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Way Magazine Way Magazine is published by JSong International Inc. 149B West 36th Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 T: 212-736-1189 F: 212-736-1686 E: jsongjsi@aol.com www.jsongway.com ISSN 1554-8171 PUBLISHER: Hon Pan Siu EDITOR: Way Zen MANAGING DIRECTOR: Edward Kwang PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Kari Young DEPUTY EDITOR: Kenton Siu COPY CHIEF: Linda Frances JUNIOR COPY EDITOR: Alice Chin SALES AGENT: Charles Martin T: 804-346-0766 CONTRIBUTORS: Alice Chin, Edward Kwang, Linda Frances, Marylou Luther PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gerardo Somoza Renny Lewis STYLISTS: Sarah Shirley (Runway) Miesha Harrison (Photoshoot)


GRAPHIC DESIGN: Renny Lewis MAKE-UP/HAIR: Augment Co. Ltd. (Runway) MAKEUP: Jessenia Rodriquez (Photoshoot)

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Way - Harmony of the Four Elements

HAIR: Danielle D’Alessio (Photoshoot) FOOTWEAR: AnnCreek.com MUSIC: Geoff Ryan VIDEO: Steven Yap SPECIAL THANKS TO Amy Rosi of Aros Communications Jean Meek-Barker Marylou Luther Patricia M. Maffei New York Institute of Beauty (nyib.edu) The Fashion Group International Volunteers from High School of Fashion Industries To carry Way Magazine in your store, please call 866-736-1188 or write to JSong International Inc. Subscription T: 212-736-1189 Advertising T: 866-736-1188

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Way Interview

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Happy 20th Birthday JSong


Editor’s Letter

. . . AIR

This issue kick starts the celebration of JSong’s 20th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, marketing director-digital Alice Chin brought sparklers to our photo shoot on New Year’s Eve. Our favorite models, Molly and Arleen, danced and sang along with photographer Gerardo’s music. Special guests National Ms. 2014 and television journalist Jeannette Josue and concert pianist Elaine Kwon joined the photo shoot. These two New York friends brought their strong personalities to our spectacular designs. You can see their interesting movements and interviews on our YouTube.com JSong Way videos.

Harmony of the Four Elements

Fresh Tunics

Special thanks to the retailers who spread our message of joy and song. Your promotions have made worldwide friends for JSong and I feel at home everwhere I go. Our customers say they exchange smiles when they encounter another person wearing JSong. Twenty years ago our goal was to create the most beautiful designs for people to express their unique joy and song. Today our commitment remains same as strong as ever. For this issue, I was thrilled to have a chance to chat with Marylou Luther. In 2008, the French government honored Luther with the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. The award has gone to celebrities such as Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Luther received it for her fashion journalism. She often features JSong designs in her popular “Clotheslines”. A recent column featured the JSong transformable scarf/vest. Our JSong Way Spring/Summer 2017 Collections will prepare you for a very joyful season. Our proper white linen day wear and shimmering silk taffeta party allures highlight a modern vision of tomorrow’s soul sparkling wardrobe. As the designer of JSong, I cannot help but feel grateful to my colleagues, customers, friends and Way Magazine readers. Your support has given me 20 years of creating beautiful fashions: a magical journey! So please join in celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Visit JSongway.com for a schedule of upcoming celebration events. Thank you for sharing our 20th birthday and here’s to the next 20 years and more!!

Way Zen

instagram.com/jsongway facebook.com/jsonginternationalinc



150 $182 Origami Tunic Kelly Green, Marigold 100% Linen Sizes S-XL 1816 $90 Ribbon Threaded Circle Shorts White/White, Red/White 100% Linen Sizes 4-20

150 $182 Origami Tunic Marigold, Kelly Green 100% Linen Sizes S-XL 1150 $85 Classic Pants Orange 100% Linen Sizes 6-18

150 $182 Origami Tunic Kelly Green, Marigold 100% Linen Sizes S-XL 1816 $90 Ribbon Threaded Circle Shorts White/White, Red/White 100% Linen Sizes 4-20


