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29 January 2004

Ge rge Correctional Services Priv te Bag X6539 GE RGEJohnstone 653


Notice of Legal and Political Delivery in receipt of correspondence forwarded to me by the Mayor of George Mr M rt, and I have noted the contents thereof.

irre pective of the origin thereof, and we will continue to advocate the The1 emocratic Alliance is committed to disease. fighting the scourge of HIV/ AIDS res nsibility of Government to fight the k you for supporting our stance in this matter .



PfTONY Le~~erLEON of theMP Democratic Alliance

Leader: A J Leon MP • Chairperson: Leier: AJ Leon LP • Voorsitter:

W J Seremane MP W J Seremane LP



Legal & Political Delivery [retyped: original hand written in HC-CPDAppeal A 696-04].



The State



Lara Johnstlone



Be Pleased tp Take NoticeAuthorities that Defendant hereby Delivers to: Notice of the Elimination Plaintiff/State Executive Plausible Deniability

Disclosure I. latrogeni~I:ase Origins GSHof 20/2003 AIDS Theory (i) Documentation, Contextual Disclose latr Judicial Pub Water-Only by 2 prisone custody & c whatsoever; Bomb Threa

(ii) Investigation,




urther Particular Note: Defendants Volunteer Assignment Costs to Non-Violently genic Origins of AIDS Theory Documentation into SA Goverment Executive & ·c Record includes, but is not limited to: (A) Approximately R450 000.00; (B) Two ungerstrikes while in Dept. of Corrections custody; (C) Physically Assaulted twice s while in Dept. of Corrections custody, one of whom has AIDS; (D) 379 Days in nfinement of SA Goverment with No Political Prisoner acknowledgement (E) Criminal Record for: -- Contempt in the Face of the Court (in Facie Curiae); -; & -- Malicious Damage to State Property.

(N.P.A., S•• P. etc. employees) denying, obstructing, refusing & ignoring Defendant 11.Grossly Improper Proceedings in Case GSH 20/2003 by Plaintiff/State her Defens (PoliticalandNecessity):


epidemic ha left more than 13 million children with neither father nor mother. Every day, 8,000 people in su -saharan AFrica die of AIDS, while another 14,000 contract the HIV virus for the first time." - pg 147 of "The Dream Giver," by Bruce Wilkinsoin, Chairman of Turn the Tide for Contextual Jo[litical Necessity Further Children, annesburg, October 2003. Particular Note: "Across southern Africa, the AIDS

I. Restricted atrogenic Origin of AIDS Theory Investigation by Dept. of Defense & SA Military Health Servi es: Surgeon General: Lt. General Jl Jansen van Rensburg & brief Contextual For further and[Pages particulars please refer Sheet: to attached documents, namely: thereto Atta~tailS hments of Does: 26; Cover 2]

11. 13

Schedule ~f Related submitted into, or for, Case GSH 20/2003 Court Record, as of January 2~04 [Pages:Documents 2]

Notice of Legal


Political Delivery [retyped: original hand written in HC-CPDAppeal A 696-04].


into the abo e Honourable Courts Case Record on Thursday 22 January 2004 at a related hereto Be BailPleased Hearing or Take as soon Notice thereafter that Defendant as the matter intends can to produce be accomplished this document and heard. and attachments


Lara Johnstone, PRO SE; 14 January 2004 PER: George Correctional Services P. Bag X6539, George, 6530

TO: The Clerk Magistrcltes of It he Court, Court George AND TO:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mr. abo Mbeki, President of South Africa Mr. Nguka (NPA), Nat. Dir. Public Prosecutions Mr. J S. Selebi, Nat. Commissioner, SAPS Mr. BM. Skosana, Minister, Dept. of Corrections Hon. P Ms. P. de Lille, Non Sub Judice Executive: Opposition Party Mr. lson Mandela; See Attach C1: Nelson Mandela Foundation

ALL Ha~d Leon, Deliverc/oto Mayor GeorgeMarius Mayor's Office: Hon. PER: Mr. To~y Swart: Sub Judice Executives D.A.

Notice df Legal 8: Political Delivery [retyped:

original hand written

in HC-CPD Appeal A 696-04].

