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Com Week


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Bubba’s Bayou


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Hazel’s Tea


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Relief Packs


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Father Involvement


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Ol’ Dog Ale


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If It’s The Beaches


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“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.� - J.R.R Tolkien

The Graphic Design Portfolio of Justin Sooter

1 Flagler College Communication Week

Brochure + Identity + Posters overview

Communication Week is an annual event at Flagler College hosted by the PRSSA student group, the Communication Depar tment, and the Office of Career Services. The Depar tment hosts business owners and professionals who give lectures in their area of exper tise.


The goal was to create an easily communicable, clean, and simple identity that could be easily adver tised on Flagler College’s campus. The challenge was to have visually appealing imagery and adver tisements while still conveying a concise and clear message in a professional manner.


The solution was to use a simple message, “Jump star t: You,” and visuals that por trayed the headline. The nature of this event encourages students to network and learn from professionals that attend Communication Week’s events to better, or “Jump Star t,” their careers. The use of strong contrast and clear simple imagery displayed on clean canvas layout helps the viewer understand quickly the nature and details of the event. In addition to the posters and a brochure, printed stickers and social media elements were created to better advance the event’s presence through multiple channels.


6 | Project 1

Katherine Brock, Student President PRSSA at Flagler College facilitated the supply of content and allowed me to develop a creative direction and adver tising strategy. Ms. Brock was responsible for planning and orchestrating all aspects of Com Week 2014’s events.

Project 1 | 7

Com Week 2014 Posters

The posters were displayed throughout Flagler College campus as promotional advertising and event information.

8 | Project 1

Communication Week | 9

Com Week 2014 Brochure/Stickers

The brochures displayed all speaker and schedule information for the attendees.

10 | Project 1

Communication Week | 11

2 Bubba’s Bayou Adventure

App + Identity overview

The invention of learning applications for hand-held computer devices have revolutionized the way people communicate and learn. The integration of hand-held tablet devices in schools as a learning tool is a new and effective way to teaching students with specific needs in a fun and convenient way.


The goal was to create a fun learning app that allowed the specific user, a child with autism, to learn most effectively, despite special needs. The experience and interface must all be designed with the user as the focus, though the features of the app may benefit others outside of the target audience. The app must be customizable to each user and easy to integrate into any educator’s teaching style, while still maintaining a fun and friendly apparatus for any user.


12 | Project 2

The solution was to create a visually attractive and multi faceted app that allows the user to learn indefinitely through a template of word/picture recognition. By choosing the questions, words, and pictures that the user must answer, the teacher would be able to effectively integrate personal objects and lessons into the game. By answering questions correctly, the user would be rewarded with an interactive game that focuses on hand-eye coordination and basic motor skill control for the student. Simply, by allowing the teacher to openly and freely teach through the app, by making it self-constructive and customizable was the best way to achieve my goal.

make the character eat the flies!






rd wa re s) as n e wi m 3 ga ter ay (af




the difficulty will increase as the teacher sees fit


after the game is complete, the missed questions are emailed home

user 1 praise!





review (with parents) on computer the missed questions



rd e ta

answer wrong

specialized questions for specific student

try again! (positively)






choose between 4 photos to correctly answer the question







re co


The character, Bubba the frog, becomes the focal point of the app as the user is guided through the teacher’s predetermined questions in a positive and uplifting method. Through praise and reward, the children with autism would feel encouraged and confident in their decisions as the game progresses.

er c

n ni


or re


Customized Gameplay


create pictures

using the camera/internet gather images for the pictures

create questions

create the word association/picture recognization questions

medium level



le ve l

specialized questions for specific student

14 | Project 2



Teacher/User Map

ea s

specialized questions for specific student

Bubba’s Bayou | 15

Teacher Setup

Student View

3 Hazel’s Tea

Ads + Branding + Packaging overview



16 | Project 3

Tea is a historically large scale product that is produced, shipped, and consumed all over the world. The value of tea, in American society, has increased despite it’s growing volume and availability, thus making it easily available to many different demographics of people. The goal was to create a brand that catered to a high-end market of people that were well acquainted with the historic styles and types of tea. The economically specific demographic created the need for a different tea that is true to historic styles, processes, and presentation, which, by today’s standards, are all considered to be organic and natural. The solution to the brand’s needs was a clean, modern spin on Victorian age labeling. The shape of the logo and label is grounded in the badges and seals of 19th century Europe; though the typography is visually modern, the layered colors, with their organic and nature-like shapes, help unify the seal as a personification of a present version of old world luxury. The ultimate presentation, the packaging, is a wooden box containing a selection of teas inside, all individually labeled.












