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Topic: World War Two


Will be able to write down the basic facts that the professor says about World War 2 but that is about it. It would help to make flashcards, so each block of information would have to be written down with a definition on a card. Studying notes would mean looking through them all to find what you need to study.

-Can write down most of what the professor says for later studying -Cannot easily include pictures in your notes -Can number pages and write headings, but that is the best organization possible

Comment [RS1]: Drawing a picture by hand is the easiest way for pictures to be included. OneNote offers tablet support for this purpose. Any pictures obtained by searching on the internet take up valuable class time.

-Not easy to go back and study a specific topic

Comment [RS2]: Organization with paper and pen is limitless.

-Flashcards have to be made by hand

Comment [RS3]: As easy as flipping the pages Comment [RS4]: Faster than any program. No printing required.


The facts that the professor would be talking about could be typed into the computer, and possibly, if there is enough time in class, some pictures could be searched for and found on the internet and pasted in. Flashcards would still have to be made by hand, and studying your notes would still be a hassle.

-Can write down what the professor is saying -Notes will be easier to read overall, can change font‌

Comment [RS5]: Not a note taking software. Not applicable in this study. Students use word because they’re familiar with it. Students who care for organization would branch out.

-Organization only consists of headings, and a word lookup -Can include pictures by searching for them on internet -Not easy to go back and study a specific topic -Flashcards have to be made by hand


OneNote and Knowledge Notebook are different in the features they offer, and Knowledge Notebook seems to be better geared towards students, with features like flash card creator and concept mapping. I feel that Knowledge Notebook is simpler to learn than OneNote. OneNote

Comment [RS6]: Opinion. Learning a software comes on an individual basis. Data?

also currently costs money while Knowledge Notebook is currently free. For the most part these

Comment [RS7]: OneNote is required for most college students to purchase.

programs are similar though in what they do for the most part, I just think that Knowledge Notebook surpasses OneNote in features, simplicity and price.

Comment [RS8]: OneNote has more features. Aesthetics and features are sacrificed for simplicity with Knowledge Notebook.

-Can write down what the professor says -Notes can be organized by tag, and easily read -Can include pictures from your computer -More complex than other ways of taking notes -Flashcards have to be made by hand

Knowledge Notebook-

The notes from the professor would be able to be typed into the computer, automatically being saved periodically in case of an accidental shutdown or crash. The notes will be tagged for easy

Comment [RS9]: Standard on most Microsoft programs

lookup later on when you need to study. There will also be a way to simply make flashcards saving a lot of time. The different topics can also be viewed on one page to make it easier as well. An example of this concept mapping can be seen for example in taking notes about World

Comment [RS10]: Flashcards made by hand require no printing, saving time and making the process easier. On KN you can’t flip through flashcards, you must individually click on each word, prolonging the time.

War 2 in history class. You would take notes as normal during class and they would all get categorized under the history subject. But, what is unique is that you can give each note a concept mapping tag of “World War 2”, “World War 2 in Europe”, or whatever else that falls into a particular group. You can then type in the key words and the notes of the specific concentration will all show up on one page cutting your study time down by keeping you organized.

-Can write down what the professor says -Notes will be easier to read than hand written

Comment [RS11]: Taking up extra time in class, missing important notes.

o Similar features to word -Organization o By subject, category, heading o Can search for words

Comment [RS12]: Ctrl+f allows this in any software.

o Can search for tag for specific topic o Can map similar topics together to study later (as seen above) -Direct link to Wikipedia to get pictures and definitions

Comment [RS13]: The most looked down upon source by all professors.

-Flashcard maker

Comment [RS14]: More time not listening to lecture.

Conclusion: When each different note taking technique/tool is used it is clear that Knowledge Notebook offers more than the competition. It is a much better study tool as well that can increase the

Comment [RS15]: Aka-a flash card maker. Not a practical tool.

productivity of your studying, thus increasing your grades.

Comment [RS16]: Productivity of studying is on a individual basis, no matter how organized notes are.

Case Study: A second look  

KN is not better than OneNote

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