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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF April Drew ASSISTANT EDITORS Michaela Keating GRAPHIC DESIGNER Limelight Design MARKETING AND SALES T: 085 8015278 DISTRIBUTION EM News Distribution, Dublin PRINTERS Walsh Colour Print, Castleisland, Co. Kerry FRONT COVER NEWLYWEDS Marie O’Gorman and Gearóid Fitzgerald PHOTOGRAPHER Cardam Photography

at the 4 Limerick Strand Hotel

Photos courtesy of Darren Kirwin Photography

Engagement rings range from 2500 euro upwards - Wedding rings range from 750 euro upwards

Photos courtesy of Darren Kirwan Photography

our day to show our personalities to make the day more personal. I had been building up to going wedding dress shopping for a few months while also working on getting my three bridesmaids in one place at the same time to make a day of dress shopping. Book bridal appointments in plenty of time as it can be hard to get Saturday appointments at the

By Grainne O’Sullivan I had the dream engagement at Adare Manor, a fantastic celebration with friends and family over Christmas, then it was down to the business of planning the biggest (most expensive) day of your lives, no pressure – right?! My friends and family have been amazing with plenty of ideas and suggestions but it’s down to you and your fiancé to make some tough but exciting decisions. I had always wanted a winter wedding at home and thankfully Gerard Barrett did too, so it made it easy to pick the date of January 2, 2016 in our hometown of Listowel, giving us over 12 months to plan everything. We are lucky to have our great friend Fr. Pat Moore doing the honours on the day for us. Six months later and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! As an organised person I would have thought that I would have had everything set in stone by now but the truth is I was having way too much how overwhelming the wedding market can be when dresses, cakes, bands, invitations, decorations, entertainment etc. The list seems endless and Pinterest can seem like your friend or your greatest enemy at times! We love all things vintage so we decided to incorporate that into our wedding day and make it our general theme. The Listowel Arms has some amazing vintage accessories also so we are working those in with our own DIY decorations that my amazing bridesmaids Joanne, Leeann and Lisa are working on. With Gerard working in the film industry we will have a few ‘Old Hollywood’ touches incorporated into the day too. There are so

of what my dream dress would look like. I was secretly worried what if I don’t find ‘the dream dress’ like everyone describes while also wishing I hadn’t left it five months to start trying dresses on. As most dresses can take four to five months from the date of order to the delivery day so it’s a good thing I found my dress quickly! One tip I would give from my experience is to listen to the experts in the bridal boutique. I initially picked out a few dresses that I liked to get things started (very few of which suited my body shape unless I was able to grow another six inches by January) but as I walked out of the dressing room toward my bridesmaids after trying on the first dress that the boutique owner had suggested, I could tell from their eyes that I had found something special even before I got to the mirror to see for myself. As cheesy as it may sound it is a very special moment and now I do feel that you know when you have found ‘the’ dress! With five months to go I am now armed with a timeline which I vow to stick to (almost) completely to avoid any stress and any chance of me turning into a dreaded Bridezilla! For us it’s now down to getting to work on the guest list. We have always known we would be having a large wedding but I’m secretly glad that the Arms Hotel has a max number of 350 guests before things get really out of hand (they can really take 370 but sussh don’t tell Gerard that just in case he keeps adding to the list!) I’ve left him in charge of doing all the paperwork and booking the marriage course to make sure it’s legal to drool over travel agent brochures of top honeymoon destination, it’s tough work! Happy Wedding Planning! x Grainne O’Sullivan and Gerard Barrett’s wedding is taking place on January 2, 2016 in St. Mary’s Church Listowel followed by reception in the Listowel Arms Hotel.

in the Mid West


By Michaela Keating

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses can be just as exciting as choosing your bridesmaids. As women come in all shapes and sizes, making sure your gal pals are comfortable on your wedding day is a must. We have put together some guidelines based on dressing for all different body shapes to help you choose wisely for the bridal party. 1. Apple

3. Hourglass

Apple shaped ladies carry their weight above the hips and broaden around the shoulders. Choosing dresses with an empire waistline will be super flattering for apple shapes and will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Choosing good support in the bust area is essential for comfort too. Make like Drew Barrymore or Jessica Simpson and elongate the torso with V necklines and or dare to show a bit more skin with a slit up the leg.

