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“Prepare For A Competition Not Only in the Practice Pin, But in Your Mind...My Mind is a Gym I Workout in Everyday!”

“ A True Cowboy Gives Back!” This phenomenal rodeo athlete brings fire to the arena like no other. Tyson’s PRCA career began in 2003 and through the years he has evolved into one of the top professional Tie-Down Ropers of his time. With two Canadian World Championships under his belt and three trips to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo his talent speaks louder than words. Currently holding 12th place in the world standing and finishing in the top 15 in the world the past three years. 2009 brought Tyson closer to his goals of becoming a world champion placing 3rd in the world standings and 3rd in the average at the NFR. Tyson’s inspiration doesn’t stop in the arena. His generous heart offers support of Breast Cancer Awareness and research, donating a percentage of his earnings from the national finals to the foundation along with wearing a pink shirt during every rodeo competition throughout the year. This brilliant cowboy has a strong business mind that offers extensive experience in public speaking and business relations. To learn more about this legendary cowboy visit Tyson’s website at where you can chat with virtual Tyson. Tyson’s Rock Solid Performances extend as far back as 2006 with his first Canadian World Championship. 2009 has been phenomenal with the following championship at the Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show (Forth Worth, Texas), Last Stand Rodeo (Coulee City, Wash.), Eugene (Ore.) Pro Rodeo, Won the Springville (Calif.) Sierra Rodeo, Kamloops (British Columbia) Spring Rodeo, Won the Brooks (Alberta) Kinsmen Rodeo, Grand Prairie (Alberta) Stampede Wainright (Alberta) Stampede, and the Falkland (British Columbia) Stampede. With 4 trips to the Canadian Finals coming home with two championships and 3 qualifications to the Wrangler Na-

2 X Canadian World Champion Tie-Down Roper 3 X Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier Ranked in Top 15 in the World for the Past 3 Years

3 X Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier! Currently Ranked In Top 15 In the World

Justin Arnold is living the dream of a true Professional Rodeo Athlete, since entering the PRCA in 1998, Arnold has been determined to be one of the best in the world. Developing his talents over the years, Justin has evolved into one of the great rodeo athletes of our time. With seven qualifications for the Dodge National Circuit Finals, Arnold has claimed his right as a four-time defending saddle bronc champion of the California Circuit. The circuit regular-season champion and the winner of the circuit finals qualified him for the Dodge National Circuit Finals in Pocatello, Idaho. Justin’s goals were set higher than just the National Circuit Finals; in 2007 his extraordinary efforts earned him a spot amongst the top 15 in the world, qualifying him for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. With one qualification under Arnold’s belt, his confidence took him through 2008 to yet again qualify for the NFR. In 2008 Justin’s fire came from his numerous outstanding performances; winning Puyallup Ariat Playoff Pro Rodeo along with seven additional Rodeo Championships throughout the year. 2009 brought Justin to yet another national finals finishing 9th in the world standings and 6th in NFR standings ending the season on a good note. With the phenomenal support of his family and the true cowboy that lives inside this unwavering saddle bronc rider, the potential is wide open. Justin’s focus gives him the edge to be a great cowboy in and out of the area, offering his fans and sponsors the vision of a True Cowboy!

I’m A True Cowboy! Tough, Passionate, Determined

“You’ll Pay For The Whole Seat, But You’ll Only Need The Edge!”

“ True Cowboys Bring on the Fun!” It would be True Cowboys pleasure to introduce to you one of the best rodeo entertainers in the world of rodeo, Caine Hager. His passion to entertain has grown from his roots in bull riding, bullfighting, and now as a professional rodeo entertainer. “As a rodeo clown I am a role model and entertainer to all rodeo fans in the center of the action. I perform my acts in the center of the arena during the entire rodeo and also mingle among the crowd. I bring professionalism and laughter to all events and promotions. As a sponsor your business will become a part of my rodeo performances and marketing goals”. With Caine’s recent and ever growing success, there are many additional sponsors vying for their chance to get exponential exposure during the regular professional rodeo season, benefits, events and the NFR. Caine is now one of the mainstream rodeo entertainers of his time, doing shows at major rodeos such as the Mountain State Circuit Finals, PRCA, PBR and tour rodeos. With Caine as a member of the PRCA & PBR, your company will be promoted nationwide and recognized for its outstanding support of the western industry, athletes, entertainers, and promotion of its exceptional products.

You’ll Never Know What You’re Really Made Of If You Give Up! Give It Your All And Live Everyday To The Fullest!”

