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Koyasan, birthplace of Japanese buddhism (2010) For ÂŤVoyages VoyagesÂť magazine (Belgium)

Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004, Mt. Koya (Koyasan in Japanese) is the birthplace of Shingon buddhism in Japan. Back from a trip to China, Kukai (also called Kobodaishi) decided in 816 to build the first Shingon Japanese monastery on this isolated plateau. Twelve centuries later, Koyasan is one of the largest buddhist monastic sites in Japan with almost 700 priests. It is said that more than 500 000 worshipers would have their ashes or part of their body buried in the mysterious Oku-no-In cemetery, where Kobodaishi also rests.

Documentary Konkatsu, the japanese marriage hunting (2010). For ÂŤElleÂť magazine (Belgium)

Konkatsu is an abbreviation of kekkon(marriage) and katsudo(activity), which literally means ÂŤmarriage hunting. By any means, young Japanese girls and boys try to meet and seduce each other.

Documentary Sado island, where the nature meets the culture (2010) For «Voyages Voyages» magazine (Belgium)

Until the end of the 17th century, Sadogashima was a place of banishment for difficult or inconvenient Japanese figures. After the discover of the largest gold mine in Japan, Sadogashima became a place of rich culture, with more than 200 Noh theater and one festival per day. Kodo drumming band and actors of local culture try to preserve the island’s traditions, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Documentary Fast fashion and the Tokyo Girls Collection (2010). For «Glamour» magazine (France)

Tokyo still has a leg up on the fashion planet: the fast fashion can be consumed in the shops, but also «live» and with a mobile phone! This is the Tokyo Girls Collection: a giant fashion show, accompanied by Japanese Pop concerts, open to 25 000 anonymous fashion victims. At the last show held on March 6, Spring/Summer 2010 collections of 15 Japanese fast-fashion brands were demonstrated on the catwalk. The young Japanese girls could receive live newsletters with pictures of backstages, buy those clothes with their keitai (mobile phone) and acclaim their idols at the same time. The Tokyo Girls Collection is organized twice a year since 2005 with a growing success. For this edition, the sales broke the last record of 480 000 Euros in 24 hours!

Documentary Japanese general elections (2009) Published in ÂŤLe FigaroÂť newspaper (France)

The general elections held on the 30th of August 2009 have seen the victory of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ or Minshuto), ending 54 years of power of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP or Jiminto). New era for some observers, change in continuity for others. During several weeks, I covered daily the campaign in Tokyo. I wanted to take some distance with the events and history, to adopt the viewpoint of the spectator, just to observe. Campaign staging appeared very interesting to me, so different than what I saw before. Closer to people, but also more direct. The only blot on the copy is loneliness of local candidates, compared with leader’s popularity. Finally after an intense and well planed campaign, street theatre during one month, the electoral tsunami is here : DPJ wins 65% of the seats at the lower house.

Documentary Kabul - London at 14, connection in Paris (2009)

Published in «Le Figaro» newspaper, «Le Monde» newspaper, «Les inrockuptibles» magazine and «Pélerin» magazine (France) Finalist of «Bourse du talent 2009» grant by Kodak/

Since 2002 and the closure by Nicolas Sarkozy of the Sangatte shelter in Calais, northern France, hundreds of Afghan migrants stay on the streets in Paris near «Gare de l’Est» train station. Most of them are children, arriving by themselves. Some are 12. As every minor on its territory, France should protect them. I followed them in their research of a place to stay, before leaving for northern Europe or being taken in charge in France.

Documentary Architecture 東京の家 Tokyo no ie Tokyo houses

Personnal project (2010)

When talking about Tokyo, westerners have in mind the highrise buildings of Shibuya and Shinjuku and dense crowds. But Tokyo is actually an horizonal city, with a lower density than Paris. Neighborhoods of single-family houses spread across the horizon. In the narrow streets, each family try to build a nest, on minimum-sized lands, in cocoons open to the sky but hidden from the streets. In this project, I wanted to approach architecture by the documentary photography, by showing the outside of the houses and their environnments. I tried to conciliate two separated worlds : humanity of street photography and perfection of architecture photography. A building is designed to live inside and outside. Architecture without human being is non-sense. These houses are made by the most prestigious Japanese architects, sowed like jewels in the immensity of Tokyo. In Japan, architectural rules are very liberal due to the lack of historical heritage, thus it allows architects to express themselves. Tokyo is an open-sky theater. Its architecture is a set unique in the world, whose inhabitants are both actors and audience.

‘On the cherry blossom’ house by Junichi Sampei / A.L.X.

Documentary Architecture

東京の家 Tokyo no ie Tokyo houses

House in a Plum Grove by Kazuyo Sejima/Sanaa

Documentary Architecture

東京の家 Tokyo no ie Tokyo houses

Lucky Drops by Atelier Tekuto

Documentary Architecture

東京の家 Tokyo no ie Tokyo houses

Ame/Hare by Mount Fuji Architects studio

Documentary Architecture

東京の家 Tokyo no ie Tokyo houses

SH house by Hiroshi Nakamura



Yoyogi Murder (2010)

For «Zoom Japon» magazine (France)


Yaegashi Takehisa (2010) For «Libération» newspaper (France)


Misato Mochizuki (2010) For ÂŤLe MondeÂť newspaper (France)


Vincent Guerlais (2010)

For «Ouest France» newspaper (France)


Jakucho Setouchi (2009) For «Télérama» magazine (France)


Lionel Dersot (2010) Corporate (Japan)


Setsuko Tsumura (2009) For «Télérama» magazine (France)


Rufin Zomahoun (2010)

For «Libération» newspaper (France)



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