. . . WATER Blues and the Night

1746 $156 Sundress with Mini Ruffle Neckline Royal, Fuchsia, White Multi 100% Linen Sizes S-XXL

1272 $156 Jumpsuit with Mini Ruffle Neckline Purple, Citrus 100% Linen Sizes S-XXL



. . . FIRE Hot in Pink

1746 $156 Sundress with Mini Ruffle Neckline Fuchsia, Royal, White Multi 100% Linen Sizes S-XXL B106 $46 Bamboo Hand Bag Black 100% Polyester


151 $297 Origami Dress Teaberry, Natural 100% Linen Sizes S-XL


. . . EARTH New Comfort Zone

153 $182 Chill Shoulder Poncho Teal/Brown, Khaki/Brown, Peach/Orange 100% Linen Sizes S-XL


153 $182 Chill Shoulder Poncho Khaki/Brown, Peach/Orange, Teal/Brown 100% Linen Sizes S-XL

1266 $85 Classic Pants Beige, Black, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20

153 $182 Chill Shoulder Poncho Peach/Orange, Khaki/Brown, Teal/Brown 100% Linen Sizes S-XL

1266 $85 Classic Pants Beige, Black, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20

151 $297 Origami Dress Natural, Teaberry 100% Linen Sizes S-XL


Shirt Story




4 5


1. Shirt 9203 $113 White, Black, Pink 97% Cotton 3% Spandex Sizes 6-20 2. Top 1730 $113 White 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20, Pants 1266 $85 Black, Beige, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 3. Shirt 1815 $113 White/White Red/White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 4. Blouse 8143 $104 Black, Pink, White 97% Cotton 3% Spandex Sizes 10-20 5. Cami Top C5720 $53 White 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20 Skirt 10826 $136 Black 100% Polyester Sizes 8-20 6. Shirt 9203 $113 Black, Pink, White 97% Cotton 3% Spandex Sizes 6-20, Skirt 1774 $136 White, Blue 100% Linen Sizes 8-20 7. Blouse 8143 $104 Pink, Black, White 97% Cotton 3% Spandex Sizes 10-20, Pants 3720P $104 Black 100% Polyester Sizes S-XXL 8. Shirt 9203








$113 Pink, Black, White 97% Cotton 3% Spandex Sizes 6-20, Skirt 159 $136 Black 100% Polyester Sizes 6-20 9. Blouse 5752 $104 White 100% Cotton Sizes 8-10, Pants 1150 $85 Orange 100% Linen Sizes 6-20, Sunflower Handbag B105 $35 Gold/Brown 100% Linen 10. Sleeveless Top 1775 $104 Blue, White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20, New Culottes 145 $233 Navy 100% Polyester Sizes S-XXL 11.Tunic 1773 $136 Blue, White 100% Linen Sizes 12-20 Skirt 1774 $136 Blue, White 100% Linen Sizes 8-20 12. Pleated Shirt 1235 $136 Aqua, Lilac, Orange, White 100% Linen Sizes 6-18


Way Mail

MY . . .Way Hello Edward:

Dear Way:

Here I am with my mom, Mrs. Martha Moore (the blonde). Our Sherezz Fashions has been in business 32 years. We have carried the JSong lines for 20 years.

Congratulations the AsianInNY Show!

Thank you and congratulations with class and pizazz!!! Debbie Mosley Sherezz Fashions Indianapolis, IN Ann Miller Atlanta, GA

Tomasa Carrasquillo Juncos, PR


Just perfect for your 20th Anniversary! Patricia (Trish) Maffei Managing Director Fashion Group International New York, NY

Debbie Mosley and Martha Moore Indianapolis, IN

Hawa Shannon New York, NY

Carolyn Land Cart’Air Boutique Houston, TX

Peggy McBride New York, NY

With your Spring/Summer 2017 Collections you continue to expand and grow. Your designs were simplified, elegant and refined - all at the same time. I really applaud how your pieces flow with airy layers creating loose yet tailored shapes. And your color palette of beige/whites, pale corals and lavenders was so beautiful!