Always the desired shape, the lucky hourglass ladies have the curves for fitted dresses and belts to accentuate that small waist. Good support in the bust area is necessary and try to avoid anything floaty or baggy as it will give the illusion of weight that isn’t there. Make use of the curves tastefully like Beyonce by wearing a figure hugging dress without going overboard.

4. Rectangle

2. Pear Pear shapes have hips wider than their shoulders with a small waist and a well rounded bum. Creating an illusion of balance in the body and owning your curves is essential for the pears by wearing strapless dresses to show off the arms and even out proportions and going for cowl. Go for pointed toe shoes to elongate the leg like the queen of the booty, J Lo!

This shape is typically athletic with the shoulders, waist and hips being the same width. Your best assets are your arms and legs so make the most of them with strapless dresses or short dresses to show off those amazing pins. Avoid overwhelming styles that will swallow your shape and make use of waist enhancing styles to accentuate the slender figure like the fabulous Natalie Portman.

Whether you’re having a large bridal party or one main lady by your side on your big day, sit down with them beforehand and get an idea of what they like and what they are aware will or will not suit their body shape. Many bridal party suppliers provide bridesmaid dresses in one colour in different shapes and styles, which will make matching the dress to the body shape that little bit easier. It is your big day, so what more could you ask for than being comfortable and looking fabulous with your besties? (Aside from the new hubby, of course!) 97

Who to invite to your wedding When you are trying to decide who to invite to your wedding day, you will find yourself caught between asking your closest friends and family or everyone you and your groom have ever encountered. Here is a process of elimination to get rid of excess guests you wouldn’t miss on the day.

Have you spoken to this person in the last 12 months?


NO Do you or your other half have a close bond with this person whether they are friend or family?

Do you spend much time with them outside of work or away from the school gate?




Is it someone you would normally have a coffee with?





Do they know your fiancĂŠs name?



Will their presence add to the atmosphere of your wedding?



Will their presence add to the atmosphere of your wedding?



Is it someone your parents would like to be there?


Invited YES

Are your parents giving money towards the wedding?




Pink knitted faux fur collar jumper, River Island, â‚Ź51.00

Photos by Ray



in bridal planning abroad

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Musical chairs By Michaela Keating No matter how big or small your guest list is, organising the seating plan can be one of the bigger stresses in the planning process. Here are some tips on how to make your seating plan efficiently. • Be organised Not long after your invites are sent and you’ve gotten RSVP’s back, you’ll have a rough idea of whose coming. Keep track of the people that get back to you so that you can have a start off list when the actual seats need to be arranged. This way you won’t be caught frantically searching through the RSVP’s just days before hand. • Categories Once you have a finalised guest list, create a typed list of categories such as; top table, bride’s family, groom’s family, bride’s friends, groom’s friends etc. This will be a helpful indication as to where to place particular people so that your guests are seated with people they know and are comfortable sitting with. • Table numbers Work with your venue and keep them in the loop about your guest numbers before you start organising you seating plan. This way they will be able to tell you how many people will fit on each table so that you can organise who will sit beside and near each other. At this point it might be easier to draw out a plan of the venue and the tables so you can visualise the seating plan. • Be wary of your guest’s relationships (or lack of...) The last thing you want is daggers being thrown across the table or awkward silences between courses so be smart as to who should be sitting near whom. Separated partners, life-long enemies and guests that are exceptionally shy need to be carefully placed to make sure everyone has a good time. Put ex’s at opposite ends of the venues and the quieter people beside other guests they are comfortable with and know. This way you will avoid any potential drama and you will have done your bit to ensure everyone has a good time. • But do have some fun! Being in charge of the seating plan gives you the opportunity to get a new love blossoming! Weddings are renowned as the perfect place to meet someone new and yours does not have to be an exception. Play coy and sit your long-time single work friend beside your groom’s gentlemanly cousin and watch the sparks fly from the top table!

