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Editor’s Letter

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Are you a bridezilla? Take our quiz to find out your true colours Wedding traditions that will never go away. And what about some rock and roll first dances. Check out our list of the most popular Don’t be left behind, important questions to ask your wedding suppliers

64 Some of the most popular wedding hair styles 66

Autumn trends that are a must for your wedding

We are nearing our two year anniversary (September) and are proud to say that this is our eighth issue since we launched Brides of Limerick back in 2013. If you’ve been with us from the start you will see we have grown from strength to strength each quarter. If it wasn’t for you wonderful brides (and grooms and mothers of the brides) who buy this magazine we wouldn’t be so successful. We have a great magazine, if I do say so myself, that gets brought into the homes of all brides-to-be at the beginning of the planning process and it ends up (sometimes in a frame on a wall) when our brides come back to us to have their wedding featured on the pages of this magazine. We love telling your stories. In this issue we have a beautiful intimate wedding held at Tuscany Bistro in Killaloe - Leah and Chris (pages 50-51)- and a stunning destination wedding in Lanzarote- Natal and Ian (pages 32-33). We are proud that our front page brides are a same sex couple. We wanted to celebrate Ireland’s YES vote on May 22 by showcasing Joy and Simona’s stunning wedding (thanks Poppies and Me for the images). Rugby legend Joy Neville has made Limerick very proud (she even won a Grand Slam for her country) and for us to be able to celebrate her wedding to the beautiful Simona Coppola in Brides of Limerick is very special. (pages 61-64) Back in May we held our first every Brides of Limerick Wedding Industry Awards where eight judges from Limerick (past and present brides) had the difficult task of choosing winners in every category from Photographer of the Year to Wedding Cake Provider of the Year. To see a full list of winners visit and check out our events section. We will be announcing details of our 2016 awards in our next issue.


We realise how important your honeymoon is and sometimes you want to bring the little ones so check out our suggestions on places to visit that is great for all the family (page 104). And if it’s an adult only location then see page 102.

14-17 Edel and Peter have a dream intimate wedding in Limerick City

If you are still trying to work out what kind of bride you are then let us give you a helping hand with our quiz on page 60 and for our gentlemen readers check out Trevor’s Style advice on page 84.

30 Elaina Fitzgerald for The Woodlands House Hotel talks shop with Michaela Keating

So once again there are hours upon hours of reading in front of you all. We hope you enjoy it and please check out our website at and like us on FB and Twitter.


52 61-63

Natal and Ian have the perfect destination wedding in Lanzarote We get to know The Bridal Emporium owner, Anne Vaughan, a little bit better Joy and Simona share their love in front of family and friends in Kerry

100-104 Honeymoon destinations to suit everyone, including the kiddies


Meet our Brides of Limerick 2015 Wedding Industry Award Winners


Hello Limerick Brides

Until next time, have a lovely autumn. April Drew Founding Executive Editor

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FRONT COVER NEWLYWEDS Simona Coppola and Joy Neville Photographer Poppies and Me




Inside the bridal Room

Maria Frawley & Trevor Noonan


Photos courtesy of Molten Sky Wedding Photography

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Maria Frawley is from Sixmilebridge, Co Clare A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Trevor Noonan is also from Sixmilebridge Co. Clare THE PROPOSAL Maria and Trevor got engaged in June 2014. “I came home after work one Friday and Trevor got down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was absolutely shocked as we had only returned from a holiday in Italy two weeks earlier. He had it all organised with a weekend away in the Hayfield Manor in Co. Cork. It was fab! He had been planning it for weeks.” WEDDING DATE May8, 2015 RECEPTION Bunratty Castle Hotel BRIDESMAID Karen Corbett BESTMAN Colm Noonan HAIR Sheena Newu Hair Salon at Bunratty Castle Hotel. SUITS Esquire Formal Menswear Limerick SONG YOU WALKED UP THE ISLE TO ‘Wearing White’ FIRST DANCE ‘Bonfire Heart’ by James Blunt PHOTOGREPHER Molten Sky Wedding Photography THE DRESS A Justin Alexander tea length dress from Amore Mio, Killaloe. “I saw it online, tried it on in white and loved it. I ordered it in ivory/coffee. It was as a strapless dress but I wanted to add to it, so the alteration ladies in Amore Mio worked their magic.” HONEYMOON Three nights in Vegas and seven nights in Cancun NUMBER OF GUESTS “We had just our two immediate families in the church, 13 of us, followed by an evening reception at 7.30pm in Bunratty Castle Hotel with 300 guests.” WHAT DID TREVOR HAVE THE MOST INPUT IN? “The music.” ADVICE FOR BRIDES PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? “It’s such an exciting time. Enjoy the build up in the weeks before it .Have the day that you have always dreamed of, soak it all up, and enjoy every minute of it. The day goes so quickly.”

Fun Questions

First holiday together? Bulgaria. Since then we have visited a lot of different countries and places; Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Europe, parts of America and we lived in Australia for two years. We both really enjoy travelling.” If you were to marry a celebrity who would it be? Josh Hartnett If Trevor was to marry a celebrity who would it be? Jessica Alba Favourite memory “Looking around the reception room and seeing all our friends and family who were there to join us in celebrating our special day.”



How Much Of A Are You?

Do you think you might be turning into a bit of a Bridezilla? Take the quiz and find out!

Your fiancé tells you he doesn’t like the colour scheme you’ve chosen. Do you: a. Act put out by his complaint, but sit down with him to pick something else out anyway. b. Tell him it’s no big deal and change it to something you can both agree on. c. Disregard his ideas, you know yours are best.

You’ve DIY-ed your wedding favours with your bridesmaids but some of the small details aren’t as perfect as the others. Do you; a. Wait until they’re gone and quickly fix them. b. Just leave it. It’s a very small difference, no one will notice. c. Call them out on it and have them re-do everything.

Your bridesmaid has announced that she’s pregnant 5 months before the wedding. Do you: a. Act totally happy for her, but secretly you’re thinking about the dress that she has to fit into. b. Tell her how happy you are for her, it’s great news! c. Tell her how delighted you are, but also tell her that she’s not a bridesmaid anymore.

The venue has told you that you won’t be allowed to have fireworks at the end of the night. Do you: a. Ask once, nicely, if there’s any way they’ll reconsider, but you also start thinking or a plan B. b. Accept their decline; they probably have their reasons for not letting you. c. Go mad and demand they let you have what you want, or you’ll go somewhere else.

Your RSVP deadline was yesterday, but some people still haven’t replied. Do you: a. Send a quick e-mail or text to those who haven’t replied, just to remind them. b. Not worry about it and presume they’ll all turn up and they’ve just forgotten to reply. c. Send out a formal e-mail/text, warning them to do it quickly.

Two of your bridesmaids love their dresses, but the other two aren’t so sure. Do you: a. Try and make the changes that they want, while still trying to keep the dress similar to the one you chose. b. Let them make any changes they want. c. Tell them that they have no choice. The dresses cost a fortune and they’re lucky to even be bridesmaids if this is how they’re acting.

Your mom has offered to make your wedding cake in place of a gift. Do you: a. Thank her, and start giving her ideas for what you’d want. b. Accept, but not let her tell you anything, you want it to be a surprise. c. Thank her, but decline and say you’d prefer to get a professional.

Your meal for the day includes a roast for the main, but some of your guests are vegetarian. Do you: a. Get annoyed that they never mentioned this on their RSVP, but arrange for the hotel to make something else for them. b. Apologize for not thinking about it and quickly arrange something. c. Tell them to calm down and get a grip. They should have mentioned it on the RSVP.

Mostly A’s: You’re the perfect bride; you’re taking control but not getting too full of yourself. You want things done your way, but you’re open to suggestions for everyone else and you don’t feel too annoyed when you’re not able to do something that you wanted to.

Mostly B’s: You’re a bit of a pushover bride, you’re focusing more on making everyone else happy than making yourself happy. Try to focus on the ideas that you had originally and try to make sure you stick with them.

Mostly C’s: Major Bridezilla alert! The power has gone to your head and you’re trying to take on too much. Relax and try to think about how everyone else might be feeling about the way you’re acting.



would be proud! . I was lucky enough to be able to share my trials with my Mum, and this was such a lovely experience in the midst of all of the busy energy of planning. Having spent time with these ladies (and seeing what wonders they can work!), I am more excited than ever. All bridal advice recommends that you spend your wedding morning surrounded by people who will help you to feel relaxed, happy, and your absolute best – I have hit the jackpot!

By Carrie Moloney I’ve been planning my wedding for quite some time now… I began, like most little girls do, when I was about 8 years old. I dreamed of a big, fluffy white dress, cascading flowers, and a confectionary Everest of a cake. I pictured a gilded ballroom, filled with the smiling faces of everybody I love most. And I was determined that anything that stayed still for long enough should be covered in glitter. In short, I wanted the fairytale. Fast forward to the point when those shining, shimmering castles in the air became concrete, and all the more beautiful. My fiancé, Keith, proposed in December 2012, which gave us over two years to plan our wedding. I was completing my PhD, Keith was flying all over the globe with work. We have loved the feeling of having the luxury of time, knowing that we have been counting down to something very special. We slowly made our plans, and our stack of wedding paraphernalia grew higher and higher with every passing month. Time passed, as it tends to do - and all of a sudden, here we are! As I write this, we’re four weeks away from the Big Day. The wedding is no longer a distant daydream, a pleasant conversational topic to mull over. We have a wedding website, we have confetti on standby and I can almost hear the faint chime of wedding bells in the distance – this wedding is happening now!

Lightning bolt number three: dress fittings. And not just dress fittings, but suit fittings, too. Everybody looks sensational. Seeing all of the little details come together is so rewarding, and a more than little bit overwhelming. I’ll be wearing the veil that my Mum wore on her wedding day, and it’s all the more special for its sentimental value. My bridesmaids, my Mum and I will all wear custom made shoes, created especially for each of us by the fabulous Stephanie Bagdasarian (of And the boys, suited and booted, look every inch the dashing romantic heroes. Seeing everybody dressed for the day has been one of the proudest moments of the entire planning process. I know that a lot of people plan their weddings in a year, or even less. We chose to have a long engagement, and I wouldn’t change a thing! I couldn’t have anticipated the feeling of seeing all of our long-held dreams slowly becoming a reality, and sharing these last few very special weeks with the people we love is something I treasure. Wedding warning: something so precious can’t help but be emotional. I’ve cried at everything from our invitations arriving, to our first dance unexpectedly being played on the radio, to the mere thought of walking down the aisle with my darling Dad. The Blushing Bride has swiftly become the Blubbering Bride – waterproof mascara at the ready! By the time this issue goes to print, we’ll be days away from our wedding in beautiful Ballyseede Castle. Big, fluffy white dress? Check. Wedding cake extravaganza? Check. Blossoms and blooms? Check. Glitter on every available surface? Check. Family and friends? Check. And my perfect groom? Double check. To all my fellow brides – good luck! Here we go!

The first lightning bolt came for me when we received our invitation sample in the post. The wonderful Sinéad Dineen ( worked with me by email to create the perfect invite, with impeccable attention to detail. Here was our wedding, in an envelope, and I couldn’t wait to share it with all our guests. I spent more than one night sitting up until 2.00am, melting wax to seal each invite individually – and if this is Crazy Bride Syndrome, it’s worth it. I’m now on first-name terms with my postman, who delights in bringing me my daily batch of RSVPs, and it is such a joy to read the little notes that come back with each one. This is no longer just me, my bridesmaids, and a stack of wedding magazines – wedding fever is spreading! Lightning bolt number two came with my hair and make-up trials. Project Princess has come to life and my 8-year-old self



Inside the bridal Room

Edel Kavanagh & Peter O’Carroll

Photos courtesy of 14

A bit about the Bride Edel, 29, is a Medical & Health Writer from Ballysheedy, Co. Limerick A bit about the Groom Peter, 37, is a Graphic Designer from Lynwood Park, Limerick The meet “We had actually been friends for about five years before we started going out together” The proposal “Peter proposed to me on the grounds of Dromoland Castle after a weekend stay. We went there at Christmas time, so it was very festive. We decided to go for a walk one morning around the grounds. He then turned to me, half way through a walking trail and got down on one knee. I was delighted, and obviously said yes!” THE RINGS The engagement ring was bought in New York and wedding rings were bought during a trip to Bruges with friends. Wedding date April 17, 2015 Wedding venuE “We decided to have our entire day in Brimstone Steakhouse, Bar and Grill, in Limerick. It was a first for Limerick to have a marriage and reception in a restaurant. situated by the river Shannon, this venue is stunning. Hosting a wedding was a first for them, but it went off perfectly. Keith, David, Gary, Steve and all of the staff were so professional, and we didn’t need to worry about a thing. We had a humanist celebrant (Bridget Carlin) who set the tone perfectly for a totally relaxed day. We wrote our own readings, based on family and friendship, as they ‘made‘ our day!” Bridesmaid Edel’s sister, Elisa Kavanagh Duggan Best Man Patrick Foley CakE The cake was designed and made by Peter’s cousin, Ursula Cosgrove Special touchES “Peter designed a bespoke wedding arch to surprise

Inside the bridal Room

me on the day, which I first saw walking up the aisle. I was shocked, it was gorgeous. Peters brother Andrew, a gifted carpenter, kindly built it for us” Quirky bits “We both spent time putting together a sweet table and favour boxes with hot chocolate for everyone to take home with them” Invites Being a graphic designer by trade, Peter designed his own wedding invitations, which were provided by Cube Printing, Limerick

How many guests 70 Flowers “I arranged all of the flowers and table centrepieces using Baby’s Breath. With my Moms help just two days before the wedding, we arranged all of the flowers, and centrepieces.” hair & Make Up “I decided to do my own hair and makeup, as did my sister. It meant we had a lovely relaxing morning with just family.” Entertainment Two piece band and DJ provided by the venue Photographer Mr Sputnik’s Marvellous Creations. Peter’s brother Brian, and his wife Sara. Videographer Edel’s brother Alan captured the day using go pro cameras. First dance Hozier, From Eden. “We are both big Hozier fans, and even travelled to Brussels to see him play, as the Irish shows were sold out!” 15

inside the Bridal Room

The Dress The dress, Fiorella, Madeline Gardner New York was sourced by Peter’s cousin Carol-Anne O’ Connell How many dresses did you try on? “I tried on four dresses but the first one I tried on, was the one I eventually chose!” Headpiece/veil “I had a chapel length veil, a cream fur coat, and navy shoes and sash.” Favourite memory “Having a ‘first look’. It allowed us to meet, in private, and see each other before anyone else” What did your hubby have most input in The surprise wedding arch that we were married under and the invitations, menus, favour boxes and other items that he designed The honeymoon A three night mini-moon at Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, West Cork. The honeymoon is being planned for later this year. We’re fighting between a sun holiday and a US road trip! Advice for brides planning a wedding “Have it your way. It’s your day. Make it as personal as you like and throw away the rule book” Anything else you would like to add “We would like to thank our families and friends for their involvement, help and support in making our day perfect.”

Fun Stuff

First holiday together A trip to Edinburgh to see Adele in concert Favourite TV show to watch together “Home and Away” Funniest moment during the wedding? Peter pretending to call their two Siberian Huskies into the room, with the rings! The look on everyone’s face (above), Edel’s especially was priceless! Which guest(s) travelled the farthest for the wedding? Simon and Meave came from Australia, but they were ‘technically’ moving home anyway! Whom did you tell you were engaged first? Edel’s Mom, Patricia One thing you would change about your day? It’s an old cliche, but we wouldn’t change a thing. What is the one song you can remember dancing to with your friends on the dance floor? That old 90’s classic “SL2 - On a Ragga Tip” Any hiccups: Not one! Song you walked up the aisle to? “She Moved Through the Fair” Song you walked down the aisle to? “An Irish Blessing” Any other quirky bits? THAT moment, when DJ Marian (Peter’s aunt) made a guest appearance in the DJ box! Which couple from your wedding do you think will get engaged next? (and why?) Jimmy and Caroline, or Ger and Val. Why? Because they are the only ones left! 16

Inside the bridal Room

Tell us about your experience working with Mr Sputniks MARVELLOUS CREATIONS “ Our photographer was Peter’s brother, Brian - and his wife Sara. Rather than having a laid back approach (as they knew us), they treated us, and our day with the same level of detail, professionalism and groundwork as all of their weddings. Every minute of the day was planned precisely and each location visited in advance. The mix of candid shots, with everyone having fun - and the pre-arranged location photos - have left us with a wedding album that reads like a storybook. Their motto is ‘making moments memorable’ - and they didn’t disappoint.” Mr Sputniks Marvellous Creations Web Making Moments Memorable Tel 086 891 0653 17

Jimmy C Hair and Make Up Studio had its launch night on Wednesday, July 16 in Pillar House, Little Ellen Street, Limerick. The Little White Dress provided a fashion show and lots of nibbles were enjoyed by all those who attended. 085 877 8257



inside the Bridal Room

Josephine Hannigan & Liam O’Brien

Photos courtesy of Ian Horgan Photography 20

Fun Questions

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Josephine Hannigan, 37 is from Caherconlish. She has worked in Roseville nursing home for eight years. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Liam O’Brien, 42, is from Caherline . Liam works as a truck driver. THE KIDS 17-year old Denise. Josephine and Liam have taken in Chernobyl kids for the past three years for a month. The same girls visit every year, Nasdia and Dasha and are a big part of their lives. THE MEET The couple had known each other for years before getting together. Liam’s brother married Josephine’s cousin and they got together at a wedding. THE PROPOSAL After having Denise they decided to get engaged. A few years later they bought a house. After a long engagement they decided to book their wedding after entering the TV show ‘Don’t Tell the Bride.’ However, Liam didn’t fancy being on camera so they decided to do it themselves in March of this year. THE RING Matthew Stephens Jewellers WEDDING DATE March 27, 2015 WEDDING VENUE Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf resort BRIDESMAIDS Denise O’Brien, Jennifer Curtin and Sarah O’Brien GROOMSMEN Barry Lennard , Michael O’Brien and John O’Brien. PAGEBOY Sam Casey FLOWERGIRL Abi Lennard PHOTOGRAPHER Ian Horgan Photography VENUE MUSIC A good friend of Josephine’s, Oonah Fitzgerald, sang while the pair got married THE DRESS Virginia’s Bridal SUITS Esquire Formal Menswear HOW MANY GUESTS? 155 FAVOURITE MEMORY “The ceremony; it was so romantic, funny, relaxing- we just loved every second of it.” THE HONEYMOON Gran Canaria for one week

Which Guest Looked Amazeballs? “Liam’s cousin’s wife, Bernie Ryan, looked stunning and she was eight months pregnant. A stunning black dress and she was just glowing.” Which Guest (s) travelled the fartest for the wedding? “Liam’s cousin Anthony Ryan travelled from Australia.” Whom did you tell you were engaged first? “My mother.” One thing you would change about your day? “The reason we enjoyed our wedding so much was that we had everything our way, from the food to the music to the guest. We had a ball and wouldn’t change one thing.” Song you walked up the aisle to? “I walked up the aisle to Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’. I was shaking with emotion but kept it together, and poor Oonagh had to learn the song she never heard it before and did me proud.”