Beverly Glover New York, NY

Mary Awe Brooklyn, NY

Raquel Switzer Coral Gables, FL


Transformable Scarf can be used many ways by Marylou Luther

Dear Marylou: As a design student I’m most interested in multipurpose clothes – things that can be worn several ways. What have you seen that impresses you? ---J.T., Kent Dear J.T.: The illustration here is by designer Way Zen for JSong. She calls her magical, wizard-worthy design a transformable scarf. From two yards of polyester-spandex jersey, the fabric can be transformed from a scarf to a vest to an apron to a crisscross tie top to a cape to a wrap skirt. To see this totally amazing fashion transfiguration, go to jsongway. com/pages/transformable-vestscarf. You will be looking at the perfect travel “wardrobe.” Two yards and you’re good to go. The price: $120. This remarkable designer was born in China, studied design at Seneca College in Toronto and now lives in New York. Her “Made in NYC” collection features designs manufactured in New York and is available at jsongway.com.

Dear Marylou: What is a chukka boot? I keep reading about it, but have no idea what it looks like. ---U.W., Iron Mountain, Michigan Dear U. W.: In addition to being one of the hottest things afoot for both men and women, the chukka is a shoe-cum-boot that extends just above the ankle and fastens with laces, usually through two eyelets. It joins the bootie as the ankle anchor for spring. __________________________ Have a fashion question? Send it to: Clotheslines, Fashion Department, The Plain Dealer, 1660 West Second St., Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44113. Copyright ©2017 by International Fashion Syndicate

Send mail to: Way Magazine 149B West 36 Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 email us at: jsongteam@jsongway.com 14

Made On Demand

148 $850 Pintuck Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress Lilac 100% Cotton Sizes S-XXL 123 $279 Transformable T-Shirt Gold, Black Jersey 90% Polyester 10% Spandex Sizes S -XXL


149 $860 Pintuck ž Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress Lilac 100% Cotton Sizes S-XXL


Made On Demand

Made On Demand

146 $850 Flower Shirt Jacket Lilac 100% Polyester Sizes S- XXL

147 $800 Transformable Shirt Off White Silk Taffeta Sizes S-XXL


154 $820 Angel Robe Ecru/Orange Silk Charmeuse Sizes S-XXL


Smart Young Things

Way Interview

Transformable Scarf/Vest

Marylou Luther: Fashion Angel

by Way Zen

It was such an honor to have a conversation with Marylou Luther, one of the most respected American fashion writers. In 2008, Marylou was honored by the French Ministry of Culture with the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters for her excellence in fashion journalism. The award was presented by Marylou’s longtime friend the late French designer Sonia Rykiel. To industry insiders, Marylou is a special fashion angel. So I was curious to know how a woman from a small town in Nebraska has achieved so much while remaining so humble and kind.

Photo from

Photo: from Norma Kamali Photo by Norma Kamali. Photo by Norma Kamali



Marylou majored in journalism and her first summer job was working at the Lincoln Journal Star in Nebraska. Her entry to journalism included moving her boss’s car hourly and erasing the tire marks in the snow to avoid parking tickets. However, the task was not beneath her. After the summer job, a friend suggested that she pursue work with the Des Moines Register. As a new employee with the Register, Marylou worked in every department. After six weeks, her boss, managing editor Frank Everly, named her the fashion editor. Marylou told him she knew nothing about fashion but he insisted: “You will learn”. She read every fashion book she could get her hands on, but there were limited fash-

