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is no such thing,

the world's


at this date of

as an independent

press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your


honest opinions, know beforehand

- U.s. Ambassador in Pretoria, Mr. Cameron Hume, 18 October 2002 at 17:00 hrs-

appear keeping

6No Fuclil'1!/ CO"1."1.e'l.t.- Fuclt 'Your

and if you did, you that it would never

in print. I am paid weekly for my honest opinions out of the

- Hon. Patricia de Lille(PAC), 18 October 2002 at 19:56 hrs-

paper 1 am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar

'AIDS is a military scientific biological warfare depopulation virus, predominantly for blacks'

things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another

- Covert militarynntelligenceagents for:AWB, Free Masons, Executive Outoomes; Officerin Apartheid Gov's Bureau of State Security (BOSS); Doctors; Scientists; High Level Officialsfrom: Whfte House, Downing Street, Israel Gov, Pentagon (US Navy, Army & AirForce), US Congress & Senate, CIA (Central IntelligenceAgency), NSA (National Security Agency), MI5(UKMilitaryIntelligence),Mossad (Israeli Intelligence),FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation),US Special Virus Program (creators of AIDS); US Dept. Health & Human Services, US Dept. of State, US Dept. of Fo reign Affairs;KGB, Council on Foreign Relations, ....

job. If 1 allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to

daily bread. You know it and I know and what folly is this toasting an

'Utter Nonsense' 'Origins of AIDS is irrelevant' 'That's funny, it is very funny!', 'No Comment', etc ... - Foundations: Nelson Mandela & FW de Klerk; Pol. Parties: NNP, PAC, DA, Vryheids Front; COSATU; SA Gov: Spokesperson, Dept's of Foreign Affairs & Health; Org's: AIDS TAC, AIDS Foundation, AIDS Law Project, Public Service AIDS Indaba, CCMA; Media: 702 Radio, Sowetan; Anglo American; etc. [As reported in 2002, to January 2003 by HARTS/NSA_NEWS, an internet news service for intelligence/military agencies, military attache's from Embassies worldwide, and other interested intelligent individuals. HARTS/NSA_NEWS was a joint project between HARTS (Humanity for Amnesty, Reconciliation, Truth & Sustainability) and the NSA (National Security Agency), America's largest and most covert, secret, Cryptological government military/intelligence agency.]

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: D.M.D., MA, M.P.H Harvard Graduate, investigator, intemationally known authority in public health education. Author of: 'Emerging Viroses: Aids & Eboloa: Nature, Accident or Intentional? Dr. Garth & Nancy Nicholson (both Ph.D's) Founders of The Institute fur Molecular Medicine. Both Nancy and Garth are in the process of being nominated for a Nobel Prize fur the development of nucleoprotein gene tracking which is a technique that has been applied to the study of cancer metastasis as well as HIV-1 infection and the invasive infections associated with the veterans of Desert Storm. Dr. Robert Strecker Attomey, intemist, gastroenterologist with additional doctorate in pharmacology. Trained pathologist and insurance industry consultant. Published The Strecker Memorandum' Ms. Eva Lee Snead, M.D Author of 'Some call it AIDS, I call it MurdeT!' Mr. Alan Cantwell, Jr. M.D Author of 'Aids and the Doctors of Death.' Lt. Col. Thomas Searden, US. Army, ret AIDS: Biological Warfare, 1998


independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." ~John Swinton, Former New York Times: Chief of Staff, in 1953. ~

"AIDS Is A Black Depopulation Virus"

AIDS RESEARCHERS/AUTHORS: Dr. Boyd E. Graves, J.D Petitioner fur Global AIDS Apology; Petitioner of landmark federal case, Graves vs. The President of the United States no. 994476; Author of 'State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of Aids,'

pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the country for his

'AIDS Is A Military Scientific Biological Warfare Depopulation Virus For Blacks' 'AIDS: A Nigger Depopulation Program' 'AIDS: Most Wonderful Invention Ever! MI5 told me about it in 1972!' ----

vs ----

'No Fuc/i,iI7!/Comme1l.t. No C01l.spiracy. Fuc/i,you!' 'I Do Not Agree!' 'Origi'ls of AIDS Is Irreleva'lt!' Wlfer' 'I tlLi'l/i, tlLaf'sfu1l.'IY, very fu1l.'IY!' 'TIz05e Docume1l.fs Mea1l.NoflLiI7!/ To Vs'


To Admit

1didll.'t lleadTlze


'Stop Sell.diI7!/ Vs fnLair 'OILood,I

Saw SomeflLiI7!/ I1l.A1l.fnLair

'oood Heave1l.s, Wlzo Are You' Page 10 of22

virus was activated or even before it was fully activated within the hosts body it would be spread through sexual intercourse, which would of course do the job of removing the darkies


who are fomicating like rabbits. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: That was in 1972? BOSS: Yes, 1972 or very close to 1972.