18 | Project 3

Hazel’s Tea | 19

4 Relief Packs

Identity + Packaging + Web overview




20 | Project 4

All over the world there are people in need who can’t afford or have easy access to basic nourishment, medical care, and hygiene. Through a card paper, internally lined with wax, the packaging becomes highly water resistant and yet still accommodates printing on the outside material to create a efficient storage system. The challenge was to create a lightweight, low cost package that can contain a few days essentials that would otherwise be necessary and present. Hygiene products, vitamins, and medical supplies would need to be able to be cost-effectively shipped to people in need. The packages are made of a lightweight card stock material coated on one side by a wax lining, making them water resistant and durable, theoretically increasing the longevity of the contents effectiveness. The design is simple, informational, and customizable, not catering to a par ticular size, style, or culture and allowing for the adaptation into different languages. The product is designed to internally accommodate many different products and externally display custom information through an economical packaging option with high longevity. This project was expanded on through a marketing class at Flagler College in which I collaboratively wrote a marketing plan and industry analysis with the help of Shelby Ptacek, Brooke Sparks, and Jack Sparer. These individuals contributed tremendously to the project and without their experience and business exper tise the success of the project could not have been managed.

Project 1 | 21

22 | Project 4 1

Relief Packs | 23

5 Father Involvement Campaign

Installation + Interactive Ads overview



24 | Project 5

Children growing up fatherless is an epidemic in America that is effecting 1 in 3 Americans. Fathers play an influential and impor tant role in their children’s lives and are essential to beating the odds of several statistics. The challenge was to communicate the influence of the father involvement in a child’s life in a positive way, while exhibiting the real dangers of absentee father homes.The adver tisements needed to be more than just a traditional print poster, but an eye-catching, interactive solution to help stimulate the viewers imagination and sense of conviction. The solution was to create an interactive poster that can cycle through various masks, helmets, and hats that appear over the father’s face using transparency paper. In addition to the hats, beneath the picture the tag line also changes and describes the value of the father to his child. A statistic eventually scrolls to the front, instead of a hat, that displays a statistic about the negative effects of absentee fathers. The print ad exhibits the social media #beinthepicture as does the installation ad of the frame on mirrors in bathrooms and public spaces.

Com Week 2014 Brochure

Project 1 | 25

26 | Project 5

Fatherhood Involvement Interactive Poster Top: The poster is a three piece construction that allows the interior of the frame to rotate at the viewers will. Below: The vinyl sticker would be placed in specific locations and carries the same message from the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Father Involvement | 27

6 Ol’ Dog Brewery

Identity + Packaging overview



28 | Project 6

Beer and breweries have many variations and styles with traditional and historic elements that are essentail to the composition and essence of what differentiates types of beer. The revitalization of micro-breweries and craft beers as a viable consumer option in the wide beer market has changed the way that brands market their products. The problem with many old style beers that hold to traditional practices is that they often are unappealing to many younger consumers because of their refusal to change. The style of beer, in this case an old American ale, whose taste hails the tradition and practices of the early 1900’s, is an old ideal of brewing manufacturing in the United States. Despite the top quality appeal that a beer similar to this would display, it is needing to maintain an aged presentation of elegance and function, however because of these same elements a beer such as this is usually unappealing to younger consumers. My solution was to create Ol’ Dog Ale, an old brew with new tricks. The central idea to stay loyal to brewing practices but market to a younger generation with different ideals, such as environmentally friendly packaging. The beer packaging uses recycled brown paper, soy ink, and 55% less cardboard than traditional bottles carriers.

Project 1 | 29

30 | Project 6

Ol’ Dog Ale | 31

7 If It’s The Beaches

Artwork + Posters overview

The popular song, “If It’s the Beaches” by the Avett Brothers is a favorite of mine. The repetition, tone, and word choice cause the song to echo in the mind of a listener. Similarly, this echoing of the song could continue while doing daily tasks such as walking down a sidewalk.


