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FILMOGRAPHY : TELEVISION CREDITS FOR DOCUMENTARIES: DOCUMENTARY FILMS: Development/Production /Marketing/Distribution Experience: “MISSISSIPPI COLD CASE”, Documentary Feature Film- by David Ridgen 2007 “STEPS FOR THE FUTURE”, A series of 30 documentary films directed by African filmmakers which reflect the ravages of Aids in their respective region, denouncing the worldwide indifference in the face of this ongoing catastrophe (BBC/ARTE/FRANCE 2/Soros Foundation/Sundance/SABC/TV2 Denmark/YLETV2 Finland). (2002) “GACACA; Living Together Again in Rwanda”, Anne Aghion’s documentary film about the pre-trials and introduction of civilian justice into Rwandan society in order to deal with the genocide of the Tutsi population at the hands of the Hutu population. (2002/2003) “DERRIDA”- A profound investigation into the philosophy of French deconstructionist Jacques Derrida. (2003) “FRESCOES”, by Alexandre Goutman- An impressionistic portrait of contemporary Armenian life- in spite of the devastation of their country, still reeling from a catastrophic earthquake and post Soviet Union economic hardship, the films characters appreciate life- exalted through simple and sacramental scenes, epitomizing the resilience of the human spirit. “STATE OF DENIAL”, A documentary film by Elaine Epstein- Aids and South Africa: The People Speak Out. (2003) “STRANGE FRUIT”, A marvelous, often extraordinary cultural excavation of the political, social and artistic significance of the title song that was powerfully interpreted by Billie Holiday. Few songs carry as devastating an emotional punch as “Strange Fruit”. Scornful, haunting, the song was an anti-lynching anthem that Billie Holiday recorded in the late 1930’s, claimed as her own and continued to sing until her death in 1959. The author of this anti-lynching anthem was Abel Meeropol (a.k.a. Lewis Allan), the leftist schoolteacher who gained international attention for adopting the children of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg following their execution. The movie is a meditation on the history of lynching, the Old Left and the complex relationship between Jewish composers and black performer. “BETWEEN THE LINES”, The film follows Israeli journalist/activist Amira Hass during two years in Israel and Ramallah after the Intifada begins and post Oslo Peace Talks. (1999-2000) “INSHALLAH”- by Randall Scerbo (Oxygen Channel), The plight of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. (2001) “PINOCHET CASE”, by Patricio Guzman. (1999) “THE INNER TOUR”, by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, the film follows a busload of Palestinians on a 3 day tour through the lands they still regard as their home, culminating in a night in Tel Aviv. “SOUND AND FURY”, by Josh Aronson- documents one family’s struggle over whether or not to provide two deaf children with cochlear implants, devices which can stimulate hearing. The film portrays the controversial issues affecting the deaf community today. (PBS) “ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER”, by Kevin MacDonald (Academy Award winner) - They were billed as the “Olympics of Peace and Joy” but became the Olympics of Terror. In 1972 an extreme Palestinian groupBlack September- held 11 Israeli athletes hostage in the Olympic Village in Munich while the world looked on in horror. (Sony Pictures) “SOUTH”, by Chantal Akerman (Arte). (1998) “SREBRENICA-A CRY FROM THE GRAVE”, by Leslie Woodhead. (BBC)

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“STARS CARAVAN”, The Nomadic Cinema was a creation of the Soviet Union designed to show propaganda films to the people of the wild mountains of Kyrgyzstan. When the Soviet Union collapsed and Kyrgyzstan became independent, the tradition continued but the propaganda films were replaced by Hollywood B films. The film follows two projectionists of the ‘traveling cinema’ on their journey through remote towns and mountain villages as they bring world cinema to its nomadic population. “BLUE VINYL”, by Judith Helfand. (HBO/BBC) “WITNESS”, Pilot documentary (1988) for Witness Strand at CBC. Filmed in Pakistan and Afghanistan, portraying the French involvement in the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. Production Manager, Research, French Liaison with Muhajadeen and filmmakers. “DEADLY CURRENTS” directed by Simcha Jacobovici (Associated Producers) a provocative film about the first Palestinian intifada. “HOLLYWOODISM”: How the Jews Invented Hollywood”, (based on the book by Neil Gabler) Directed by Simcha Jacobovici and Stuart Samuels, Associated Producers. A&E Television Networks, Channel 4 (UK) Feature documentary Research, Archives, Clearances, Facilitated celebrity interviews. “FAST CHEAP AND OUT OF CONTROL”, Distribution/Marketing. Film by Errol Morris. “LOU REED- ROCK AND ROLL HEART”, American Masters WNET, Channel 4. International sales. “CLASSIFIED X”- Melvin Van Peebles, Directed by Mark Daniels for Les Films D’Ici, BET TV “J.S. BACH IN AUSCHWITZ”, Directed by Michel Daeron for Les Films D’Ici, France 3, HBO, WDR, TSRS, RTBF, YLE, ORF. Eleven members of the “Orchestra” of Auschwitz, led by the brilliant violinist, Alma Mahler- are still living. On the fiftieth anniversary of Auschwitz they meet to recall the story of the orchestra and confront their unique and terrifying position in the history of the Holocaust. “NORMAN MAILER, Dreams and Nightmares”, Les Films D’Ici, Directed by Richard Copans, France 2. “ON THE ROPES”, Directed by Nanette Burstein & Brett Morgan, TLC, Feature Documentary. Winner of Special Jury Prize Sundance 1999. Nominated for Academy Award 2000. “LATINO JAZZ”, Feature documentary directed by Fernando Trueba. Cineteve, Canal Plus (France), WNET- American Masters. “LEONARD BERNSTEIN - REACHING FOR THE NOTE”, WNET, Channel 4. “PAUL ROBESON”, Arte-La Sept, WNET, Avro. “THE HERITAGE OF THE OWL”, (L’Heritage de la Chouette), Film by Chris Marker for FIT TV France, with George Steiner (Germany, France, UK). Based on George Steiner’s book “The Language of Silence”, how does one describe and discuss genocide and the Holocaust. “RED HOT & BLUE”, Chrysalis Films/Records, 15 Music Videos based on the songs of Cole Porter for International World Aids Day (Wim Wenders, U2, Tom Waits, Davie Byrne, Jim Jarmuscz, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor.


“DERRIDA”- A profound investigation into the philosophy of French deconstructionist Jacques Derrida. (2003) “STATE OF DENIAL”, A documentar...