'AIDS: Most Wonderful Black Depopulation Invention Ever.. I was informed about it by UK Military Intelligence (MI5) in 1972' Former Officer in Bureau of State Security (BOSS) [Name Withheld for his own protection] Face-ta-face conversation in 2002: A very small town somewhere in South Africa: MAN: Are you Lara Johnstone? LARA JOHNSTONE: Yes, why? MAN: I've heard from my sources that you are someone


Sure, do you wish to share what

BOSS: Well, let me just stick to confidential sources. I will inform you that years ago I used to be an Officer in the Apartheid Govemments Bureau of State Security (BOSS) and that I still have some very good sources for information. LARA JOHNSTONE: Oh, that's interesting. [Laughs] You guys sure do know how to creep out of the fucking woodwork in the strangest offucking places, don't you? BOSS: [Laughs] Well, it does keep life interesting.

But to get

back to issues, I really would love to talk to you, because your opinions come very highly recommended, and I would love to sit and pick your brain. When can we get together? LARA JOHNSTONE: Well anytime, let me know where you live and/or wish to meet and I will do my best to be there. BOSS: [Gives me his home address details). LARA JOHNSTONE: By the way, what is your opinion on AIDS, where it came from and so on? BOSS: AIDS is the most wonderful virus EVER INVENTED,

biological depopulation



groups, if you know what I mean! I mean it is killing blacks at a rapid rate, which is really good for keeping their numbers down to at the very least reasonable levels, cause you know how those kaflirs breed. The people who invented AIDS deserve fucking medals, they sure do. LARA JOHNSTONE: Hmmm interesting! Later at BOSS's editor]

home [Lara


HARTS/NSA-NEWS: I'm curious. You know how many people I have contacted and shared the AIDS information with them, and they are totally in denial. They don't even want to read the documentation.

I want to know, if possible, where

did you get YOUR information depopulation virus? (BOSS):

about AIDS being a black

I was informed by my counterpart

at MI5, (UK'S

Military Intelligence), which by the way MI5 is in my opinion better at gathering intelligence than MI6 to M110. Anyway in 1972, I was informed by a counterpart of mine at MI5 that there was currently a biological warfare depopulation

The current South African political

BOSS: A major fuck up! During Apartheid

we had corruption,

I won't lie to you about that, there was a fair amount of corruption, but the infrastructure grew, the roads were fixed, things worked. Right now the corruption is tearing the infrastructure of this country apart. In my opinion, unless something drastic happens to alter the course of events, we will have a civil war in South Africa within the next two to three years, at the maximum five years. Just yesterday the news was that Zimbabwe has three months before it will disintegrate. It is heading the exact same direction that Angola was in years ago, soon they will be in an anarchic

need to speak to, that you are very aware about issues going on in politics, especially geo-politics, and I would like to spend some time - at your convenience - getting together and just chatting. LARA JOHNSTONE: sources?

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: situation?


being worked on which would target specifically blacks. At that time it of course did not have the name of AIDS, but their information was that it would target the immune systems of predominantly blacks, that once it had been widely distributed among the black population (and whites as a Trojan Horse initiative), it would have a slow latency period and once the

state equal to what Angola went through for twenty years. The repercussions on South Africa will be massive in refugees, financially and in many other ways. Our govemment bureaucrats don't seem to have a clue, and don't say a word. It is a very bad situation. Additionally our current govemment, similarly to some in the Apartheid govemment do not seem to realize the power of forces in the West, espeaally from organisations like the Central Intelligence Agency. These idiots in power think that they are in charge, that they are running the country or that they know what they are doing. They have no idea of the ways in which covert forces play in African politics. The CIA, the Free Masons and lIIuminati and organisations related to these organisations in short pretty much run the show. The CIA is probably one of the most powerful organisations on the planet. You would do well to listen when those people speak or have something say, because if you don't and disregard them or worse intentionally disrespect their statements, then to bear repercussions, and not in your wildest ever be able to pinpoint that the origin of your comes from your own ignorance at the power


you are going dreams will you misfortune that that

organisation has. They are not stupid and not people you want to anger. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: What about the National Security Agency? OFFICER FROM BUREAU OF STATE SECURITY (BOSS): Oh, you know about the NSA? Well not many people even know about the NSA, and some who do scoff. Yes the NSA is more powerful than the CIA, and for the most part the CIA is the more public, but still very covert arm of organisations like the NSA, Free Masons and so on.

'AIDS Is A Manmade Military Scientific Virus to Covertly Kill & Depopulate Blacks' (overt Intel Operative & Assassin for Free Masons [Name Withheld for his own protection] Face-ta-Face conversation in 2002: HARTS/NSA_NEWS: motives, etc? AGENT


Your thoughts on AIDS origins, #1: AIDS is a manmade

virus to

covertly kill and depopulate as many African blacks as possible. There are too many of them, they continue to breed prolifically and any attempt to address the issue politically is accused of as being racist.