ALL ENGAGED COUPLES MUST HAVE The stresses and strains of the big day can sometimes cause a little friction with your loved one from time to time. It’s okay if you have a few tiffs or dare we say heated debates over certain elements of the wedding in the lead up to it. There isn’t a bride out there who hasn’t argued with her fiancé over elements of the wedding so don’t feel alone. We have complied a list of arguments you are probably going to have in the next year or two so relax and be prepared for them. Bridezilla Money


This is the argument that every single engaged couple in the world is going to have. You want to spend a lot of money on the venue; they want to spend a lot of the money on a photographer or vice versa or whatever the situation is. This argument is definitely going to happen. The best way to deal with this, like most arguments, is to compromise. Take whatever amount of money it is and split it down the middle, half and half. This way you both get an equal share to spend on whatever specific aspect you want.


The Groom’s Involvement




Your Pasts



More often than not, the groom will be more involved in planning the honeymoon than the wedding. If you’re happy to plan everything yourself, then this is fine and you probably won’t have an argument at all. But if not, you’re going to end up putting your foot down and making him participate. This could be difficult and maybe cause some tension depending on how against the idea he is, but in the end it’s better as it relieves some of the stress from your shoulders.

Another common argument. One of you (or both) keep adding to the guest list without thinking about the cost of it all. You may need to sit down and sort out the guest list to accommodate your budget, even if it means crossing a lot of guests off the list.

Sometime before the wedding, there is likely going to be some sort of an argument about something or someone that happened in one of or both of your pasts. It’s best to get this one out of the way before ye’re married so that there’s no bad blood heading into your married life.

The location of the wedding can mean a lot to you and your partner. But if you and your partner both want the wedding in different places then this can lead to a lot of heated discussions. If you both want it in a place that’s special and meaningful to your childhoods for example, and they happen to be different places, then you will have to compromise and come up with some solution. This could also happen if your partner is originally from somewhere abroad and wants the ceremony in their home country so that all of their family can be there.



You mightn’t realise how you’re acting leading up to the wedding, but your partner probably will. If you’re acting like bridezilla this can cause some big arguments between you two. If your partner pulls you on your behaviour, just try and tone it down a bit, even if you are stressed. In the end, your happiness is what matters on the day and not how perfect and flashy everything can look.



Other people: Wedding planning can be stressful enough and when family and friends over step the mark it can cause a bit of trouble in paradise. Although they mean well, it’s best to make all decisions yourselves without the influence of a slightly over powering aunt or future sister-in-law. Work together and listen to each others ideas and remember that it should a special day, not a stressful one!

Ennistymon, County Clare Tel: 065 707 1004 Email: Web: 23

Meet Orlaith Carroll of The Attic Bridal Boutique

And there’s something a bit different about them, they’re more modern than the timeless traditional look, and a lot of girls want that look but these are definitely more fashion forward.” The store hosts both bespoke and ready to wear labels like Turkish brand Dovita Bridal being available at the store at the lower end of the price scale. The prices of the dresses in store range from €1,100 to €3,700.

Interview by Michaela Keating From the moment you step in the door of Limerick’s newest bridal boutique, The Attic, the attention to detail given to the decor in the room immediately allows you to put faith in the beauty of its dresses. The store, previously Eve’s bridal, hasn’t lost touch of its old roots as beautifully framed newspaper spreads of the 70’s bride hang in the corridor and vintage teacups sit on the coffee table in the corner of the room. Details of which have all been perfectly planned by The Attic’s owner, Orlaith Carroll. Originally from Limerick City, Orlaith studied fashion design at the Limerick School of Art and Design. After graduating from college, she moved to New York to work as a pattern maker for American designer Derek Lam’s ready to wear collection. The opportunity to work in high end fashion gave Orlaith a taste for high quality fabrics. “I got to experience working with very luxurious fabrics, the best of the best and I got my desire to only work with fabrics that are best of the best.” After a year in New York, the designer moved back to Ireland and worked for a manufacturing company in Dublin. “I got to see a whole other side to the fashion industry in a sense of mass market. I worked with the factory closely to make sure that the fit and the spec of the clothing were up to standard.” The Limerick native worked in Dublin for a year and a half before her boyfriend’s dad came up with a new venture for Orlaith in Limerick City. “It was Barry’s dad from Eve’s, Michael Murphy, who planted the seed in my head to open a bridal shop because the space was free and he was asking Barry if I would open a bridal shop.” Despite her vast experience in the fashion industry and her obsession with wedding dresses as a child, Orlaith had never thought of getting into bridal wear previously. “I knew that the job I was in probably wasn’t the one I wanted to do, so the idea of making beautiful gowns for people and buying in beautiful dresses; I just thought this is the place for me.” In September 2014, Orlaith moved back to Limerick to begin setting up her own bridal boutique, The Attic. The store opened in January of this year with a supply of stunning wedding gowns that had been carefully researched and chosen by her. “I started researching labels and I also got great advice from a store owner in Dublin about a particular agent that she worked with and that’s where I came across my two Polish labels Herm’s and Margarett.” The store also stocks two South-African labels Anna Georgina and Elbeth Gillis which are exclusive to The Attic in Ireland. “They’re bespoke, made to measure, so there’s a lot more of a personal touch to them. 24

However, the Attic’s five current designers are soon to be joined by a sixth label, Orlaith Carroll Bridal. The designer plans to have her own range in store in the future and hopes to help people lose the fear of getting made to measure pieces. “The next stage for me is to do six dresses and to have them as samples in the store, so I will have my own small collection. That way brides can visualise , they can try them on, and know that this is how it will look and be able to change things and re-design because it’s made to measure here.” Although she may be young, the ambitious designer believes that it is her experience that sets her apart from the rest. “My design background and my understanding of the silhouette and balance in the dress for a certain body shape and my two South African designers will help the girl who wants something different to find it here.” And she’s right. Although more unusual than the traditional wedding dress, it’s hard not to get enchanted by the hand stitched embroidery and delicately sparkling underlay of the gowns at the heart of the store. From floaty whites to luxurious champagne tones, there is something for every bride. If you are having difficulty, you can be sure the selfconfessed hopeless romantic store owner will do her very best to find what’s best for you! The store sees many brides passing through its doors every week, with Orlaith currently working on three bespoke dresses. The Attic is open seven days a week by appointment, making it easily accessible for the busy bride-to-be. Tel: 061 314655 / 085 7071918 Email:


inside the Bridal Room

Nicole Eat on & Barry O’Connell

Photos courtesy of Paul Mullins Photography 26

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Nicole Eaton Jones, 26, is from Limerick and works in Tesco in Corbally. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Barry O’Connell, 30, hails from Clonlara where the couple live now. Barry is a personal trainer and he owns fitness and weight loss business Destination Motivation in Limerick. Barry has been working closely with Brides of Limerick for years to help brides reach their goal weight for their wedding. THEIR DAUGHTER Little Grace was born last year. THE PROPOSAL “We both were invited to a friend’s wedding in Cornwall in England September 2012. I had planned on proposing over the weekend of the wedding but had no idea what to do! The morning of the wedding, I waited for Nicole to jump into the shower and I wrote ‘MARRY ME’ on the bed using everything I could get my

hands on which included, remote controls, contact lense boxes, boxer shorts, socks and everything in between but it actually ended up looking quite well in all fairness. As Nicole jumped out of the shower and wrapped her towel around herself, I covered her eyes and walked her in and got down on one knee. I never thought for a second I’d get emotional but I could barely get the words out of my mouth to ask her! It was a cool moment for us both and I was delighted Nicole said yes,” recalls Barry fondly. WEDDING DATE May 1, 2015 CHURCH St Senan’s Church Clonlara RECEPTION Radisson Blu Hotel BRIDESMAIDS Catherine Eaton, Jessica Sheehan and Aislinn Walsh GROOMSMEN Ger O’Connell, Nicky O’Connell and Cathal O’Connell FLOWERGIRL Kara O’Connell PAGE BOY Dylan O’Connell CANDY CART “We had a candy cart that my good friend Claire organised as a gift and most of our cake was made up of cupcakes.” GUESTS 200 for dinner and 75 to the afters CANDLES “Courtesy of Barry’s brother Ger and Ger’s wife Bernice.” FUN ENTERTAINMENT Barry surprised Nicole with a comedian after the meal and magician Leon Anderson entertained guests during the reception. TRANSPORT Irish Diamond Limousines


inside the Bridal Room

PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Mullins Photography THE DRESS Virginia’s Bridal BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Be Fabulous SUITS Esquire Formal Wear THE NEXT DAY? A gathering in their local pub in Clonlara FAVOURITE MEMORY “Our favourite memory was the church seeing everything come together. Barry’s favourite memory was to see myself and Grace it was very emotional.” THE HONEYMOON A week in Cancun and five nights in Las Vegas


Fun Questions

How great was it to work with your photographer? Our photographer was Paul Mullins of Dream Studios! What a privilege he was to work with. He made everything so easy and enjoyable from the moment we met him until the moment he finished. To make him even more amazing, his dad passed away a few days before the wedding and to even be professional enough to not only be there but to be the way he was is an absolute credit to him. I hope we helped take his mind off what he was going through too but we could not speak highly enough about Paul.” Paul Mullins Photography 087 236 2859

First holiday together Playa Del Ingles in the Canary Islands Fav tv show to watch together Suits, Geordie Shore or A league of their Own If you were to marry a celeb who would it be? Johnny Depp If Barry was to marry a celeb who would it be? Michelle Keegan Which guest looked amazeballs? Esther Woods “looked amazing in a Ted Baker dress.” Which guest(s) travelled the farthest for the wedding? Thomas Begley from Scotland and Barry’s Uncle Mike from Northern Ireland. What is the one song you can remember dancing to with your friends on the floor? ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce Any hiccups “Our house and Barry’s car were broken into the night before the wedding.” Which couple from your wedding do you think will get engaged next? “Shane Geary and his girlfriend Josephine Allen because they are just the perfect couple.”



Elaina Fitzgerald Wedding Co-ordinator of the Year

is passionate about

her job

Interview by Michaela Keating

On first encounter with Elaina Fitzgerald you’re met with a firm handshake and a warm smile. As we walk to her office she notices a cloth wrongly placed for the wedding reception that would be held at Fitzgerald’s Woodlands Hotel later that evening and immediately takes note to get it sorted. From the off it’s clear to see that this woman is organised, dedicated and most importantly, friendly. Although having all the traits of someone you would trust to organise your dream wedding, becoming a wedding co-ordinator was not always at the top of the list of possible careers for Elaina. “I had never planned to go into the hotel business. It’s not that I didn’t like it. When we were kids, with a family business, it was hard to get to the books and I would have liked to have studied a little bit more.” The business woman had previously wanted to become a lawyer and a doctor but later decided to attend Shannon College of Hotel Management. There she obtained her diploma, as did her brother David before her. Elaina then studied a B Comm in NUIG with two minors in marketing and HR. Following her education, Elaina worked in hotels in Switzerland, the UK and Texas. In 2011, she completed a masters in marketing and went full speed ahead when the position of wedding co-ordinator at the Adare family owned hotel. Elaina and her brother David now work together to help couples plan their weddings at the hotel. “We both bring something to the mix. I treat it as my own wedding, not in an overbearing way, and get an understanding of what the couple wants. I would go to wedding fairs abroad, keep an eye on Pinterest and I’m always interested in developing the product. From David’s perspective he is quite logical so he would work on the event from a logistical point of view. For example we time every event and he is able to get that organisation without compromising the service.” When preparing for the big day, Elaina stresses that organisation is key for making sure the couple enjoys their last few days as singletons, with last minute panic not being an option. “Everything would be boxed off before the final few days before the wedding. We would be asking couples to send on their final table plans about a week before and any other last minute bits that are important to them. We hate to see couples here the day before their wedding being so under pressure, so we plan for that. A lot of the organisation is done well in advance of the last few days.”


For many couples, even minor problems can cause them to stress on the day of the wedding, but the cool and collected Elaina brushes off the idea of any dilemma ruining the day. “They all just have to be fixed and resolved and that’s it. You would never bring it into the bride and grooms radar. Whilst it might be a big deal two days before the wedding, it never will be on the day because it’s going to get resolved.” When planning your wedding, knowing that the people involved in the organisation of the big day are not only good at their job, but actually enjoy their work, makes a world of difference. It’s clear that Elaina is genuine when she says she cares about each wedding at the Woodlands. “We have a genuine passion for weddings and I do mean that. Sometime couples might go to a hotel and meet with a wedding co-ordinator that’s employed there but there’s nothing to say that that wedding co-ordinator will be there on the day of the wedding that might be in six months or three years time. We are always trying to be the best of what we can be; we’re always pushing ourselves forward. We appreciate that weddings are at the core of what we do.” When asked what the favourite part of her job is, Elaina finds it impossible to just choose one, a sure sign that this lady loves what she does. “I like being able to deliver on what a couple wanted and to be able to take that a step further. I love when a couple walks in and say ‘wow, this looks amazing!.’ I believe that our staff are equally passionate about it and they do care and we’re lucky to have a very good team. So it’s lovely to get feedback on the day and particularly afterwards so you can share that with the team.” For newly engaged couples, Elaina’s top tips are to have a discussion about what you want, what time of the year suits you and also the number of guests are important to clarify in the first stages. After one meeting, it isn’t surprising why Elaina scooped Wedding Co-ordinator of the Year 2015 with Brides of Limerick. Her confidence to provide a fabulous wedding day for every couple makes you put a trust in her that she can do the same for you, even if you’re not engaged right now.


inside the Bridal Room

Photos courtesy of James Mitchell Photography

Nat al Kelly & Ian Maher


A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Natal Kelly, 27, is from Thomondgate and is a receptionist. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Ian Maher, 27, is a security technician and originally from Edward Street. The couple live on the Old Cork Road, Limerick. THE MEET 11 years ago at the bus stop in the University of Limerick. “There was a soccer tournament on. Ian was there to watch the soccer, I went to watch the boys.” THE PROPOSAL December 6, 2013. “Ian had our bedroom lit up with candles and was down on one knee when I came home from work. I didn’t have a clue.” THE ENGAGEMENT RING Matthew Stephens WEDDING DATE June 26, 2015 WEDDING VENUE Costa Calero, Lanzarote WHY ABROAD? “We wanted something different really. Neither family had been to a wedding abroad and we loved the idea of all our friends and family being on holiday together. Also the weather.” WEDDING PLANNER Ann Leneghan – Weddings Lanzarote. HOW MANY GUESTS? 115 THE DRESS Natal had it made. It was a mermaid shape, low cut back detail with diamantes and sequins and a diamante sash. FAVOURS DIY Hangover Kits SPECIAL TOUCHES Paper fans in church to keep people cool, bathroom baskets in the toilets for the guests and fireworks. “My niece Lucy also surprised us with two dances with her dad and grandad.” THEME Love in the sun PHOTOGRAPHER James Mitchell Photography BONUS OF A WEDDING ABROAD “We thought it was going to be the weather, but it was definitely having all our family and friends celebrate with us over the whole week was simply amazing.” WHAT IS IT LIKE PLANNING A WEDDING FROM LIMERICK?” I found it hard not seeing the hotel before we arrived in Lanzarote as it’s hard to visualize how things are going to look but I would do it all over again. Our wedding coordinator had everything organised so well for us there was no need to worry about anything.” PROS “Having all our friends and family staying together in the one complex, weather, cheaper.” CONS “Not seeing the hotel beforehand.” SPLURGES A buffet instead of set menu and a four hour complimentary drinks for everyone and the fireworks.

Outline Of The Day

Night before the wedding: Natal, her mam, a friend and her bridesmaids stayed at the wedding hotel the night before and Ian treated them to spa treatments, prosecco and chocolates. 8am- Hair and make up starts 1pm- The wedding 3pm Complimentary drinks at the Piano Bar 5pm Speeches and a buffet dinner. Dinner was followed by a band, DJ and later in the evening a fireworks display.




Vintage style weddings reflect the age and history of The Listowel Arms Hotel.

When asked to comment on the large increase in the number of weddings hosted at the hotel, wedding coordinator Patrice O Callaghan said: “I think couples love the history of our building. There are not a lot of hotels that have the intimate feel of a country house but with a large and bright room to seat up to 350 guests. This is a great advantage. Guests tell us they feel very comfortable in the homely surroundings”.

We have naturally attracted brides that love all things vintage as the hotel has lots of antiques and period features. China cups, teapots, side plates, old books, lace and ornate lanterns provide excellent finishing touches for vintage theme set against authentic period backdrop. Personal approach makes it possible to personalise each part of your wedding from the arrival drinks to the food to the decor.