ion books at that time. She realized that the Register’s 525,000 readers knew that she did not know what she was writing about and she was ready to quit. Her boss told her to wait for a month before making the decision and sent her to New York Fashion Week. That was her first up close look at the industry. After two years at the Des Moines Register, Marylou moved to the Chicago Tribune. Marylou’s new boss, beauty editor Eleanor Nangle, asked Marylou to describe Fashion Week. Instead Marylou suggested that they attend Fashion Week together. It was 1952 and Fashion Week was organized by Eleanor Lambert. The brands that presented at Fashion Week were her clients. Lambert only allowed reporters to write about the collections two months after the store buyers had viewed them. Marylou’s boss, Nangle, felt that reporting two months after the collections had been presented was outrageous. So Nangle reached out to other journalists and they decided to attend fashion shows alongside the buyers. Lambert could not hold the journalists back anymore but had to open the door to them. This paved the path for fashion journalism. From that moment on, Marylou was unstoppable. She attended the first shows

of many designers who became world renowned such as Yves Saint Laurent’s first show for Christian Dior. She was friends with legendary designer Rudi Gernreich. When his model Peggy Moffit wrote “The Rudi Gernreich Book”, Marylou was asked to be a contributor. When asked how she discovered new talent, Marylou said that fashion journalists are always hungry for something new. Since they attend so many shows, they immediately recognize what is original and innovative. Fashion industry friends call Marylou the designers’ angel. Marylou has helped many young designers launch their careers through Ecco Domani foundation. Designers including Zac Posen, Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler and Philiip Lim are just a few among her discoveries. However, Marylou prefers to credit Chicago’s Ikram Goldman for introducing those young designers to former First Lady Michelle Obama which helped to further popularize their styles.



Black Tunic Jacket

Tie Top

As for JSong’s future, Marylou likes the transformable designs we have done in the past. She even asked if I have heard about bullet-proof materials. Ahh, she gives me such inspiration! Stay tuned for our future collection. Marylou Luther Interview Video:

https://www.youtube. comwatch?v=L4IXqEccCIY

Photos this page: Model: Ninoska Rodriguez Photographer: Gelia Brador Stylist: Xiao Nan Liu

Tee Shirt



Way Interview

styles and more selections in larger sizes. I will retire soon and make jewelry which I always have loved to do since I was a little girl.

JSong 20th Anniversary Dreams for the Next 20 Years and More by Edward Kwang

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, 20 long time customers, friends and fans shared with us what comes to their mind when they think of JSong. They also told us what they would like from JSong in the future and shared the plans they have for themselves. Nan’s Collections, Augusta, GA JSong delivers pretty linen for spring and summer. The upscaled quality designs are different from other companies. I would like JSong to develop more designs for the fall and to target more customers. I plan to increase business for my shop and work more with my church. Rosta’s Fashion, Silver Spring, MD JSong is a good linen company with creative styles and unique handmade embroidery. The clothes are lovely, approachable and no problem to sell. I want more simplicity and better quality fabrics. I plan to reach more consumers and to maintain my reputation in the upscale clothing market. A Touch of Italy, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada JSong is the most creative line among the merchandise that I carry. Designs are like works of art with good quality and marketable for all seasons. JSong should continue making both traditional and casual styles. I love retail and plan to serve my customers as long as I can. Pumpkin’s, Brooklyn, NY JSong has beautiful linen clothes of good quality. JSong should try new colors and even funkier styles. A strong fall/winter collection would make the JSong line complete. Even though the economy is tough, I plan to open chain stores. I love to keep going and trying big things. Nomzamo’s Fashion, Baton Rouge, LA JSong is the source for my professional customers looking for outstanding elegant clothing. JSong should create more styles for the lace collection. Stay original and no copycat. My devoted employees and 21

