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Way Magazine Way Magazine is published by JSong International Inc. 149B West 36th Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 T: 212-736-1189 F: 212-736-1686 E: jsongjsi@aol.com www.jsongcollection.com ISSN 1554-8171 PUBLISHER: Hon Pan Siu EDITOR: Way Zen MANAGING DIRECTOR: Edward Kwang PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Kari Young DEPUTY EDITOR: Kenton Siu COPY CHIEF: Linda Frances JUNIOR COPY EDITOR: Alice Chin SALES AGENT: Charles Martin |T: 804-346-0766 Dallas Apparel Mart Showroom Manager Susanne Hilou CONTRIBUTORS: Rawlins Gilliland, Lily Pinker, Jeannette Josue, Lea Marie Marra PHOTOGRAPHER: Gerado Somoza (Runway) Renny Lewis (Photo Shoot) STYLIST: Rashida Meggett STYLIST ASSISTANT: 1 Julio Frias

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Renny Lewis MAKE-UP/HAIR: Augment Co. Ltd. (Runway) HAIR STYLIST: Jennifer Wobito (Photo Shoot) JEWELRY: PONO by Joan Goodman (Runway) MUSIC: Geoff Ryan VIDEO: Steven Yap SPECIAL THANKS TO: Amy Rosi of Aros Communications Jean Meek-Barker Marylou Luther Patricia M. Maffei AsianInNY.com Intern Priscilla Opoku-Asamoa The Fashion Group International Volunteers of High School of Fashion Industries To carry Way Magazine in your store, please call 866-736-1188 or write to JSong International Inc. Subscription T: 212-736-1189 Advertising T: 866-736-1188 Š 2015 by Way Magazine No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. JSong and Way are registered in

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Way - Harmony of the Four Elements


Way Interview

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Fashion Journey Way


Editor’s Letter

A VERY GOOD JOURNEY . . . It has been a long Way since I started my fashion journey in Toronto, Canada, studying fashion design at Seneca College. I created the JSong label in 1990 and then moved to NewYork City to establish JSong International Inc. in 1997. Although my approach to fashion has evolved along the way, my goal has remained the same: to create beautiful designs to bring Joy and Song to all the people I encounter on my fashion journey. Our label JSong stands for Joy and Song. We are truly thankful to our friends, customers and everyone who has supported our journey this far. As we enter a new year, many have asked JSong how we were affected by the move from Seventh Avenue to 36th Street and the change of manufacturing from China to New York.

has become an oasis for neighbors and tourists. People stop to look at our JSong gallery windows. Some come inside to touch our unique designs. Others even sit a while to read the Way Magazines on our magazine wall. Our JSong team has made many new friends in the new location. JSong New York manufactured collections this season. We also created JSong ON DEMAND so that buyers can customize colors and fabrics exclusively for their store. Of course, manufacturing in NY compared to importing allows for more hands-on design right on 36th Street. The other day, a buyer saw us matching fabric colors with lining and threads, and even counting buttons. The buyer joked that it looked like we were cooking! But we are happy that our work is joyful and manufacturing in NY allows us instant input to all processes Our JSong and . . . Way Spring 2015 Collections are called Journey of A Modern Goddess. We were inspired by the Goddess of Compassion who travels through space and time revealing the code of love, healing and beauty in innumerable shapes, colors and textures. Three of our designs were selected for the RTW Trend Overview by one of our industry’s most respected fashion writers: Marylou Luther in her Fashion Group Foundation presentation. As we journey through 2015, we will expand our jsongway.com digital platform to include more fashion videos and fashion business news updates. We want to share our Joy and Song with you - instantly! At the same time, we will partner trunk show programs with stores. We welcome you to join our JSong Journey! Check up our everyday style Journey Journal @jsongway on twitter and instagram. Here’s to a very prosperous journey for us all in 2015!

