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BEING THE CHURCH IN A CHANGING WORLD "Even the wind and waves obeyed him...." Mark 4:41b

February 2013

church has literally 'been through the fire', more than once! Trust in God's faithfulness and resilience are clearly part of our history. Might that make us more bold in risking for ministry as we plan and envision?

2) This method of change honors the past and yet finds way to let go of or modify that which is no longer necessary or purposeful. For example, a few years ago, the men who were part of our United Methodist Men's I will learn about 'adaptive leadership.' It is group decided to disband. Just a few guys a method developed at Harvard's Business did good and important work on behalf of School to help organizations adapt and the church, but they decided it was time to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Learnlet go. Now, some men are beginning to ing to engage in adaptive change is vital for ask, is it time to begin something new? The the United Methodist Church which has way is open for a new version of a ministry experienced decline for decades. for men in our congregation. In reading about this adaptive change, I have 3)Adaptive change brings deep change, not discovered that this is not about tossing out simply quick fixes. It means that over time the old for the new, but it is about building values and attitudes change so that the conon the past and finding new and different gregation is able to embrace new ways of ways to share the gospel in our time. The challenge, of course, is that we humans resist organizing itself and doing its ministry. The change. We like to just keep on keeping on. $10 for 10 weeks Youth Fund is an example of this. It is built on the congregation's long But change is life's reality, whether its chostanding support of Christian camping and sen change or change that comes without our asking. So the question is how will the youth mission ministries. Yet asking for direct gifts and many youth witnesses at church find ways to honor the past while worship were new ways of creating and susmoving into the future. taining that 'traditional' support. It also conHere are some challenges of adaptive nects us together in some new ways: we get change: to know more of our youth and we feel like we are going to camp and on a mission with 1) It builds on our congregation's past them. strengths and values. As we face the chal-



As I write this, I am preparing to attend a conference of United Methodist leaders from across the U.S. with others from the West Michigan Conference.

lenges of our future, we can recall that this

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Worship Times and Topics for February Sunday Morning 8:30 and 10:45 Pastor Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald, preaching

February 3

"The Measure of Our Maturity" 1 Cor. 12: 12-27 The Lord's Supper

February 10

Rev. David Gladstone, Guest Preacher Director, Lake Louise Christian Community

Inside this issue: Church Events, Caring Ministry, Birthdays, Stephen Ministry


Nurture Ministry


Outreach Ministry


February 13 Ash Wednesday Worship with Imposition of Ashes

7pm at the Good Shepherd window



Youth Ministry, calendar


February 17

"When God Uses Our Restlessness"

February 24

"When God Uses Our Regret"

Matthew 11:28-30 Psalm 51:1-15; Luke 19: 1-8

Happening this Month Come join the Lunch Bunch on Sundays following the 10:45 a.m. service. We will gather at the Good Shepherd window to get a head count and head out to a local restaurant. All ages are welcome to join including singles, couples, and families. Check the bulletin for the days’ location or contact David Newton. Epsilon will meet Wednesday, February 20th, 11:30a.m. at Beechwood Inn. Please call Dave or Dorothea 3923493 by February 18th for reservations. will meet in the church lounge on Thursday, February 7 at 1:30 for a Valentine concert and dessert. Please call Sharon Rocker for more information at 392-1966. Book Club— will discuss Heaven is Real by Todd Burpo on February 11 at 6:30 in the Conference Room. This is the true story of the four year old son of a Nebraska minister who, during emergency surgery, slips from consciousness and enters heaven. The Kids In Tow February event will be an Environmental Activity on February 16th. Please see the Welcome Center and bulletin boards for the complete year’s schedule and contact information. The Meet ‘n’ Eat Singles Group will gather at Culver’s, Thursday, February 21 at 6 p.m. for our Annual Valentine’s Outing. All singles of

