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23 May 2011 F.W de Klerk Foundation, I refer to your Public Relations/Bullshit the Public article: Malema: Hacking at foundations of national reconciliation1. Re: Hacking the Foundations of National Reconciliation: 

It is impossible to hack the foundations of SINCERE REAL RECONCILIATION; because they confront the root psychological, demographic, and spiritual causes of fake reconciliation, and therefore build their sincere reconciliation house on solid rock;

It is only possible to hack the foundations of FAKE FRAUDULENT RECONCILIATION; because they refuse to confront the root psychological, demographic and spiritual causes of their disagreements; and hence their fake reconciliation is a house built on lies, deception, sycophancy and denial; a house built on quicksand.

Julius Malema is a direct consequence of Mandela, Tutu and your TRC Fraud Religious Circus’s refusal to confront the psychological, spiritual, demographic root causes of SA’s friction theory multicultural intellectual, psychological and spiritual insecurity problems! Real sincere reconciliation, such as practice by the Radical Honesty culture, is unhackable by anyone including the CIA, MI6, KGB, MOSSAD; let alone Julius Malema! Tutu, Mandela and FW de Klerks ‘Liberal White Guilt One Meaning Only for Kaffir Dictatorship’ Criminal Elite: If the FW de Klerk Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the South African legal, political and media TRC elite; sincerely are committed to a non-racial South Africa; why have you installed a ‘One Meaning Only Racial Definition for Kaffir’ Liberal White Guilt Dictatorship? Why would anyone want a ‘non-racial’ South Africa? Do you think you are ‘non-whites’ or ‘non-blacks’? Or are you just moronically stupid ‘consumer’ zombies who believe Wall Street and Fleet Street’s consumerist ‘non-racial’ verbal diarrhoea, deliberately intended to 1

brainwash you into being psychologically insecure ‘non-racial consumers’, to continuously buy shit you can’t afford, don’t need, to impress people you hate2? Instead of being racially aware citizens who hold your racial tribal leaders accountable; you have allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into dumb-fuck mind-fucked ‘non-racial’ zombies who smile as your Wall Street non-racial political stooges bribe you to participate in their human-welfare-factoryfarming3 slave and cannon fodder plantation for the ‘non-racial’ Fortune 500’s addiction to war, rape and murder road kill stew4? The organizing principle of any society is for war. The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. . . . War readiness accounts for approximately a tenth of the output of the world's total economy.” For Stone – and many others – it was clear that the government was a co-existence of various interest groups: the oil industry; the pharmaceutical industry; but mainly, the military-industrial complex… warmongers.5

Mohammed Ali talks more sense than the entire bunch of you non-racialist politically correct blind-obedience-to-Multinational-Political-Correct-Consumer zombies Fortune 500 humanslave plantation farmers combined: Muhammad Ali’s Brutal Honesty on ‘Non-Racialism’6. So the TRC FRAUD elite were bribed by the Iron Mountain Nobel Committee slave and cannon fodder breeding roadkill stew elite whose ‘Peace Prize’ exists purely to distract the humanfactory-farming slave and cannon fodder from their Slave Plantation Owners ‘War is a Racket’7 motives8: teaching the human—factory-farming cannon fodder little boys that courage comes from a machine gun – Blood Makes the Grass Grow!! Kill! Kill!! Kill Gangsterism for the Fortune 500 – not from honourably expressing their anger, fury or rage face-to-face non-violently: "All men are enamored of decorations . . . they positively hunger for them." - Napoleon -- War is a Racket, USMC General Smedley Butler “Twenty times a day, it would be, ‘Blood makes the grass grow! Kill! Kill! Kill!’” -– Timothy James McVeigh; Terror on Trial: Who was Timothy McVeigh?9

What do you think happens respectively to Robben Island’s rabbits when they are allowed to breed without any regard for the reality that the island’s resources are finite? They have to be culled10. Same with Kruger National Park’s elephants: they have to be culled11. Now what would we say if these game rangers were feeding the rabbits and elephants welfare-viagra; could we conclude that they were eager for the profits from a large cull??? You deliberately and intentionally support the ‘Kaffir Right to Sycophancy’ to shut up any criticism of your ‘Kaffir Right to Breed’ welfare-human-factory farming of citizens for an excess human cannon fodder cull; while ‘hate speech’ and ‘right to psychological infancy dignity’ denying these citizens an opportunity to learn to speak frankly and honestly and resolve their anger non-violently, knowing the suppression of such anger shall create a sociopolitical pressure cooker environment that explodes in violence; while you bullshit them of your intentions for peace and reconciliation; and lick your lips for the profits from a large cull. You might wish to deny it in your – hacking foundations of national reconciliation type of bullshit the public verbal diarrhoea – but the current world economy is a war economy; it is 2

