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I. About the Organization

Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) understands today´s digital world - everyone is mobile, everything is wireless, convenient and easy. EGG specializes in value-added services that enhance the consumer´s digital lifestyle as well as provide support for mobile operators and solutions vendors so that they can continuously evolve with their customers. It offers a wide array of mobile content covering music, news & info, games, chat and web-to-mobile services, and has pioneered several firsts in the Philippine market such like mobile karaoke, call collect, group-sponsored texting, personalized tones, video avatars and vanity codes. It has consistently been in the top 5 mobile content providers in the Philippines since it was founded in 2001. In Aug 2008, it was acquired by Globe Telecoms, the Philippine telecom leader in innovation, to reinforce its strong content & applications portfolio. Backed-up by Globe, EGG´s commitment to deliver excellent digital solutions is stronger than ever. Due to its integrity and excellent track record, it continues to service other telecommunications companies. EGG operates in the Philippines and services partners in Japan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and Middle East and other countries. Around the world, over 70 million subscribers enjoy EGG´s mobile content products and services.


We put our Customers first. Our people make the difference. We act with integrity. We care like an owner.

We keep things simple. To us, it's be fast or be last. Together, we make great things possible.

Products and Services

Consumers now are digital citizens. EGG provides them with digital media content that is both entertaining and relevant. EGG's content lineup includes: music, news and information, images, chat and web-to-mobile services. Locally, EGG has pioneered several market firsts like the mobile karaoke, personalized tones, video avatars and vanity codes. In 2008, as a testimony of its dedication to innovation, EGG was acquired by Philippine telecom innovation leader, Globe Telecoms. Mobile Contents

Music Monophonic and Polyphonic Tones True/MP3tones Full Track Music Caller Ringback Tunes (RBT) Mobile Karaoke

Infotainment News and Information Horoscopes Jokes

Images Operator Logos Picture Messages Colored Wallpapers Animated Screensavers

Java and Symbian-enabled Games and Applications

Mobile Videos Clips Streaming Content

Voice VAS (e.g. News & Information, Clips from Popular Local TV Shows, Inspirational Words, Celebrity Greetings)

Mobile Applications and Other Services

Call Collect Don´t miss out on important calls. Call Collect allows subscribers to call and charge their calls to the callee even when the caller doesn´t have any load. This ensures that important calls get through especially during emergency cases.

Karaoke Have your own mobile karaoke party anytime! The Karaoke service allows users to download their favorite songs to their mobile phones in Karaoke format. The service offers the same entertainment experience as the real Karaoke, just made handier.

Alias No need to save or memorize mobile numbers with ALIAS. Alias is a service that allows Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers to register an alias or codename so friends and contacts can send messages through the alias without the need to memorize or save mobile numbers. The service also enables Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers to search and connect with friends.

Surf All Day Surf popular mobile sites for only Php20/day. Globe & Touch Mobile users can enjoy unlimited browsing for 24 hours within popular mobile wapsites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Wikipedia and Ping for only Php20 under this value scheme.

Gtext GTXT is a P2P service that allows a subscriber to avail of 100 SMS credits for only Php30 and share this within a group - minimum of 2 individuals, maximum of 5 individuals - including the initiating subscriber or sponsor. GTXT is available via daily subscription or one-time pull, depending on the preference of a subscriber.

Mobile Payment Solution Habbo members in the Philippines can now have more fun as they can easily purchase Habbo credits via SMS. Initially launched for Globe and TM subscribers, all one needs to do is to text HABBO 60 to 29101. For only Php60, a subscriber then gets 3 Habbo MMS wallpapers and a voucher code equivalent to 10 Habbo credits. A subscriber just needs to key in the voucher code when he logs in to his/her Habbo account at

Enterprise Resource Solution

Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) provides services that complete the link from Business to Consumer. EGG´s highly-dedicated teams of engineers ensure that the end-user experience is seamless and foolproof. Services covered: Website development, Feedback platform, and Human Resources tools.

