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28 April 2010 City Attorney Dennis Herrera Office of the City Attorney 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102-4682 Tel: (415) 554-4700 | Fax: (415) 554-4745 Email: San Francisco Board of Supervisors 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place, Room 244 San Francisco, CA 94102-4689, United States Tel: (415) 554-5184; Fax: (415) 554 5163 Email: CC:

Attorney General Terry Goddard Office of the Attorney General 1275 West Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007 Tel: 602.542.5025 | Fax 602.542.4085 Email:,


General Anthony Zinni, et al (Ref: Dwarfwhisper32 Navajo Miragestorum: 2000 Nightline, Ted Koppel: CIA & Pentagon on Peak Population & Resource Wars1); c/o & via: Mr. Tom Whipple

Mr. Herrera and SF Board of Supervisors,

SF City Attorney Representation: Legal Assistance to Challenge Unjust Immigration Law: In Forma Pauperis Application to SF City Attorney for Legal Assistance to Challenge INS-SF, for damages; for their illegal arrest, detention and deportation of a legal immigrant/resident, from streets of San Francisco. [I] Grounds for Application: [A] San Francisco City Attorney “calls for Sweeping Boycott of Arizona’s Immigration Law” 1. Herrerra calls for sweeping boycott of Arizona over Immigration law2, states among others “San Francisco's moral leadership against such past injustices as South African apartheid…”3 and offers among others “the assistance of [the City Attorney’s offices] in any legal challenges to the Arizona law.”


Part 1: Part 2: 3 (i) Abathembu's support Secession; ‘Things Were Much Better Under Apartheid...’?; (ii) 60% of South Africans: ‘Country Better run under Apartheid!’; ANC more corrupt, less trustworthy & less competent...; (iii) 14 January 1999: Open Letter to Whitehouse, from Jaap Marais, 2

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

2. Mr. Herrera says Arizona's controversial new law makes it a state-level crime for someone to be in the country illegally, and even criminalizes the failure to carry immigration documents at all time by lawful foreign residents. It additionally imposes a requirement for police officers to question those they suspect may be in the United States illegally. [B] Any legal doctrines which accompany: (a) the English idiom: “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones” and (b) the Spiritual principle of honour: “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.” (Mathew 7:5, New International Version 1984)

[II] Executive Summary: California legal resident/immigrant from South Africa Lara Johnstone (INS # A77 177 281; CA Drivers Licence #: CA: B9644585) was arrested in San Francisco on 29 January 2002, and deported from San Francisco Airport, to South Africa on 02 March 2002. The Applicants legal residency status (wife of California resident: Demian Emile Johnson) was ruled by the San Francisco Immigration Judge to be ‘Irrelevant’. No objections were filed by any California Attorney General, San Francisco State Attorney, or SA Embassy Officials to the illegal arrest, detention and deportation of legal California immigrant/resident (SA citizen), from the streets of downtown San Francisco; by the United States Federal Government’s Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS); subsequent to providing the SF City Attorney’s office with very sensitive information related to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

[III] The Applicant: 1. The applicant was born in Volksrust, South Africa on 04 December 1966. She arrived in the United States (New York JFK Airport, in 1996) on a tourist visa from London. While working illegally as a nanny and caregiver she was an activist on among others environmental, criminal justice reform, and political prisoner issues, on behalf of American citizens. For example: In October 1996 she supported the call for Jericho Movement Amnesty and Freedom for Political Prisoners. She personally wrote to President’s Clinton and Mandela to support a Truth and Reconciliation process for America’s political prisoners. She considered it a grave hypocrisy that millions pretend that South Africa is a TRC Rainbow Democracy, while American political prisoners such as Jaan Laaman, Marilyn Buck and Tom Manning who fought on behalf of apartheids demise, are forgotten and betrayed for their efforts. 2. She met Demian Emile Johnson4, of Oakland, California, in 1997, while working on providing educational information on rehabilitation issues to prisoners. Mr. Johnson has been incarcerated in the California Dept. of Corrections, on a sentence of 15-to-life for felony murder, since 1982. Mr. Johnson had used his experience in prison to confront the realities that resulted in his incarceration and consequently to make his restitution contribution by

HNP: SA's Best Leader: Verwoerd or Mandela?; (iv) Forsaking Gandhian Non-violence, honour & character.. the ANC-Frakenstein spawned a Gov. of comrade-tsotsis, gangsters & kleptomaniacs ( 4 PDF:

