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Become a change-maker in your local environment!

What’s ice? In the 21st century, sustainable business development is increasingly tied to collaborative processes of technological innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Consequently, there is a need for enabling processes, methods and spaces that bring together individuals with ideas and potential, who are motivated to become change-makers in their local environment. ice seeks to enable innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship in terms of actions and behaviours – create, share and benefit. The core principles of ice: 1. To identify, enable and share technological and business solutions for local challenges 2. To invent products and services that generate sustainable incomes 3. To explore new methods for interdisciplinary collaboration 4. To strengthen community-shared workspaces 5. To encourage entrepreneurship with strong environmental and social commitment 6. To foster shift towards a sharing economy. icecommunity The ice community refers to people exhibiting the following behaviours throughout the world: 1. Share your knowledge and resources to achieve common goals. 2. Promote the work of your peers. 3. Share opportunities for work, income streams and value creation. 4. Network people and organisations. icehubs icehubs are community driven technology innovation spaces with a strong social and environmental commitment. Hubs promote the invention and development of home-grown technological products and services that constitute affordable and viable technological solutions for local challenges. Hubs bring together a diverse community of action-oriented thinkers, doers and leaders in an environment characterized by a collaborative mentality. icehubs are autonomous, locally managed and financially self-sustainable. These hubs offer facilities and activities to foster community building, networking and collaborative learning. icehubs are politically and religiously neutral. icenetwork The icehubs-network is an emerging open network enabled by GIZ in partnership with various local organisations. Currently the network consists of iceaddis, icecairo, icealex and icebauhaus. Collaboration between the hubs is facilitated virtually as well as physically. Learning and sharing between hubs is encouraged.

Why innovation, collaboration,


ship matter.

icebauhaus is the German partner in the international ice network of greentech & social innovation hubs. icebauhaus is geared towards a bottom-up strategy that combines both local and international trends with state-of-the-art technological developments. We have been active since 2011 under the name icebauhaus, and work in close cooperation with the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

«Explore new methods for inter-

«Encourage entrepreneurship with

disciplinary collaboration.»

strong environmental and social commitment.» The association‘s mission and goals revolve around fostering international understanding and development cooperation. We promote issues of public interest by supporting the sustainable economic, technological and academic development and provide a platform for an exchange of views and ideas. We support an open dialogue between academics and students, and develop programmes aimed at bringing artists and creative individuals together. icebauhaus also encourages the concept of social entrepreneurship with the help of knowledge transfer and pilot projects in our partner countries, and cooperates with major players from the field of international collaboration.

ice is an ever-growing international network. Four different icehubs are currently up and running. Expansion of the network is being planned. The icehubs in Cairo, Alexandria and Addis Ababa offer support to innovators and their ideas as they are expected to devise solutions to local and global challenges within a regional context. The icehubs bring together an eclectic mix of conceptual and increasingly practical local initiatives, international collaboration, company start-ups, investors, inspired and curious individuals, technical and social innovations, improvisatory and collaborative working methods, along with high-tech and low-tech – all this in the form of a flexible matrix. The icehubs operate autonomously in conjunction with the network partners.

Icebauhaus flyer 2013  

icebauhaus flyer 2013

Icebauhaus flyer 2013  

icebauhaus flyer 2013