The Listowel Arms Hotel is housed in the original Georgian historic Inn which dates back to 1790. It has welcomed some famous names in Irish History such as Charles Stewart Parnell & Daniel O Connell, who gave speeches from the first floor windows which is documented by several historians. Originally owned by the Adams Family whose only daughter married Gerald McElligott in 1854, the hotel was then owned by the McElligott family for 100 years until their grandson Gerald Jr McElligott sold the Inn to the famous tenor Joseph Locke in 1954 who changed the name to the “White Horse Inn “. Several other owners came and went before the Bernard O’Callaghan bought the building and set on a mission to restore the building in keeping with its Georgian heritage.

However, at the end of the day, providing good quality food and service is still a huge factor in attracting weddings. We are very fortunate to have a team of chefs dedicated to producing fantastic food even for weddings of a large number. It is undoubtedly our forte along with our highly trained service staff who go out of their way to help guests.

Tel. 068 21500 Weddings At The Listowel Arms Hotel


The LISTOWEL ARMS HOTEL The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry

Classic 18th Century Georgian building on the banks of River Feale Bright and airy reception rooms with dining options for up to 350 guests Award winning wedding venue specializing in vintage style Exclusive use of 42 individually decorated bedrooms

TEL. 068 21500 WWW.LISTOWELARMS.COM Weddings at the Listowel Arms Hotel 35

inside the Bridal Room

Claire Brazil & Alan McAuley

Photos courtesy of Dilger Studios 36

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Claire Brazil, 28 is from Monaleen, Limerick A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Alan McAuley is from Sixmilebridge, Co Clare. THE PROPOSAL Alan popped the question to Claire on Christmas Eve 2012. The couple shared the wonderful news with their families on Christmas morning. WEDDING DATE February 14,2015 CHURCH Monaleen Church RECEPTION Castletroy Park Hotel BRIDESMAIDS Alison Brazil, Alison Martin, Anita Harrington and Sarah Barton GROOMSMEN Frank McAuley, Johnny Corbett, John Reddan and Trevor Maxwell FLOWER GIRLS Isabelle, Julianne and Ruby PAGEBOYS Jack, Derek and Jack CAKE Confetti Cakes FLOWERS Wild Heather Florist INVITES Invites By Jen CANDLES Elaine’s Personalised Candles TRANSPORT Irish Diamond Limousines PHOTOGRAPHER Bernard Dilger from Dilger Studio VIDEOGRAPHER Michael from Dilger Studios FIRST DANCE ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ SUITS Esquire Formal Menswear“Dermot couldn’t have been more helpfull and gave great advice on the suits. “ HOW MANY GUESTS? 240 WEDDING THEME Romantic and classical SPECIAL TOUCHES “During the best man speech , he gave us a letter from President Michal D. Higgins wishing us well on our wedding day, so that was a really fantastic surprise for us.” THE HONEYMOON Timanfaya Palace in Playa Blanca

Car by Irish Diamond Limousines

Fun Questions

Which guest looked amazeballs? “Too many to mention everyone looked amazing, but Hazel Murphy (of The Buttery) wore a beautiful red dress from Be Fabulous and it was sensational.” Whom did you tell you were engaged first? “My sister Alison who was also my Maid of Honour.” One thing you would change about your day? “Taken more time to take it all in.” Which part was the biggest blur? “Walking up the aisle. The church was packed yet I can’t remember seeing even one person.” What is the one song you can remember dancing to with your friends? ‘Uptown funk’ Any hiccups? “My timing that morning. I ended up being over 45 minutes late! Oops!”

Suit by Esquire Formal Menswear



20 that will never die and why

1. The Cake No matter what kind of wedding you’re having, if it’s traditional or not, the wedding cake is always going to be a focal point of the big day. The expense of the ceremony can never change the fact that at the end of the day one of people’s favourite parts of a wedding day is the wedding cake. While the look of the cake may change with the times, a traditional round three-tier is rare these days and is being replaced with more edgy and modern ideas, such as a pyramid of cupcakes. The fact that a cake of some sorts will always be there remains a steadfast tradition.

2. Ring The exchanging of wedding rings is a tradition that’s definitely not going to die out any time soon. For centuries people have been exchanging wedding rings because the circle is an ancient symbol for eternal love. In roman times it was not necessarily a ring that was given, but any piece of jewellery to show commitment to the other person and how proud you were to call them your own. While this tradition is as strong as ever, it has changed with the times and nowadays some people are opting to get tattoos of rings on their finger instead.

3. Not Seeing Your Partner Before One of the most exciting parts of your wedding day is waiting to see your partner for the first time in their dress or suit. No matter what attire the outfit is, to you and your partner, the other is going to look like the most beautiful person in the world. The tradition of not seeing your other half before the wedding is certainly one that is not going to die out as it brings so much joy and happiness to both partners. Although some people are opting to meet back to back (not to actually see each other) to get a picture taken before they enter the ceremony. It’s tricky though- you don’t want to even catch a glance!

4. The Bouquet Flowers have been a part of weddings all throughout history, whether it’s the bride actually carrying them or having them attached to her clothes in some way, flowers have always been there. Throughout history the symbolism of the flowers has changed but even if you’re not interested in the meaning behind them, they still add a splash of colour to the wedding and can be arranged to suit any theme.

first dance songs

Everyone knows the traditional first dance songs, but maybe you don’t want to go down that route and you want something different. We’re going to give you a list of some of the most rock ‘n’ roll first dance songs out there to get your married life off to a rocking start.

1. Lenny Kravitz You Got To Let Love Rule 2. Queen You’re My Best Friend 3. The Eagles Love Will Keep Us Alive 4. Firehouse Love of a Lifetime 5. Cyndi Lauper Time After Time 6. Aerosmith Don’t Want To Miss A Thing 7. Pearl Jam Release 8. Jimi Hendrix May This Be Love 9. Pat Benatar We Belong 10. Foreigner I Don’t Want To Live Without You 11. Led Zeppelin All Of My Love 12. Extreme More Than Words 13. The Rolling Stones Angie 14. Stryper Honestly 15. Alabama Feels So Right 16. James Taylor How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You 17. Kiss Beth 18. Alanis Morissette Head Over Feet 19. Journey Open Arms 20. Survivor Search is Over



Interview by Michaela Keating When it comes to style of music, Escapade has no boundaries, as the band has a huge array of music they can play on your wedding day to get everyone up and moving. “Weddings go from waltzes, rock, pop and country. Normally the younger crowd are a bit slow to get on the dance floor, so generally we play the classic wedding songs in the first half of the gig and then the second half we rock it out and modernise it.”

Escapade is one of Limerick’s most loved bands and with its down to earth crew it’s clear to see why. The band has changed a little over the years, but original member Eugene O’Connor has been in Escapade since the very beginning back in 1996. “We started out in school and started doing school concerts and started gigging. We toured all over Europe for a few years. We broke up then and now we have all different members.” Those members being Donogh O’ Carroll, Pat Healy, Emiliano Petronilli and Pat Fitz. All but one of the bands’ members are full time musicians, with Eugene playing in another band as well as Escapade. The band’s name was thought of by a friend in their earlier years and the boys have fond memories of their time touring. “We travelled a lot in Europe. It was an adventure so an escapade was exactly what it was!” The singer reveals that the band love performing and their success is all down to the crowd at the wedding. “Ninety- nine percent of the weddings, the crowd are there and they’re up for it, so it’s actually easy work! You get a great buzz off the crowd and we put a lot of effort into the show. We want everyone going away saying ‘wow that band were amazing’. We do put a lot of effort in, you play one good wedding and hopefully you’ll get more from that. There’s nothing better than getting people coming back with good reports.” For Escapade, making sure the bride and the groom have a blast is the most important thing when they perform at a wedding. “At the end of the day it’s the couple’s biggest day of their lives and you want to make the night for them.” 40

With all weddings it’s important to keep the crowd entertained and this band makes sure that everyone gets up and dances for the night! “The aim is to start a gig with a full dance floor and keep it full for the night. For the first dance we don’t let people sit down. They’re after a big meal so it can take them a while to get going. No one wants to be the first one up on an empty dance floor, so before we introduce the bride and groom we get everyone up in a circle around the dance floor and after the first dance we get a good song on to get people dancing.” Escapade have carved out a name for themselves in Limerick’s wedding industry and beyond, and it’s their willingness to keep everyone entertained for the night that makes them so good. “We try our best to make the night for the couple because it is their night and if we do a good job and the dance floor is full all night, word will spread and that’s what it’s about . You’re only as good as your last gig. Most of the time you don’t have to get people up dancing but the odd wedding it might take a bit more effort, but you have to put in the effort.” In the last two years, the band has found certain songs to be popular for the first dance including ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, ‘The One’ by Kodaline and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. However, they are willing to learn any song you like at your request. “It’s up to the couple. If they don’t have a common first dance song we’ll learn whatever song they want if they give us about four weeks notice.” Escapade play in other venues mid week, including Smiths bar on Thursday nights. The band also play in venues all over the country and don’t charge for long distance gigs. With the lads’ years of experience, extensive song book and raving reviews of their gigs, it is clear why they recently won the accolade of Brides of Limerick Wedding Band of the Year 2015.


inside the Bridal Room

Claire McDonnell & Johnny Murphy


Photos courtesy of Insight Photography

The pair met in a very Irish way! Claire was friends with Johnny’s aunt Sheila. Johnny spotted Claire at mass and made enquiries to Sheila and later Claire agreed to meet with Johnny for tea. Johnny came armed with two big cream buns and a bottle of wine. The pair talked for hours and after that the rest was history. On February 1, 2014 Johnny swept Claire away for a romantic weekend to the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry, somewhere Claire had always wanted to stay. On the way there they took in the sights and passed Powerscourt Waterfall. For Claire, it was the perfect setting for what was about to happen next. “Johnny casually suggested we take a look, and despite the cold and rain and the fear of ruining the hair I agreed. Miraculously, when we arrived at the foot of the waterfall the rain stopped and the clouds cleared! There wasn’t a soul around and as I was standing up on the rocks admiring the waterfall, Johnny got down on one knee and proposed! It was perfect.”

By Michaela Keating During their spring wedding this year Claire McDonnell and Johnny Murphy proved, without any uncertainty, that love at first sight really happens. Claire went to school in the UK and moved back to Ballylanders in 2006. She currently works as HR manager in LeisureWorld in Cork. Johnny Murphy is originally from Ballylanders. He works as a sales executive at Dan Dooley Ford Centre, Knocklong. Their life is also complete with two wonderful children, Olivia and Evan.

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is one of the main priorities for every bride. For Claire, it took a few dresses to find ‘the one’. “After visiting four different bridal shops with my mam and friend and seeing a dress in each I liked, I narrowed it down to two and went back to see them. On walking into Amore in Youghal to try one of them on again I spotted another dress, which I asked to try on. The smile said it all! It was the first dress I had put on in all the shops that had me smiling from ear to ear. It was the one!” Claire’s head piece was by Aisling Maher, Adare and her shoes were ivory lace Mary Janes bought in the UK. Bridal party wear were from Dessy range in platinum satin and the junior bridesmaid wore rose pink satin. The suits were from Esquire Formal Menswear, Limerick.


The wedding took place on March 27, 2015 with the ceremony and reception being held at newly crowned four star Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel in Adare with 230 guests. The bridesmaids were Adele Squires, Elizabeth Hamilton and Patricia Sampson. The groomsmen included Danny Murphy, Jimmy Barry Murphy and James O’Brien. Johnny and Claire’s children Olivia and Evan took on the important role of the flowergirl and pageboy. Having their family and friends at their wedding was the most special part for their day. Claire recalls her favourite part of the day was the ceremony. “Walking down the aisle and seeing Johnny waiting for me with a huge smile on his face. Also having so many of our family and friends, including our two wonderful children, in the one room sharing that special time with us. Our ceremony was very personal to us and we enjoyed every part of it.” The wedding was full of personal touches from close friends and family. The cake was made by the couple’s good friend Alison Meade and Johnny’s sister Michelle took care of the bridal make up on the day. Dan Dooley Ford Centre, Johnny’s workplace, provided two Mercedes for the transport on the day.

The wedding day was also sprinkled with special aspects for the couple. They had a Wedding Tree; an alternative to a guest book where guests write messages and advice for the bride and groom and hang them on the tree during the day. “The tree now takes pride and place in our garden at home reminding us each year as it blossoms, of our special day.” Other special bits were as follows: tables named after the GAA county grounds that Johnny has played in. An antique bicycle displaying flowers in the basket and a sign showing guests where the “I do’s” were to be. Antique cups and saucers were also used for the reception tea and coffee. Kids were treated to cake pops and lemonade in jam jars. The following day the wedding party stayed at the hotel until late afternoon, had lunch and caught up with guests. That evening, Claire and Johnny met family and friends at their local Gallahues Bar, Ballylanders for more food, drink and dancing. Looking back on it all, Claire’s advice for the perfect day is to get as much out of the way early on in the planning stages. “Be as organised as you can as early on as possible. This will ensure the last few weeks and days leading up to your wedding day are as stress free as possible. Relax on the day and enjoy every minute because you won’t believe how quickly the day goes by!”


Tell us about working with Insight Photography?

Fun Questions

“From when we met day one to the actual day of the wedding, Trish Fitzpatrick of Insight Photography’s guidance and advice helped put us at ease and the day itself run smoothly. She couldn’t do enough for us and our families and nothing was too much trouble. Trish was like having a personal assistant on the day, always fixing my dress, on hand with baby wipes when needed! We sailed through the day not realising half the photos were being taken, she is such a star! The slideshow was amazing and added a real wow factor to the reception. We came back from our honeymoon to a gorgeous package from Insight Photography, how exciting, the discs with our photo’s all wrapped up like a gift.” 087 9693730

First holiday together Dubai Fav tv show to watch together ‘Two and a Half Men’ Whom did you tell you were engaged first? Parents One thing you would change about your day? Video the ceremony Which part was the biggest blur? “The ceremony music and the evening went by in a flash!” What is the one song you can remember dancing to with your friends on the floor? ‘Siege of Ennis’ Song you walked up the aisle to? ‘How long will I love you’ by Ellie Goulding Song you walked down the aisle to? ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Miraz






Louise Smith of Old Schoolhouse Flowers

Tell us about yourself Louise “I am originally from Cork where my family have been in the Flower Business for over 35 years. We have a Flower Shop, Aisling Flowers, in Wilton Shopping Centre, where we have created flowers for hundreds of weddings over the years. I am married and have been living in Limerick for the past seven years between Bruff and Kilmallock.” Where is your business? “We renovated Dromin National School, located right next door to our house which had been closed over 40 years and thought it would be the perfect setting to showcase the beautiful range of rental items we have available for Limerick weddings.” Tell us about Old School House Flowers We specialise in wedding flowers and have a wide range of rental items including red carpets for your church, lanterns for the church aisle and a wide variety of floral arches to decorate your church and hotel. I have a particular love for the vintage theme and have a wide range of vintage items including China teacups, high nelly bikes and birdcages to name but a few.” What trends are you seeing as a wedding florist? “Many brides, particularly those getting married during the summer months, are choosing country ‘just picked out of a meadow’ style flowers. We are also seeing a lot more weddings around Christmas and New Year as so many people are living abroad and this is an ideal time for them to come home to get married. Brides tend to opt for colourful christmassy bouquets including berries, holly and pine cones and church decoration includes lots and lots of lanterns.” Are some flowers more popular with brides? “Yes, certainly we still find that the classic styles are still the most popular. These would be your traditional ivory rose handtied bouquet which is timeless. Textured bouquets of many different ivory flowers are also very popular.” What other services do you provide? “We provide a full delivery and set up service to the church and hotel. Distance isn’t an issue. We are seeing a lot more civil ceremonies in non-traditional venues. We can help you to transform any space into a unique and atmospheric venue that your guests will be talking about for years to come.” What advice would you give brides when choosing a florist? “Choose a florist that you connect with and who you feel understands your ideas for one of the most important days of your life. Remember that they will be one of the few people outside your bridal party that will be around you on the morning of your wedding.”

Check out our Packages on our website These packages can be tailored to your individual needs. Contact for Appointment Tel: 063 20873 Mob: 086 3806236 Email: 46

How long will they play for? Do they need a meal on the day? Do they have a versatile playlist? How long do they take to set up? How much space will they need? Do they have a demo CD?

Your Florist How far will they travel? Do they have any examples to show you? How experienced are they? Is there an extra cost for breakages? When will they want to be paid? Will the person you’ve talked to actually do the flowers themselves?

Your Venue Will there be other weddings on the same day? Will your wedding party be offered accommodation discounts? Is it close to your ceremony venue? Is it easy to find? Will you be allowed to move furniture around? Is the price within your budget? Would you be allowed to have a late bar and how much if so?

Your Photographer How long will they stay for? How much experience do they have with weddings? When will you get your pictures? Will they post an online gallery? How do their fees work out? When will they want to be paid? How many pictures will they take? Will they visit the venue beforehand?

Your Cake Maker Can they show you examples of their work? When will they want to be paid? Can you sample their cakes before ordering one? Can you have mixed-flavoured layers? Will they come to the venue to assemble the cake on the day?

Your Dressmaker/Boutique How long do you need to order your dress? How long will your appointment be? How many people can you bring with you? Is there a limit to how many dresses you can try on? How much will alterations cost? What will you need to bring? How many fittings will you have?