all ages are welcome to attend the dinner outing. Please contact David Newton at 396-5205 or email dnewton@fumcholland.org so we can get a count of attendees. Green Room Coffeehouse and Concert Vocalist/Pianist David Newton will present a Green Room Coffeehouse and Concert, Friday, February 15, 7 p.m. Joining David will be Heidi & Jeff DeMoss, Kay Namovich and other talented vocalists from the church. The theme of the concert is music for Valentines and will feature love songs from decades of the 20th and 21st centuries. Coffee, Hot Tea and Cocoa will be available. Bring a treat to share and join in the fun. Invite a friend, neighbor, or fellow church member to attend. Admission is free but donations will be accepted. For further information contact David Newton at 396-5205. A Special Sunday Morning Opportunity Coming Out in February

to be held in Filling Station

What : Two panel presentations; questions may be asked through a moderator via index cards. Feb. 3 ~ Four parents from this church will be sharing the story of their gay son or daughter. Moderated by John Buttrey. Feb. 10 ~ A group of gay and lesbian persons from the Holland area will be sharing their stories and how their faith has affected their journeys. Moderated by Mary De Ridder.

Does Stephen Ministry Work?

People in our church family do have someone who can be a listening ear. We do have the Stephen Ministry program here. Christ Caring For People Through People If you are lonely, a Stephen Minister can help. If you know someone who is struggling, a Stephen Minister can help. And “As a man, it was difficult and awkward, reaching out for help. But I'm glad I did. I probably could have made it alone, yes, it's hard for a guy to ask. But the Stephen Ministry is also but it sure was a lot easier having a Stephen Minister to talk completely confidential. Only two people will know: you and Sharon Rocker – and your Stephen Minister caregiver (okay, to.” that's three.) And support isn't just a sympathetic smile over “All I can say is thank you. I was so overwhelmed I didn't coffee. It can be a weekly game of cards! know where to begin. My Stephen Minister helped me sort Also please know that the Stephen Ministry definition of through my challenges and regain my faith in God. And I “church family” is very broad. If you have a friend who wasn't even a member of your congregation.” could use support, call Sharon Rocker (392-1966), or Pastor “I wish I had had a Stephen Minister when I was going Lynn (396-5205). This offer of help does not end at our through a hard time several years ago. She would have doorway. helped a great deal.” The deadline for article submissions for the March Focus is February 15. Please email articles to mhaney@fumcholland.org by that date or earlier. If a hard copy must be used, please bring to main office by that date also. If you would prefer not receiving the Focus in the mail, please let Marj Haney know at mhaney@fumcholland.org. Page 2


Caring Ministry Sharon Rocker, Director of Visitation Ministry (ext. 13) Notes of appreciation received since the last Focus: Judy Laidler wrote: For our Thanksgiving Dinner at Senior Meals last fall, we had a lot to be thankful for. Dorothy Chamness made her “farewell” dinner that day. She told me she had done dinners for Senior Meals for 32 years. We certainly don’t want to forget Jim Chamness who has had dishpan hands for many years and has also “retired”. What a super couple. We love you both and will miss you. Tania Dozeman wrote: I am so thankful to each and every one of you for your part in supporting the Dunes Alternative School of West Ottawa this Christmas. I was humbled by the great amount of support for this project and touched by the generosity of the people of FUMC. The kids were overwhelmed by your support and were deeply

touched that someone cared enough to make their Christmas a little better. Thanks so much! Sandra Eaton wishes to thank her church family on their support at the time of her mother's death on Monday, December 31st. Her mother's name was Francis Secord. Sandra is now living at Wildwood Apartments, 431 Diekema Ave. Apt. 115 in Holland. Marcia Van Hekken wrote: Thank you for your beautiful music sung at my house. The cookies were great and so many. I enjoyed both very much. James and Kristina Shoulders wrote: Thank you to all for the prayers and cards sent for us. It is great to know we have the support of our church family. They have helped during our grieving.

