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True to the mind and body.

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Want to cleanse your body of toxins and waste for a slimmer and healthier you? Call Princess at 336-793-0703 Or visit us at 4319 High Point Rd. Ste. 104 Greensboro, NC 27402


FABulous Transformations Graduating college just a few years ago, Princess Campbell decided to let detox products work for her, literally. Fabulous Transformations is her business that not only specializes in detox capsules but the full make over. “I wanted to make sure everything was covered,” said Campbell who used the products herself at first and was amazed by the results and so were her peers. “I liked the fact that it allowed me to keep my curves. So, I decided to make my own business out of it,” said Campbell. Unlike many detox programs; Campbell offers coaching so that she can help her clients along with the process and also sells make up products. She believes that it’s not about just losing weight, you should feel healthy and beautiful, too. “This year I want to continue being successful and start a weight loss world tour,” Campbell said. Campbell is the true testament of what happens when you listen to yourself. Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to take risks.

To stay orga nized I… Use a planne r and calend ar; I’m big on writin g things out so I can see it.

en All businesswom need… it person can’t do e n o t; n ta is ss a An all. Before a me eting I… Have to be p repared, wit h my products, ha ndouts and everything for presenta tion.

My power breakfast is…

My power outfit is… To de-stress I… versatile; white t-shirt, purple skirt, red scarf and metallic pumps!

take milk baths.

veggies and fruit smoothies, I’m working on being a vegan.

The Style Agent With a degree in business management, Chanel Hunter was not satisfied. She wanted to be happy with what she was doing. In 2008, Hunter decided to start her company, the In Style Agency. With it, she wanted to infuse her love for fashion with wardrobe styling, pattern making, and event planning. “My ultimate goal is to enhance the appearance of men and women,” said Hunter. “I want to teach them that you can be more creative with what you have.” With her agency, she has helped with many fashion and hair shows; she also models when asked to. Her goals for the upcoming year are to market and expand her business outside of Greensboro. “I just want to help people feel comfortable in their own skin,” says Hunter. And that’s exactly what she can do for you.


Chanel dressing the true you Hunter

In-Style Agency is an attractive, fashionforward establishment that will provide marketing, event planning, and image consulting services. This business will legally be structured as a limited liability corporation owned by Ms. Nanyamka Chanel Hunter. In-Style Agency will strive to maximize profit, increase market share, and provide impeccable services for our customers. Each service will benefit and fulfill our customer’s desires. In-Style Agency will offer a variety of services including: event planning and marketing, apparel pattern maker, fashion show coordinator, fashion stylist, public relations specialists, and wardrobe consultant. 1 704.524.1706

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA We all have some way that we transport our goods on a daily basis, but does it have to be boring? NO! Its that time of year to upgrade your briefcase and make your bag stand out just as much as you do. This article is dedicated to the ladiez that love to have a fresh bag by their side, but are practical enough to know that it needs to have plenty of space for all the things a lady needs. This type of lady is always on the go and needs a bag that accommodates her style and calendar.


Starting from the top and work clockwise we have a great variety of bags to choose from . At 12 pm we have more versatile and classic bag in black. My main bag that I carry every day is a black, patent leather, snake-skin embossed bag that enables me to carry the laptop, files, a smaller bag, and all the toiletries and snacks one business lady needs to make it through a day at of meetings, organizations, and publicity. This bag can also double as a weekend bag for those that travel a lot and just need to throw it in the BAG!

At 3 pm we have the loud and proud yellow big bird bag. This bag is not chicken and is ready to handle the all your tasks while making itself a centerpiece of you wardrobe. When others take a look at the bag they can assume you are fun-loving and have a couple of surprises in your bag. This bag is perfect for attending the Power Moves Conference in Charlotte, NC, Saturday, March 17, 2012. This event is where the women in Charlotte that want to make professional connections and show their desire to expand their businesses will be at. 5 pm rolls around for the lady that’s a little more traditional and wants to have a femininity-punch of color with a salmon hued addition to the wardrobe. This bag goes great for the business lady that likes to wear neutrals because its not a far fetched option, but it spices up your brown, beige, nudes, and goes well with hints of orange in your wardrobe. This is great for those that attend a Sista Sense Social hosted by Blogger Supreme; LaShanda Henry, and want to have plenty of business cards and information to share with fellow attendees. 7 pm floats in with a bold royal blue. Blue is often seen as a business staple, but this blue says you are ready for the Democratic National Convention that will hit Charlotte, NC from September 3-7, 2012. For details, volunteerism opportunities, and updates visit Royal blue makes your black stand out and feels very nautical when paired with white. Accessorize with a scarf or a pin that shows your support for the Invisible Children of KONY 2012. 9 pm makes its debut with a money influenced green bag that brings in thoughts of a completed day. By 9 ppm everyday we would love for our bags to have plenty of money from all of our hard work. This type of bag is great for ladies that need quick access to cell phones, iPods, etc. Bring this bag to a Triad Afterwork Social because there are always plenty of people to meet at these events. Lady Bizness will be at the next one on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at the Clarion Hotel. Somewhere in between all the solid bags you need a print. The print can be playful, serious, but should be colorful. The pattern you choose it up to you, but make sure its something that goes with your existing wardrobe so that you can dress around the bag. Wear this bag to any event at Savoy Estates or any Lady Bizness event that you attend. We love color and personal style! Reply and let us know which bag suits your personal style.

