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General Election for the JSA board The time has come to elect the new board of JSA. On the 17th of November 2011 the Biannual General Meeting will be held where the new board will be elected. Are you interested in getting involved in the association, do you want to do something other than just study? Do you want board experience, to meet new people and a lot more? Then apply for a position in the JSA board of 2012.

President of JSA The position as the President is a full time job with salary. This means that you will have to take a one-year break from school as you fulfill the task as President. The main task of the president is to lead the association and ensure that it fulfills its objectives and visions. The President has the executing responsibilities within the association. The President will also represent the association in many different bodies such as the Board of Directors of JIBS, and he or she will also have regular meetings with the management of JIBS, as well as holding a position of chairman in U9. AND MUCH MUCH MORE….

Treasurer The treasurer will be responsible for the economy of the association and the different Committees’ budgets. Also has the power to sign for the association. It is preferable to show some kind of documented skills and practical experience of book-keeping when applying for this position.

Head of Quality Committee Main responsibility is to handle all questions concerning the quality of the education. He or she will be the spokesperson for the students in educational issues and also ensure the quality of the school’s environment.

Head of External Committee The main task will be handling all the contacts between sponsors and the association. The head of external will make sure that good relationships are maintained with current sponsors but also work to find and establish new sponsor contracts to be signed.

Head of Social Committee Also known as the Sexmaster who is in charge of Sexkreation. As Head of the Social Committee, you lead a group of around 18 students, all from different backgrounds and countries. Together we arrange sittnings at Akademien, trips to other Universities and of course the Kick-Off week. Every fifth Wednesday we also work at Akademien. As Head of the committee you are solely responsible for all the activities done by the committee and the members. You also have constant communication with the other schools, the student union and the JSA.

Head of International Committee The head of the international committee is responsible for the integration of international students at JIBS and internationalization in general. Main responsibilities include the semiannual International Day, working for more international internships and many other internationally related events. You get the opportunity to work with people from differing backgrounds and improve your intercultural skills.

Head of Communication Committee The main responsibility is to create and plan the JSA member magazine JIBS UNITED. He or she is further responsible to develop a magazine which is appreciated and enjoyed by JIBS students and alumni alike.

Head of Election Committee The mission for the committee is to interview and choose suitable candidates to recommend to the General Biannual Meeting where the new board will be elected. At the General Biannual Meeting the election committee will present which candidate we have chosen and why he or she is the most suitable. This position is only for JSA Elections.

Last date of application is the 10th of November. Tell us which position you are applying for, why it suits you, your qualifications, and if you have previous experience of working in a board. Tell us everything of importance to why you should be in the board of JSA.


General Information about Election to JSA board  

General Information about Election to JSA board

General Information about Election to JSA board  

General Information about Election to JSA board