Happy Birthday Wishes! These friends are celebrating at least their 85th birthday this month. Please extend your well wishes! February 18

Robert Hornbeck 360 W. 40th Street, Apt. 214 Holland MI 49423


Mary Jane Aalderink 333 E. Lakewood #220 Holland MI 49424


Florence Baker 12692 Felch Street Holland MI 49424

Please be in prayer for these congregation members and friends... Ginny Kelley; Greta Long; Eleanor McMichael; Marsha Riemersma; Heather Doty; Dawn Clapp; Josh Poppink; Lynn Hawker; Cindy Helder; Helen Moomey All those dealing with illness during this flu season Sympathy to Kathy Walton on the death of her mother, Mildred Royal, on December 25. Congratulations to David Vruggink and Heidi Kragt on their marriage here at the church on December 1 and to Emily Morford and Jarrid Lake on their marriage here at the church on December 29. F E B R U A R Y 20 1 3

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Nurture Ministry Marj Haney, Director (ext. 15) Heidi De Moss, Director of Adult Ministry Spark Rotation

Family camps

For February we will look at a lesser known Bible story, the story of a banquet that took place at the Pharisee Simon’s house and the events that happened there. Cooking will be one of the centers this time around :) The bible reference is Luke 7: 36-50 ~ God forgives our sins.

Two opportunities for family camp are being offered this summer. The first will be June 14-16 at TriPonds Campground in Allegan. The cost is $80 for the weekend and we have 14 sites reserved. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested. The first night’s deposit has been paid and needs to be paid back soon. If we don’t have enough interest, we will cancel. Please see Marj or Tim Haney to sign up.

Movie Night February 8th Come to the lounge at 6:30 and enjoy the premiere of the latest Veggie Tales movie “The Little House that Stood” shown on our big screen TV. Popcorn and drinks will be served. Bring a snack to share if you’d like. We’ll be done by 8. Bring all your friends and come as you are...PJs welcome!

The second weekend will be Aug. 9-11 at Lakeview Campground north of Grand Rapids on the shores of beautiful Townline Lake. This is a UM campground. We have 16 sites reserved for that weekend. The first night’s depos-

it has also been paid for this weekend so please let Marj or Tim Haney you are interested asap to claim your site. Check out all there is to do at this campground at www.lakeviewcamp.org Summer Camp Time! Summer camp season will soon be here as will the brochures. Please plan on sending the children and youth in your life to a week away that they will never forget. Brochures will be in the literature racks at both entrances and information will be on bulletin boards. The church will pay 1/2 of a week for active member’s children - made possible by your generous donations to the $10 for 10 campaign.

From Heidi De Moss Les Misérables Film Review - - - Must see!! I recently saw the current film adaptation of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. It was not my first exposure to the story. I have watched the 1998 film version multiple times, experienced the musical setting on stage, and listened to the Tokyo cast recording until I can sing the whole along with them. (If you have not had one of these experiences, avail yourself, it is worth your time.) I found this latest offering wonderful in its presentation of the truths in Hugo’s story. Les Misérables gives us a chance to glimpse Grace in action. Spoiler alert - If you are unfamiliar with the story, skip to the end paragraph now! Jean Valjean’s understanding of the world and himself is changed by the Grace offered to him by the Bishop Myriel. Valjean can no longer approach the world without offering the same Grace. He offers Grace to a whole community, as mayor and factory owner. But when an individual could be saved by him, at possible risk of the community and himself, he chooses the individual. Javert has understood the law to be God’s way, and his role of keeping the law as keeping God’s world intact. For Javert allowing Valjean to live outside the dictates of the law, and offer Grace to others outside of the law is living outside of God’s planned structure. It is a world that Javert cannot understand. Valjean rather than see Javert as an adversary, sees him as a man who has done his duty as he understands it, and offers Grace freely to Javert as well. All of the other characters in this story of Grace have pieces of wisdom to offer to us as well. I have seen reviews written by film critics and general film goers of this latest film version. Almost all come away greatly moved and raving. But I have yet to read a review which says the reason it is so powerful is that it points to the truths of God’s Grace freely given to each of us. We find it so powerful because the life displayed, and joy found by Valjean is the joy and Grace we all wish for - found in God, and offered freely back to all those around Page 4


