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On the Home Stretch eleven months down, one more to go! April-July 2013



We are walking the final steps of the journey. Its been long and hard but, nothing worth it is ever easy. We are less than a month away from our return to America. The time has certainly flown by. The past year has been a whirl wind and sadly in a few short months, as we readjust to the American way of life, our time in China will feel more and more like a dream. We are anxious to return home to familiarity, to friends and to family. We are also saddened by the thought of leaving the new friendships we have developed and all the work that is still left to do on this amazing mission field. We’ve recently had the privilege to see a friend accept the Good News, to begin a Bible study with interested colleagues and also to do some relationship building and evangelism out on the basketball court. The whole picture has yet to be revealed but we are certain that through this time God has planted seeds in the hearts of many while also doing a work in us as well. How this experience will factor into the rest of our lives is yet to be seen. If nothing else, we are able to walk away with great life lessons, amusing stories to tell our future children and grandchildren and, most importantly, the knowledge that God truly exists and works in all places, amongst all people. When you travel the world, God’s omnipresence,omniscience and omnipotence is ever clearer. When you consider all the world and the millions of people in it, it is easy to feel small and insignificant. However, the awe-inspiring fact is that He yet cares for each of us as individuals and has a plan for each and every one of us...Wow. God is not limited by our country, our race, our culture or our language. God transcends it all. We are so grateful that God has used our limitations to show His power and display His glory. We also know that He isn’t through with us yet and are looking forward to continuing our ministry back in the states, in Huntington, West Virginia. Please pray that in our last weeks we will continue to have special opportunities to share the Good News with people, especially as we travel across the world to get back to the US. Also, please pray for a safe and hassle free trip home.



On the home stretch