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poetry by lise downe The poems in This Way are an alternative take on the genre of detective fiction. In them we uncover an assortment of clues and the task of sorting out the essential from the superfluous; the real from the imagined; the inside from the out. As in our daily lives, in spite of all the ‘evidence’, there is no familiar sense of direction. Downe’s writing uses the qualities of colloquial speech – hesitation, interjection, digression and repetition – to convey the experience of writing as an unforseen progression. Favouring intuitive progress over linear intention, these vivid, painterly poems reflect the dynamic between the known and the unknown.

– Darren Werschler

This way Lise Downe

Lise Downe grew up in London, Ontario, where she experienced the art of Londoners Greg Curnoe, Jack Chambers, and Patterson Ewen, among others. After completing a major in printmaking at the Beal Art Annex, she then spent a year in England studying sculpture. On her return to Canada she painted for many years before turning her hand to writing, and later, to studying jewellery at George Brown College and OCAD. She has three previously published books of poetry – A Velvet Increase of Curiosity, The Soft Signature, and Disturbances of Progress. She has exhibited her art and jewellery in Toronto and across Canada. Lise lives in Toronto, where she continues to write and make jewellery and other small sculptures.

$18.00 96 pages | 6x8 inches | paperback ISBN 189738890X | 9781897388907


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MARCH END PRILL poetry by bryan sentes

† prill, n.1 A spinning top. prill, n.2  A small stream of running water; a rill.† prill, n.3  A girl, a lass. prill, n.4 In mining: (a piece of) rich copper ore remaining after separation and removal of low-grade material; more fully prill ore. Also: (a droplet of) copper occurring suspended in the molten slag in the process of smelting copper ore. prill, v.1 intr. To flow, spurt. prill, v.2 App. a transmission error for þrill thrill or prik, prike prick. prill, v.3 †1. trans. Metall. To add high-grade ore to (an ore sample) during assaying, so as to give the impression that the ore being assayed is of a higher quality. Obs. rare. 2. trans. To produce pellets of (a substance, esp. ammonium nitrate or other fertilizer) by forming the molten substance into droplets and allowing them to solidify while falling. Thus, March End Prill is a songline periplum that charts a way through our S.A.D. Zeitgeist to a thawing of the sources of speech and song. Bryan Sentes is a proper name: the patronymic a solecism for Hungarian Szentes, from Latin sanctus, sacred or holy; the given name from Welsh Brân, raven or crow. Googled, “bryan sentes” can return 10,000+ hits, some of which refer to the author of Grand Gnostic Central and Ladonian Magnitudes.


$18.00 112 pages | 6x8 inches | paperback ISBN 1897388934 | 9781897388938


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poetry by lance la rocque Vermin is a collection of diverse poems, matter-of-fact

daydreams of body parts, money, family life, murder, children, and animals. Whimsical, unsettling, or creepy, depending on the reader’s mood, the poems are united by an urge to crawl out from the suffocating spells of late capitalism, and take a look around. Lance La Rocque lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia with Lisa, Emily, Max, and Luna. He teaches at Acadia University. His poems have appeared in Spudburn, Industrial Sabotage, and Surreal Estate: 13 Canadian Poets Under the Influence. He also has a chapbook, The Gross Metaphysics of Meat, published by Proper Tales Press.


l a n c e l a ro cq u e

$18.00 96 pages | 6x8 inches | paperback isbn 1897388926 | 9781897388921


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trivial everyday things: SELECTED POEMS poetry by jørgen leth tr anslated from the danish by martin aitkin Jørgen Leth is one of Denmark’s foremost modern poets and a leading international filmmaker. As a poet, he consistently employs unostentatious, matter-of-fact language and exhibits strong filmic qualities, often in the form of notes and stage directions. Poems and films: two sides of his extensive ouevre, intricately interwoven. Watch the poem. Read the film. Leth was doing intertextuality almost before they called it anything. Trivial Everyday Things is a collection of Leth’s poems spanning some forty years, selected and translated with exquisite restraint by Martin Aitken. It is, astonishingly, the first book-length collection of Leth’s poetry to appear in English. JØRGEN LETH (born 1937) is primarily know for films like The Perfect Human, playfully revived by Leth and enfant terrible countryman Lars von Trier in the irresistible The Five Obstructions. Leth’s latest (of forty-three), Erotic Man, recently premiered to rave reviews and walk-outs at the Toronto Film Festival. A long-time resident of Haiti, Leth now lives in The Dominican Republic.

trivial everyday things selec ted poems

jør gen le th

translated from the danish by martin aitkin

MARTIN AITKEN (born 1961) lives and works in rural Denmark. A PhD in linguistics, he gave up university tenure to translate literature and listen to The Fall. His translations from Danish have appeared in book form, as well as in countless literary journals, including AGNI, A Public Space, and The Literary Review.