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

confronting at-risk youngsters to avoid making the same mistakes as he did5. The Applicant and Mr. Johnson corresponded, shared mutual concerns about society’s hypocrisy, and were married in Folsom Prison, Sacramento on 11 October 1997 (Sacramento County: Licence & Certificate of Marriage: Demian Emile Johnson and Lara Johnstone6; 31 May 1998: Sunday Times: US convict wins love and support in SA town7; 24 Sep 1998: YOU: Volksrust Farmgirl Doomed for Love of Black Convict8). 3. Shortly after their marriage the Applicant filed the required residency applications (INS # A77 177 281; CA Drivers Licence #: CA: B9644585) with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and was granted her legal residency status. 4. Applicant’s Character and Actions-Speak-Louder-than-Words Practice-What-She-Preaches Support for the Rule of Law, for all, irrespective of political or religious ideology, ethnicity, or culture: As a legal resident in California and Virginia, she fought on behalf of the rights of United States citizens who were denied their rights to the rule-of-law; such as (i) George Jenkins: arrested by Oakland Police for dropping ash from his cigarette (4 July 1998: Miami Herald: Police Action Harms Image as Protectors9); (ii) Oakland and Los Angeles African American and Latino Ghetto residents: she helped as one of the primary organizers for the Lyons vs CIA crack cocaine class action lawsuit (16 March 1998: SF Gate: CIA sued for not reporting drug trade10); (iii) Mr. Timothy James McVeigh when he was denied anything remotely resembling a free and fair trial and thousands of evidentiary documents and information were withheld from his trial, by amongst others the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): she filed a written legal request to President G.W. Bush to suspend Mr. McVeigh’s execution and provide him with the opportunity to meet with the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing to sincerely forgive each other, by the process of Radical Honesty, as taught by Dr. Brad Blanton11 (April 2001: New Abolitionist/Race Traitor: Tim McVeigh and Me12/ “I was, and still am, a co-conspirator in the Oklahoma City Bombing”, by Lara Braveheart13); (iv) Campaign Finance Reform: She was arrested in Washington DC capital rotunda with Ronny Dugger, Brad Blanton and others in a protest on behalf of Campaign Finance Reform (Expert Witness Affidavit of Brad Blanton, Ph.D, former Candidate for Congress in 2004 and 2006, best selling author and psychologist; in High Court, Western Cape # 19963-09: ‘SA’s TRC was a fake political PR publicity stunt’14); (v) Disclosure and Transparency in Government: On 28 July 2001, the applicant went on a liquid-only hungerstrike in support of President Bush and the over 400 military and intelligence Disclosure Project15 witnesses (The Presidents UFO Website: George W. Bush’s


PDF: PDF: 7 PDF: 8 PDF: 9 PDF: 10 PDF: 11 12 PDF: 13 PDF: 14 15 6

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

UFO Mail16). On 09 September 2001, the Applicant ended her Bush UFO Disclosure hungerstrike and informed those interested by email that she would release the reasons therefore in a Press Release, to be released at 09:00 hrs, on 11 September 2001. 5. The Applicants Motives and Intentions: Human Consciousness Rule-of-Law Freedom Charter17: On 28 October 2001 the Applicant informed the National Security Agency and Pentagon of her written consent for them to monitor and record, all her written, email and telephone conversations; in an email CC’d to Mr. John McCain and the Armed Services Committee. Furthermore should the Pentagon/NSA have any concerns about the Applicants Radical Honesty true motives and intentions for her activism, they were also granted the Applicants consent to monitor her thoughts by means of psychotronics (Akwei vs. NSA: Covert Operations of the National Security Agency, by John St. Clair Akwei, Apparatus & Method for Remotely Monitoring & Altering Brain Waves, US Patent: 3,951,134; Malech: 20 April 1976; etc.) 18. 6. Finally, the Applicant is 43 years old and has personally practiced her Human Consciousness Rule of Law Freedom Charter19 advocacy as follows: With the help of an IUD, inserted at age 19, Common Sense and a love for children, she has consciously avoided falling pregnant while unable to provide a child with a psychologically physically and emotionally committed father and a financially secure environment to provide for its future. Hence she has never needed the services of any abortionist, nor brought any unwanted children onto the planet; nor contributed to local, national or international overpopulation or resource wars; nor advocated on behalf of population or economic growth; or materialist consumerism. While she has at times been without full time employment, even homeless, she has never gone on welfare.