Technology Outsourcing It is the outsourcing arm of EGG, offering cost-effective, agile, and well-engineered solutions to your technological outsourcing needs. TOP aims to establish the position as the “go-to” for Java, .Net-based, and open source platform applications for companies in the telecommunications, health care, information technology, and manufacturing industries both in local and foreign publications and online.

Digital Marketing Brands nowadays need to deploy mobile efforts to complement above-the-line campaigns so they can zero-in on the mobile consumer. Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) understands the need to involve the digital audience by providing easier ways for them to engage in the brand. EGG offers solutions that will run SMS promotions, mobile couponing, unique code generation, loyalty programs, web-to-mobile efforts, SMS blasts and website development.

Industry Partners

Organizational Structure Rayna Lyn Roxas Genaral Manager

Mobile VAS and Product Management

Digital Marketing

New Product Development

Business Process Outsourcing

Human Resouces



Major Competitors

In strategic partnership with the telcos, IG introduced the industry to “Movie & Music Marketing�. The art of leveraging showcase properties to create larger-than-life marketing spectacles that drive telco acquisition, loyalty and usage. The IG playbook is now the definitive guide for Licensors and Competitors alike (both here and abroad) on how best to hype and monetize branded content. IG is now the GO-TO content provider for all branded content. Bar-none, IG has created the largest (and most loyal) mobile communities for Music, Movie, TV, Cartoons and Anime.

Xurpas was founded by 3 young technology entrepreneurs who are looking to make a difference in this world. Nix Nolledo, Raymond Racaza, and Andy Garcia, all in their late twenties, started Xurpas without any third party investment. Today, Xurpas continues to be 100 percent privately owned.

Xurpas Inc. develops, maintains, and hosts services for delivery over GSM networks. Since its inception, the company has been working closely with major carriers in the Philippines to introduce wireless applications in the business and consumer spaces. Xurpas has had a significant amount of experience in deploying content and service applications in the SMS capital of the world, the Philippines . With our country's daily SMS traffic of over 300 million messages, you can be sure that our applications and our platforms have been rigidly tested in the world's most demanding GSM mobile applications market.

Chikka created the world’s first instant messenger for online chat to integrate mobile features via SMS. In 2000 the very first version of Chikka Text MessengerTM was tested for launch by its very first mobile operator partner Smart Communications. Embraced by an online community for the ease with which they were united to the sea of mobile users, Chikka represents today a most vibrant web and mobile community, and probably the most brisk exchange of text messages between IMs and mobile phones anywhere in the world. That’s because we’ve made it utterly easy for folk to “IM” their mobile contacts, and to “text” their IM buddies (It’s patented!) And it is also why over 45 million have registered to use Chikka since its commercial launch in 2001.

I. IT Infrastructure Hardware Platform

Software Platform Microsoft

Information Systems Deployed SAP – Finance System MDP - Content Management System Platform PATHS (Payroll and Timekeeping HR System) – 3rd party IT Department MIS (Management Information System) Department Governance: Providing the operating parameters for individuals' and operating units use of the IT systems, networks, architecture, etc. (This includes responsibility for conventioal IT security and data assurance).

Infrastructure: Providing the operating network and circuitry and all equipment needed to make the IT system work in accordance with an established operating standard and system "size." Functionality: Providing the capacity for operating applications development, storing and securing the electronic information the organization owns, and providing direct operating assistance in software use and data management to all functional areas in the organization. Use of Internet Every employee may access internet using respective computers and/or gadgets as long as it is essential to work such as conducting researches on current or modern technologies in the mobile market, trends in the industry, etc. The use of internet for personal purposes is prohibited. Watching videos on youtube and use of social networking sites are allowable as long as it is related in the bu Internet Infrastructure

Corporate Website Digital Security

II. Company Policies  Every employee has to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. 1. Not to use the information therein except for evaluating its interest in entering a business relationship with Entertainment Gateway Group, based on the invention. 2. To safeguard the information against disclosure to others with the same degree of care as exercised with its own information of a similar nature. 3. Not to disclose the information to others, without the express written permission of Entertainment Gateway Group. 4. No employee shall not directly or indirectly acquire any interest in, or design,

create, manufacture, sell or otherwise deal with any item or product, containing, based upon or derived from the information.

III. References

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