Way Zen instagram.com/jsongway facebook.com/jsonginternationalinc twitter.com/jsongway


. . . Water

Smooth and Flowing 1765 $104 Surplice Top Aqua/Citrus, Black/White 1750 $85 Classic Pants Aqua, Citrus, White Sizes 4-20 100% Linen

. . .Way - Harmony of the Four Elements 4

. . . Air Pin-Tuck Pieces .Chic . .Water

1775 Sleeveless Top $104 1777 3/4 Sleeve Shirt $113 1773 Tunic $136 White, Blue 100% Linen Sizes 4-20


1774 Side Opening Skirt $136 1776 Pull on Pants $85 White, Blue 100% Linen Sizes 4-20


. . . Earth The Flower Flowers Versatile Jumpsuit/Dress 1267 $159 Beige/Coco Cotton Gauze Sizes 4-20



. . . Fire East Meets West Dramatic Flair

Striped Jumpsuit/Dress 1780 $182 Black/White Sizes 4-20 100% Linen


Art to Wear 1762 $228 Jumpsuit Black/White, Mustard/Citrus Sizes 4-20 100% Linen


Art to Wear 1763 $113 Chinese Beauty Symbol Mei Top White/Black, Citrus/Khaki 1750 $85 Classic Pants White, Khaki Sizes 4-20 100% Linen


Casual Elegance 1036 $58 Sequined Tunic White, Black Sizes 4-20 Viscose 1266 $85 Classic Pants White, Black Sizes 6-20 100% Linen


Way Mail

MY . . .Way

Ann Miller Palmetto, CA

Albright College at JSong

My ...Way Lovie Renaud Dallas, TX

Way Magazine Copy Chief Linda Frances with Button. Mr. Button was enjoying the 2014 ISI Adult Figure Skating Championships where Linda won a gold medal. While signing his latest book, Mr. Button found time for our magazine!

Dear Way and Edward, Since I met Edward in Atlanta Apparel Mart years ago, my store has been upgraded to a well-known high-end boutique in Savannah, Georgia. Prestigious customers come to us for our special unique collections.

Raquel Switzer Coral Gables, FL

Mary Awe Brooklyn, NY

In October, Mayor Edna Jackson came in. She wanted something special for her trip representing our town, Savannah, Georgia, at an international conference in Shanghai, China. Guess what? She emptied her suitcases and bought six JSong because I had your beautiful unique embroidered suits for her trip. Also Dr. Jim Dandy, Grand Marshall of the 2015 Martin Luther King Parade, and his wife came in. This time they selected seven of your styles. My mission at the market is to select styles for my customers JSong fashions that I purchase. Thank you, Way, for your beautiful embroidered designs. Not only am I happy, but also my customers are happy. I can’t wait to see Edward at the January market. Have a great 2015! Love, Odessa Grant A Touch of Africa Savannah, GA

Peggy McBride New York, NY Elaine Wauchope Grand Prairie, TX


Send mail to: Way Magazine 149B West 36 Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 email us at: jsongjsi@aol.com

Steals of the Season



Pin-Tuck Jacket and Culottes 1709P $119 Natural, Indigo Sizes 8-20 100% Linen

Dot Embroidery Jacket and Culottes with Handkerchief Hemline 1281P $99 Aqua, Orange, Taupe Sizes 6-20 100% Linen

Vest and Capri Pants 1719P $79 Heather Aqua, Heather Lavender, Heather Red Sizes 6-20 14 100% Linen

STYLEFYI Rashida Meggett

Ten effortless JSong looks for both business and pleasure. From the museum to the orchestra, JSong offers the perfect look for every occasion!


2 4






Sharply tailored




modern day cut are perfect for a day at 2. This slouchy chic sweat




pop of graphics is an day of shopping. 3.

8 7




the new black, wear this all ivory white pant and to an evening event. Add a punch of color with your handbag. 4. Versatile, detailed and


piece suit is one of this season’s popular hues: white. It is a superb business dinner look. 5. Swap out the daytime white blouse for this fashionable lace top and you are all set for a night at your favorite art gallery. 6. This sleek two piece black ensemble draped with gold accents is the ideal look for a night out for dinner, cocktails and dancing. 7. This neutral combination with a hint of graphics

6 at its best. Wear this look for Sunday brunch with friends. 8. This delicate neutral lace dress paired




peep toe booties gives the perfect amount of swanky edge for a ladies


night out. 9. This all season neutral cocktail dress with a mix of textures and

an elegant night at the gala. 10. This pant and bold sequined shirt/jacket will stand out in any crowd. Glass Handbags: Look #3 and Look #9




the Modern GoddeSS JSong Runway SpRing/SummeR 2015 make-up and HaiR by augment membeRS:

