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Spectra Improves Work Flow Spectra displays computer tasks, such as downloading or saving a file, with an engaging and appealing visual construct. No more dull life-less views of a blue bar or hourglass to attempt to guestimate the remainging time.

1. Stroke upper surface of Spectra to turn ON

2. Stroke lower band to select visual construct

3. Tap base to select Element

4. Chosen Element will begin to form visual construct in sync to computer task

5. Fully formed visual construct will appear above the upper portal when task has completed

5 1 4 2 3

Light to Mesmerize and Water to Calm Easily follow the progress of your computer tasks while the chosen visual construct flows from stage to stage. Specialized buffers prevent water from escaping the reservoir and upper portal. v

Take Spectra Anywhere with a Computer

Flaunt Your Y Chromosome Spectra comes with a series of visual constructs designed just for men. From sports to fishing, any number of testosterone pumping visuals.

Enough Power for a City Fits in Your Pocket With newly developed technology, Spectra repowers its batteris not only from solar power but also from thermo-energy conducted from the heat of your computer. Spectra is able to harvest and conserve enough energy to power a small city with th elifespan of its battery.


The future of data flow visualization.

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