Adult Jubilant Journey Mar. 24 ~ When God Uses Our Relationships - Palm Sunday Opportunities Did you leave a light in your window? Did you accept the challenge? Did you leave a light up? For how long? Could you leave it up all year to show and share God’s light and Love? What other creative ways might you find to remind yourself and others each day of God’s deep and abiding love? Join Our Lenten Study... During Jubilant Journey or in a Small Group Mosaic by Shane Stanford Examine how the God of the universe uses the broken pieces of our lives to reframe our purpose, turning our discarded hopes and dreams into something beautiful and useful—a mosaic in which God uses all of the pieces. The author says, "This journey will take us along the same path Jesus walked in the days surrounding his journey to Jerusalem. We will see the similarities to our own stories as well as the lessons we should pick, like pebbles along the path." Ongoing Classes Pastor Lynn’s Class Where : Conference Room? led by Pastor Lynn Pastor Lynn will lead group discussion on the scripture text for the day. This will correspond with the worship for the day. Feb. 3 ~ The Measure of Our Maturity I Corinthians 12:12-27 and Luke 9:23-25 Feb. 10 ~ TBA Mosaic by Shane Stanford Feb. 17 ~ When God Uses Our Restlessness Feb. 24 ~ When God Uses Our Regret Mar. 3 ~ When God Uses Our Rejection Mar. 10 ~ When God Uses Our Responsibilities Mar. 17 ~ When God Uses Our Resources F E B R U A R Y 20 1 3

Small Groups Looking for a commitment that will bring you closer to God, grow your Mar. 31 ~ No Class - Easter understanding of various Christian topics and the Christian faith itself, and Lecture/Presentation Classes bring you into deeper fellowship with Short - Term Classes some other Christians who are seeking Where : Lounge What : Offerings lasting two or the same thing? Here is a list of FUMCH’s current Small Groups. more weeks on a topic. Feb 3 ~ Brené Brown: The power of Sunday Night Group vulnerability (2010) -- Brené Brown studies human connection -- our ability Led by Dave Marckini & George Ward in the lounge to empathize, belong, love. TED.com Feb. 10 ~ The Ministry of Lake Louise Coffee Klatz & Conversation UMC Camp -- David Gladstone Monday Morning Feb. 17 ~ Brené Brown: Listening to Led by David Newton in the lounge shame (2012) -- Brené Brown...explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, The Searls Group Monday Evening humanity and vulnerability shine Led by Jim Searls Room 301 at 7:00 through every word. TED.com Feb. 24 ~ series of TED presentations: The Rocker Group view and discussion response Monday Evening Faith Jegede: What I’ve learned contact Bill & Sharon Rocker from my autistic brothers (2012) (every other week) Meets at church Candy Chang: Before I die I want to... (2012) The Haney Group Israel and Iran: A love story? Monday Evening Ronny Edry (2012) Led by Marj and Tim Haney Hannah Brencher: Love letters to beginning again on Feb. 11 at 7:15 for 6 strangers (2012) weeks at the Haney house. We will be doing the Adam Hamilton study “The FaithLinks Class Way”. All are welcome, call 772-3936 Where : Filling Station—please for directions. note that Feb. 3 and 10th will be held in the Heritage Room Young Adult’s Bible Study contact Peg Minert Tuesday Evening UMC FaithLinks material Led by Pastor Lynn Leadership will be provided by FaithConference Room Links members. Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24 ~ Class discussion Tuesday Night Group based upon UMC materials and Bible Tuesday Evening readings Led by Sandy Snyder at the Snyder home Fellowship Space Coffee and Conversation Young Mom’s Bible Study Where : East end of Fellowship Hall Wednesday Evening What : A time to gather and visit with Led by Pastor Lynn Conference Room each other, or just relax and refresh. Copies of the newspaper are present, as Ladies Only well as coffee, tea, and often some light Thursday Morning refreshments. contact office (every other week) Care Ministry Office Page 5

Outreach Ministry Tracy Garrett, Director (ext. 11) Washington School Neighbors Update

Styrofoam Recycling

Our Neighborhood Holiday Party in December was a night filled with fun, getting to know each other while decorating cookies, as well as discussing the results of the recent neighborhood survey. The top concern in our neighborhood, according to the survey, is that neighbors do not know each other as much as they’d hoped. In January we will hold an informal Community Café with neighbors - this will be a potluck dinner and a chance to get to know each other by discussing several neighbor issues.

