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Thunderpups Benjamin Franklin High School D3S | R7 | CNH

Volume II – Issue XI

January 2014

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A word from the President / Editor

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Officer of the Month Member of the Month Past Events (January / February) Board Contact Information

A Word from the…

Jade Archuleta President Hello Thunder pups! January is over and we are now closer to the end of another term but the service doesn't stop here. I am very proud to say we have hit the 1300 hour mark and is still growing. I know this month was a little slow with our elections going on. Next month we will have more service opportunities! Seniors make this last year count and make a change! We will have more fundraisers, service events, and division events get ready to serve with your key club OHANA. The end of the term is near but there is always room to go above and BEEyond. BFHS key club do you have the GOLDEN TICKET to SERVICE????????????????????

Jenell Paraiso Bulletin Editor Hello there Thunder Pups! The first month of 2014 went by pretty quickly didn’t it? What’s also going by quickly is the current board’s term for 2013-2014 is almost ending and soon we will have our new elected officers take over on April after District Convention. (How sad!) So we just had our club elections with only two candidates running for a position so who knows, they soon may be your new board leaders for the club! How exciting! We just had our very own D3S Conclave this month and we don’t have a new LTG as of right now but on February 1, 2014 we have our very own 2nd Conclave to elect our new LTG for the term of 2014-2015! So please attend this event to help select your new leader for the next term! There will be many more service events next month for you guys, especially for those seniors who need their community service hours. See you all there at future events thunderpups!

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Kiwanis Meeting “I attended one of my favorite meetings this month. On January 8th, I went to a Kiwanis meeting. I go to these meetings to see how our beloved Kiwanians are doing, to see their outstanding amounts of energy early in the morning, to hear them sing, to know what they have done the past month, and also to be informed of what’s to happen for upcoming events. Going to this event is definitely one of the best ways to start up my day. I started off this event by giving our Kiwanis (Ms. Ruygrok and Mr. Moffett) their posters made by our president Jade Archuleta. Then they started the meeting with the usual song they do. During the meeting, Ms. Ruygrok thanked our club for giving her a poster and said the sweetest words ever. (I cried during her speech) We then moved on to listening to the representative speaker. All in all, after I left this event, I learned how to be a good leader, how to serve the children of the world, and how to grow, succeed and make great things happen. With their strong will and positive attitude, they can really achieve the impossible.” — Mark Ingcoco

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Braille “The event I attended in the month of January 2014 was Braille. This was the first time I volunteered at Braille Institute and I regret not going to the previous volunteer days. Since this was my first time, I had to fill out a volunteer form which didn’t take much time. Then comes the fun stuff! I entered into a very large room where other volunteers, including the blind, were doing various tasks. Personally, I never saw a blind person and I have and will always support and aid them in any way or form, which is why I wanted to volunteer at Braille. Anyways, my first task was to put 44 cassette tapes into a box, but Jade and I had trouble with some boxes because they were too small. I then went to make the proper boxes since there was a need for them. I had to fold the boxes and tape them a certain way to limit the tape usage. The tape dispenser was difficult for me to manage at first but I became a pro at it by the end of the day. After all of the boxes were made and the cassettes were packaged, we had to check that the tape was in the right cassette and organize them by 15. My thumbs were extremely sore from popping and closing the cassettes, but in the end, it was worth it. I plan to attend more Braille events in the future so I can gain thumb strength.” — Sabrina Velasco

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Recognitions Officer of the Month

Jade Archuleta For the month of January, the Officer of the month is no other than our lovely, Jade Archuleta! A dedicated officer who has been part of Key Club ever since the beginning of her years as a high school student, Jade has always been a dedicated fellow Thunderpup from freshman year to the end of senior year. During the month of January, not many events were available but Jade didn’t let the slow month dissuade her from letting that be the standard. She was able to create and discover new events for the next month for her club while making sure her club is always up to date on any information that may open a new door to her members so that they may lead when the time comes. Jade never shows all the stress or work it takes to create more opportunities for her Thunderpups. Always ready to help her club in any way possible, Jade is always improving her club. For example, our club recently had a nacho sale that was able to keep our club funded and economically stable. Jade has always cared for her community and those she serves; and for that, her dedication and love for this organization has, again, been proved this month.

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Member of the Month

Denis Tran

For the month of January, the Thunderpup of the month is Denis Tran! This fellow wolf has been a long time member who has shown his love for community service and for those he has served for. He is currently a senior who isn’t afraid to lend a helping hand in anything he sees that could use support. With that said, Denis has helped the club with various tasks without hesitation and shown his dedication throughout the month. During this month, Denis has helped out with a recent nacho sale that our club just has this month and he could be seen helping our president raise funds for future events. This is not the first time he has helped with a fundraiser though. He has always been there to lend his services to the club and his fellow Thunderpups. Though not the cheering type, Denis shows his love by coming to every single general club meeting he can and always tries to be there for other members if they need a question to be answered or, if no one is there to lead, he will temporarily be there to lead others so they are able to serve others properly. Even though his is technically a member, Denis has proved that he is able to support his club without question and be there to share a critical opinion in what the next step should be.

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Past / Future Events Braille - (1/7) Kiwanis Meeting - (1/8) Club Meeting - (1/15) Nacho Sale (1/23) Elections - (1/29 & 1/30) Nacho Sale - (1/30)

Conclave - (2/1) Spaghetti Night - (2/15) Upcoming: Nacho Sale every Thursday New York Snow Ice Fundraiser Page 7

Board Contact Information

President – Jade Archuleta

Treasurer – Leslie Guzman

Vice President – Mark Fernandez

Bulletin Editor – Jenell Paraiso

SAA – Elijah Trinidad

Historian – Mark Ingcoco

Senior Representative Junior Representative Vanessa Valenzuela

Secretary – Amy Lorn

Dustin Tran

Sohphomore Representative

Freshman Representative

Members Recognition Chair

Jeffrey Fernandez

Aja Archuleta

Sabrina Velasco

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a Kiwanis-family member 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 4668 - 317.875.8755 - US and CANADA: 1 - 800 - KIWANIS

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