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HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Why do you think so many of South Africa's political leaders refuse to acknowledge AIDS?

the origins of

AGENT FREE MASON #1: Ignorance, arrogance and stupidity, blended with a lack of appreciation for the value of accurate intelligence information. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: The recent bombings in Sowetho &

therefore easier for the powers that be, who if and when the wond needs to be culled of ifs overpopulated masses to the tune of about 5 billion would know eugenically

who the

stronger, more independent thinking minded human beings were, and could therefore make sure that those were NOT CULLED, but remained, and would then be the majority. The normal, brain dead, non-thinking

parasites would be culled,


leaving the thinkers, etc. Humanity would have made a

AGENT FREE MASON #1: Notice the Cryptological clues. HARTS/NSA NEWS: Such as? AGENT FREE MASON #1: Religious/Spiritual significance.

massive evolutionary leap. It was done to separate the automatons from the thinking men and women, and as you

The bombing of the Muslim Mosque and the Buddhist Temple were clues to the spiritual significance of the bombings. The date of the bombings was important, not for ifs particular date, but because it occurred SEVEN days after an important event of spiritual significance. There were TEN bombs. SEVEN times TEN is SEVENTY. Seventy is a very significant religious/spiritual number, especially for Christianity. For those who don't know, think about where it mentions SEVENTY TIMES SEVENTY, which involves FORGIVENESS. The South African govemment thinks that it can play games with organisations like the Free Masons, and others. They cleany don't seem to have a grasp as to whom they are dealing with. The bombs were a message both to South Africa, HARTS and to you. I am well aware that you understand the significance of them, some of the individuals involved in the actual bombings are not aware of them, and so far it seems the South African media and govemment are - as usual- clueless, which is one of the reasons I was instructed to contact you. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Why have you chosen to share your information with me?

AGENT FREE MASON #1: Allot of reasons, some already shared, but I'll let others figure that out for themselves. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: You must be aware ofthe fact that there are those who don't believe the AIDS information, who refuse to print the HARTS information, to say about that?

etc. What do you have

AGENT FREE MASON #1: Not many people realize the significance ofthe times we live in. Not many realise the significance that some very powerful people - with access to much more information than you and I have. Decisions need to be made, the prophecies predicted, and so on. Not many seem to realize that much of what happens in the next few weeks, months and years has to do about free will. Many are waiting for others to act, for someone else to say something, for someone else to do something, that includes political leaders, joumalists, business leaders, etc. They are waiting for an order from someone above, or so on. They don't realize that there is NOT going to be 'an order'. They don't realize that these are the times about personal choice, where for various reasons, the wond is being brought to a position where everyone is being asked to make their own decisions. Most people prefer to have others make their decisions.

can see there are a rather large significant number of automatons on our planet. Just about your entire country consists of automatons. There are many paths this road can lead to and prophecies predict it will lead to. There are two extremes: the first is truth and forgiveness; the second is mass genocide through a clash of civilisations, biological and chemical warfare, commonly known as Armageddon. Ifs quite simply up to people to decide which they prefer, and they better make up their minds quick, once the latter option unfolds, the former will have to wait for another few hundred, if not thousand years. So say the prophecies. Prophecies however are not written in stone, which is what awareness and 'waking up' is all about. You can either live the script mindlessly, or you can leam to create a new reality for ,humanity. We are at the crossroads, a very important, dangerous and also exciting time for humanity. We shall see where we end up, a new beginning, or an old beginning. [A FEW WEEKS


AGENT FREE MASON #1: Thanks for the copy of the last HARTSINSA_NEWS. Pretty accurate I have to say for paraphrased conversations. I guess you do listen [smiles] HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Well considering the topic of discussion

that would be helpful, don't you think?

AGENT FREE MASON #1: Yes, I'd say so. There were a few interesting things I wanted to share with you, which some people may find interesting. During the Apartheid years I was approached three times by three different groups with a very specific job. The job was to assassinate Nelson Mandela who was then being held on Robben who put out the job for Mandela's surprise you and many others. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Who was AGENT FREE MASON #1: The