Top tip : After all your hard work perfecting the seating plan, why not lay it out on a vintage framed mirror or peg up the tables on a mini clothes line or the extra personal touch.


By Michaela Keating

Every wedding is personal to the bride and groom. There are plenty of personal touches that can help you make your wedding original so we’re here to give you a few ideas. Here are some of our favourites.

you might think you know exactly what your wedding is going to cost you and your partner, but, as with most things, there are always going to be hidden costs. We’re going to give you a guide to spot these costs and where they tend to come from, so you don’t get caught out. Stamps you’ll never think of stamps when you’re wondering what’s going to cost you money, but they can. If you’re making and sending your invitations yourself, then you’re going to have to buy all your stamps and possibly buy more than you need. If your invitations are being done for you, companies might not always tell you about shipping costs, which can vary depending on the size and bulk of your invitations. To prevent this surprise cost, make sure you inquire about postage costs before confirming any order. Entertainment Equipment When a band gives you a price, it’s usually for their service with a certain amount of equipment. If your reception area is large with a large stage, they might need more speakers or amplifiers to make their sound better; something that you may have to fork out for. Before booking anyone, make sure to tell them about the size of the venue to make sure they don’t turn up on the day looking for more equipment.

Dress Alterations Wedding dress shops might boast about the fact that they do alterations also, but they don’t boast about the fact that the alteration comes at a price, and it can be a steep one! Overtime When you book your band or DJ, make sure that they know how long that they’ll be playing for. If you think that your party is going to go on for a long while, make sure to tell them that so they can price accordingly. Bar Extension some hotels include this in the overall cost, some don’t so make sure to clarify this when booking your venue. This cost can be up to €400. 70

Embroidery When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tied the knot in an intimate French ceremony in 2014, she wowed in a Versace wedding dress and a silk veil that was embroidered with drawings by her children and ever since, embroidery has become a major trend in bridal wear. The wedding date, meaningful images, favourite quotes and names of children have been lining the hem of wedding dresses and suit jackets in the past year. This stunning detailing can allow you to cherish special moments on your garments when getting married. Embroidered invitations are also huge at the moment. These are especially suited to vintage or romantically themed weddings. The various styles of stitches and designs that are possible to achieve through embroidery will ensure that your invites are more like keepsakes for your guests. Get creative and work with your wedding invitation designer to select a design and look that they can work with. Personal stamp Create your own personal stamp when sending out your wedding invites. Include your initials or an image that you like at the top of your invite. Your invitation designer may be able to help you to create your very own Mr and Mrs stamp! Childhood pictures The best man or bridesmaids are sure to drag up embarrassing stories from your past so why not beat them to the punch! Add old photographs of you and your other half from childhood to adulthood down the aisle, leading to the day you met each other. Looking back at your dodgy bob haircut and your man’s super colourful tracksuit from your younger years will give your guests a giggle. Personalised seating plan As it can be quite time consuming, personalising the seating plan with images of your guests may be more suited to smaller intimate weddings. Print off some of their most hilarious Facebook pictures or drag out the old debs album and guide your guests to their seat with a throwback picture of themselves. Shoes Add the personal touch to the sole of your wedding shoes by adding the wedding date underneath, perfect if you’re not sure about embroidering the dress. This is not only a nice memento of the day but can also add to your wedding photos on the day. Table numbers Why not ditch the boring old one, two, three’s and use table numbers to add pieces to the puzzle of your relationship. If you’ve know each other ten years, have visited 26 states in America or have eaten 1,000 Chinese take-a way’s together put it on the table! The guests will learn something new about your relationship with these quirky facts and figures.

