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13 May 2011

David Fogden English People’s Party (EPP) 27 Old Gloucester Street London, WC1N 3XX

Ref: * Peak Oil: Implications Of Resource Scarcity On (National) Security; Center for German Army Transformation, Group for “Future Studies”, July 20101; * The 2010 ASPO Conference: National Security Aspects2

Dear Mr. Fogden & EPP Members,

Hardcopy of Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Petition & Briefing Paper: Boer Volkstaat; or Jus Sanguinis EU Citizenship for African White Refugees; delivered to UK PM Campbell via UK High Commission on 11 March 2011. Please find attached a PDF copy of the hardcopy Petition and Briefing Paper which was submitted to Prime Minister David Cameron3; c/o UK High Commissioner Dr. Nicola Brewer4, on 11 December 2010; for your investigation and consideration. The Briefing Paper includes every UK Petitioner’s original signature individually (Pg JS.17-19) and collectively at their UK Progenitor’s History (Pg: JS.25-26). The Boer Volkstaat; or Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return to Europe for African White Refugees Petition and Briefing Paper was submitted by PDF-email to the Stamvader/Progenitor nations of Netherlands5, France6, Germany7, United Kingdom8, and Switzerland9; and finally to the NATO Military Committee Chiefs of Defence10, between 05 to 16 December 2010. 1 Military Study Warns of Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis, Der Spiegel,1518,715138,00.html Leaked German Military Study Warns of Peak Oil, Robert Rapier, Oil Price, 03 September 2010: This week a study on peak oil by a German military think tank was leaked on the Internet. The document shows that the German government is closely studying the issue of peak oil, and is aware of the potential for serious consequences as oil production declines. The study is reminiscent of the Hirsch Report, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy, that warned of the risks posed by peak oil. The document warns of the potential for regional shortages, market failures, and a shift in political power toward those capable of exporting oil. 2 The 2010 ASPO conference: national security aspects, by Rick Munroe, Energy Bulletin, 17 October 2010 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

One hundred and sixty EU politicians, academics, legal experts and military officials were petitioned for: [A] Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Boer-Volkstaat in S. Africa; or in the absence thereof; [B] The enactment of Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return legislation by the relevant Progenitor/Stamvader EU Nations, for the relevant EU citizenship for African White Refugee descendants. The Boer Volkstaat / Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return Petition Evidentiary Arguments and Justifications; are contained in the attached Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper, which is also available for PDF download from Briefly the Justification arguments are: 

International Law: Jus Sanguinis, Just War Theory; S. 235 of the SA Constitution, 23 April 1994 Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination signed by the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party;

ANC’s TRC Fraud: African National Congress (ANC) / Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) / Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud: (a) Just War Theory Arguments; (b) Clash of Cultures Friction Theory Arguments; (c) Population Policy Common Sense Arguments.

Population Policy Friction Theory Common Sense: Peak Oil GeoPoLegal Military Necessity of Ethno-Cultural Secession & Economic Relocalisation: The geopolitical, national, ethnic and cultural importance of amicably resolving population pressures colliding with declining resources multi-cultural conflicts, prior to their friction theory on steroids aggravation by the socio-political and economic resource war consequences of Peak Oil.

Request for On 05 January 2011, the General Secretariat Parliamentary Services Office of Hansheiri Inderkum, Swiss President of the Council of States11; requested that the Petition be submitted in hardcopy form and bear each Petitioners original signature; that such original hardcopy be submitted to the Swiss Embassy in Pretoria, for the Attention of the Swiss Parliaments Committee of Legal Affairs. Consequently hardcopy Petitions and Briefing Papers were submitted to all five Progenitor Nations including NATO, via the respective Embassies on 11 March 2011. African White Refugee Jus Sanguinis Progenitor Nation Official Responses: Netherlands12: In response to the hardcopy petition the Netherlands Embassy invited Jus Sanguinis to a meeting at the Embassy for ‘frank discussions’ on the issues. Jus Sanguinis agreed and invited various International and South African expert witnesses13 to testify to their issues of expertise as detailed in the Petition. The Netherlands Embassy then changed their mind, stating that it would be better for such a Jus Sanguinis/TRC Fraud hearing to be conducted before Netherlands Parliament. Such a letter of Request was submitted to Min. of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal on 14 April 2011: Request for (A) Written Reasons; or (B) Parliamentary Hearing (PDF14). No response has yet been received. Switzerland15: On 09 May 2011 President of the Council of States of the Swiss Parliament officially confirmed receipt and notice that the Petition and Briefing Paper, and that

