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August — Volume II Issue VI

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Important Dates:


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A Word From…

Jade Archuleta


Thunder Pups are awesome! You guys have shown so much dedication and interest in key club that you are making a huge impact with volunteering, educating, and donating to save lives. Remember to collect donating turn in your boxes!

Jenell Paraiso

Bulletin Editor

Hello there Thunder Pups! It’s already the start of a new school year which also means a whole new year of Key Club’s service and fun! Since summer vacation has ended already we won't be able attend our weekly Braille and Kiwanis Meetings every week but we still have our very wonderful Convalescent Home event we have every Wednesdays so if you haven't attended this event yet I suggest you go! What is Convalescent Home? At this event you will basically take care of the elderly and entertain them. Talk to them or better yet you can even sing to them! For those senior Athenians or soon to be Athenians in need of service hours, take this advantage to join Key Club and get your service hours. The good outcome you'll get out of this is that you'll get your hours, you'll have fun, and you'll also be helping our community all in one! What more can you ask for? Last note to all those who want to join Key Club, make sure you all pay your dues! Dues will be $11! I'm excited for this new year and to see new faces in this club also wanting to help serve our community!



Tree Planting “Hi, my name is Nancy Tang from Benjamin Franklin High School's Key Club. The event that I found most interesting in the month of August is the Tree Planting event. Our objective that day was to water the trees that were planted earlier in the summer. This is one of my favorite events because we worked really hard and it was fun exploring the forest. It was such a great opportunity watering the trees with the Kiwanis. This event made us all very tired at the end. It is known as the most hardworking event ever because it causes volunteer workers to work very hard. We had to walk around the forest and look for ever new tree to water. They were all small and difficult to find. In the end, we all were able to water at least 5 trees. It was a fun experience.” — Nancy Tang


626 Night Market “Hello! My name is Winny Chen and the most recent event I attended was the 626 Night Market. I signed up for the first shift, which was from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We helped set up a boba booth and other various tasks, like carrying items for others. It was my very first time attending the 626 Night Market, and it was a fun experience for me. Although the weather was very hot and we were all sweating while working, we all had a fun time volunteering. We met new people (volunteer coordinators and various other Key Clubbers from other schools). I hope to volunteer or attend this event in the future again.” — Winny Chen


Officer of the Month



For the month of August, the officer of the month is our lovely Treasurer Leslie Guzman! Being a senior and her first year in Key Club, she is still learning the ins and outs of the organization, but with a little time and effort, she will be able to understand everything in due time. While being a Treasurer, she is also a very academic senior! Like many seniors, she is trying hard to keep school and her other priorities in constant check. Even though this is her first year as an actual member, she has created a few fundraising and volunteering opportunities for the members of our club. Events like Card Making, an even where many members and officers created a large amount of “Get Well� cards for the children at the Children’s Hospital in order to make their stay there a bit easier. She is also currently selling various food items at school to fundraise for our club and PTP. Leslie has had in the past a few leadership roles ranging from basketball to magnet leadership. And as a result from her experience and new responsibilities as a Treasurer for our club, she has the ability to lead and will do so in a heartbeat with her great compassion and captivating personality.


Member of the Month



For the month of August, the member of the month is our shy, yet hard working Thunderpup, Nancy Tang! As a senior, she is busy with handling her priorities, but is still able to dedicate so much to volunteering for the benefit other others. For the past month, Nancy has shown so much dedication and spirit for volunteering for her community by demonstrating the great passion at events from Club Fair to Tree Planting. At Club Fair, she went around the fair advertising Key Club to potential freshman Key Clubbers and demonstrated leadership and initiative at the event. And in the end, we had a large amount of people show great interest in joining. At the event, even though no one told her to, she was able to attract attention and spark interest into the new potential members. At another event, Tree Planting, we were driven to the Los Angeles Mountains and were given the task of watering all the saplings that were deprived of water due to the hot and humid weather up in the mountains at the time. This event, requiring a large amount of effort physically and mentally, was a challenging one but while at the event, Nancy demonstrated such compassion for the Tree People’s efforts, she joined her club in volunteering up there in the mountains the whole time, with a few breaks here and there of course, and finished our assigned section together. She has also attempted many times to join her club in the volunteering of the 626 Night Market but was not able to due to lack of space. Being an understanding and compassionate member, Nancy proves that a member does not have to be the most outgoing or energetic to be a good Key Clubber, it’s what that member does that defines a Key Clubber.


Important Dates For‌



Kiwanis Meeting Convalescent Home

9th Grade Orientation

Convalescent Home

1st Club Meeting Convalescent Home

Summer Festival

Convalescent Home


School Club Fair

Tree Planting

Division Council Meeting

626 Night Market

Important Dates For‌

September KURE Project

Convalescent Home

Convalescent Home

Kidney Walk

Convalescent Home

Convalescent Home



(Region Training Conference)

Club Meetings

When: 9/4/2013

Time: During Lunch

Where: Room: 538 (Ms. Harada’s Room)


Board Contact Information

President - Jade Archuleta

Secretary – Amy Lorn

Vice President - Mark Fernandez

Treasurer – Leslie Guzman

Historian – Mark Ingcoco

Bulletin Editor – Jenell Paraiso

SAA – Elijah Trinidad


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Benjamin Franklin High School Key Club August Newsletter