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Attention: Mrs. Ineke Solinas Consular Assistant Netherlands Consulate General 100 Strand Street Capetown, 8001 Tel: (021) 421 5660

Assessment Regarding Eligibility for a Dutch Citizenship/Passport Please find attached the applications of: (1) Ann Elizabeth Johnstone, nee Bosman; (2) Lara Johnstone, (3) Graeme Henry Johnstone and (4) Andre Bosman Johnstone, all direct descendants of stamvader/progenitor Hermanus Bosman (19/04/1682 – 26/07/1769) who emigrated from Holland, arriving in the Cape on 19 April 1707; son of Lambertus Bosman (1655 – 1713) and Maria Fransz (1656 – 1722) of among others Utrechse Straat, Amsterdam. Please consider in accordance with the recent changes in Dutch laws, which provide Afrikaners who are direct descendants of Dutch citizens; as stated in article by Caspar Naber, Ons Woon baie lekker in Holland, in the Daily Algemeen Dagblad of March 28, 2009. The article tells the story of South Africans Hendrik and Lynette de Vries, from Voorburg; whose progenitor left Den Haag in the 18th century. “Steeds meer blanke Zuid-Afrikanen vragen een Nederlands paspoort aan. Dat komt vooral doordat de Nederlandse wetgeving Afrikaners de mogelijkheid biedt de nationaliteit van hun voorouders aan te nemen, segt de Nederlandse ambassade in Pretoria.” Sincerely,

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Annexure to Application of Ann Elizabeth Johnstone for Dutch Citizenship/Passport; as a direct descendant of Dutch citizens: Lambertus Bosman & Maria Fransz, of Amsterdam, Holland; as follows: [AA] Lambertus Bosman (1655 – 1713) and Maria Fransz (Fransen) (1656 – 1722): The Bosman family (Attorney D.F. Bosman from Capetown) have been unable to trace the parents of Lambertus Bosman, but it has been ascertained that he was born in approximately 1655 in Aurik, now known as Aurich, East Friesland, died on 6 January 1713, and is buried in Noorderkerkhof, Amsterdam. There is discrepancy about Lambertus and Maria Maria Franz(en) wedding date. Some state the wedding occurred on 21 September 1681, in the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam; although Die Bosmans van Suid Afrika, states that Lambertus and Maria’s Marriage Certificate in the Westerkerk, Amsterdam states: “Het huwelijk in Amsterdam op 6 September 1681 van Lambertus Bosman van Aurik, Korenharper, oud 26 jaren, in de Laurierstraat, ouders doot en Maria Fransz, van Amsterdam, oud 24 jaren in de O. Madelievestraat, ouders doot.” Maria Franz(en) was born in Amsterdam, Nederland in approximately 1656, and died in Utrechse Straat, Amsterdam on approximately 01 November 1722, buried in Leidse Kerkhof; she was the daughter of Frans Franz (a sydelintwerker). Lambertus and Maria Franz(en) had three children: (1) Hermanus, (2) Hester, and (3) Jacobus. Hester never married and remained in Holland, but frequently wrote to her brother Hermanus once he was settled in the Cape of Good Hope. Jacobus married and remained in Holland, had three daughters: Maria (married Hermanus Onger), Elizabeth (married Frederick Haagedoorn); and Neeltje (unknown).

