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Welcome to the

2nd Regiment, Albany County Militia.

We are a group of revolutionary War reenactors who are dedicated to recreating a little known and often forgotten part of the revolutionary War - the “Civil War” that took place in Upstate New York between Loyalists (those supporting the King of England) and the Patriots (those who wish to break relations with England. As members of the BVMA (Burning of the Valley’s Military Association) we endeavor to recreate the look and feel of the men and women of the 18th century and the militia that was based around Schenectady during the war.

Schuyler’s Company of New York Provincials Many members of the 2nd Albany unit, also reenact battles from the French & Indian War. The original Company were formed as part of the New York Provincials during the war and is based in the Albany area. In 1759 (the year we base our portrayal on) the Provincials were involved in the campaigns against Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Niagara.

Kellogg’s Co. of Artillery 1812 Kellogg’s Company was issued orders on December 19, 1812, and mustered into service to assist in the defense the Northwestern frontier. In late December they marched to Ogdensburg. Before the war’s end, they saw service at the Battle of Ogdensburg, Sacketts Harbor, Crysler’s Farm, and Plattsburg.

The BVMA is a confederation of units that represent original Revolutionary War units. Primarily these units were based in areas of the Mohawk Valley and the Hudson River/Lake Champlain corridor. Visit the website for more information and the season schedule of events,

Unit members row this 1792 reproduction bateau at many events throughout the season. The “DeSager” boat is 23 feet long and 5 feet of beam, with a rough cargo capacity of 1 ton. This boat along with the larger “Bobby G” bateau are both maintained by our members and the Schenectady County Historic Society.


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