supportive husband make retail enjoyable. Thirtytwo years and still fun, fun, fun! Jo Von Fashion, Elizabeth City, NC JSong is fashion, style, personality and a friendly atmosphere. Make the dresses shorter with skirt lengths from 25 to 31 inches. I have been in business 40 years: Time to retire! Collegiate Shoppe, Grambling, LA You always have styles for my nice classic ladies. Make more casual dresses, even churchgoers dress down. I would like to expand my clientele. My loyal church customer accounts have changed; and now it is the time for me to make a change, too. Shereez Fashion, Indianapolis, IN Pizzazz! JSong delivers classy elegant styles with great detailed workmanship and that is what my customers expect. Include some new color and return to some of your classic collections with natural fabrics. Remember middle-aged customers. Our goal is to develop an online business. Le Club, Chicago, IL You have very original beautiful designs. This attracted us years ago at the Las Vegas Magic Show and still attracts us today. Continue to do what you are good at. We would also like more styles for plussize ladies. We want to continue to provide beautiful styles for our customers. Mae’s, Batesburg, SC JSong is always different and a good fit. Need to have more simple straight dresses with jewel neckline and ¾ sleeves, I could also use designs in the soft fabrics that can be laundered. I plan to work retail as long as health permits. A Touch of Africa, Savannah, GA Each design in JSong Collection is like a work of art. Items feature great handwork with intricate cutwork, embroidery and fabulous details. Add some casual

flexible. I like to live one day at a time.

New McCbe Boutique, Newnan, GA Your fashion is timeless with beautiful and elegant designs. Continue to make more traditional styles with embroidery and appliqué in Shantung. My plans include increasing my sales with JSong.

Jamila’s Fashion, Brooklyn, NY Styles are elegant, unique and sophisticated. Make some simple dresses in earth tone colors and a flared skirt about 35” length or longer. My Goals: keep loyal customers who have been with me through the years. Dreams: Travel to Brazil for Fashion and to Spain to see the matadors.

Dilly D’ally, St. Thomas, VI JSong is a good company with very friendly people. I always find something at JSong when I go to market. Offer some more cleaner styles with soft fabric, more prints, and a little less embroidery. I will expand the business while continuing my great relationship with my loyal customers.

Patricia Gilmore, McCalla, AL JSong is clothing with unique styles and versatility that I can’t find anywhere else. JSong continues to amaze me season after season over the past 19 years. I love the designs you are doing now! My future includes lots of travel with a visit to JSong whenever I go to NYC.

Babe, Philadelphia, PA I see nice quality and Asian influenced styles. Continue doing what you are good at and include some casual American styles. Business is tough with the growing competition from the Internet. I will stay in retail and work twice as hard to keep up with the pace of the industry. Erika & Brittney’s, San Antonio, TX Your designs are different from most other quality clothing designs. I would expand your line with more skirt suits and pantsuits for my customers. Please continue your great work because I hope to sell even more clothes in the next 20 years. Lily’s Style Shop, Wallace, NC JSong represents good quality and is very marketable. It’s a brand my customers have loved for many years. Just keep up your great designs. I plan to develop an online business to sell clothing lines from my store via Internet. Grand Mom & House of Fashion, Clearwater, FL JSong is a great fashion company. I hope you continue your incomparable designs which are distinctively different from all other companies. My upcoming plans include building my website and developing an online business.







Please visit our website for our celebration schedule: JSongway.com

Sarah Fashion, Brooklyn, NY In one word: JSong IS fashion. I hope to see more dresses with unique designs. My future plans are 22

Fit and Flare Tunics

Chic Geometric Dresses

New Black and White





Sweet Lilac

Special Event Dress

Visit JSong Runway at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQbctDHBjeg

Flower Power

Sunny Day Dresses

Visit JSong Runway Show at: http://bit.ly/2cVpPgH



JSong Collection

1701S $297 Embroidered Jacket and Skirt Suit Coral 100% Linen Sizes 10, 16-20


Embroidery at Its Best

1789S $297 Paisley Cutout Jacket and Skirt Suit Citrus, Orange, White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20


Power Suit

158/159 $320 Panel Jacket with Fit and Flare Skirt Suit Black, Purple 100% Polyester Sizes 6-20 1036 $58 Sequined Sleeveless Tunic White, Black 100% Viscose Sizes 4-20


158/159 $320 Panel Jacket with Fit and Flare Skirt Suit Purple, Black 100% Polyester Sizes 6-20 1036 $58 Sequined Sleeveless Tunic White, Black 100% Viscose Sizes 4-20


Summer White

1789S $297 Paisley Cutout Jacket and Skirt Suit White, Citrus, Orange 100% Linen Sizes 6-20