Do you wear glasses?  If glasses are part of your  everyday life, there’s no reason for them to not be part of  one of the biggest days of your life! Here are some tips  to help you to incorporate them into your wedding day  and look amazing. • Make your frames match Making sure your frames match your dress can do wonders for making them look good on the day. Even if this means you’ll have to treat yourself to some new frames, go for it; it’s easier to buy new frames than to plan your dress around your original frames! • Add a little sparkle Many brides wearing glasses on their wedding day can feel like the glasses can look a bit serious and business like, making them feel a bit drab. Definitely not what you want on your wedding day. An easy way to rectify this is to add a bit of sparkle with hair accessories. Lots of sparkles and pearls can easily brighten up your face.


Photo by Dermot Mullane Photography

Wearing Glasses On Your Wedding Day

everyone loves  wedding  favours,  they’re  that  small piece of the day that leaves your guests  feeling  welcomed  and  thanked.  Wedding  favours  can  have  such  an  impact  on  the  atmosphere  of  your  entire  day,  so  we’re  going  to  take  you  through  some  of  the  best  and easiest favours you can give. Candles Everyone loves candles. They’re just that one thing that everyone can appreciate and no one ever seems to have enough of. The best way to go if you’re going to use this idea is to use a local candle making business. If you can find one and get each individual candle personalised for the guests. If you can’t find a business near you, another good idea is to take a candle making class with your partner so that ye can make the candles yourselves!

• Earrings compliment your dress and your glasses, it can pull your entire look

• Retro A simple way to make your specs work on the big day is to go retro with the entire look. Glasses are basically the easily pull the entire look together. Pair some winged frames with a vintage dress and an up-do and you’ll have created the perfect retro look that doesn’t focus entirely on the glasses. • Lipstick Pairing some stylish frames and bold lipstick can be the perfect match, if you’re going for a voluptuous look. Be bold and make a statement with a shade that works perfectly with your skin tone and your frames. • Loose locks 2 you If you’re going with an up-do, be careful about what look you chose. Glasses and a tight bun might not be the best idea and could remind people of their old teacher, definitely not something you want! If you want your hair up, a beehive works amazingly with glasses, especially if you’re going for a retro look. Whatever look you go for, make sure to keep the texture soft and bouncy and fun, the contrast the hard look of your glasses.

Jam A jam or any sort of preservative is always a good idea because it will last for a long time. You could make this yourself or have them done for you by a company if you want to add a professional look to the design of the jars. Sweets Possibly the most simple idea you could use, some sweets packaged simply but beautifully inside a box or bag with the wedding date and you and your partners names on it. Mix CD While this mightn’t be the most legal of wedding favours, it’s still really cute. Making copies of a mix either from a specific playlist you’ve made for the wedding day itself, or of you and your partner’s favourite songs, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your guests faces. Designing your own sleeve for the disc can also eliminate costs from this. Flower Seeds that lasts well after the wedding itself. Giving your guests plant seeds to plant themselves will leave them with a memory of your special day in their own homes for some time after, giving them something to smile about.


styling or grooming.

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By Michaela Keating ‘Trash the dress’ sessions are one of the biggest wedding trends of late. Also known as ‘fearless bridal’ or ‘rock the frock’, this involves putting on your wedding day attire the following day or at a later date after your wedding and shooting pictures in a location of your choice. It’s up to you whether or not you totally destroy your dress or not (don’t panic, most people don’t!). In this issue we had Amy O’Shea have a thrash the dress photoshoot with Breda Daly Photography on her farm a few weeks after the wedding. It was great fun. See pictures in this issue. Trashing the dress is an opportunity to take informal and intimate photos of you and your other half while at a scenic or unique location. Work Photo by Breda Daly Photography with your photographer to create images you want to have whether they be sexy, romantic or good old fun! It can be as messy or as whacky as you like, the opportunities are endless! The beach, tree climbing, horse riding and jet skiing are just a handful of possible settings where many couples have chosen to shoot theirs. For many brides, the idea of splashing paint over their custom made gown that cost them a year’s wages isn’t too appealing. If this is the case and you would like to experience the liberating feeling of trash the dress, why not visit your local dry cleaners and discuss the options that can be dealt with so your dress isn’t in a permanent state of beach sandiness and put your mind at ease. If harming your dress in any way is not an option, use your judgement to decide if your wedding dress can survive in the conditions of your session. Intricate beading or delicate lace may not hold their own against tree climbing or strong waves, so do bare this in mind. Many brides question whether or not to wear makeup and get their hair re-done for their shoot. Again, this is entirely up to you but be practical. Most ‘trash the dress’ shoots involve a bit of rough and tumble or a thrash around in the sea, so strong eye makeup may not be the best way to go. Keep the lips rouged and pink up the cheeks but keeping it low key will give you relaxed and natural pictures.

