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Tigard-Tualatin is a leader in providing programs to help struggling students What programs set Tigard-Tualatin apart from other districts? “Tigard-Tualatin is a beacon in the Northwest for knowing how to do things right in teaching literacy.” Bridges to Learning Institute

Literacy/EBS/EBIS Grant opportunities with the University of Oregon have helped Tigard-Tualatin create an exemplary program for helping struggling readers. It began more than 10 years ago with the EBS (Effective Behavioral Support) program. EBS provided a framework for staff members working in teams to solve schoolwide and individual behavior problems. The EBS program is in place at ALL schools K-12. EBIS (Effective Behavior and Instructional Support) was launched when this same team”approach was focused on struggling readers. Just as data collection is key to determining the effectiveness of strategies that support student behavior, it is also crucial to student success in reading. Young readers are tested early so those who are having difficulty can be identified. Progress is measured frequently as the EBIS team tries different strategies to improve student learning. Reading Rockets, public television’s award winning documentary series brought national recognition to Metzger Elementary’s work with struggling readers. Parents were told to look for schools who use the same techniques that Metzger uses to help students having difficulty learning to read. “We use Tigard-Tualatin as a model all the time to show how schools can effectively use data for early identification, prevention and evaluation of behavioral and learning problems.” Patty Guard, Deputy Director, U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Special Education & Rehabiliation Services

Special Education The district’s “inclusion” approach for serving students with disabilities within their regular classrooms is considered a model program. Special education students benefit from the higher expectations and positive role models they experience in their regular classrooms. All students benefit from our skilled classroom teachers who provide instruction that addresses each student’s rate and level of learning. A great staff of special education teachers uses research-based methods to provide additional support for students and teachers. “Tigard-Tualatin has implemented the key components of the RTI approach for more than five years and as a result has valuable experience that will aid the Department in disseminating their nationally recognized resources and knowledge statewide.” Oregon Dept. of Ed. Newsletter

RTI (Response to Intervention)

The proactive team approach used by the district’s EBIS and special education programs makes it a statewide leader in RTI (Response to Intervention). By focusing on how students respond when teachers try different instructional interventions, the RTI model makes it possible to identify and begin helping students with disabilities earlier than the traditional model that relies on ability or achievement tests. The Oregon Department of Education has chosen Tigard-Tualatin to develop Oregon’s RTI procedures and provide training and support for the rest of the state. Metzger, Durham and Tualatin elementary schools have served as model RTI sites.

Programs for Struggling Students  

Different programs for Struggling students

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