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Various Ways Touch Screen Monitors Can Be Used By Consumers Technology is expanding at a rapid rate and increasingly intersects with different industries around the world. It’s making the way people do things more efficient and cutting down on excessive equipment costs. A good example of technology that you can find in a number of, everyday situations is the touch screen monitors. These high-tech screens allow you to use your fingers or a special pen to control the monitor and make transactions without the use of a keyboard or mouse. Here are a few places these interactive screens are making big waves. Retail One industry that already depends heavily on touch screens is retail. Both the vendor and the customer engage with interactive monitors for making purchases. The seller can compute the total and bring it up on the monitor to show to customers. They're then able use their finger or a pen to sign their name right onto that very same screen. You are able to collect information from the customers quite easily with these screens, such as email addresses since they are able to enter information in themselves, right on the monitor. Finally, some touch screens even have built in credit card readers. You are able to do it all right on the touch screen, which eliminates the need to buy a separate credit card scanner. The retailer can easily email the customer their receipt straight from the touch screen monitor, when they choose to. On a large scale, this straightforward action can help avoid an enormous amount of paper waste in addition to plastic waste from unneeded machinery. This is just one of the positive impacts these smart screens are having on the world. Self-Service You will also see touch screen monitors for various self-service areas. Many supermarkets, for instance, will now have a couple checkout aisles only for self-service instead of a cashier. Customers can scan and weigh their own produce, enter coupons, make a payment, and sign the receipt all using a touch screen. These screens help generate a large increase in efficiency and workflow when the cashiers are bogged down or lines are long. There is also interactive screens at the airport, and they perform a variety of tasks. Simply by using a touch screen monitor, passengers are able to print boarding passes, check bags, request seat upgrades and much more. The airport is one place where time really counts, so if the lines are too long to check in with an airline attendant you can do it yourself at a computer. They are especially handy and huge time-savers when all you need to do is print a boarding pass before getting on your flight. Corporate Digital touch screens in the corporate environment are also becoming more popular. You can create presentations and lead meetings through interactive displays on your screen, or use a large screen to show off your products to customers. Manufacturers are also starting to offer different sizes of monitors so you select the best fit for your business. They start at approximately 10� and

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Various Ways Touch Screen Monitors Can Be Used By Consumers go all the way up to 19� for interactive purposes. Some makers also offer super wide options up to 38� that can be made with or without a touch option. These are only a couple of places where touch screen monitors are making a big impact on savings, efficiency, and creativity. There may be many more applications for these smart screens in the future as technology continues to advance. You receive superior picture quality, durability and accuracy from the best touch screen monitors available. To learn more about GVision-USA, visit their site at

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Various Ways Touch Screen Monitors Can Be Used By Consumers