Island. One of the groups assassination is going to it? PFP.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: The old Progressive Federal Party? You've gotto be kidding. AGENT FREE MASON #1: No, I am not kidding, and yes the Progressive Federal Party. They seemed to hope that if Mandela was assassinated that there would be a backlash against the NA TS, and that the PFP would then get into power.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: What happened? AGENT FREE MASON #1: Well I tumed down the job, and I imagine so did the others who were approached

with it, if

People are so used to being taken care of by govemments, doctors, insurance policies, etc. etc. They don't want to

there were. I don't mean to be arrogant, but there aren't many covert agents in South Africa of my calibre. There are about

educate themselves to be self-sufficient, to be knowledgeable about issues surrounding their own health, financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological and geo-political. In some

fourteen of us and we all know each other, we keep in discreet contact as we need to, and we also share

ways powers that be have even gone out of their way to do the George Orwell-1984-double-speak thing, intentionally. Many things were intentionally tumed upside down and inside out. For example psychological 'health' was defined as being normal, conforming,

in other words people were being

educated, and some believed that they had to be boringly dull, emotionally dead, obey all rules without thinking, etc. in order to be psychologically healthy. Well anyone with any curiosity or with half an independent enquiring mind would realize that such a definition of psychological health or wellbeing was simply the opposite of healthy. In this manner it is

information about jobs that are being offered and so on. Obviously if a job went out to kill one of us, and one of the others took it, they probably would not let you know, but if they did the job then you'd be dead. Anyway I tumed down the job and since Mandela is still alive, so did the others.

HARTS/NSA _NEWS: Why did you tum down the job? AGENT FREE MASON #1: I did not think that assassinating Mandela would have benefited humanity that's why I tumed it down. Additionally,

in South Africa, and the other information


wanted to share with you is that there is currently a big job out. I am not going to go into the details of what it is, or even if it involves any violence, explosives

or nothing of the sort. Alii

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will tell you is that it is pretty big, pretty high up and pretty well

trust them with your vulnerability,

planned. I will also tell you the city for where it is planned. Once it occurs you will hear about it, it will be big news, print, television and otherwise. As for time as to when it will occur I

because they will hurt you, they will not be honest with you. They will stab you in the back. You are cynical about women, and yet you also -like any man or human being - would like to know or find that someone whom you can be vulnerable

can't tell you since that is dependent on other issues, and it is one of those things that depend on other variables. One thing though is that when it happens in the town of [mentions the name of the town] then you will know that I was involved.

with caring deeply for them

with. In a sense the thing you fear most emotionally,

is also

like an almost magnet, it is what you want - to be able to be

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Alii can say is that if you need a

totally who you are with someone and to trust them. The difficult thing considering who you are is that, being totally

spokesperson to attempt to get your message out, your reasons, or the reasons for whomever is doing what, then I

who you are would mean being totally open about what you have done in your life, and that would be a lot of vulnerability,

shall do my best. If you want HARTS to represent or distribute your views, or any message you wish to share, as to motives, etc., you don't need to ask. I hope that nobody will be hurt, and I wish people would start listening to one another, so that some people don't feel the need to bring their concerns to the attention of the public through violent actions,

not just emotionally, but legally. Being emotionally vulnerable would put your physical freedom at risk. You know that, and

but from personal experience attempting to share information with people in a non-violent manner, I am well aware of how very little people listen. That doesn't make violence right, but governments who listen to their critics, or those who have concerns very seldom find those critics resorting to violence. It's easy for the government to currently only blame the 'rightwingers' and so on, and to refuse to acknowledge their own lack of, in some cases blatant refusal to listen. In my opinion, unless they do start seriously listening they will be shooting themselves in the foot with a double barrel shotgun. AGENT FREE MASON #1: Thank you, you know the city/town where the job will occur, so all you need to do is wait. Once it occurs in [town] you will know, then we shall see what we need to do next.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Okay, be careful please. AGENT FREE MASON #1: I will be, and I always am, it's why I'm one of the best. And there is something else I want to say to you. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: What is that? AGENT FREE MASON #1: I don't know exactly how to say this, but I want you to know that I think you are an enlightened soul. I not only enjoy our conversations,

I learn

from them, they make me think. I thought I had read up allot about many different spiritual and other issues, and you surprise me. You really intrigue me, but I can't put my finger on it.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: I don't think that you are someone

I'd say in some sense you have come to the condusion, although you may wish that it wasn't so, that it will always be that way, and that you just have to realize that there may not ever be anyone whom you can be totally open with or be totally emotionally vulnerable with. AGENT FREE MASON #1: Wow! I am impressed; I had no idea that you read me that well. In some sense you tell me things that I hadn't even thought about myself. You are right, one of the things that I am most afraid of, and I'm surprised that I'm admitting it to you, is to be emotionally vulnerable with a woman. I told you, you were an enlightened soul [Laughs] HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Well I wouldn't go that far, I was just saying what I feel I get from you on a deeper level than from just your words. It's more like my gut instinct talking, my intuition. I will be honest with you and tell you that on that level I do feel energy between us. I am attraeted to you in a certain way, to the person that you are, I enjoy spending time with you, talking to you. You make me think, you challenge me, and I like you as a friend. AGENT FREE MASON #1: Do you think it will ever be more than a friend?