10 11 12 13 14 15

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

“Relevant committees of the federal parliament will review it and you will be informed after the procedure.”16 United Kingdom17, France18 & Germany19: The French and German Ambassadors and UK High Commissioner have not provided Jus Sanguinis with any feedback as to the status of the Jus Sanguinis Petition and Briefing Paper submitted to their Offices for forwarding to Prime Minister Cameron20, President Nicolas Sarkozy21 and Chancellor Merkel22. Belgium/NATO23: Prime Minister Yves Leterme of Belgium24 has confirmed knowledge of the documentation submitted to the Belgium Embassy; and direct visits (i.e. not via a ‘search engine’, but via a direct link provided in a document) by various Military Intelligence websites to Jus Sanguinis website indicate that the Briefing Paper is making its rounds in military circles.

TRC Fraud Notices to South Africa Political, Religious & Legal Elite: SA Political, Religious, Media and Academic TRC elite25 have been honourably notified of the contents of this Jus Sanguinis petition, and its allegations of TRC Fraud. Notifications have been sent to among others Nelson Mandela26, Archbishop Desmond Tutu27, F.W. de Klerk28, Concourt Justices29, Political Party leaders, NGO’s, News Editors, Religious leaders, etc. As detailed in the Jus Sanguinis Petition and Briefing Paper, the TRC Fraud arguments are in accordance to the Just War principles of honourable war: (i) having just cause, (ii) being a last resort, (iii) being declared by a proper authority, (iv) possessing right intention, (v) having a reasonable chance of success, and (vi) the end being proportional to the means used. Jus Sanguinis argue the ANC had no Just War justifications to launch a military violent campaign against Apartheid because:

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29


The ANC had an honourable non-violent option for liberating their own people by ending their poverty pimping breeding war;


The ANC had no right intention: Apartheid had raised black living standards to the highest in Africa; ANC true motives were, and continue to be, reasons of selfinterest, greed, corruption, abuse of power and personal aggrandizement; as well as Black Liberation Theology racial black power hegemony: and the elimination of ‘whiteness’ on the rotting corpses of SA’s white settlers;


The ANC had no proper authority: Black Africans did not want Black rule, nor did they voluntarily support the liberation struggle (Mandela’s decision to launch the violent liberation struggle, was not because it was a tragic ‘last resort’ of a peaceful non-violent campaign. The militarization of the struggle, was a result of the spectacular failure of the 1952 Defiance Campaign ability to mobilize the black masses to participate in the non-violent struggle: only 10 000 joined the protest, of which 8,500 were in prison);


The ANC had no reasonable chance of success in eliminating whiteness and white rule, for the majority of blacks favoured white rule, who were aware they were

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

better off under white rule, than any of their black brethren in the rest of black Africa ruled by despotic black liberation movements. They consequently decided the African people would need to be terrorized to support the ANC; 5.

The ANC did not use proportional force: It decided to adopt the People’s War of necklacing, street committees, to terrorize its own people to support its fraudulent ‘liberation struggle’; where any poor black Africans who even slightly objected to the ANC’s agenda, and who insisted on being a law abiding citizen by paying their rent or electricity, was labelled as ‘an enemy conspirator’; and worthy of the necklace;


The ANC did not use proportional force on its own soldiers tortured, murdered and executed at its Mbokodo Quatro Torture Camps;


The ANC did not use proportional force in its decision to target illegitimate targets: Its own people; by choosing to maximize not only the physical destruction of property, schools, libraries, community infrastructure, but additionally the psychological, intellectual and emotional destruction of children’s education, and relationships to their families, parents and future, as individuals with no regard whatsoever for the concept of personal responsibility, integrity and honour;


The ANC did not adopt violence as a last resort; but as a first resort to liberate the African’s colonized mind of ‘whiteness’, because in their Fanon/Black Liberation Theology worldview ‘violence was a cleansing liberating force to restore the Africans self-respect on the rotting corpse of the settler’.