$20.00 158 pages | 6x9 inches | paperback isbn 1897388977 | 9781897388976


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poetry by Steve McCaffery department of reissue no. 7 Announcing the long-awaited reprint of Steve McCaffery’s rare 1984 intervention into fiction (if “fiction” indeed this be). Taking its inspiration from Jeremy Bentham’s “Panopticon Papers” McCaffery’s Panopticon shatters all omnivison in a tour de force of formal innovation, theoretical comment and narrative critique. In Panopticon narrative stutters, repeats itself, sequence is deranged and complicated by a multi-media presence on the page of grids, film bands and acoustic channels. On its first appearance Charles Bernstein hailed the book as “as perhaps the exemplary ‘antiabsorptive work’” and William McPheron claimed its first appearance as “an extraordinary act of revolution and charity. Out of print for over twentyfive years, this new edition is enhanced by the inclusion of a revised CD recording of the book, its three voices, one male, two female teasing out the gender complexities of Panopticon. McCaffery has also added an Introduction to the book and has revised the text entirely. STEVE McCAFFERY has been twice nominated for the Governor General’s Award and is the author of over 35 books and chapbooks of poetry and criticism. An ample selection of his poetic explorations in numerous forms can be savoured in the two volumes of Seven Pages Missing. As well as Panotpicon, two additional new volumes are due to appear in 2011: Dark Ladies, and The Darkness of the Present: Poetics, anachronism and the anomaly. His book-object-concept A Little Manual of Treason was commissioned for the 2011 Shajah Biennale in the United Arab Emirates. A long-time resident of Toronto he is now David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the University at Buffalo.

$18.00 180 pages | 5.5x8.25 inches | paperback with audio cd isbn 1897388918 | 9781897388914


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t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

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NILLING: Prose essays by Lisa Robertson

Nilling: Prose is a sequence of 5 loosely linked prose essays about

noise, pornography, the codex, melancholy, Lucretius, folds, cities and related aporias: in short, these are essays on reading. I have tried to make a sketch or a model in several dimensions of the potency of Arendt’s idea of invisibility, the necessary inconspicuousness of thinking and reading, and the ambivalently joyous and knotted agency to be found there. Just beneath the surface of the phonemes, a gendered name rhythmically explodes into a founding variousness. And then the strictures of the text assert again themselves. I want to claim for this inconspicuousness a transformational agency that runs counter to the teleology of readerly intention. Syllables might call to gods who do and don’t exist. That is, they appear in the text’s absences and densities as a motile graphic and phonemic force that abnegates its own necessity. Overwhelmingly in my submission to reading’s supple snare, I feel love.

Lisa Robertson lives in the Vienne region of France. Her most recent books of poetry are Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip, which was selected by the New York Times as one of the 100 best books of 2010, and R’s Boat, shortlisted for The Believer’s 2011 Poetry award. In 2006, BookThug published The Men: a


five loosely linked

PROSE essays about noise, pornogr a p h y, t h e c o d e x , m e l a n c h o ly , l u crretius, folds, c i t i e s , & r e l at e d a p o r i a s


Lyric Book.

$18.00 pages | 5x7.5 inches | paperback isbn 1897388896 | 9781897388891


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t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

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fiction by tyler hayden department of narr ative studies no. 6


Imagine a not-so-distant future in which everyone is HIV positive and, sooner or later, ends up in a state-operated hospice dying of AIDS. In a broken socio-economic order, governments have been reduced to a single function: extending the lives of their citizens with anti-retroviral treatment (ART) drugs. Meanwhile, rumours have coalesced into a widespread belief in the existence of a cure for HIV that is also exchanged through bodily fluids. Sex, casual, friendly or indifferent in all its forms offers a possible cure. Consequently, genders, sexuality and relationships have been altered drastically. Elliott lies in the hospice among the dying, his only remaining purpose: to serve as a subject for sociological and psychological research, research that is conducted via a nano-tech device to which the patient is wired. The device, called a Spade has a twofold purpose: to read and manifest Elliott’s thoughts along with bits of cultural detritus into his room, and to produce a tranquilizing effect on the patient. Tyler Hayden was born and lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he writes and teaches. He recently completed an MA in English at the University of Calgary.