Shogo Nikaido Kazuma Murata Masahiro Kurosawa Tomohiko Innami Mika Sato Natsuki Kinoshita Nami Harada Rumi Sasaki Shuji Fukui Hiroaki Kaneko Takumi Kawahori Yumi Nagashima


interview Way

three aMaZinG faShion JourneyS

nan rodriguez, Owner - nan’s collection, Augusta, GA by Edward Kwang

Way MaGaZine had a chat With three lonG tiMe cuStoMerS aBout their faShion JourneyS. they Shared With uS their anSWerS to five queStionS: 1. When and where did you start your Fashion Journey and become owner of your business? 2. What trends or designers excite you? What would you like your store to carry next season? Where do you think the trends will go in the future? 3. How do you decide what to purchase for your store? Is it about your customers’ preferences and creating a dialogue with them? Or is it about what you love? 4. What are the biggest ups and downs in today’s fashion business? 5. What are your goals and expectations for your future Fashion Journey? Zeldi lustig, Owner - unique Boutique, Brooklyn, NY 1. I have been in business for 33 years since 1982 – 28 years in the current location. I still Banard suit for $50 and a classic skirt for $20. 2. JSong mind. I also carry a lot of private labels. Next season, I will continue to carry classic clothes styles that don’t scream for attention. Today there are a lot of drastic changes and many fads and styles come and go. customers like to listen to me. They like that I give them what they need, not what they want. That’s why I am Unique. increasing clientele.Downs: Too many products, lots of competition, and must beware of unethical practices. 5. I plan to maintain happy clients and train a successor from next generation who loves fashion.

1. We are in the same location since 1989. 2. Season changes are always exciting for me: Spring/Summer Collections to Fall/ Winter Collections and back to Spring/ Summer again. 3. In summer, I like linen and light-weight apparel. In winter, I avoid heavy fabrics because our winters are mild. The styles always come back every 6 to 7 years. Jackets for my customers are either long or short. The ideal length for a skirt is 29” to 32”. Animal print is always in the trend. I love to try new styles and also want to accommodate my customers but ultimately I know what I can sell in my store. 4. Our business is always stable. No complaints. We are known in Georgia and many customers drive 2-3 hours to shop with us because we have fresh merchandise along with excellent customer service. 5. Over the years, designers have not changed much. I wish for styles with good fabric and simple but elegant designs that do not overpower. Our customers always compliment us for selecting wearable longlasting clothes for Nan’s Collection.

Mary awe, Owner - Mary clothing, Brooklyn, NY 1. In Nigeria, I always enjoyed dressing my friends from school for their birthday parties and other functions. My Fashion Journey began in 2006 when the woman who owned this store asked me to try running the store for one year because I used to sell jewelry to the store. I have been in business ever since. 2. For next season, I love the 2015 JSong Spring Collection including the suits and dresses that I saw at the JSong Spring Runway Show. I will carry jewelry of 14K or 18K gold from Daniel Art Design and also handbags. 3. I buy things I like because I know my customers will like them, too. 4. Customers don’t buy as much as they once bought. They buy less and they are more selective. That’s why I buy more selectively and carefully from low to high prices. 5. I would like to grow into a multi chain specialty store so that I can reach out to more customers in different locations.


Happy Colors

Dramatic Cut-out


Art to We

Pattern Play




Lotus Garden


Flower Flowers

o Wear

Lace Grace

New Black and White

Abstract Stripe

Exquisite Embroidery

Visit JSong Runway at: http://www.youtube.com/jsongway 20

JSong Collection Pattern Play 1755P $274 Swatch Jacket and Pants Suit Citrus/Aqua, Maize/Orange, Navy/Light Blue Sizes 8-20 100% LInen



Lace Romance Lacy Lady

1295CS $320 Lace Cardigan, Camisole and Skirt Teal, Black, Natural, White Sizes 6-20 Linen & Lace 1760 $297 Lace Princess Panel Dress White, Black, Natural Sizes 6-20 Linen & Lace