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: I can't say, I don't know. Considering the energy between us, I'd say it is a possibility. I can feel that you are intrigued about certain conversations we have had on issues of sexuality and so on. I think that one of the reasons you are intrigued by me, besides our common interests is that you realize that if you let your emotions get involved, remaining in control over the relationship may be difficult. I think it both challenges and intrigues you and that you are also to a measure afraid of it. AGENT FREE MASON #1: Hmmm, I'd say we are getting a

who is afraid of much, but I want to ask you, if there is something that you are afraid of, what would it be? I think I know the answer, but I want your opinion first. AGENT FREE MASON #1: Interesting question, let me think

little too dose to the bone on this issue for one night. [Laughs] Shall we leave it there for now, cause I'm getting a little vulnerable here.

about it. [Thinks] What do you think, tell me what your thoughts are, you said you think that you know the answer, what do you think the answer is? HARTS/NSA_NEWS: I think that what you have experienced in life, the work that you have been involved in -

we discuss next?

you have had to make sure that although you may not have total control over issues or drcumstances, that you still have some measure of control. Your security - or what security you do have - comes from your ability to assess a situation and realize or manipulate it so that you have the utmost control of the situation. The thing that you fear the most is loss of control, espedally emotionally - to be totally vulnerable. And while you may be able to handle vulnerability for short periods of time in physical drcumstances, the period of vulnerability doesn't last long because you know how to get yourself out of difficult situations. The one area in your life where you know that you need to be very careful is emotionally, because if you let your emotions run wild and you lose control of your feelings, then you will be vulnerable. You are very afraid of being emotionally vulnerable,

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: No problem, I understand. What shall AGENT FREE MASON #1: What about UFO's and beings from other planets. I see that fits into HARTS mission statement and in my opinion at some point in time humanity is going to have to face the reality of the fact that the possibility that we are the only beings in the Universe is ludicrous. l.We spend a few hours talking about UFO's, etc .... ]

"l have no feelings, truthfully. My association with MJ-12 has left me dead inside. I feel myself still cold and calculating. I never let anyone get close to me. I feel like a human robot. I have killed mercilessly and lied for the good of the country, or so I believed at the time. The things I have seen are beyond human understanding and totally unbelievable. I only have a desire to help humanity somehow through what is bound to come soon." - USA Col. Steve Wilson -

espedally to someone whom you don't trust. Your experiences with women have taught you that you cannot

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'AIDS Is A Covert Manmade Military Scientific Black Depopulation Program' 'Inner circle' Employee to SA Apartheid Prime Minister [Name Withheld for his own protection] Face-to-face conversation in 2002 HARTS/NSA_NEWS: motives, etc?

Your thoughts on AIDS origins,

PM employee: AIDS is manmade. It is a virus to intentionally kill black Afiicans. It will be one hell of a day when you find a politician willing to tell the truth about it, but that doesn't mean ifs not true. HARTSINSA_NEWS: Afiica's AIDS?

me with various contract work they have been offered. If I can do the job, and after I have done the homework on what needs to be done, I either take it or I don't.

'AIDS Is A Biological Warfare Virus to Depopulate Blacks. No Doubt About It! The Documentation for It's Origins are Extensive' Contract Agent/Assassin/Bomb for AWB

Why do you think so many of South

political leaders refuse to acknowledge

PM employee:

and since. One of them was the Seychelles aborted coup. Occasionally the mercenary outfit Executive Outcomes calls

(Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging) [Name Withheld for his own protection] Face-to-Face conversations in 2002

the origins of

Politicians for the most part are not interested

in telling the truth, only in protecting their reputations. Not many of them care about the truth, or for that matter about telling the truth. That situation is much worse in South Afiica these days than it was under apartheid. Whatever you say about the Apartheid politicians, many of them during those times were willing to speak out about issues the world condemned them for, because it was their truth. These days we have a bunch of hypocrites who would sell you ice in winter they are so sleazy. Another reason some of them don't

Explosives expert

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: motives, etc? AGENT

Your thoughts on AIDS origins,

AWB #1: Aids is a biological warfare virus to

depopulate blacks. Absolutely no doubt about it, none whatsoever, and anyone who does have doubts about it is most surely either uneducated or in denial. The documentation

for its origins and creation at places like Ft.

Detrick, Maryland

is more than extensive. Anyone with half a

want to tell the truth now, is because it would expose them as part of those who covered the whole issue up. There are

brain, who makes just a little bit of effort to investigate or research the issue could find that out in less than a week.

quite a few blacks, and I am talking about blacks in high positions who are allegedly squeaky dean, who talk allot about justice, truth and reconciliation and such stuff, who covered up quite a bit of this information. In short they

Anyone who has access to information from any respectable intelligence agency can get access to the information. The

participated in the cover-up of the intentional murder by biological warfare of millions of their fellow 'brothers.' HARTS/NSA_NEWS: information with me? PM employee:

Why have you chosen to share this

You care allot about issues, you don't give a

shit about being politically correct, you just say things as you see them. I trust you.