This young genuine cowboy has many talents ranging from team roping to bareback riding. In high school this phenom controlled the arena not only in the bareback riding, but also calf roping, bull riding, and many other events. Dave has since narrowed down his passion to give all his effort into bareback riding. As a true cowboy, Dave also worked for Growney Brothers (Stock Contractor) to keep himself going down the road. At a young age David has grasped his responsibility to make his own future and is pursuing his dreams of one day becoming a world champion bareback rider. Dave is coming on strong in the 2009 season with high expectations of performing well in the California Circuit and Pro Rodeos. As an all around cowboy, Dave in addition brings his many skills in rodeo to the roping box. His love for roping has sparked ambitions to compete in team roping as well as bareback riding. His goal is to enter as many ropings as he can while continuing to pursue with his bareback riding dreams.

“ The Art of the Craft!”

“ True Cowboys, Rope & Ride!”

100 Million Fans 1.7 Million Attend Live Events Televised on Versus, FOX, NBC,CBS Built Ford Tough Series

“ True Cowboys Ride The Rankest Bulls!”

Cuttin Up Radio is Radio with Purpose, Listeners with Hearts! Based in Nashville, Tennessee and is reshaping the country music and western industry by creating synergistic relationships within and outside the industries. This great station offers collaboration and innovation for a new decade. True Cowboy Radio showcases the inspiring rodeo athletes of the PBR, PRCA, WPRA, and CBR and their insightful expertise involving the life and business of rodeo. In addition, the show will reveal the extensive knowledge and perspective of executives, stock contractors, entertainers, sponsors and individuals of influence in the rodeo industry. The show exposes the key elements, issues, and factors that directly impacting the rodeo business. Guests on the show offer an insider's perspective divulging the paramount successes and collapses of an evolving industry. The latest rodeo highlights and feature of the True Cowboy Rodeo Team will extend throughout the rodeo season covering the angles from the practice pin to the finals.

TELEVISION, INTERNET, RADIO, & AUDIENCE PROMOTION,, Social Media, Apps, Internet, Radio, Publications, Television, Interaction Rodeo Athletes Compete in 70+ Rodeos Per Year Rodeo Athletes Travel 80,000+ Miles thru U.S. & Canada Hitting 30+States throughout the U.S. ~100 Million PBR Fans ~69 Million Rodeo Fans ~23 Million People Attend Rodeos ~40 Million Tour Rodeo Television Viewers ~39 Million TV Viewers Of Wrangler National Finals Viewed on ~ ESPN, OLN, NBC, CBS, ESPN CLASSIC, VERSUS, ETC

All Team Sponsorships will be negotiated based on number of athletes sponsored and goals of said sponsor Sponsor the entire team or pick your own True Cowboy Athlete Team

Big Bang For Your Buck and Company

The Team

True Cowboy Rodeo Talent Agency is redefining representation of rodeo athletes and their sponsors. Our agency represents some of the greatest talent in rodeo and is striving to link them with opportunities to market some of the world’s finest companies. True Cowboy offers dynamic sponsorship packages that provide companies with numerous marketing opportunities through our athletes and additional exposure through True Cowboy’s marketing and advertising efforts. As owner of True Cowboy, Jennifer Seward takes great pride in helping these fine athletes/entertainers find sponsors. Jennifer Seward, founder of True Cowboy, brings a wide range of knowledge and experience starting with an education background in Marketing and Management from one of the top business schools, Portland State University. With several years following rodeo and the business ventures that coincide within, Jennifer has found a passion to bring business, fans and athletes together to fulfill everyone’s needs. The ability for companies to bond with their consumers on a grass roots and nationwide level, through True Cowboy’s ongoing and developing marketing productions and strategies. Fans and avid consumers have the ability to support and follow their favorite rodeo athletes and their lives in and out of rodeo through our website, marketing, networking, publicity, advertising, branding, news, and appearances. Jennifer’s goal is to fulfill the marketing, promotional, and advertising goals of companies seeking new avenues to connect with consumers. Sponsorships are a great way to bring sports and businesses together to build relationships not only with the target consumers, but other realms of business, life style, and the western way of life. Joining Jennifer in her pursuit to create business relationships with sponsors is Jessica MacIssac and Whitney Whitson . Not a strangers to the rodeo scene or the western life style, Whitney and Jessica bring the western industry to life with creative ideas and connections. Jessica once a fantastic barrel racer in her younger years competing in high school rodeo. She continues her passions for rodeo and equine by training young horses. Her skills venture beyond training horses, with experience in roping. Officially a licensed massage therapist, Jessica sets up shop at many area rodeos to give relief to those cowboys in much need of some therapeutic attention. Jennifer and Jessica combine to make a powerhouse team to benefit those rodeo athletes/entertainers that may not have the experience to go after those sponsors and create working business relationships.

True Cowboy 2010 Overview  
True Cowboy 2010 Overview  

True Cowboy Rodeo Talent Agency offers the newest cutting edge representation in the rodeo industry, managing and marketing our athletes and...