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Vieux Nice Markets

Cote D´Azur France

One of Nice's most divine pleasures is wandering the outdoor markets along the Cours Saleya. Blooms of every color and shape burst to life. Row after row of spices beckon. There are grapes the size of golf balls and olives glimmering in the sun. Fresh fish are stacked in icy display cases. Besides the vendors under tents, there are several shops, boutiques and cafes along the sides. Buy hats, tableware, tacky souvenirs or a cafe au lait.

Square in old Nice

Old Nice style

Square in the old Nice

good music

Flower market

Flower market

Floweer market

Flower market

ower market

Flower market

Flower market

tomatoes of Provence




Bon appĂŠtit

Vieux Nice market - France