20 20




You don’t have to spend loads of money 50 a flash and fancy wedding for it to be a You don’t need good one. If you’re surrounded by50 friends and family and people that love you the day should be great without splashing out cash on non-essential things. Just make sure everyone’s happy and you can save a lot of money.

wedding fair you won’t want to miss



2 Budget, budget, 10 budget Before you spend any money, make out a plan of how much you’re willing to spend on anything. This allows you to keep control of everything and means you can make sure that you won’t go over budget, and a checklist will make sure you don’t forget about anything. Everyday savings Everyday savings could be easier than you think, and could build up quickly. Cutting back on the amount of times you go out for coffee during the week, or how frequently you go to the cinema could make a really big difference on the amount of money you have leading up to your big day. Shop around Don’t hire or book the first venue or entertainer or anything you look at. Just because they seem to be the most popular or someone suggested them/it to you, that does not mean they’ll be the cheapest, or even the best. Make sure to shop around and look for the best deals, you might be surprised with some of the deals you can find! The date will have an impact on the price The date that you’ve set your wedding for can have a massive impact on what the venue for your reception is going to charge you. If you choose weekday your costs will be cut , but of course some of your guests may not be able to make it on a weekday, so keep that in consideration. Photographers and florists might even give you discounts also for having your wedding mid-week. You don’t have to use the most popular venues Look into all possible venues for your big day, not just the venues you’ve already heard of. This will give you an opportunity to find a place you’ve never heard of before that may suit your tastes and offer a better wedding packages. Second-hand dress pre-loved wedding dresses can be the perfect way to save money on your wedding day. Available at a fraction of the price than new gowns, second hand dresses can be redesigned to create your dream dress. If you’re not going for something too extravagant, this could very well be the best option for you. A second hand dress is guaranteed to be a lot cheaper than a first-hand one, and can be very easy to find if you’re going for something plain and simple. Choose your guest list wisely When setting out to write up a guest list, it’s possible to get carried away and have names of Grandad’s cousins friend at the afters. If you’re on a budget, stick to inviting people you really want at your wedding. Smaller, more intimate weddings can often be just as charming and amazing than the bigger wedding parties.


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inside the Bridal Room

By Michaela Keating Leah Lally, 33 and husband Chris O’Gorman, 42 are both from Killaloe. Leah works at the local Supervalu and Chris works in Impact Labelling. The couple has three kids; Jack, Katelynn and Conor. The pair met years before they took the plunge. “We met in the Anchor Bar in Killaloe when I was 18 and Chris was 27, we hit it off instantly and stayed friends for years until we finally got together in late 2010.” Soon after, the couple made the decision to get married and got engaged a year later. “We got engaged in June 2011. We had talked about it for a long time and just felt the time was right. Our family were shocked it was so soon but very happy for us.” Leah and Chris got married on April 10, 2015 in a civil ceremony in Nenagh Registry Office and celebrated with a reception in Tuscany Bistro in Ballina, Tipperary. The wedding date was also the birthday of three people; the groom, his twin brother Eddie and Leah’s cousin Georgina! The couple had a witness each for the service. “My witness was Chris’ sister in law Jackie O’Gorman and Chris’ witness was my brother John Lally.” The two eldest kids Jack

and Katelynn were pageboy and flowergirl. The cake was locally made. “The cake was made by a French patissiere chef, Xavier, who co owns Derg House coffee shop and B&B in Killaloe with his wife Amelie. It was sponge with fresh cream and strawberries.” The wedding was a budget friendly one, with Leah and Chris saving the pennies on small aspects of their big day. “The flowers were done as a wedding gift by our friend’s Ger and Fiona Bourke.” The photography was also done by those close to the couple. “We had two photographers; mine was Laura, my friend, and Chris’ cousin who lives next door so it was lovely and relaxed. Chris’ was Willie, a family friend who went to his mother’s house. The rest were taken by family and friends.” The invitations were purchased from Dealz and Leah’s brother took care of all the video footage on the day which allowed for a free bar at the reception. Leah’s wedding dress was from Amore Mio in Killaloe and was the one and only dress she tried on! The suits, which Leah agrees was Chris’ input into the wedding, were from Conolly’s in Limerick. There were 33 adults and eight kids in attendance and Leah is delighted with her decision to have a smaller wedding. “I think our small intimate wedding is proof that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg . A small wedding can be just as special as a big one. We married for approx €3,500 or just over and still had a full reception, party afterwards and honeymoon.” It was the moments together as a family on the day that are cherished most by the couple who recall their favourite memory. “Driving off in the vintage car all five of us, our happy little family!”



The couple celebrated their marriage the following day with friends and family where they first met. “We had a big wedding party with all of our friends and family who weren’t at the ceremony and reception in the Anchor Inn where Chris and I first met.” Leah and Chris wouldn’t change a thing about their day and have some advice for future brides and grooms. “Don’t get too stressed; don’t worry if something small goes wrong. Most likely even if you’ve spotted it, no one else has. Make sure it’s yours and your husband’s day and no one else’s. Please yourselves.”

Tell us about your experience at Tuscany Bistro in Ballina?

Looking for an intimate venue for your wedding reception or pre-wedding dinner? Tuscany Bistro offers you a private dining experience Tailor made menus including Prosecco and canapé reception Completely designed to suit your individual needs Outside catering at your dream location


Email: / Call: (061) 376888 Tuscany Bistro Main Street, Ballina, Co. Tipperary

“I can’t recommend Tuscany Bistro highly enough. I’m so delighted we had our wedding there. The bistro itself is modern, yet cosy and intimate. The staff were amazing,nothing was too much trouble. They did our table plans as I didnt have time and I gasped when we walked in, they did such a wonderful job, it was better than I would have ever done myself. The food was amazing, we had delicious canapes and prosecco on arrival and an amazing selection for our meal. Our guests raved about everything from start to finish. It was better than we could have ever dreamed of and I can’t thank the Tuscany team highly enough.”



Anne Vaughan from The Bridal Emporium

How did you get into the wedding industry? The wedding industry has always been a big part of my life, in particular, my childhood. My mother has been in the fashion industry for over 37 years with her own business but had years of experience prior to that. After marrying the man of my dreams, from Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, we decided to open The Bridal Emporium on September 2, 2005 and after a successful few years we decided to expand and renovate in 2012. Thankfully we have gone from strength to strength and have won numerous awards over the years including our most recent amazing award Wedding Business of the Year 2015.’ Congratulations, you’re 10 years in business; tell us about the lessons you’ve learned in that time. Every day we are learning something new and with every bride there is a new experience. Patience and time are virtues. The Bridal Emporium is not just a place you go to get your wedding dress; it’s the place where you find dreams become a reality. From the minute you arrive, our goal is to make your stay a pleasurable and relaxing experience, whether you find your dream dress or not. We cater for all shapes and sizes. Everybody that walks into us is treated to the warmest welcome and professionalism as we can give. Our aim is if we don’t have the dream dress, you’ll leave knowing what you’re looking for. What are your prices ranges? We try and cater for all budgets with dress starting at anything from €250 up to €2,000. You have a big sale coming up, tell us how Brides of Limerick readers can get their hands on designer dresses at a discount? We normally have two large sales a year and our next big sale is going to be a monster sale to celebrate our ten year anniversary. Not only will you get amazing discounts on off the rail dresses with up to 80 percent off, but we are also offering a 10 percent discount on all new orders placed during the week of our anniversary. We are having a five day sale from September 2 to September 6. Veils, shoes and hair accessories will all be on sale. 52

What is it like working with brides and their entourage? Owning and working in a bridal shop is a different experience every day. Every customer has their own ideas and dreams of their beautiful wedding gown. But it is in the trying of the dress that is where dreams become a reality. More times than less their dream dress is not what they had thought it would be. It’s an amazing feeling to help a girl feel wonderful and help with making their dreams come true. It’s not always as simple as it seems, sometimes it takes a little more time to find the perfect dress. Sometimes the bride’s guests don’t have the same fashion ideas as the bride and sometimes too many options can cause confusion as to what the bride really wants and loves. You’ll know it’s right when you found the perfect dress and then everyone will be happy.

Anything else you would like to add? “We would like to thank all our past and present brides for your custom and for your trust in helping you with one of the most important days of your life. It is a privilege and an honour to have you wearing one of our wedding or bridesmaid gowns. Without our customers we would not be celebrating ten years in September. We would also like to thank our families, friends, hardworking staff and the amazing community and business network of Miltown Malbay who have supported us throughout the years and continue to do so. It is an amazing place to have a business and we hope to continue for many more years to come.

10 Year Anniversary Sale Come celebrate our 10 year anniversary on Wednesday, September 2nd, with some champagne and nibbles. 10% off all new orders placed that week. Wednesday, September 2nd also marks the start of our 2nd annual sale for FIVE DAYS.

Make your appointment today Main St. Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare (065) 708 4164


THE MATTHEW STEPHENS RING experience is not to be missed

The Great National Abbey Court Hotel, Lodges & Trinity Leisure Spa The Great National Abbey Court Hotel, Lodges & Trinity Leisure Spa is one of the most highly regarded wedding venues in the Mid-West. A breathtaking vision of exquisite elegance, the Great National Abbey Court Hotel captivates the guests with style, opulence and sheer romance. You simply couldn’t ask for better; beautiful elegant and discreet. We are dedicated to ensuring your celebration is a distinct reflection of your personality with every detail perfectly in order. From the moment you and your guests arrive, the experience will be of warmth and welcome. The bride and groom will be invited to enjoy a glass of champagne while your guests will be greeted by our wedding team and treated to a drinks reception. The Great National Abbey Court Hotel’s team of award-winning chefs are experts in catering for weddings of all sizes. The bride and groom may choose from a delectable assortment of dishes and set menus - or be creative and put together a customized menu with the chefs. The bride and groom will get the opportunity to sample their wedding menu at their complimentary private meal tasting prior to their big day.

Matthew Stephens are proud to announce that we are home to Irelands very first, Wedding Ring World. “At Matthew Stephens we understand that your wedding rings are your own personal heirloom. They are a lifelong symbol of your special day and your new special bond, an investment for the next generation that shouldn’t be skimped on. On arrival to our luxury, three level, Engagement Ring and Wedding Band destination store, you will be greeted by a member of our Diamond Specialist Team. They will whisk you off to our Diamond Suite where you can sit in comfort and privacy as you undergo this exciting journey. “At Matthew Stephens we offer exceptional five-star service from our friendly and certified staff, who will share with you their advice and expertise. Choose from our huge selection of Wedding Rings or work closely with our amazing in store goldsmith, to create your very own bespoke ring. “The team dedicates a lot of time to perfecting the range and now we now boast an incredibly wide selection of the most beautiful styles using only the finest quality of metals and diamonds.” The newly expanded first floor “Wedding Ring World” arguably has the widest selection in the whole country and they have couples travel from far and wide to buy their bands at Matthew Stephens. With over 1000 different styles in varying metal types including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, palladium and platinum, hoosing the perfect wedding band to symbolise your love and affection on your wedding day has never been so effortless. Matthew Stephens is proudly renowned for Ireland’s widest selection of the finest diamonds at unbeatable prices. Make your Engagement and Wedding Ring experience more memorable by visiting Matthew Stephens Wedding Ring World.

To arrange an appointment with a member of the Diamond Specialist Team email or call 061 415-583 54

Your banquet meal will be served in The Baronial Hall which will cater for any wedding reception from 50 – 310 people. The designer chandeliers and stunning décor make it a very graceful room for any wedding banquet or civil ceremony. A speciality we have developed over recent years are our Intimate Weddings which are perfect if your party is smaller or you choose the beautiful surroundings of the hotel to host your civil ceremony. Many couples choose to exchange their vows in the Orangery in the hotel or during the summer in our Rose Gardens. This can be followed by a sumptuous dining experience in either our drawing room or restaurant. For many couples an intimate wedding enables them to choose a bespoke menu option with our wide range of wines to accompany the perfect menu choice. You and your guests can then continue the perfect evening here in the warm and welcoming surrounds of the Great National Abbey Court Hotel. The Hotel is enveloped by mature picturesque gardens, an exquisite ballroom, a beautiful bridal suite and an abundance of spectacular settings such as our grand stairway, all of which together create beautiful memories for your wedding album. The team at The Abbey Court Hotel continuously endeavours to find new ways of exceeding your expectations to make your wedding day a memory that will last forever. View our exclusive wedding facilities including our in-house Hair Salon and Beauty Spa and meet with our dedicated wedding team who will be on hand to answer any of your queries and show you why The Great National Abbey Court Hotel is the perfect venue for your very Special Day. For information or to make an appointment please contact Eileen or Ray on 067 42151 or email:


inside the Bridal Room

Danielle O’Connor & Adam Costelloe

Photos courtesy of Kevin Murphy Photography 56

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Danielle O’ Connor, 28, was born in Limerick and moved to Perth, Australia on New year’s Eve 2013 with Adam and their son Evan. Danielle works in a podiatry clinic in the city. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Adam Costelloe, 31, also a Limerick man works as a metal fabricator in Perth. WEDDING DATE June 5, 2015 CHURCH St. Munchin church, Limerick RECEPTION Castletroy Park Hotel BRIDESMAIDS Lynne Wallace, Dawn Costelloe, Naomi Mc Inerney and Sinead Mungovan GROOMSMEN Jordan Costelloe, Gordon Wallace, Christopher Mungovan and Stuart Lipper FLOWERGIRL Kerrie Costelloe PAGEBOYS Evan Costelloe and Kamran Costelloe TRANSPORT “I was a very lucky lady for my wedding day, as my uncle, Colm Cleary had recently bought a classic Rolls Royce and he drove me to the wedding in this amazing car! Adam drove to the church with our son Evan in Colm’s other car, a Porshe. And the bridal party came in two black Mercedes.” PHOTOGRAPHER Kevin Murphy Photography FIRST DANCE ‘This Year’s Love’ by David Gray THE DRESS Designed by Danielle and made in Perth with a wedding dress designer. SUITS Connolly’s Formalwear HOW MANY GUESTS? 200 THE NEXT DAY A party at the Orchard in Limerick WEDDING THEME Love birds and the style theme was “relaxed boho” WHAT DID ADAM HAVE MOST INPUT IN? Suits and shoes for the boys THE HONEYMOON Five days in Ibiza ADVICE FOR BRIDES PLANING THEIR WEDDING “Don’t compromise! Get everything you want, you only get married once. Make it everything you imagine it to be.” ANYTHING ELSE “Being in Australia did pose some problems for us organising the wedding, but to be honest everyone who was involved with the wedding were so understanding and helpful. They really took the stress off us, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.” QUIRKY BITS “I got a Claddagh tattoo on my wedding ring finger at Allstar Tattoo by Paul O’ Rourke, Limerick. A Claddagh is a sign of love, loyalty and friendship. It sums up me and Adam.”

Fun Questions

Funniest moment during the wedding? “The pageboys and flowergirls racing up the aisle” Whom did you tell you were engaged first? “My mother, she gasped and said ‘is that on the right finger,’ she wasn’t sure if I was joking or not. Then she said she wasn’t surprised as we were ‘joined at the hip.’ Song you walked up the aisle to? ‘Songbird’ by Eva Cassidy Song you walked down the aisle to? ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by Ellie Goulding.


Southern Bride’s Cork and Munster Wedding Show ADVERTORIAL

Cakes of Distinction “Just about recovered from the weekend, what a busy one it was. Thank you to all of you who stopped by our stand at the Southern Brides Wedding Fair to speak with us.” John Berry Video “Well done to Michael and staff for a great wedding fair at Silversprings. We had very positive feedback from all the couples we met. Apologies to anyone I didn’t get to talk to.” Silent Disco “Thanks to everyone who called to our stand at last weekend’s Southern Brides wedding fair. Our new Photo booth was a huge hit.”

The Southern Bride’s Cork & Munster Wedding Show is on the September 26 and 27 in Clayton Silversprings Hotel, Cork. At our show, you will be able to meet over 120 top wedding suppliers from the Cork and Munster region. Lisa Cannon from TV3’s Xpose will MC the fashion shows. Lisa is getting married in August and will be on hand to give brides to be tips on her recent wedding and to answer any questions in the chill out zone on the first floor Assets Model Agency will produce the two stunning fashion shows each day. This is a fashion show not to be missed with Ireland’s top models on the catwalk including Miss Ireland. Brides to be can personally meet all of our suppliers face to face. Our shows have been running for over ten years and are Munster’s biggest and best-attended wedding events. Among the exhibitors attending will be leading bridal, menswear and mother of bride outlets offering a dazzling array of catwalk fashion. From cakes to beauty, photography, video, wedding, stationery, jewellery, in fact, everything is here for you to plan your perfect wedding. At the show you can make huge savings on your wedding day services safe in the knowledge that you are using a Southern Brides Gold supplier. Relax in the Southern Brides Chill Out lounges on the ground and first-floor while you have a coffee and chat about the suppliers you have met. Here are some comments from our Gold Suppliers on our Southern Brides wedding shows. Don’t forget our next show is on September 26 and 27 in Clayton Silversprings Hotel, Cork.


Tying The Knot Wedding Invitations “Very busy weekend, well done Michael Hutt for organising a great event.” Trace of Cakes “The best show yet at the Southern Brides Wedding Fair this weekend. Lots of bookings, and delighted to meet so many fabulous couples. See you in September. And thanks again Michael Hutt.” Midleton Park Hotel “We had a lovely weekend meeting all the brides and grooms to be at the Silver Springs Moran Hotel at the Southern Brides Wedding Fair.” Shane Ryan Crux Entertainment “Another really busy day at the Southern Brides Cork and Munster Wedding Show in Silversprings Moran Hotel. Lots of bookings and enquiries for Phoenix Band Cork and Sara Lou.”

If you are a Limerick wedding supplier and want to exhibit at a show that always has a high attendance then this is the show for you. Many brides to be from Limerick come to the Cork show as they know they will always be assured of a great day out. If you want to be sure of quality bookings, then this is the one show to attend. What others promise we deliver on. On the January 9 and 10, 2016 our show is moving to a new venue. The Southern Bride’s Cork & Munster Wedding Show will be held in Cork City Hall Exhibition Centre. Glenda Gilson from TV3’s Xpose will MC the fashion shows and will be on hand to answer all of your questions. For more info please call 087 918 6537 or email

The Southern Bride’s Cork & Munster Wedding Show is on the 26th & 27th of September in Clayton Siversprings Hotel Cork. At our show, you will be able to meet over 120 top wedding suppliers from the Cork and Munster region. Lisa Cannon from TV3’s Xpose will MC the Fashion Shows. Assets Model Agency will produce the two

stunning fashion shows each day. Brides to be can personally meet all of our supplies face to face. Our show is Munster’s biggest and best attended wedding show. Our Southern Bride’s Show on the 9th & 10th January 2016 is in Cork City Hall Exhibition Centre. 59

What Type Of

Vintage Bride Are You? The term “vintage” isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and these days there are different categories of vintage. Take our quiz to find out which vintage bride you are! 1. Which of these accessories are your favourite? a. An oversized bow and heels. b. A glittery headband and feathers. c. Long, dramatic gloves and a cocktail hat. d. A wide belt and a headscarf. e. Sequins and dangling earrings. f. Floral hair accessories and beads. 2.