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." ~~ Prince Phillip ~~

motive for creating AIDS as a biological warfare depopulation virus for blacks is obvious to anyone who bothersto educate themselves on issues such as (1) overpopulation in relation to resources management, (2) Afiican 'independence' history from the 70's onwards and their efforts (or lack thereof) to deal with issues relating to accountability, ethics, population reduction; (3) intemational relations surrounding issues of political sensitivity such as 'race relations' since the Cold War, etc. Additionally AIDS is hardly the only biological warfare depopulation virus that is currently 'out there', and then there are those that have yet to be unleashed. HARTS/NSA_NEWS:

You mention the words 'respectable

intelligence agency', what are your views on the respectability of the current National Intelligence Agency (NlA)? AGENT AWB #1: A bunch of cowardly ignorant idiots. The people who remained to work under the current govemment of kaffirs as intelligence officers were those who were the

'Biological & Chemical Warfare Military Scientists created AIDS as a Black Depopulation Virus' Contract Agent & Covert Intelligence Operative for SA Mercenary Outfit: EXECUTIVEOUTCOMES [Name Withheld for his own protection] Face-to-Face


HARTS/NSA_NEWS: motives, etc? Exec Outcomes

in 2002

Your thoughts on AIDS origins,


Biological and chemical warfare

military scientists created Aids as a depopulation virus to attack the immune systems of predominantly Afiican blacks. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: A bit about your past? Exec Outcomes Agent: I've been involved in various covert

one's who would do anything to keep their jobs. Just take a look at their research, take a look at the level of intelligence gathering they fuck up when it comes to information that is publidy available, such as the documentation about the origins of AIDS. If they can~ even gather intelligence on information

that is publidy available that any idiot can get hold

of, what does that tell you about their ability to gather intelligence about matters much more delicate than that? They are a joke, but then just take a look at who hired them, who pays their salaries, who is interested in their 'intelligence' - a bunch of ignorant kaffirs. They should be called the National Ignoramus Agency. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Afiica's AIDS?

Why do you think so many of South

political leaders refuse to acknowledge

the origins of

AGENT AWB #1: They are extreme cowards, hypocrites, corrupt lying bureaucrats, or just plain ignorant and lack the will or effort to educate or inform themselves about these

contract agent roles, when I was in the South Afiican military more about such issues than the individuals from intelligence

Page 14 of22 issues. Some of them also seem to think that they know

j Z

agencies whom they pay to gather intelligence for them. As such, if and when, pure coincidence does pass on intelligence information of the likes ofthe origins of AIDS on to them, they don't read it, ignore it, attempt to do whatever

research any operation I am hired to conduct, and I refuse to participate in covert operations, which are not extensively planned and researched. Very, very few people know about my past activities I don't often talk about them.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Why have you chosen to share your

they can to deny it, or it gets passed on to individuals who are not afraid to face the reality of the information. Usually such



AGENT AWB #1: I trust you, which says allot about me, I

are outside the govemment


Then as

you recently also found out there are those like Hon. Patricia de Lille, who quite simply are just dumb ignorant kaffirs, and no matter what information you supply to them, which they either don't read or don't understand, and then they wonder why some people consider them to be 'kaffirs'. I don't know if they are just so bloody dumb and stupid because they are black, or not, because I have met a few intelligent blacks (mostly overseas), but from their actions, you have to condude they are pretty dumb and stupid, which if you know anything about eugenics is why they are being culled. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: The recent bombings in Sowetho and Bronkhorstspruit? AGENT AWB #1: Its quite obvious they would be blamed on 'Afrikaners', whether it was Afrikaners who carried them out is another matter. Bombing a Muslim Mosque and a Buddhist Temple does not benefit any Afrikaner movement. Many diehard Afrikaners, such as in the Boeremag were educated under Apartheid. They don't even know much about Buddhism, so why they would bomb a Buddhist Temple makes no sense whatsoever, unless it was to send a Cryptological message. Additionally, the Afrikaner movement does not have a significant problem with the concems of Muslims in South Africa. In fact in many ways Afrikaners and Muslims in South Africa have similar concems: crime, govemment corruption, drugs, gangsters, lack of ethics and acoountability, etc. Muslims are for the most part as disenchanted with the level of corruption and lack of acoountability in our govemment as Afrikaners. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: The state of the New SA Democracy? AGENT AWB #1: What democracy? Anyone who thinks that South Africa is operating

under a democracy

is at best naive,

at worst ignorant. This country is being raped systematically. Financially there are people who are doing whatever they can to get their money out of the country and I don't blame them. Ideologically and intellectually educated professional people are emigrating en masse. The greedy, corrupt and thieving hordes of Africa arrive daily and our govemment does nothing to stop them. Our current govemments corruption is unprecedented, blackmail is the order of the day, and while there is lots of bullshit talk about democracy, the constitution and such crap, for the most part it is lies and propaganda, from local govemment right up to the Presidency. For the right sum of money I can get anyone of the politicians I know to do whatever you want them to do. They are for sale to the highest bidder. I can get you flown out of any of the South African military air bases with a brand new identity to wherever you want to go - no problem. Ifs just a matter of money, thafs all. HARTS/NSA_NEWS: The future of South Africa?

