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More readers, more money, no problems: How Sweet Paul grows brand awareness – and profits – using Issuu +

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

About Sweet Paul Full of elegant recipes, stylish crafts, shopping tips and more, Sweet Paul magazine is a food and crafts magazine founded in 2007 by craft and food stylist Paul Lowe. In the past decade, Sweet Paul has become a top source that people around the world turn to for inspiration. The magazine can be purchased as a subscription or as individual issues for $2.99 each.

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

Challenges • Previous digital publishing and sales solution was not intuitive or user friendly • Target audience did not have the ability or technology to navigate through a clunky interface/ecosystem • Needed a beautiful digital platform to sell magazines that was not too expensive

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

Goals • Raise brand awareness by growing social media numbers and number of online viewers of the magazine • Secure more promotional, content and retail partnerships, influencer deals and advertisers • Turn digital sales of the magazines into a recurring income that can pay costs of operation

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

“The most valuable part about Issuu is its statistics and numbers. Numbers like ‘29 million impressions on Issuu’ really impress our partners.” Paul Vitale Marketing and Business Development Director

Why Issuu? Prior to Issuu, Sweet Paul used a platform

but also how beautiful the user interface

that was clunky and unintuitive for their

was. So, when Issuu first launched Digital

fans to read, download and buy their

Sales, they knew they found the perfect

digital magazine. They decided to take the

solution to sell their digital magazine.

leap and search for a better solution to sell their magazine online because they wanted

According to Paul Vitale, Marketing and

a platform that was beautiful, easier for

Business Development Director at Sweet

their team to set up and, most importantly,

Paul, the money from online sales is “all

easier for their readers to use.

the gravy” because it costs virtually nothing to sell digitally on Issuu. Additionally, he

Enter Issuu: within an hour of signing up,

says that Issuu sells itself. “We embed

editor-in-chief Paul Lowe already uploaded

Issuu all over our website and get a ton

an issue of his digital magazine — and even

of new readers because it’s a worldwide

added hyperlinks — without any hassle.

discovery tool. It’s one of the best ways to

Not only did the ease of use impress Paul,

get exposure for Sweet Paul’s brand.

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

Results • Active readers from 150+ countries and 29 million+ total magazine impressions • Detailed statistics that can be used externally for partnership and marketing efforts • The ability to measure success via growth in magazine readers, magazine purchases and social media numbers • Promotion on Issuu gives Sweet Paul exposure to a wider audience and greater brand awareness • A digital sales solution that is easy for Paul to set up and get direct payments, and easy for readers to purchase and download Sweet Paul magazine

Issuu Case Study: Sweet Paul Magazine

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