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IN THE OSLO - Alt for Norge – SUPREME COURT THE KINGDOM OF NORWAY “There never was an idea stated that woke men out of their stupid indifference but its originator was spoken of as a crank.” ~ US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes ~

In the matter between: KINGDOM OF NORWAY




2nd Defendant


PM: Jen Stoltenberg2

President: Dag Terje Andersen3

Nobel Comm.: Thorbjorn Jagland4

Kristelig Folkeparti: Knut Arild Hareide5

Socialist Left: Kristin Halvorsen6

Venstre/Liberal: Trine Skei Grande7

[WBB & RRR Zhivago Hunter’s Fifth Law8]

In terms of Article 85 & 2083 Declaration of European Independence: Declaration of PreEmptive War: Notice of Category A & B Traitor Charges. In the absence of your capitulation to our military forces, by - “08-1968 777GASM” - a date to be finalized by Co-Chief of Defence of Norway (Forsvarssjefen) General Anders Breivik; you shall be subpoenaed to Testify in the Trial of Norway vs. Brevick & Others; to respond to these charges. Electing Anders Breivik to Military Office & Wild Buffalo Bill and RRR Zhivago Hunter’s Fifth Law: Locking the Plausible Deniability National Security Nuclear Suitcase/Iatrogenic Earthquake exits. 06 September 2011 Update: It appears my solitary vote does not count.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·


Individual Notices: 02 August 2011: Category A & B Traitors Notices: [A] [B] [C]

Overview of Evidentiary Documentation Notes on Provisional Accused and Charges The European Resistance Movement/Indigenous Rights Movement – PCCTS, Knights Templar offer a full pardon to the Western European multiculturalist regimes, the MA 100 alliance (political parties) and all category A and B individual traitors if they capitulate to our military forces by (08-1968 777 GASM /January 1st, 2020). Demands/Requests/Pleas to our National Military Commands Assimilation policy/demands/offer for Muslim individuals living in Europe (this offer will expire on (08-1968 777 GASM /January 1st, 2020)). Why the actions of the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe have rendered armed resistance as the only rational approach Explanation of the European Civil War - Phase 1, 2 and 3: Differentiating between and dealing with category A, B and C traitors: hardcore Marxists, cultural Marxists, suicidal humanists/career cynicists and capitalist globalists Declaration and Signature

[D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [II]

Protagorus Legal Absurdity for Ubermensch NWO Shibumi Matrix: Wild Buffalo Bill & RRR Zhivago Hunter’s Fifth Law: Lysistrata 4 Deerhunter Bushido TrinityLove EcoFamily SexStrike Oath: Defendant’s Radical Hon(our)sty NDR-113 Matrix Defence, in the conquer-and-multiply Legal Indulgence Matrix Reality: [A]

Enclosure: Humans: An Endangered Species; by Former Judge Jason Brent


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

Executive Overview: Electing Anders Breivik to Military Office & Wild Buffalo Bill and RRR Zhivago Hunter’s Fifth Law: Locking the Plausible Deniability National Security Nuclear Suitcase/Iatrogenic Earthquake exits. [I]

The Application to Chief Justice in terms of Article 85 of Norwegian Constitution, as laid down on 17 May 1814 by the Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll and subsequently amended, most recently on 20 February 2007: Any person who obeys an order the purpose of which is to disturb the liberty and security of the Storting is thereby guilty of treason details among others, the following: [A]

I am the Defendants Knights Templar (Miragestorum Navajo Dwarfwhisper32) Religious and Cultural Mentor. My Codename is ‘Francis Marion Braidfute’.


He obeyed my – SSBN 619: OMGASM - order to disturb the liberty and security of the Storting, and both of us should consequently be charged with treason against Norway.


We request to be charged with treason and if found guilty, in a free and fair trial -- of the same standard as provided to Nelson Mandela by the Apartheid South African Government – by a jury of our peers; to be executed, together, by firing squad.


We hereby notify the court of our intention to plead to the Political Necessity Defence.


If convicted: We do not wish to waste the taxpayers money by keeping us incarcerated, but to be executed by firing squad.


We request Political Necessity Attorney Katya Komisaruk9 to be appointed as my counsel, to act as Co-Counsel for Attorney Geir Lippestad, in regards to our intentions to plead to Political Necessity10.