Which of these hairstyles would you prefer on your big day? a. A chignon. b. A sleek bob. c. Bombshell waves. d. Victory rolls. e. Farrah-style flicks. f. Long and loose.

3. Which of these is a priority when booking the venue? a. Plenty of space to dance and a jukebox. b. A fully stocked cocktail bar. c. A stage big enough for a 15-piece band. d. An entire area cornered off for extravagant bake-off style desserts. e. A light up dance floor. f. A chill-out zone filled with pillows. 4. Who is your celeb style icon? a. Grace Kelly. b. Coco Chanel. c. Ginger Rogers. d. Hedy Lemarr. e. Audrey Hepburn. f. Marianne Faithfull. 5. Which of these themes best describes your home? a. Cute and candy-coloured. b. Arty and eccentric. c. Boudoir glamour. d. Thrifty and homely. e. Funky and fun. f. Psychedelic. 6.

Your ideal first dance song is?.. a. “Love Me” Tender by Elvis. b. “Always” by Irving Berlin. c. “Cheek to Cheek” by Fred Astaire. d. “All of Nothing” by Frank Sinatra. e. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. f. “And I Love Her” by The Beatles.

7. Which of these best describe your dream dress? a. An A-line skirt that kicks out at the calves. b. A dropped waistline and fully embellished. c. Bass-cut with a figure hugging fishtail. d. Simple with a defined waist and buttons. e. A white lace pantsuit - better for dancing! f. Long sleeves and a short shift. 8. When you think of your ideal flowers you picture.. a. A simple but pretty pomander worn on your wrist. b. A shower of gypsophila, carnations, and foliage. c. A classic bouquet of white roses. d. A loose bouquet of wild flowers. e. Anything big and extravagant. f. A flower crown or circlet. 60

9. Which of these is your signature make-up look? a. Flawless foundation and a flicker of pink blusher. b. Pale foundation and a lot of eyeliner. c. Pencil-thin brows and mascara. d. Arched brows, brown liner. e. Bronzed skin and smokey eyes. f. Au naturel, defined eyes and nude lips.

Mostly A’s: The rockin’ 50’s. The era that saw the uprising of rock and roll and rockabilly and is now associated with it. A brightly coloured aes thetic of jukeboxes and American diners.

Mostly B’s: Roaring 20’s. The era that witnessed the rise of the “new woman” and recognised her style. This woman could keep up with the lifestyle of the decade and could be found frequently at cocktail bars.

Mostly C’s: 30’s Hollywood glamour. The decade where technology advanced from boring black and white to full-colour film and animation, this woman is just as bright and glamorous as the stars of the blockbusters of this massive Hollywood era.

Mostly D’s: The thrifty 40’s. The first half of this decade being dominated by the Second World War meant that no one had a lot of money and finding bargains in thrift shops became the trendy thing to do. Women finding their own individual style in the trends from old were the way to go.

Mostly E’s: The funky 70’s. The beginning of the disco era; full of glitter balls and strobe lights. Girls took on the trend of big hair and men took easily to sideburns. This decade was all about having a good time, and plenty of dancing.

Mostly F’s: The hippy 60’s. The decade all about living free and taking control. Outdoor concerts and laid back fashion are what made this decade.

inside the Bridal Room

Photos courtesy of Poppies and Me

Joy Neville and Simona Coppola


inside the Bridal Room

A BIT ABOUT THE COUPLE Joy Neville, former ladies Ireland rugby captain and Six Nations Grand Slam winner, is the rugby development officer in Limerick Institute of Technology. Joy hails from the North Circular Road. Simona Coppola, a Monaleen lady, is a project manager at Intel. THE MEET Scott’s bar three years ago THE PROPOSAL “We spoke about getting married a year into the relationship and planned on getting engaged March of 2014 however Simona surprised me and proposed Christmas 2013. We were attending the independent annual sports awards in the Wesbury Hotel in Dublin. Simona booked us into the Wesbury for the night where the ring appeared soon after the function that day,” recalls Joy fondly. WEDDING DATE June 21, 2015 WEDDING VENUE Dromquinna Manor in Kenmare, Co. Kerry “A fabulous location with amazing views and extremely friendly and helpful staff. The staff are extremely helpful but most of all the owners John and Gwen Brennan were just a pleasure to work with they made our day very special,” said Simona HOW MANY GUESTS? 109 guests WEDDING DRESSES Both purchased in Aibheil in Adare. “Throughout the process Simona and I booked separate appointments and made it aware to the staff in Aibhel that we would not be revealing the dresses to each other until the day of the wedding. Challenge number one was to ensure that we didn’t pick the same dress.” FLOWERS Simona’s aunt Wilma Arcai did the flower bouquets and arrangements CAKE Simona’s mum and aunt made the cake


PHOTOGRAPHER Poppies and Me WHO OFFICIATED THE CEREMONY? Marian Purcell FAVOURITE MEMORY “We will never forget the ceremony, it’s was extremely personal, emotional and filled with love.” HONEYMOON Four days in Rome and 12 days in Southern Italy. “I was informed that since I’m marrying into the Italian family, we had to honeymoon the Italian way,” said Joy. SPECIAL BITS “We steered clear of a traditional wedding, The ceremony content was personal to us and had both our oldest brothers make speeches on behalf of our families. This worked out really well. They brought a different twist to the speeches they were fun, young, and emotional; the perfect mix. Also it was nice having the ceremony and the reception at the same venue,” said Simona PERSONAL TOUCHES “We created our ceremony with Marian, we chose poems and readings that we wanted to use on the day. We asked our families would they like to write a personal piece and read it out at the ceremony. My nephew Finn (aged 8) wrote a piece with his mum Lynda and Simona’s niece Alessia (aged 8) also wrote something with her mum Lorraine. Both pieces were written about us and were very touching,” recalls Simona. “We both decided to write our own vows and read them out instead of using the generic I do’s. We felt that this way allowed us speak from the heart and say what we felt for each other.” Simona adds, “A few of my friends wrote a funny poem about Joy and I as a couple, which they read out after we tied the knot and also Joys mum Mary picked a beautiful piece that she read out to conclude the ceremony. For us we wanted the ceremony to embrace all our guests, it was a mixture of emotions to say the least.”

ANYTHING ELSE “We would like to get across that our special day was made by our wonderful friends and family. Simona and I would be extremely close to both our families and without their unconditional love and support we would not have a story to tell today. They completely embraced our day and have always recognized our love for each other. We are extremely fortunate to have them all in our lives.�

photo courtesy of Noel Hogan



By Michaela Keating


For many brides, a headpiece completes their look on their wedding day. An Autumn wedding gives you an opportunity to venture from traditional headpieces and explore more detailed pieces that may tie in with your theme or add a splash of detail to your look. Tis’ the season for natural elements with all things leafy and floral donning the shelves of some of our favourite stores. Why not incorporate the Autumn season into your hairstyle and add a detailed floral headpiece to your hair. Check out your local accessory supplier to see their selection and avoid spending a fortune on bigger brands.


Braids are a timeless classic for bridal hair. There are so many styles of braids to choose from, with the option of a full braid or a braid infused up-do, that a braided style is perfect for almost any bride. Fish tail, French, and messy style braids are an example of the stunning bridal ‘do’. Speak to your wedding hair stylist and work with them to chose the perfect braid for you and your look.

Soft waves

Low maintenance hairstyles are a must for some brides and going for a wavy style on your big day is the perfect option. Wavy hair is elegant and simple and can create a romantic look. Achievable for both longer and shorter hair, dress the look up with flowers or embellished headpieces or let your locks fall where they may by leaving your hair accessory free! Soft waves require low maintenance so chat to your hairstylist about how to rock this elegant look.

All on top

Many brides to be with shorter hair are concerned with what looks they may be able to achieve. Volumous looks are perfect for the gals with bobs and shoulder length hair. By creating volume at the top of the head, it creates a soft bridal look that compliments the face. Whether it be a quiff or soft curly look, work with your hair stylist to create an up do to suit your taste.


Slicked back

Veering away from the curly looks, slicked back hair is super classy. Although it may not be the typical bridal hair look, slicked back hair has become a red carpet favourite among A listers and proves to be a stunning style for wedding hair. The straight slicked look works best with long hair and will definitely make a statement on your big day.

The classic up do

An up do is an age old classic for brides and can be the perfect companion for a veil. For Autumn, loose up styles are popular but sleek buns can create a beautiful classic look for the traditional bride. This look can be achieved by ladies with long and short hair. Work with your local hair stylist to find what style best suits your face shape, theme over all look.


By Michaela Keating

Suit up!

For many women trousers win over a dress any day, so why should your wedding day be any different? Tailored bridal suits are a major trend for 2015 so for those who rather a tapered leg to tulle skirts you’re in luck! Bridal suits add a sophisticated and modern edge to your bridal look and can be found in a style to suit every shape. You can also pop to the ladies without assistance of a designated ‘dress holder’. Bonus!

Personalised wedding favours

It’s the little things that matter on your wedding day. Everyone loves a good sweet cart but why not add personalised goodie bags for your friends and family to load the sweets into. From ‘Spreading the Love’ on a personalised jam jar to painted clothes pegs on your seating plan, these little touches can really make the days yours.

Colourful Cakes

The traditional white cake is a timeless classic but this season coloured wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular. From pastel pastries to rainbow roulade the possibilities are endless! Ask your local cake supplier for a quirky cake topper to add to the fun. Another hot trend taking the country by storm in this department are desert tables.

New themes on the block

Themed weddings are always fabulous and in recent times there has been a super amount of boho, vintage and urban chic weddings. These alternative weddings have been taking the wedding industry by storm with couples opting for a less traditional- more modern take on their wedding to suit their own personalities. Outdoor ceremonies and beach weddings are also on the rise but with Ireland’s weather never being quite so sure of itself, you may want to keep an eye on the forecast before taking the plunge and going outdoors!

Re-create your parents wedding photos

It is a privilege to have your parents attending your wedding day or to fondly remember parents who may have passed, so why not commemorate them by re-creating their wedding photos on the day (minus the bad mullet and ruffles!). 66

Planning a wedding can be stressful and exhausting, especially when trying to ensure that every detail is perfect. From the moment you get engaged (and maybe years in advance) brides start thinking about the finer details of their big day. However, life gets in the way and it’s easy to forget the photographer you liked or a cake maker you found out about from a friend. A ‘Wedding Thought’ box can help you in your wedding planning especially for couples who have a long engagement and find it hard to remember certain vendors that they had previously heard of. Things to put into the wedding box • Business Cards – Whether you’re getting married in the coming months or not for a couple of years, business cards and contact information of vendors of interest are vital. Gathering up a few names of florists, make up artists, beauty salons, photographers, cake providers etc can save you a lot of time when you sit down to decide on what vendors you are going with. • Magazine clippings- Every bride to be finds inspiration from different places but magazines like this one for example can be very helpful in allowing you to pin point a theme or colour scheme. • Cards/Invitations- Each season brings with it a new wave of wedding invites through the letterbox. Some may tickle your fancy, so hold on to them and look into using the invite designers you liked when the time comes to organising your own big day. • Fabric samples- For the bride who wants a custom made wedding dress fabrics and patterns are very important. After popping in to your local fabric store, hold on to samples to help you decide what fabrics you will be using when the time comes to put together the ever so important wedding dress. • Wedding favour ideas- Many couples like to push the boat out with personalised or quirky wedding favours for their guests. Keep photos, samples or write down favours to your liking so that you don’t forget the quirky bits. • Song names – For many couples, choosing the first dance song can be difficult to decide on. If you’re having a long engagement, take down the names of songs you both enjoy now, so that when it comes to choosing you can add last year’s ballad to your list of possibilities.


Specialising in weddings, portraits Specialising in weddings, portraits and special occasions and special occasions Wedding Photographer of the Year


The Studio, Main Street, Killaloe, Co. Clare The Studio, Main Street, Killaloe, Co. Clare 086 728 8885 086 728 8885 67

Thank You

to our wonderful local photographers and videographers By Pat Irwin of Ring O’Roses

MMCookies breaks the mould of traditional wedding cakes By Martin Ulej, founder of MMCookies The traditional wedding cake; multi-tiered, multi flavoured and decorated so beautifully that it competes with the bride’s dress! What if we give up these layers of icing and the layers and layers of sponge cake? What if we even give up the sponge altogether, will is still be a cake? YES This is where the idea of MMCookies came from. I believed I could do it and I did. Cake in itself is work that requires the use of imagination and artistic skills! The word cake seems restrictive. It screams out ‘round pastry full of butter cream.’ This doesn’t have to be the case at all. The foundation could be something like a delicate mousse! Art works produced in the MMCookies parlour are simple, almost minimalist, yet surprising, original and taste beautiful. There is an element of surprise and curiosity among buyers when they choose our unconventional cakes and they are always delighted with the results. So how do we create original cakes? MMCookies marries extreme flavours - sour and sweet, crisp bottoms and delicate mousses- together to get an unbelievable combination. Because everything is created from scratch, even the most delicate of pieces on the cakes, it takes a lot of time and it’s a labour of love that shows up in our finished product. And most importantly we use the highest quality of fresh ingredients. If its raspberry we are using it’s not pulp from a tin, it’s fresh fruit picked provided by local suppliers that goes into our creations. Preparing the perfect cake takes a while, but the multiplicity of different structures - jellies, mousses, ganache - requires advance preparation and cooling. And unlike the traditional cakes ours are topped with a perfectly smooth and shiny glaze based on chocolate, cocoa or ganache. Since starting the company less than a year ago we have been supplying the wonderful people of Limerick and beyond with our delicious and artistically created cookies and cakes. I am an absolute perfectionist who stops at nothing until I can get everything right. I love experimenting with chocolate and am always on the lookout for new trends to keep on par with European standards. We won Alternative Wedding Cake Designer at the recent Brides of Limerick Wedding Industry Awards and know that this is only the beginning for us.


Thank you Limerick for believing in us and our wonderful creations and we look forward to supplying you with alternative wedding cakes created with tender loving and care all the way.

As a florist with almost 20 years working on wedding floristry and just over 1,200 weddings completed to date, I cannot thank photographers and videographers enough for their willingness to help me. For a very long time now I’ve been trying to think of a way of saying thank you to all of these amazing people for the images you have given me to showcase my work on magazines such as this, on websites, Facebook etc. Yes we all have good cameras or good phones but we don’t have what you have, an eye for the angles. You capture the moments, that second when a good picture becomes a great picture and then share it with me. There is no way that I could reach brides in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more without your images. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ is so true. I appreciate that you don’t have to give me images, for this reason I always reciprocate with some of my work such like a bouquet display for your studio. It’s the old saying of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. And it works. To the videographers who have helped me along the way, thank you too. Your work is always on display in my studio. You are all masters at your craft for which I’m forever grateful. Your kindness will not be forgotten. From this florist thank you, thank you, thank you!