Jus Sanguinis have also requested the ANC and South African and International Anti-Apartheid Movement Organisations (EU30, NL31, UK32, CH33) to provide the following evidence to prove that the Anti-Apartheid Liberation Struggle’s resort to violence was in accordance with Just War principles: Request for Information from ANC &/or Anti-Apartheid Officials: Prior to the ANC’s M-Plan declaration of War against Apartheid; Did the ANC at any time launch a non-violent cultural and political campaign to stop their African ‘swart gevaar’ breeding-war population explosion, to demonstrate their honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions?

19/04/11: NL-FR-DE-UK-CH ‘Boer/Settler’ Amicus in ‘Kill Boers/Settlers Hate Speech’ Trial On 19 April 2011 Radical Honesty filed an application to proceed as an Amicus Curiae in the ‘Kill Boers’ Hate Speech Equality Court case of Afriforum v. Malema (PDF34). The Amicus application requests the court to “admit the attached Heads of Argument as the Radical Honesty Culture and Religion’s Official For the Court Record Objective Reasonable35 Perspective in this matter: Heads of Argument of Lara Johnstone, Radical Honesty Culture; ‘Boer/Settler’ descendant of Dutch, French Huguenot and British ‘Settlers’: Hermanus Bosman, Andreus Lutgerus Kolver; Jacques de Villiers and James Augustus Johnstone; In Support of ‘Political Necessity French Riddle of the Kaffir Lily Pond’ Application of the Radical 30 33 34 35 Affidavit of Brad Blanton, Ph.D, evidencing the legal, psychological, and socio-political ‘citizens privilege’, Nuremberg Principles skills and competencies of Individual Responsibility, required for acts of civil disobedience to perceived illegitimate authority; and their application to the common law ‘reasonableness test’ filed as Expert Witness Affidavit in High Court, W.C. # 19963-09; Dr. Blanton explains what happens in cultures of ideological obedience; how and why studies show that 92% of citizens lack the psychological and emotional – sincere forgiveness -- skills for nonviolent disobedience. In Practicing Radical Honesty, Dr. Blanton describes the importance of sincere forgiveness to changing the statistics of the Stanley Milgram studies of Obedience, which proved that 92% of humans are as culturally, racially, ideologically or religiously obedient, and unquestioning to their beliefs as Adolf Eichmann was to Nazism. In a clash between their ideology and scientific evidentiary truth, their obedience to their ideology, causes them to consign the truth to the collateral damage refuse bin. Individuals who practice sincere forgiveness, and who are not obedient to ideology, but to scientific truth, always side in favour of scientific truth. 31 32