1797 $297 Panel Dress White, Aqua, Citrus, Maize 100% Linen Sizes 6-20

1760 $297 Lace Princess Panel Dress White, Black, Natural 55% Linen 45% Cotton Sizes 6-20

1815 $113 Ribbon Threaded Circle Shirt 1800 $136 Ribbon Threaded Circle Skirt White/White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20

1788 $297 RibbonThreaded Panel Dress White, Aqua, Orange, Black/White 100% Linen Sizes 4-20

1747 $156 Shirt Dress White, Indigo 100% Cotton Navy 100% Linen Sizes S-XXL


Lace Beauty

1295CS $320 Lace Cardigan, Camisole and Skirt Red, White, Teal, Natual 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20


1355S $ 297 Luxe Lace Suit Beige 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20


Steals of the Season

20 t h




Ms. National 2014 TV News Journalist Jeannette Josue Interview Video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TycWxsb3W-4 Jeannette Josue in JSong Way Custom Made Silk Shirt with our style #1232 ready to wear lace shorts


1717 $89 Lace Dress Purple Sizes 6-16 Orange Sizes 10-14 Olive Sizes 8-16 100% Cotton

1767 $119 Embroidered Lotus Dress Green Bean, Khaki 100% Linen Sizes 6-20

1139 $119 Pleated Sundress Iris Blue, Black, Gold, White 100% Polyester Sizes 4-20


Jeannette Josue:

Unique and Special

by Alice Chin

AC: We just finished the 20th anniversary JSong photo shoot. How did you feel wearing JSong? JJ: Working with photographer Gerardo was definitely amazing; all that dancing and twirling! One of the greatest things about Way’s clothing is that it’s so versatile – so playful. There’s a lot of movement. It’s so much fun. I was happy to be part of the shoot for your 20th Anniversary Issue. AC: We’re so happy to have you here again. Can you give us an update since our last meeting in 2012? JJ: Well I’m still pretty. In 2012, I was a sports reporter. Today I am a political news reporter during an exciting political period. My modeling career has also expanded. I have a Dr. Brandt commercial for Sephora. I’ve also done a lot of acting. I did the movie Ocean’s Eight and Fox’s TV show Gotham. So that’s pretty cool. But most importantly, I got married last May. That was one of my biggest changes in 2016 and I’m definitely looking forward to being a Mrs. in 2017.

Jeannette Josue in JSong Way #153 Chill Shoulder Poncho.


AC: What else are you looking forward to in 2017? JJ: I hate planning because I don’t want to disappoint myself. However, I really want to pursue the modeling career. I also set a goal to become a news correspondent more on the state and national level. I will

walk for AsianInNY again and also do another photo shoot with Way Zen.

Way Interview

AC: Do you have advice for young women who want to get into journalism or modeling? JJ: The best thing I learned from competing in pageants and winning the Ms. New York title is that you must have confidence. Always walk in knowing that there is only one of you. You are very unique and you are very special. Enter very strong, very confident and that confidence will exude over height, over beauty, over anything. That will set you apart from everyone else. AC: Since JSong is turning 20, could you share your thoughts of JSONG with us? JJ: JSong is unbelievable! The clothes are versatile. They’re always modern and so feminine. It’s great for anyone, whether you sit behind the desk or you’re a fashionista – there’s something in the JSong line of clothing that suits you. So Happy Anniversary JSongThank you for letting me share in your celebration!

Jeannette Josue in JSong Way Custom Made Cotton Ruffle Dress.


Mix and Match

20 t h



The JSong Way Magazine No. 25




Concert Pianist Elaine Kwon Interview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iszt9ZmvSmc




Elaine Kwon in JSong Way #1272 Linen Citrus Jumpsuit/Dress.

