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DecemberBenjamin 2013 – Volume II – Issue X Franklin High School-D3S-R7-CNH

Table of Contents A word from the President/Editor….….2 Articles…………….………………...3 & 4 Officer of the Month….………………….5 Member of the Month…………………...6 Important Dates for December…………7 Important Dates for January…….………8 Board Contact Information….…….9 & 10 1

A Word From The…

President Jade Archuleta

Hello Thunder pups! This month has been crazy with the FINALS and HOLIDAYS. I wanted to say thank you for while keeping your busy schedules you have always found time to SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY! We have had Braille thanks to our Amazing advisor Ms. Harada and thanks to you guys we have completed around 900 hours for this year of 2013. Thank you for your dedication to this club I am honored to serve you the members. But remember wolves the service never stops so when we get back to school we will have more exciting events for you. Also if you would like to take your dedication a little further and would like to serve your community and other fellow members please contact me if you would like to run for a position on the club board. ELECTIONS ARE COMING UP! Take the steps and grab your golden ticket to serving others! THANK YOU AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE HAVING AN AMAZING AND RELAXING VACATION. You are all BEE-AU-TIFUL Goodbye to 2013 hello 2014 here we come. Thank you all for the wonderful memories full of service.


Jenell Paraiso

Hello my lovely Thunder pups! I hope you all are having a wonderful winter break and holiday! It’s almost 2014! Time really does fly by quickly. We had such a successful year of service. I’m proud to see all of your guys’ hard work and dedication you put into the service work you all do. Another year has gone by and I had the chance to be able to create more memories with all you members and Key Club as a whole. I hope you all did as well and will cherish these fun moments you had as a Key Club member. Elections are coming up soon so please be prepared for that and look out for applications to run for an officer position. Even though the year is ending, we have another year full of service events for you guys to attend next year! Stay safe wolves and have a fun winter break! Let’s have a good 2014!


Articles “Hello Thunderpups! My name is Winny and I volunteered at the Rose Float on December 26th! A few things I did was help apply glue and seeds onto a float and cut flower petals. I met two people from a different division and they were very nice and helpful. I also got to bond with our home club and John Marshall's club while cutting petals. Although our hands were very tired, we had a fun time helping and bonding with each other.” —Winny Chen


“I attended Rose Float Decoration on December 26th and 31st. This is my fourth year attending since my freshman year and this event is actually one of my very favorite events. I remember volunteering during my freshman year. All I did that whole day was cut flowers for the floats because I didn't get the chance to work on the floats and I was also afraid to work at the very top of the floats. As I continued to attend this event throughout my high school Key Club years, I got the chance to work on the floats which was the best job you can get during this event. At least that's what I thought. Working on the floats was a fun job to have but was also very hard and tedious. I tried my best to not make any mistakes on decorating the floats because I didn't want to have to start all over or give any of the people in charge a hard time. Working on the floats was very tedious. On the 31st this year I was assigned to put small red flower petals along a red line and had to keep aligning them to cover it all up with the petals. Though it was very tedious, I enjoyed covering up the red line with petals because the outcome came out very beautiful in the end. In the end I feel proud of the work I have done to make the floats look amazing. It’s a nice feeling to see the beautiful floats. Sadly this is my last year attending this event as a Key Club member but I hope I get the chance to be able to attend this event in the future maybe as a Circle K member when I get to college. I high recommend attending this event, especially if you love being creative and decorative. Along with working on the floats I was able to also make new friends as we worked together on the floats or even just cutting flowers together. My four years of attending Rose Float Decoration is one of the very few best memories I will remember during my years in Key Club.” — Jenell Paraiso



Officer of the month‌

JadeArchuleta For the month of December, the officer of the month is Jade Archuleta! Being a high school senior and the club president, Jade has always had her hands full of responsibilities in her life and has always been there for her ohana. For this month, Jade was able to demonstrate her dedication for service and her members by providing a multitude of service events for her club and working hard to make sure her club is able to focus on the importance of community service while, at the same time, allowing memories and bonds to be created with our community. Some events that allowed these memories and bonds to be made were those like the Christmas Parade, Jingle Bell Walk and Run, Braille, and the Rose Float Decoration events. For the four events listed, Jade was able to keep our club’s tradition of being able to consistently having the same events available for the members that were available years before. Jade has also been able to keep her club connected and updated on events for the entire month and even through winter break. And with her dedication, member attendance throughout the break has been excellent during the break. Her professionalism and dedication for this month has allowed her club to flourish greatly during this month.


Member of the month‌

VanLau For the month of December, the Thunderpup of the month is Van Lau! Van is currently a freshman and a new edition to our club’s ohana! Even though a new member, she has already demonstrated a great interest in Key Club, community service, helping others, and making a difference in the lives of others. For this month, she has gone to events like Braille and the Rose Float Decoration. And even though the amount of events she attended this month isn’t impressive, it is what she showed during those events that was. When she attended Braille for the first time, she was able to volunteer her time for her community while, at the same time, having a great time doing so. Together with her fellow Key Clubbers, she was able to sort stacks upon stacks of audio book tapes for the blind. Her dedication to serving others was apparent during the whole event. When she attended her first Rose Float Decoration at Pasadena, she helped decorate the floats with her fellow members and experience a whole new level of community service while volunteering her time at the event as well. This is her first year as a Key Club member and from what she has done for her community, Van shows a great leadership potential within her that is able to flourish with time.



1 - Holiday Parade 8 - Jingle Bell Run/Walk 4 & 11 - What Does An Officer Do? @ Club Meeting 13 - Clothes Packaging 14, 26 & 31- Rose Float Decorating 24 & 31 - Braille



7 - Braille 8 - Kiwanis Meeting Can Tabs - 100/hr Box Tops - 15/hr Free Rice - 500/hr Articles - 1/hr Book Donations - 4/hr


Board Contact

President – Jade Archuleta

Vice President – Mark Fernandez

Secretary – Amy Lorn

Treasurer – Leslie Guzman

Bulletin Editor – Jenell Paraiso

SAA – Elijah Trinidad

Historian – Mark Ingcoco


Information Senior Representative - Vanessa Valenzuela

Junior Representative – Dustin Tran

Sophomore Representative – Jeffrey Fernandez

Freshman Representative – Aja Archuleta

Members Recognition Chair – Sabrina Velasco


a Kiwanis-family member 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 4668 - 317.875.8755 - US and CANADA: 1 - 800 - KIWANIS

Benjamin Franklin High School Key Club December Newsletter  
Benjamin Franklin High School Key Club December Newsletter