We also request the court to appoint Dr. Brad Blanton – founder of the Radical Honesty culture and religion - as the only psychologist worldwide with the required psychological and socio-political ‘citizens privilege’, Nuremberg Principles skills and competencies of Individual Responsibility, required for kinaesthetically psychologically understanding ‘Level of Pure Reason’ acts of civil disobedience to perceived illegitimate authority; and their application to the common law ‘reasonableness test’11.


Additionally we request12: (I) Lt. Col. Dave. Grossman for Military Psychotronic and PsychWarfare Issues; and (II) Susan Blackmore, Ph.D for ‘Level of Pure Reason’ issues: particularly focused on: Poverty Pimping Kaffir MultiCulti ‘Hate Speech’ legislators13, whose legal definition of ‘dignity’ is assumed by courts to be sui generis; ignoring all neurological scientific (Waking from the Meme Dream14) evidence to the contrary.


In subsequent correspondence to Chief Justice on 30 July 2011: Information of Relevance to the Court: Arm-A-Gideon Knights Telephone Call from man named Andre, pretending to be Gay; with Cryptic message15: [1]

While I was out feeding my worms this afternoon; my mother received a telephone call. A man telephoned with a very cryptic message. He asked to speak to me. She said I had left on my bicycle.

9 and Dr. Truth Affidavit on Behalf of Lara Johnstone: Radical Hon(our)sty Bushido Dischordian Warrior: Affidavit of Brad Blanton, Ph.D, evidencing the legal, psychological, and socio-political ‘citizens privilege’, Nuremberg Principles skills and competencies of Individual Responsibility, required for acts of civil disobedience to perceived illegitimate authority; and their application to the common law ‘reasonableness test’; in terms of Criminal Procedure Act 51, of 1977: § 213: Proof of Written Statement by Consent; & § 171 & 172: Evidence on Commission ( 12 13 Request for Information: (I) Adv. Viljoen's Intentions for Withholding Evidence of Innocence to his Allegations; (II) Does Advocate Viljoen Insist that his Definition for 'Kaffir' is Sui-Generis (Unique)?; (III) If Advocate Viljoen's 'kaffir' definition is racial; ie refers to black people; can he confirm his knowledge that Radical Honesty's definitions for 'kaffir' are not racial; but behavioural?; (IV) If Advocate Viljoen was offended by one of Radical Honesty definitions for 'Kaffir' (Cultural, Etymological or Legislative); which definition/s does he find offensive and why?; (V) Is Advocate Viljoen Asserting that his Legal Definition of 'Dignity' is Sui Generis (Unique)? 14 15 10 11


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

16 17 18 19 20


She told him that I was not here and he left a message to leave his regards. She asked him who she should say called. He said Andre from Las Vegas.


She said he sounded like he was pretending to be gay. She was confused by his response, wondering if it was my brother Andre (a professional poker player currently in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker) playing a joke on her. So she asked if it was Andre (my brother); but it wasn't. 'Gay Andre' asked my mother why I had not informed him that my brother was also in Las Vegas and also played poker; then they could have gotten together. He said he would call again later. She said it sounded very strange and was very cryptic.


My mother laughed and said it reminded her of the time she called the Whitehouse. In 2002, she called the (George W. Bush) White House to ask them whether it was true that Timothy McVeigh had not been executed; but that his execution had been faked, and he had been given a pardon and a new identity. She spoke to a man, who did not confirm or deny her questions, but who confirmed he knew who I was and asked her what she thought about Timothy McVeigh.


Cryptic Poker Interpretations: a.

As detailed in the application hastily submitted to your office on 27 August 2011; at paragraph 23: at the "Mutual Coercion, Mutually Agreed Upon Loving Procreation Parenting Test" link:; you will find:


"SIGNAL CORPS STRATEGY: As for a Time ‘poker versus craps’ DeerHunterMate strategy; as a poker player my heart cards, would be best represented by those of WSOP RUMC-316; and as a craps player, my ‘faith-based’ number might be best represented by 737."


[PS: At the link you will also find the image of the Eagle in a Soldier Uniform, that says "One Team One Mission". The image is from the NSA's Crypto Kids site:; and is Sgt. Sam:]


The following are links which I manage, that reference Poker:

e. FSB, Kremlin :: “A principle of reality is that great secrets are right in front of you” :: Hunt 4 Red October16

f. The Nobel Institute: Norwegian Nobel Committee: Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.17

g. Pin2Gong Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strikes :: The Role of a “Massive Casualty 'Wake Up' Producing Event” :: Military Gospel Doctrine18

h. Exponential Economic & Population Growth World Economy Runaway Train Ponzi Scheme; heading for Cliff of Finite Resources!19

i. Armigideon Titanic :: Connecting the GeoPolitics-Poker -- $$$ Worship $lave & Cannon Fodder Breeding Consequences -Bluff Dots :: Demand Destruction: Bilderberg/Estulin: Demand Destruction and Eugenics20