[IV] Applicants Arrest: Legal US Resident Arrested in, and deported from, San Francisco: 1. In November 2001 Applicant met a US Army Special Forces friend (Mr. Michael Marion, not his real name) of Mr. Timothy James McVeigh at the Flying J. Truck Stop in Phoenix, Arizona, after having been given cryptic clues to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, where somebody would contact the Applicant. The applicant and Mr. Marion traveled to the Geronimo Motel in Flagstaff Arizona, where Mr. Marion divulged brief sections of his involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Among others Mr. Marion informed the Applicant that Mr. McVeigh’s 11 June 2001 ‘execution’ had been faked; and that Mr. McVeigh had been provided with a new identity. Mr. Marion had met with Mr. McVeigh subsequent to his alleged execution on the weekend of 4 July 2001, on a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. Applicant shared with Mr. Marion her request to President Bush to provide Mr. McVeigh and the OKC bombing residents the opportunity for closure, and

16 17 18 19

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

requested Mr. Marion’s support. He agreed to contact his Pentagon supervisors for their support. He then headed back to Washington DC, and Applicant to the Bay Area. 2. In Jan 2002 Mr. Michael Marion, returned from his trip to the Pentagon, and arrived to visit the Applicant. He traveled by bus and arrived at San Francisco Bus station (Applicant received a Parking ticket for her Beige VW Vanagon Van, while waiting for him to arrive). 3. Mr. Marion stated that his supervisors at the Pentagon had unofficially approved and supported the efforts for closure on behalf of Mr. McVeigh and OKC bombing victims, if so supported by such individuals themselves, and the general public. Mr. Marion requested the Applicants help to contact various San Francisco authorities to ascertain their support and to provide related information about the OKC bombing to the San Francisco FBI. 4. The Applicant telephoned the San Francisco City Attorney’s office to inform them of Mr. Marion’s arrival, and briefly informed them about the information Mr. Marion wished to share with the FBI, and to request the City Attorney’s legal support for Mr. Marion’s to reveal his information to FBI authorities. The San Francisco City Attorney official on the telephone sounded extremely nervous and declined to support the Applicants request on behalf of Mr. Marion, or to agree to a meeting. On the day of Mr. Marion’s arrival in San Francisco, there was allegedly some kind of Al’Qaeda threat to some passenger plane traveling to San Francisco, and NORAD sent two fighter jets to escort it to San Francisco. Mr. Marion and the Applicant were sitting in the Berkeley Marina waiting for Mr. Jon Michael Dye, a former Marine to return from work, to his boat Shibumi, when the two fighter jets did a reasonably low swerve over the Marina on their way back to Travis Air Force Base. The alleged Al’Qaeda threat to the passenger plane having been untrue. 5. Shortly thereafter a gentleman telephoned the Applicant, who stated that he was calling from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. He strangely asked whether the Applicant had any knowledge of the whereabouts of Mr. Osama bin Laden. The applicant stated that she had no such knowledge, but -- for the record -- did not wish to withhold from Official authorities the information that Mr. Marion, who had information about the Oklahoma City Bombing, was currently in San Francisco visiting her, to provide such information to San Francisco authorities. 6. On 29 January 2002 the applicant visited the Immigration and Naturalization Office (INS) in San Francisco, to inform them that she would be returning to South Africa for a visit (The Applicant had previously purchased a Return Ticket to South Africa on Virgin Active Airlines), and required the relevant Parole Application forms, so she could confirm final dates for her departure. She was summarily arrested by the INS officials, without any reasons provided, and transferred to Yuba County Jail for detention. A subsequent reason provided by San Francisco INS officials, was that the Applicants previous visit to South Africa for three weeks in 1999, had not been done under INS required Parole procedures. However no evidence was provided for this alleged reason, and as far as the Applicant was