tyler hayden

$20.00 175 pages | 5.25x8.75 inches | paperback isbn 1897388950 | 9781897388952


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t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

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flowers of spit

fiction by catherine mavrik akis tr anslated from the french by NathanaËl Flowers of Spit is a corrosive narrative that surrounds the

inflamed character of Flore Forget. Written as a long soliloquy, this novel is a delirious howl, an expectoration in the face of the world, a dolorous dive into the depths of identity. Is it possible to emancipate oneself from one’s tragedies, from the the individuals that have touched our lives and have died? Is it possible for flowers to bloom from cinders and spit? Filled with a vitriolic rage that teeters between despair and redemption, this work propels us into the memories inherent to scorched flesh. It is an implacable story, one propelled by a raw, breathless style that strikes us where it hurts the most. Catherine Mavrikakis was born in 1961 in Chicago and has lived all her life in Montréal. She is the author of four novels, an essay, and an oratorio, Omaha Beach (2008). Her most recent book, Le Ciel de Bay City (2009), published in Québec and in France and which earned her the Grand Prix de la Ville de Montréal, Le Prix littéraire des Collégiens and the Grand Prix des Libraires du Québec. A Cannibal and Melancholy Mourning, also translated by Nathanaël,  was published in English in 2004. Nathanaël is the author of many books written in English and French, and with variant names. Recent titles include We Press Ourselves Plainly (2010), Carnet de désaccords (2009), Absence Where As (Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book)  (2009). In addition to Catherine Mavrikakis, she has translated Gail Scott, Suzanne Jacob, John Keene as well as Édouard Glissant’s Poetic Intention (2009). She lives in Chicago.

Catherine Mavrikakis

Flowers of Spit Translated from the French by Nathanaël

BookThug abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

$18.00 190 pages | 5.25x8.75 inches | paperback isbn 1897388888 | 9781897388884


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narthex & other stories fiction by h.d. (Hilda doolittle) department of reissue no. 8 edited with an afterword by michael boughn

Primarily known as a poet, H.D. was also a prolific prose writer. In fact her wriitng career began with the publication of children’s stories in Sunday school magazines. She wrote several novels, only two of which were published in her lifetime, and a number of short stories and novellas, some of which were published under pseudonyms. Two of the three stories reprinted here for the first time were published in the 1920s under the names Rhoda Peters and D.A. Hill in Pagany and Life and Letters Today. The third story - really a novella - was published in Alfred Kreymborg’s anthology, The Second American Caravan in 1928, and has been unavailable ever since. These stories offer a remarkable insight into H.D.’s thinking as she struggled to develop her work at a transitional time in her life.


& other stories


H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) was a writer who is most famous for her Imagist poems, though her oeuvre extends far beyond this work. Living a life filled with close friends and stricken with relationship difficulties, Doolittle poured her personal stories into her many memoirs, novels, and verse and became a central figure of the Modernism. She was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on September 10, 1886, and stayed in the state until she left Bryn Mawr College in 1911. After leaving the United States, H.D. spent the rest of her life writing, which ended on September 21, 1961, in Europe. Michael Boughn has taught literature courses at the University of Toronto for 17 years. His own writing includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and essays. His most recent book, Cosmographia – A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-Epic, was published in 2010. His now nameless but soon to be retitled detective novel (the book formerly known as Business As Usual) will be published in 2011. With compatriot Victor Coleman, his edit of Robert Duncan’s H.D. Book.

$18.00 136 pages | 5x7.5 inches | paperback isbn 1897388969 | 9781897388969


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the diamond alphabet


sports writing by george bowering





lp h a





George Bowering is the author of Baseball, a green diamondshaped book of poetry edited by bpNichol and published by Coach House Press, Poem and other Baseballs, a collection of baseball poems published in 1976, and Baseball Love, a memoir and travel journal published in 2006. His sequence of poems “Terrains de jeux” was part of a triptych entitled Poèmes et autres baseballs, shared with David McFadden and Michel Albert and published in 1999 by Les éditions Triptyque.