speak to your local wedding photographer about doing your trash the dress session and work together to create the perfect shoot!

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DRESS TO IMPRESSLook super stylish at the next wedding you attend courtesy of local designers along with the help of Make-Up artist Georgine Mackessy and Hair Stylist Tricia O’ Sullivan took time out of their busy schedules to put together some amazing wedding looks that just might be your thing. Photographed at the wonderful Ballyseede Castle Hotel the photoshoot brings to light the wonderful talents each of the ladies possess in their own right.

A bit about Cathy Troth “I moved to Kerry 15 years ago from England. I live in Firies with my long few years as a passionate hobby. But earlier this year, during a long drive from Dublin I was persuaded I really had the talent to make my own business and Headpieces by Cathy Troth launched in late April. I design, create and retail occasional and bridal headpieces and veils. Each piece is created solely for the customer after a consultation. My headpieces are all reasonably priced but my ultimate reward is the smile from a satisfied customer.� or call Cathy on 087 7579 674

A bit about Tara Donoghue Tara of Tara Donoghue Photography is a progressive dynamic photographer or studio shoots for newborns, families and boudoir (the perfect gift for your groom!). More recently her husband Dave has joined the team full time, bringing a much-needed male dimension to their bridal trade. “I mean lets face it, the groom is part of the package too and is often over looked.� So with Dave onboard the groom and his groomsmen get the attention they truly deserve. For more information on the duo look at their website or call Tara on 085 1555060 or Dave on 085 1196528.

A bit about Tina Griffin occasion wear. She designs for women who want a unique style by creating classic garments especially for them, making them look and feel confident and individual to suit their personality and occasion. Her designs are timeless classic styles using high quality fabrics and luxury finishes, such as wool, silk, many events, weddings, galas, races and other special occasions.

Credits Location- Ballyseede Castle Hotel Photographer- Tara Donoghue Photography DressesHead Pieces- Headpieces by Cathy Troth Make Up Artist- Georgine Mackessy Hair Stylist- Tricia O’Sullivan Models- Caroline Flynn and Beth Flynn



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Brides of yesteryear

A Happy 30 years of marriage for Caroline & Patrick

Caroline Murphy and Patrick Lake met at a bus stop almost 32 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Caroline, from Sixmilebridge Co. Clare and Patrick, from Banogue Co. Limerick began their story when the young Patrick struck up the courage to speak to Caroline. “He chatted me up and we have been together ever since”, Caroline recalls fondly. The pair ‘courted’ for two years before marrying on December 12, 1985. 100 family and friends attended the wedding at The Limerick Inn, now known as the Radisson Hotel. During the course of their marriage, the couple reared four children. “They’re all adults now, Christopher, Melissa, Kieran and Andrew.” The couple cherish their memories with their children in their younger years. Some moments that stand out for them include their first foreign holiday together as a family. “We went with our four children to Spain, before they all became too grown up to holiday with the parents!” Prior to having children Pat and Caroline used to enjoy camping in their early days and love the outdoors. After thirty years of marriage, what’s their recipe for a long happy marriage? “To remember the wife is always right!” The pair say jokingly. “On a serious note, the recipe is short and sweet: communication, respect and romance make for a happy marriage.” After such a successful run at marriage, Caroline and Patrick reveal their tips for the present bride and groom on how to start off on a good note; by planning the perfect wedding day. “Don’t stress about the small stuff, and enjoy every second as the time goes far too quick. Have the wedding that you want as a couple. Make your day as memorable for you both by adding personal touches.” From young beginnings by the window seat to foreign holidays with the kids (and agreeing that the wife is always right!), it’s obvious how these two have stood the test of time. Happy anniversary to Caroline and Patrick, here’s to another 30 years!


