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Resources Online: The original home of the high-tech scavenger hunt Links to all national and state standards One of the most comprehensive informational sites available...everything you ever wanted to know about GPS and a good guide on what units to acquire An excellent resource filled with articles, helpful tips, and printables for caching with your classroom or just for fun Download the free Google Earth application and wow your students with layer upon layer of mapping information that will help them analyze and make spatial sense of the world in which they live An all-inclusive, ready-to-use GPS based curriculum for 4th-8th grade...aligns with national teaching standards, trains teachers to use GPS with students, and provides all the logistics to customize your school program A teacher’s perspective on using GPS in the classroom...full of terrific links and shows the potential for differentiated instruction that GPS can offer

Journal Articles: • Shaunessy, E., et. al., Promoting Inquiry in the Gifted Classroom Through GPS and GIS Technologies. Gifted Child Today (Waco, Tex.: 2000) v. 29 no. 4 (Fall 2006) p. 42-53 • Broda, H. W., et. al., Using GIS and GPS Technology as an Instructional Tool. The Social Studies (Washington, D.C.) v. 94 no. 4 (July/August 2003) p. 158-60 • Lary, L., Hide and Seek: GPS and Geocaching in the Classroom. Learning & Leading with Technology, v. 31 no. 6, p. 14-18

GPS Resources  

This PDF states several web and print resources to aid in integrating GPS in education. It also contains grant resources for affording GPS r...