We will be collecting Styrofoam on the third Sunday of each month. All items must be clean! Please, do not to bring items during the week - we have no place to store it. If you would like to help with this effort please contact Dave Marckini (dmarckini@att.net).

entry doors. Most of us don’t stop to think about it often, but everywhere we pass, we leave some kind of mark on our world. During this past holiday season (Thanksgiving), the members of First United Methodist Church have left your loving mark of compassion on the many neighbors we are helping at Community Action House. While you may remember what you gave, those who receive it may never forget the generosity and compassion in a desperate time of need.

Please prayerfully consider sharing your financial blessings on February 17.

Bread Pan Offering on Sunday, February 17, will support Community Kitchen. Community Kitchen is a free lunch program for people in need in the Holland One last big change to mention, Shannon and Catie, are area. The program serves an average of 175 meals each day. nearing the end of their AmeriCorps service term. Thanks The Kitchen is located at Western Theological Seminary for the support of Washington School Neighbors. We hope and is administered by Community Action House. Funding that you’ll continue your care and support for the next for this program has been significantly reduced due to expiCommunity Connectors filling our places in the coming ration of federal grants. The financial gifts that we share on months. February 17 will help to purchase food, coffee, paper, napkins, and cleaning products. Community Action House Volunteers from our church help to prepare, serve, and As always we accept donations of nonperishable food items, household cleaning, clean-up after the lunch meal on the second Tuesday of each month. If you would like to help out at the Communiand hygiene products for the emergency pantries of Comty Kitchen, please contact Tracy Garrett in the church ofmunity Action House. Your donation may be brought to the church anytime and placed in the baskets at both main fice.

“I would like to express my humble ‘Thank You’ to each person who helped to make your 2012 Thanksgiving Ingathering and sustained regular donations a reality. We are truly blessed to live and work in a community with so many people of outstanding character– people who genuinely care about the well-being of their neighbors - people who understand that by living a little more simply, others are able to simply live. I wish you all a new year filled with many opportunities to leave positive marks on those who cross your path.” BLESSINGS!!! Denny Oosterbaan, Resource Manager

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have generously supported our special offerings in December. Communion Offering (January 6) in support of Haiti Hot Lunch (an ongoing feeding program of Michigan Area UMCs), your gifts totaled $183.55. Bread Pan Offering (January 20) in support of Ubuntu Center at Africa University, your gifts totaled $962.91. You also Reclaimed Christmas by giving generously to our many alternative giving programs. Clean-Up Buckets for UMCOR You are so generous! 172 cleaning products were donated to United Methodist Committee on Relief. These donations will help with the ongoing clean-up efforts related to Hurricane Sandy and other flood related disasters. Because of your generosity an anonymous donor in our church family also gave $172 - one dollar for each item you donated. The financial donation will be sent to UMCOR Midwest Distribution Center along with the physical donations. Christmas Eve at Holland Hospital Thank you! This mission team sang for patients and staff at the hospital.

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Christmas Caroling to Seniors Thank you! Many youth and adults shared the spirit of Christmas on December 16. The Salvation Army - Angel Tree Program Thank you! A van load of presents was sent to children in our area. The Prison Ministries Angel Tree Thank you! Many, many gifts have been delivered to children of incarcerated parents in our area.

arm of United Methodist Committee on Relief. Currently only specially trained Early Response VIM Teams are in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. UMCOR will invite general VIM Teams when the most dangerous hazards have been cleared and infrastructure is in place to accommodate mission teams for general clean- up, repair, and reconstruction. As soon as the invitation is issued we will begin planning this mission trip. Again, continue to watch this space in the monthly newsletters and the announcement page of the weekly worship bulletins for updates.

