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Assignment 7 10000 year old story Aanchal Bindal 201101025

I don’t remember when I was born, or what is my age, but I can put my best guess to be somewhere around 10000. Yes, I am around 10000 years old. You may not believe a single word I say, but whatever I am writing next is true. I saw this world changing. I saw the mountains turning to soil, rivers emerging from the hearts of the mountains, and lands moving to form different landmarks. I also saw life and climates changing. Its much warmer today then it was 10000 years ago. People’s mentality and thinking has also seen great changes. I remember myself as a firm believer in god once, but today I don’t know how much I believe in god. I don’t recall a lot about my late past as its long time, but I would like to share some famous times that I went through and I still remember them because people always kept repeating those and are marked as history in today’s time. I was born to Anjana and Kesari, in the Indian subcontinent. The life then was very different, people were plain and simple, Sanskrit was the main language spoken then other than some tribal languages in particular tribes. People those days were firm believers of God. My father was the king of “Banar Sena” and Sugreeva was the chief of army those days. Raja Dashratha was the ruler of the country and he sent his son Rama and Lakshman on exile. I helped Lord Rama along with army of my father to rescue Sita from Ravana. Yes, I was “Hanuman”, though my name was “Vajranga” because I had a very strong body but later I was known as hanuman. Let me tell you I never looked like what the present pictures of Hanuman look like, I looked like normal man only with a swollen face. I along with lord Rama built the Setu and crossed the ocean to kill Ravan. After a long fight finally we won. And Rama returned to his place Ayodhya. A lot of stuff that I read today or see in TV about Ramayana is the exaggeration of what happened. For eg: the rocks we built the setu, didn’t float because they had Ram written on them, but because they were very light, and with time the weight of the rocks increased.(After studying physics for these many years, I wonder how but I think science provided all unsolved mysteries some mythological reasoning and just got away with it). I never noticed that I wasn’t aging until the soldiers of my father’s army and the people of my area started wandering about me looking the same from last 20 years and they also started calling me the son of God. But it was increasing the tension and I was afraid that I may attract a lot of attention towards my community and that may lead to destruction of my community. So I decided to move on and since then I have moved to hundreds of thousands of locations and lived normal lives. The entire BC period i.e. the 7000 years, I witnessed a lot of such things which one would think is impossible, like people use to break mountains with just one punch and some even brought rains with their songs, which have vanished today as they required unimaginable concentration which lacks today even in the best of the men and women. And after travelling so many places I reached Egypt. I really liked that place a lot, I went through a lot of things to before reaching there and saw many discoveries and inventions during those period. Even I played some part in few of them. While in Egypt, I was a common man under the leadership of a very cruel king, King Tutakhuamen. His cruelty always reminded me of Lord Rama, who on the other hand was treated like god by his people. The rulers then were very cruel and executing people, taking their lives was nothing for them. They treated humans worse than animals and also used to keep huge wealth and only the kings were allowed to poses wealth. Even I recall a situation when I was just about to be murdered for just not bowing in front of king Tut, but luckily I survived as he was in a good mood(I guess). I also became the chief architect of a few small pyramids that were built during his reign. Switching places to places, I also witnessed the climate change and since then it always has become warmer and warmer. I remember seeing the entire world filled with snowy white whereas now one needs to travel to the converging longitudes or the skying heights to find snow.I travelled through hundreds of civilizations and hundreds of tribes,but I can never forget the “Sankhua” tribe that dwelled in East Africa. Head of that tribe was a very intelligent person as at a single look at me, he knew that something was different with me and they found out that I wasn’t aging. They treated me as God and also built my statue. I left from there because of guilt.Once a lady came to me pleading that I save her son from dying, she wanted me to give him life only for few hours so his father could see him,which I couldn’t. I felt guilty and I left that place. I moved towards Europe and Asia. I decided to move towards the rising sun as in my era rising sun was the symbol of hope, and I was looking for some good hope. I remember a well designed and adcanced civilization, the Harrapan civilization. When i came to harappa, i was struck by the beauty of the civilization as well as its advancement. The houses were made of bricks, there were baths and the sheer number of people in the city of Punjab at any time of the day was astonishing. It was one of the largest civilizations of the time. However around 1800 bc the Harappan civilization was almost deserted due to drying of the river Gagghar-Hakra. Almost the whole population moved east ward to the Ganga plains. Here i learned the ancient method of yoga and the concise language