A New York wedding steeped in Limerick roots  

GERALDINE GLEESON & BARRY REGAN Geraldine Gleeson’s mother moved to New York decades ago. There she met and married a Wexford gentleman and together they set up home and had a wonderful family. The Gleesons taught their children all about their wonderful country and made many trips to Ireland (and Limerick) to see their extended family. We are thrilled to feature this beautiful New York wedding of first generation lady Irish Geraldine (Gerry) Gleeson and Roscommon native Barry Regan.

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Geraldine Regan is from the Bronx, NY and now lives in Yonkers, NY. Geraldine is a nurse. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Barry Regan is from Roscommon and also now lives in Yonkers. Barry is a carpenter. THE MEET The pair met through a mutual friend, Seamus O’Neill, on St Patrick’s Day. THE PROPOSAL “Barry was in our garage when I came home from work and said he had something to ask me. I was getting worried, I thought something was wrong when he went down on one knee. It’s not movie romantic but it is him and I loved it.” WEDDING DATE July 2, 2015

VENUE Dunwoodie Golf Course, Yonkers, NY BRIDESMAIDS Eileen Leavitt, Danielle O’Toole, Theresa Regan and Terri Regan GROOMSMEN Barry’s brothers Adrian, Pat, Allen and Justin Regan ENTERTAINMENT The McLean Ave Band FIRST DANCE ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by Jon Boden THE DRESS David’s Bridal HOW MANY DRESSES DID YOU TRY ON? “Six but it was the third one I tried on.” HEADPIECE “Very simple finger length. The dress had enough sparkle on it.” GROOMS SUIT Calvin Klein HOW MANY GUESTS? 140 WHAT DID YOU DO THE NEXT DAY? “Went to Dunwoodie to pick up their vehicles. We stayed for a few drinks.” SPECIAL TOUCHES “My sister-in-law, Theresa Regan, surprised us with a candy table. It looked amazing and was a huge hit.” WHAT DID YOUR HUBBY HAVE MOST INPUT IN? “Barry wanted the venue to be Dunwoodie, not to wear a tux and to make it to the cocktail hour.” THE HONEYMOON “Barry’s parents were sick and unable to make the wedding. We went to spend time with them. It was very special to us.” ADVICE FOR BRIDES PLANNING A WEDDING? “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and can have anything you want. It is your day.” WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION WITH LIMERICK AND WHEN DO YOU HOPE TO RETURN? “My mother is from Limerick. We would love to go back every year but we will have to see what each year holds.” DID MANY TRAVEL FROM IRELAND TO THE WEDDING? “Barry’s brother Justin and his family came from Roscommon. My aunts and uncles came from Limerick and Clare. My cousin’s from Wexford were great to come. I also have a cousin and her family who came from Meath. We were touched by everyone who travelled for our day.”

RANDOM FUN QUESTIONS FIRST HOLIDAY TOGETHER We drove the coast of California. I got to see friends and Barry loved the scenery. FAV TV SHOW TO WATCH TOGETHER Blue Bloods and Mrs. Browns Boys FUNNIEST MOMENT DURING THE WEDDING One of the guests was dancing around with his trousers pulled up around his knees and his wife ended up under a table. Everyone was watching but no one could explain how she got there. WHICH GUEST LOOKED AMAZEBALLS? This is a hard question because everyone looked amazing. The one person that sticks out in my mind Jackie O’Brien wedding and she thought she had two weeks to shop for a dress. She wore this amazing green above the knee flowing dress. WHOM DID YOU TELL YOU WERE ENGAGED FIRST? Barry asked my father for my hand. My father couldn’t keep it to himself and told my mother. So they knew before me. ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR DAY? Make it longer. WHICH PART WAS THE BIGGEST BLUR? The whole thing. It goes by so fast WHAT IS THE ONE SONG YOU CAN REMEMBER DANCING TO WITH YOUR FRIENDS ON THE FLOOR? ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ ANY HICCUPS Barry was to have a handkerchief in his breast pocket. On the day he told me it wasn’t in the bag of his clothes. When I was bringing his suit to dry cleaners I found it in his pocket. SONG YOU WALKED UP THE AISLE TO? ‘Marry Me’ by Train SONG YOU WALKED DOWN THE AISLE TO? ‘Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night’ by Black Eyed Peas WHICH COUPLE FROM YOUR WEDDING DO YOU THINK WILL GET ENGAGED NEXT? We are hoping my niece Jemma Leavitt and Barry’s nephew Jamie Regan. They

