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Google Analytics Analyst-Google Analytics Consultant ______________________________________________ By Simon Steven - A Google analytics analyst collects, measures, analyzes and reports Internet data so as to develop and optimize web pages and sites. These activities measure web traffic, but are also effective tools for market and business research. If You Want To Learn More About Google Analytics Consultant Web analytics is not only a tool for measuring web traffic, but can be used in connection with valuable business and marketing research. The information found is typically used to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of web sites. Google analytics applications may be used for the following marketing purposes: • Measuring print and online advertising campaigns • Estimating how web traffic is altered after marketing and advertising campaign launches • Determining web page views for the number of visitors to a website • Gauging popularity and web traffic trends

Search Mechanics Internal search pertains to tracking what the words used in the search feature on web sites. The internal search mechanism for Google Analytics includes the following goal tracking capabilities: • URLs • Time

• Pages/visit • Events External search concerns the keywords used by people in order to arrive at web sites through search engines like Google. Time on Site Google Analytics analysts may use the Time on Site feature to set measurable goal types and conditions greater or lesser desired amount on the website for visitors to spend. This tool set enables professionals to find data about particular types of visitor behavior on web sites. The program allows users to measure website engagement for all of the pages and sections on a website.

When a Time on Site goal is created, it will be possible to ascertain the interests of visitors for all kinds of content. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to assessing the value of what is presented to the public, and whether it should be continued, adjusted or abandoned. Visitor Tracking Google web analytics measures the trajectory of a visitor from the time they first land on a website. This data might be used for:

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Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.