1 8089 $41 Camisole Black, Red, White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 1266 $85 Pants Beige, Black, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 S108 $67 Scarf Natural White, Rhu-berry, Teal 2 1232 $104 Lace Shorts Citrus 60% Cotton 30% Nylon 10% Linen Sizes 6-20 3 1724 $136 Skirt Khaki/Ivory 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 4 1796 $126 Skirt Black 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 5 143 $120 Transformable Vest/ Scarf Navy, Orange 90% Polyester 10% Spandex 5720C $53 Camisole White 100% Cotton Sizes 6-20 145 $233 New Culottes Navy 100% Polyester Sizes S-XXL 37


Way Interview

The Art of Elaine Kwon by Edward Kwang

Elaine Kwon in action for Nike Asia.

Welcome back, Elaine. Before we start, please tell us about this gorgeous photo for a well known ad. It is very unexpected from a celebrated pianist. The photo was part of a Nike Asia ad campaign and always catches people off guard. Frankly, I’m not very dangerous. My five US National Championships in Tae Kwon Do were all in Forms, traditional and creative forms. I wasn’t able to spar and risk my hands because of piano; but I love the physical and spiritual aspects of martial arts. To me, music and martial arts complement each other. Both require the same focus in training and they’re part of what I call my LifeChord™. Music, martial arts and teaching are passion, health and purpose - or what I call PHP. I think everyone has their own unique LifeChord and their own PHP. If it’s blended well, it can create harmony and a stronger life. Can you share a few of your resolutions for 2017? One of my resolutions is to remove clutter. My apartment needs a total overhaul. My computer needs to be purged of useless junk. I want to clear away the endless tasks that take time away from being able to create and fully live my LifeChord. Another resolution is to finally officially launch Savor Your Senses®, which will combine music performances with wine, food, spirits and other sensory arts. Since my husband and I co-founded this in 2009, it has developed slowly and organically. Audiences love it. And if none of the above happen, I resolve to wallow in my clutter with a bottle of wine and binge watch Netflix until I get my money’s worth. What is the ultimate goal for your future? My ultimate goal is to bring attention to excellence and to help people appreciate what’s important. I’ve been doing this for years by supporting incredible causes like Best Buddies and teaching at MIT. I need to take everything I do to the highest level possible so I can bring more people together around music, performance, and all the things that enhance that experience. I love collaborating with other artists who share that vision. The immediate goal is to build Savor Your Senses® into a global platform. The program will encourage participants to share experiences which will increase understanding and appreciation around the world. In one word, how would you describe JSong? Empowering or another word: limitless. I really love Way Zen’s designs. They’re thoughtfully made: versatile, elegant, beautiful, comfortable and I feel empowered wearing them. Way’s personal strength shines through in her creations. You can feel the designs were made with love and consideration for busy, active, confident women. Happy New Year JSONG!


This Page: Elaine Kwon in JSong Way #1746 Royal Linen Sundress. Opposite Page: JSong Way #108 Black Crepe Panel Jacket 108, Pink Cotton Shirt #9203, Trousers #1114.





Luna Joachim Collection is a culmination of a lifetime of growing and coming to know exactly what I like. My main influence is the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I love the dignified fashion and classy style of the women of that era. Whenever I design pieces, I imagine the women of that time, the way they carried themselves with grace and poise, always dressing in gloves and hats. When creating a design, I want women of different shapes and sizes to feel both beautiful and comfortable wearing my pieces. I make classic pieces that are also practical, that can be worn to work or special functions. Some current things that I think about are the fabrics that I use, as well as the cut. I hope everyone enjoys this line that takes the chic classiness from the past and mixes it with3the fun flare of the modern woman.



ALIKA, White Sleeveless Dress 100% Polyester $349 BROADWAY-BELLE Pink Brocade 3/4 Sleeve Dress 65% Poly/35% Rayon $379 ESTHER Hot Pink Short Sleeve Dress 100% Poly Mikado $349 6

Luna Jean Joachim 7

BETTY Polka Dot Sun Dress 98% Cotton/ 2% Spandex $379


Designer/CEO/Founder Executive Officer

TAMMY-ANNE: Floral pink and white: Off-the Shoulder Dress 98% Silk/2% Spandex $379

Rebecca Joachim L’Accent Women’s Fashion, LLC 192 Salem Street Malden, MA 02148 1