The finished work would have to embody the song’s tone and lyrics in a visible manner that is undeniably relevant to the Avett Brothers work and style. The posters would need to continue the narrative of the song by using all present and natural materials necessary in this site specific work. However it is the manipulation and appropriation of the lyrics onto different surfaces along a sidewalk that continue the song’s visual appearance.


32 | Project 7

As individually sold pieces of a collection, the posters show this appropriation of lyrics into the daily routine of walking along a sidewalk. The tune and emotion of The Avett Brothers continues out of the listener’s mind and onto the area and people surrounding them. The execution of the posters and typography utilizes no creative programs or digital retouching other than for printing and labeling.

If It’s The Beaches Posters

The posters are a collection of six individual works all displaying a portion of the song. The collection would be sold as merchandise at concer ts, stores, and venues.

34 | Project 7

If It’s The Beaches | 35

8 Route: Wayfinding App

Branding + App overview

The wayfinding systems used in public spaces like airpor ts and malls are mostly unchanged for decades as the incorporation of printed markers, arrows, and signs have become standard use for all navigation needs. The expansions of these basic systems to help people of various languages and disabilities is limited to printed material that is mostly static.


The goals was to create a wayfinding system that anyone can use, regardless of their language. The system needed to allow all people to navigate efficiently to a specific destination with little interference or complication due to the language that they speak or their cultural background.


36 | Project 8

The solution is Route. A wayfinding app that would be installed and created for a specific space, such as an airpor t, mall, or arena. The app allows the user to choose their language from the first screen, thus translating all other interactions into their spoken language and allowing the user to navigate to their desired location, such as a terminal, restaurant, or bathroom.

Project 1 | 37

38 | Project 8

Route | 39


Brochure + Identity + Posters overview




40 | Project 9

The use of bike rental and sharing systems in cities and campuses is common occurrence in the fast paced atmosphere of metropolitan areas. The city of St. Augustine holds Flagler College in the center of the historic downtown area. This area is becoming increasingly congested by the parked cars of residents, students, and tourists thus creating a need for a solution to the growing issue. The need for a bike sharing system in downtown Saint Augustine that is cost effective and beneficial for students while being equally efficient for the college was the challenge of the project. A Flagler College Communication class pioneered the idea and through collaborative expansion of the original plans written, the system needed to position itself as a logistical benefit to the transpiration of the average Flagler student. Visually, this meant that the system had to personify an environmentally and professional option to the current parking situation. Our solution, named Dar t, is a bike rental system that is practical and economically efficient for Flagler College, while still being a financially viable transpor tation option for students. The system removes the need for as many cars in the central interior of downtown while still allowing students to navigate to, from, and through campus simply and quickly. Jordan Mathews, a Communication major, marketing and adver tising minor, and an organizational guru collaborated with me on this work to facilitate the pricing and marketing plans needed for the project. The marketing plan, originally devised by a Communication class at Flagler, was revised and expanded on by Jordan and myself. My responsibility was to execute the collaboratively conceived visual elements as well as all other promotional materials.

42 | Project 9

DART | 43

10 AntonWest Advertising

Web Design + Graphics overview




44 | Project 10

AntonWest Adver tising, a full-service adver tising agency in Jacksonville, Florida hired me as an intern in May of 2013, prior to having facilitated another adver tising agency where I had also interned with the same staff since June of 2012. Through my time at AntonWest I completed international, regional, and web adver tisements for a wide range of businesses and non-profit organizations. The agency was born in the spring of 2013 and it was more evident than ever that they were in need of a new website and branding materials. Though I was an intern, at the time I was found to be the most web-proficient member of the team and was given the task of creating a web design that fulfilled the branding and promotional needs of the agency. The solution was to design a website that exhibited AntonWest as a professional and new agency with a wide range of capabilities and experience. Through the assistance of the team members and their allocation of ample time for the development of the project, I was able to complete the agency website and the necessary graphics. Jefferson Rall, Creative Director, Andy Gosendi, Ar t Director, and Colin Barnes, Associate Ar t Director were my main collaborators and mentors during my internship and the website creation process. The whole AntonWest staff were collaboratively involved and instrumental to the completion of the website.

46 | Project 10

AntonWest | 47


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