provide them with lots of toys for them to play and keep them occupied while indoors.



If you do find that your dog is less active in the winter months, make sure you adjust the amount of food you give them accordingly to avoid weight gain.


Cold weather often brings reduced visibility in foggy or snowy weather conditions. If you're letting them off the lead, make sure your dog has good recall to avoid them getting lost and, as always, make sure their microchip

details are up to date with your correct contact information.


As the nights draw in earlier and the sun rises later, attach a small light to your dog's collar so they can be seen when out on walks in reduced visibility.


Just as cars can become fatally hot in summer months, temperatures can drop very quickly in cold weather. Always take your dog with you rather than leaving them in the car for any length of time.


Keep your dog away from stretches of frozen water as it's impossible to tell how secure the surface is. Keep them on a lead if you think they’ll be tempted to jump in.


10 tips to keeping your dog safe throughout the winter months RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 9 Christmas breaks available We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330

Trave l l i n g safe ly w ith y o u r p ets th is W i nte r

Off on a journey in your car with your dog ?

New crash-tested dog cages

4pets Caree

A really smart looking and easy to use travel home for cats and small dogs. Perhaps most importantly, it's been crash-tested and approved by the German TÜV. It fits to any car seat, using the seat belt (pets to 15kg), but, if your car has ISOFIX latching points, it makes sense to add the ISOFIX accessory (pets to 8kg) because this makes it really fast and easy to fit and remove the Caree.

Caree will be a snug refuge for a pet, in the car or when staying away from home, e.g. in a hotel room.

Winter can mean severe weather with poor driving conditions.

Passenger safety is always a priority and checking our vehicles are fit for travel ready before the off is second nature to us,as is fastening our safety belts. And when it comes to our much loved pet there are safety rules in place too.

The Highway Code-GOV.UK

“When in a vehicle make sure your dogs or other pets are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, If you stop quickly. A seatbelt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in your car”(Rule 57) – The Highway Code-GOV.UK

Travelling with pets this winter?

The Roof Box Company specialises in high quality, innovative products that make things easier and safer when you’re out and about with your pets.

From the exceptional 4pets PRO cages which are crash-tested, making the car a much safer place for you and your family, to dog safety harnesses and the must have winter driving accessory - AutoSock car snow socks.

Sherpa crash-tested car harness

Keep your dog secure in the car with this harness. Works with existing seat belts - no extra straps or connectors required. Can also be used with a lead as a harness for walking. Sizes available small, medium, large and extra large. Prices from £28.95 to £46.95

Worried about driving in the snow?

AutoSock snow socks will give your car instant grip on snow and ice

Prices from £

4pets PRO dog cage, size 1

Suitable for small breeds, this cage looks great and is TUV crash tested. Visit RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 11

Why is my dog’s poo black?

Vet explains what abnormalities in

poo mean

All dog owners know that when their dog needs to poop, there's no stopping the motion. But, if you’re a pet parent, you may find yourself scratching your head wondering, is my dog's poop normal?

That's why well-known TV vet Dr Scott Miller, working with natural dog food company Barking Heads, advises all dog owners to check their canine’s poop. It may just hold the secret to understanding your pet's health.

Ultimately, the ideal dog poo is an easy to pass, solid, chocolate brown poop. And if it isn’t, having a closer look can tell you a lot about your pet’s health. If you spot any of the below and feel worried their health, book a visit to the vet for an expert opinion.

When checking, it need not be a long affair with bells and whistles. However, a good long glance when picking it up could reveal plenty, when you know what to look for. So, Dr Scott Miller has revealed his top three considerations for poop investigation...


If you've ever found yourself asking, why isn't my dog's poop brown? Here is a range of colours that Dr Scott has encountered in his veterinary experience, from black through to white.

Black poo can be very shocking to see, and this may be due to digested blood in your dog's digestive tract. This could be a result of parasites, infections or injuries.

Grey poo could be an indication that your dog isn't breaking down fats properly. This may be one of two reasons. The first, that your dog is ingesting too much fat for them to break down, for example, your pup broke into your bin and stole high-fat leftovers. If this isn’t the case, it could indicate a possible pancreatic issue which would be worth checking with your local vet.

Green poo can be pretty harmless; in most instances it can be a sign of your dog eating too much grass. However, in certain cases, it may be a sign of more serious problems like gallbladder issues or parasites.

If you discover a sunny shade of yellow, this might be a sign of food intolerances. Have you recently changed your pet’s diet? Then it is recommended to check the ingredients and deduce what may be causing an intolerance. However, if your pet's diet has had no changes, this colour can sometimes suggest bile or liver issues.

Just like black, white poo can be slightly shocking to see when cleaning up after your pup. However, most of the time, this might be caused from high calcium intake. The lack of pigmentation can also, sometimes, be a result of a raw food diet.

So, when you pick up your pup's poop, take note of the colour, as this is the first

indicator that something in your dog's tummy may not be right.


Consistency is key when it comes to your dog's poop. The ideal is sof t but solid, perfect for picking up.

Hard and broken up consistency could suggest that your dog needs to drink more water (an easy fix). One tip is adding a touch of water to their food, which ‘tricks’ them into drinking more.

Conversely, a stool that’s soft but broken-up could indicate too much water or a recent change in diet; for example, switching to a different pet food. It’s worth monitoring to see if this changes.

Just like us, our four-legged friends can get upset tummies which may lead to watery poop (more commonly known as ‘diarrhoea’). This can be caused by dietary changes or food allergies – think, lactose intolerance in humans. It may also be caused by infection, but gastro-intestinal infections would normally present other symptoms of ill health like vomiting.


The final consideration for your dog's doo-doo investigation is unusual content within the deposit.

If you spot fresh, bright red streaks, this could be blood which may be caused by bleeding in the lower digestive tract and warrants a vet trip.

White spots in your dog's stool may signify worms, such as tapeworm segments. They should show up in sharp contrast to the brown of your dog's poop.

Suppose your dog's poop is slimy or mucus-y. Don’t panic! It's the normal lining of your dog's intestines, meaning a little bit may just come out as part of the natural process of pooping. However, if you see a lot of it coating your dog’s poo, it may also be due to inflammation in your dog's intestines or an infectious cause.

Other properties to watch out for Although colour, consistency, and content are important indicators of your dog's health, there are a few more things to check every now and then. If you are worried that your dog may have more serious, underlying issues, Dr Scott recommends checking all these factors to inform your local vet.


If you know your dog only does small poos,

and they start doing larger ones, it may be a sign that they aren't absorbing the food they've eaten properly. This works in the reverse too, abnormally small poos could mean there is a delay somewhere in the digestive system or difficulty in passing stools. Just remember, what goes in, must come out so the ideal amount of poo for your dog should relate to how much they eat.


A change in shape could also help your vet (along with other considerations) to understand your dog’s digestive health. For example, if your dog usually has soft, curled poos and it’s suddenly a solid, straight poo.


The frequency of their toilet behaviours may be something quick to forget, but it can be another indicator. For example, a change in how often your pooch needs to go may suggest infection, irritation or inflammation, or that your dog isn't absorbing their food correctly, resulting in more frequent toileting. This could indicate it's time to re-think your dog's diet, always in consultation with your Vet.

Different smell

This is definitely the last resort for most pet owners, sniffing poo is a job only meant for dogs, but still an important factor to note. If dog poo seems to smell ‘sweet’, this could be another sign of infection.

Or, if it smells metallic, this may be a sign of blood in the digestive tract, commonly aligned with black or red streak colours.

From here, I recommend keeping a 'doggy doo-doo’ diary where you can jot down key characteristics of your dog's poo - how it feels, looks, and smells - to monitor changes over time. This way, if you notice any of the above happening consistently over a few days, you have all the information to share with your vet.