sanskrit from the sage Patanjali. This civilization was extremely religious and their classification of the people as well as their rituals were succinctly defined. Then I moved more towards east as moving towards east proved better to me, but unfortunately this time I only came under various rulers. The Mughal Emperors, I witnessed over 40 percentage of the mughal kindom. I fought under Humayun, Babur,Akbar and also under Jahangir. But after witnessing such mass destruction of life and death I planned to switch from a soldier to my old Egyptian jpb of architecture, and decided to build Taj Mahal on the orders of Sahajhan(The next mughal emperor). Faking your death was a pretty much easy task those days and I lived through generations just claiming to be son of myself again and again. I also grew long beards some time to look different. I also learned a lot about living styles and tried knowledge from one place in another place to stay undetected. After an amazing work(completion of taj mahal), I was accepting for some award from the mughal ruler for myself and my labourers but instead I was shocked at his order. The mughal king asked his soldiers to take our hands away(cut our hands) so no such art can be remade. And that was the time when I decided to escape that place, as I was smarter and knew better moves than any one else, moreover I myself was a soldier at the same fort, so I knew the secret pathways and decided to flee, which I did successfully. In around 1500 AD I ran and again travelling for more than 200 years brought me to Italy. I have better memories of the recent past(400-500 years old) than the once I just talked. So I would like to discuss these periods in more detailed manner. In Italy I was adopted by a very kind family after I saved the life of their son from a wild animal. Again my caveman’s period helped me fight wild animal. They asked me my name , and I couldn’t think of anything better than Vincenzo Viviani. They made me a part of their family and the entire town knew me as their son. I got a new identity. Those were the best days of my life so far. Mine was an honourable family in our society and since beginning, I was also taught the ideals of honour and pride. My father was the embodiment of pride and honesty and was admired for it by everybody. He worked in the office of the deputy tax collector of our town. As such I had very little interaction with him and I spent most of my time with my mother and my four siblings. But I always looked forward to those special nights where father used to take me, my brother and my sisters to the outskirts of our town to this huge farm of wheat, where we used to have our own little picnic and share our thoughts and experiences and anything we liked to talk about. We used to lie down and make shapes out of stars and father used to tell us different stories about stars and their mystic protectors every time. Mother mostly stayed behind to take care of the house and seldom used to come along. She didn’t use to seem interested in our little excursion. Truth be told, there was one, and only one other who shared my interest in the night outings, and it was my elder sister, Joanne. We used to nag father a lot to take us out more often but hardly used to get our way. The rest found it boring and dull just to sprawl across the hard floor and chatter, but I enjoyed gazing up at the stars. I used to wonder what creatures they were, whether they were friendly or dangerous or greedy or just energetic crazy beings. As I grew up, our trips got lesser and lesser and so reduced my time with father. I was admitted to a Jesuit school and before I knew it my education started taking more of my time. I really liked mathematics and I excelled in it. I proved myself worthy enough to be granted the Duke’s scholarship. I paid more and more attention to my studies and tried to perform my best. Though, in my heart I knew, scholastic work was just one part of it, and really, my future lay elsewhere. One other man, who I admired a lot, was the famous/infamous Galileo Galilei. He used to call himself an ‘astronomer’ and I really liked the word. I used to follow up all the propositions and findings that he wrote about. His texts dispelled my childhood thoughts about the stars being alive. He said that they were other celestial bodies like our sun that exited millions of miles away. He wrote all kinds of interesting stuff that father talked to me as a kid and I enjoyed reading about it. I wrote to him several times about how I liked his theories, sometimes adding my own opinions and thoughts to them. He made a number of findings and invented something known as a telescope. It was this huge narrow tunnel shaped instrument that one could watch stars through. He used it to find the movement and different characteristics of different stars out there. At the age of 17, in the year 1639, my life took a turn and Sir Galileo accepted my request to work as his assistant. I knew that this was what I’d been expecting from my life all along, and took up the work without another thought spent. I got more involved in Sir Galileo’s works and participated actively in his research. At that time he was working on improving his telescope and was pursuing his other interests in a study called astrology. Sadly, shortly after I joined his research, Sir lost his eyesight to old age. I helped him with readings and did as he instructed but his work never caught up the same pace as before. I took it upon my shoulder to complete his unfinished works and to compile his research and findings. I remained his disciple till he died in 1642 and worked under Sir Torricelli who was also working as Sir Galileo’s senior assistant. I completed my compilation of his works by 1656 and started my research on two constellations namely Aquarius and Leo. Contemporarily, I also worked independently on my own theories and propositions. I discovered a curve that could express the motion of the constellation of Orion across the skies in winter. I conducted an experiment to measure the speed of sound timing the difference between seeing the flash and hearing the sound of a cannon shot at a distance.

I got a lot of offers for various jobs but it was never the same as it was with Sir Galileo around. Those three years that I spent with him defined my life and my existence. He gave a meaning to it all and I always aspired to be more like him in anything I did. I even pleaded the church to bury the remains of Sir Galileo at the church of Santa Croce since they had been unjustly buried elsewhere and even assigned a sum of money for the same. He was the idol of my life and it was an honour beyond measure to work under him on his imaginations and theories. After that I will skip some 200 years as they were nothing special as being a part of some of the inventions and discoveries was no longer memorable for me because I was almost a part In all of those, because of my vast knowledge that I gained through these many years and also because I think I knew things. I was quite moved by the literature works and saw that I also can write some poems, so I decided to take up literary works in the late 18th century and published my poems as Lord Byron. I faked my death in an natural disaster in 1824. And then I witnessed the most terrible thing that has ever happened to this world, the world wars. Yes , it was already enough pain to see God dying in human brains and then I saw something so terrible that I never thought human race could do. I was in japan those days as a prisoner, and how I reached japan as a prisoner is again a long story. During the first world war I was in Europe and due to my brown colour they took me as prisoner and put in European jail. The Russians attacked the jail and then I tried fleeing but was again taken captive to Russia. While on our way the Russian troop was attacked by Americans and then Americans were attacked by the Japanese, so I kept just moving and moving. I was lucky enough to survive all these attacks though more than 10000 people died in all these attacks. I was a prisoner In japan at Hiroshima, and it was then during the second world war at around 1945 AD when a nuclear bomb just dropped in the state and wiped every single life there. I don’t know how I survived but all I know is that when I woke up I was on the middle of some island, I guess the ocean shores pulled me to this piece of land. But the last frames in my mind that I captured before being thrown to the sea were unforgettable, I saw humans turning to bones and then vapours in fraction of seconds. At that moment there were only two questions in my mind 1) Why did God chose me to be the one who didn’t die in that explosion ? 2) How can one human do this to another human ?

After this I decided to go back to my homeland , The Indian Subcontinent and live student life.I am tired of an adventure full life witnessing so many awful events. At present I am studying CSE at IIIT Hyderabad.


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