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My Top 5 Fitness Christmas Gifts 1. TRX Suspension Trainer This piece of equipment is not only one of the most versatile exercise tools out on the market today, but it is also one of the most transportable. I have brought the big punch packed in this tiny bag with me all over the country. I even brought my TRX to Italy for some killer on-the-go workouts! (I needed the extra training with all the pasta I was eating) The TRX is perfect for people of all fitness levels because it works against gravity. Just a step backwards or forwards can make the movement less or more challenging. This equipment is hot right now and lengthens muscles while strengthening them as well. 2. BOSU Instability Ball The BOSU ball is a fantastic tool for cardio, strength, and balance work. This little half ball will kill your abs and make you sweat. Try standing on it with one foot. Take your planks to the next level by balancing on it instead of just doing your normal plank on the floor.

3. Foam Roller The foam roller is my best friend. I train hard, but I stretch and rejuvenate my muscles harder. The foam roller was actually my gift of choice to give all my clients last year and they loved it! It is great for loosening up tight muscles and a great addition to your stretching routine post workout.

4. Jump Rope

This may very well be the simplest gift of all. The jump rope is quite honestly one of the best cardio workouts I’ve ever had. And if you are a gift- giver on a budget, this is a great gift to your friend who is trying to lose a few pounds as his or her New Years Resolution. Tell them to mix up their workouts by jumping rope for their warm- up instead of jogging monotonously on the treadmill.

5. Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall If you do not feel like getting off the couch and going for a run after this book, I don’t know that anything will. Not only is it anthropologically fascinating (the author follows a mysterious tribal group through Mexico. These indigenous people are thought to be some of the strongest people on the planet with endurance to match).

My Top 5 Fitness Christmas Gifts  
My Top 5 Fitness Christmas Gifts  

Some great Christmas gift ideas.