Invites by Jen provides uniqueness and a personal touch

Invites by Jen offers bespoke invitations and thank you cards for brides and grooms wanting something unique for their wedding day. Jen, a graphic designer, takes couples’ personal ideas and works her magic on them to produce personalised stationery that lives up to their dreams. This bespoke service enables brides and grooms to give guests a taste of what they can expect from the special occasion, while having invitations and other items of stationery that no one else would have. Alternatively, couples could pick one of their favourite designs of Jens and she can tailor it to suit the couple and their big day. Invites by Jen offers a range of wedding stationery; including mass booklets, table numbers, table plans, table place cards and thank you cards. Email-

Mobile- 085 72 83 777

FB- Invites by Jen Ireland



inside the Bridal Room

Photos courtesy of Baker Photography

Brigid Downes & Dave Collins


A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Brigid Downes ,30, is from Ballysteen A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Dave Collins,31, is from Adare. Brigid and Dave are currently building their own home. THE MEET Brigid and Dave met 12 years ago in Whispers Nightclub through mutual friends. THE PROPOSAL “It was Irish Race Day at the Morphetville Race Course in Adelaide. We got all dressed up and went racing for the day with friends. It was later on that evening, the racing had finished up, when Dave asked me to go outside with him to the balcony area and that’s when he got down on one knee. I wasn’t expecting it at all, he really caught me off guard but I was over the moon. It took us a few minutes to gather ourselves and we rang all of our family to tell them the good news. We celebrated for the rest of the night. It was a wonderful day.” WEDDING DATE April 25,2015 CHURCH St. Patrick’s Church, Ballysteen RECEPTION Woodlands House Hotel, Adare BRIDESMAIDS Aine Downes, Maureen Downes, Sarah Louise Lynch and Katelynn Collins GROOMSMEN Willie Griffin, Philip Shanahan and Keith Derwin FLOWERGIRLS Sarah and Danielle Collins PAGEBOY Micheál Quaid FLOWERS Kate’s Kloset INVITES On Silver Pond HAIR Guys n Dolls and the Hair Boutique PHOTOGRAPHER Rose Baker of Baker Photography THE DRESS A Madeline Gardner dress HOW MANY DRESSES DID YOU TRY ON? Three VEIL “I borrowed my sisters veil. It was perfect with my dress” SHOES Nine West

BRIDAL PARTY WEAR Kates Kloset “Caroline was so helpful and spent a lot of time with us when we were choosing the dress and colour.” SUITS Esquire, Roches St. “Dave got everything from Esquire. Nice touch was getting pocket watches for the groomsmen as a thank you gift. They looked great the day of the wedding.” MOTHER OF THE BRIDE OUTFIT Sinead’s Boutique, Annacotty. “Sinead was so helpful and has a fantastic range of outfits. My mam looked beautiful and was so comfortable all day and night.” HOW MANY GUESTS? 200 FIRST DANCE ‘Better’ by Tom Baxter THE NEXT DAY? Relaxed at the Woodlands for a few hours that day and had a catch up with friends and family. Later in the evening went to Aunty Lenas Bar in Adare FAVOURITE MEMORY “Getting ready that morning at home with my family, it was very special and relaxed.”


inside the Bridal Room

Bridesmaid dresses from Kate’s Kloset SPECIAL TOUCHES Buckets of beer and cider and mojitos in jam jars for guests arriving at hotel THE HONEYMOON Dominican Republic for seven nights and New York for three nights. ADVICE FOR BRIDES PLANNING THEIR WEDDING “Try and relax and enjoy the planning especially the last few days before the big day. It’s easy to get carried away and get stressed but take it all in and enjoy the build up, after all it only happens once! If anything, I think our family would say we were very laid back with getting things organised but the day came and everything was perfect. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

Reception at the Woodlands House Hotel

Flowers from Kate’s Kloset

Suits from Esquire Formal Menswear


Tell us about working with Rose of Baker Photography? “Rose was very professional, organised, patient, fun and a pleasure to work with. She made us all feel so relaxed on the day. We really enjoyed the photographs being taken. It was a pleasure having her around.� Email: Phone (069) 77772


Patricia Irwin of Ring O’Roses “Receiving this award was huge for me personally and professionally and totally unexpected. An award of this calibre gives couples confidence in me and my business. I love working with Brides and I become caught up in all the excitement with them. I have experienced all types of weddings from the most intimate wedding in a restaurant to the most lavish in castles or marquees. I’m always delighted to meet new couples for a no obligation consultation to get to know them and come up with ideas and solutions. This can be arranged outside office hours if necessary. Or for brides that are planning their wedding from abroad I’m happy work via email.” Wedding Lifetime Achievement Award

Virginia’s Bridal Virginia’s Bridal, located at 46 Roche’s Street, was founded in 2005 by Lithuanian born, Virginija. During Virginia’s ten years in the bridal industry, she has risen to the top with a unique and personal service that has been passed along by word of mouth by her amazing brides.To ensure each bride has a personal and private service, Virginia views by appointment only. This guarantees a great experience for every bride from main stream to all the plus sizes using the very best designers from around the world. FB-Virginia Bridal - Editor’s Choice Award

The Bridal Emporium The Bridal Emporium, Main St, Milltown Malbay, is delighted to be serving Clare, Limerick and nationwide brides in a professional and friendly service in helping you find your dream dress. With a magnificent selection of bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses in lots of styles and colours it is the perfect venue for your wedding shopping experience. - Wedding Business of the Year

Dan Lawless of Lawless Flowers Lawless flower and plant shop has been serving wedding couples for nearly 35 years. No matter what the budget, how simple or elaborate they will work with your requirements. Please feel free to have a consultation with Dan Lawless without obligation. They also travel to supply wedding flowers. Call in for your complimentary C.D of their wedding flowers and price packs, or see their website - Business Man of the Year

Marie Madigan of La Bella Beauty La Bella Beauty Salon is located in Shanagolden Co. Limerick. Marie Roche Madigan opened the salon back in 2006. La Bella therapists are highly qualified, well experienced in their profession offering a wide range of treatment and bridal packages. The girls at La Bella tailor packages and offer advice and homecare on the lead up to the big day. The evening before they offer complimentary champagne and canapés or afternoon tea in their private relaxation area for the wedding party while all having their night before prep. They also offer the service of house calls with the La Bella MUA team, ensuring you are well looked after the morning of your big day FB La Bella Beauty Shanagolen- Business Woman of the Year

Castletroy Park Hotel “Best Wedding Venue Limerick was awarded to the Castletroy Park Hotel not just because of the usual wedding day process experienced everywhere else, but because of our ability to create a bespoke event for you and your guests, drawing on our combined international experience gathered over many years of top end banqueting experience. Whether in a quandary or 20/20 vision, the team here at the Castletroy Park can invent your perfect wedding day. “We are proud of our ability to take care of every detail and request, making your day stand out from the crowd and a cut above the rest!.” - Joint Wedding Venue of the Year


The beautiful Oak Room at Adare Manor was the venue for the civil ceremony while the lavish reception was held in the amazing Minstrel’s Gallery. Sinead wanted a winter wonderland theme with use of natural colours and wintry snowy looking blooms. She even used large pinecones collected by her parents for the reception tables.


Flowers were created in such a way that they could be moved from one area to the next. Electronic candles were used at Sinead’s request to insure that carpets and flooring were not at risk from wax spillage. Sinead also wanted fresh flowers for her hair and once again she had images of what she wanted. Brides now are fantastic and I love that they do their “homework”, find what they would like and then allow us to put our own spin on it.

Photos courtesy of S.O.S.AC PHOTOGRAPHY

When beautiful bride Sinead Wall first contacted me about her wedding flowers, she had many questions which were answered with confidence. Sinead did not live in Ireland so most of our communication was done via email. That’s not at all unusual now as many of our brides are living overseas. With the exchange of ideas, images and suggestions Sinead’s dreams were soon a reality.

Sinead and her new hubby were absolutely thrilled with the results.We are always happy to help and have a lot of upcoming weddings from overseas.

Contact us in any of the usual ways - 061 411321 -

Facebook Ring O Roses Florist


The Greenhills Hotel “The Greenhills is where dreams come true. It’s your day and we promise it will be perfect, right down to the last tiny exquisite detail. The beauty of The Greenhills is our flexibility; with only one wedding a day you truly receive outstanding attention. A chic and elegant venue for a wedding, complete with French doors opening onto our award winning Terrace Gardens. We’re here to turn the wedding of your dreams into reality. We’ll guide and support you through every decision, listening and responding with suggestions that will make all the difference on the day. We’re experienced to know just how to support and inspire you. We’ll make the whole experience enjoyable and stress free. It’s what our family hotel service is all about. And it starts right here, before we’ve even spoken.”.” Wedding Garden of the Year

McNamara Printers “Wedding Invites by McNamara Printers is the leading wedding stationery supplier in the Shannon Mid West Region. We are a family run business established in Shannon Town since 1972. We offer and specialise in custom-designed and unique personalised wedding stationery in any shape or size, incorporating your very own ideas. With a young, creative and vibrant design team we offer a complete inhouse design service. You can create your very own stationery or select from our wide range of designs from our wedding albums. Evening consultations are available on request (Clare/Limerick area) where we can bring our expertise and sample wedding albums to the comfort of your home. Our primary focus is on you the customer. We are here to make your special occasion that bit easier for you by offering a professional and quality service that is necessary in producing your dream wedding invitation at extremely competitive prices.” Wedding Stationery Designer of the Year

The Nail Sanctuary The Nail Sanctuary is a multi award winning business. Owned by Kelly-Marie Daly, The Nail Sanctuary has been opened seven years and has won 10 awards in many aspects of the business. In The Nail Sanctuary the very qualified award winning staff performs all nail treatments such as gel, acrylic, manicures etc and also do spray tanning. Kelly-Marie expanded herself last year by opening an academy and a supply shop which has proven to be very popular. Kelly trains far and wide and works as an educator for Astonishing Nails. FB Nailsanctuarycork - Wedding Nails Designer of the Year

Grettals Petals “I pride myself on my hard work over the past few years, having set up my business in the recession from scratch. I was made redundant from my previous employer so I cleared off my loans and followed my heart and my dreams. I’m doing what I always wanted to do, and I love it. I value all of my customers, and friends and family who support me and appreciate everything that everyone has done to help me get to this point.” - Wedding Floral Designer of the Year

The Little White Dress Bridal Salon “The Little White Dress Bridal boutique is all about that special feeling you should get when you dress shop and we understand that the bride is the number one priority. The boutique is comfortable with plenty of room for you, your family and friends with a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to find the perfect dress to suit the bride and her personality, always respecting the bride’s ideas and wishes. We are only open one year and have had huge success so far. It’s only up from here for The Little White Dress as we continue our success. We look forward to meeting all you newly engaged brides.” FB The Little White Dress, Bridal Salon Wedding Dress Supplier of the Year

Kerry Jane Hurley Kerry Jane Hurley is a professionally trained wedding ceremony singer offering a bespoke, personal service for your wedding day. She believes every wedding is unique and will help tailor-make a ceremony music programme perfect for the two of you. Taking time to choose your music will create wonderful moments and unforgettable memories on your special day. She has an extensive selection of music and if you cannot find a particular song, she will learn it for you. Packages are available to suit all budgets and can include pre-dinner entertainment if required. Wedding Ceremony Musician of the Year



inside the Bridal Room

Photos courtesy of Evelyn O’Connor Photography

Muireann O’Sullivan & Bernard Enright 78

THE BRIDE Muireann O’Sullivan THE GROOM Bernard Enright GROOMSMEN Mark Griffin & Conor Mullane BRIDESMAIDS Therese Hanlon & Kate Fitzgerald FLOWERGIRL Katie Fitzgerald PAGEBOY John Hanlon HAIR Valerie O Dee, Hair by Val MAKE UP Mandy O’Loughlin PHOTOGRAPHER Evelyn O’Connor Photography TRANSPORT Bentley Wedding Cars FIRST DANCE Ben E King ‘Stand by Me’

COMMENT ON THE LISTOWEL ARMS “We had a fantastic wedding day at the Listowel Arms. Patrice and her team catered to our every wish and gave us and our guests a fabulous day to remember.” FAVOURITE MEMORY “Walking into the beautiful function room in the Listowel Arms and seeing all our family and friends gathered together to share in our special day.”


Jayesta Ceremonies “For a long time at every wedding or other function I attended it felt like the ceremony that celebrated the occasion was a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ ceremony with very little personality that did not seem to capture the individuals at the centre of the ceremony. I realized that, although the circumstances and relationships of people had become very diverse, the ceremonies to celebrate them had not. This realization brought about a wish to create unique ceremonies in which the people and their celebrations took centre stage. Resigning from a job in the middle of a recession, just to follow my dream, was not easy, but definitely worth it!” Wedding Celebrant of the Year

PVP Digital “We have focused on providing our brides and grooms with the very best quality and features on DVD, Blu-ray disc and solid state drives. As a result we have built up a strong reputation for excellence as a leading wedding videographer in Ireland. We are delighted that our hard work and dedication to excellence has been recognised and look forward to providing many more couples with timeless memories to keep and share forever. - Videographer of the Year

Boudoir Darlings “My goal during a boudoir session is to first and foremost have fun, but also to show the best of your assets no matter your shape or size. This is a gift for you as much as it is for your loved one. Boudoir Darlings is a dynamic photography studio offering unique boudoir shots at a location of your choice. Feeling wonderfully liberated while capturing your natural beauty with a fine art feel creates images that will leave a lasting impression. Boudoir Darlings offers a unique and creative vision with outstanding results capturing the inner sexy in us all. We provide a large spacious studio with a relaxing atmosphere in a private setting and ample free car parking in Ballyneety, Co. Limerick. I am also happy to travel to your home or to a hotel of your choice for your boudie session.” - Unique Wedding Service of the Year

The Singing Chef “‘The Singing Chef’ has been a huge hit at weddings and to be recognised within the industry is wonderful. So many people say how unique the show is and how much fun they have. I work very hard on gathering as much information about the couple as I can and tailor the show and song choices to best suit their day to make sure no two weddings are alike. I am very proud of this show, it entertains and involves everybody in the room from start to finish and creates moments that I know are still talked about months later. It is such ‘moments’ that special days are made of and to be remembered as part of those days is very special to me. The singing chef can also be included in entertainment packages with pre dinner/reception and next day events.” - Unique Wedding Entertainer of the Year

Esquire Formal Menswear “The business was formed in March 2013 to supply men’s formal wear to the wedding market for hire or purchase. We also supply to the debs, black-tie, funeral, confirmation, communion and general suit use markets. The reason we are so popular is because we stock a large selection of suits, waistcoats, neckwear and shoes, we listen to our customer’s needs, we are not afraid to experiment with style and colour and always offer honest advice and finally we all enjoy our job.” Suit Supplier of the Year

Siobhan Brady “I have been in the nail and beauty industry over nine years. I am an award winning nail technician, makeup artist and beauty therapist with a thriving Nail & Beauty Bar in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. Nails, Make up & HD Brows are my major loves in the beauty industry. Beauty is my passion. Weddings are so important to me. I want all my brides to feel like a princess on their special day. I am also a nail educator for Creative Academy Ireland which means I get to teach with the most amazing product every Gelish and many other systems, I love being able to inspire students with my knowledge and passion.” - Runner Up- Make Up Artist of the Year



Horsfall Photography Angela Horsfall is a Canadian-born photographer who moved to Ireland over 15 years ago and now lives in Co. Clare. She has studied photography for more than 20 years, holding diplomas and qualifications from Canada, the UK and Ireland, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours Degree in Photography from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Today, Angela is based in her Killaloe studio, where she focuses on weddings and portraits, delivered in a stylish and contemporary format. “Over my lifetime I have immersed myself in the art of photography that has allowed me to see and capture moments as second nature. This, I feel, is the key to great photography.” Photographer of the Year

Sunshine Candy Cart “Just over 18 months ago, Sunshine Candy Carts was born. Jen and I tied the knot in sunny Rosscarbery, Co. Cork. My dad spent the previous six months handcrafting our first candy cart. Little did we know two months after we tied the knot ourselves we would be expanding and added another hand crafted cart, our rotating Ferrero Rocher heart and pyramid, 4ft high LED LOVE letters and of course our award winning photobooth!” FB Sunshine Candy Carts -Photobooth Supplier of the Year

Beauty Brought 2 You “Beauty Brought 2 You is a mobile beauty therapy service within Limerick city and county that has been running since 2008. I provide a wide range of beauty treatments to cater for all occasions such as weddings, honeymoon preparation, hen parties, nights out and girl’s nights in. All are provided in the comfort of your own home so you can sit back, relax and be pampered. Delivering such a unique service has provided me with a high level of personal and professional satisfaction. Not only have I gained clients, but I have made friends. Due to the high demand for this service I have recently expanded my business and created Beauty Brought 2 You 2.” FB Beauty Brought 2 You -Mobile Beauty Supplier of the Year

Inn at Dromoland Nestled in the wooded countryside on the Dromoland Estate and overlooking the panoramic Shannon Estuary, The Inn at Dromoland is ideal venue for your wedding day celebrations. Recently refurbished and now part of the Dromoland Castle family, their wedding couples can expect the very highest levels of hospitality and service. Their new packages, starting from €42 per person, have been carefully selected to ensure that a couple’s wedding day will linger in the memory of their guests for years to come. Their Promise to You-“’we only cater for one Wedding per day.’ This means that our couples and their guests will have our undivided attention for their entire day.” - Runner Up Bridal Suite of the Year

Celina’s Cakes Celina’s Cakes was formed in 2012 by Celina O’Sullivan. Celina’s Cakes will create a bride and grooms dream wedding cake while having that “home baked” taste which is most important to her. The most popular cakes she creates are traditional fruit cake, chocolate biscuit cake and lemon drizzle cake. With regard to the design and décor of the wedding cake, the sky is the limit for decoration! Celina will work with the bride and groom to come up with a design and décor to meet the budget and personal needs of the couple. Wedding cakes are priced based mostly on the design of the cake however Celina is happy to work with the customer’s budget to come up with their dream wedding cake FB Celinas Cakes - Runner Up Cake Designer of the Year

Radiance Beauty Clinic Linda and her team are proud in becoming runner up salon of the year 2015. It has been down to hard work and imagination that has allowed Radiance Beauty Clinic to excel in the wedding market. Opened eight years in Quin, it has grown into a very successful business that has survived the downturn and is now blossoming as the economy recovers. Linda, proprietor, is a qualified beauty therapist and make up artist and is very much sought for weddings. She stocks Bare Minerals, Dermalogica, He-shi Tan, Shellac, Morgan Taylor, CND Polish, Lycon Wax. The salon is on the up and is one of the finest and professional salons in the country.” - Runner Up Beauty Salon of the Year




So Ireland said YES... now for the perfect suit By Trevor Bermingham On the 22 of May I was overwhelmed as a gay man that I’m now just like every other Irish citizen. So as a stylist here are a few tips on how men should dress for their big day! Enjoy the planning process and don’t forget to look amazing while doing so! How to dress for your big day... The Suit As a gay man personally my wedding attire would be, (if I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Right) a bespoke black fitted suit and crisp white shirt. My groom would be matching but we would have different coloured ties and pocket square’s like red or purple.  I think a well fitted black suit has an air of class.

If you prefer, why not do two different looks? For example choose a grey suit for yourself and a navy suit for the future hubby. White Shirts Make sure you invest in a good quality white shirt. Zara is my first stop for a classy crisp white shirt. You don’t have to pick up your tie in the same suit shop so have a look around! A few gay men I’ve chatted to about wedding attire have said they would go with a different look like a tweed blazer and trousers and Ireland have an array of stylish blazers to choose from. Don’t forget shoes! With a black suit you can go for patent shoes which always finishes off the look. With your gray, navy or tweed suit the New Look brown brogues are perfect. After all your only going to get married once so you’re entitled to spend a fortune on your big day! As long as you celebrate your love looking stylish is all that matters!   Follow me on Facebook – Trevor’s Style Blog – personal shopping service available and/or advice tips on any aspect of styling or grooming.