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

aware, she had filed the relevant Parole Application as instructed by Washington INS officials, which had been approved as correct and legitimate, prior to leaving for South Africa, and upon return at Washington Dulles. 7. While at Yuba Co. Jail, the applicant filed a written request to the South African Embassy for support, since she was detained in Yuba Co. Jail, without any means to arrange for her defence. The request was ignored by the SA Embassy. 8. The Applicant requested a transcript of Hearing proceedings from the San Francisco Immigration judge, prior to her deportation, so as to dispute any inaccuracies in such record; and for record keeping purposes. No such transcript has ever been provided. 9. The Applicant provided a written request to the South African Embassy to request President Thabo Mbeki to instruct a member of the SA National Defence Force to meet the Applicant at Jan Smuts Airport on her arrival; so that she could provide such Officials with the relevant information provided to her by Mr. Marion, regarding the Oklahoma City Bombing and related for transparency purposes. This request was either ignored by the Embassy who never forwarded it to Pres. Mbeki, or if they did, by Pres. Mbeki. 10. The Applicant was deported on about 02 March 2002 from San Francisco, via Atlanta, in the company of two Immigration officials. 11. As a result of her summary arrest, detention and deportation, the Applicant lost all her belongings: van, papers, camera’s, laptop, clothing, etc. Total approx. value: $ 25,000. 12. Subsequent requests to Dept. of Homeland Security in Johannesburg to make an investigation of the irregular manner in which the Applicant, a legal resident, was arrested, detained and deported in San Francisco, California, have resulted in them filing an application to INS: San Francisco for the Applicants INS file; only to allegedly be informed that the Applicants file was ‘missing’, and had ‘disappeared.’

13. The Applicants husband (California resident and US citizen) repeated attempts to contact the San Francisco Immigration Office to confirm the Applicant’s legal status, application for residency and request the INS’s investigation into her irregular arrest, detention and deportation, resulted in the INS informing him -- to his California Dept. of Corrections address -- that he would have to personally visit the INS office. The CA Dept. of Corrections have refused to take Mr. Johnson to the INS office for such a meeting with INS officials, and the INS officials refuse to visit him at the prison.

[III] Relief Requested: Legal US Resident Arrested in, and deported from, San Francisco: [A] If Legal Hypocrisy is not the San Francisco City Attorney Mr. Herrera’s most deeply held American value; could his Office please explain to the Applicant: 1. Why the San Francisco City Attorney’s office is calling for an end of all business with the state of Arizona and Arizona companies in response to Arizona’s immigration law, which “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

would legally as per legislated Arizona statute, treat illegal immigrants in the same manner as the Federal Government treated this legal resident and immigrant of California. 2. How exactly is the Arizona law ‘an ominous legal course’ in the treatment of illegal immigrants, if the actions the Arizona law provide remedy for, are already, and have been enacted upon legal California immigrants/residents, since at least 2002? 3. Similarly, if Arizona’s immigration law ‘puts extremist politics before public safety’ in providing illegal immigrants with clear and unequivocal legal notice of their rights, duties, responsibilities and remedies while living in Arizona; how should we describe California’s immigration laws, which allow for legal California residents to be illegally arrested, detained and deported: ‘putting extremist hypocrisy politics before public safety’? 4. Does the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office agree that any legislation or jurisprudence which professes to advocate on behalf of human rights, peace and social justice, while ignoring their ecological basis – a stable human population at slightly less than the ecosystems carrying capacity – is endorsing and practicing legal dishonesty and hypocrisy; i.e. fraud. It is legislation and jurisprudence that is deliberately indifferent to the laws of sustainability (PDF20). It is legislation written by politicians and lawyers who ‘know the truth about the irresponsible (unless you endorse ‘slave and cannon fodder’ procreation factories of poverty political or religious ideologies) planting of semen seeds in women’s wombs, and the resource war consequences of overpopulation colliding with scarce resources; but who cover up such information in their legislation and advocacy.’ [B] Provide the Applicant with In Forma Pauperis legal assistance relief to demonstrate that California Officials not only vociferously legally object to (a) Arizona legally arresting, detaining and deporting illegal immigrants from Arizon; but (b) the Federal Government illegally arresting, detaining and deporting legal immigrants and residents from San Francisco, California. Respectfully submitted,

Lara Johnstone (Johnson) P O Box 5042, George East, 6539 Western Cape, South Africa Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS): # A77 177 281 CA Drivers Licence #: CA: B9644585



“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” -- Henry Thoreau

10-04-28: SF City Attorney: Brd of Supervisors  
10-04-28: SF City Attorney: Brd of Supervisors  

10-04-28: SF City Attorney: Brd of Supervisors