Christmas Clothesline Thank you! You donated many gifts cards and will be delivering goodies over the next twenty weeks to The Dunes of West Ottawa High School. The ****************************************************** Dunes is a program for students previously unsuccessful in Pastor Lynn’s column traditional school settings. continued from page 1... Blankets for Baby Jesus Thank you! The children of our One adaptive change I am praying for in church donated 46 blankets at our Family Christmas Eve worship. These were delivered to the Breakfast With Baby 2013 is that we as a congregation will be in a learning and seeking mode about the people and commuprogram at New Community - Fourth Reformed Church. nities to which we send this year's mission teams- youth 2012 Financial Support of UMCOR’s Hurricane Sandy Re- and adults. I pray our mission teams will be about building lief Thank you! Your gifts totaled $7,284.66 in support of relationships and that the congregation will join in building United Methodist Committee on Relief’s - recovery efforts and sustaining relationships. I hope we will pray, by name, in Haiti, Cuba, United States, and other countries in the for people around the world as a result of our mission team Caribbean. 100% of donations to UMCOR will directly trips. support recovery efforts - no funds used for administrative Change isn't easy and all of us resist it in one way or anothcosts. er. But the Christian church has a resource for change. In Upcoming Mission Service Opportunities Mark 4: 35-5:1, the disciples leave their familiar shore and find themselves in the chaos and uncertainty of a storm. House Painting Party Jesus is in the boat with them. They call out to him and he In early spring we will have a 1-2 day local mission oppor- questions them, steadies them, and then leads them into tunity. We will be painting the exterior of the home of one more challenging ministries ahead. We have Christ with us: of our members who is unable to do the work alone. Vol- questioning, steadying, challenging, leading. unteers will be welcome to work for shifts of a few hours Christ is in our boat! Even the wind and the waves obey or a full day. Watch here and the announcement page in him! I pray we will be a congregation which thrives even in our weekly worship bulletin for details. the face of the chaos and the uncertainty of change. CROP Walk, April 27 & 28 Grace and peace, Pastor Lynn The annual Holland/Zeeland CROP Walk raises funds for feeding programs in our local community and around the world. Individuals sign-up to walk and collect pledges. We will have pledge envelopes available in Fellowship Hall beginning Sunday, March 10. We are in the very early planning stage for an adult mission trip to Guatemala. This trip will hopefully be scheduled for the end of summer - prior to the start of the new school year. Please continue to watch this space for updates and information on this mission trip. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Tracy Garrett in the church office or Dave Diehl (355.5339, dpdiehl8171@att.net. Volunteers in Mission - Hurricane Sandy Recovery We will be planning a mission trip to the East Coast at some point this year - we are waiting for the official invitation. Volunteers in Mission is the lay member mission trip F E B R U A R Y 20 1 3

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Witness and Invitational Ministry Liz Travis, Director (ext. 12) The next three-session series of new member classes continues on February 10 and again on March 10 from 4:30-6 p.m. in the conference room. Over the course of the three sessions, we will discuss the core beliefs and the unique Methodist contribution to Christian witness; mission and ministry

of the United Methodist church, spiritual gifts, expectations, and belonging to our church. Those choosing to join will be welcomed into membership at both services on Sunday, March 17. Please contact the office, Liz Travis at 396-5205, ext. 12 if you are interested or need more information.

Finance Update Liz Travis, Treasurer (ext. 12) 2012 was a good year at Holland First. Our income was $557,273 and our expenses $555, 105. The Capital Reserve account had $55,702 which is very close to 10% of our budget so the boiler money borrowed has been replaced. As soon as possible $2050 will be given back to UMW for the new freezer they purchased in 2012 (the church was to pay half). The commercial loan for the 10th St. properties principal balance at the end of 2012 was $39,630. Thank you for all the gifts to this ministry! I announced in the last Focus that our church ministry shares were paid 100%. Please contact Liz Travis in the church office if you would like 2013 envelopes. At this time the pledges for the general fund for 2013 are: $455,274 (192 pledges). We are in the process of finalizing a budget.