George Bowering is fond of baseball, and he likes the alphabet. Having written a few baseball books and a few alphabet books over the years, he decided to write a baseball alphabet book. The Diamond Alphabet is made up of 130 between-innings takes, five for each letter. You probably expected “Mays,” but were you ready for “Uzbekistan”? Tall tales, memories, facts and opinions are interwoven in this delightful collection of short takes on the gentleman’s game that demonstrates the full potential of the relationship between baseball and literature.

$23.00 198 pages | 5.5x8.5 inches | paperback isbn 1897388942 | 9781897388945


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r ecent oddities the Minutes I-X

Allesandro porco ISBN 9781897388877 | 26pp | chapbook The Minutes: I-X is the first section of Alessandro Porco’s long and ongoing serial poem, which exposes, through fits of lyric decency and indecency, the poetry of bureaucracy and the bureaucracy of poetry. $10.00

prose of the trans-canada derek beaulieu moments café number eight ISBN 9781927040003 | 52 by 16 inches printed on matte polypro film SUITABLE FOR FRAMING Prose of the Trans-Canada is a 52 inch tall visual poem that, when stacked end to end all 150 copies stand as tall as the great Calgary Tower $95.00


michael farrell isbn9781897388754 | 31pp | chapbook Writing through, under and over John Ashbery, Michael Farrell has created a startling landscape in which traces of an earlier, resilient nature push their way through cracks in new commercial signage – Michael Davidson $10.00

from empty streets at dawn in mostly broken glass and burnt things: a record of the G20 in Toronto 23-27 June 2010

michael woods isbn 9781897388860 | 21pp | chapbook A snapshot of the G20 in Toronto, a moment in time when many forces both human and not so human met. $10.00


t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

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r ecent oddities

a poem from the prime minister by the right honour able kemeny babineau moments café number five This broadside features many an apology on behalf of our head of state. One of 26 signed copies [of 96] for sale $10.00

A POEM FROM THE PRIME MINISTER As the Prime Minister of Canada I would like to apologize to Michael Ignatieff for portraying him as a Yankee when it has been our Conservative policies that mimic those of Republican America. In addition to this self serving behavior I admit we have been softsoaping taxpayer money for partisan purposes and I apologize most unreservedly for treating governance as a gimmick with which to jimmy open the doors of majority territory while acknowledging that we will continue to do so in the future. As the Prime Minister of Canada I apologize to the gun registry lobby for a failure to act and I vow to build a majority blockhouse from which to shoot dissenters with my illegal weapons and tiny smile. To Jack Layton I apologize for not growing a moustache myself. To gays and lesbians I ejaculate that our prior beliefs and statements were false and unkind. I apologize to the U.N. for undermining its mandate while asking for an increased role as if the world were indebted to us. And I apologize for my paranoia even though it isn’t paranoia because the world really is full of liberals and foreigners.

And I would like to apologize to the First Nations for apologizing and not meaning it. I would sincerely like to apologize for this death by a thousand cuts. I apologize for the tar sands, dirty oil, and for millions of dead ducks. I apologize for being the second Prime Minister from Calgary following a laissez-faire economic doctrine that inhibits egalitarian policy on every level. I apologize to Alberta for Alberta. As the Prime Minister of Canada I would like to apologize for pretending to be an artist when I am a narrow minded economist with regressive social attitudes pinned to a strictly judgmental and religious fabric of punishment and venality.

Since we have a Prime Minister that likes to pretend he’s an artist I think all artists should pretend to be Prime Minister. The Right Honourable Kemeny Babineau

Issued as Moments Cafe #5 by BookThug November 2010 in an edition of 96 copies of which 26 are for sale.

MC#5_PPM.indd 1

the discourse of the slave

And, lastly, I would like to apologize for being really damn boring except when I plunge the country into constitutional crisis for shortterm political gain.

vanessa place isbn 9781897388761 | 34pp | chapbook Department of Critical Thought No. 5 If, as Bataille said, literature is communication, The Discourse of the Slave champions hypercommunication: communication riddled with its own excess. Communication by no means necessary. $10.00

1/12/11 3:51:56 PM


phil hall moments café number four A broadside, designed by Jay MillAr featuring a poem by Phil Hall. Signed by the poet. One of 26 [of 96] copies for sale. $10.00


stephen cain isbn 9781897388730 | 19pp | chapbook An allusive referential reduction of “Rooms” by Gertrude Stein. One of 100 copies produced for BookThug Subscribers or anyone who happens to order Every Way Oakly by Steve McCaffery.