[I] J.L. Table Iof Contents Cover Sheet

B [1]

urgeon General, Iatrogenic Aids Origins Theory Restricted Letter of 29/08/03 8: End of Aids, by . Graves, J.D." upto .. President Bush finally answers Lara Johnstone by Grant Cameron ... lette from Mr. Nicholas Calio, Assistant to the President 8: Director of Legislative Affairs, on 6 Sept. 2001"; 8: (ii) "RSA Dept. of Defence: SA Military Health Services: Director of Corp. Comm: Medi Desk: Major Nico AIL .... upto" Mr. Alan Cantwell, Jr. M.D., author of 'Aids and the Doctors of De th.'"

Marius Swart,Excerpts: Sub Judice Correspondence Letter of 20/08/03 • ALl r r71J r;ayor ARTS/NSA_News (1) The US Special Virus Program: The Origin •

D [1] 'I get bored managing the status quo ..... letter sent by Admrial Bobby Ray Inman to Judge Louis echtle praising James Guerin, convicted former head of Int'l Signal 8: Control, April 27, 1992.

E [4] eference Letter 8: "Public 'Functional Resume of Robert 'Paul' LeBreton, Ph.D, Star School Tech ological Universities to Magistrate Mr. Buhr in support of Lara Johnstone (convicted) 8: Discl ure Trial, July 30, 2003. F [1] atrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory Abstract of Scientific Paper presented at the XI Inter ational Conference on AIDS in Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 1996. G [1] pecial Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) Book Cover, August 1971 from National Cancer Institute (NCI) US Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. H [1] evelopment of AIDS-like Viruses by Robert Gallo 8: Associates at the National Cancer Instit te (NCI) 8: Litton Bionetics I [1] tton Bionetics (SVCP) Summary of Studies Code Named according to Researchers Last Names inclu 'ng MK-SVLP (Manaker/Kotin - Special Virus Leukemia Program) J [2] ongressional Record of CIA Biological Weapons Project KN-NAOMI as part of Top Secret Mind Contr 1 Project MK-ULTRA. K [1] tunning 1977 (5VCP) Documentation linking Robert Gallo and Litton Bionetics to Human Immu e Virus (HIV-like) Cellular Disease inductions through Recombinant Infections with Cat Leuk ia, Monkey Sarcoma and Epstein-Barr Viruses. L [2] VCP) US-USSR1972 Agreement under which Biological Weapons including the most adva ed Cancer Viruses were traded during the Cold War M [1] ational Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. S curity 8: Overseas Interests, Dec 10, 1974.

• • • • • •

• •

0 [3]

P [2] ational Security Council Memorandum 46: Black Africa 8: the U.S. Black Movement, March 17, 1 8; signed by President J. Carter's NSCAdvisor Z. Brzezinski, outlining secret US policies towar Black Africa.

Q [1] edacted version of National Security Directive 26, signed by President George H.W. Bush on Octov r 2, 1989, outlining secret U.S. policies toward Iraq.

erck Pharmaceutical Company (SVCP) Contract suggesting an Iatrogenic Origin of AIDS: Early eline Leukemia/Sarcoma, Herpse Virus 8: Monkey Cancer Virus studies that led tot he Pilot Hepat tus B Vaccines partially prepared in Chimpanzees given to Gay Men in NYC and African Black by 1975.

[TotallPages of Documents: 26; Cover Sheet: 2] PS: Irrespecti Post 30 equival compli Richard

of DIRNSA Inman's involvement in "Homosexual to keep High-Security Job" (Washington 2/80) his confirmation hearing as Deputy Director of the CIA was the congressional t of a love-in with both liberal and conservative Senators tripping over each other to heap nts on him. "If ever there was unanimous consent 8: enthusiasm, this is it," said Senator ugar of the Senate Intelligence Committee - The CIA's New Super Spy, Newsweek, 16/2/81.

Notice df Legal & Political Delivery [retyped:

original hand written

in HC-CPD Appeal A 696-04].

[11] Sche ule of Related Documents submitted into. or for. Case GSH 20/2 03 Court Record. as of 13 Januarv 2004 •

• •

[9] C mplaint to Adv. E. Matzke, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) dated 22 July 2002, titled "RE: uestionable Qualifications & Understanding of Fundamental Legal Concepts displayed by Geor e Prosecutor, Ms. Sipoyo, in Case C 572-2002: Lara Johnstone" [?] Le ter to Legal Aid Head Office, dated 22 July 2002, requesting approval of New legal Aid Attor ey as instructed by Magistrate Essell in Court Proceedings before him on 22 July 2002. Lette of Request for SAP Case Docket Information, etc. to NPA Chief Prosecutor Mr. J.J. Marx, also ted 22 July 2002 Al three (3) documents submitted to Magistrate Fortuin by Attorney Mr. D'Oliviera on 15/0 /02, marked "A", "B" and "C".