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

Honesty Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of ANC’s ‘TRC Social Contract Fraud’; Recommendation to Constitutional Court to Resolve ‘Kill Boer/Settler Hate Speech’ Descartian v. Ubuntu Conformist Cultural Friction by Implementing: (A) 23 April 1994 Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination to provide Boers with a ‘Kaffir’ Free Speech Volkstaat; and/or (B) Jus Sanguinis Repatriation of ‘Settlers’ to European Progenitor Nations.” The NL-FR-DE-UK-CH Radical Honesty Boer/Settler Amicus Application makes the following Recommendations to the Court: 211. In the absence of a Truly Impartial Truth and Reconciliation Commission run by International Independents such as Dr. Blanton and Pastor James Manning to lobotomize SA’s TRC Fraud Political Tumour; the Eco-Cultural State of the Body Political System shall collapse from the pressure cooker masculine insecurity rage of perceived insults if ‘Kill the Boer’ and ‘Kaffir’ are both designated as Freedom of Speech. 212. Unless they find the honourable courage to prove me wrong: Fundamentalist Black Liberation Theology ‘Anti-Whiteness’ Marxist Revolutionaries shall not rest until they achieve their Violent Marxist Cleansing Liberation / Reconciliation / Salvation on the Rotting Corpses of Boer/Settlers. ‘Kill the Boer’ is their Mascot, towards that ultimate ‘Settler Free Utopia’. Consequently, to enable Boer/Settlers to protect themselves: 1. Implement 23 April 1994 Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination for a Boer ‘Kaffir’ Free Speech Volkstaat, by endorsing and supporting the work of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie, for a Boer Volkstaat; and/or 2. Initiate a Program of Jus Sanguinis Voluntary Repatriation of ‘Settlers’ to European Progenitor Nations, for Persecuted Settlers/African White Refugees who prefer to return to their Settler motherlands.

09/05/11: TRC FRAUD Coverup Genocide Complaint to International Criminal Court (ICC) Complaint Charges Mandela, Tutu, de Klerk, Norwegian Nobel Committee & 88 SANEF editors/publications for coverup of TRC Fraud Genocide in terms of Art 5(1)(a) & (b), 6(c) and 7(1)(h) of the Rome Statute. The Complainants Request the ICC: Prosecutor’s Office to: Initiate an investigation into the allegations that the respondents are to be held criminally culpable for their endorsement and concealment of TRC FRAUD, the consequences of which are genocide and crimes against humanity against white South Africans, and ethno-cultural legal and political persecution of Afrikaner/Boer and Radical Honesty cultures. Complainants allege the Defendants cover up and censorship of the ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movements (i) Frantz Fanon/Black Consciousness (‘liberation by violence on the rotting corpse of the settlers’) (ii) Black Liberation Theology (‘violent elimination of ‘whiteness’); and (iii) Houari Boumediene/Black Power Breeding War (“The wombs of our women will give us victory”)36 inspired TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION FRAUD (“TRC FRAUD”) perpetrated against citizens of South Africa, and predominantly against white Afrikaner/Boer/Settlers; is committed in the context of endorsing the ANC’s institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by Africans over other racial groups, particularly Boer/Afrikaners and committed with the intention of maintaining the ANC regime. Issues Covered: 

Genocide: Obstruction & Censorship of TRC Fraud


“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” -- Houari Boumediene, President of Algeria, at the United Nations, 1974 (Boumediene was an ardent supporter of the ANC and SWAPO)

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

   

Legal and Political Persecution of Minorities Breeding War as Acts of War Media: Above the Law Worldview Goliath Opinion Formers Media Role in Censorship of Breeding War Acts of War

Copies of all aforementioned correspondence and Audi Alteram Partem Notifications sent to all SA Political, Religious, Media, Legal and Academic elites and Anti-Apartheid Organisations is transparently available at: Audi Alteram Partem Notice to Republic of South Africa and Anti-Apartheid Movement37. Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone (Co-Founding Petitioner to France, United Kingdom and Netherlands)

Hendrik du Plessis (Co-Founding Petitioner to France, Germany and Switzerland)

Jus Sanguinis Petitioners to United Kingdom (See Pg JS.17-19 & 25-26) of Petition Briefing Paper:


DU PLESSIS: Louis Pierre


COX: William Ernest (Billy)

DE BEER: Jesica

VORSTER, Lize Russelle (Du Plessis)

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return to Europe, for African White Refugees PO Box 5042 George East, RSA, 6539 ·§· Cell: +27 (71) 170 1954 ·§·

11-05-13: EPP: David Fogden: Jus Sanguinis Petition & BP to UK  

11-05-13: EPP: David Fogden: Jus Sanguinis Petition & BP to UK

11-05-13: EPP: David Fogden: Jus Sanguinis Petition & BP to UK  

11-05-13: EPP: David Fogden: Jus Sanguinis Petition & BP to UK