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BW15901-20800 궁전 비드 大형 LED 280W 사이즈 W800×D1200×H170 램 프 LED 주백색 280W (중앙) 재 질 광확산 PS, 비드 L E D 주백색(중앙), 주광색 ※ 주광색은 주문제작가능

BW15902-20700 궁전 비드 中형 LED 215W 사이즈 W860×D860×H170 램 프 LED 주광색 115W 전구색 100W 재 질 광확산 PS, 비드 ※ 주광색은 주문제작가능

Design by BACKWOON The living room is the most important room in the house because it’s usually the place the family spends the most time. There are many different uses for the room, so it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate living room lighting. There’s actually a proven formula for calculating the proper amount of general light (usually expressed as the number of watts) you should have in each room or area of your home…and it’s not difficult, just some basic arithmetic. Multiply the length times the width of the room. Then, multiply that number times 1.5. That gives you the amount of wattage you need to light the room properly for general illumination. Example: A room is 12 ft. x 16 ft. (12 x 16 = 192). Then multiply 192 x 1.5 = 288 watts. That means an 8-light chandelier using 40-watt bulbs would give 320 watts, which is even more light than needed. For specific task lighting in areas where stronger light is needed, multiply the area square footage by 2.5 rather than 1.5 to find the needed wattage. A kitchen work island or a desk area where schoolwork is done are examples of task areas in your home. Lighting Concepts can help you design a living room lighting plan that is suited for your home and your living room activities.

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