AGENT AWB #1: If things carry on as they are now, we are heading for a nightmare

of Zimbabwean



with me?

don't trust many people, if any. You have been open with me, you do not seem ideologically motivated, you care about people, about humanity, your actions demonstrate that, you have not judged me. I spend allot of time watching people, and I have watched you. You listen. Many people do not realize the value of listening. A good intelligence operative someone reasons.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: Would you ever do a job for free, and if so, what would be the requirements? AGENT AWB #1: It would have to benefit humanity as a whole, and lessen suffering. I would not do a job for free for any ideologically motivated group, not even for the AWB. [A FEW WEEKS


AGENT AWB #1: I finished reading your last HARTSINSA_NEWS.

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: What are your thoughts about it? AGENT AWB #1: You have one hell of a good memory, I was surprised to notice how well you remembered said. It was also interesting reading the rest of the conversations,

what I had

very interesting.

[SNIP: long conversation

about many issues] How do you deal with carrying the secrets of your 'secret covert life'?


AGENT AWB #1: Ifs not easy. None of my family know, not my parents or siblings, nobody in my family. I can't tell them and don't tell them for their own safety. So to them I am just the normal South African son living the normal life. Some times the stress of carrying all this information builds up and gets too much, I do have means in which I release the stress through what I consider my creative process. When that stress builds up so much, I release it sometimes for a few weeks at a time, and then I feel better. But obviously I can't release it by telling the truth and letting it all out, so I carry it inside of me. Talking to you is like a tonic to me, I can't describe how much it has helped me to release so many feelings. Ifs not just talking to you and knowing that you listen, it's how you listen, and how you respond, and this very strange feeling of trusting you, and not knowing why or how. When I say you are a tonic to me, I mean it, I really do. After we have a conversation I feel like a different person, I feel like my load is lighter, like a pressure valve has been released, like I have gotten a breath of fresh air.

~IAm Not Commenting Until I See The Documentation' RSA DepT. of Defense: Military Health Services Director of Corp. Comm: Media Desk: Major Nico AIi

don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, not many people will admit it, face the reality of the situation, and many criticise those who do point out the facts. We need a mirade, or things will be pretty ugly. We are quickly heading down the road that he rest of Africa went on after their 'independence'

HARTSINSA_NEWS: I'd like a comment from SA Military

movements. Many will no doubt call me a racist for saying so, be that as it may.

Health Services to the following statement: that AIDS IS A DEPOPULATION VIRUS FOR BLACK PEOPLE. That

HARTS/NSA_NEWS: A bit about your past? AGENT AWB #1: Well, I've done my fair share of work for the AWB movement, building bombs, setting them off and so on. I have never been charged for any of my activities. I am hired because

I know what I am doing, because


who attentively listens. Those are just a few of the

14 October 2002


has been unofficially confirmed



high-level individuals in the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Dept. of Health .... Major AIi: I am not commenting until I see documentation.

I extensively


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SUPPORTERS OF AIDS IS A BLACK DEPOPULATION VIRUS TRIAL Individuals who, in my opinion, contributed psychologically, emotionally, financially, information-ally to my trial, etc: [(I) refers to their individual, not official capacity], excluding 'Foreign to RSA' Military (Timothy James McVeigh et al), Gov. Officials, etc. Andre Bosman Johnstone Pila Hall (USA) Johan de Jongh Grant Webster Lt. Gen. Janse van Rensburg (1) Azim Bacchus Helen Zille (DA) Insp. P. R. Pollock (I) Ms. Luyt (I) Graeme Henry Johnstone Karl Muller (Farmers Weekly) GeITit Oosthuizen Koos (BW Trucking Center) Willem Karelse Rick Biesada (USA) Dr. L.G. Horowitz (USA)

Ann Elizabeth Johnstone Brad Blanton, Ph.D. (USA) James 'Mythrill' Dr. Gouzyn (I) Major Nico Ali (I) Giorgio (Rhodes Hse Mngmt) Marius Swart (DA) Ms. S. van Dewenter (I) Ms. Johnson (I) Hillary Johnstone Renata Steiger Gaby 'Steiger' Kris Engelbrecht Young Yoang Stan Goff (USA) Michael Ruppert (USA)

