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February 15, 2017 Application: Master Degree/Department of Architecture. Applicant: Jim Jarussi Creative Work: As defined in my resume I have 37+ years in Commercial Debt Financing and therefore my creative work is limited to personal projects. I have attached pictures of current and future efforts and include the following: 1.

Ranch sign. Construction materials are steel and wood. This is standard branding that is common place to numerous east coast land owners in the area but this sign offers one significant difference; it is a marker designation for a Family Time Capsule. The capsule is to be opened by surviving family members in 2048. 2. Monolith. Construction material is CorTen (Cor 10) Steel. The measurements are 4’x8’x4”, weight est. 2000 lbs. Purpose - land and grave marking. The image was defined by Kubrick’s 1968 movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey. Carolyn Geduld, in her film guide, described the monolith as “the film’s largest and most unresolvable enigma.” Film reviewer, Roger Ebert, noted “that the monolith is the main element of mystery in the film.” A universal key. 3. Shed: Construction material is wood framed. Existing grain storage building is 50+ years old. The intent of this project is to duplicate a Mississippi Delta “Juke Joint” in the foothills of the Beartooth Mountain range. Wall repair, floor installation and roof will be completed summer of 2017. 4. Landscape photo. Location site for Sheepherders Monument. A memorial to the past. The design is three 4’ cube steel framed gabions, filled with field rock, vertically stacked. Surface mounted on a 1’ concrete base. To be completed 2017. Areas of Interest: Education: Influenced by: Parents and numerous Aunts. Art: Influenced by: Magritte, Serra, Matisse, Rothko and Giacometti. Literature: Influenced by: Maugham, Wolfe, Kesey, Burroughs, Kerouac and Cassady. Music: Influenced by: Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Waits, Moby, The Doors and The Ramones. Design: Influenced by: Massimo & Lella Vignelli. Architecture: Influenced by: Ando, Le Corbusier. Strategy: Influenced by: Musashi, Aurelius and Caesar. Statement of Intent: Gain the professional training that is necessary to create, develop and expand a Makers Mark. Letters of Support: Francie O’Reily, Professor University of Montana. Luci Honea, Corporate Marketing and Design.

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