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Lehigh Carbon Community College BUS 120-5N Introduction to Business Janet I. B. Seggern 610-799-1595 ARC 107E IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR LATE-START ONLINE COURSE Online Course Access LCCC’s myPortal provides access to your online courses. You should have received information on accessing myPortal in a letter mailed to your home after you registered for classes. If you have not received your LCCC myPortal access information, please contact Enrollment Services for this information. MyPortal also allows you to access your LCCC student email and Bannerweb. Our course will be available for you to access on Saturday, September 25, 2010. Once in the portal, simply scroll to the link for Online Courses and click. A new window will open with the initial screen of our online learning management system, Angel. Select Introduction to Business Organization-201040-43289; the screen changes and you will see the homepage of our course. Please take a moment to explore the homepage as well as other pages (access by clicking on tabs in the upper part of the screen) such as Calendar and Lessons. Text The textbook for this class is Understanding Business, 9e, by Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh, published by McGraw-Hill Publishing. For Introduction to Business, you will need both a textbook and an online access code for Connect Business. These can be purchased in the LCCC bookstore or online. You may purchase a print textbook or an eBook, whichever you prefer. If you purchase a used textbook, you will need to purchase the access code separately. It may be purchased in the LCCC bookstore or at the Connect Business site when you register for the site. A combination access code and eBook is also available for purchase at the Connect Business site. Technology Requirements This class is uses Angel, an online learning management system. Angel is accessed through myPortal. In addition, you will use an online companion site, Connect Business, for the textbook; it is accessed by clicking on Lessons in Angel and then clicking on Connect Business. A new window will open and you will have to register, using the online access code that came with the textbook, to use Connect Business; once you have registered, please write down the ID and password you created as neither I nor LCCC can retrieve that information. All students in the class are required to have access to a computer and the Internet. You must use Firefox 3.x or Internet Explorer 7.x to access myPortal. Other browsers/editions are not currently compatible with Angel. If you do not have a home computer with Internet access, you must locate a computer you can use for the course. There are computers available at all of LCCC’s campuses.

BUS 120-5N Fall 2010 Page 2 Assignments The assignment/activity sheet, located in Angel under Lessons, lists all assignments for BUS 120-5N. These include homework assignments, quizzes and tests, business plan, and online discussion forums. Each type of assignment/activity has due dates; they are listed on the assignment sheet as well as the Calendar in Angel. All assignments must be submitted through Angel (you must access Angel to access Connect Business) with the exception of the business plan which maybe submitted via Angel or as a paper report. Readings/Discussions Students must complete the reading assignments; these are connected to the textbook companion site, quizzes, online discussion forums, etc. A feature of this textbook is narrated lectures. These are short lectures that cover the basic points of the chapter; they are not “books on tape.� Quizzes/Homework Assignments There is a quiz in Angel for each chapter as well as homework assignments in Connect Business for this course. These assignments should be completed as each corresponding chapter is completed. There are intermediate steps of the business plan that are due as the class progresses; the due dates are on the assignment sheet. Assignments should be submitted through the drop box in the corresponding lesson or business plan in Angel or by completing the assignment in Connect Business. All homework assignments must be completed by the required due dates. Homework submitted after the due date will not be accepted. Business Plan Students are required to complete a business plan for this course. This activity may be completed individually or as a group. When forming a group, please be sure your group members have schedules that will allow for face-to-face or online meetings to work on the business plan. Group business plans will be graded with all members of the group receiving the same grade. Information on the business plan is located in Angel under Lessons, Business Plan. Specific parameters are given to you for starting your business; these are found under Lessons, Business Plan, Target Markets. There are three important due dates for the business plan. The business idea, mission statement and vision statement are due on 10/12. The financial plan is due on 11/2. The completed business plan is due on 11/23. The completed business plan may be sent via email in Angel, submitted in the homework drop box under Business Plan, or handed-in/mailed in paper format (please follow the report preparation guidelines if preparing a paper report). Quizzes/Tests Tests and quizzes will be given in Angel and Connect Business. Tests are timed and must be completed in one attempt. You are only given one week to complete Quiz 1 and Connect Business homework for Chapter 1. I use your completion of Quiz 1 in Angel and the homework activity for Chapter 1 in Connect Business as confirmation that you are able to access and complete quizzes and tests in Angel and homework in Connect Business.

BUS 120-5N Fall 2010 Page 3 Subsequent tests and quizzes and homework are grouped into due dates shown in the table below. All subsequent tests and quizzes must be submitted by 10 p.m. on the due date; you may take the tests and quizzes at any time, but they must be completed by the due date. Quiz/Test/Homework Quiz 1 Connect Business Ch 1 Quizzes 2-6 Quizzes 17-18 Connect Business Ch 2-6 Connect Business Ch 17-18 Test 1-4 Test 5-6 Test 17-18 Quizzes 7-12 Connect Business Ch 7-12 Test 7-9 Test 10-12 Quizzes 15-16 Connect Business Ch 13-16 Test 13-14 Test 15-16

Due Date October 5 October 5 October 19 October 19 October 19 October 19 October 26 October 26 October 26 November 2 November 2 November 9 November 9 December 7 December 7 December 14 December 14

A good suggestion from a previous student is to set a reminder in your phone for Wednesday evening to remind you to take the tests/quizzes. Attendance In this online class, attendance is measured as logging in to the course in Angel at least once per week (you usually need to log-in more often). Failure to do so will result in you being dropped from the class. Time Management Time management is an essential element of successfully completing this class. Please refer to the assignment sheet or calendar in Angel frequently as well as plan enough time to complete the readings, assignments, tests/quizzes, etc. Miscellaneous My office hours this semester are Monday/Wednesday 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and Thursday 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. and Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please feel free to phone me with any questions at 610-799-1595. You may also contact me via e-mail within Angel or my office e-mail, Students who are interested in brushing up their time-management, textbook reading, test-taking, etc. skills should contact ESS (Educational Support Services) in SH 150 to learn about seminars or one-on-one instruction in these areas.

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