One-of-a-Kind Kind of Girl If Ayana Eaddy is one thing, it is oneof-a-kind. Her style is classy yet fun. Her personality is bubbly and caring yet responsible and organized. As the owner of Yanaeboo’s Boutique, she strives to make personalized and unique accessories and clothing pieces for all of her There is a hat for everyone, customers. even when you think you The boutique don’t wear hats. It’s not that the hat doesn’t fit you. It’s prides itself as a store that you haven’t chosen that provides cloththe right hat!
 ing and accessories of all sorts that make Let me help you! their customers more confident with the 919-539-8317 items you already have. They promote the idea that no one Located in Garner NC 27529

To feel my best, I...

Every good businesswoman should have…

Listen to music.

To stay organized, I… Write everything down.

A black dress.


needs to dress like anyone beside himself or herself to be stylish. Eaddy’s mother founded the company over eight years ago. It was there that Ayanna discovered her passion for reinvented fashion. Last year, in 2011, Ayanna broke out and created her own, handmade line of hair bows and accessories. With dreams of one day expanding their original creations to three different locations in the Triad area, Yanaeboo’s Boutique is a company to watch.

Out with the old... In with the unique!

Ayanna Eaddy

Ashleigh Crawley Â


ve o l in ith w e lov

My power outfit is…

Worth 1,000 Words

All black top, dark denim jeans and boots.

Her beautifully decorated studio pales in comparison to the incredible photos that adorn the walls, and her warm personality only I always accessorize brightens the whole atmosphere. with… Ashleigh Crawley, owner of Still Shots Photography, makes her studio a Bright lipstick. home. Ever since she was a little girl, Crawley has been intrigued by photography. Since seeing a female photogMy role model rapher at a wedding when she was is… 8, Crawley’s passion has only grown. Crawley began working as a Jerry Ghionis. freelance photographer while she was still in high school, and was quickly persuaded to turn her passion into a job. Still Shots Photography ahs over 15 years of experience, the most recent five being Crawley’s full-time career. “I try to capture the essence of our clients. Whether it’s the joy of a new wife or documenting some335 Studio B, Martin Luther King JR Drive one’s first steps…I love photograGreensboro, NC 27406 phy, and I want to share that.” Still Shots Photography takes Direct: 336.987.9394 wedding, bridal, boudoir, and famStudio: 336.275.1116 ily photos as well as headshots. With hopes of one day franchising her studio and moving to a second, larger, city, Ashleigh Crawley is capturing moments along the journey.

I always accessorize with… Shoes. Preferably peep toe pumps.

My role model is… Kimora Lee Simmons.

Before an event, I always… Bring my flip flops.

Show up and show out!


Lady Bizness Corporate Offices are located at 1325-B S. Eugene Street Suite 103 Greensboro, NC 27406

Chisa Pennix-Brown

Lady Bizness is a women’s organization with the mission of “Women Helping Women”.

It’s A Woman’s World “I really enjoy helping others, but I do realize that I’m not for everyone, and that everyone is not for me,” Chisa PennixBrown explains. As the CEO of Lady Bizness, Inc., Pennix-Brown understands and appreciates the importance of interpersonal relationships on both a personal level, and a professional one. Lady Bizness, Inc. is a social media relations firm, specializing in branding, corporate identity creation, social media, event planning and marketing needs. The company aims to enlighten, empower, enhance and enrich the community by offering these services to female-owned companies from a femaleowned company. A graduate of Elon University, Pennix-Brown discovered early on how to rise to a leadership position. It wasn’t until after a family member suggested that she start her own company, however, did Pennix-Brown take on her biggest leadership role. With hopes of one day expanding her clientele all along the east coast, this social media diva has proven to be a networking force in a league of her own.