Main: 781-322-3223


Mobile: 617-785-5523 Email: lunajoachim@Gmail.com




Featured 10 Advertisement



13 Website: laccentfashion.com



Way gallery 1

1. 1788 $297 Aqua, Black/White, Orange, White 100% Linen Sizes 4-20 2. 1803D $320 Purple, Pumpkin 54% Nylon 46% Polyester Sizes 8-20 3. 1751D $320 Maize/Orange, Black/White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 4. 1295CS $320 Teal, Red, White 100% Cotton Sizes 8-20 5. 1797 $297 Maize, Citrus, White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 6. 1767 $274 Khaki, Green Bean 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 7. 1815/1816 $202 Peacock/White, Red/White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 8. 1762 $228 Mustard/Citrus, Black/White 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 9. 1152 $297 Almond Multi, Khaki Multi, Lime 100% Linen Sizes 10-20 10. 1771S $297 Khaki, Citrus 100% Linen Sizes 4-20 11. 1785CS $320 Citrus, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 12. 1778 $104 Khaki Multi, Aqua Multi, White 100% Linen Sizes 4-20 1266 $85 Black, Beige, Red 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 13. 1763 $113 Citrus/Khaki, White/Black 100% Linen Sizes 6-20 1150 $85 Citrus, Aqua 100% Linen 6-20 9





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Makeup Artist: Jessenia Rodriquez; Hair Stylist: Danielle D’Alessio both from New York Institute of Beauty; Model: Molly Fletcher.

Make-Up/Hair (Runway) Augment Co. Ltd. Augment CEO/Producer: Shogo Nikaido PR: Junko Watanabe Hair Team: Yoko Tamura Masaaki Kurosawa Hiroyuki Abe Noriko Okawa Etsuko Otsuka Eri Horimi Tsuneo Shinohara Yoshitaka Mitani Shigeki Matsuda Izumi Takezawa Rikiya Yamashita

Make-UP Team: Mika Aya Rumi Matsumoto Sayuri Mimori Shimonishi Hiromi Amino Nao Ichinose Ayako Saito Megumi enokido Yumi Nagashima Mari Kobayashi

Event and Trade Show Calendar From Left to Right:Tonya Blair, Elaine Kwon, Melissa Zhou, Jennifer Paras, Mika Furuya , Anna Ilina, Jeannette Josue, Wen Yi Xing, Xiao Nan Liu, Way Zen, Miesha Harrison and Edward Kwang at AsianInNY Fashion Show 2016.


Valentine’s Day Celebrations Tea Service at JSong 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Monday May 8, 2017, 20th Anniversary and JSONGWAY.COM Launch Party. Please follow us on social media for more about the special events and fun giveaways we have planned for our 20th Anniversary celebration! WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/JSONGINTERNATIONALINC W W W. T W I T T E R . C O M / J S O N G W A y WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/JSONGWAY

Copy Chief Linda Frances in vintage JSong leaf coat.

February 14, 2017 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

A Key to Success NY Inc Charity Shopping Party Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A6NdtbOHO8

JSong Interns


Our NYC Partner Factory: FIT Studio.

A Key To Success Shopping Event 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Februry 27 - Mar. 1, 2017 March 27, 2017 New York Market Week 1:00 PM Presentation Breakfast at JSong 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Fall 2017 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018

April 20, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

May 22, 2017

Earth Friend Party 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018 To RSVP: jsongteam@ jsongway.com

Alice Chin, Sally Singer of Vogue, Way Zen Interview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7yJCcRHfPQ

Februry 18, 2017 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Jamila’s Boutique Shopping Event 149B West 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Model: Intern Ninoska Rodriguez and Stylist: Intern Xiao Nan preparing for JSong Way Scarf/Vest photo shoot on page 20. See shoot video at https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=GGJR0ifh9ps



JSong International, Inc. 149B West 36th Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10018 T: 212-736-1189 E: jsongjsi@aol.com www.jsongway.com USA $7.99 CANADA $9.99