It's best to address issues sooner so your beloved pup can continue living a happy, healthy life. At the very least, giving you peace of mind. Us humans can feel a little shy about visiting the GP regarding an embarrassing issue, but our pets don’t have the same sensibilities. Just remember that poo-ch happens!

yo ur dog’s

Charity issues flu warning after kittens narrowly avoid losing eyes

An animal charity is urging cat owners to get their cats vaccinated after some young kittens in its care nearly lost their eyes after catching cat flu.

Four-month-old kittens Cherrim and Hattrem came into Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre with three other siblings from the same litter, one of which died.

They were from a multi-cat household where they were allowed to roam freely outside from a young age and had received no veterinary care, mainly due to the cost of keeping them.

As a result of cat flu, their eyes were so badly inflamed that it was feared they’d have to have them removed and Cherrim had to be operated on for entropion – a condition where the eyelids turn inwards forcing the eyelashes to push permanently against the eyeball.

“We’re not sure many people realise that cats can catch flu and that it can be life threatening,” said manager of the centre, Samantha Lawton. “Hattrem and Cherrim were lucky we got to them in time and their sight was saved. Often it’s too late and the poor cat has to live with only one eye or none at all.”

In light of this, Cats Protection is keen to communicate that the easiest way to stop a cat from getting severe cat flu is by getting them vaccinated.

It says it won’t prevent them from catching it but it will help prevent them from getting severe symptoms and greatly reduces the chance of them needing extra treatment and hospitalisation.

To raise awareness, Cats Protection has posted a video on TikTok and Instagram outlining the dangers and what can be done about it.

“Although blind or one-eyed cats can live a normal life, they won’t have depth perception so won’t be able to judge distances or heights very well,” said Sarah Elliott, the charity’s Central Veterinary Officer.

“Like humans, cats most likely to be worse affected are the very young, very old or those with a damaged immune system, as they find it more difficult to

fight off infections. Although the symptoms might be similar, humans can’t catch cat flu but it’s highly contagious between cats. So, if you have more than one cat, it’s really important to keep them all vaccinated and, if one of your cats gets flu, make sure you wash the bedding and bowls they use thoroughly to help reduce the chances of spreading the flu between the cats.”

Su Taylor from Wigan adopted three kittens who had to have eyes removed because of flu from Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre in August.

“The centre offered lots of helpful advice on taking care of them and they’ve settled in wonderfully and run around like normal cats,” she says. “Despite having no eyes at all, Team is absolutely fearless and is living her best life, quite often jumping around when a toy isn’t even there. But it’s a real shame they had to lose their eyes as it didn’t

need to happen. It’s so easy to get them vaccinated.”

According to Cats Protection, the signs of cat flu are very similar to a cold or flu in humans and it advises contacting a vet if a cat displays any of the following symptoms: • sneezing

runny nose and eyes


loss of appetite


mouth ulcers

sleeping more than usual


sore eyes and eye ulcers

n More information about cat flu can be found on Cats Protection’s website

Cherrim before Hattrem before Hattrem after Cherrim after

Trucking hell! RSPCA rescues tiny kitten after 250 mile journey in lorry engine

Yorkie the kitten survived high speed journey from Southampton to Merseyside

Akitten had an incredible 250 mile motorway journey when he hitched a ride under a lorry bonnet from Southampton and ended up in Merseyside.

The cheeky hitchhiker was found by the lorry driver as he made a delivery from Southampton to the Asda supermarket in Liscard and could hear his engine purring in a more unusual way than normal.

Workers at the store went to investigate and found the nine-week old black and white kitten covered in oil and very frightened but thankfully otherwise unscathed.

Rescuers named him Yorkie after the truckers’ favourite chocolate bar, and he was taken to a local vets where oil was cleaned from his fur and was then taken in by the Wirral and Chester branch of the RSPCA and he is doing well in their care.

Kay Hawthorne, branch manager, said: "We can't imagine how frightened Yorkie must have been traveling along the M6 at 60mph next to a big noisy

engine for several hours. He was very lucky to survive such a dangerous trip.

“He has had quite a journey and we are really keen to find his owners. Sadly he isn't microchipped so this won't be an easy task so we are hoping someone recognises him and can be returned home.

“He is a very friendly and loveable boy and is so small - he only weighs 700 grams - he is certainly enjoying plenty of love and attention.”

The RSPCA rescues thousands of cats who have become trapped. At this time of year when the weather plummets it’s not uncommon for cats to curl up under car bonnets next to a warm engine

Kay added: “We'd always urge motorists to take some simple steps to make sure there are no intrepid moggies seeking shelter under their car before they switch on their engines and drive away.

“A quick look under the car and a tap on the bonnet should help to reveal a hiding cat. Make sure to wait a few moments to give any cat time to crawl

out before deciding if it’s safe to switch on the engine.

“Often cats will be able to crawl out themselves but sometimes something may scare them or they may snuggle into a very tight spot within the vehicle and then become trapped under the bonnet.

“Yorkie’s adventure also shows the importance of microchipping and the RSPCA advises all owners to microchip their pets so as to offer the best chance of them being identified and returned if lost.”

This incident highlights the important work the animal welfare charity undertakes which is why it has launched its Christmas appeal to help raise funds so our frontline rescuers can keep saving and caring for animals in need like Yorkie and are urging the public to support this.

To Join the Winter Rescue and help our rescuers be there for the animals in need, please visit our web page




Cat frightened of fireworks rescued from chimney on bonfire night by RSPCA

The owners of a cat who spent more than 12 hours stuck up a chimney on bonfire night were glad to see an RSPCA inspector.

The nervous feline, called Buttons, had just been adopted by a family at Gosforth in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

But within hours of settling into his new home he dashed up into the chimney place on November 5.

He hid on a ledge four feet up above the opening, refusing to move, and when RSPCA inspector Rachael Hurst arrived the cat was terrified by the noise of fireworks going off.

She said: “Buttons is a young rescue cat who the family had only adopted the day before and he was very nervous.

“He’d hopped up onto a shelf in the chimney and was refusing to budge. He’d been up there for 12 hours and hadn’t touched his food which had been put down nearby. Obviously the fireworks weren’t helping and when I managed to pull him out and let go of him he ran back up the chimney.

“The second time I caught him the householder had to block off the chimney. Thankfully, Buttons was unharmed and it didn’t take long to get him out. But it must have been an ordeal for him and while he is a nervous cat anyway by all accounts it does go to show the effects fireworks can have on pets.”

New statistics have shown almost two-thirds of animal owners reported that their pets appeared distressed during firework season. Last year the RSPCA started its first online reporting form for members of the public to document the impact of fireworks on their animals - receiving 11,785 responses showing this is a real problem for animals across the country.

Owners can share their stories of how fireworks have affected their

animals here

As a charity, we rely entirely on donations to keep our rescue teams on the road. We’re calling on animal lovers to help us make sure animals don’t pay the price of the cost of living crisis this Christmas.

n To Join the Winter Rescue and help our rescuers be there for the animals in need, please visit

The feline refused to budge from chimney shelf a day after being adopted Buttons stuck up the chimney We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330


Walk-in Chalet

The standard unit you will need for your licenced cattery, also used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK.

The fully lined and insulated walk-in sleeping quarter measures 4ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high and has a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two removable UPVC shelves, a fully adjustable air vent, lockable cat flap and a fully opening window leading to a sunning shelf and ladder, make this a firm favourite with customers and cats alike!

A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore and relax. A second sunning shelf provides another area to watch the world go by as it is near the front of the pen.

Champion Penthouse

With a fully lined and insulated raised sleeping area, our Penthouses have extra run space underneath. There is a large viewing window in the front door of the sleeping compartment, a white, removable uPVC internal shelf and a fully adjustable air vent. A cat flap leads to sunning shelf one which has a detachable ladder leading down to the exercise run and a second sunning shelf is at the safety porch end.

Lift out shutters are fitted to the top half of all exterior walls which, when removed leave just the galvanised mesh allowing your cats to enjoy a truly outdoor experience.