1298 $297 Quintessential Lace Dress Black, Beige, Olive Green Sizes 4-20 100% Cotton 1295CS $320 Lace Cardigan, Camisole and Skirt White, Black, Natural, Teal Sizes 6-20 Linen & Lace 1760 $297 Lace Princess Panel Dress Natural, Black, White Sizes 6-20 Linen & Lace


Graphic Color Block

1265P $228 Blouse and Pants Maize Multi, Forest Green Multi Sizes 8-20 100% Linen


1757S $274 Citrus/Cantaloupe, Black/White, Honey/Aqua Sizes 6-20 100% Linen


Graceful Beauty

Cut-out Embroidered Cardigan and Spaghetti Strap Dress 1751D $320 White, Black/White, Maize/Orange Sizes 6-20 100% Linen

. . .To Greenpoint Lace Track Suit #1239P $202 Green, Black/White Size 4-20 Cotton Jersey



Unique Blues

Abstract Flora Embroidered 3 Piece Pants Suit 1743CP $320 Denim Sizes 6-20 100% Cotton Abstract Flora Embroidered 2 Piece Skirt Suit 1741S $297 Denim Sizes 6-20 100% Cotton

29 29


Abstract Flora Embroidered 3 Piece Pants Suit 1743CP $320 Ice Blue, Gold, Green Sizes 6-20 100% Poly


New Lotus Garden 1767 $274 Cut-out Embroidered Lotus Flared Dress Khaki, Green Bean Sizes 4-20 100% Linen


1771S $297 Pleated Jacket and Embroidered Lotus Flared Skirt Lilac, Khaki Sizes 6-20 100% Linen 1769P $228 Embroidered Lotus Tunic and Classic Pants Teal/Khaki, Mustard/ Rust Sizes 6-20 100% Linen 32



















8 1. 1285D $297 Blue, Cantaloupe Linen & Lace Sizes 10-22 2. 1703 $205 Citrus, Aqua, Khaki, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-22 3. 1279 $274 Lilac, Black, Ivory Georgette 100% Poly Sizes 6-20 4. 10870 $274 Citrus, Tangerine, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-20 5. 1297 Lace Tunic $136 White, Black, Natural Lace Sizes 4-20 1722 Pants $136 Khaki/Ivory, Navy/Ice Blue 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 6. 1298 $297 Beige, Black, Olive Green 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20 7. 1260 $274 Butter, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-20 8. 1737D $318 Beige, Red 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20 9. 1152 $297 Citrus, Almond 100% Linen Sizes 8-22 10. 1291CS $297 Apple Green, Blueberry, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-22 11. 1707S $274 White, Navy, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 12. 1289S $297 Red, Citrus, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-22 13. 1701S $297 Mint, Beige, Coral, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-22 14. 1723 Jacket $159, 1724 Skirt $136 Khaki/Ivory, Navy/Ice Blue 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 15. 1287S $274 Coco/Beige, Pink/Lavender, White/Black 100% Linen Sizes 10-22



JSong . . .Way Collections Made in NYC 1. Rock Star Crop Jacket Color Changes with Swipe 1023 $330 100% Polyester Tailor Pants 106 $230 Navy, Ivory 2. Four Pocket Shirt 101 $300 Tailor Pants 106 $230 Navy, Ivory 3. Asymmetric Poetic shirt 107 $300 Tailor Pants 106 $230 100% Polyester 4. Best Friend Jacket 105 $369 Tailor Pants 106 $230 Navy, Ivory 5. Asymmetric Poetic shirt 107 $300 Tailor Pants 106 $230 Navy, 103 $179 Yellow/Black Sizes 7. Chic Tunic 102 $359 Ivory, 8. Chic Tunic 102 $359 Navy, 9. Chic Tunic 102 $359 Ivory, Tailor Pants 106 $230 Ivory, Navy All . . .Way ON DEMAND styles available in custom colors and fabrics for additional $50 plus difference of fabric cost. OD















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WWD Magic Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV Booth #62116 February 17-19, 2015

Runway Presentation Fall 2015 149B W 36th Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 February 11, 2015

Atlanta Apparel Mart AmericasMart Building 3 Atlanta, GA Booth #3-370, 3rd Floor March 19-22, 2015

Atlanta Apparel Mart AmericasMart Building 3 Atlanta, GA Booth #3-370 January 29-February 1, 2015

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