And finally this 2008 letter I wrote in 2008, which deals with a GeoPolitical Poker event: Pin2Gong Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strikes :: The Role of a “Massive Casualty 'Wake Up' Producing Event..” :: Military Gospel Doctrine; with the focus on using the event to raise awareness of the urgency for a serious conversation about responsible population reduction (Probably the most


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

responsible humane population reduction plan I have read, seems to me to be Judge Jason Brent's in Humans: An Endangered Species When I found the letter; I was shocked to notice the synchronicity of the date and quote: The letter is titled: JMCSwan Disclosure RU_MCFast, for Honourable Polynuclear Paradigm Icebreaker.



What would happen if world military leaders got serious about holding their politicians accountable for starting to be George Patton like leaders unafraid to speak the brutal reality truth; instead of being fucking brainwashed imbecile poodles, tied to their Public Relations Managers Balls and Chains.




Consequently, my AYE vote, to authorise five suitcase nukes to be activated in five different cities, on the same day. Cities to be fairly decided as follows: All cities of minimum 2.55 million inhabitants per city, -- in the Eastern Hemisphere -- names, excluding Japanese cities, to be placed in a hat. Cities to be suitcase nuked, to be drawn from the hat, by Timothy James McVeigh, at the NSA, in the presence of Admiral William Fallon, Admiral Michael Mullen, General Anthony Zinni, and the Russian Federation Ambassador, DC on 06 September 2008.




Consequently, my AYE vote, to authorize a further five suitcase nukes to be activated in five different cities on the same day, as above. Remaining four cities to be fairly decided as above, from all relevant Western Hemisphere cities, the fifth being Johannesburg. Cities to be suitcase nuked, to be drawn from a hat, by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, at the Kremlin, in the presence of the Kremlin High Command, and the Ambassadors of Iran, China and Pakistan, on 07 September 2008.




I read on @newsfromdani's twitter feed that "breivik's making demands for better jail conditions in exchange for info on right-wing cells". (!/WhiteRefugee/statuses/96516087662919681)


Should Mr. Breivik request some company; I have no objections. However; he should be aware of the following:


Excerpt from Affidavit to SA High Court, in case 19963-09 (copy served on Norwegian Nobel Committee, as 10th respondent)


"20(D) On 28 October 2001, I informed the National Security Agency (Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden, USAF); c/o the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Gen. Richard Myers), Pentagon; c/o Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Ranking Minority Member of the Armed Services Committee, in a letter on the issue of 18 U.S.C. § 4: US Code Section 4: Misprision of felony; that I legally authorized them to monitor and record all telephonic communications by myself in terms of any conversations I had, on issues relating to the (i) Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS, (ii) UFO Disclosure; (iii) Oklahoma City Bombing, (iv) World Trade Center Attacks; or any Issue of Disclosure of National Security matters. Furthermore, should they doubt my Radical Hon(our)sty intentions, they were further authorized to verify, or monitor, my thoughts, by means of Psychotronics.[43]"21


Essentially what this means is that the NSA is authorized to record my thoughts (i.e. my own thoughts from my own being/experiences) and to share thoughts with me (thoughts which originate into my consciousness, which I have no recollection of ever having read or experienced), which I sometimes write down, or share. Not only is the NSA authorized (by me) to record my thoughts, but essentially all I see, can be monitored (and recorded) by them; should they choose to do so.


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

v. [II]

Individual Notices: 02 August 2011: Category A & B Traitors Notices: [A]


More information: Annexures: (A) 09-09-11 Affidavit22; (B) Covert Operations of the NSA23

Demands by Co-Chief of Defence of Norway General Anders Breivik’s as detailed in the 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence; including additional evidentiary documentation submitted by his co-conspirator/s.

Protagorus Legal Absurdity for Ubermensch NWO Shibumi Matrix: Defendant’s Radical Hon(our)sty NDR-113 Matrix Defence, in the conquer-and-multiply Legal Indulgence Matrix Reality: [A]

In Wild Buffalo Bill & RRR Zhivago Hunter’s Fifth Law; we argue that the worlds Legal Establishment of ‘Innocence for Sale’ Indulgences is far more corrupt than the Catholic Church was in the time of Martin Luther.