The Monetary System and Consumerism: Story of Your Enslavement: I 5 6 7 War is a Racket, by USMC General Smedley Butler: 8 America’s Business is War: Gerald Celente: 9 10 Robben Island's rabbits to be culled: 11 SA to Lift Moratorium on Elephant Culling: 3 4

founded on human-welfare-factory-farming breeding war slaves and cannon fodder; so that select Fortune 500 corporations can make a human-welfare-breeding-farm fortune12 from human culling. And you are happy to play your part to encourage breeding, political correct suppression of honest non-violent anger, and to condemn the soldiers whom you cannon fodder bred, and trained to do the culling. When SA’s TRC fraud elite13 don’t have the courage to confront your liberal white guilt psychological racial insecurities upon which your RACIAL One-Meaning-Only-for-KaffirDictatorship14 resides; what is the chance your psychological infant ego’s shall confront your French Riddle of the Kaffir Lily Pond dysgenic Multinational – Economic and Population growth – corporate cannibalism of slave and cannon fodder human-welfare-factory-farming15 breeding war murder, rape and corruption road kill stew16? Will SA’s TRC Fraud Nobel Dictatorship Elite Prove You are ‘To Hell With War’ Serious? When you; F.W de Klerk, give back your Nobel Peace Prize, to the Norwegian Iron Mountain ‘Peace Prize’ prostitutes; take personal responsibility for the instructions you gave to Eugene de Kock17; and publicly endorse the ‘Kaffir culture’, ‘Kaffir etymology’ and ‘Kaffir Legislation’ definitions18; publicly distance yourself from this Kaffir Planets human-factory-farming19 breeding-war economy; then I will start taking your psychological infant bicameral mind ego’s20 bullshit-the-public verbal diarrhoea – hacking the foundations of national reconciliation - serious! Until then, enjoy the Nobel Iron Mountain Peace Prize (sic) Prostitutes recognition of your contribution to their ‘Human-Factory-Farm21 Breeding-War Human-Culling-Profits Economy’! I won’t hold my breath; not even Evita Bezuidenhout had the balls to give her psychological infant bicameral mind ego’s22 bullshit-the-public verbal diarrhoea – hacking the foundations of national reconciliation; an ‘I am, therefore I think’ lobotomy to accept my invitation to be a History of the K-word, in Proudly DeKaffirNated: Europeans Only Demockery Intercourse expert witness in my More-than-One-Definition-for-Kaffir Crimen Injuria trial! In comparison; Dr. Brad Blanton23 and Dr. Leonard Horowitz24 did not hesitate to file their Expert Witness Affidavits; which of course Die Burger censored from SA readers, preferring to insinuate my ‘racist’ insanity; all while providing sweet fuck all legal definition for ‘racism’; unlike Dr. Gedaliah Braun25. Perhaps one day the honourable ‘To Hell with War’26 and ‘Blood Makes the Grass Grow, Kill, Kill, Kill’ soldiers and assassins interested in founding a ‘Radical Honesty Honourable Fight Club’ ecologically sustainable society shall wake up that the focus of their military guerrilla warfare should be – not each other – but the ‘French Riddle of the Kaffir Lily Pond’ Ecologically Illiterate (Tragedy of the Kaffir Breeding War Commons) Wall Street, Fleet Street

12 War is a Racket, by USMC General Smedley Butler: 13 14 15 Story of Your Enslavement: 16 [Afriforum v. Malema] Radical Honesty SA to SAIRR: Frans Cronje: Who; or What is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist? 17 Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 31- De Klerk’s liberal conversion and the mindset of treason 18 19 Story of Your Enslavement: 20 21 Story of Your Enslavement: 22 23 Expert Witness Affidavit: 24 25 26 War is a Racket, by USMC General Smedley Butler:

and Nuremberg Show Trial Street’s Human-Factory-Farming27 ‘One Meaning Only for Kaffir’ Psychological Infant Ego’s Dictatorship’? Perhaps one day the worlds feminist and non-feminist human cannon fodder breeding war brood sows shall wake up and refuse to allow themselves to be exploited by a planet run by Kaffir Run Walking Penis cowards, as human-factory-farming brood sows. War as a general social release. This is a psychosocial function, serving the same purpose for a society as do the holiday, the celebration, and the orgy for the individual---the release and redistribution of undifferentiated tensions. War provides for the periodic necessary readjustment of standards of social behaviour (the "moral climate") and for the dissipation of general boredom, one of the most consistently undervalued and unrecognized of social phenomena. War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained -- and improved in effectiveness.28

In Radical Honesty culture we prefer to keep ourselves entertained by resolving the absence of meaning by creating our own cultural existential purpose as honourable non-violent faceto-face Bushido Dischordian verbal warriors. There is no such thing as ‘boredom’ or ‘fake orgasms’ in the Radical Honesty culture! Since I live in a country whose legal, political and religious establishment endorse my Radical Honesty culture’s legal and political persecution as a non-entity; my gravestone should I be buried in Masculine-Insecurity-Walking-Penis-Kaffir-Run Rainbow TRC FRAUD Duhmockery South Africa shall read: ‘Honour to Kambei Shimada: No Human-Factory-Farming Kaffir-Run Planet’s Brood Sow’ Counterdilemma of Euathlus29: To See the Farm; is to Leave the Farm30


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Story of Your Enslavement: Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability for Peace (paragraphs found respectively on p45 & p4) [A] A Purposive Sui-Generis Absurd Necessity (Page A.6): Story of Your Enslavement:

11-05-20: Radical Honesty SA: FW de Klerk Foundation: TRC Kaffir Fraud Dictatorship  
11-05-20: Radical Honesty SA: FW de Klerk Foundation: TRC Kaffir Fraud Dictatorship  

11-05-20: Radical Honesty SA: FW de Klerk Foundation: TRC Fraud's One Meaning Only for Kaffir Dictatorship