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SOMETHING By Michaela Keating

Flower Ribbon


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A touch of turquoise or a drop of teal at the heel is the perfect way to introduce blue into your wedding look. This is the perfect nod to the tradition for brides who are willing to try something new without being too out there. Check out your local shoe store for the right style and fit for you and shop around in shops and online for the perfect blue tone for your winter wedding day.


The Details

Boutique nor of The Hair HAIR Debby O’Con ca O’Dwyer MAKE UP Rebec nd Limousines CARS Irish Diamo Heaven Cream and Candy Ice CART ICE CREAM y chic E Vintage and shabb WEDDING THEM

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sy of Darren Kirwan


‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ A saying that many brides abide by when making the final touches on their wedding day, we have decided to give our winter brides a few tips on how to integrate the colour of the season into your wedding day in the most delicate ways.

sy of Darren Kirwan



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Even if your wedding theme doesn’t revolve around blue, use the slight touch of a blue ribbon around your flower bouquet to give a nod to the ‘something blue’ tradition.


The Details

THE DRESS It may not be the most subtle of ways to wear your ‘something blue’ but since coloured wedding dresses are becoming such a major trend in the last few seasons, why not consider a powder blue dress for your special day. Think smooth satin and a soft tulle skirt to create a dreamy and romantic look for your wedding dress. This will top off your winter wonderland theme and will look stunning amongst the icy background to all your photos. Work with a dress designer or your local dress shop to find the perfect blue shade for your skin tone to pull off the look.


HAIR Debby O’Con

nor of The Hair Boutique MAKE UP Rebec ca O’Dwyer CARS Irish Diamo nd Limousines ICE CREAM CART Ice Cream and Candy Heaven WEDDING THEM E Vintage and shabb y chic

If you and your husband are writing your own vows, what more of a meaningful way could you use the ‘something blue’ rule than on your vows. Use blue paper in your favourite shade to hold the script of the vows you have taken the time to write so carefully and keep them on you as you sit through the ceremony. The blue paper will be that extra boost of good luck at the last hurdle!

JEWELLERY Tear drop earrings or a dainty anklet in a light dusty blue are perfect to include that touch of blue that you’re looking for. Especially beneficial to brides with blue eyes, this pop of colour close to your face will draw out the colour of your eyes and will look fabulous in your close-ups. For an even daintier touch of blue, choose a blue garter for your thigh or an anklet for that hidden touch of the wintery shade.

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BLUE EMBROIDERY Embroidery is one of the biggest wedding trends of the year so why not integrate a golden oldie with a modern classic. Use an old shirt (blue of course) of your future husband’s, your dad or a loved one that has passed away and have a section of the shirt stitched into the hem of your dress in the shape of a love heart, snow flake or diamond for the extra personal touch and sentimental value.

Brides of Limerick

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y Fords after the church for somet Our wedding favour hing to eat before s were a donat we met up with ion to Milford Hospi the bridal party November of last ce in honour of for photos. Mark’s dad who year. Without him had passed away we wouldn’t have had the weddi ng we had.” Stacy McCormack married Mark Bourk e on September 5, 2015 in St. John’s followed by a recept Cathedral, Limeri ion in the Radiss ck on Blu Limerick. 10 Brides of Limeric k


Brides of Limeric

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