[A] Hermanus Bosman (19.04.1682 – 26.07.1769) & Elizabeth de Villiers (05.11.1690 – 25.03.1765) Hermanus was born on 19 April 1682, and baptized in HK Westekerk, Amsterdam. He received his “attestaat” on 24 December 1705, and left Holland from Texel on 20 January 1706; destined for Batavia. However he did not like the Far East at all and accordingly returned on a ship De Overryp, arriving in the Cape of Good Hope on his 25th birthday, 19 April 1707; where he was appointed as krankerbesoeker in the church at Drakenstein, serving them until 1748. He subsequently met Elizabeth, the daughter of an ouderling in his church and they were married on 04 March 1708, probably in the Strooidak church in Paarl. Elizabeth was the daughter of Abraham de Villiers and Suzanne Gardiol, from Drakenstein. Both Abraham and Suzanne were French Huguenots who had fled religious persecution in France. Abraham was one of four sons (Pierre, Abraham, Jacques and Paul) of Pierre de Villiers, from the wine farm La Rochelle in France; who with his two elder brothers arrived in the Cape on 6 Mei 1689 after spending 20 weeks on the small 120 ft Dutch East Indian boat Zion. Suzanne had arrived in the Cape with her sister Marguerite and brother Jean Gardiol, in 1688-89 from La Coste, Provence (See A History of the De Villiers Family, by D.P. de Villiers). Hermanus and Elizabeth had 11 children, although the Bosman’s of South Africa are descendants of only two of Hermanus’ children: Hermanus (7th) and Izak (10th). The children were: (1) Hermanus, (2) Susanna, (3) Maria, (4) Abraham, (5) Petrus Johannes, (6) Elizabeth, (7) Hermanus, (8) Jacobus, (9) Hester, (10) Izak, and (11) Jan Christoffel. On 21 May 1715 or thereabouts they became the owners of De Nieuwe Plantagie, namely a large erf for a house, garden and trees.

[B10] Izak (Isaak) Bosman (29.3.1732 – 29.1.1812) & Susanna de Villiers (28.5.1736 – 06.9.1818) Izak (as his father called him) was born on De Nieuw Plantatie on 29 March 1732, and baptised in Paarl on 6 April 1732. He is the progenitor/stamvader of the Bottelaryse Bosmans. On 28 November 1756 he married Susanna (A3b9c1), the daughter of Abraham de Villiers and Susanna Joubert. Susanna was his second-cousin, being a granddaughter of Jacob de Villiers and Margaretha Gardiol. Isak died on 29 January 1812, and was buried on Welgelegen on 31 January 1812; Susanna a poet, died at Koopmanskloof on 06 September 1818, and is also buried at Welgelegen. Isak and Susanna lived at Welgelegen where they had 12 children: (1) Abraham, (2) Hermanus Lambertus, (3) Isaak, (4) Susanna Johanna, (5) Petrus Jacobus, (6) Jacobus, (7) Jacobus, (8) Susanna Johanna, (9) Elizabeth Rachel, (10) Elisabeth Rachel, (11) Johanna Jacoba, (12) Maria Margaretha.

[C2] Hermanus Lambertus (31.1.1760 – 20.12.1846) & Johanna Elisabeth Krige (02.04.1764 – 07.09.1822) Hermanus Lambertus was born on 31 January 1760, baptised in Paarl on 17 February 1760. He became a businessman and winefarmer, and the third Bosman owner of De Nieuw Plantatie, which he purchased in 1796 from his grandfather Abraham Bosman for 6,000 gulden. He was an ouderling of the NG Church, in Paarl, died at De Nieuwe Plantatie on 20 December 1846, is buried at Strooidark Church, Paarl. He married his cousin Johanna Elizabeth Krige (b3c1) on 6 February 1785. Susanna was born on 02 April 1764, baptised in Stellenbosch on 15 April 1764 and died in Paarl on 07 September 1822. She was the daughter of Willem Adolph Krige and Louisa Jacoba de Villiers (A3b9c2). Hermanus and Johanna had 7 Children: (1) Abraham Jacobus, (2) Izak Johannes, (3) Louisa Jacoba, (4) Susanna Johanna, (5) Johanna Elizabeth, (6) Izak Johannes, (7) Uncertainty, (8) Willem Adolf.

[D8] Willem Adolf (09.3.1806 – 14.9.1868) & Andrina Deborah Mellet (03.8.1806 – 30.12.1873) Willem Adolph was born in Paarl on 09 March 1806 and was a winefarmer and owner of Klein Plantatie in Paarl. He died in Paarl on 14 September 1868 and is buried at Strooidakkerk in Paarl. He married Andrina Mellet (b5c2d8) in Paarl on 04 March 1827. Andrina was born on 03 August 1806, baptised in Capetown on 10 August 1806 and died in Paarl on 30 December 1873. She was the daughter of Andries Mellet and Gertruida Johanna de Villiers (she subsequently remarried in Paarl on 10 April 1871 to Abraham Paul le Rous, of Franschoek). Willem Adolph and Andrina had one son, Hermanus Lambertus.