If you are having more than one pen, full height sneeze barriers will be fitted between each pen and you will have the choice of solid white or clear acrylic for these. Our Champion range of cat pens come in standard 3ft and 4ft widths

Premier Champion Penthouse

Our Premier Champion range of cat pens come in a 3ft or 4ft width and, to the naked eye, look exactly like our standard Champion range. These though, are fitted with a seamless fibreglass module, exclusive to Lindee Lu, in the sleeping compartment offering ultimate hygiene and durability.

These pens are perfect for breeders, private cat owners and charity fostering pens, being an absolute necessity if you have elderly or unwell cats or kittens who cannot manage a ladder.

The Premier range is also available with an additional downstairs module, so each pen has two sleeping areas, both of which are able to accommodate a panel heater.

4ft Classic House

The Classic benefits from a full, solid insulated roof and a solid timber back wall providing ultimate protection and ‘classic’ good looks!

The sleeping area of the Classic House has an additional opening window to the 4ft Chalet, for added ventilation, which is secured using galvanised mesh when open. Two sunning shelves in the exercise area and two, removable uPVC shelves in the sleeping area give your cat plenty of choice on where to hang out.

Our Classic House also benefits from a raised floor throughout, fully covered with vinyl which not only looks very smart but it’s warm underfoot and very easy to clean.

Our Classic House has a full-height walk in sleeping quarter – much the same as our standard 4ft Chalets but these are manufactured for those wanting a single pen which will be installed up against a fence, hedge or boundary wall.
01275 853800
HOUSE CAT PENS FOR BREEDERS Our hand made Catteries are manufactured in the UK

Though a third (35%) of pet owners admit to worrying about climate change every single day[1], a new study reveals that 40% are completely unaware that their pet has a carbon ‘pawprint’[2].

Just five per cent of pet parents have calculated their pet’s carbon footprint and whilst 35% admit that they haven’t taken any steps to reduce it, new research by Agria Pet Insurance discovered that almost half (43%) are interested in learning more about reducing their furry friend’s impact on the environment.

To support Brits on their journey to becoming more sustainable pet owners, Agria, the UK’s first carbon positive pet insurer, is planting a tree for every new pet policy placed throughout National Tree Week (26th November to 4th December).

Partnering with Eco Offset Ltd to plant trees, Agria will provide each pet owner with a personalised certificate to show that a tree has been planted on their behalf, in their pet’s name.

Building on Agria’s heritage as a leader in sustainability, the initiative is an essential part of the pet insurer’s pledge to provide a legacy of love for pets and their places, with a commitment to preserve the environment, protect pets that need help and prevent pet suffering and ill-health.

Adam Henson, Cotswolds Farmer, rural TV presenter and Agria Pet Insurance Sustainability Ambassador, says: “It’s fantastic to see the research by Agria showing that pet owners are motivated to be more sustainable, with

43% keen to learn more about their pet’s carbon footprint – every paw in the right direction is a positive one!

“On my Cotswolds farm, we are taking major steps to reduce our carbon footprint, manage the land more sensitively and enhance biodiversity, as we all need to do our bit. That’s why, I’m excited for Agria’s tree planting initiative this National Tree Week. I’m delighted that as part of the campaign, after offsetting both my own and my Hungarian Wirehaired Visla, Olive’s carbon footprint’s, Agria has planted 25 trees on our behalf! So, why not join them on the journey?!”

Janet Hughes, UK Sustainability Lead at Agria Pet Insurance, says: “Trees are so important to the health of our planet. They capture carbon, improve soil health and provide crucial habitats for our wildlife. We are delighted that together, with the pets that join the Agria family during National Tree Week, we’re continuing to contribute to the development of new forests around the world.

“When it comes to owning a pet, it is

easy to get confused about what is and isn’t sustainable. Whilst almost 9 out of 10 (85%) owners don’t know what their pet’s carbon footprint is, it’s very encouraging to see so many of us are keen to understand and do more to reduce the impact our pet has on the environment.”

Pet owners

identify the top carbon contributors as:

1. Accessories such as, toys, bedding and leads

2. Food

3. Pet waste

Janet says: “As we continue on our mission to support people, the planet and our pets, Agria’s National Tree Week initiative is a fantastic way for us to highlight the small changes that us as pet owners can make to help protect the environment, whilst contributing towards a project that is protecting and preserving biodiversity worldwide.”

n For more information on how to become a more sustainable pet owner, please visit:

Or if you would like to offset your own pet, visit: References:

survey of 1,000 Agria customers, February 2022. 2Research survey of Agria Pet Insurance Policy Holder Database, November 2022. Every pet has a carbon footprint but 85% of owners are unaware of their fourlegged friend’s impact • 4 in 10 pet owners (40%) are completely unaware that their pet even has a carbon footprint, according to new research • Whilst over a third (35%) of pet parents haven’t taken any steps to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint, almost half (43%) want to learn how to
To celebrate National Tree Week, Agria Pet Insurance is planting a tree for every new pet policy placed 20 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330
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“I felt owning a reactive dog was a taboo. I understood local people's perception, but they didn’t see beyond the lunging and growling or consider Angelo’s inner emotional turmoilhe was suffering and communicated in the only way he knew.”

Most owners of ‘reactive dogs’ feel a sense of loss of the life they imagined with their dogs. “My confidence was very low, and I started suffering from acute anxiety”, says Bea. At one very dark point, euthanasia was discussed with the behaviourist. “I loved him, but at times I did not like him, and that too was so hard. I struggled to connect with Angelo and felt I had failed him”.

Bea found Reactive Dogs UK when Angelo was 18 months old. She’d been looking for a safe place ‘where we would be accepted and not judged’. She found her tribe.

Bea fully embraced the holistic ‘RDUK CARES’ system: Reset, Distance, Understanding, Kindness, Counter-condi-

Angelo is an Alaskan Malamute and has lived with Bea since puppyhood. His fear and aggression towards people and dogs were triggered when he was attacked by an off-lead dog and kicked by the dog's owner when he was just 6 months old.
Meet Angelo tioning, Acceptance and Acknowledgement, Reinforcement and Rewards, Empathy, and Step by Step Success.
professional resources helped me unscramble some Affectionate, Mischievous, Curious, Sensitive, Gentle #rdukcares cont on p24 Click here if you’d like a FREE RDuk ebook for yourself! 5 Things Your Dog Wants You To Know about their anxious and growly behaviour.
harnesses, cosy jumpers and yellow doggy raincoats are a great way to let others know your anxious dog needs space.
don't even know), what they need is that all important space. Helping you to let others know your dog needs space Join our Yellow Army #dogsinyellow Please use code RAC10 for 10% off We are a small family business specialising in muzzles that are lightweight, colourful and comfortable for the dogs to wear, whilst ensuring they are able to pant freely. You may need a muzzle after a distressing incident, and there is a bewildering choice on the market, we are here to help your every step. We have a fitting service where we show you how to measure and discuss your needs before suggesting some styles and sizes to choose from.
Our extensive range of award winning yellow space awareness products have been carefully designed and tested in the UK. They will keep your dog stylish and feeling comfortable whilst providing you with optimum control and confidence.
collars, leads,
(sometimes we

of our historic challenges and find my confidence and voice to advocate for Angelo. Hearing of others’ experiences made me feel less alone.”

Bea learned techniques to empower Angelo and manage her environment to support his rehabilitation through counter-conditioning. “We have perfected the 'Policeman STOP', and it works!”

But Bea also needed support and reached out. “I felt both touched and slightly overwhelmed by the empathy and emotional support I received from RDuk”, she says. She found a new lifelong friend with an RDuk Ninja Buddy, “Maike supported me when my confidence was low, and I will never forget that.”

Bea reflects, “Angelo will now think and process a situation rather than react emotionally. He will look to me for reassurance and choose to change direction. We are a team on walks now, it

is no longer intense micromanagement, and I am confident to walk alone in our safe places”.

