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Geomate.jr GPS Cheat Sheet At a Glance

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Main Page A






Cool Logo

On/Off Switch (On top)


H D Connector Cover (For update kit)

The SMALL Button (Right button)

Battery Door (On back)

The BIG Button (Left button) Handy Loop Thing



Cache difficulty (1-5)


Direction to cache


Closeness order (1,2,3‌)


Size of cache (1-4)


Terrain difficulty (1-5)


GPS status

G Distance to cache H

Pages Cache Navigation

I Cache ID Code

GPS Info

Found List

Distance units Current page

Satellite Signal Searching for satellites with no valid position.

Press the BIG button for action on each page Press the SMALL button to cycle through the pages

GPS Info includes heading, position, height, & satellites tracked

Got position, but very poor accuracy Position accuracy is getting better Good position accuracy The best position accuracy possible

Select the NEXT Cache While on the CACHE NAVIGATION page, press the BIG button

1, 2, 3...

Store a HOME Location Make sure you have satellites and a valid position

The CLOSENESS counter will show that you are going to the NEXT closest Now press and hold BOTH buttons for a few seconds

View Cache ID

Navigate HOME

From the CACHE NAVIGATION page, press the SMALL button You are now looking at the ID of the cache you are looking for! NOTE: You know you are on the CACHE ID page when there is a small “GC” at the bottom of the screen.

Mark a Cache as FOUND

HO Press and HOLD the BIG button. ‘HO’ will be displayed at the bottom to show you are navigating HOME

View Current Position Press the SMALL button until you see the “N” icon in the bottom of the display

While on the CACHE NAVIGATION page, press and HOLD the SMALL button.

Now press the BIG button to view LATITUDE. Press it again to see LONGITUDE.

Geomate.jr Cheat Sheet  

This 2 pager allows students and teachers to see the main buttons and functions of the Geomate.jr GPS receiver. It is a great sheet to send...

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