the coming envelope

edited by malcolm sutton The Coming Envelope is BookThug’s periodical journal of innovative prose. • Issue 1 Summer 2010 : Jacob Wren, Sheila Heti, Lily Hoang / Debra di Blasi, John Goldbach, Lee Henderson. • Issue 2 Winter 2010 : Matvei Yankelevich, Vanessa Place, Simon Brown, Jeremy M. Davies, Joni Murphy. • issue 3 summer 2011 : Birte Endrejat, Yasmine Alwan, Jeramy Dodds, Malcolm Sutton. $10.00 per issue or free with BookThug Subscription.


t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

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r ecently published

SPRING 2011 trade titles, by author Jake Kennedy Apollinaire’s Speech to the War Medic Apollinaire’s Speech to the ISBN 9781897388778 | $18.00 | P War Medic J A K$18.00 E K E N N E DY THE MONOTONY OF FATAL ACCIDENTS

Though at a passing glance it appears to deal primarily with geography and animals, The Monotony of Fatal Accidents in fact deals with neither; rather, it is an internal journey through the body of The Poet. This body is a scene of violence, and this violence is mapped out across the hinterland of the poet’s mind. Alternating between short poems and long, sustained suites, Krueger revisits many of the same entry points (birds, roads) throughout, though the exits are always different – if any exit is to be found at all. This is not landscape poetry; indeed, what is presented is an antilandscape, an anti-geography, a rejection of the belief that the body travels through the land: an affirmation that it is the land that travels through the body.

Aisha Sasha John The Shining Material

of fatal accidents








ISBN 9781897388792 | $18.00 | P

the monotony


Richard Krueger The Monotony of Fatal Accidents

ISBN 9781897388808 | $18.00 | P

Gary Barwin & Gregory Betts


O B V I O U S The Obvious Flap F



Niels Fr ank Roger Greenwald, tr ans.

ISBN 9781897388785 | $18.00 | P


Picture World






ISBN 9781897388853 | $18.00 | P


Angela Szczepaniak The QWERTY Institute of Cosmetic Typographics Enhancements

ISBN 9781897388822 | 2 vols. $25.00 | F Phil Hall Killdeer: Poem-essays

Erín Moure

Dept of Critical Thought No. 4 ISBN 9781897388815 | $18.00 | P/NF

Pillage Laud

Dept of Reissue No. 6 ISBN 9781897388839 | $18.00 | P Stephen Cain, Clelia Scala, ill. I Can Say Interpellation

ISBN 9781897388846 | $15.00 | P




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t r a de bo ok s fa l l 2011

r ecently published 2010 TR ADE TITLES, by author ___ BENSON, Cara: (made) ISBN 9781897388563 | $17.00 | P ___ BOUGHN, Michael: Cosmographia: a post-lucretian faux micro-epic ISBN 9781897388693 | $20.00 | P ___ BOWERING, George: Horizontal Surfaces ISBN 9781897388716 | $18.00 | NF ___ COLEMAN, Victor: The Occasional Troubadour ISBN 9781897388686 | $18.00 | P ___ DICKSON, Jason: Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis ISBN 9781897388532 | $17.00 | F ___ DOWKER, David: Machine Language ISBN 9781897388518 | $18.00 | P ___ EICHHORN, Kate: Fieldnotes, a forensic ISBN 1897388667 |$18.00 | P ___ GOLDSTEIN, Mark: Tracelanguage: A Shared Breath ISBN 9781897388556 | $20.00 | P ___ HUGHES, Andrew: Now Lays the Sunshine By ISBN 9781897388587 | $18.00 | P ___ LALIBERTE, Mark: BRICKBRICKBRICK ISBN 9781897388570 | $18.00 | P ___ QUARTERMAIN, Meredith: Recipes From the Red Planet ISBN 1897388659 $18.00 | F ___ MAC CORMACK, Karen: Tale Light: New & Selected Poems 1983 - 2009 ISBN 9781897388549 | $22.50 | P ___ NICHOL, bp: The Captain Poetry Poems Complete ISBN 9781897388600 | $15.00 | P ___ STETTHEIMER, Florine: Crystal Flowers (Gammel & Zelazo, eds) ISBN 9781897388723 | $18.00 | P ___ TRUSCOTT, Mark: Nature ISBN 1897388675 | $15.00 | P ___ WOODS, Michael: World News Story ISBN 9781897388525 | $20.00 | P ___ ZULTANSKI, Steven: Cop Kisser ISBN 1897388705 | 9781897388709 | $22.50 | P 2009 TR ADE TITLES, by author