“He has a few doggy friends and has even become an unofficial therapy dog at the local cemetery, one of his favourite safe walks.”

“At our worst point, I kept a copy of the ‘Breaking Point’ resource by my bed and highlighted the words when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. Be open to miracles, for they really CAN happen."

RDuk has helped me to thrive and love my life with Angelo.

We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330
cont from p22
Angelo as a puppy
Find out
Join RDuk here
A specialist team of animal lovers with almost 50 years’ experience in meeting the unique insurance needs of rescues and other animal-related trades

Expert canine behaviourist reveals how

‘Doggywobbles’ – AKA dog anxiety – can affect a pet and how to overcome this

Everyone gets anxious occasionally, and our four-legged friends are no different. The pandemic meant we spent significantly more time at home, which ultimately saw our dogs enjoying the company of their paw-rents all day, every day – what a life, eh! But now that the nation is broadly back into the swing of things, it’s worth knowing how might this affect your beloved pet.

Anxiety can occur in many different forms including general anxiety, former rescue dog anxiety, illnessinduced anxiety, and also separation anxiety.

Natural dog food brand Barking Heads’ resident dog behaviourist and trainer Adem Fehmi offers the low-down on all things ‘doggywobbles’ – or separation anxiety in canines – from why it happens, to how to support your nervous pal.

How do you know if your dog has separation anxiety?

There are several warning signs that I recommend watching out if you’re worried about doggy anxiety in your pooch. The RSPCA shares that the most common symptoms of the ‘doggywobbles’ include:

• Physical destruction of items in the home environment

Defecating or urinating

Howling or barking

Shaking or trembling

Repetitive behaviour

The easiest way to spot these is to monitor your dog when you are at home; the obvious signs could be them not wanting to let you out of their sight, needing to always be physically close to you and other family members, or sitting by a door or window waiting for you to come back.

Why do dogs get separation anxiety?

There can be many reasons why your dog can develop separation anxiety and the underlying causes can be complex. However, the common factors include losing a family member or another pet, or a significant change in


routine such as people going back into offices after so long at home.

A lack of sufficient exercise will also lead to dogs having extreme, excessive energy levels. So, if you’re busy at work and have little time to exercise your dog, this could lead to the development of the ‘doggywobbles’. Think about how we as humans often feel much calmer and can rest better after exercising. The same goes for your pooch!

How can I help my dog with separation anxiety?

Being away from our dogs when we think they have separation anxiety can be worrying, so here’s my top tips with how to help:

• 1. Exercise your dog before leaving them. Effectively exercising your dog will help drain some of your dog’s energy, and they will more likely settle and rest after when you’re out. Similar to the benefits exercise have on humans, exercise has a positive effect on the mental wellbeing of our dogs and help keep them calmer.

However, it’s important to remember that long walks are not suitable for all breeds or ages. In addition, a lengthy stroll might not tire a very high energy dog if they have a lot of stamina. So, it is important to tailor your exercise sessions to your individual dog and their life stage.

Young puppies might benefit from exploring a new area of the garden for example, whilst a high energy adult dog may like to play fetch during their walk. An older dog may need more mental rather than physical stimulation due to aging joints and ailments such as arthritis. Games such as scatter feeding can be useful in this instance for some older dogs. Try to make exercise sessions fun for your dog!

• 2. Give your dog something to do whilst alone. The quicker your dog gets bored when left alone, the sooner they may start to feel anxious about you being away. Giving them an activity to do will keep their mind occupied and act as a positive reinforcer for being left alone, because they get to do something fun!

Food dispensing toys are perfect as an activity. Start with something easy so your dog’s interest builds then, once they become an expert, you can up the challenge, so it takes them longer. For the expert ‘gamer pup’, you can even

freeze some moist food in some types of rubber food dispensing toys to ensure they last a little longer.

3. Create a calm environment for your dog to relax in. Playing classical or soft music can help your dog relax, just like us humans. I’ve found Classic FM to always be a winner! Music can also help drown out any external noises that might cause your dog to worry outside their comforting home.

4. Creating comfortable spaces. I also recommend ensuring their designated bed area is an inviting space to entice them to keep calm and relaxed whilst you are away. This should be trained from a young age, that this is a safe space that is entirely theirs with all their favourite things there too. This is a great place to leave their toys or treats when you leave, to distract them from your departure.

• 5. Be calm when returning to your dog. Although it’s tempting to make a huge fuss of our dogs when we return, this can make us leaving again a bigger deal than it necessarily needs to be. We want our dogs to learn that us coming and going throughout the day is normal and not to be looked forward to or feared.

6. Consider a dog sitter. If you’re away consistently for long periods of the day, another consideration is to hire a dog sitter to entertain whilst you’re gone. Dogs can easily become susceptible to changes in scenery, so keeping them at home where they’re comfortable with a regular sitter will calm them; rather than kennels which may cause further stress (if they’re not used to this environment!).

The idea of choosing a dog sitter can seem daunting so download, fill in and share this paw-esome dog sitting guide – detailing their favourite strolls, treats, routine and more –to help them become the perfect part-time companion.

Whilst the idea of your dog having or developing separation anxiety can be scary, there are sure-fire ways to spot it, and plenty of steps you can take to reduce it. If they must be left alone, I hope this advice will help to ensure their tails keep wagging and enjoying life, even when you aren’t around. If not, then try considering getting a behaviourist or trainer involved for further guidance. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 29 JANUARY 2023 27
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W i nte r W o n d e r la n d
The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors Tel: 01256 884027 / 07860 691251 / Email: They are now in their Twenty seventh year of helping Labradors in need of new homes and their main priority is placing the right dog in the right home. They cover the areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex and Surrey Registered charity number 1076061 30 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE

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Sold in Aid of Border Collie Trust on inside and back of card contains all our details
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United Nations Committee calls for urgent action to protect donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed the UN Second Committee’s resolution to protect and improve the lives and health of working animals, including donkeys and mules.

The charity has long advocated for the protection of working animals at a pan-governmental level and the wording included in the latest UN resolution on agriculture, formalises the international body’s commitment to the long-term welfare of these animals.

The inclusion of working animals in the resolution is the result of significant work by The Donkey Sanctuary and multiple member states. The move represents a significant step toward global recognition of the inextricable link between the health and welfare of humans and animals and the importance of a more holistic approach to global health issues.

Ian Cawsey, Director of Advocacy & Campaigns at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “For donkeys and mules, and indeed all working animals, this is a fantastic result. To have UN recognition of the role animals and their health play in achieving a sustainable planet, and the importance of a ‘One Health’ approach, is a significant moment indeed.

“All member nations are committed to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals so the timing of this resolution is crucial as the UN prepares to review progress of the SDGs in 2023.”

For communities all over the world, working animals, such as donkeys and mules, are vital to many aspects of life such as access to clean water, cultivating the land and transport. The Donkey Sanctuary and partner organisations have long argued their contribution deserves formal recognition and that their health and welfare is a fundamental issue that must be addressed at a global level.

Earlier in the year the UN Environmental Assembly approved the development of a report into the links between animal welfare, the environment and sustainable development. This provides the opportunity for The Donkey Sanctuary to talk to governments with large numbers of working animals on how they can deliver the better outcomes called for in this resolution.

Ian Cawsey said: “There is much to play for in 2023 as a result of the UN achievements this year. This resolution is due to be presented to the UN General Assembly in December and will be a great way to end the year for working donkeys and mules worldwide.”


Donkeys help communities across the world - Photo Credit: The Donkey Sanctuary RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 41
Donkeys help communities across the worldPhoto Credit:The Donkey Sanctuary


With a WWF UK animal adoption you’ll be helping to restore precious habitats and protect the wildlife that relies on them. Your adoption will help bring our world back to life.

A WWF adoption also makes a fantastic gift for animal lovers in your life - we have options available for both kids and adults. Choose from our range of adoption animals below; from penguins to orangutans; to turtles and rhinos.