It is a Matrix world of legal indulgence salesmen; who demand the public’s sycophantic obedience and submissive respect; for their supposed superior intellectual Godlike capabilities, to decipher, decode and interpret which of us mere ‘criminal’ mortals acts of commission, or omission, is ‘lawful’ and which is ‘unlawful’.


Yet, their superior Godlike intellect appears to ignore, how their ‘rule of law’ (sic) system: [1]

Pretends to advocate for human rights, peace and social justice laws; while legally ignoring their necessary ecological basis laws: a stable human population at, or slightly less than, the eco-systems long term carrying capacity; and


provides legal benefits to its legal indulgence salesmen practitioners, who apply legal principles, doctrines and arguments, that deny or ignore, that overpopulation colliding with scarce or depleting resources – resource wars - is a causal and aggravating factor, for crime, violence, unemployment, poverty, etc.


This TRC Indulgence Circus Legal Matrix holds soldiers – who are ordered to solve the overpopulation problem by culling the useless eaters and oxygen thieves -- to a higher standard of justice, than their political, media and legal masters, who actively bribe citizens to breed useless eaters and oxygen thieves for their political, legal, media etc benefit. I conclude: [1]

I agree with Dr. Brad Blanton, we should enact a Radical Hon(our)sty Social Contract system of justice that gives this corrupt TRC Indulgence Circus Legal Matrix Elite a choice: (a) the option of confronting their accusers, expressing their anger, to a point of sincere sensate forgiveness; (b) honourable seppuku24 or (c) constructive ‘Arbeid Macht Frei’ service to make up for their sins. And if the TRC Matrix Reality elite insist on their standard of Matrix Reality Justice Two-Faced Hypocricy Indulgence Innocence for Sale; perhaps we should “just kill the motherfuckers, because we don’t have time to wait for the kind of systemic change required for a Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract, to occur.”


In the attachment: Humans: An Endangered Species, former Judge Jason Brent’s argues that “there Cannot be Any Procreative “Rights” in an Overpopulated World”. His “shocking proposals” determine “Who Can and Who Cannot Reproduce.” Judge Brent alleges that in the absence of World Leaders implementing his “Who Can and Who Cannot Reproduce” Proposals, World Political and Media Leaders will “by their Inaction Kill Billions of Humans”.


For the Dunning and Kruger Primacy and Bandwagon Effect Cognitively Biased Confused: As advised in Buffalo Bill DMW :: “Nuclear Freedom is the Recognition of Mutual Coercion, Mutually Agreed Upon Procreation Values Necessity” :: RRR Zhivago Hunter25:

22 24 Seppuku is a form of Japanese ritual suicide. Seppuku was originally reserved only for samurai. Part of the samurai honor code, seppuku was used voluntarily by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies, as a form of capital punishment for samurai who have committed serious offenses, and for reasons that shamed them. 25 23


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·


The most important aspect of necessity that we must now recognize, is the necessity of abandoning the commons in breeding. No technical solution can rescue us from the misery of overpopulation. Freedom to breed will bring ruin to all. At the moment, to avoid hard decisions many of us are tempted to propagandize for conscience and responsible parenthood. The temptation must be resisted, because an appeal to independently acting consciences selects for the disappearance of all conscience in the long run, and an increase in anxiety in the short.


The only way we can preserve and nurture other and more precious freedoms is by relinquishing the freedom to breed, and that very soon. "Freedom is the recognition of necessity" -- and it is the role of education to reveal to all the necessity of abandoning the freedom to breed.

To conclude: Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky26 is a Russian politician, colonel of the Russian Army, founder and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), ViceChairman of the State Duma, and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, who is a Jewish Russian vocal in his support for “the preservation of the white race”. He has also confirmed Manmade Earthquake Weapons to Georgian News27:



‘We only need four parties to agree: Washington, Moscow, Brussels and China. There are only these 4 ruling capitals in the world. Thats it. No one else matters. The rest of the countries are not real players in the international scene. The 4 capitals of the world will always agree... In this case the Chinese, Europeans and Americans will come to Moscow and will agree with the position of Moscow. No problems.... Now add to this, that Russia is in possession of orbital launch capability and space power.. and new weapons, which nobody knows anything about.. not yet. With these weapons we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes. No explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of a laser, not lightning. It is a calm and quite weapon instead, with which whole continents will be put to sleep, forever.... There was that Tsunami in Japan, right? … Everybody should start thinking about their own future. And the future of everybody else.... [If not] Then there will be another Tsunami on the other side of the planet, in the caucasus, that will be the end of you!”