Rhonda Nails is a dynamic woman with a vision to increase visibility for business owners through her platform for Project P.U.S.H. We were able to get in our 10 questions to provide a little background on what got her started and what keeps her motivated. What is your work status? Signature Notaries. I am Self-employed. Signature Notaries, LLC is my business, and Project PUSH is my organization. What made you take on the business that you are in now? I have been a Notary since 2005, and since I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit it was only logical that I turn my Notary services into a business. Project PUSH is my passion for seeing other entrepreneurs thrive and succeed. What is the best compliment that a customer have given you? Thank you for being YOU! What is your weakest area in your business that needs improvement? At this point, marketing has been the major weakness…but not for long. How will you make changes to reduce your business weakeness? As we speak,I am making immediate changes in the way I market and who I market to. It is important to KNOW who your audience is. What is the strongest part of your business that makes you successful? Both businesses are personable. You are not just a Notary or client. You are an individual and will be treated as such. I believe that is why I am referred and have repeat business over and over again.

10 Questions with Rhonda Nails


What advice can you give to someone that wants to be a part of your company? You must communicate effectively if you are to be a part of my team. There is too much FREE technology to not be able to get your message to someone. What is your favorite inspirational quote? There are so many…but my current favorite is : “It’s not who is going to let me…It’s who is going to stop me.” ~Ayn Rand Where do you see your business in 5 years? Signature Notaries, LLC will be THE premier Nationwide Signing Agency and Notary Network. It will be known for elite client service and a superior notary staff who go above and beyond for it’s clients and contractors. Project PUSH will be a new and innovative movement of motivation and positivity that flows through the entrepreneur network. Everyone will know what P.U.S.H. stands for! P.ursue U.ntil S.uccess H.appens! What one thing do you want people to remember about your business? 4 letters : P.U.S.H.!!!!!

The Not-So-Classic Pencil Skirt When you think about the professional woman, what do you see? Do you see her sophisticated glasses? Her freshly pressed, dark suit jacket? How about her heels- smart and of a reasonable height? Maybe even the classic, black pencil skirt? All of these images conjure up the picture of a strong, independent, professional women, right? Wrong. These images resemble the boring, traditional look that used to be the norm for professional women. Today women have a whole new closet of options that can still be appropriate in the work place. Take the pencil skirt, for example. The pencil skirt is defined by its shape: a slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. In a professional situation, any woman can easily add a pop of color or a level of interest to their outfit by straying from this conventional look. The key to maintaining a level of professionalism is to not go too wild, too short, or too tight. The pencil skirt should fit your body. This means that hem should fall to, or just below, the knee in general and is tailored for a close fit. The skirt should not look too loose or bulgy. The skirt can still be paired with a blouse and the optional jacket or cardigan, just as it always has been. The key to remember here is that the top should look good with the bottoms. The colors con contrast one another, match one another, or accent one another. So long as the pieces don’t clash, you are fine! Once you have the right pieces to put together, make sure the pieces all fit your body the way they are supposed to. Professionals need to know what to wear and how to wear it- that means knowing the appropriate size. The absolute most important part of your fabulous yet professional outfit is that you have to feel comfortable while wearing it. If wearing the red blouse makes you feel silly or out-of-place… if the tweed skirt is out of your comfort zone… whatever it may be, you don’t want to feel awkward in your own clothing. If you want to slowly make your way to bigger pieces of color, my suggestion would be to start small. Add a bright necklace one day, colorful earrings another. Work your way up to a red belt or shoes that provide an accent color. Before you know it you’ll be making a statement and feeling good while doing it! Just remember: it is important to look professional in the work setting, and that doesn’t have to mean boring.

In my purse, you will always find… Lip gloss, wallet and a planner.

To de-strerss, I… Eat chocolate.

To stay organized, I… Write everything downmore than once and in different places.


Making Her Mark For Lady Bizness intern Victorri Taylor, music, fashion and education are mutually symbiotic. As a sophomore at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she makes it a point to look good and feel good while she works to accomplish both her professional and personal goals. Victorri plans to graduate with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations. Classes aren’t the only place Ms. Taylor accomplishes these goals, either. As a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), she networks and enhances her understanding of the public relations field. Also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Victorri focuses advancing her media industry skills. Victorri would like to one-day work in the field of social media, ideally with music or fashion.

Doing it up right.

Victorri Taylor

For the Love of Craft She says her dream job would be to become the “new Martha Stewart,” the crafty junior at Elon University is well on her way. She may not be Martha Stewart exactly, but Jessica Schoenholtz is just as crafty. “I love cooking and crafting things. I actually just got finished painting in my house,” says Schoenholtz. The New Jersey native is studying Strategic Communications with minors in Art, Leadership and Spanish. After returing this past January after studying abroad in Argentina for six months, Schoenholtz can’t wait to dive back into the social media field. Schoenholtz keeps her busy outside of class as a Leadership Fellow and as Alpha Chi Omega’s Vice President of Membership Programming. In the future, she hopes to work with layout design for magazines. In the mean time, she is interning for Lady Bizness, Inc. and is excited about what’s to come.


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Martha Ste

Jessica Schoenholtz Crafting the big picture

Lady Bizness Magazine  

April 10, 2012 Update

Lady Bizness Magazine  

April 10, 2012 Update