A WWF UK membership means the proceeds from your donation are not restricted to particular conservation projects, so you can be sure your contribution is going to where the funding is most needed. Memberships make

great gift for wildlife enthusiasts and we have both junior and standard memberships available. Join WWF UK as a member today.


Rory G reen, S ec ret A ge nt to t h e

Debut Book for Children by

Paperback, e book and Audiobook

ISBN: 978-1-80378-057-3

Rory Green is afraid of insects. And mud. And adventures. In fact, he is frightened of most things. But when his family drags him on a camping holiday to Great Oaks Forest, Rory soon discovers that in order to save the planet he loves he will have to do more than read books about it and recycle his old cereal boxes.

With the help of his bee side-kick Bobbee, and his newfound friends, Rory learns to let go of his fears and believe in himself, as he embarks on an epic adventure to save his family's favourite woodland.

The book for 7-9 year olds, is about a young boy who cares about the planet but from the comfort of his own bedroom. He doesn’t have confidence in himself or his capabilities so finds it difficult to make friends. However, the Queen Bee disagrees, and chooses him over hundreds of other children who are put through her meticulous selection process, to be her special human secret agent because he has many great qualities that she needs to take on missions to help nature and furthermore the planet.

Rory’s grandad is asked to return to the world after his passing, as a bee called Bobbee, and is tasked with delivering her majesty’s request and with looking after his Grandson. Bobbee already has absolute belief in Rory, but Rory must find the belief in himself to make friends and save his family’s favourite woodland from a devious businessman.

'An educational, inspiring and comical story that highlights how every child can play a part in helping the planet'Alice Keverne, Founder of Nature Nurture Kids

Order your copy in time for Christmas Paperback

The ebook and audiobook can be bought at Amazon 9AP8I&keywords=rory+green+secret+agent+to+the+queen& qid=1669830470&sprefix=rory%2Caps%2C87&sr=8-1

5p from every book sold will be donated to Rewilding Britain for the amazing work that they do to reconnect people with the natural world and help communities thrive.


Kerry is currently touring schools with the book, but if you would like her to visit your school virtually or in person please contact RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 43
“Failure is just a buzz away from greatness"

Diagnostic challenge overcome for Eagle the under par whippet

Thanks to persistent investigations and repeat BAL sampling, the dog made a good recovery.

The two-year-old whippet was referred to Linnaeus-owned Davies for further investigations because he had a persistent, chronic cough, was losing weight, had a picky appetite and a rumbling tummy. He was mostly coughing overnight, bringing up phlegm.

Initial investigations (blood tests, CT and ultrasound scans and lung wash), led by Internal Medicine Specialist Polly Frowde, resulted in a suspected diagnosis of an aerodigestive disorder; chronic enteropathy, such as IBD, could be contributing to coughing via gastro-oesophageal reflux or low-grade aspiration.

Pending the results of a bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), Eagle was prescribed an exclusion diet and medication for reflux/IBD (omeprazole and metoclopramide), together with vitamin B12 for gut support (as his levels were low). He was also given a de-wormer in case Giardia was contributing to loose faeces and to help treat any lungworm present. Although prior lungworm testing had been negative, this did not completely exclude the infection and the changes seen on his chest CT meant this was still a contender. Subsequently, the outcome of the BAL was non-diagnostic and his response to trial treatment was suboptimal, taking the internal medicine team back to the drawing board.

“Although Eagle’s signs initially improved a little on the medication, they did not completely resolve,” said Polly. “He continued to suffer frequent coughing fits and weight loss, so we made the decision to conduct a bronchoscopy to perform a ‘targeted’ BAL. We also discussed combining this with an

endoscopy for his possible enteropathy, but it was decided to stage investigations.”

“The bronchoscopy revealed yellow mucus in the airways and mild tracheal collapse. We used a scope for the lung wash for further reach this time (targeting where the main changes were on CT). Initial in-house analysis of the samples showed eosinophilic inflammation – raising suspicion for an immune-mediated form of inflammatory lung disease called eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy. Parasites can also cause this inflammation, but, as he had already been thoroughly wormed, seemed unlikely.”

The final laboratory results confirmed eosinophilic inflammation consistent with eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy. Eagle was prescribed oral steroids (prednisolone) to which he has had an excellent response. These are usually tapered to a ‘maintenance dose’ to prevent disease relapse. Steroid administration via an inhaler was also introduced as sometimes this can be used instead of oral dosing in the longer term, to minimise side effects.

“This was an interesting case given that the initial BAL was non-diagnostic and it was very rewarding to finally get to

the bottom of things for poor Eagle,” said Polly. “It highlighted the need for repeat sampling in some patients and the diagnostic dilemmas when faced with possible lungworm infection, since certain procedures such as bronchoscopy can be riskier if the parasite is causing problems with coagulation. A ‘targeted’ lung wash can reach more distant areas of the lung. It is likely that Eagle also has a chronic enteropathy, which may be benefiting from the steroids too.”

“Eagle has made a great recovery since the diagnosis of the inflammatory lung disease,” said his owner Kathryn Stratton. “Initially being treated with oral steroids we saw immediate improvement. We have also been able to successfully taper down the steroids, so that he is now only having steroids administered via an inhaler. It is a huge relief to finally have positive improvement from Eagle. After months of sleepless nights from his consistent coughing and vomiting, he is back to running around, playing and misbehaving!”

n To find out more about the internal medicine service at Davies visit

44 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE We are delighted to support the Animal Charities featured in this Magazine Tel: 01952 245330
Eagle before Eagle after Eagle, a young whippet who was significantly under par with a chronic cough, weight loss and reduced energy, was an interesting diagnostic challenge for the internal medicine team at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) in Hertfordshire.

This Christmas will you give homeless dogs the gift of Hope?

At Dogs Trust the care and love we provide to our four-legged friends extends far beyond just those at our Rehoming Centres. The cost of living crisis means that more dogs like Snowy need our help. With your Christmas donation, we can continue running lifesaving services just like our Hope Project, which provides food, warm bedding, free veterinary care, and shelter options for dogs like Snowy whose owners are experiencing homelessness.

Me and my owner are family and keep each other safe. We also do everything together and, for dogs like me, that means so much more than a roof over our heads. But sometimes we just need a little help to keep me warm, fed and in tip top health. That’s where Dogs Trust comes in.

The kind people at Dogs Trust gave me a warm winter coat and fun toys to play with. I also don’t have to worry about going hungry because they give me tasty treats and yummy dinners. And when I was feeling poorly, they made sure I got the vet check-ups I needed.

What’s more, Dogs Trust Hope Projects encourages and supports homelessness services to accept pooches like me so that we don’t ever have to worry about being separated from our loving owners, and instead can stay with them, all safe and warm. It’s just the respite dogs like me need and my owner tells me that’s all thanks to people like you. We are so grateful.

I know my owner worries about our future, but as long as we have each other, that’s all that matters to me. Well, that and a little bit of Hope.

Thank you for making sure dogs like me still have that.

Donations will go towards all areas of Dogs Trust's work and help care for dogs where the need is greatest.

Snowy’s story is illustrative and based on the types of experiences faced by dogs and owners helped by our Hope Project. Models have therefore been used in the photos and names have been changed to protect their identities.

A donation today means dogs like Snowy can receive all the essentials they desperately need this winter and beyond.
Wags and wishes, Snowy x RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 45
Donate Now

Deck the paws - keep your pets safe and out of the vets this Christmas!

The RSPCA is urging pet-owners to be paws-itivity prepared for any emergencies which arise over Christmas - and to ensure that the festive time is as non-stressful as possible for our fluffy friends.

From toxic foods, the dangers of decorations and keeping your pet calm among the Christmas chaos, here are some of the RSPCA’s top tips for a ‘pet-safe’ Christmas…

1. Chocolate tree decorations

Most pet owners know that chocolate is toxic to their furry friends; but chocolate tree decorations can sometimes be overlooked. When you’re decorating your tree, avoid hanging chocolate decorations and, instead, pop the family’s sweet treats somewhere safe and out of your pets’ reach.

Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine, which can cause toxic effects in cats and dogs. The amount of theobromine in chocolate varies depending on

the quality and type of chocolate. Even a relatively small amount of dark chocolate (which has a high concentration of theobromine) can cause agitation, hyperexcitability, tremors, convulsions and heart disturbances.

Also keep your pets safe by making sure all food is stored securely out of reach and never leave your pets unattended with food. Don’t forget the presents on and under the tree! Many pets are curious and will sniff out tasty gifts. If you think your pet has eaten anything they shouldn’t have, stay calm and speak to your vet immediately.

2. Tinsel and wrapping paper

Tinsel and wrapping paper might be tempting for your pet to play with - but make sure they don’t eat it! Cardboard boxes can be great fun for our pets, however, and you could use leftover boxes from presents to make your cat a special castle!

3. Festive bakes

We all love a Christmas pudding and tasty cake over the

RSPCA issue advice to animal-lovers to be ‘pet-safe’ for the festive season It’s nearly time to say - happy howl-idays!

holidays but did you know some of the popular ingredients can be incredibly dangerous to your four-legged friends? Raisins, currants and sultanas - commonly added to festive bakes - are poisonous along with additive xylitol.

4. Macadamia nuts

Another food to keep your pets away from. They are toxic to dogs. Most other nuts are okay although it is important to state that they should be kept away from dogs as could pose a choking hazard and like any food they aren't used to they should not eat them as could upset their stomach.

5. Plants

Festive plants such as poinsettias, holly, ivy and mistletoe can be toxic to pets. Lilies can be very dangerous for cats.

6. Cooked bones and leftovers

Never feed dogs or cats cooked bones as these can splinter and cause internal injuries. Onions, leeks and garlic can also be toxic to pets. Leftover pigs in blankets, gravy and stuffing shouldn’t be fed to pets due to their high salt content but other parts of the Christmas dinner can be fed as treats if you have leftovers; such as small amounts of cooked turkey and carrots (dogs).

7. Alcohol

You should never give your pet alcohol as this could make them sick.

8. Silica gel

Small sachets of silica gel are often found in packaging and may be inside Christmas presents. The gel can cause your pet stomach upset if ingested.

Plan ahead this Christmas

RSPCA pet welfare expert Jane Tyson said: “Keep your pets safe this Christmas by swotting up on what can be dangerous; no one wants an expensive vet visit this

festive season!

“Christmas presents, special treats and extra fun can all be part and parcel of a pet's Christmas experience. But while the celebrations can be great for pets, there's a risk that the time of year can also prove hazardous and stressful for them.

“Some festive favourites can be dangerous for pets such as Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolate, so make sure they are kept out of reach and stored securely.

“Skinless and boneless white meat such as turkey is okay for dogs and cats, but be careful that it's not covered in fat, salt or gravy.

“It's best for your pets to stick to their normal food. If you do want to treat your pet to some festive bites, try our easyto-make cat and dog treats that you can find on our website ood. Be sure to feed treats in moderation, as extra weight isn't good for their health!”

Christmas is also a chaotic time and this could cause pets to feel stressed.

“You can help your pet cope with the chaos by keeping to their normal routine as much as possible,” said Jane. “It will also help your pet if you provide them with somewhere cosy and quiet where they can retreat to if the excitement gets too much.

“You might have lots of guests coming and going, so make sure doors aren’t left open because there would be a chance that your pet could get out when you aren’t watching.

“Also always ensure you have plenty of food and medication for the holiday season - when shops may be shut - and know contact details for your nearest emergency vets just in case you need help.”

The RSPCA has revealed this week that cases of neglect and abandonment have risen as the cost of living crisis bites and with more people struggling, we expect more animals will come into our care.

This is why the charity launched our Winter appeal to help raise funds so we can keep rescuing and rehoming petsand we are urging the public to support us.

n Don’t let animals pay the price of the cost of living crisis this Christmas. Join the Christmas Rescue today RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 47

Emaciated horse and her newborn foal discarded like rubbish

Staff at HorseWorld received a call to say a severely emaciated mare had been abandoned and had given birth. The mare was so weak she could barely stand and was unable to provide for her fragile young foal. With no food or water to be found in the field, they were fading fast and neither would have lasted much longer.

It was a miracle she had managed to give birth to a living foal when she was in such horrendous condition herself.” said HorseWorld’s Head of Equine Welfare, Sarah Hollister. “Her skeletal body had nothing left to give her baby and they were both in imminent danger of dying.”

The mare, now named Blossom, had to be offered water frequently in small amounts. She was so thirsty, she risked overwhelming her depleted system by desperately gulping down everything

that was offered to her.

The foal struggled to walk. The extreme malnutrition his mother had suffered during pregnancy meant his legs weren’t developing in quite the way they should. He needed to be fitted with little glue-on shoes to alter the way he walked so the muscles and tendons would develop in the correct way. Staff at HorseWorld named him Forest.

The pair will remain in the charity’s care while they undergo a tailored rehabilitation programme in the hope they will both make a full recovery. They are among others that have been rescued from similar circumstances in the past few months and staff at HorseWorld anticipate there will be many more like them needing rescue in the months ahead.

A Winter Appeal has been launched in an attempt to cover some of the

extensive costs associated with rehabilitating Blossom and Forest as well as others in the charity’s care.

“We understand times are hard for everyone at the moment so we’re really appreciative of any donations our supporters can give.” said HorseWorld’s Fundraising Coordinator, Amy Williams.

“The cost of living crisis is hitting charities hard and we anticipate the need for our services to increase dramatically as horse owners feel the pinch. We’re already seeing a higher than average number of horses being abandoned and neglected. As the winter draws in, we need to be prepared to help as many as we can.

n Those who would like to help can find HorseWorld's Winter Appeal at

A horse rescue charity on the outskirts of Bristol has been battling to save the lives of a cruelly neglected horse and her young foal who had been discarded like rubbish and left for dead.
Blossom was struggling to feed her foal

Hopes Redwings’ Fig will be spending her first Christmas in a new home

Fig was one of three horses chosen by Redwings to attend the Rescue Village at the Your Horse Live event in Warwickshire, which was held earlier this month (11th-13th November). Now back from the trip, Fig and her friends Matilda and Libby –who also attended - are available to rehome, and applications are now open on the charity’s website:

Fig’s life has been completely transformed. She was rescued by Redwings in April 2019 when she was seized by police, along with several dogs and some poultry, from a site in Suffolk. Her owner was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA for the suffering caused to Fig and the other animals.

Jude Palmer, who oversaw the horse’s attendance the event, said: “It was suspected that Fig had been in the trailer she was found in since birth.

“On arrival at Redwings, she needed help from the team to stand. She had wounds across her body, which appeared to be pressure sores from the amount of time she had spent lying down. Fig was extremely emaciated. She had a Body Condition Score of just 0.5 (a healthy BCS would be 3). Her feet were also very overgrown and misshapen.

“The Fig who joined us at Your Horse Live could not have been more different from when she arrived in 2019. She spent the three days in the Rescue Village at the event with her head over her stable door receiving lots of fuss from members of the public, and helping us to showcase the work of Redwings and our rehoming teams. Fig even led the Rescue Parade, and enjoyed a cuddle with equestrian star ThisEsme!”

“Fig, Matilda and Libby are now looking for homes as unbacked projects – this means they received their basic

Fig, Matilda and Libby (left to right) at Your Horse Live

handling training at Redwings and are now ready for experienced Guardians to take over the ‘reins’ and teach them to be ridden ponies. We hope their experiences at Your Horse Live, where they calmly took in all the sights of the event - including the main arena banners and equipment, grandstand seating and

Fig now

maintenance machinery – shows how wonderful they could be in their new homes.”