[E1] Hermanus Lambertus (17.4.1828 – 30.6.1894) & Hester Johanna Luttig (21.9.1839 – 17.1.1913) Hermanus Lambertus, known as Manie, was born in Paarl on 17 April 1828, baptised in Paarl on 4 may 1828. He was a farmer and wagon maker, died in Klein Kruidfontein, in Prins Albert on 30 June 1894, and is buried at Kruidfontein.

Hermanus first married Catharina Maria de Villiers (A1b5c3d1e6f9) in Paarl on 19 May 1851. Catharina was born on 21 March 1828, baptised in Paarl on 4 April 1828, died in Paarl on 18 April 1862, and is buried in Strooidakkerk, Paarl; the daughter of Jan Hendrik de Villiers and Anna Catherina Bernhardi. Hermanus subsequently married Hester Johanna Luttig (b2c6d5) on 21 September 1863 in Paarl. Hester was babtised in Paarl on 21 September 1839, and died in Backante, Frankfort on 17 January 1913. She was the daughter of Jacobus Johannes Luttig and Hester Johanna Mosterd. Hermanus and Hester had 8 children, the eighth being a son, Jacobus Johannes.

[F8] Jacobus Johannes (10.2.1870 – 6.2.1933) & Elsabe Wilhelmina Christina von Backström (20.10.1878 – 30.6.1949) Jacobus Johannes was born in Paarl on 10 February 1870 and became an Attorney and Notary in Standerton, Transvaal. He died in Standerton on 6 February 1933, is buried in Ou Kerkhof in Standerton. Jacobus married Elsabe Wilhelmina Christina von Backström on 27 April 1896 in Standerton. Elsabe was born in Standerton on 20 October 1878, and died in Standerton on 30 June 1949. She was the daughter of Johan Georg Frederik and Johanna Jurgina Dorothea von Backström. Jacobus and Elsabe had 7 children: (1) Hermanus Lambertus, (2) Johanna Hester, (3) Johan von Backstrom, (4) Andries Willem, (5) Jacobus Johannes, (6) Louie, (7) Jacoba.

[G4] Andries Willem “Toy” (28.9.1909 – 25.9.1972) & Elizabeth Gertruida Kolver (30.4.1912 – 5.11.1985) Andries was born in Standerton on 28 September 1909, a twin, became a businessman and farmer, and owner of the farms Hilversum in George, and Garth, Klipfontein and Poortjiesfontein in Standerton. Andries married Elizabeth Gertruida (Betty) Kolver, on 12 April 1937 in Standerton, from Phillipolis; daughter of Andries Kolver and Anna Susanna Kolbe. Betty was born in Phillipolis area on 30 April 1912; died in George on 05 November 1985; and was the daughter of Andries Kolver and Anna Susanna Kolbe. They had four children: (1) Hermy Kolbe, born Standerton 1939, died in car accident on 19 August 1962; (2) Talita Elsabe (Lee), born on 17 May 1944 in Standerton; (3) Ann Elizabeth, born 14 February 1946 in Standerton, married to Clive Henry Johnstone on 11 February 1966, with whom she had four children; (4) Christine Eileen, born 1 September 1952 in Standerton, married to Neville Riddick. [H3] Ann Elizabeth (14.2.1946) and Clive Henry Johnstone (28.10.1935) Ann was born on 14 February 1946 in Standerton. She later became the owner of Klipfontein and Poortjiesfontein in Standerton. Ann married Clive Henry Johnstone on 11 February 1966. They lived in Volksrust and Newcastle while farming on the Johnstone farm ‘Gerizim’, subsequently selling the farm to retire to George. Clive Henry Johnstone was born on 28 October 1935 in Volkstrust, and was the son of John (Jack) Henry Johnstone and Charlotte Thom. Ann and Clive have four children: (1) Lara, (2) Graeme Henry, (3) Wendy and (4) Andre Bosman.

10-04-17: Application Dutch Consulate: Jus Sanguinis Citizenship  

Attachment to: Assessment Regarding Eligibility for a Dutch Citizenship/Passport