I hereby declare that, to the best of my ‘Level of Pure Reason’ knowledge and belief, the information I have given in the present application form is correct.

Further information: and List of Notices shall be updated at: I, i, we, us, me & being-self; i.e. I am not sure of my existence, but I am sure of my intentions.



NDR-113 BRAIDFUTE Place: Joshua 2: 18-19; 34°00′24″S 22°22′51″E

Date: 02 August 2011

26 PDF File of CCT:23-10 1st Amici Doc’s: 29 NDR-113: Gandhian Guerrilla Reporter : Andrea Muhrrteyn [Andrew Martin], is a Francis Marion Braidfute, ‘Lara Braveheart’, nom de plume for Lara Johnstone. Andrea is the feminine version of among others Andrew. Andrea derives from the Greek ανήρ (anēr), genitive ανδρός (andrós), that indicates the man as opposed to the woman [Andrea Alciato, (1492 - 1550), was an Italian jurist and writer,regarded as the founder of the French school of legal humanists. Alciati is most famous for his Emblemata, a collection of short Latin verse texts and accompanying woodcuts: Emblema CLXXXIX: Mentem, non formam, plus pollere means, Intelligence Matters, Not Beauty]. Muhrr + teyn: Muhrr, for the Holy Oil, Myhrr and Teyn, is Nyet (No, in Russian) backwards. Mu: Mu: important in Zen & Discordian practice; also represents MU, a fictional parallel universe, continent, or place; or a MisUnderstood word. Andrew Martin, is the U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men robot, NDR-113, in Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg’s Positronic Man (1993). It is the story of Andrew’s quest for legal recognition as a human. Martin also refers to Francis Marion, aka Benjamin Martin,, from the movie The Patriot, whose guerrilla codename was The Swamp Fox. 27 28


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

COPIES TO: Chief Justice Tore Schei. Besøksadresse: Dronningensgate 2, 7011 Trondheim Post: Postboks 5678 Sluppen 7485 Trondheim Telefon: 73 56 70 00 Telefaks: 73 56 70 01 E-post:

King Harald V (@Kronprinsparet), PM Stoltenberg (@jensstoltenberg) & Pres Andersen c/o: HE Mr Tor Christian Hildan, Ambassador Royal Norwegian Embassy PO Box 11612, HATFIELD, 0028 Tel: (012) 342 6100 | Fax: (012) 342 6099 Email: Norway Embassy (

General Harald Sunde NATO: Military Committee: Co-Chief of Staff Co-Chief of Defence, Norway Postboks 800 Posmottak 2617 Lillehammer Email:

NATO Military Comm., via & SHAPE Anders Fogh Rasmussen (@AndersFoghR) Secretary General, (NATO) (@NATO) Blvd Leopold III, Brussels, Belgium, 1110 Mark Laity: Chief of Strategic Communications Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Email:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin HE Ambassador Mr. Anatoly A. MAKAROV Defense Attache: Col. Sergey S. KRIVUSHIN @MFA_Russia; @KremlinRussia_E; @DRogozin Email:;;

Lieutenant General André Blattmann Chief of the Armed Forces Fed. Dept. of Defence, Civil Protection & Sport Swiss Armed Forces Email: (

European Union - Spokespersons High Representative Catherine Ashton Contact: Michael Mann: Ch Spokesperson Darren Ennis: Strategic Communications Advisor

Chairperson, H.E. Dr. Jean PING African Union Commission E-mail: Chief of Staff, Bureau of the Chairperson Amb. John Kayode SHINKAIYE E-mail:, The Executive Council Office of the Legal Counsel: Mr Ben Kioko E-mail:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Sec. General: Org. Islamic Coop. Email:, Via: @ElBaradei & @Sandmonkey

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano Daud Mohamad, IAEA Deputy Director General Head of Dept Nuclear Sciences & Applications Herman Nackaerts, Head: Dept of Safeguards IAEA (

TO: Geir Lippestad Advokatfirmaet Lippestad AS Grensen 12, 0159 OSLO Mob: 91 13 68 76 | Tel: 22 94 10 20 Email:,,

Superior General: Soc. Of Jesus: Adolfo Nicolas c/o Pope Benedict XVI via: Office for Pilgrims & Tourists E-Mail: via: Vatican Gardens Email:


·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

11-08-02: NO: KT-08-1968--777GASM: Traitor Notice: Executive Overview  

11-08-02: NO: KT-08-1968--777GASM: Traitor Notice: Executive Overview

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