ASK THE Siobhán and Róisín of

Ceol Riobha Tell us a little bit about Ceol Riobha We are an instrumental duo who have collaborated for 15 years. We first worked together in our local parish folk group and went on to perform at concerts and wedding ceremonies. We are passionate about music and enjoy any opportunity of working together and bringing music to others. We perform a wide range of music to suit all tastes for religious and civil wedding ceremonies in the classical, traditional, liturgical and popular genres What are your backgrounds? Siobhán is a dedicated and accomplished soprano and harpist with over 15 years of experience in musical performance. She has studied under the tutelage of Olive Cowpar and renowned baritone Owen Gilhooly. She has competed in and won numerous voice competitions in Féile Luimní and Feis Maitiu Cork. Róisín holds a BA (Music) degree from NUI Maynooth, a Graduate Diploma in Music Education from UL and an Associate Diploma in Classical Piano Accordion from R.I.A.M. She is a full time secondary school music teacher. What do you both bring to a wedding ceremony? We have a special interest in contemporary liturgical music. We have lots of experience as wedding performers and have a large repertoire of music and song in traditional, modern, celtic and classical styles. Above all we pride ourselves in a professional performance with the utmost sincerity and perfection. What trends are you seeing now in wedding ceremonies in terms of music choices? ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ will forever be popular but we find when couples are guided as to what music is appropriate and suitable for certain parts of the mass like the psalm, offertory, communion, they appreciate help and suggestions. What advice would you give to a couple when choosing musicians? Listen to audio samples of the musicians/singers and if possible try to listen to them live at a wedding. Nothing beats a live performance. Also choose music that is practical and playable – a soloist or duet may not be able to recreate the sound of a band or orchestra! Try to choose your music well in advance. What are your most popular requests? Our most popular requests include: ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’, ‘Nella Fantasia’,’ I will be the Vine’, ‘You are Mine’, ‘The Prayer’, ‘Feels Like Home’, ‘Song of Ruth’, ‘Tabhair dom do Lámh’ and ‘Ave Maria’. We are here to advise and help you on your wedding music and we both thoroughly enjoy singing for every wedding ceremony we do!”

Ceol Riobha- Email-

Tri-Bekah Freelance Hair Stylist, covering Limerick and Kerry. Specialising in everyday hair and occasions including weddings, hen parties, and day after wedding parties. Packages can be customised | Prices on request Check out my gallery on facebook under Tri-Bekah Rebecca Griffin–086 0693061 Email:


inside the Bridal Room

Orla Doyle & Brian Cooney

Photos courtesy of Horsfall Photography 86

It was summer lovin’ for Orla Doyle and Brian Cooney when they met 12 years ago By Michaela Keating Orla Doyle, a social care worker met Brian Cooney, an air traffic controller in Shannon, when she got a summer job in Galway working with Brian’s best friend, Enda. They attended a lot of the same parties over the course of their few months off and got to know each other. “The following summer with Brian’s suggestion we went for a walk on the beach as our first date,” recalls Orla.

After a few years of dating and finally moving to Killaloe, Co. Clare the big question came. While visiting Achill Island in September 2013 for a triathlon Brian asked Orla to marry him and naturally she said yes. After a week of keeping the information to themselves (they wanted to tell their families first in person) they went on holiday and on the way home they stopped off in Belgium to purchase “the nicest engagement ring in the world.” After the proposal, plans were well under way for the big day. The wedding date was set for April 30, 2015. The wedding celebration took place in Orla’s hometown, Durrow with 130 guests. The ceremony took place in the local parish church in Durrow and the reception was held Castle Durrow. As with all brides to be, the dress is one of the most important aspects of the day and Orla perfected every detail of her wedding day look to her own taste. She wore a Justin Alexander dress that she had altered. She used her sister’s veil as her something borrowed and also wore a hair piece. Her nude pink shoes came from LK Bennett.


inside the Bridal Room

Orla’s sister Claire and best friend Nioamh were her bridesmaids and her niece Margaret was the flower girl. Brian’s two brothers Neil and Ken were the groomsmen. With the help of family and friends, there were many personal touches to the big day. Orla helped her mother Mary in making the wedding cake. The couple came up with their own wedding invitation design and the bride’s brother in law, a graphic designer, drew it up on the computer and took care of the printing. The bride and groom to be also chose one their favourite animals to grace the cover of their mass booklets, a penguin! “We used the same theme of penguins on our wedding mass booklet. We received a gift of the candle from our flower girl with the same penguin design.” There was no shortage of entertainment throughout the big day as Brian and Orla had it covered! They had a string quartet play for the wedding ceremony and the reception back at the hotel and a band to take them late into the night. The couple had their first dance to Andy Williams, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’. “A few weeks prior to the wedding we went to my Uncle Kevin’s house where he and his wife Gemma gave us tips on staying upright!” However for the bride, it was one of the simpler moments that she will cherish from her day most. “When we were entering the church, myself and my dad stood for a few moments at the back of the church peeping through the door. I love the memory of seeing everyone inside waiting for me and hearing the music playing. Walking up the aisle my dad chatted away to me making me laugh and keeping me relaxed. Seeing Brian had turned up was a relief and I remember being really excited to see him standing at the top of the aisle.”


A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a minor glitch. “When the time came to sign the register, Brian realised that the paperwork was still in his suitcase! While Brian chatted to the priest to divert attention, his brothers went back to the hotel for the documents.” After celebrating their marriage with family and friends, it was time for Orla and Brian to head off on their honeymoon, a time away they will never forget. “We spent a month travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia. It was a wonderful trip. We were constantly on the go and saw and did lots. We only pre booked our return flights, we booked all our accommodation and internal flights as we went. We loved the flexibility we had with this and it made it a great adventure.”

Tell us about working with Angela from Horsfall Photography? “It was a great decision to have Angela Horsfall as our wedding photographer. She put us right at ease with her warm, funny and friendly personality. To ease our camera shyness Angela took the time to meet us for a pre wedding photo shoot which made us more comfortable with having our photos taken on the day. Angela was very helpful and supportive by keeping us organised, planning things through with us in advance and on the day assisting us in many ways. She is a true professional and we were thrilled with our lovely photos.� 086 728 8885


Matthew Stephens “At Matthew Stephens we understand that your wedding rings are your own personal heirloom. Bands are a lifelong symbol of your special day and your new special bond, an investment for the next generation that shouldn’t be skimped on. On arrival to our luxury, 3 level, engagement ring and wedding band destination store you will be greeted by a member of the diamond specialist team. They will whisk you off to the Diamond Suite where you can sit in comfort and privacy as you undergo this exciting journey. Matthew Stephens offer exceptional 5-star service from their friendly and certified staff, who will share with you their advice and expertise. Choose from the huge selection of wedding rings or work closely with the amazing in store goldsmith, to create your very own bespoke ring. Matthew Stephens is proudly renowned for Ireland’s widest selection of the finest Diamonds at unbeatable prices.” - Jewellers of the Year

Cardam Photography “At Cardam Photography we specialise in bringing a fresh, relaxed and unique approach to wedding photography. This means that as well as capturing the classic moments that every bride and groom will remember forever, we also use our wealth of creative experience to tell the story of your day naturally, while capturing the unique personalities of the happy couple, their guests and the wedding venue itself. You will be offered a first-class and professional service with different choices from a digital only package up to a selection of exclusive albums in order to leave you with a flawless keepsake to remember your big day forever. We are also a qualified member of The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA)” Image of the Year

Limerick Travel Limerick Travel was first founded by Tony and Sheila Brazil in 1971 and has grown into a thriving business over the past forty four years. Located in Limerick City, the business is multi faceted dealing with all aspects of domestic and international travel. The team of travel experts are dedicated in their research and exploration of new events, activities and services. Speak directly with their team about your preferences and ideas and benefit from their experience and wide network of contacts. They will plan all aspects of your holiday including accommodation, transport and leisure activities. -Honeymoon Provider of the Year

Limerick Racecourse “Having your hen party at Limerick Racecourse isn’t a gamble and guaranteed odds you’ll have a brilliant time. A day at the races is just the way to end life as a singleton and clear the final hurdle before married life beckons. We can offer you a range of packages starting from only €15pp. There is also an opportunity to present a trophy to one of the wining connections and a nice hen profile in the race-card which is a lovely memento. Dress up and see the hen off in style.” - Hen Party Venue of the Year

Ciara Downes “Ciara Downes is my name and I am a mobile wedding hairstylist. I travel to either your home or hotel on the morning of your big day. I am very passionate about my work. I also cover every other aspect of hairdressing. My favourite part of my job is to see the change and transformation in my client’s whole look and also being asked to be part of a bride’s special day is very important to me as it is a person’s most important day of their lives and I get to be a part of that.” FB Ciara Downes McNamara - Hair Stylist of the Year Last Minute Minders “To Invite the kids or not, that is the question. If you would like to share your special day with some little VIPs why not bring in the professionals so they don’t have to sit through all the “boring grown up” bits. Last Minute Minders will discreetly come to your wedding and set up a full entertainment factory for the kids! From big games and activities to arts and crafts and quiet time, we do it all! All of our minders are garda vetted and qualified and great gun (it’s part of the job description!) Last Minute Minders have different packages available based on your requirements and budgets.” FB - Kids Focused Wedding Supplier of the Year



Meet Kelly Ann O' ConnorWedding Coordinator at The Brehon, Killarney Wedding Coordinator Kelly Ann O’Connor joined the team at The Brehon, Killarney just last year having previously worked in Dublin, Las Vegas and Chicago.

“I love working at The Brehon,” says Kelly Ann. “It has an amazing reputation for weddings and is known throughout the industry for its attention to detail and excellent food. My motto in life is that it’s the little things that matter, so I’m delighted to be a part of a team where this motto is firmly upheld.” Situated adjacent to Killarney National Park, The Brehon is the perfect hotel for couples seeking an extra special venue for their wedding day. From the moment you enter the hotel’s marble reception area, you understand the special emphasis the hotel places on making guests welcome and providing superior quality and award-winning service. Accolades include being graded Ireland’s leading Four Star Hotel by Fáilte Ireland and receiving a Gold Medal Award from Hotel and Catering Review. “The Banqueting Suite at The Brehon has recently undergone a fabulous refurbishment with new carpet, lighting and curtains. It is a highly versatile room and I love that each couple can use this versatility to inject their own style into the room.” “I have worked on every type of wedding you can imagine, from elaborate, lavish weddings with limitless budgets to intimate family gatherings where simplicity was key. Regardless of budget my advice is always the same - the key to a great wedding is making sure your wedding guests have an enjoyable evening too. Everyone enjoys a good celebration!” “Here at The Brehon we understand that each guest is a VIP and we go out of way to make sure every last person has a fantastic time.” Kelly Ann loves everything to do with weddings and even on her downtime she is always looking for inspiration and new ideas. “I love planning weddings, I Iove that each wedding is different and that each couple injects their own personalities into the day. I have the best job because I get to look after guests and couples on the happiest day of their lives.” For more information visit To make an appointment with Kelly Ann or to request a wedding pack call 064 6630700 or email



inside the Bridal Room

Aoife Sadlier & Stephen Cawley

Photos courtesy of Cardam Photography 94

A BIT ABOUT THE BRIDE Aoife Sadlier is from Monaleen, Limerick. Aoife works in Dublin as Global Strategic Planner for spirits company, William Grant & Sons. A BIT ABOUT THE GROOM Stephen Cawley is from Ballina, Co. Mayo. Stephen works in engineering sales for ABB in Dublin. Aoife and Stephen currently live in Stoneybatter, Dublin. THE MEET “We met through a mutual friend in Galway in late 2011, but only struck up a relationship when we met again in early 2012 in Dublin, again with the matchmaking skills of our mutual friend!” THE PROPOSAL “Stephen proposed on the top of Croagh Patrick, Mayo in early September 2014 on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. It was a total surprise and I was a bit shell shocked at both managing to reach the top of the mountain and then the proposal which followed!” THE RING Cape Town, South Africa. “Aoife was travelling for work there in October, and Stephen came to join her for an extended holiday and diamond shopping” WEDDING DATE May 15, 2015 CHURCH Monaleen church , Limerick

HOTEL Kilshane House, Tipperary BRIDEMAIDS Mary O’Keeffe, Lisa Collins and Kathryn Condon. “Unfortunately Kathryn couldn’t make it on the day as she had a baby boy, Tom, the morning of the wedding.” GROOMSMEN Joe Murphy, Nigel Reape, Bernard Barrett FLOWERGIRLS Heather Pattman and Eimear Cawley RING BEARER Conor Cawley USHERS Kieran Davidson and John Ryan CAKE By Aoife’s mum Mary Sadlier!


QUIRKY BITS Vintage ladder made and painted by Stephen’s parents Connie and Walter and decorated by Aoife’s mum Mary, potted floral arrangements, personal photos and candelabras for Kilshane House made by Aoife’s mum and various helping hands! Drinks reception was a variety of Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum summer cocktails using drinks kindly supplied by Aoife’s workplace, William Grant & Sons. Drinks reception was in the stunning Kilshane House conservatory with music from an old restored Gramaphone played by Gramaphone DJ, Cormac Lally. TRANSPORT Aoife’s uncle Greg McKie PHOTOGRAPHER Damien Byrne of Cardam Photography VIDEOGRAPHER SES Digital FIRST DANCE Salsa Dance to ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ WHY THIS FIRST DANCE? “We had been learning salsa for a number of months so wanted to try and show off some of our moves!” THE DRESS Maggie Sottero, purchased in RK Bridal, New York. “I was working there in December and my mum came over to go wedding dress shopping.” HOW MANY DRESSES DID YOU TRY ON? “At least 40!” VEIL “Made by my mum who actually made two- a long and short one, and I chose the long one on the morning!” SHOES David’s Bridal Boutique, Manhattan, New York, HOW MANY GUESTS? 140


THE NEXT DAY A BBQ in Kilshane House in early evening followed by an acoustic folk band THE HONEYMOON San Francisco and Hawaii for two and a half weeks ADVICE FOR BRIDES PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? “Enjoy every minute of the lead up as it is such a happy and exciting time; try to take some time out on the day to reflect and soak it all in, even for a few minutes as it goes by in the blink of an eye!”

Fun Questions

One thing you would change about your day? Try and make it last longer! Which part was the biggest blur? The whole day is so special but also goes by in a blur, but probably the first dance was the thing I remember the least as we really got into it and enjoyed the moment! Song you walked up the aisle to? ‘She Moved through the Fair’ Song you walked down the aisle to? ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’

How great was it to work with Cardam Photography? “Damien was a delight to work with from the very beginning. His calm and confident manner put us at ease from our initial meeting, and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He was extremely professional and flexible in his approach, and it was clear that his priority was ensuring Stephen and I were happy and at ease with his planning and approach, both in the lead up to the wedding and on the big day itself. He seamlessly managed the delicate balance of getting so many beautiful shots of us, our families and our guests throughout the day while also being discreet as he worked, and a real pleasure to be around. P: 086 722 2252


Bunratty Castle Hotel “As one of the leading wedding venues in Munster you can be assured that the Bunratty Castle Hotel will meet all of your expectations and more. We understand that when it comes to wedding celebrations creating the perfect event is essential. It is your wedding your way at the Bunratty Castle Hotel and we would love to work with you to create a customised individual package based on your specific requirements. From the moment you walk through our door at Bunratty Castle Hotel you will experience a warm welcome, gracious hospitality and personal service. Our reputation for good food and friendly service as well as high standards and attention to detail will ensure you have a memorable day.” Function Room of the Year & Wedding Personality of the Year - David Shelly GM

Memory Lane Photography David Lane of is a photographer with a passion for capturing life’s special moments. This desire was formed from a practical wish to record the stages of his own family’s life and inspired him to study the art of photography. David has twice been short-listed for the National Smedia photography awards. He is a member of the SWPP and since graduating now shares his knowledge as a tutor with LCFE .Leading up to your wedding David offers a consultation and engagement photography session this helps build a comfortable relationship with clients. On your wedding day you can rest with confidence, enjoy yourself and then look back over your amazing photographic memories. Newcomer Photographer of the Year

Marette’s “Marette’s is in their second year specialising in flower girl dresses, with 30 years selling communion dresses and a sister shop to Dance City Dancewear. We are now a one stop shop for dresses, satin shoes, socks, tights, boleros and hair accessories for flowers girls. Our gorgeous range of flower-girl dresses are a perfect mix of styles, something that’s just as important for bride and her little ones. We stock the traditional white and ivory, long or short length. You can also choose from our new range of colours too, there is something for all. If you’re planning on sending your little flower girls down the aisle in something very special, then you must visit Marette’s.” FB Marette’s Communion Wear- Flowergirl Dress Supplier of the Year

Munster DJ Hire “Limerick is a fantastic hub for weddings across the South West with some Ireland’s premier venues and stunning scenery. I am delighted to have been chosen as Wedding DJ of the Year for the region and look forward to visiting many of these fantastic locations the region has to offer. Often the disco part of the entertainment is overlooked but it is just as important to finish on a high as it is to start on one and so I will continue to put 110 percent into all of my bookings!” DJ of the Year

Bondy Rose Bakery Bondy Rose Bakery is all about creating bespoke, designer wedding cakes, where cake art can be used to its very best so you can get your ‘wow’ wedding cake. Bondy Rose offers a personal and professional service. We ensure your wedding cake will be the talking point on your special day and the cake will be remembered! All cakes are made with the finest of ingredients and decorated to the highest of standards with impeccable attention to detail. Wedding cakes can be made to co-ordinate with a certain theme, colour palette, your wedding invitations or just something you really love. At Bondy Rose Bakery we love, ‘Creating Sweet Memories’. Cake Designer of the Year

Plush Beauty Plush Beauty and Day Spa located in Dooradoyle Limerick is owned and operated by Ciara Flanagan. Ciara has 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry and the salon is in operation for over 12 years and is a previous winner of Irish Salon of the Year. Plush operates a full salon service with marquee brands available including Matis Paris skin care, HD Brows, New Maxcell “WAKE UP WITH MAKE UP”, Ilac One Step Polish and Odyessy Nail System which can be viewed on their online shop Beauty Salon of the Year


**2016 direct flights from Dublin to Mexico & Jamaica from June 13th & 20th** Early booking essential.

Fully Licensed & Bonded TA0166 -



2016 will provide the opportunity of a lifetime for honeymoons and weddings in Mexico and Jamaica as the magnificent Thomson Dreamliner aircraft is commencing a series of 14 night flights direct from Dublin from June 13 and June 20 respectively until August 8 so book early as it’s a relatively short series of flights and what a pleasure it will be without changing at different airports. The Dreamliner is revolutionising air travel with advanced comfort and wellbeing features on board, reducing the effects of jetlag and ensuring customers holiday experience starting as soon as they step on board this state of the art aircraft with a nonstop 10 hour flight to your dream destination. Marvel at the mood lighting in the cabins and enjoy a drink on board for free except for the champagne!

