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It’s time to Enroll The next step toward becoming a RiverHawk is enrollment. Your academic success is NSU’s top priority - that’s why your top priority now is to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor before enrolling. No matter which campus you plan to attend, your advisor will help the transition to NSU and get you ready for the rest of your academic career.

Your letter of acceptance (enclosed in this packet) has the contact information needed to schedule an appointment. We want to provide you the best possible service, and you can help make that happen by following the instructions carefully. Act now to ensure an early appointment.

Keeping It Affordable At NSU, 94 percent of our beginning undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, with 65 percent receiving state or local government grants or scholarships. (2010-2011) National Center for Education Statistics (most recent data available)

The Office of Student Financial Services is ready to keep your education as affordable as possible by letting you know about all available options, including federal student aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available January 1. Make sure to get a personal I.D. number at and complete the FAFSA online at NSU’s school code is 003161. For more information, visit the Office of Student Financial Services online at Don’t be fooled by websites that make you pay to fill out your FAFSA. Be sure to apply for scholarships. Northeastern State University offers a variety of scholarships to incoming students. The process is quick and easy, and you can apply for multiple scholarships

on one application. We have scholarships based on academic merit, as well as many privately funded scholarships for students with financial need, single-parent families, children of alumni, and many more. Our applications are online. Visit the scholarship webpage to begin the process at

visit: To learn more about tuition

it the We also encourage you to vis NSU Cost Calculator at: r

Next Steps Get Access

GoNSU is the online portal to almost everything NSU. It allows easy access to your financial aid awards, account balance, transcripts, semester schedule, advisement session, and to enroll in courses. You can also access your NSU email account, or GreenMail, through GoNSU. GreenMail is how you will receive important NSU correspondence. The Office of Student Financial Services will communicate exclusively through GreenMail, so check it often. To begin using GoNSU and GreenMail, you’ll need to retrieve your user id and password. Just go to and click “Retrieve username” in the login box. You’ll be asked for your Banner ID# - it is included on your acceptance letter. Be sure to have your GreenMail account prior to your enrollment appointment.

Orientation Your success is our success. Understanding the inner workings and resources at NSU will aid you in achieving your goals. First time freshmen participate in New Student Orientation and University Strategies their first semester. Transfer students are offered an optional orientation program prior to the beginning of the fall semester. For more information visit or call 918.444.2526 Tahlequah or 918.449.6143 Broken Arrow.

All new students are encouraged to attend Rookie Bridge Camp. A great way to jump right into campus life is to attend Rookie Bridge Camp (RBC). At RBC, you’ll have the opportunity to meet current NSU students, as well as fellow new NSU students. This two-day, adventure-packed camp prepares you for the transition to NSU by showing you the ropes, answering any questions and building life-long friendships. To learn more, visit

University Life Residential Living

Career Readiness

Students attending the Tahlequah campus are encouraged (some are required) to live on campus. NSU Housing provides a variety of residence halls and suites. University housing also provides a safe, active community to enhance your NSU experience.

Preparing for your career is a vital component of your educational journey. Career readiness should be done every year at NSU and is embedded in your advising appointment as well. Whether you know your exact career path or you have some ideas in mind, NSU is committed to partnering with you in your career journey. Career Services is a resource for you to explore career options, establish internship experiences and secure your first job after graduation. Career Services offers a variety of services, and resources for all students and graduates.

To learn more about residency requirements, see housing rates and download a housing contract, visit

Dining NSU Dining provides an innovative dining services program for the entire NSU community. You’ll find great food, honest value, and a comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy it all. You have a variety of restaurants to choose from, all conveniently located within walking distance of on-campus housing, labs/classrooms, and many offcampus apartments. All students who choose to live on campus must have a meal plan. We offer a variety of meal plans to fit your needs. At Northeastern State in Broken Arrow, the Hawk’s Nest offers a diverse menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices and accepts meal plans. This recently remodeled venue is located on the first floor of the Administration building near the RiverHawk Shoppe and lounge areas. The Hawk’ s Nest also satisfies your visual appetite with a TV and computers. To learn more about dining and meal plans, including rates, please visit

To learn more about Career Services, visit or call 918.444.3110 Tahlequah or 918.449.6140 Broken Arrow.

Involvement NSU has more than 80 student organizations, including academic clubs, multicultural student organizations, student government, fraternities and sororities, and much more. In addition, we offer numerous community and civic engagement opportunities. Campus involvement is a great way to enhance your college experience. To learn more visit

Leadership Development


You are the future of Oklahoma. Leadership skills are important for your personal life and professional endeavors. We provide opportunities for you to learn about leadership and to practice leadership through seminars, retreats, events, and organization involvement.

Giving back to our communities through service is a way of life at NSU. We provide you opportunities to find your passion for service through universitywide events and individual service projects. Students are encouraged to spend time volunteering, from working in food pantries to assisting with debris removal in tornado-stricken communities.

To learn more about Leadership Development opportunities, visit or call 918.444.2526 Tahlequah or 918.449.6143 Broken Arrow.

To learn more about Community Engagement opportunities, visit or call 918.444.2526 Tahlequah or 918.449.6143 Broken Arrow.

University Offices Admissions & Recruitment

918.444.4675 (Tahlequah) 918.444.6134 (Broken Arrow)

Athletics 918.444.3900 Broken Arrow Enrollment Management Center


Campus Dining


Campus Tours


Career Services

918.444.3110 (Tahlequah) 918.449.6140 (Broken Arrow)

College of Business & Technology


College of Education


College of Liberal Arts


College of Science & Health Professions


Counseling Services


Indigenous Scholar Development Center


Office of Scholarships


Office of the Registrar


Parent Program


Student Academic Success Center


Student Activities/Student Organizations 918.444.2526 (Tahlequah) 918.449.6140 (Broken Arrow) Student Disability Services

918.444.2120 (Tahlequah) 918.449.6143 (Broken Arrow)

Student Financial Services


Student Health Services


Testing Services


Transfer Programs

918.444.2137 (Tahlequah) 918.449.6134 (Broken Arrow)

University Advising Center


University Housing


Veterans Services