[4] R Hope "Re: [96] Inves

sponding Letter, dated 02 October 2003, to Director Reference #: 9/2/5/1-615/03, c/o NPA Prosecutors tter titled "Appeal: Yourself," dated 16 September esponding Letter "Attachments: Iatrogenic Origin of "gation Info & Related."

Le ter & Attachments 21/1 /2003



of Public Prosecutions, Cape of Good Ms. Kortye and Mr. Redelinghuys, titled 2003." Aids Theory Documentation &

into Court Record by Prosecutor Ms. Kortje on approximately

[15]" Nove

ffadavit as to Grossly Irregular Proceedings Denying Accused her Defense," dated 04 ber 2003

[53] Sept

fadavit .... "... Attachments, ber 2002 (CC)

[9] "F nal Statement of Lara Johnstone before Court in Case GSH 20/2003 before Final Sentencing

dated 16 July 2002 (AA), 06 September 2002 (BB) & 11

-t Both (2) documents (& attachments)


into Court Record on 28/11/2003

Corre tional Supervision as Sentence Report." [87] hnstone/Accused Accused....Report: " ... Attachments to support &AA supplement to 11 & A1 to Ms.A9. Sanie's Consideration [16] J"fohnstone/


Recor s Clerk on 17/12/2003 for submission to Court on 19/12/2003. Prosecutor Ms. Kortje reque ----+ su~mitted ted remandment to NPA Pros. till Ms. 11/02/04 Kortje to & Dept. read documents. of Corrections Social Worker, Ms. Sanie, via G.C.S.

ice of "Declaration of Further Particulars for Bail Hearing" + "Notice to Produce" + "Notice of SAP Refusal to Produce on Request" + "Notice of Set Down" for 22/01/04, dated 12/01/04.

suqmitted Clerk of the Court & (ii) NPA Senior Prosecutor Mr. Redelinghuys, via GCS RecorlJs Clerk toon(i)12/01/04



P.S. "We hav It would b lesser sacri with incompe crime, or to continuing th


seen more than once that the Public Welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for their 'ces, often not felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our being swamped ence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for t them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from ir kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccinations is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes .... Three generations of imbeciles are enough." er Wendell Holmes, summarizing for majority of 8 to 1, in Buck v. Bell, 1927, US Supreme Court

National Security Study Memorandum: Additional Excerpts and Quotes

National Security Study Memorandum 200: ImPli~tions

of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, April 1974 Center for Population & Security


Two. This wil security and this grave ne All readers the remainin

give the reader a better appreciation of the gravity of this new threat to U.S. and global e actions the many departments of our government felt were necessary in order to address threat -- a threat greater than nuclear war. These 20 important points will be discussed in urged to ofread detailed main body of the report which is presented in full in Appendix chapters thisthe book.


On the magni ude and urgency of the problem: 1.

"... rld population growth is widely recognized within the Government as a current danger of the h hest magnitude calling for urgent measures." [Page 194]


"... it 's of the utmost urgency that governments now recognize the facts and implications of popul tion growth, determine the ultimate population sizes that make sense for their countries and s rt vigorous programs at once to achieve their desired goals." [Page 15]


"... P devel growt and t - all a regar relati


"Whe population size is greater than available resources, or is expanding more rapidly than the availa le resources, there is a tendency toward internal disorders and violence and, sometimes, disrup, ive international policies or violence." [Page 69]


"In de eloping countries, the burden of population factors, added to others, will weaken unstable gover ments, often only marginally effective in good times, and open the way to extremist regim s." [Page 84]


The r port gives three examples of population wars: the El Salvador-Honduras "Soccer War" [Page 71]; t e Nigerian Civil War [Page 71]; and, the Pakistan-India-Bangladesh War, 1970-71. [Page 72]