Cancun, Mexico - On the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of Mexico’s leading destinations and the gateway to the resorts in Riviera Maya to the south. Cancun has grown significantly in popularity with the Irish long-haul holidaymaker and is now next in popularity to Florida in that part of the world. There is a superb selection of hotels to suit all requirements and are based on an all Inclusive basis.

Jamaica - Whether it’s the sound of Bob Marley famous reggae beats, or the scent of the famous rum coupled with the original laid back island lifestyle, Jamaica is just a nation with a variety and richness that is simply breath taking – an Island of contrasting scenery and sightseeing possibilities. The main resorts on the Island are Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios and the incredible beaches are something you can really look forward to. Your wedding or honeymoon would not be complete without a visit to the famous 180 metre long mix of cascades and rock pools in the middle of the rainforest – the unforgettable Dunn’s River Falls. A visit to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is a must to view the huge range of Marley memorabilia and a replica of his record shop “Wall’nSoul.’ An array of white sandy beaches with the bright blue seas are surrounded by wall to wall sunny skies. Fancy spending your honeymoon at the Sensatori Resort on a seven mile stretch of beach with your own swim up pool or if you prefer the adults-only Secrets St James Montego or at Mahee Bay in the Riu Montego Bay, or the Royal Decameron Club with prices from Dublin for all Inclusive from e1659.

Picture perfect beaches and gorgeous settings and venues for you dream wedding or honeymoon. Along the Yucatan Peninsula purpose built resorts edge the tropical beaches while jungle tours and water sports opportunities are easy to arrange. Fancy swimming with dolphins at Xel-Ha – the largest natural aquarium in the world? The eco park on the Riviera Maya has created a series of natural underwater habitats and the chance to swim with stingrays, dolphins and turtles. You can explore the Mayan ruins, taste Mexican food and wine and watch the exotic dancers perform in brightly coloured body paint. Choose from the truly luxury Sensatori elegant resort on the beach in Bahia Petempich, or the amazing Grand Sirenis Resort & Spa in Tulum in the lap of luxury, or the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma - all hotel on an all Inclusive basis – this is what we recommend when planning your honeymoon as you can plan your budget with prices to Cancun from e1699.


Limerick Travel can take care of all the little extras that put the polish on your Special Day including flowers, photos, video, beauty, cake and music. The well informed staff in the Honeymoon Department at Limerick Travel, Bedford Row, Limerick will be only too happy to advise so call 061 204444 or email-



Thinking about forgoing the traditional Irish wedding and hopping on a plane to Europe? You may have already decided you want something different and something more intimate. Brides of Limerick have complied a few wedding destinations that might tickle your fancy. Here are some fun destinations for you to start researching. AMALFI COAST, ITALY Italy is one of the world’s most romantic destinations so the only problem with choosing this beautiful country is picking where. The idyllic side streets and rustic appearance of the buildings make the perfect setting for an intimate wedding day. The Amalfi Coast has become a popular wedding destination in recent years and it’s no surprise why. The food, the beach fronts and the five star hotel possibilities are enough of a reason to add this to your wedding destination list. We’ve featured a number of Limerick brides in the past who chose the Amalfi Coast to get married in. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC The capital city of the Czech Republic is full of history and stunning architecture. ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ is best known for its Gothic churches and medieval Astronomical Clock making it a suitable candidate for a European wedding. Prague also boasts the largest castle in the world according to the Guinness World Book of Records so you are bound to have fabulous wedding pictures from this gorgeous city. A short flight away, it’s also an affordable destination for your guests to reach. VIENNA, AUSTRIA Perfect for a winter wonderland wedding, Vienna plays host to snow in the winter, although is milder than the rest of Austria. Steeped in history with fabulous architecture Vienna is yet another gem in central Europe. The mountainous scenery is sprinkled with endless greenery and castles; this country is definitely one for the sophisticated couple. It can be pricey so take that into consideration for your guests but certainly worth it. MALTA Situated between Sicily and the South African Coast, Malta is a destination wedding hotspot. The blue waters and stunning cliffs make this island a suitable destination for both an intimate wedding and larger parties. The Azure Window, a huge natural arch in the sea cliffs is one of Malta’s biggest tourist attractions and is sure to stand out in the wedding album. The island is also famous for its night life so it’s the perfect place for couples that are up for a bit of craic post wedding day. 102

ALGRAVE, PORTUGAL Did someone say beach wedding? Portugal is the dream destination for couples planning a beach wedding. The constant sunshine and fabulous views make your wedding day effortlessly beautiful and will have your guests looking forward to sharing your special day with you. The Algarve has one of Portugal’s most stunning coastlines, with plenty of beachside wedding locations available, it deserves a spot on the all-important list of possibilities. Algarve is also a very popular destination wedding location for Limerick couples. DUBROVNIK, CROATIA Another coastal beauty, Dubrovnik is a stunning venue for a wedding. The city lies down South of Croatia. The town is filled with culture with buildings from both the Gothic and Renaissance eras. The old town feel gives Dubrovnik an enchanting feel, perfect for the romantic wedding day you’ve always wanted.


By Michaela Keating A lot of couples have children before they get married now and although the idea of a 2-week romantic vacation to the Maldives sounds amazing many newlyweds want to include a mini-vacation with their little ones before heading off later in the year themselves. TAYTO PARK, CO. MEATH If you’re looking for something more close to home a visit to Tayto Park should do just the trick! Ireland’s only theme park has been highly praised since it opened in Ashbourne, Co Meath in 2010. The park boasts rollercoaster attractions for all age groups and is home to many animals in its on campus zoo! From birds to mammals and the Cu Chulainn rollercoaster, a visit to Tayto Park is the perfect spot to take the kids on a mini break away. KILDARE MAZE ACTIVITY PARK Leinster’s largest hedge maze is an amazing attraction located in North Kildare. With great prices, this is a budget busting break away with the kids. The park has a range of attractions including crazy golf, adventure trails, zipwire, picnic areas and of course the hedge maze. The park is open seven days a week in June, July and August and weekends only in September. DELPHI ADVETURE RESORT, CO. GALWAY Delphi Adventure Resort is located in Connemara, Co Galway surrounded by stunning views of the West’s mountainous countryside. Delphi offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages and abilities making it the perfect break away for families with ranging age groups. If you are looking for some alone time, let the kids enjoy the variety of activities while you slip away to the spa to relax with some fabulous treatments and enjoy some post wedding chill out time.


DINGLE OCEANWORLD AQUARIUM, CO. KERRY Dingle is one of Ireland’s most popular spots to visit and with plenty to do for the family; it should definitely make it to your mini moon list. Dingle has many attractions to keep the family entertained with local food and fabulous hotels so it’s ideal for a few days away. Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is perfect for small kids who are fascinated by all things fishy! The aquarium hosts Ireland’s largest selection of sharks and is also home to penguins, turtles, starfish and plenty more sea animals and is sure to impress the kids. DISNEYLAND PARIS It’s no surprise that Disneyland Paris is the most visited theme park in France and all of Europe with its numerous attractions, places to eat and of course the all important characters. A visit to Disneyland is a dream come true for most children (and even their parents!) so few days spent with Mickey, Minnie and the gang makes for a perfect break away with the family. The website offers plenty of offers that extend as far as next year making it the perfect choice for couples planning to head away with their little monkeys after their wedding.

LEGOLAND With six Legoland resorts worldwide and three more due to open between 2016 and 2017, you can take your pick as to where you would like to go from; Denmark, The UK, California, Germany, Florida and Malaysia. The Legoland Parks are aimed at kids aged 11 and under, with attractions suited best to younger kids. Lego is an all-time favourite throughout the generations and is sure to bring out the inner child in all the family!


AnnaCarriga Estate “AnnaCarriga has the most unique setting and a very personal approach all the way through planning your wedding. Our Glass Pavilion overlooks the crystal clear waters of Lough Derg and panoramic views of the lake give you a remarkable backdrop for your wedding photography and reception. We work with every couple closely to create an unforgettable day for everyone. We host only one wedding a weekend and the day you choose is your day, so you can relax and truly enjoy your day with family and friends.” Alternative Wedding Venue of the Year

Ralph McMahon Have your wedding make an impact before it has even begun. Ralph can make your invitations and signing boards as individual as you with your very own caricature portrait with a touch of humour. Originally from an animation and design background Ralph now also specializes in caricatures for wedding invitations, signing boards, birthday caricatures, hen party caricatures, christening caricatures and any special event to commemorate a special day. What sets caricatures by Ralph apart is the attention to detail to everything from the resemblance to the church and signposts. His prices are also the most competitive in the current market and people never fail to be amazed when they see the final product. FB Ralph Mc Mahon- Alternative Wedding Invites of the Year

Vintage Ice Cream Heaven & Candy Heaven Candy heaven is a small local business. Run by sisters Marian and Alison and based around the Clare and Limerick region Candy Heaven supplies candy carts and ice cream carts, with a strong emphasis on quality and customer interaction. The classic look of the carts allows them to fit in with nearly all weddings and settings adding a touch of class that it can be difficult to find from other companies. They also supply candy and ice cream packages for parties and events. Candy wedding favours have been a huge hit this year. “Thank you to everyone for their support in our continuing venture, and watch this space for our 2016 additions to the company”. FB Ice Cream and Candy Heaven -Candy Cart Supplier of the Year

Kate’s Kloset “We opened our business two years ago and thoroughly enjoy working with brides and bridesmaids during their exciting wedding planning. In addition to stocking all ranges from Dessy NY, we also provide bespoke wedding flowers. The shop is spacious and relaxing. We allow plenty of time for each appointment so every bridal party can relax and enjoy their time looking for the perfect dress. Currently offering sale prices on all orders of the Dessy NY 2015 styles. We are located in Askeaton, just 15 minutes from Adare and 25 from Limerick City.” FB Kates Kloset- Bridesmaid Dress Supplier of the Year

Limerick Strand Hotel “The hotel is renowned for its beautiful setting which lends itself quite magically to becoming a dream wedding location. We have gained an excellent reputation for our setting, service and food. Dramatic views of the River Shannon and city skyline all make for spectacular photographs. New for 2015 – “The Secret Garden” A magical enhancement to The Shannon Suite, the clever private space brings the outdoors indoors in a fully heated chic, urban, covered entertainment space adding a special setting for drinks, after party and photos for your guests.” Joint Wedding Venue of the Year

Kathleen O’Brien Founded in 2011, Kathleen O’Brien Clothing Alterations provides clothing alterations and couture services in the Limerick area. With over 30 years of professional experience in dealing with bridal wear, debs dress designs and general alterations, Kathleen takes great pride in her work and treats each customer as if they were her only customer. As she works from her own home off the North Circular Road in Limerick, Kathleen is able to offer a dedicated service to her customers and ensures every project is treated with the same attention to detail. FB Kathleen O Brien Clothing Alterations – Wedding Alterations of the Year


Specialising in Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes, Belgian Chocolate Cake Pops and Delicious Dessert Tables

Newtown, Castletroy, Limerick - Contact Aine on 087 286 7718


BRIDES OF LIMERICK WEDDING INDUSTRY AWARD WINNERS 2015 MM Cookies MMCookies is renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant design that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious. They realise that you are looking for a once in a lifetime cake and aim to tailor each cake to suit the individual occasion and couple. All cakes are handmade to order from scratch using only the finest quality ingredients available, to ensure they not only look fantastic but are melt-in-your-mouth divine too!” Alternative Cake Supplier of the Year

Magpie and Moon Magpie and Moon is a Limerick based business established in 2013. Primarily we create custom handmade brooch bouquets using vintage and contemporary materials. We also create a range of handmade accessories including buttonholes, bowties, shoeclips and headpieces. At Magpie and Moon we love everything vintage and a little bit Rock n Roll. Drawing on influences from the decadent and glamorous styles of the 1950s and 1920s and using a diverse range of colours and materials we work closely with our brides to bring their initial vision to life. FB Magpieandmoon- Accessory Designer of the Year

Kenneth Baker of Baker Photography Rose Petal Baker started her Baker Photography 29 years ago in Adare and since has moved the business to Newcastle West. Kenneth, her son has been involved in Baker Photography from a young age, framing photographs and assembling albums. Now full time in Baker Photography, Kenneth and Rose both have a great passion for photographing weddings with a relaxed, fun and friendly approach. Capturing a visual narrative of your wedding day, it is well worth a trip to their studio in Newcastle West to browse some of their albums Front Page Image of the Year

Irish Diamond Limousine “Our showrooms are on the Church Road Raheen, Limerick. We have a selection of wedding cars to suit your needs and style, ten vintage cars of differing types and colours. All cars come with champagne, ribbons and an umbrella. Three limo’s with different interiors and colours also two stretch Hummers. The showroom is open for viewing by appointment only. We now also do The Party Bus for hens and stags for up to 16 people.” Wedding Car Supplier of the Year

High Nelly “Our family business HighNelly Bikes based in Cappamore Co. Limerick is in its fifteenth year restoring and offering all the joys of vintage HighNelly bicycles to the people of Ireland and abroad. HighNelly wedding services is no exception when it comes to the passion we have for our business. With a genuine refurbished 1921 Ice Cream Tricycle we will serve your guests delicious homemade ice cream outside the church which may just keep them from the pub for another hour or two but more importantly will without question leave a lasting memory and a few photographs with them all. The vintage ice cream tricycle is always a delight to all. Ice Cream Supplier of the Year

Ursula Looby “I have been in the millinery business for the last few years and have enjoyed the art of creating headpieces, fascinators and couture hats for many of my clients. My hats have won first prize in the Ladies Day competitions and I, along with my sister have now opened Lady Mucks with DIY Hats in 84 O’Connell St, Limerick. Lady Mucks retails bridal wear and DIY hats provide all millinery supplies/courses which gives ladies the opportunity to explore their creative talents. FB Ursula Looby Diyhatscom Wedding Fascinator Designer of the Year

Educogym Corbally “Our programmes are designed to make you lose body fat, increase muscle mass, speed up fat-burning metabolism and make you feel great. It works in three steps personally tailored to you: focus, train and nourish. The best thing is all training is supervised personal training so you are guaranteed to always make progress. Training only takes 20 minutes, three times a week so you are not relying on yourself alone as you would in most other gyms. Diet and nutrition plays a big part in getting into shape, feeling good and having good energy. Before commencing any programme all clients have a full nutritional consultation. We keep it easy and even give a shopping list and recipe ideas! There are no starvation diets, just good nutrition.” Wedding Fitness Supplier of the Year 108

Wedding Planner Samantha Harding talks about the love she has for her job As a wedding planner based in the Munster area, I have access to some of the nicest venues in Ireland. I love finding new gems, as well as using well established and more traditional spots. People always say ‘oh my gosh, it must so stressful being a wedding planner! All that pressure!’ but to be honest it’s not really stressful at all. Maybe it is because I love organising and planning things and getting the job done, who knows! That is what it is about mainly – finding solutions and not seeing problems, and having fun with the bride and groom. When you plan a wedding you are doing something really positive and significant, there is a combination of fulfilling expectations and matching beliefs and values; all within one momentous occasion. Ireland is a magical and versatile destination for a wedding. I work with a lot of couples living abroad, mainly North America and the UK and Australia. Usually either the bride or the grooms are from Ireland and have moved abroad and met someone and fallen in love. Almost always they want to have the wedding back home here. It’s a brilliant excuse for all the Americans or Canadians to come and visit Ireland and find some ancestors! My big goal is to plan Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters’ weddings! Having lived in North America and the UK for 17 years I can communicate well with both the bride and groom. I also understand what it is like to be so far away from a place which is your home. I have lots of experience and contacts in both

countries and enjoy having fun with all nationalities. As someone with Irish, Russian, Polish, Scottish and English blood in me I think I could get on with anyone! I also work with couples who want to marry in a different part of Ireland to the one they are living in. Adare in County Limerick is a destination wedding for a couple living in Dublin! It is pretty hard to organize a wedding if you are living and working 200 miles away from your preferred wedding venue, and I help couples and their families at any stage of the process. If they just want advice or feet on the ground or my complete involvement in the event I can assist. Having a trusted and hardworking team as well as competent suppliers helps me too! I think Ireland is a wonderful country. I know we have an obsession with the weather and at times we feel that someone really has it in for us with all that rain. But I would still prefer to be planning a wedding in a jewel of a place in the middle of the winter in Ireland than anywhere else! Samantha Harding Events

Samantha Harding Wedding And Event Planner t. 00353(0)86 171 5035 e.


A new owner, a new manager and an award winner wedding coordinator makes the

team one of the strongest in Munster 2015 has been a great year for the Charleville Park Hotel. The hotel was bought by Pat McDonagh early this year and with a new owner and new General Manager Declan O’Grady a new drive and energy has enveloped the hotel. In addition the bubbly and friendly Wedding Coordinator Barbara Riordan had her hard work and dedication to all her couples recognised, when she won the Wedding Coordinator of the Year (outside of Limerick) at the inaugural award ceremony this year! Couples now looking to book their wedding in the north cork property will be blown away by the recently revamped ballroom, which was just completed in June of this year! Barbara and her team would love to chat with you and help you create your dream wedding day, with wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Call Barbara on 063 33700 or email 110


On May 8, 2015 the inaugural Brides of Limerick wedding industry awards were held at the Limerick Strand Hotel. Limerick’s wedding businesses came out in their droves to support the 2015 winners and a great night was had by all.

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Brides Of limerick Issue 8  

Brides Of limerick Issue 8

Brides Of limerick Issue 8  

Brides Of limerick Issue 8