___ APOSTOLIDES, Marianne: Swim ISBN 9781897388389 | $18.00 | F ___ AVASILICHIOAEI, Oana & MOURE, Erín: Expeditions of a Chimaera ISBN 9781897388471 | $20.00 | P ___ BABINEAU, Kemeny: After the 6ix O’Clock News ISBN 9781897388358 | $18.00 | P ___ BACHINSKI, Elizabeth: CURIO: Grotesques & Satires from the Electronic Age ISBN 9781897388402 | $20.00 | P ___ BALL, Jonathan: Ex Machina ISBN 9781897388488 | $18.00 | P ___ BOUGHN, Michael: 22 Skidoo/Subtractions ISBN 9781897388341 | $18.00 | P ___ BUDDE, Rob: declining america ISBN 9781897388440 | $18.00 | P ___ BURNHAM, Clint: The Benjamin Sonnets ISBN 9781897388365 | $18.00 | P ___ BUZZEO, Melissa: Face ISBN 9781897388372 | $18.00 | P ___ CARR, Angela: The Rose Concordance ISBN 9781897388464 | $18.00 | P ___ GULDAGER, Katrine Marie: Copenhagen (Per Brask, trans.) ISBN 9781897388433 | $20.00 | F ___ MILLAR, Jay: ESP: accumulation sonnets ISBN 9781897388495 | $15.00 | P ___ QUEYRAS, Sina: Unleashed ISBN 9781897388457 | $20.00 | NF ___ SEELIG, Adam: Talking Masks ISBN 9781897388396 | $15.00 | D

for full details on all bookthug titles

visit www. bookthug .ca BookThug gratefully acknowledges support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for its publishing program.

t r a d e

b a c k l i s t

__ Blissful Times by Sandra Alland 9780978158767 $20 __ If Language by Gregory Betts 0973718161 $16.95 __ A Boy’s First Book of Chlamydia by Daniel f. Bradley 0973718102 $15 __ ICON TACT: Poems 1984-2001 by Victor Coleman 9780973974294 $24 __MAL ARME: Letter Drop III by Victor Coleman 9781897388297 $18 __ The Hunt by Jason Dickson 9780978158705 $22 __ Fond by Kate Eichhorn 9781897388198 $20 __ Body of Text by David Ellingsen & Michael V. Smith 9781897388280 $20 __ Beloved of My 27 Senses by Karen Fastrup (Tara Chace, trans) 9781897388204 $25 __ Air Pressure by David Fujino 0973974214 $15 __ After Rilke: to forget you sang by Mark Goldstein 9781897388211 $12 __ White Porcupine by Phil Hall 9781897388105 $20 __ We Are Here by Niels Hav (Patrick Friesen and P.K. Brask, trans) 9780978158729 $15 __ In Stereo by Paul Hegedus 9781897388235 $18 __ The Iliad Book XXII: The Death of Hector by Lisa Jarnot 9780978158781 $17 __ Pencils of Rays and Spiked Mace by Niels Lyngsø (Gregory Pardlo, trans) 0973564016 $15 __ Codes of Public Sleep by Camille Martin 978189738811x $20 __ The Basho Variations by Steve McCaffery 9780978158774 $15 __ Every Way Oakly by Steve McCaffery 9781897388266 $15 __ The Etc Bbq by Gustave Morin 9780973974256 $16 __ Matter by Meredith Quartermain 9781897388181 $20 __The SubWay by Philip Quinn 9781897388273 $20 __ O SPAM POAMS by Rob Read 097371817x $17.95 __ The Sands of Dream by Thérèse Renaud (Ray Ellenwood, trans) 9781897388006 $15 __ The Apothecary by Lisa Robertson 9781897388013 $12 __ The Men: A Lyric Book by Lisa Robertson 9780973974256 $16 __Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein 9781897388259 $15 __ Je Nathanaël by Nathalie Stephens 9780973974263 $17 __At Alberta by Nathalie Stephens 9781897388242 $20 __ Vinci, Later by Morten Søndergaard (John Irons, trans) 0973718196 $17.95 __ What Happened by Tom Walmsley 9780978158798 $20

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