Fig on arrival at Redwings in 2019
Found as a young filly shut in a trailer in her own filth and unable to stand without help, Fig had an awful start in life, but, thanks to Redwings, she’s now looking for a new home to call her own. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 49

Bird Feed To Help You Spot Wild Birds In Winter

Colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions during the long winter months make life harder for birds. Even birds that have adapted to survive the cold UK winters can benefit from additional bird feed during winter, as their natural food sources will be in shorter supply, particularly in snowy or icy conditions.

Birds require a wide range of nutrients to survive all year round but particularly in bad weather when flying conditions are poor and birds will use more energy in their search for food, water and shelter. Extra bird feed can give wild birds the additional energy they need to make these difficult journeys.

The ‘Hungry Gap’ refers to a period of winter where seed-bearing crops are in short supply in the UK. The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) found some birds may be at risk of disappearing from the British countryside because they are struggling to find adequate food between February and April as most of the seed-bearing crop fields are ploughed at this time.

All wild birds also need fat in their diet so that they can store it to keep warm during winter, however not all fats are suitable for birds, so it’s important to choose the right type of bird feed if you want to help wild birds in winter.

Which bird feed should I choose?

We have lots of bird feed options and many contain a balance of nutrients that are suitable for year-round use. Our wild bird feed mixes use a blend of the highest quality ingredients and are the result of over 20 years of research into bird feed. This means that no matter which of the Kennedy wild bird seed mixes you choose, they can be used to support wild birds throughout

the year. Our superior high energy mixture is a great starter for the winter months.

We even have options for attracting specific birds to your garden, such as our Robin Bird Food, designed especially for Britain’s most popular bird and a symbol of winter.

for all small garden and farmland birds. It can be used all year round but has been specially designed to bridge the ‘hungry gap’ when food is scarce and its high energy content makes it perfect for even the coldest winter weather. This bird feed is best fed from a feeder or bird table and can also be scattered on the ground.

Suet Pellets Bird Feed Mixed Flavours

Superior Economy Wild Bird Seed

Our superior economy wild bird seed contains Black Sunflower Seeds which are full of essential nutrients and have a high oil content to help build healthy fat reserves and Sunflower Hearts which are highly nutritious and easy for fast feasting, making them ideal bird feed for winter. This bird feed is versatile to attract a wide variety of birds and is perfect for feeding all year round. You can use it in a seed feeder or scatter it on a bird table.

High Energy Bird Feed Premium Quality

Our high energy bird feed is blended with the highest quality seed, perfect

Our suet pellets bird feed is a great way to provide wild birds with high energy food. It contains a mixture of Insect Pellets, Berry Flavour Pellets and Mealworm Suet Pellets. This bird feed is designed to give wild birds a boost and help them survive in harsh weather. It can be dispensed from a suet pellet feeder all year round.

What wild birds might I spot in winter?

Once you’ve chosen your bird feed to help you spot wild birds in winter, what birds can you expect to see in your garden?

In winter, even the shyest of wild birds will be tempted to leave the safety and

Why is bird feed so important for wild birds in winter?
One of the simplest pleasures in life is spotting wild birds in our gardens and local area and this is something we can all enjoy year-round. If you’re looking for bird feed to help you spot wild birds in winter, we have some suggestions to get you started.
Here are some other excellent choices of bird feed to help you spot wild birds in winter.

Supplying the UK with high-quality wild bird food and bird seed

Ground feed mix

Our orginal ground feed mixture that's so adored by Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and all other ground feeding birds. Suitable for all year round feeding. Either scattetered on the floor or placed on a table or ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £39.90/25kg

Dried mealworms

Dried mealworms are a tasty treat for garden birds with all the nutrition of live mealworms without the 'worm factor'. Attractive to robins, blackbirds, thrushes and all other insect eating birds. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg. £33.50/3kg

Split Peanuts

Small blanched, split peanuts (skins removed). Extra rich in both protein and oils, thus making an excellent and essential food for all year feeding. Peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds, and have long been the most popular of wild bird feeds. All our peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. £46.50/25kg

Economy wild bird mix

With our specialised blending of a number of nutritional seeds, this mix is suitable for a large variety of birds. High in black sunflower thus providing oil and protein and meeting all essential feeding requirements. Suitable for all year round feeding. £29.50/25kg

Superior high energy mix Sunflower hearts

An extremely high energy mixture blended with the highest quality seeds. Suitable for all small birds and ideal for all year round feeding. Best fed from a seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains nowheat. £41.25/25kg

Bakery grade premium sunflower hearts. No unsightly husk. A food that is loved by most species of birds being high in both protein and oils. Makes a most desirable all year round food. £49.75/25kg

Small fatballs

The best, fattiest fat balls on the internet. Small Fat balls (no nets) offer a wide range of wild birds a nutritious and important source of energy specifically during winter and nesting season. Each fatball at approx 95g available in a box of 150. £27.90

Suet special blend mix Won’t grow mix

This blended suet mixture is packed full of highIy calorific ingredients, it is ideal for all year round feeding and will attract a great variety of both small and medium sized birds to your garden. No re-growth under feeding station. Contains no wheat. £52.70/25kg

Superior finch mix

Blended with 60% bakery grade sunflowerhearts, this energy rich mixture has been blended to ensure no re-growth under your feeding station. Suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeder, scattered on bird table or from ground feeder. Contains no wheat.
mixture was blended
of the
seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seedfeeder or
on a bird table.
We are a family run wild bird food and wild bird seed supplier based in rural Lincolnshire. We supply only the finest quality products. SUITABLE FOR ALL YEAR ROUND FEEDING FROM BIRD TABLES SUITABLE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF WILD BIRDS SUITABLE FOR ALL SMALL BIRDS ALL YEAR ROUND FEEDING ATTRACTIVE TO ROBINS, BLACKBIRDS AND THRUSHES ADORED BY ROBINS, BLACKBIRDS AND SONG THRUSHES Tel: 01778 342665 10% off first order for new customers use promo code NEW10 at checkout 5% DISCOUNTon all orders OVER£50 FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY
£46.75/25kg This classic
mind. Contains a wonderful selection
Contains no

shelter of their usual woodlands and hedgerows to search for food in our gardens and near our homes, making them easier to spot.

Resident Starlings visit gardens year-round and you may spot even more of these sociable birds during the winter months as some migrate here from Europe for winter, arriving in autumn and staying until February or March.

The Blue Tit is a colourful garden visitor. These delicate little birds enjoy mixed bird feed, fat balls and sunflower hearts. They can be spotted in woodlands, hedges, parks and gardens across the UK.

Goldfinches have a distinctive red face and though some fly south for winter, others remain in the UK yearround. These birds are seed specialists and are particularly attracted to niger seeds.

Perhaps one of the cutest wild birds to spot in winter, Long-tailed Tits are small

and fluffy. They visit bird feeders in winter when their usual choice of insects and invertebrates are in short supply. They don’t stay still for long but travel in flocks, making them easier to spot flitting from branch to branch.

You are also likely to spot common garden birds such as Wood Pigeons and House Sparrows.

Unusual birds you may be lucky enough to spot in winter include Waxwings. They don’t breed in the UK but visit during winter. These garden birds have colourful tails, and they particularly enjoy berries and are most often spotted along the East Coast.

Britain’s smallest birds, Goldcrests are naturally shy, spending most of their time in conifer forests but these tiny green and yellow birds can be found at bird tables during winter. They’re resident in the UK all year round and can be spotted across the country.

You may also be lucky enough to spot

Bramblings, who typically flock in small groups. They visit the UK during winter and love mealworms. You can spot them by their distinctive orange plumage and screech-like call.

Top tips for spotting wild birds in winter

If you’re using bird feed to help you spot wild birds in winter, make sure you keep feeding the birds throughout the winter, otherwise, they will waste precious energy returning to your bird table or feeder only to find it empty. It’s also important to supply fresh water for bathing and drinking, even when it’s snowy or rainy and to defrost frozen water if it ices over.