Clive Henry Johnstone Mr. Le Breton (USA) Norman Bester Mr. J. Pienaar (Dept COITSvc) Dewett Schreiber (I) Tony Leon (DA) Yolanda (083-404 5493) Ms. Goeieman (1) J.D. Fraser Deon Barnard Wendy Johnstone (Nelson) Danie Bester Kris Eis Brian & Trish Wilson (1) Scott Ritter (USA)



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IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (CAPE OF GOOD HOPE PROVINCIAL DIVISION) Case No.: GSH 20/2003 [SAP: 572/02] Appeal #: 16/041 A696/04 In the matter between: The State

Plaintiff (Respondent)


Lara Johnstone

Defendant (Applicant)


UPDATE ON 10 JULY 2007 @ +2: 19:15 HRS At approximately 15:00 hrs I telephoned M.P Ms. De Lille, from my cell phone (Vodacom: 072-785 0080) to her cell phone (083-303 8352). I apologised to bother her, and stated that my name was Lara Johnstone, and I was just calling to confirm that she had received an important document I had sent to her for her urgent attention, via the CEO of Telkom: Mr. Ruben September. I just wanted to confirm that she had received it. She said she was currently ill and not at work. I stated that the document was important, and I would imagine that even if she was ill, her staff would still forward documents to her at home of an important nature for her attention. She asked what the document was about. I said it was a legal document related to at least 40 million people with AIDS, and required a response by the latest 18 July 2007. She then went into a rant about how she provides support every month for one AIDS baby to receive retroviral care. I attempted to inform her that this was about much larger issues than what she was wanting to convince me her level of caring was for. She put the phone down on me. I then sent her an SMS, which said something to the sort of (didn't save it): 'V kaffir moron imbecile, don't say I didn't warn you, and you still did nothing about it' To which she responded with: "Thank u I will now lay a complaint with the police. Those day r over when you could refer 2 us as k-----!" To which I responded with: "Be my guest kafjir! Quote SAP george case 572-02. U kafjir moron imbecile" And finally at approximately 19:00 hrs I sent her the following SMS: "As usual u gutless 2faced hypocrite coloured kaffir imbecile, u r all talk & no action. SAP # 572/02 u rotting excuse 4 a brain!"


Lara Johnstone (aka Lara McVeigh


I Putin I Braveheart & Lynn


'Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed' STARH 'Crypto-Gandhian' 'terrorists' ttom:

United States of America United Kingdom (incl. Scotland, Ireland & Wales) Russian Federation (incl. Former 'USSR' states) Islamic Republic's of Pakistan & Iran NOTICE TO:

Board of Directors: ABSA Bank

(Acc #: 9091756364) c/o & via: Branch Manager, York Street, George End: (i) DVD Documentary: 30 Pieces of Silver (ii) HC-CPD: Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Leave to Review with a View to Appeal # 696/04 (et all Per Hand Delivery

Board of Directors: Nedbank c/o & via: Branch Manager, York Street, George End: (i) DVD Documentary: Legalizing Evil: Disobedience to Authority: A Political Necessity (ii) HC-CPD: Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Leave to Review with a View to Appeal # 696/04 (et al) Per Hand Delivery

Board of Directors: First National Bank c/o & via: Branch Manager, York Street, George End: (i) DVD Documentary: The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom? (ii) HC-CPD: Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Leave to Review with a View to Appeal # 696/04 (et al) Per Hand Delivery

Board of Directors: Standard Bank c/o & via: Branch Manager, York Street, George End: (i) DVD Documentary: The War Profiteers (ii) HC-CPD: Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Leave to Review with a View to Appeal # 696/04 (et al) Per Hand Delivery

Board of Directors: Telkom c/o

(Acc # 312361989)

& via: ABSA Bank Branch Manager, George

End: (i) DVD Documentary: 30 Pieces of Silver (ii) HC-CPD: Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Leave to Review with a View to Appeal # 696/04 (et al) Per Hand Delivery ON BEHALF OF:

The victims of Your Enthusiastic Participation in Money Worshipping War Profiteering Financial Genocide (aka FiatCurrency Debt-Rased-Growth EconomiclFinancial WarIncitement Resource- Theft Propaganda) everywhere, but particularly, subsequent to 19 April 2002.

07-07-07: Notice to SA Gov: HC A 696-04: Transfer to US Navy JAG 07-146  

07-07-07: Notice to SA Gov: HC A 696-04: Transfer to US Navy JAG 07-146 (Pg 10-24)

07-07-07: Notice to SA Gov: HC A 696-04: Transfer to US Navy JAG 07-146  

07-07-07: Notice to SA Gov: HC A 696-04: Transfer to US Navy JAG 07-146 (Pg 10-24)