"... p social


"Past the sp world be ev or col

pulation factors are indeed critical in, and often determinants of, violent conflict in ping areas. Segmental (religious, social, racial) differences, migration, rapid population , differential levels of knowledge and skills, rural/urban differences, population pressure e spatial location of population in relation to resources -- in this rough order of importance pear to be important contributions to conflict and violence ... Clearly, conflicts which are ed in primarily political terms often have demographic roots. Recognition of these nships appears crucial to any understanding or prevention of such hostilities." [Page 66]

ulation growth over the years will seriously negate reasonable prospects for the sound nd economic development of the peoples involved." [Page 98] xperience gives little assistance to predicting the course of these developments because ed of today's population growth, migrations, and urbanization far exceeds anything the as ever seen before. Moreover, the consequences of such population factors can no longer ed by moving to new hunting or grazing lands, by conquering new territory, by discovering nizing new continents, or by emigration in large numbers.

devel ment to avoid or mitigate these gloomy prospects. We should be warned also that we all mustWf.ld ove has as rapidly as possible and efforts world population growth." [Page The ample warning thattoward we all stabilizing must makenational more rapid at social and economic 85]

rship is vital

National Security Study Memorandum: Additional Excerpts and Quotes


"Succ ssful family planning requires strong local dedication and commitment that cannot over the long n be enforced from the outside." [Page 106]


it is vital that leaders of major LDCsthemselves take the lead in advancing family planning and ~ pulation stabilization, not only within the UNand other international organizations but also throu h bilateral contacts with leaders of other LDCs."[Page 112]

11. "Thes of th assur admi

programs will have only modest success until there is much stronger and wider acceptance ir real importance by leadership groups. Such acceptance and support will be essential to that the population information, education and service programs have vital moral backing, istrative capacity, technical skills and government financing." [Page 195]

Wha must be done: 12. "Cont ol of population growth and migration must be a part of any program for improvement of lastin value." [Page 81] 13

t Conference adopted by acclamation (only the Holy See stating a general reservation) a comp ete World Population Plan of Action" [Page 87]

14. "Our bjective should be to assure that developing countries make family planning information, educ ion and means available to all their peoples by 1980." [Page 130] 15. "Only ominal attention is [currently] given to population education or sex education in schools ..... [Page 158] "Reco mendation: That US agencies stress the importance of education of the next generation of paren s, starting in elementary schools, toward a two-child family ideal. That AIDstimulate speci c efforts to develop means of educating children of elementary school age to the ideal of the to-child family ..... [Page 159] 16

th re is general agreement that up to the point when cost per acceptor rises rapidly, family plann g expenditures are generally considered the best investment a country can make in its own futur ," [Page 53]

Cont adiction of the Holy See's answer to the population problem: 17. "Clea y development per se is a powerful determinant of fertility. However, since it is unlikely that ost LDCswill develop sufficiently during the next 25-30 years, it is crucial to identify those secto that most directly and powerfully affect fertility." [Page 99] 18. "Ther is also even less cause for optimism on the rapidity of socio-economic progress that would gener te rapid fertility reduction in the poor LDCs, than on the feasibility of extending family planm g services to those in their populations who may wish to take advantage of them." [Page 99] 19. "But can be certain of the desirable direction of change and can state as a plaUSible objective the ta get of achieving replacement fertility rates by the year 2000." [Page 99]

Abo 'on is vital to the solution: 20. "Whil the agencies participating in this study have no specific recommendations to propose on aborti n, the following issues are believed important and should be considered in the context of a global population strategy ... Certain facts about abortion need to be appreciated: .. -- N country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion". [Page 182] .. -- In eed, abortion, legal and illegal, now has become the most widespread fertility control metho in use in the world today." [Page 183] .. -- It ould be unwise to restrict abortion research for the following reasons: 1) The persistent and u 路quitous nature of abortion. 2) Widespread lack of safe abortion techniques .. 0" [Page 185]

04-01-29: RSA Gov/De Lille; c/o T. Leon: Notice of Elimination of Plausible Deniability  

04-01-29: RSA Gov/De Lille; c/o T. Leon: Notice of Elimination of Plausible Deniability: AIDS is a Black Depopulation Virus

04-01-29: RSA Gov/De Lille; c/o T. Leon: Notice of Elimination of Plausible Deniability  

04-01-29: RSA Gov/De Lille; c/o T. Leon: Notice of Elimination of Plausible Deniability: AIDS is a Black Depopulation Virus