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“Stay hungy. Stay foolish”

Premiere The Jobs Movie Septemer 3th

The Jobs Movie Premiere Presented by Sesovipe & The Startup Orgy 1000 invites 200 VIPs Tech starters, rising stars, top entrepreneurs, investors and celebs Suits: no -> Turtle neck: yes Invite only September 3th Amsterdam Convention Factory

Do you want to be inspired, connect and have a drink with the biggest entrepreneurial bastards, the little rascals of the world of web and celebs? Get invited or just sponsor us. This premiere is a free minds only event. Do you get the picture?

Click to watch the MOVIE TRAILER

How it works Big premiere, red carpet and a logo wall, get the picture? Buy a business partner package, provide us with your logo and your company will get quite some exposure in the tech world, media and live broadcasting.

Tickets Prices excluded VAT VIP tickets: Private entrance Grap a bite with all VIPs Free drinks Private VIP deck Front seats in theater â‚Ź125,Regular tickets: Entrance to the premiere Free drink Entrance to the drink â‚Ź20,-

Partnerships During the entrance there will be a banner wall with the logo’s of our partners. Every attendant will be photographed in front of the logo wall. The only way to get in the venue is to tag yourself and share it on social media. Make your company trending together with Jobs. After the movie premiere the banner wall will be placed at the VIP exit for the interviews with celebs and top entrepreneurs. Media attention: live broadcasting and several national media and international blogs will cover this event. Blogs like Onemorething (one million unique visitors a month), Sprout and BNR newsradio are joining in.

“I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check” - Steve Jobs Packages Prices excluded VAT iPod package 20 VIP tickets 60 regular tickets Logo prominent at the sponsorwall €5.000,Official sponsor iMac package 10 VIP tickets 50 regular tickets Logo at the sponsorwall €2.500,Official partner Macintosh package 8 VIP tickets 40 regular tickets Logo at the sponsorwall €1.800,Official supporter Apple II package 4 VIP tickets 20 regular tickets €900,Apple I package 2 VIP tickets 10 regular tickets €450,Got some more cash? Just let us know!

Please mail your preferences, cantact details and logo before august 16th to

Sesovipe partners

Information sheet sponsoring jobs premiere  

Want to be involved with the best startups of Holland? And be the first to see jOBS Movie? Join us now!