United Methodist Women No Board or General Meetings in February Circles: Feb. 13 Hope Circle at noon at church 14 Shalom at 9:30 at church Please note: Joy Circle will not meet this month The service group for February is Shalom Circle

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The giving report for 2012 along with the proposed budget for 2013 are posted on the UMW bulletin board on the North east corner of the hall going to the Fell Hall. Along with our pledge to Missions we give to Henderson Settlement, Grand Rapids Community House, JFON, P.E.T., Youth Church Camp, Work Camp, Clark Retirement Community, Pastor’s Discretionary Fund and 7 other local agencies.


Schedule of Events

February 2013 Sun






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4 11 18

5 12 19

6 13 20

7 14 21

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16 23

Outreach Team 7:00

February 11

Endowment Team 7:00

February 11

FUN School board 7:00

February 12

Staff Parish 7:30

February 15

JFON Clinic 9:00 AM

February 18

Trustees 7:00

February 19

Finance 7:00

February 21

SM Supervision 7:00

February 26

Church Council 7:00

Each week: Tuesday noon: Senior Meal Thursday 7:00: Volleyball






For times and locations of events and meetings each week, refer to the calendar available at our website, www.fumcholland.org on the right hand side of the page. Staff can be reached via the website by clicking on Contact Us at the top. Check out our website!

Youth Ministry LuAnne Stanley Hook, Director (ext. 19) THANK YOU to everyone who is giving to the $10for-10 campaign, as well as to those who are speaking about their experiences with church camp and mission trips. We have such a generous church! Don't miss the fun this month as the youth present a fellowship opportunity for all with the Chili Cook-off/Decadent Dessert competition on February 17. The youth would much rather spend their time getting to know their church family than selling things that no one wants to buy! Your $10-for-10 donations help make that possible, and we are humbled by your love and support. A special thank you dinner will be held March 24.

school students may stay until the game ends or earlier if you have to leave. Hooks' address is 6618 Butternut Drive in West Olive, and the phone number is 9940085 if you need further directions. Sunday, February 10 Both groups, 5:30-7:30. Senior Highs, dress for the weather for our Valentine flower delivery. Sunday, February 17 Arrival time 5:00 for both groups to set up for our Chili Cookoff/Decadent Dessert competition. Please stay to clean up afterwards. Done by 7:45ish.

Sunday, February 3 Super Bowl Party for both groups at the Hooks'. Party starts at 5:45, and kick-off is at 6:00. Bring an appetizer Sunday, February 24, Both groups, 5:30-7:30. Middle Schoolers, bring $2 for our annual French fry tasting and drink to share. This will be our dinner. Middle after dinner. school students may stay until half-time, and high F E B R U A R Y 20 1 3

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57 W. 10th St. Holland MI 49423

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Holland, MI Permit No. 445

Return Service Requested Phone: 616-396-5205

February 2013 Pastor Rev. J. Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald Phone: 616-393-6242 We’re On the Web www.fumcholland.org


On Sunday, February 17, the FUMC Youth will host an All-Church Chili Cook-off and Decadent Dessert Bake-off at 5:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. In the past, several church members have claimed prizes and bragging rights for their tasty chili recipes, and we hope that our baking members will join in the fun, bringing their most decadent creations for sampling and voting as well! Maybe you'll want to enter both! In order to sign up to bring a crockpot of your favorite chili or a decadent dessert, please contact LuAnne Stanley Hook, either by phone (396-5205, ext.19) or email (lstanleyhook@fumcholland.org) or sign up on the youth bulletin board near either church entrance. Contest rules will be posted on the youth bulletin boards as well, so please take a sheet. We are looking for ANY kind of chili: red, white, vegetarian, Texas, Cincinnati, etc., and ANY kind of desserts, including cakes, pies, cookies or candies, etc. Please come and join us, even if you don't bring an item for the contest. We need lots of fine folks to judge the samples and vote on your favorites. A hot dog supper will be provided as well, in order to supplement the bowls of chili. A freewill offering basket will be available if you would like to help defray our costs. Come and beat the winter chill with some yummy chili, delicious desserts and fellowship with your First United Methodist Church family!

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