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Theories of Contemporary Art by Richard Hertz May 2014 The article “Theories of Contemporary Art” by Richard Hertz is an interesting read mostly on conjunction with our final make your own museum project. Personally, I was never a real fan of museums, I always felt like they were far too superior to the daily life I live. I always feel as though I do not belong in these giant, empty yet magnificent buildings that house these marvelous works of art. I always get a feeling of being “ poor” - not monetarily poor but culturally poor and therefore I always hated visiting museums. They are too quiet and too “clean” for my taste. However after working for many hours over many days on my own museum, I think I have gained a new respect for the concept of a museum. After being able to make my own museum that could encase my own work, I began to enjoy the idea of a museum -- after all, I worked so hard on my own work this semester, it should be displayed In a way that reflects that. This combination, of the museum final project and this article, changed some of my perspective of museums. The article beautifully explains a museum as a “privileged place” that serves many more purposes other than just to house artwork. Although the purposes differ from museum to museum, the main purposes are aesthetic, economic and mystical. A museums aesthetic purpose refers to the concept that the work of art will be viewed in this area only, it serves as the, “center of action” for a piece of art work. The second purpose of a museum is its economic factor in which the artwork is removed from the “common place” and is viewed using social promotion. The final purpose of art is the mystical purpose, which focuses around the idea that works of art or a body of art is immediately considered “art” once it is placed in the museum. The article goes on to explain the importance of the preservation, collection and refuge that a museum provides for its artwork. The preservation concept of a museum mentions the difference between a museum and a gallery is that a museums main goal is to buy and collect artwork and a gallery has a main objective of reselling the artwork that they gather. A museums major job is to preserve the moment in which the creation was created for. The article brilliantly explains this as an attempt to “keep it alive” after they are created. A museum, as explains by Hertz, implements its own “frame” on the artwork housed inside. A museum has the tendency of flattening out the artwork that is placed inside and when placed next to each other become either a combination or “amalgam” or their differences are extremely obvious. Finally the museums are considered a refuge for the artwork. This portion of the article made me think of the phrase, “If a tree falls in a forest…” This portion of the article made me wonder if museums did not exist would artwork be considered art and would art continue to be created. After completing my own museum, I really do have a new respect for museums. I know how hard I worked this semester on my projects and how I feel as though I wanted a place to house them, a place to show them off. Building a museum was one of the best ways to do just this. The way the article explained museums, I felt as though I was not only creating a ‘house’ for my artwork but something closer to a ‘temple’ where my work and effort can be honored.

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