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Convertible Top Systems & Accessories Fits Ford Models 1928-34 Featuring Removable Side Curtains

Rod Tops Convertible Top System is engineered to the highest automotive design standards. This “top” quality system provides a cost-effective solution that is not only functional but stylish…rain or shine. Powder-coated framework. Stainless steel hardware

To determine the exact model for your hot rod, use the Rod Tops measuring guide downloadable from our web site. Installation and removal is a snap and only takes minutes. Rod Tops uses the original top mounting bracket, a flush mount can be ordered if the stock mount is not available. Adapting hardware for a variety of windshield frames is available. Unlike other systems, the Rod Top bow system disassembles. This makes it easier to install or remove and stow away behind the seat or in the trunk.

Attaches only at windshield & B-pillar.

Rod Tops Convertible Top System is gentle on paint since the rear belt line bow hovers over the body, reducing the possibility of scratches. The entire unit can fit neatly in the trunk or rumble seat compartment. Looks good and fits great. Be sure to check out the extra options and new Rod Tops Accessories for your hot rod.

Call or visit our web site to find a dealer near you.


Installation is a snap and conveniently stowes away.

Snaps on inside of top instead of outside on the car.


`28-`29 2” Chop Windshields only `30-`31 2” Chop Windshields only `32 Stock Height, 2” Chop, 3” Chop, 4” Chop, SoCal, Duvall, Dan-Fink `33-`34 2” Chop, Dan-Fink Zip-in/Zip-Out Side Curtains available for most models, inquire when placing your order.


STANDARD FEATURES: ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Convertible Top Systems fit 1928-34 Ford Roadsters Stainless steel hardware Powder coated frame work Adjustable for small variations in bodies and windshields Optional tempered glass rear window with frame Zip-out rear window Unique top mounting kits (flush mount or stock mount for factory tab) Nothing touches body Attaches only at windshield and B-pillar Stores in trunk or behind seat Side curtains available Haartz Stayfast© material available in 15 colors, Black & Tan are standard Measuring guide and template to ensure accurate ordering Installation manual and online video Customer service via toll-free number

Standard Mounting Kit for FLUSH MOUNT

Standard Mounting Kit for STOCK-STYLE TAB

ROD TOPS —A Division of DTS Enterprises Inc. 9910 U.S. 31 North | Ellsworth, MI 49729


Rod Tops Convertible Top Systems  

Rod Tops, a divison of DTS Enterprises, Inc., convertible tops systems product brochure. (Dec 2007 edition)

Rod Tops Convertible Top Systems  

Rod Tops, a divison of DTS Enterprises, Inc., convertible tops systems product brochure. (Dec 2007 edition)