Give us a call today on 01778 342665 Or email us at or visit

RSPB Singing Soft Toy Blue Tit

Bring the wonder of bird song into your little one’s toy box with the RSPB’s range of singing bird toys. These cute and cuddly plush toys are a hit for their colourful design and soft touch, plus their showstopper ability to sing! Simply squeeze the toy for an authentic bird call unique to each type of bird toy. £9.00 Visit

Nest box standard

This nest box was designed with all the right features. The box has a 25 mm front aperture, a screwed-down lid, treated exterior grade ply and a drained floor. This box is suitable for most small garden birds. £25.60 Price includes Next Day Delivery Visit

RSPB Minibeast Viewer

The combined container and microscope make this a perfect gift for beginners and younger children under supervision. It is very simple to handle and clean, meaning that older children can easily take charge. £3.99 Visit

Ring Pull Click Peanut Feeder

Ideal for dispensing whole peanuts or split peanuts. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Choose from small or large. From £19.45 Visit

Dewdrop Bee Biome with Wildflower Seeds

The wildflowers attract bees to your garden whilst the biome, filled with nesting tubes, provides them with a home. £23.99 Visit

Squirrel proof seed feeder

The Secret Garden seed feeder with its decorative leaf design, helps to deter squirrels and larger birds from accessing the seeds. Ensuring that food is available for the smaller garden birds. From £23.50 Visit

Flat-faced dog has major ‘facelift’ surgery as welfare risk of breed exposed

Tuna had facial-fold resection surgery as well as a procedure to help her eyes

Ayoung bulldog has undergone major surgeries to give her a ‘facelift’, widen her nostrils, remove excess tissue from her airways, and relieve her eye discomfort - in a case which acts as a reminder of the welfare risks associated with breeding dogs to have flatter faces.

One-year-old bulldog Tuna was rescued by the RSPCA in September 2021 as part of an animal welfare investigation and was taken in by vet nurse Katherine Maling, who works at the charity’s Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Buckinghamshire.

The young dog had many health problems due to being bred to have an extremely flat face and had to sleep with her head propped on a pillow to help her breathe while she was sleeping.

In October, Tuna underwent major surgery to help relieve some of her discomfort and help improve her quality of life.

Katherine said: “Tuna had facial-fold resection surgery - which is like a

facelift - to remove some of the excess skin from around her face and muzzle.

“The ‘rope’ - or the roll of excess skinaround her nose was causing her a lot of issues, like sore skin and hot spots that often led to infections. The weight of it also pulled her eyelids down, which made her eyes weep. In the summer, it was particularly bad, and I had to constantly clean and dry the area, which Tuna really didn’t enjoy.

“Since the skin has been removed, Tuna has been so much happier.

“She also had an operation to treat her entropion - a condition in which the eyelid turns inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye - which can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful.

“The vets removed part of the eyelid, tightening up the area around her eyes which has made her much more comfortable.” She has more surgeries to come - but it is hoped, once complete, the operations will allow Tuna to lead a life without suffering.

Katherine added: “Tuna has really been through it and is still recovering

from such major surgery, involving several serious procedures. She still has more surgeries to come, too. Once she’s recovered from this, she’ll be going in for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) surgery which will help her breathe more normally by widening her nostrils and removing excess tissue from her soft palate, which blocks the airways.

“After all of these operations she will face a brighter future and will hopefully be able to lead a more ‘normal’ dog life! But it’s disgusting that she even has to undergo these surgeries in order to be able to breathe and live her daily life; I can’t believe people are deliberately breeding dogs to be this way. It is not okay and we should be fighting against how this has become normal for these breeds.”

However, Tuna will sadly always have some health problems as a consequence of the way she was bredand the desire to breed dogs with flatter faces.

Katherine said: “Tuna isn’t like other RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 5 DECEMBER 2022 – 28 JANUARY 2023 53

puppies who have endless energy. She gets tired easily and struggles to enjoy walks or play. She spent most of her early life visiting vets and having x-rays, while other pups went to training and socialisation classes.

“She snores extremely loudly and her body would strain for air when she was sleeping; she’d have to prop her head up on a pillow to help relieve some of the pressure on her airways.

“The reality is that, even after all of these operations, her life will always be restricted and complicated, due to her health problems which have been caused due to the extreme way she’s been bred. However, we hope she’ll be able to enjoy a more normal way of life; and we’ll do everything we can for her to make sure she’s comfortable and happy.”

The RSPCA is taking in more and more brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs with major health problems due to the way they’ve been bred to have short muzzles, flat faces, over-the-top skin rolls, and tight corkscrew tails. The charity’s Save Our Breath campaign urges the public not to buy breeds who cannot live normal lives due to the irresponsible way they’ve been selectively bred.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: “Our focus on dogs’ appearance and a desire for ‘cute’

squishy faces has led to breeders selecting dogs with increasingly flatter faces which has caused a whole generation of certain breeds who struggle to breathe.

“Some dogs can’t sleep while others can only exercise for very short periods of time as they quickly tire and get out of breath. Some can’t run and play with their doggy friends, and many find the hot weather incredibly difficult.

“Unfortunately, some of these dogs also face other health problems, like serious skin infections and allergies due to their folds of fur, as well as eye problems, and painful back conditions caused by corkscrew tails.

“We understand why there is so much love out there for these breeds. But it’s wrong that we’re knowingly breeding for and buying because of features which compromise their health, behaviour and welfare; and it’s time we put a stop to this.”

The public has an important role to play in helping to improve the future health and welfare of these breeds. The RSPCA hopes that cases like Tuna’s stop people from seeing these pets as cute and recognise the serious health issues they face as a result.

The Save Our Breath campaign seeks to educate the public about the impact of this type of breeding on dog welfare.

The RSPCA is urging people to get an alternative breed or a crossbreed that has a lower risk of problems.

Anyone thinking of taking on a brachycephalic breed - like a British or French bulldog - should be aware of the impact on the dog’s behaviour and the health problems these breeds can face, and the potential costs of veterinary treatments.

Katherine added: “Tuna has had thousands of pounds worth of surgery so far, and she’s only 14-months-old. She’s also very lucky to have access to a vet who specialises in these surgeries as they are very complex, and also incredibly expensive.

“Her vet - Kyra Jenning - delivered Tuna via c-section as her mother was unable to give birth naturally, due to her breeding, and she has followed her and helped her at every step of the way.

“I’m so grateful to her and everyone at Bicester Vets for their care and knowledge; Tuna is so lucky to have them looking out for her.”

n To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care - like Tunaplease visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

Dogs Trust calls on the Government to help pet owners by taking VAT off pet food

Dogs Trust has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, asking the government to recognise that the increased cost of dog food is contributing to the country’s biggest animal welfare crisis for generations.

The charity has already warned it is receiving record numbers of inquiries from people struggling to keep their dogs: this year, it saw close to a 50% increase* from 2021 in handover inquiries, and it expects to reach 50,000 inquiries before the year is out.

Now it is calling on the government to remove the VAT on pet food, saying the

20% cost reduction could prove critical to many pet owners, offsetting spiralling prices to keep pet food affordable.

The latest monthly poll of the UK’s dog owners, carried out by YouGov on behalf of Dogs Trust, reveals almost a quarter (23%) of owners say the rising cost of dog food is their biggest worry about caring for their dog at the moment.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, says: “With an estimated 12 million dogs in the UK**, we think it’s only right the government should help offset the price

of seeing this nation through the worst animal welfare crisis since the war, by cutting the 20% VAT on pet food.

“With record numbers of people unable to afford their dogs, our priority is to keep dogs and families together. At Dogs Trust we’re doing all we possibly can but, Mr Hunt, we are calling on your help for the unseen victims of the cost-of-living crisis - our nation’s dogs.”


As tax rises turn up the heat, one of the UK’s largest animal charities has called on the government to help see the nation’s dogs through the winter by removing VAT from pet food
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